Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the Wire and into the Freeedom Land.

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It’s been going on for some time. Certainly it’s been years, decades. We all have subjective tendencies, so most of us have probably thought we felt the way we did because of the way we are. I call it, ‘heavy weather’. It’s easy to suppose that it’s some combination of social and economic pressures; that sense of having to keep up all the time just to stay in the same place. The barrage of images and other sensory input and the ceaseless impression that other lives, media enhanced lives, were more important and dynamic than our own, have incrementally diminished our idea of ourselves and forced us into a vicarious existence through the comings and going of public figures that are larger than life.

Along with the intrusion of the world on our personal space, the fear has come slipping through our neighborhoods, rattling at the windows and doors. The force of it grew with each succeeding year. 9/11 was the launching pad. Like a hugely popular film it gave birth to numerous spin-offs and strange product placements based on the characters and the plot line of what has turned out to be a fiction in every sense except for the actual event.

Some of us have suffered more than others from the brutal and draconian follow-up. The less inclined you were to believe in what happened and the less inclined you were to go along with the program, the more you felt the aftershocks that were choreographed to reshape the world and fence in the free and inquisitive parts of our nature with virtual barbed wire. It was barbed wire that won the west, not Colt. The barbed wire was rolled out in the media and served to fence in the freedoms of the mind to think outside the wire. The barbed wire was rolled out at all the checkpoints of human movement. The barbed wire was rolled out in the educational system so that the young would be accustomed to it before they were even in a position to define it. It was defined for them and pronounced ‘good’. It was for their protection. Regulation, restriction and the slander of freedom were made commonplace for your protection.

It’s been in the works for a long time. It arrived wrapped in national symbols and a patriotic fever, not unlike smallpox. Unlike smallpox it didn’t kill the body. It killed the objective reasoning capacity in the human mind. There was barbed wire in the fever and it closed off areas of human thought and emotion. Sometimes it looked like yellow police tape and sometimes it was marked with a red sign that said, ‘high voltage’ or simply, ‘danger’. Sometimes it said, “Keep out!”, “condemned area”. Most went along with the program. Those who did not go along with the program, like Olaf’s Son, were abused; murdered, imprisoned, marginalized or given pariah status. They got a lot of profitable wars out of it but this was all mere prelude.

They had a bad scare in the 60’s and early 70’s but they got a handle on that soon enough. They locked down the music and they altered the chemicals that had been such a catalyst for all those wild flights of imagination and new ways of thinking. It wasn’t long before peace and love gave way to the struggle for survival and a monkey on your back. They took care of that sexual problem too with another virus.

It was a pincer operation, like a pack of raptors hunting. It was coming from long and short term locations with dovetailing agendas.

One faction had been working for over a century on the concept of six million dead and a pariah label for anyone who interfered with their plans for a large slice of the pie. The first effort in the first war failed but they had their dominoes in order for the second one and made it a crime to question any numbers or events having to do with six million dead. This victim industry made those spearheading the agenda into privileged characters that could do just about anything based on what was supposed to have happened to them. Official figures from official agencies, which stated a different set of numbers, were simply ignored.

This agenda and several other agendas grew closer together and successfully plotted and carried out the 9/11 attacks. They’ve been so successful that today they can routinely murder the survivors of a people whose land they have stolen; can actually put them in exactly the same situation they engineered to have happen to members of their own people in the Second World War and justify any behavior no matter how brutal, including the harvesting of organs where the donors were targeted and killed for that purpose.

Much of this was made possible by a near complete control over the media and entertainment industries. These industries were secured by monies given out by central banks like the Federal Reserve which made it possible to print as much money as was needed and to loan it to those sympathetic to the agenda and withhold it from those who were not. Anyone who questioned what was happening was slandered with the deadly label and very few people possessed the courage to risk that. The risk was increased depending on the profile and position of the person doing the questioning so that had it covered from the bottom to the top.

One of the primary agendas shared by the various factions whose intent was a global, fascist government, ruled by corporations, was a relentless effort to present Muslims as the enemy of humanity. There are a number of exhaustive studies that show the proof of this. It is indisputable at this point but of little interest to a large number of people who have been thoroughly brainwashed through long term exposure to consistently repeated lies, as well as the ever present threat of becoming a target for going beyond the barbed wire perimeters of acceptable thought, speech and action.

The barbed wire is like the invisible fencing that one can purchase for their dogs. When the dog breaks the line of the perimeter it receives a shock through the collar around its neck. It’s not too long before the dog doesn’t even need the collar any longer because the dog remembers.

The people of the hidden agendas have infiltrated most areas of life. They control the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs. They control the money supply. They control the police and military that are sworn to protect you from the dangers of a non-existent enemy, while in the service of the very enemy who threatens us all. They control the general flow of information and they control the arts, which have been a medium of awakening and revelation for centuries and which are always a danger to the totalitarian mind set. One thing they do not control is what is controlling them and there lies the hope and redemption of humanity. They cannot control what is controlling them and using them as object lessons for the human race. This lesson has not been finalized yet. It is only in the final stages.

Sometimes the collective mind needs to be impressed or even wounded to the point that a lasting memory is impressed upon it. It needs to be a telling thing so that what has been learned will not be forgotten.

Because the power which controls both the seeming good and the seeming bad is invisible, most people are unaware of what it is doing; how it is doing it and even why it is doing it. Its control is comprehensive and all encompassing. It engineers the thoughts that enter the minds of those engaged in the agendas and it manipulates their responses and actions in order to show us convincingly... what happens when you set yourself up to take over the world. No one has ever done so and this is because everything is under control.

Those who are fortunate enough to know this can rest easy and live in the certain assurance that all will be well in time. They can shake off the heavy weather and slip under the wire. These weights and inconveniences will go away in their time, once the lesson has been impressed upon those who have managed to ignore the obvious or have been ...through fear or self-interest, compelled to serve the dark agendas to the detriment of their fellows.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there ...and just because you can ...doesn’t mean it is.

February is coming.

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A.Mouser said...

Hey Les,

Really good post today. Sort of a meta-analysis of January 2010.

The barbed-wire or electric-shock perimeters are very real. We have all learned then unconsciously since birth.

They will not take over the world, I feel this in my bones. That God is allowing this to progress a little bit longer as a kind of stimulus to our eternal growth I also believe.

We must now wait and see how the Divine will use their own short-comings to be their own complete undoing.

You are a knight of truth. Thank you for that. You have made your blogs an oasis in a world driven mad.


Anonymous said...

Superb summary of the times.

Canada's PM Harper and UK's Miliband are weasels. I would not be surprised what they do to the sheeple in the near future. i.e. Vancouver, public drones.

The Haiti disaster was practiced for in Florida by the marines one day before it happened - so it was in all certainty man-made.

Our "leaders" have completely lost their way. I'm not following them any more. Are you?

Erik said...

Hi Les,

It looks like current upload of the radioshow is not the correct one.
(duplicate of 17-01-10 show)

Or was this intentional.....?



veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. A great writer; like a great fighter that can Box is awesome to watch when 'in Form'. Bravura, bravura!



Visible said...


Certainly not intentional. I'll let him know.

Rebel 4E said...

I'm fed up, cheesed off!

I'm trying, I really am...
I'm trying so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel..
all I see lately is more bad, depressing news. More fake terror alerts, lies, lies and more lies being fed to the gullible amongst us.
I switch off the flow of bad information but it's still being to my brain.

When I look around I see a multitude of apathetic people with blank staring pale faces .
They sense that all is not well in their world but can't compute the reasons, are unable to join the dots, so they carry on as usual and try and put a brave face on it.

Maybe a bit of retail therapy will make the pain go away for awhile...
The relief is temporary, the quiet desperation soon returns.
And all the time the T.V. is spewing out the usual fear-porn-bullshit-garbage.

I'm sick as a chip!


moon said...

"The barbed wire was rolled out at all the checkpoints of human movement"

Hi Les,
I think you are giving them much more power then what they deserve, those who rolled out the barbed wire have no means to imprison humanity.
no one can reach deep enough in our souls to find the divine and imprison it. if you dont surender your divine sparkel to the evil you cant be enslaved.
"Just say no...yes I can" kind of attitude is recommended these days.

If you feel imprisoned dont blame the NWO. I know some people jailed in real prisons that are more free than the most people on the outside.
Dont blame either the "outside" coming knocking on your doors and windows (and blogs:) and messing up your peacefull enclosed lives.
Your problem is my problem and i live thousands of KM away from you. What is it to be American today: being confused.
That is the image reflected on this side of the planet. You need help, many are ready to help themselves and helping you in the process. It works both ways too, help yourselves and you would be helping many that you dont known about.
The same people that killed Your Kennedy Killed our Harriry few years back. The malice is one, can not be repled if we are not united against it.
the main barbed wire that needs to be removed is the one standing between you and your mirror, between you and your lonely moments, between you and your loved one.
what needs to be stopped is the pornographic relation men have been made to think is what women wants. Movies, tv series written 99% by men then played by women paid slaves to reincarnate the "thoughts" of a sick writer (sorry I really dont like Hollywood).
we need to see reality: what food am i eating, where does it come from, what is the air i am breathing, needs to be clean, what is the cloth i am waring, is it me, is it respectful to others,,,
Basics.start there, unwire your lives, plug in to your loved ones, make your own food. feel life. taste it. smell it. fight for it. defend it. in all its forms, and it comes in many shapes.
Freedom Land is closer than you think.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

I'd bet that there are many who have never had the awareness that things are really OK. In a very real respect.
It's also true things may not look that way.
The way we are brought up and educated tends to favor the latter perspective

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here's part of a letter I wrote to an American buddy of mine who sees things pretty much the way you and I do.

Hey Kenny,

The article you sent (about gun confiscation) is a little disturbing but not overly so seeing as how Kofi Annan has lost most of his credibility with the thinking peoples of the world and his handlers no doubt know it. But they like to parade their agendas in the faces of the public whom they fear as if to try to frighten them in return. It's very important to their overall ploy to keep the public as jaded as possible at all times, with no letup whatsoever, because jaded and frightened people are easier to dupe and control.

Their gun confiscation idea has been being talked about for years, but I haven't seen anyone willing to stand up and enact it into law, probably because they're afraid someone will kill their dumbass. Surely the day will come when they'll confiscate the guns, and maybe sooner than we think as it's all part of the self-destruction of the culture due to it's being run by demoniacs who have lost control of their own selves.

Jesus said we are to love our enemies; we may as well seeing as how fighting them won't do any good, for one thing because they're a bunch of spiritually clueless bastards who don't know right from wrong and trying to teach it to them at this late stage of the game would amount to being the ultimate exercise in futility.

Jesus made a statement something to the effect of that they'll do to us the same as they did to him, and one thing I find very interesting is that the cult who murdered him is the exact same cult that is now in control of the whole world. So it'll probably only be a matter of time before his prophecy will come true.

A couple of things we have going for us are 1. that the Lord is in the process of preparing us to be able to take whatever they have to dish out and 2. he has given us a love for the truth so that we know how to discern truth from error, which is a rare gifting these days.

But still we have to be on our toes as the enemy is always about the business of propping up false teachers, false prophets, and false leaders who promise the moon but deliver dog shit in the end. I see Sarah Palin as one of those, along with any and all of the media talking heads who cheerlead her and her ilk. She and the rest of those Israel loving idiots are New World Order all the way.

Visible said...


Do you read things before you comment on them? Reason I ask is that it appears you didn't get any of the points and just went off flying into some unknown atmosphere.

It would help if you could separate me from the things I write about. They are not the same and you appear to have missed the last part of the post entirely.

You're all over the map and not in the best way; if there is such a thing.

Anonymous said...

The Devil is real; what is the Devil? What is real? What is reality?

Answer: the Devil is in the detail.

They, The Powers That Be (TPTB), The Illuminati, etc., etc., are nought but agents of the Devil. They're real. Maybe d' evil (ha!) is a state of mind!?

Many of those who serve or have served throughout the years, have commented upon a secret, hidden, all-seeing (malevolence /) force, that seems to hear/see all, and manipulate things just so. That's the Devil, at what it does best.

Two Commandments that Jesus said would save all - 1) Love God, and 2) Love thy Neighbour.

IMVHO: loving God is easy...He is great, He is good, and He loves me. Now, when it comes to loving thy neighbour - well, I want to strangle one half of 'em and shoot the other what does that make me?

Answer: human.

And that's our inherent weakness...which the Devil exploits at every/any opportunity. Hence, the rampant ramping up of evil in the world over time...and especially of late.

How can we win if we're so weak?


Final Answer: Love God. Make your peace with The Lord. Make peace with your neighbour(s)...and do it sincerely. And have the Faith of a simply, believe.

By The Grace of God: Pax Vobiscum.

pax verbum

PS Don't forget - the Devil is a tricky so-and-so, and will wrap 100 truths around 1 lie.

Be warned...use your God-given gift of discernment (aka your Guardian Angel)...and Trust In The Lord.

Anonymous said...

You sir are indeed amazing.Just before reading today's smoking mirrors I was talking to a freind and saying in my convoluted way the very same things that you so eloquently put together.
You have a way of painting the picture that makes a mastepiece of everything you write.You are a dream come true a presence that is needed a voice crying out in the wilderness... so sweetly
such relief.


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'll try this and see if Zio-Ogres grasp at it. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Yes. Also, you've mentioned February before, is this just the gut feeling? Keep up the teaching! Thank you. As there is only temporary death, and an Always Life, only the wicked need fear. May the olives flourish this year. Say Hi for me to the dogs. Tom

Visible said...

It's a pretty strong feeling of passing a transition point which is majorly transformative via an event or shift.

paolocaruso said...

Listening to an NPR piece today about "terrorist" bombing of western hotels in the Green Zone,(speaking of the media conditioning), National Public Radio ended the report, as it often does, with a gratuitous riff of the now iconic holocaust violin (ala Sophie's choice, etc.). subliminally re-affirming the chosen victim status (due to the big bad "terrorists") of the wounded propagandists (reporters) and military contractors.

But more overtly, when an NPR or PBS story ends with the holocaust violin, many of the listening take it as a personal message, that the story involved jewish victimization...A riff worth a thousands words as one might say.

Anonymous said...

There is something to look at, they play a game of sorts. They fear something. They now have the ability to pretty much eliminate anybody they want and that could include large populations. Something keeps them from just totally going for 100%. They fear something.

It may be there is a force of light and it is there and they know it. The key is to figure out what itis they fear.

I look around at all the people/sheeple and it amazes me to no end. What has happened to people in the last 50 years. things like honor, courage, integrity, strength, and more are lost in the grubby greedy self indulgence of today. I think in part what they fear is that there is a remnent of people who still have those virtues. Afterall, it was a small minority who defeated the British. Most did not participate in the revoltionary war. Sheeple.

it is fear that makes up those endless miles of barbed wire. Fear of getting hurt, fear of losing something, fear fear fear. Yet, they are getting all of those things they fear.

it is the fire inside that they fear. It still burns in many.


wv: landho

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I see they're putting the afghani heroin to good use.
Promed: 15 cases of anthrax amongst
heroin users

moon said...

Sorry for that, for not geting it Les, All,
I will try to remember that what one write is not necessarly what one is.
It hapens that some of your "expressions" are the product of your culture that I don't necessarly understand i.e. "
Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there …and just because you can …doesn’t mean it is."
I think it is too complicated for me to understand what you are saying. [and just because you can] see it [ doesn't mean it is] there.
Very deep Les. Realy. The world is an illusion and there for what you see is not necessarly there. The reality of things is so confusing that some times you think it is real but it turns to be not real, just an illusion. Very true. Some times you think some people are real and they turn out to be full of it, full of illusions. Just row row row your boat gently down the is just a dream kind of attitude can get me killed now days.
If it is there I see it, if it is not I won't imagine it nor dream it. I can not affored it.


Anonymous said...


I read your response to my placing of John Prine's "Your Flag Deal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore", song lyrics at the "Tezcatlipaca , Hunger Porn and Corporate Obeah" posting.

Maybe, the article down below will give you an idea as to why I posted the above song's lyrics?

From Chris Hedges' "War Is Sin"

The young soldiers and Marines do not plan or organize the war. They do not seek to justify it or explain its causes. They are taught to believe. The symbols of the nation and religion are interwoven. The will of God becomes the will of the nation. This trust is forever shattered for many in war. Soldiers in combat see the myth used to send them to war implode. They see that war is not clean or neat or noble, but venal and frightening. They see into war’s essence, which is death.

War is always about betrayal. It is about betrayal of the young by the old, of cynics by idealists, and of soldiers and Marines by politicians. Society’s institutions, including our religious institutions, which mold us into compliant citizens, are unmasked. This betrayal is so deep that many never find their way back to faith in the nation or in any god. They nurse a self-destructive anger and resentment, understandable and justified, but also crippling. Ask a combat veteran struggling to piece his or her life together about God and watch the raw vitriol and pain pour out. They have seen into the corrupt heart of America, into the emptiness of its most sacred institutions, into our staggering hypocrisy, and those of us who refuse to heed their words become complicit in the evil they denounce.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...


I made the same mistake you are making - supposing Vis to be more or less compatible with the teachings of Jesus. But as an admirer of Madame Blavatsky and being led by his spirit guides as he is, his higher authority is certainly not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Les is a brilliantly informative window on the world and I have no criticism of him, just don't assume that his beliefs are compatible with your own. Unless you hold that Jesus is just an equal of many other great prophets.

Meant in a friendly-like way


Anonymous said...

Rebel 4E reminded me of the fact that the local dollar store has a new redecorate-for-less display area which I suspect is bankruptcy/loss inventory from the good old credit card days when every holiday and month was an excuse for a home fashion retouch with brand-new chain store stuff because the stuff one bought last time didn't survive a laundering or a polishing.

Speaking of non-survivors, Ron Letters-of-Marquis Paul hightailed it back to Texas to cover his seat and was ultimately responsible (MIH or LIHOP) for his campaign war chest being transferred to a Paul-praising PAC which throws more fed notes through the TX-DC crowd. Paul could have returned the remaining donations held. His slogan of "revolution" seems ridiculous in hindsight, but then again it managed to create a an impressive collective. Maybe Paul is a nice guy, never did a D&C and never voted against his conscience on a bill; nevertheless he respects the system and that carries with it certain responsibilities such as ending the revolution when the party rejects it.

They hardly need the barbed wire anymore.


Visible said...

I never said I admired Blavatsky. I believe I referred to her as my friend. Helena doesn't cross my mind at all unless her name comes through my eyes by someone commenting or a reference somewhere. I just don't like seeing a legitimate intellect and a profound mind being dumped on by people who have never made anything near the contributions she made.

I don't have spirit guides. I really wish if you want to know something you ask me. I have invisible friends... most of us do and most of us are unaware of it. What is it that angels do? What was the reason there was a falling out in Heaven for some of them? What did God ask and tell them- according to your scripture?

I have 'a' teacher and I have friends just like anyone; that doesn't make them guides.

This kind of thing leads to thing like that game where people whisper in each others ear around a circle and the final result is something much different that the original statement in the first ear.

Also with friendly intent.

Publius said...

Les, when we step back a taste we see the whole rise in "Youth Cult" was a marketing ploy-at the least since the media creation of the "Beat" Generation. We know from books like "Whatever Happened to Timothy Leary" and "Storming Heaven" the primary goal of LSD was mind control for elites, not for masses.

So while I concur that the alternative thoughts that rose up in the 60's were individually authentic-it was an "accident" perhaps on purpose of the Agency. Tim Leary of course helped the Agency immenesely. Recall the People Investigating Leary's Lies?
I think that there is no short cut to reaching the Supermind and that was where the 60's got grounded in errors. Commerce was a large part of the Counter Culture and really firmly consolidated around the music. Which was corporate owned.
And then we have Rolling Stone magazine come along to push ads.
We might say it was over then. Whatever that special youth culture was. It worked to dumb us down for a couple generations and let the Fascists take over.

barbed wire said...

Yes, Les
The combination of social and economic pressures also produces new opportunities. One of them is:

Should they manage to pull it off, and remain incorruptible the world would change for the better. Imagination runs wild what a simple Icelandic legislation providing wikileaks with immunity could do for societies with democratic pretenses.

Visible said...

In all honesty, I can't agree with that. My many experiences were too numerous and reflected ancient realities of a timeless nature. I am not the only one in this regard.

It may be that what you say was generally true but it was not true for me or my companions. I remember well how it was.

I won't debate it though but I will say they do not have that kind of power no matter what they think. There are far, far greater forces in the universe than that rag tag collection of mutants in the CIA or any other organization past or present.

Publius said...

As I said I agree and disagree. I am only connecting dots from say This Is The Beat Generation-1952 to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. And also, as I understand it, and my understanding comes from what I have read by those who have a claim to know: drugs get you part way up the mountain, even if you reach those amazing realms of siddhis, you are not experiencing the Ultimate but at best the Over-Mind as Aurobindo would say.

So as a gedanken ask if we are better off for that youth revolution stimulated by LSD?
Would it have been better all around to just do Yoga?

Again not knocking you or anyone who has taken this road to the Divine. Just an aside on spiritual materialism and drug use.

Anonymous said...

barbed wired minds
illusive times
shattered freedom's
hidden crimes
broken people
filled with fear
poisoned peoples
just cant hear
the slavers own us
most dont know
need their peace
four winds blow
round a heart
to spark the fire
when truth come
it burn up liar
take them down
back to ground
pound a heart
sounds profound
but thats the truth
thats how it be
no one can stop it
they'll soon see
better to come
cast off the shackles
join the peoples
do what matters
come on slavers
you know its time
the fee is due
for the slavers crime.


Visible said...

Drugs has been associated with mystical experiences since before recorded history and the only people competent to speak to the matter are those who have had them. One must ask them if what they experienced was worth experiencing. Every case is different.

It is true that drugs will not take you all the way; at least you won't be allowed to stay as a result of temporary visitation but they are indicators and motivators depending- once again on individual cases.

In times of dark materialism it can be beneficial to be lifted above the trees in order to determine distance and direction. I can't speak for the experiences of others and everyone doing yoga is not going to happen in any case.

One could ask if we aren't better off without anything since none of the things follow us when we go.

Things are as they are, not as we wish they were. Everything is part of everything and legal drugs are far more toxic than illegal. Everyone thinks it's okay to have a beer because that is a part of the approved movie.

I don't concern myself with what the rest of the world did with this or that. I am only concerned with how it affects me and I can see what the value of certain things has been just as I can see the negative side of things I might have been better off going around but it went the way it went and I don't regret it because I am where I am now and where I am now is a very good place. Everything contributed to that.

My intention was never to get high. I was pushing for something and I used powered roller skates. Some might call that cheating but I wasn't racing against anyone.

These days I seldom engage in anything and am usually as I am now... on nothing. That's how it is nearly all the time. Occasionally I check in via one single item but even those moments grow further and further apart.

I couldn't begin to speculate on the value of anything as it concerns the world. The world and it's concerns are not mine. This is just some territory I am passing through and I won't miss it for a moment once I am gone.

moon said...

Les...I am a bit old for laleby...and it is too early to say by by.

Anonymous said...

Les, Publius --

The idea that the youth generation of the 60s lost is another one of the great media lies. Around 1969 in NYC (I was at NYU) there were peace parades closing down 5th Avenue and covering it with candle wax -- 100,000 showing up in Central Park for Free Concerts -- Wall Street disruptions, etc. The East/West Village was completely liberated from conventional law enforcement... We had for all purposes won.

From then on the assault from the Agency and FBI WAS FIERCE, UNRELENTING AND BY KENT STATE -- QUITE DEADLY.

I'll never forget that around this time a friend from Boston called to tell me that Boston was being flooded by Quaaludes coming in by the truckload from Canada -- no one had ever of them before (excepts psychotics at McCleans)

In the ghettos it was mountains of heroin. If they weren't scared shitless by the liberating aspects of psychedelic drugs -- why the super downers all of a sudden?


Visible said...


I don't know if you are pretending to be crazy and clueless so that you can be offensive and annoying or whether you are crfazy, clueless, offensive and annoying with an agenda. What I do know is that you are pissing a lot of people off without contributing anything useful..

I also notice that your constant misspellings change all the time and the character of your mistakes seems contrived so I have to assume that you have an intention in mind which is to disrupt this place and alienate people.

I've allowed you to continue here because I don't like to censor and there is always the chance that all the evidence is wrong.

You need to get a clue though or it's bye bye.

Visible said...

I remember how it was cause I was right in the middle of it. It was fantastic.

the i8dea that they engineered all the music as I have heard reported is ludicrous and they didn't invent psychedelics or acid, Albert Hoffman did... by accident. They might have turned it to certain purposes because they fuck with everything to see if they can make a weapon out of it.

My bottom line is that they are pikers and here for but a moment.

I have heard so many things and I just have to shake my head. If it jibes with my experience then I consider it. if it doesn't then I dismiss it and go my way. It could be real but it doesn't apply to me. I'm not in that dance.

I suspect anything we can imagine is going on somewhere. What I imagine is going on here.

moon said...

Les & All,
I think it's by by. Thank you for your patience, it has been great knowing you. I won't be posting again under my name or any other name.

My name is Mohammad son of Abdallah, I am a Muslim and there are many many like me. And we are not terrorists nor decibers, we are Muslims like any other Chrestian and Any other Jew, followers of the Holly Book.

Kheireddine, or if you prefer anonymes Muslims

Scissortale said...

I was a child of the sixties and I did plenty of what was happening at the time, i.e. sex, drugs and rock and roll. The early use of hallucinogens opened up levels of consciousness formerly unknown to us children of western culture. On a personal level, I must relate to what Lennon had to say about it, [paraphrasing] “After doing LSD, I knew I wasn’t crazy”, having more vividly looked into a dimension that I was otherwise only catching small glimpses of.

Unfortunately, there were many who began to abuse these substances just to get high and I suppose there were those who had been doing that from the very beginning, never being serious about obtaining a greater level of consciousness. But even those who were serious eventually lost their desire for that artificial boost into the unknown. In the end, it was an artificial stairway with missing rungs near the top.

Anonymous said...

you wear the prophets name
peace be upon you
and your lands
that are in flames
I consider you my brother
if you are true
I get the feeling you are
but sometimes here
things are in dispute
its hard for the people
with some of the things you write
translations sometimes difficult
thats the way in life
I spent some time in your lands
many years ago
the people I met
were filled with the flow
just sitting down
drinking tea and playing chess
opened my heart
then peace caressed
the generosity and humility
of your good people
who suffer now
and are not considered equal
but myself I know thats not true
one day we'll all be brothers
lets not get confused.


Visible said...

I think I worked it out and

Here is last night's radio show.

Visible said...

Lost but found?

Get lost.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. I managed to listen to the Radio show, "technical" reasons have prevented me in the past, no biggy I thought, boy have I missed out - LMFAO, you know what?(how could you?), really, you know what? You reminded me immediately of the cat that used to do 'Life's Passing Parade', what was his name? Oh, I'll google it, it: John Dermus; Tulsa Radio - I loved that cat. I will not be missing anymore Radio shows, sweet, more grooviness to jam out the noise from the 'World'. I feel like a kid, how cool is that, aaaarrooooo!

Getting a grip now.(grin)

Cheers and thanks for the tira misu.



Anonymous said...

Move over Ezra Pound! Another broadcaster from the craft over Italy now. Great radio program!
wv: inerthei (inertia?)

Frank Fredenburg said...

Another masterpiece Les! Keep putting them out there. The worms turning. People are finally waking up! You can see it all over the web.

DumbGoyNot said...


Well, it appears Les has answered your spritual appraisal of him better than I could've seeing as how he's in his skin and I'm not. There's a human nature tendency in us all to want to put labels on others who are different than we are, which may actually work most of the time, but at other times, which can be the most important times, labeling can be an oversimplification which if relied on can pull the wool down over our own eyes.

For most of my Christian life ( I was born again April 28, 1970 when I was 23 years old) I believed that the priestclasses of the Eastern Religions were all demonically inspired do-gooders raised up by Satan to lull the masses into a dream state fog of self-sufficiency thereby rendering them totally unprepared for eternity. But sometime several years back it dawned on me that there are people who don't know Jesus by name but who still love him because they love the truth, in accordance with verse 6 of chapter 14 of the Gospel of John in which Jesus declared that he is the truth.

One thing I think I have noticed about Les is that he refrains from committing himself to making a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ, I think out of cautiousness and not wanting to risk getting aligned with error. Can you blame him after all the years and years we've all spent watching and hearing the unbelievably absurd, embarrassing, and humiliating shenanagans of the televangelists and of the system church priestclass who emulate them (and of the duped and brainwashed masses who laud them to the skies and subscribe to their Israel-loving rants)?

Anonymous said...

cliff highs report on why time travel is impossible,well worth a read.


simon said...

"They had a bad scare in the 60’s and early 70’s but they got a handle on that soon enough. They locked down the music and they altered the chemicals that had been such a catalyst for all those wild flights of imagination and new ways of thinking. It wasn’t long before peace and love gave way to the struggle for survival and a monkey on your back. They took care of that sexual problem too with another virus."

How true and sad. Harmony into dissonance, love into sex, acapulco gold into china white.

But it does prove (to me at least) that Love, spirituality, kindness, sharing – all that sort of stuff – IS the natural, normal order of humanity, when unstressed and given the opputunity.

Otherwise it would NOT ONCE arise spontaneously, and would NEVER need to be suppressed.

New Reader said...


Right on, for Jesus laid down with the whores, murderers, lepers, queers, thieves, and tax collectors above the good folks. The good folks were getting into heaven no matter what.

What you wanna bet that the "bad" folks are clutched closer to God's heart than the good folks?

There was one thing and one thing only Jesus hated, the knowing hypocrites of all stripes.

For me, I feel a lot of so-called "evil" people will get to heaven quicker then either the typical good folks or the hypocritical "good" folks.

Jesus laid down with the prostitutes in the alley, hugging them to his body when the memories of the previous day's work intruded into dreams. He stroke the hair and shoulder; remembered to apply the clean, wet cloth soaked in cheap comfrey to the forehead....the gang-bang gone wrong and paid too little.

The murderer/assassin stirs across the alley. Jesus went over and hugged this person to himself. Listened to the dreaming cold, soul-killing, rational mutterings of taking that payment for wiping out an entire family. The choked sob at the end soothed with a whisper from Jesus.

The leper stirs and Jesus goes over. He lays hands and soothes his sleep, heals his wounds and takes in his pain. His pain for losing his wife and child, for being banished for the obvious sin that must've caused his leprosy.

A Roman Centurion finds him at this dead of night. His downcast eyes and begging words bring Jesus to his dying pais. Jesus is no fool, but cares not, he heals the servant man and praises the Centurion; for it was his loving faith that saved the poor man, not just Jesus himself.

Jesus remembered his appointment with the Tax Collector. He was welcomed with a desperate air. Fed and introduced to the family. Saw the wealth of the household and commented. Jesus held the Tax Collector as he wept.

Was the next day better? Perhaps, not likely.

The whores got up and went about their day as usual.

The murderers/assassins had dates to keep.

The Leper was healed,but how could he return? He would be accused of sorcery. He was an obvious sinner and chosen of the devil.

The Centurion laid with his servant and both loved each other.

The Tax Collector trudged and whistled his way to work.

Yet all felt _just_ a little bit of a lifting; as if they were not truly pathetic clown scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Wonderful post... The previous one was awesome as well...

Good stuff.. :)

Also, to DumbGoyNot, superb response to your American friend. And yes, the same cult/crew/bunch/bloodline from back in the day are the sames ones running the Governments of the world today..

And true, the gun confiscation agenda is real and they are continously pressed as "HOW" to take the guns away... History has proved that once the means of self defense are taken away, the sheep usually get slaughtered.

I can just picture them now, foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs, just waiting for the right time to fill up their detention camps with the righteous folks for re-indoctrination or to be chipped...

Or worse, to have our organs take out and sold on the black market to the highest bidder...

I pray more folks wake up an stop drinking the Kool-aid...

Stay Blessed and Alert,


John said...

Lots of tree minders here. Some are looking after the forest though.

John said...

I always figured Kheireddine was just a little spice in the pot. I can't imagine anyone being really disturbed by the writings of this individual. When I was a first grader on the baseball team I was more interested in butterflies and rocks. I never caught a ball or hit a ball. I was just there doing my own thing. I don't know what this has to do with anything though.

Les, I'd like to send you a musical gadget, but I'm put off by the reputation of Italian Customs. Will you be moving around any time in the forseeable future?

Visible said...

That's kind of you John. I will be gone from Italy shortly and I am going somewhere where there may be no internet for a bit so everything around these virtual parts will close down for awhile (probably a good thing).

I don't think there's a customs problem where I'm going and I've never had one in Italy either. My karma is real good with that sort of thing.

I don't have a problem with K-guy either but lots of people do and the sniping annoys me. However... it is very odd how the grasp of English goes through constant changes and misspellings keep changing. It is very odd. I watch things like that.

Recently he started making no sense at all and started lecturing me incomprehensibly, I might add. In any case, I didn't send him away, he went away and I promptly got a letter in fine English giving me shit in ways that had to connect to the exchange.

Something isn't right with this whole scenario. I can see it and I can feel it. It might not be what I think it is but it is something.

Anonymous said...

you are really full of it.Muhammad ibnu AbdAllah is the full name of prophet{PBUH},don`t use it to play...

Erik said...

Hi Les,

I understand you will be relocating shortly... back to Suzanne I presume?

I myself, and I guess many others, have become addicted to your blogs and also the comments.

So, to 'keep the ball rolling' during your absence, I would like to volunteer to act as an 'interim admin' if necessary and technically feasible.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les, what can I say to a gentleman who has the uncanny ability to take my (at times) toroidal vortex of thoughts, impressions, hints, and allegations, and distill into a still glass of pure water? Verbal alchemist...thank you.

Health Freedom of Choice Blog said...

For me, as a "child of the 60s" you evoke the changed zeitgeist and give us reason to shudder.

Since before Kissinger's infamous 1972 depopulation memo to Nixon the eugenicidal agenda has been to reduce humanity by perhaps 90%... through disease, disaster, hunger, war as well. The 4 horsemen certainly are riding the wild wind.

Well, as the mad philosopher, Marx, once said, sort of, "Philosophers debate the state of the world; the object, however, is to change it..."

Or as the wise philosopher, Mises, understood, "All human action is predicated on dissatisfaction..."

Are we dissatisfied enough to change our world? Can we Push Back strongly enough to matter?

I believe so and urge you to explore the resources and information at

We've shown that Push Back Works and the genocidal agenda of the globalist elite can be stopped.

John said...

Well, yes the changes in writing style by Kheireddine almost minute-by-minute are kind of noticeable. :) I don't know if I am quite that creative. It's almost like a commitee of Tweedledee's and Tweedledum's or Macbeth's Three Witches are taking turns writing. But, it hasn't put me in a bad mood.

Regarding the Italian Customs, my impression comes solely from Ebay sellers warning buyers in Italy that they may have a very long wait, thirty days or more sometimes, and to me that is a bit long. Anyway, I don't know if it's best for me to buy with shipping to your location, or to have it sent here and then ship to you. It's just a fun little gadget, not expensive and used both for listening and production.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to hear that you are getting away. You are so right about Feb. They are going to come out with 9/11 supersized.

they are going to make a big move soon because they fear something. I don't know what it is but it is coming as well.

Take care of yourself and Suzzane. We will meet in the higher realms.



ps: don't wait to long. go my man, go!

Anonymous said...

Have to add, I will miss your blogs as much or more than anybody, but go, now!


Anonymous said...

Managed to listen to your broadcast after some twiddlingand downloading

Thank you. An oasis, as one commenter said. To me, like resting on a cloud and viewing what is going on.

I hope you won't have to suspend writing for long. As another person said, I also have to touch base with what you say, to reinforce my thinking, and know I'm with others of like persuasion.

On Kheireddine - he did not even spell Hariri's name correctly - so I doubt his claim about his identitiy.

If you're travelling soon, a safe and smooth journey to you!

Visible said...

Thank you...

Yeah... I don't know what to think except that something is off. There were just too many indications.

I've put up a good portion (am putting up) of my occult-hermetic-alchemical library where the radio show is if anyone is interested. You can take what you like.

Anonymous said...

May the Lord of heavens,protect and bless you.Ameen

A Sufi dervish...

Visible said...

And there is 'salaam' misspelled.

Anonymous said...

looked up a few things people
our friend k is probably using an arabic keyboard.salem,salam,salaam,
different spellings depending on location,amen,amin=ameen pronounciation.
..peace to all..

Visible said...

I see; you can only use one 'a' per word in Arabic. Strangely enough, I thought Arabic was an entirely different script language of swirls dots and curving lines(grin).

You learn something new every day.

Regardless, there are dozens of other examples in respect of this particular drama.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. sorry about the typos with John Deremus "The Passing Parade".

Now then "Ar Salaam Alaykum"


Muslim greeting, 1613, from Arabic salam (also in Urdu, Persian), lit. "peace" (cf. Heb. shalom); in full, (as)salam 'alaikum "peace be upon you," from base of salima "he was safe" (cf. Islam, Muslim).

1605–15; < Ar salām peace

1. a salutation meaning “peace,” used esp. in Islamic countries.
2. a very low bow or obeisance, esp. with the palm of the right hand placed on the forehead.
–verb (used without object), verb (used with object)
3. to salute with a 'salaam'.

Related forms:

sa⋅laam⋅like, adjective

The response should be;

Wa`Alaykum ar-Salaam'.

I have an Arabic Keyboard and the keys all have the relative accentuations and phonetic interpretations on them. If I were to use it to write "Ar Salaam Alaykum" it would have all the appropriate affectations.

If I were to write Sayanim it would have the same effect.

Sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) refers to Diaspora Jews who provide assistance to the Mossad.



Anonymous said...

hello good peoples
gathered here
opened hearts
with minds that are clear
who come to read dynamic words
flying high like magic birds
it seems its all a mystery
but the sun shines
behind the cloud you see
its good to keep that in our minds
les's words climb and climb
take us to that humble place
thats in our hearts
where divinity wakes
and fills us up with generosity
fills our minds with philosophy
thank you les you are unique
blessings come when you speak
one true man if their is one
I hope your not away too long
you will be missed thoroughly
I think I speak for all of we
give us time to gather our flow
spring time comes soon
new things grow.


Anonymous said...

you are going to have to explain
yourself,their is a lot of confused people here.
if you are a load of insanity worshiper's remember you are messing about with something you do not know,the truth
a very silly thing to do,it will have dire consequence's for your mind
if you do worship negativity you hearts will probably be sinking now
and your energy will be seeping away.

Anonymous said...

Salams,They are more than one,and they are playing as a team.Be carefull brother,may the Lord guide and protect you.

Anonymous said...

These are the times in which one should be doing some inner work to prepare for what is coming. A thought.

A question came to mind lately is what has happened to the trillions of dollars that have been 'stolen' in the last decade or so? If you look to the sky you may part all of the answer. it does not get much mention here but all those chem trails cost a lot of money. Also, what are they doing anyway?

It is going to be really hard on a lot of people when this shroud of illusion is pulled away. We all know that from just talking to people about things like the holly cost and 9-11. Sadly, they may not want to know but the illusions of this life are going to slip away and a big truth is going to be laid out for all to see. The process is not going to be fun.

I recently had a brother pass away. I did not get a chance to say good-bye. I wish I had. Something to think about for these times ahead. I do feel the eventual outcome will look rather nice, but the road from here to there may not. Judging by what is happening in the world I would thinkk it is not going to be a fun ride.

Les, you have provided a home for those who see and hear. I thank you deeply for that. The times ahead are going to call for a more action oriented lifestyle that may or may not include this cyber community.

Ascend to the highest vibration. It has a name. It is a place. There is a path.



John said...

I really like everyone that I met in all the different religions. I like the individuals. It is not necessary to like the institutions though.

wv: conse

iconoclast said...

Thanks, another excellent one - particularly the first paragraph; I'd often wondered where 'it' was heading. It'll be a good lesson and I'm glad I've been paying attention. Never liked bullies and those who operate from the shadows. I do know that equilibrium has to be maintained so it should be a good show.

Anonymous said...

Long John posting here...

I have to say Publius, you are flat-out wrong.

you are wrong because you don't know what you are talking about. you obviously have little or no exerience with LSD, and were not really involved. probably no exerience from the sound and content of your comments. but i do have... alot of experience. this stuff usually comes from people like you who have no experience and who only parrot ideas from others or from books written by peopl who also have no experience.

first of all, the media did not create the Beat Generation, nor the psychedelic culture. and Tim Leary was absolutely not an agent of mind control or "the agency"... i know, because i knew him. and "primary goal of LSD" was not mind control, there was no goal other than as a catalyst for self-discovery expanded consciousness. and the "elites" had nothing to do with LSD initially... until later on when the government realized the liberating potential of LSD, and began inserting other garbage like speed into the mix. and it was not an 'accident on purpose" by the "agency". and Leary did not lie.

Publius said: "there is no short cut to reaching the Supermind"

-- well thats not true either. its just more crap from someone who knows nothing about the matter. and corporate commerce was not "a large part of the Counter Culture" or the music, and only coopted the music later on.

Publius also said: "that special youth culture. [...] It worked to dumb us down for a couple generations".

-- thats BS. the social engineers and the news media & TV propaganda and the pharmaceutical drugs and the floride etc, and all the lies is what dumbed people down... not LSD or the psychedelic revolution. you have everything backwards. probably because you simply were not there. but i was, and so was Visble and others. the "Fascists" have taken over partly because of people like you who have been misled and who believe all this nonsense and propaganda, that you have stated here.

Long John

Anonymous said...

Long John posting here...

Visible then replied to Publius:

"In all honesty, I can't agree with that. My many experiences were too numerous and reflected ancient realities of a timeless nature. I am not the only one in this regard. [...] it was not true for me or my companions. I remember well how it was."

-- yes i agree, and i too am one of those as well. i remember too. my experiences also were numerous and they reflected an entirely different reality than what Publius has been suckered and propagandized into believing.

Visible said: "I will say they do not have that kind of power no matter what they think. There are far, far greater forces in the universe than that rag tag collection of mutants in the CIA or any other organization past or present."

-- i wholeheartedly agree

Publius responded to Visible:

"I agree and disagree. I am only connecting dots from say This Is The Beat Generation-1952 to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. And also, as I understand it, and my understanding comes from what I have read by those who have a claim to know"

-- you see, you really don't know. you merely read some misleading and uninformed propaganda somewhere. but i was really there all during that era. and i met or even knew personally many of the Beats... i especially knew Allan Ginsburg and Diane diPrima and Gary Snyder, and I also met Neil Casady (and Ken Kesey) from when I lived up in La Honda California, and I also met Michael McClure via The Doors, and even met William Burroughs once in NYC. I also met Lawrence Ferlinghetti back during my San Francisco days. so you don't know diddly-squat about these people, but i do. moreover, i was also familiar with the 'Brotherhood' down in Laguna Beach, and also the infamous Owsley whose cousin was my girfriend for awhile. so i was very well connected with all the things you resume to know so much about, yet know so little.

Publius also said: "drugs get you part way up the mountain, even if you reach those amazing realms of siddhis, you are not experiencing the Ultimate but at best the Over-Mind as Aurobindo would say."

-- again, you really don't know what you're talking about. i have experienced those realms, and also those siddhis, and even beyond what you have any conception of. and its not like you say. some people attain these states albeit temporarily, and a few are transformed permanently. it all depends on one's sanskaras or lack thereof. there is no rule as you seem to want to imply. and it doesn't matter what Aurobindo said. I know much about him as well... I spent a few years living in India as a yogi & tantric siddha back in the late 60s and early 70s.

"ask if we are better off for that youth revolution stimulated by LSD? Would it have been better all around to just do Yoga?"

-- different strokes for different folks. one is not better than the other. LSD most certainly has its merits. yoga all depends on the type practiced.

Long John

Anonymous said...

Long John posting here...

Visible again replied to Publius:

"Drugs has been associated with mystical experiences since before recorded history and the only people competent to speak to the matter are those who have had them."

-- i say ditto.

"Every case is different."

-- ditto again.

"drugs will not take you all the way; at least you won't be allowed to stay as a result of temporary visitation but they are indicators and motivators depending- once again on individual cases."

-- i'd say that drugs can do amazing things and bring great insight, and can sometimes even trigger permanent awakening and deep communion with the divine. the divine can manifest and revealed to one in many ways. it all depends upon the heart of the seeker.

"In times of dark materialism it can be beneficial to be lifted above the trees in order to determine distance and direction."

-- yes indeed.

"One could ask if we aren't better off without anything"

-- in the end, and even along the way, we really need nothing except for the grace of the divine. but then for some, the divine has become revealed through drugs as well. it is wholly in the hands of the divine. and so no one should judge another's path.

"Things are as they are, not as we wish they were. Everything is part of everything and legal drugs are far more toxic than illegal."

-- yes indeed.

"I don't concern myself with what the rest of the world did with this or that. I am only concerned with how it affects me and I can see what the value of certain things has been just as I can see the negative side of things"

-- the same goes for me.

"I might have been better off going around but it went the way it went and I don't regret it because I am where I am now and where I am now is a very good place. Everything contributed to that."

-- yes, the same is true for me.

"My intention was never to get high. I was pushing for something and I used powered roller skates."

-- again, same for me.

"I wasn't racing against anyone."

-- it is only between oneself and the divine.

"I couldn't begin to speculate on the value of anything as it concerns the world. The world and it's concerns are not mine. This is just some territory I am passing through"

-- yes, and perhaps the territory is really just passing through us.

"I remember how it was cause I was right in the middle of it. It was fantastic."

-- yes indeed, it was "fantastic". and that, is an understatement.

"the idea that they engineered all the music as I have heard reported is ludicrous and they didn't invent psychedelics or acid, Albert Hoffman did... by accident."

-- yes, absolutely. no question. Publius doesn't know what or how it was. he's been fed a bunch of nonsense propaganda.

"They might have turned it to certain purposes because they fuck with everything to see if they can make a weapon out of it."

-- correct.

"they are pikers and here for but a moment."

-- so true.

"I have heard so many things and I just have to shake my head."

-- me too.

and thats about all i have to say on this issue. two other separate comments will follow after this.

Long John

Anonymous said...

Long John posting here...

Scissortale said:

"In the end, it [LSD] was an artificial stairway with missing rungs near the top."

-- i don't quite agree with that idea. there is nothing "missing". the trip all depends on the heart and mind of the tripper. and the journey and the destination is in the hands of the divine. whatever is necessary is how the path unfolds. there is nothing artificial or missing with LSD, nor any particular limitation. and the truth is, it has taken me to places you can't even begin to imagine. and i am sure that goes for Visible too. there is no one way. every soul has his or her own path to the divine.

Long John

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now-

Meeting it at the Marrow.

Anonymous said...

Long John posting here...

DumbGoyNot said:

"One thing I think I have noticed about Les is that he refrains from committing himself to making a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ"

-- well, in defense of Les, why should he?? he is who he is, just as i am who i am. why does anyone have to 'confess jesus christ'??... unless they feel they need to? that sounds pretty narrow-minded imo. other people's spiritual life is really none of your concern. as for myself, my concern is only with the divine, with whom i have a direct connection and communion. so in that sense, why would someone like Les need to do things your way, in your terms?? like "making a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ"?? i mean, thats your trip and thats fine, but it doesn't apply to everyone.

DumbGoyNot said: "I think out of cautiousness and not wanting to risk getting aligned with error."

-- well i think thats rubbish. Les is not worried about such things. you are really just trying to guilt him, in a way, and thats not at all what's happening.

and finally... about this little matter of "Kheireddine":

well for what its worth, it was my impression, from very early on, that this "Kheireddine" was someone (or persons) somehow involved in or related to Islam, but whom was also here with a particular and not necessarily harmonious agenda. i watched & read his/her posts as they apppeared again and again... and it was pretty obvious to me that this person (or persons) was up to something rather strange. i too noticed the varying spelling abnormalities, the incoherency, and also the occasional Islamic undertones. however, i just happen to know alot about Islam and also Sufism. one of my teachers was a renowned sufi sheikh and true mystic. he taught me alot about Islam. and so i can tell when something is amiss when someone posts off-beat nonsense like Kheireddine does.

this "Kheireddine" does not behave like a true moslem at all. this "Kheireddine" behaves like a group of young trolls, some of whom have a better command of english than others. and the bottom line is there was too much islamic religiuous fundamentalism for my taste. and i don't think that belongs here.. imo.

well thats all for now folks. peace and love to all.

Long John

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. I didn't want to get involved in the mind over mind altering matter thing; because of my history of malevolence when irked, however...

Way to go Long John:

The real history of esoteric knowledge, and the girls and guys that the history is about, ARE the history and ALL "dabbled"; my ancient Brothers including my blood relatives documented their experiential knowledge for archival reference. Why? Because they were on a mission to break through the mundane, not get high like some over-privileged middle-class snot-nose. When you are reaching out, REALLY reaching out there, you will begin to understand the earth and all that it contains is organic to it."Go forth and taste of all the fruits of the Forest". My ancestors and my past Brethren all drank Bhang! They drank Bhang because "It lifted me Higher and Higher, bay-beh!" If you have not been outta control you don't fully appreciate inner control. Right from wrong. Light from dark. Straight from ...well, there is nothing in being straight. Oh, yes there is - external control.

Here goes:



P.S. Saint Joan d'Arc was considered a heretic because she used Pot to relax her outer self in order to make available her inner self to suggestion by G-d! THAT'S A FACT JACK!

Visible said...

I've know John for decades. I met him and several other friends who remain friends to this day when we were teenagers and directly into all that's been mentioned. John's done what he says he's done and I know he believes and lives what he says.

On the matter of Kheireddine who, by the way is emailing anyone he can manage to reach from here ...and also sending in comments such as, "Yes, I miss all of you too but..."

I haven't had a single comment from anyone about missing him so that "too" isn't relevant.

What I do know is that this person(s) presence here annoyed a lot of people and they let me know about it and there was a lot of sniping back and forth which I don't like for more than a couple of minutes.

There are also a lot of mysterious things that don't make sense and- after awhile- you start to think that someone is messing with you.

Here's one mystery that someone can clear up for me if they want to. He says he has an Arab keyboard and what I don't get is why would it misspell words all of the time and misspell them different ways at different times?

I can understand where the grammar might be off and how the comment might sound as if it had been mechanically translated but I can't understand the consistently misspelled words and the variations in the misspellings. Whatever technology is at work would certainly have recourse to some kind of spell checker.

Maybe there's a logical explanation for this but then there's all the other stuff.

Meanwhile the nasty letter I got and the howling (grin) about my appropriating the title of Dog Poet which isn't any big deal depending on how you take it. I'll address that a little later here in the comments. Appropriately enough I have to go feed the dogs now.

Anonymous said...



veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Many apologies for not explaining the keyboard thing properly; I have an English/Arabic keyboard, it utilises the windows OS and all spell-checks are the same. If 'K' had an "Arabi" keyboard he would have to be happy for his gibberish to appear in script like this: عربي. Even with sophisticated translation software, in order to appear dyslexic he would have to write in reverse and in a different tense, with backward/mirrored justification and disable the translators spell-checker! I don't think so.

Brother Visible:



Visible said...


As I suspected, there is more than meets the eye.

John said...


That site is fascinating. I am still reading it.

Anonymous said...

myself I experienced in the 80's
the warehouse party's and the early rave period,new drugs e's,although acid was also very dominant at the time,I'm not sure but that stuff you had in the 60's I heard was as clean as clean can be,the acid in the 80's filled with strickneen or whatever it left you with a bad stomach,you were still able to attain some connection though,as we spent many a night trudging the woods 2hrs gone in 2 mins,a lot of my friends turned out not experiencing the same conditions as myself,I see a few now hoplessly addicted to self importance and materialism.
I think for a short period in the late 80's early 90's that peace love scene was trying to reemerge
but as usual tptb werent having that,the exstacy became filled with speed and heroin pills,back when it was good one pill would last for hour's and you had a deep feeling of love,well I did any way,and the music something else
I still go out from time to time to party's I'm able now to take no drugs still dance all night and attain that feeling of love for my fellows.I find I can attain higher states writting poetry now though maybe to you lot it seems a bit crazy and a mess,you will have to forgive me,I am trying to attain higher states of awareness of which I do at the time,sometimes not.but their is only one dog poet and that is les,the flow of his pen gracious and to the point.

..peace to you all..

Anonymous said...

Les, I doubt very seriously that k's goal was in trying to solve the Cosmic Kundalini Riddle?

He sure enough posted a lot of "what's up with this guys mind" stuff. But how much time does one really want to devote in trying to figure him out, maybe that was his goal?

The following is what k wrote me about my posting of John Prine's "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" lyrics.

Kheireddine said...

DB, in my book whom ever dies defending his flag, his country, his home, his property is going strait to heaven.
many are unfortunately miss lead in believing that they are actually fighting to defend the "flag" (any flag of any country dear to them).
i think the duty of defending what you hold as sacred is the highest form of nobility. i have hi respect for worriers, mothers, working people, they are all defending their flag.
the problem is in defining what the flag stands for these days.
it is another debate that is now raging in the brain of many people, they are waking up and grouping.
it is the duty in my humble opinion for any "awakened" person to help in putting the miss leading evils at bey, keeping them away from the flag would b doing humanity a big favor. and they are few thank god.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Nina -
Nice poetry. Are you living in Canada or are you an ex-pat in Europe? Where in Canada do you come from?

Luktifian -
What's the story with the coming false flag in Vancouver? You live so close to the future ground zero you must be hearing things loud and clear by now. The winter olympics go on from the 8th to the 28th of february 2010. Stayed tuned for an advertisement from the ptb.

Canadian ex-pat in Sweden

Visible said...

I saw that when it came up here.

Any particular item can stand on it's own but the collective is what triggers my radar.

I stayed tolerant for a long time and even when I wasn't it was at the behest of others. None of what shows up here bothers me because I just move on and I'm not open to influence outside of the primary influence anyway.

I do like it harmonious here and the weight of long time contributors does have an impact.

The most telling thing is that there have been several examples of this all seemingly independent of each other which operate in the same fashion. It still doesn't bother me.

I don't know what I think at this point. Most likely it is an indication that it's bed time for the kid.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why they bother the trolls or what ever you call them,it must hurt them a little bit everytime they read a little bit of truth,they must go away wondering why they are doing what they're doing,purposely fighting against they're own higher nature instead of trying to learn,silly silly people.
I suppose they just dont understand that they can attain some peace here
well fight yourselves with lies trolls,it feels a lot nicer not doing that,energy levels are a lot brighter.
anyway peace to all

chuckyman said...

Mouser,I read this today in regards to a possible false-flag in Vancouver.

v word =kintrook

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Rebel
We have investigations now going against the WHO in Europe. Some lawmakers want to put Fukina in jail in Hawaii as she ordered all the shot doses.

Le Temps wants national governments investigated and not just the WHO. Everywhere is seems people want something done it. Czech soldiers refuse it.

This attempted crime here is reflecting very badly on the boys. People now want governments investigated who went along with this.

Still what little I turn on the news these psychopaths are urging everyone to get their shots, signs a Walgreens $10 flu shots. It seems they all feel impervious to justice. This is one of the biggest mistakes they ever made however. Slow poison wasn't enough they had to go for broke.

Anonymous said...

Usually the templar sites are written by a templar because not too many people know very much about them and they are usually trying to score some type propaganda point.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..Dublin Mick; please elaborate, it would be interesting to hear from a genuine authority on Templarism regarding the Templars and there modern Socio-political agendas and psy-op techniques. Please explain...Oh, and could you also provide Reference material supporting your statement? Thank you. Of course I don't have to tell you that the site I posted ( as a topical offer-to-treat is not a Templar site, you would know that, what with being an authority on the subject of the Templars, no?



Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom indeed, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

On Feb 3rd, US intelligence "chief" Dennis Blair addressed a group of US Congresssional representatives to elaborate or explain the circumstances under which the US government might kill it's own citizens abroad.
There are many subtexts, ramifications, conclusions to this. He said that US intelligence agencies were not targeting free speech, only those Americans seen as a threat (!)
OK, here's one take. The US goverment is saying that they are extremely fearful of those Americans OUTSIDE the government's direct control. And that they are also very afraid of said Americans outside direct US government control being able to reach, talk to, persuade or otherwise INFLUENCE Americans who are directly under US government control.
Of course, the US government has been involved in evil and nefarious acts against it's own citizens for decades, so Blair's revelations aren't new. It is appalling that Congress, the representativesof the US people, are able to sit calmly and hear this, without calling for arrests and prosecutions of all involved. It looks like the RICO act should be invoked.



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