Monday, January 4, 2010

The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind

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The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get into your body. But job one, day one, they want to get into your head. These are stages of humiliation designed to strip you of your dignity.

They could have fixed it for Richard Reid to blow up his foot and they could have fixed it for Abdulmutallab to blow up his balls but neither of these have the graphic potential of a suspicious passenger being overpowered on an airliner while weird shit happens. This way, you know exactly what they want you to know. If they have to piece it together (pun intended) later it’s a lot more costly and involved. They also didn’t have to destroy an airplane to do it. Saving expense is, of course, not their primary concern. Their primary concern is putting an image in your mind and making everyone suspicious of each other.

They don’t really mind blowing up airplanes and killing lots of people. Look at what they did with 9/11. Look at the people they are killing in their gratuitous wars. No, they don’t mind the killing because blood spilled in violence has a magical power that can be used by those who court or serve the powers that feed on it.

Actually blowing up airplanes, unless there is a real need (like provocation to attack Iran, or anyone) is counter-productive. They don’t want you to stop flying in airplanes. They just want you to accept the heavy handed behavior of the TSA thugs. They want you to agree in your mind to the need for the outrageous treatment they intend to visit on you. They want you conditioned and programmed because it is necessary to channel your fear and your hate for their purposes.

The reason they trashed the economic system was to put a great many of you into a state of desperation ...and to make those who are still sailing along, mindful of what could happen to them. The reason for drumming up a non-existent Al Qaeda is to make people of one color suspicious of people with a different color while also setting religious belief systems against each other. The idea that there could be something like Al Qaeda that is linked up internationally around the world and which can strike anywhere at any time is as scary as it is ridiculous. It’s like Spectre run by a guy called Blofeld Mohammed. It’s everywhere with state of the art communications and endless financial resources with a limitless supply of insane believers willing to die for the cause and it doesn’t exist. What there is of it that does exist, exists because ‘they’ have been tormenting people beyond endurance.

Peoples of the world, you have an enemy and that enemy is your leaders. Your leaders serve the corporations and the corporations serve the bankers and the bankers serve that ancient foe whose pleasure is strife and discord.

Let me break it down for you in a very simple fashion. It’s not primarily about creating a permanent underclass to wait upon their elite status. It’s not primarily about eugenics and a world prison system. It is not primarily about making large sums of money from evil enterprise. It is not primarily about increasing control brought about through fear and timely false flags. It is about pleasure and enjoyment. These things are being done in order to maximize suffering because suffering is nectar to these creatures. They feed on misery and torment. They enjoy it. This is their cardinal motivation.

Before you can understand why these things are happening you have to grasp ‘motive’. You have to understand the perverted nature of the practitioner. You have to understand what drives them. You have to accept that there are immaterial forces at work and that we are all in the midst of a spiritual war, which is about the harvesting of human souls as well as the perversion of human souls, accomplished by the perversions and intentions of those who serve what lives in the darkness.

I am stating facts based on ancient traditions which have survived the test of time and all of them make mention of the enemy of humanity and those who serve that enemy for personal gain. This is not allegory or poetic license. This is the way it is. Everything that has been happening to you and around you is systematic. The pollution of your drinking water and the genetic modification of your foods are designed to put you into a confused and weakened state. The garbage that now passes for music and the pandering of the entertainment business to the lowest impulses in the human psyche are all intentional and your leaders, as well as the industry titans and banking concerns are all neck deep in it.

Yemen is not something that just happened on its own. It is by design in relation to long range plans concerning Iran, Russia and China and... everyone else. Psychopaths sit in guarded rooms where they draft complicated game plans whose goal is world wide chaos and immense human suffering.

Here is a recent S&MSM headline, “Obama links jet attack suspect to Al Qaeda”. What does that mean? Does that mean Obama personally put two and two together and got five and a half? Why is it that most of the news items that appear in the S&MSM no longer have an author? Despite how it might seem at the present; are these Creatures from The Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind going to succeed? No... they will fail. No one ever succeeds at this sort of thing but that does not mean there won’t be a great deal of human suffering.

I’ve tried to say it many different ways at many different times in the different blogs. It is something I am certain of and that does not include a great many items. These miscreants who have sacrificed their humanity on the altar of personal ambition and gain think themselves to be canny sophisticates. They think they’ve got the planet nailed. It doesn’t occur to them that they are merely playing a role in a cosmic drama that has a directed and appointed end.

There is always more good in humanity than there is bad. The greatest problem is the amount of stupid and asleep. The spark of divinity motors us all but when spiritual awareness and contact with our divine nature has been lost or gotten to the point where it is so obscured that few people possess enough to counterbalance the rest, then transformation; the spirit informing matter, becomes necessary.

You may think this is about any of the obvious forces that present themselves on any given day; unbridled greed, environmental imbalance, failed systems, ubiquitous corrupt officials. The list is large. It is about you. It’s all about you and the precious cargo you carry, often unwittingly. You might think of it as a game that God plays against himself with anticipated successes and failures but you are in the middle of it and it is all about you.

None of us are set a task beyond our endurance and speaking for myself, it has often seemed like it. No one takes second place to me when it comes to screaming imprecations at Heaven, as if it were a living thing that confounds (and it is a living thing) and torments me... primarily because I don’t understand ...because I can only see so far and the divine sees all the way through and always has. Wisdom is the fruit of such a struggle for those who endure ...and the wheel of return is waiting for those who do not.

This unending battle between our dual natures has a purpose and no matter how hard we struggle it can only end in surrender. Each of us goes about this in our own way. We have traditions and libraries filled with pathways; conclusions, solutions, teachings of every possible stripe and color. None of them are complete or comprehensive by comparison to the living awareness that inhabits our being. It’s a simple matter really. Embrace the immortal intelligence that animates and guides you or make your own plans and follow your own devices. There isn’t any more to it than that. In either case 'someone' will be leading you to the inescapable truth.

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Edna said...

What I appreciate most about your writing, Les, is that you always keep the big picture in mind: what's happening at the tip of the apex, as it were.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here are some thoughts I had this morning, which I hope aren't too far off the subject or too far out:

The only things that have remained constant throughout human history are the ritual cycle and a priestclass to mediate it. The ritual dates have never changed the least bit throughout all of human history, nor has the administrative format for the priestclass. In the farthest back ancient times the principalities made contact with humans and revealed themselves to them as gods who had power over time and over nature and could transfer that power to humans if they would cooperate with them through the rituals.

In every generation there have always been a handful of people who would dedicate themselves to the demons through the rituals and through relationship with them which was initiated through the rituals, the overall plan being the eventual conquest of the entire world via demonic power. We are seeing that conquest being played out before our eyes today as the Satanists have taken near total control over the world. When the control is complete the ten kings will rule the world with the Beast (Antichrist) for one hour (ten years maybe?)and then the end will come (per Revelation 17:12-18).

It was a masterstroke of genius on the part of the demons to concoct and legitimize ritual scenarios that would appropriate worship of themselves by Christians. Their creation of Christmas and Easter has proven to be the biggest slap in the face to the body of Christ one could ever imagine. And now the demons have such control over Christians that they have moved on them to worship the synagogue of Satan false Jews as 'God's Chosen People' as a continued and ultimate slap in the face.

The Christian Zionists' adoration and idolization of false Israel and the false Jews (who, second to the Satanists, are their worst enemies) gives new meaning to the Lord's admonition to his people that they are to love their enemies.

su said...

What I appreciate most is the certainty you have of the fckers failing in their attempts to destroy humanity.
A while back you wrote about hearing footsteps on the shores, that the evil being done by people in charge is being challenged by horseman of a different nature.
In the case of a missing child whose parents were suspects at a time, who have had the protection of Gordon Brown himself, a horseman of integrity has arisen.
A policeman from Portugal who came close to the truth and was dismissed is now rising to challenge the whole system.
Despite gags, threats of libel etc.
On the 12th January there will be a hearing in Portugal on this issue - I am trusting that truth will prevail.
Definitely have been more upbeat since I started noticing the beans being spilled, slowly at first but growing daily.

Anonymous said...

Les, Have you heard about Armilus?

Just replace the word jews with semites in this link regarding jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Once again Les hooks into the Über-mind, articulating what many of us have sensed for very long. Whether your prism is Hindu or Catholic, the view out the other side correlates - the Ancient Enemy is the final address for the cause of our misery via his human agents, and must confront them both on the spiritual plane - with prayer, and on the physical plane with action.
Just how much views of the nature of the world and history, the past and present, are changing rapidly we can ascertain by thespeed at which sites like SM are multiplying and inter-linking.
A new courage and hope is afoot.
Our understanding of Egyptian history, for eaxample, has been rocketed forward by lay people, as the old Berlin School still maintains its century old theses!
This article indicates how far lay work has come in this one area:

Similarly, it's lay people like Les who have made great strides in new areas of political science. Believe me, I've lectured at a number of fine universities in the area and what's out there is mainly drivel postulated by the emasculated politically correct, and the students know it.
But whether it's Egypt or politics, a new wind is blowing - and many are truly inquisitive.
Our time is at hand.
May we be bold and wise in our counter-assault on Old Scratch, knowing the human spirit and human goodness will indeed prevail over the current gains of the Father of Lies.
Peace to you all !
A Friend in the Fight

Anonymous said...

A correction for DumbGoy -

Catholic cathecism still requires a mssion to convert the Jews. The theology of Dual Salvation or Substitute Salvation - through Moses - is heresy. Full stop. I imagine by "control over Christians" you mean the Scofield bible lot ? It's especially the tradtional Catholics who are resisting the Synagogue, as attested to by their pesecuttion in the form of the press abuse of one Bish. Williamson. Should the hammer of Zion be allowed to fall on them, Mother Church will be next. And then all others. The good Catholics <i talk to know this and are prepared.
Kyrie Elison

Anonymous said...

Rahm Emanuel (Mega)= "The White Shadow".

nicki nicki tembo said...

Yes it is true, control what one believes and trust in and you control their worship. It is imperative that we understand the significance such.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

The man with the exploding underpants, sounds like a cartoon character to me. Just incredible, again they stretch the elastic of credulity for this story. No passport etc etc, and then Brown and Obama wheel out there full body scanners and 'destroy Yemen' stuff. I almost feel they are saying "OK guys we are going to make this one really easy to figure out". Gotta make sure there are enough folk on the woowoo side, for a really good punch up. Good work Les. Toodle pip

Anonymous said...

The problem for leaders , and the media, thousands of people everyday are picking up on the idea the lap dogs in the meida, corporate heads and mostly politicians are sociopaths.
Manipulative and conning, superficial charm, pathological liars, lack of remorse/shame or guilt, callousness, promiscuous (sadistic) behaviour and their parasitic lifestyles and contempt for those who demand answers are the traits of moral insanity. What can one do when no amount of psychotherapy can help these people, no medication or treatment of any kind as they have no desire to change.
Simple. use it against them. They will fall under the weight of their own bullshit.

Like the H1N1 scare, global warming, 9/11, and now the bag bomber, these scams eventually reveal themselves for what they are, and sadly, many in the public are unaware they've been taken for a ride -- until its too late.

But that's changing, and fast.
The PNAC crew figured expected to have the Middle East under total control be now (Gulf war 1 made them think it would be even easier the net time they went in) Our own Canadian parlimant has been shut down for the next few months, so they think that by time the winter Olympics have passed , Canadians will have long forgotten about the detainee torture investigations that the Harper government gladly took part in. It will give us time to gather more information, but it will also build up the proof that our votes are virtually meaningless and our own government is nothing but a Conservative republican Americanized dictatorship. Irag had Saddam, Iran the shah, and Afghanistan has the Karzai drug czars, Canadian has Stephen Harper.

Not to take away from the importance of what Les (thank God) is doing for the world, but Canadians aren't like the average shithead American, who follow blindly to the slaughterhouse.
Drive along the St, Lawrence seaway and see the graves or our fallen soldiers killed defending Canada against American invaders. Canada was the first country to attacked by American's (7 times in our history).

Billy G.

paolocaruso said...

Military recruits have their heads shaved and faced with constant humiliation to become fearful and obedient to authority.

The anglo-world is being subjected to this now.


Indeed, our inner instincts are more reliable than all the books of wisdom. Unfortunately, most of the people have lost the ability to tap into their own wisdom. But they too... will be carrying a pitchfork and a torch, when the crooks get their due.

Anonymous said...

Remarkably, they have succeeded in all their wants. One unnoticed aspect of this incident was what happened to the passengers after the plane has landed:

"Specifically, 1 hour after we left the plane, bomb sniffing dogs arrived. Up to this point, all of the passengers on Flight 253 stood in a small area in an evacuated luggage claim area of an airport terminal. (...) The FBI was so concerned during this time, that we were not allowed to use the bathroom unless we went alone with an FBI agent, we were not allowed to eat or drink, or text or call anyone."

I asked in a legal forum, how come FBI put all these restrictions on the passengers; can they just disallow whatever they want to whoever they want? here's the answer: "In our system, the government does _not_ have the right to control the flow of information. Witnesses, suspects, and victims have a right to talk to the media, to their friends, their enemies, or anybody else who will listen."

Isn't it remarkable that the thought of protesting this in some way, or even questioning, it appears, did not even come to anyone's mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, and yes! Damn right! Everything you say!

"'s about pleasure and enjoyment" -

--- That's because
they're NOT Human,

"Psychopaths sit in guarded rooms where they ...."

- I've often wondered, A"how is it that when these Elite/pResidents travel, they have 1,200-1,400 guards...and when they go to a foreign country, there are 1,200-1,400 cops there to guard them?

Doesn't anybody wonder about these things. The average person sees these many guards, for one "man"?

After all they are supposedly- one man- and easily replaced.

Don't they wonder: "Why are their lives worth more than mine? "

Whatever that Great Power is, wake up the rest of us, from this Dream, already!

This isn't the way it is, or ever was, supposed to be!

Anonymous said...

Les wrote: "The greatest problem is the amount of stupid and asleep."

Well you can certainly say that again; and again and again and again, ad nauseum.

Now that a new, careful analysis of the video evidence of the "collapse" of WTC1 reveals, indisputably, that pre-planted explosives were used to demolish the building, what's happened?

Exactly NOTHING has happened. Can you believe that? I must say I almost can't.

I wonder what would happen if I torched my house for the insurance money, and someone videotaped me committing the crime, and sent the evidence to the State Police Fire Marshal?

Would someone at least want to ask me a few questions about what might have happened to the structure? I would think so.

So here we are, with a newly released video analysis, which, especially in light of the other corroborating evidence, simply ends the debate, once and for all, about what happened to those buildings...and WHAT? NOTHING that's what...ZILCH...NADA...GO BACK TO SLEEP...

Not the insurance co. that paid out billions to Silverslime, not the NYC DA's office, not the NY State Atty. General's Office, certainly not Congress, certainly not NIST, the FBI nor any other federal agency; apparently not any of the victims who will die early from breathing the toxic dust created when the buildings were illegally demolished, nor even any foreign government that lost Nationals in that murderous fraud.

Too bad we apparently don't have a single influential Statesman, anywhere in the world, willing to speak up about this monstrous, ongoing crime against humanity.

You'd think there must be some foreign Statesman, somewhere, willing to show this video to an appropriate audience, or even to attempt to address the UN General Assembly or something...ANYTHING.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but at this point, I'm way beyond expecting or even wanting the masses to wake up...what I want is some kind of a "space ship" so I can get off this doomed planet...


Dammerung said...

I think you're right about them trying to get into our underwear. Perversion isn't what you do, it's whether you make it happen at gunpoint. Very interesting, what happens to whom, when, and who publicizes it.

moon said...

Les, All,
Beside the fact that you know how to say difficult things in simple words, that is a gift.
But must be careful when you say "all your leaders are...". Is it because Les says so, or clif high or Fake Alex and Supid Camelot say so!!??
Each one of us have the moral obligation to put them selves and thos above them to the test.
Question and find out by yourself if what you promissed yourself or other to do is being done or not. Do what you say and say what you do is the golden rule here, if you are evil then you will know that you are evil and that would put off your sholders a huge burden, or at least you can decide to become good..this year. The same thing applies to those who find out that they are not evil, provided they are not in denial, knowing that you are not evil will also lift a big burden off your sholders. Every one will know where he stands. And the Human Olympic Wars begins.
At least I know where I stand, what for and to what end. Knowing that will make you feel releaved and feeling better already..even if you are evil you will get better in being that..imagine that.!
My point is: you should find by yourself, following all what have lead you to be where you are today, you should figure out who is leading you and find out if he is leading you to an objective that is worthy of sacrifying some of your free will too in exchange of prosperity, justice, social order?
And a secondary point here I am trying to make: there is no middle in this matter. You are evil or You are good. You need to can't find out that unless the other is defeated. And it is on this particular matter that all world tragedies are built and constructed.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


You need to take your Librium. When you don't it's noticeable.

You're too tolerant Les but it's your show.

Dammerung said...

Dublin Mick said...

Not yet. Too many refuseniks, potentially violent ones. Say what you will about the Fundie Christians, but they'll be screaming Mark of the Beast in exactly no time flat and they'll kill to keep a chip out of their bodies.

nina said...
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PissedOffAtYourBullshit!!! said...

Keireddine, Dammerung, Edna et al:

I'm not as tolerant as Les.

Why don't the three of you (+++) go back to the synagogue where you came from!

The three of you (+++) have been here for ages - you just keep changing your fucking nicks and talking in a judeo-centric manner about absolutely FUCKING nothing.

None of you EVER say anything of intellect or that confirms that the zionist jews are fucking up the whole world for the Palestinians AND for everyone else who is not a jewish zionist!

To hell with all three of you (+++) in name, pseudonym and de facto person.

nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

I understand that you are angry but I don't see why you put Edna in. I'm not saying you are right or wrong about the rest. I think everyone is trying and the air around here has a salutary effect. The longer people stay the more they change. Give anyone enough time and they might become themselves again, "with yesterday's seven thousand years"

but Edna doesn't fit according to any measuring device I am familiar with except for the one where the numbers are worn off.

Anonymous said...

Les, ICTS (an israeli company) ran security in Amsterdam. An eyewitness saw a "sharp dressed Indian man" get the underwear bomber through without a passport.

Israel suddenly takes a secret trip to India.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Smoking in the Mirror Les, are you in the CIA or Illuminati or both? Because you are definitely some type of agent provacatuer. That is for sure.

Dammerung said...


Zionists didn't invent murder. Zionists didn't invent racism, or torture, or man's inhumanity to man.

To fight the Empire is to become the Empire. The Empire propagates itself through violence, as its nature is a violent one. The Empire spreads through infection.

Zionists are humans like us, manipulated by propaganda to act against their own best interests. Israel is Airstrip One, and nobody, especially the Zionists, gives a damn about the individual lives of the Jews who emigrated there. They have been incited to believe the Arabs are coming to kill them and their families and their behavior is the natural result of that terror.

I was raised as a Zionist Christian fundamentalist. It is unbelievably hard to push back against that ideology when it's programmed into you from birth. You have to seek liberation not only from morals, not only from nation, but you have to rebel against Almighty God Yahweh who sees all and knows all and punishes. Punishes all the time. To defeat the enemy who cannot be defeated requires a change of heart.

We defeat the Empire within ourselves, as individuals. You won't defeat the Empire with homemade rockets and bombs.

Anonymous said...

Went to the local airport over the holiday. Atmosphere of a courthouse. Clerks being phased out - arrive at airport and scan your driver's license for ticket issuance. Leave bags (no later than 1 hour before departure). Security area installed at top of escalator - no room for farewells. No place to drink or eat with traveler. Parking lot lost ticket fee: $8.00 plus full-day rate ($25).


nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Stay with one nick. I am tolerant but I don't like sockpuppets because it stinks of cowardice which I definitely don't like.

To answer your question, I am much more mobbed up than that and from a much more ancient org and infinitely more dangerous but, like I say, we'll see.

LesMayBeRightAboutEdna said...

Let us hear what Edna has to say about the group she was placed in. There is a lilt to her writing that is male unlike her "picture".

"Edna" from Rio de Janero?

paolocaruso said...

I met a girl over the weekend. I asked her if she was Indian, because she certainly looked it. She said "" no.. I'm Israeli "" I thought...maybe she knows the sharp-dressed guy who helped the crotchbomber on the plane.

Visible said...

One of these days I should actually pay attention to the comments instead of just posting them.


Waiter said...

Senór Visible and Paulocaruso:
Very much to please - may I take your order now?
Next thank you!

Anonymous said...

"We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing the Gentiles do will meet out needs, our demands. We need a World of our own."
Maurice Samuel.

They are NOT like us. They have no conscience, perhaps little real consciousness even! The literally do not know or understand what is good and what is bad, what is right or what is wrong! It is weird and very difficult or perhaps impossible to understand. The think they are good!

They are unable to reason at all! It is truly strange - but because they have no heart and feelings, as we do, they cannot reason! Yet reason or the thinking function, or "logic", having overcome feeling completely, for the moment in our World (Socrates was equally stupid in this way and could not understand the heart and spiritual things OF the heart, or the mind)

This rot set in when the sinister Levites (rabbis) took over. They "found" the Torah (actually the inspiration of the Samaritans), took it to poor old Hezekiah, and soon after announced that Asherah, the consort of Yawheh, their tribal god, was to be destroyed. They destroyed the feminine feeling function for that wretched tribe and THAt is why they are against Nature, and also why they do not FEEL from the heart/mind.

They are cold and heartless - but worse, they cannot reason - the thinking function (which is so good at making machines and at CALCULATING) is out of control, gone completely rogue, insane because it is not balanced with the FEELING function.

This is why these people abort babies without a thought, this is why they think that homosexuality and all the other perversions are ok, and this is why they are cold, cunning, ruthless and devoid of human feeling. And, that is why women nowadays are anything BUt feminine they have been engineered to behave like men. They have become vulgar and coarse and cruel even towards their own babies.

I hope that is not too long and involved - but the fact is these people (if they are people at all) are AGAINST Nature.

And, Nature will take her course. She will destroy them. The Furies are coming.

Read "The Bibel Unearthed." by Israel Finkelstein.

Anonymous said...

John said...

Anon 2:46 Thanks for the links about Egypt. The rest should check it out and this as well:

and this:

Les, your post reminded me of one of my first 'Lucid Dreams' that I had when I was about twelve years old or so. I was running up a beach trying to get out of the water. A creature was chasing me and closing quickly. He looked just like The Creature From the Black Lagoon. As he neared me I slipped and fell. I started to realize that I was dreaming as he stabbed my legs with a trident. I stretched out my arms and blasted the creature with lightning from my hands and fingers. (Kind of like what the Emperor did to Luke Skywalker.)

Edna said...

Les, a friend just sent me a mail about a dream he had on new year's night. He didn't know about the work being done for Palestine that night. This is what he says:

Funny reading Haitham's piece - about greater Israel and reaching the Nile etc. - I had a surreal dream the other night in which I was kind of floating above a world globe with just the names of the controlling countries written across vast tracts of land (& there were only a few countries controlling) but what surprised me was that the word Israel covered most of north-eastern Africa - from about Kenya up through Egypt. When I read Haitham's article I got quite a shock.

Haitham's article for those who aren't toooo judeocentric :) is here:

moon said...

This is not a fan club, as far as I see. Les throws the ball, commentors bounce the ball to see how far it goes. We learn few things along the way.
How some one would think That I might be in the same team with Damm!
If you make the same effort I am doing To understand you may actualy learn something here. My English is not that me :D


Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Great article Les, very timely which should get us up and moving for the New Year.

Dublin Mick, I agree whole heartedly with your take on things. I have long 'known' intuitively about the nano chips and have been shouting it from the roof tops even though I looked like a loon (LOL)

I also have written and done some research on these new RFID chips that are being installed via the vaccines- I feel very strongly that this was the purpose of the recent Swine Flu panic-demic.

Chip the population of the willing, then make life a living hell for the rest of us. I think your connection with the radiation scanners is right on as well- it will be controlled one way or another.

Radio waves (at a set frequency) are always a probability too. I came across some research and cases of litigation in America where retired military personnel were complaining of 'martians' and aliens talking to them through the radio waves- after they were subjected to medical experiments.

I wondered at the time if a chip or some sort of nano technology had been installed as it would make perfect sense.

Two teachers at my local college who both have asthma and took the swine flu vaccine have been diagnosed with diabetes days after the injection so the fallout has started. And what caused their pancreas to just shut down? A chip?

This is not over by a long shot and there will be MORE, much MORE to come.

On that cheery note,

Regards Everyone,

April Danann


Ps. I am a REAL person (smile) for proof---

Jay said...

Hey les

here is a link from Henry Makows site...all you need to do is put Zionism at the top and the picture is clear.

and Henry's article is here

your words are clear as always les, and after reading this articel i was really looking for a new SM or VO.


Rebel 4E said...

The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind...

"Their behavior tends toward being glib,shallow,egotistical,narcissistic , mundane,predatory , and materialistic. Sometimes these traits are camouflaged by a polished social exterior, but anyone with a discerning eye can see through the disguise.They also appear entirely incapable of empathy, soul-searching, and willful self-sacrifice. Nevertheless, in the presence of others they can put on a flashy show of concern, distress, or altruism for purposes of social manipulation"

They Are Spiritless Humans

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, but . . .

I may have said this before on this site, but nobody blew up any commercial planes on 9/11. They were photoshopped over explosions caused by stuff planted inside the buildings.

I don't care if media whores say they saw commercial airliners hit the towers -- they didn't. And they didn't crash in any field or hit the Pentagon, either.

This why they have never produced any video showing ANY of the 266 alleged people boarding any of the planes.

This is why they have never produced any corpses, luggage, outboard engines, black boxes, tail sections, etc.

This is why a woman who still lives in NY spent five years searching for relatives of 64 people on one of the phony passenger lists, and never found anybody, even after hiring detectives.

This is why neither of those two airlines have ever filed loss claims over those "jumbo jets."

This is why Willie Brown and a number of clergy left SF airport after a number of hours, because no "grieving relatives," friends or family members showed up to inquire after any of their "relatives."

We live in a Photoshop world, people. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...


I wish I had your connection to it.

God help us.

kikz said...

'I was raised as a Zionist Christian fundamentalist. It is unbelievably hard to push back against that ideology when it's programmed into you from birth. You have to seek liberation not only from morals, not only from nation, but you have to rebel against Almighty God Yahweh who sees all and knows all and punishes. Punishes all the time. To defeat the enemy who cannot be defeated requires a change of heart.'

er.. umm.. no.

to quote a line from 'funkadelic'..


Anonymous said...

"But now, in modern times, Ravana's dynasty 28 has multiplied into millions. This has given rise to many different opinions, which have made the demons inimical toward one another. Thus they are all competing tooth and nail, trying to kidnap the goddess of fortune, Sita-devi. Each one is thinking, "I am the most cunning, and so I will enjoy Sita-devi all by myself." But like Ravana, all these demons, along with their entire families, are being destroyed. So many powerful leaders like Hitler have come, but enamoured by the illusion of enjoying and exploiting the Supreme Lord's energy and consort--Sita-devi, the goddess of fortune--all of them have been thwarted and crushed in the past, are being thwarted and crushed in the present, and will be thwarted and crushed in the future. The root cause of the aforementioned lament--"In the dispensation of providence, mankind cannot have any rest"--is this demoniac mentality of exploiting and enjoying the Lord's divine energy."

Srila Prabhupada

Visible said...

anon 10:49

I don't know why it is but that is just how it is as I see it. My every day, day in and day out is about just that and pushing up the road until the highway is lit.

Thank you for sending that in. I'd call that a bit of spiritual nitrous oxide

Anonymous said...

This is the best piece of writing I've read in the past year.

Anonymous said...

If this sockpuppet Bullshitter actually regards the person who produced the cartoon at the link below (edna) as being "judeocentric", he is either a victim of dementia or someone paid to actually disrupt the thread at Smoking Mirrors.

Dis-informationEverywhere9YearsLater said...

Anon 10:22;

Janice Matthews at has completely confirmed over 10,000 live witnesses in NYC - not media whores - saw two very large planes fly into WTC1 and WTC2 on 2001-9-11. Your mis/disinformation about no-planes will only confuse people actually trying to find the truth.

Nico Haupt would love to correspond with you to be sure.

OutStainOut! said...

i may be paranoid but I think you're getting hacked Les, not in cyber-space, but right out here in your face by zionists - lots of them.

Visible said...

I was extremely unpopular as a child but I survived. Many other bad things followed but I survived. I was initiated into certain things that took away my human enjoyment but I survived. I mastered certain physical arts only to be betrayed by my bonhomie and I'm still here.

I don't personally give a flying fuck what agents of various powers might attempt because I am employed by the one using them as tools so it's macht nichts to me.

Thanks for the heads up but it's not like I don't see it every day. Some things are far more real than people may imagine and they are going to show up real soon.

so it goes.

Anonymous said...

"But Krishna did not use power! He only prescribed the medicine and the regimen. Arjuna had to swallow the drug and follow the regimen himself, in order to be saved. He said, "You are My friend, you are now so near to Me that I am now your charioteer. You are also in great distress. I agree that the delusion which has overpowered you must be removed quickly. But your ajnana (ignorance) must fall off through your own efforts, not through some miracle of My design."

John said...

Rebel4E: That is a fantastic article that you linked, a must read. Thank you.

psychegram said...

"None of us are set a task beyond our endurance and speaking for myself, it has often seemed like it. No one takes second place to me when it comes to screaming imprecations at Heaven, as if it were a living thing that confounds (and it is a living thing) and torments me"

I read this, Les, and I burst out laughing. I can so identify with that and ... it's as you say. All challenges can be met, all hardships endured but, if in the midst of meeting and enduring you feel like cursing God for being such a sadomasochistic two-faced bastard, well, she can take it. He's fucking God. And she'll still love you, no matter what you say to him.

I can see from the rapid accretion of comments this post struck a chord with a lot of others out there, too. I don't have the time to read all those comments but I think I know what you're all saying, beneath the words, and I agree whole-heartedly.

The telepathy is increasing, both on-line and off. More and more, completing one another's sentences, knowing what the other will do before they do it. Strangers that you've just met, that you have no expectation of having such a connection with. Do you feel it too? You know you do.

The awareness that all there is, is mind and we are all one mind is spreading, and with it ... an interesting linguistic development: increasingly I come across the word 'Conscious' as code for 'Conspiracy Theory'. The cultural mind seems to be coming to certain conclusions about the nature of reality, and it does not look like they are the sort of conclusions the Brotherhood of the Reptile Brain are going to like very much.

They are the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Like all challenges it can be faced, and met. We've spent all of history failing to meet it, in one way or another, but conditions have never in that span been as they are now. Awareness is exploding along multiple directions. Some are completing in weeks what took many of us years, even decades. This is metanoia writ large, a gathering conversion of the population over to wholly novel reality-tunnel. Were I to guess I'd say that the tinfoil brigade now makes up at least 1% of the population, and I wouldn't be at all surprised were it even higher than that. 2%? 3? How many voted for Ron Paul, again?

8%. That's how many we need, to reach critical mass, or so it's said. 8% of the population to go down the rabbit hole and discover within it the Source, and so to awaken their consciousness, their conscience, their creativity, their compassion. 8% to begin the process of reconnecting with and reactivating the deity within ... and how many millions of Krsnas, Buddhas, and Christs shall then walk the Earth?

And it only ever takes one of them to drive the demons and the moneychangers from the temple....

Larry said...

I have noticed over the past few years that many AP articles have no byline and yet editorialize with statements like, "Hamas seized power" when they were elected by referendum and "hardline president Ahmadinejad" when Iran's elections were certified as more transparent than the last three US presidential elections. One can find these subtle inferences on a daily basis in any news feed. This tactic works tremendously as the majority of MSM consumers believe all the media they encounter as gospel truth. I know very few people who even attempt to see through what may be given to them as truth by their favorite media outlet. In fact, almost all of my local newspaper's and San Francisco Chronicle AP stories never have a byline. Associated Propaganda might well be the west's largest mind control institution most Americans read. Reuters is shit too.

Anonymous said...

whilst they play unaware
shooting people with no care
starving children,we must see
our minds shackled by the ptb
corruption and deceit
world wide hate
dimly lit minds disassociate
broken peoples in despair
mindless violence everywhere
the people up top
think they have got it made
selling souls,sold for slaves
the arrogance,vanity,
the ruthless brutality,
practicing savagery
a wicked reality
driven by a beast
a never ending fantasy
that is never satisfied
it will collide
with the truth
one day for the lies it denies
it ever told
trying to make all hearts cold
involved in the scheme
to try and sell your soul
how low,only the elite
could get so low
and it shows here on earth
we are starting to devolve,
so wake up all men
we are on the wrong road


Odin's Raven said...

for Prof. Israel Shahak's interesting little book online,
'Jewish History, Jewish Religion' about the actual guiding beliefs of many Israelis and other Jews. (It's not Christianity minus Jesus and plus some dietary restrictions.)

NewReader said...

A good excerpt from the January NewsLetter of Bill Herbst.

"Here at the beginning of 2010, we are in the middle of the first of two
astrological alignments that, taken together, will correspond to more than a
decade of the most profound changes in civilization that any of us now alive has
ever seen. The first alignment — already effective for the past two years with
two more years yet to come — is a Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square (right triangle).
Under this configuration, the wrecking ball has shown up to begin destruction of
social institutions (Pluto in Capricorn), especially those that constitute the core of
our global economic systems.
Radical changes in consciousness do not even start until 2012. In 2010-2011, we
will see more of what we’ve already witnessed in 2008-2009: a decided lack of
consciousness among the general population, and concerted resistance to
necessary change among the powers that be — politicians, corporate execs, and
those behind the scenes who exert influence over collective decisions. Those
elites will continue in their efforts to resuscitate the economic and financial
institutions that are collapsing, so as to return to “business-as-usual.” Gradually,
however, over the next two years, more people will acknowledge the futility of
such wrong-headed efforts."

Anonymous said...

Susanna Maiolo may be a messenger. Deranged, dressed in red & black, and gunning for the only true threat to zionism. One billion enraged Catholics. Add that to a billion enraged Muslims and Shlomo's got problems.

I hope the Pope cleans house. He'll take his time, but he'll be thorough.

Anonymous said...

While camping over the weekend, a sparrow flew into the side of my tent... and the funtional, but slightly obsolete shelter crashed to the ground... at freefall speed... into it's own footprint.

After a thorough investigation, Shlomo the Bear - Chairman of the Game Commission declared (later supported by an impartial and independant investigation by Field & Stream magazine) that the force of the impact weakened the fiberglass support poles and the ensuing fire (can of Coleman Fuel stored under my pillow) was the cause of the collapse.

The debris was quickly shipped off to WalMart and has since been melted down to make a brand spankin' new state of the art compound bow.

Suddenly the "official explanation" of the WTC destrustion makes perfect sense.


Goldwin Smith said...

"We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them." (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Fisting in the Name of Love.

Anonymous said...

Your last post generated much comment about "Out Demons Out."

In Islam demons are described as the Jinn. The Koran devotes an entire chapter, Surah al-Jinn (72) to their nature and creation. It gets quite interesting in stating that we may all have our personal Jinn.

So folks, get out your Koran and read Surah 72.

In other parts of the Koran, believers are advised not to piss in holes since that's where the Jinn live.

The Koran also has a lot to say about Saatan, but that's another story.

After writing this, I'm wondering if I should have a gin & tonic or a martuni.

Keep at it Les!

Tom in Estonia

Anonymous said...

Psychegram hit an interesting note with the comment about God (He/She) can take it.

Whenever folks hear about how even the demons are in reality equal to everyone else, they usually get excited, angry even.

Consider this...

"Whatever anyone may do, there can be no blemish in the Divine. Whether you praise or blame God, neither affects Him. Bhagawan then related the episode from the Mahabharatha in which Dharmaraja waited with anguish listening to the abuses leveled against Krishna by Sisupala and which Krishna tolerated for quite sometime. Then He hurled His Discus at Sisupala which severed his head. Dharmaraja saw the blood from Sisupala’s body flowing towards Krishna and a Divine flame from his body merging in Krishna. Dharmaraja asked Narada how the soul of a wicked person like Sisupala could merge in Krishna. Narada explained that good and bad, fame and blame relate only to the body and not to the Atma."

Visible said...

There is a new stream of consciousness up-

Hare Krishna.

Anonymous said...


The way it will work is that Jews will watch your blogs, how much traffic they get, what kinds of comments and discussions they provoke, etc., and they'll devote commensurate resources accordingly. (The fanatical partisans of Israel seem to have unlimited resources at their disposal).

Jew agents are everywhere on the internet, and unfortunately, they're pretty good at fooling people. They can be very subtle, and very "context sensitive". There are obviously a few posting here already.

Their purpose always being, of course, to mislead, misdirect, distract, i.e., to generally confuse, splinter and plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the "opposition", i.e., their victims.

They've already caused a lot of damage to the 9/11 "Truth Movement". They apparently run sites like and, where anyone taking the position that 9/11 was apparently a Zionist crime is immediately banned.

Although they cannot directly publicly criticize "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth", without giving themselves away, for example, they nevertheless go as far as they can to blunt the damaging revelations, to subtly promote alternate theories and of course to plant seeds of doubt, in whatever manner they can.


Visible said...


Thanks for the heads up

I know and I endure

Their hour is coming and I would not want to be them.

In case anyone hasn't heard it from me before, It was most certainly the Rothschild Banking Nation that did 9/11 and is behind most of the crime on the planet; one way or another.

Edna said...

This is what they do.... it's happening on my photomontage blog every day. Thank the dear lord above for comment moderation. They post really anti-semitic comments, seething with hatred for the jews. The only thing to be done is to trash it. If one allows through those comemnts, they use them to have the blog shut down as being anti-semitic. It's happened to several people I know aleady, when they did not read comments properly on their blogs. The blog owner is held to account if he or she has comment moderation.

Visible said...

That almost never happens to me. It is very rare. I don't know why but I seldom even get negative comments much less the hate trolls.

Karma neh?

Edna said...

Maybe Karma :) or possibly cos you are writing in English which means many of those residing in the pit don't fully understand everything you are saying. However, images cross the language barrier and some of them tend to raise ire :) or maybe it's my karma. It's like water off a duck's back for me, the hate mail.

gurnygob said...

Les said......
”That almost never happens to me. It is very rare. I don't know why but I seldom even get negative comments much less the hate trolls.”

Well just for the record. I for one hate your juts. You’re a scum-bag and I don’t care what others think. You are full of shit.
But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, on the other hand,,,, your not much better. (grin)

Hope this makes you feel much better. I know how you hate complements, you, you, you, I don’t know what to call you. You are, my god I don’t know what to call you. (grin) (grin) (grin)….and so on and so forth.


Visible said...

Let me tell you something Edna, English is the lingua franca. I'm not Sir Richard Burton but I do get around. It's not because of the language. You are dealing with forces that know precisely what they themselves are dealing with. I don't want to harken back to certain lines from The Tempest but in my case they will come when I call them.

These figurines and facsimiles are tricks that the mind plays upon itself. Once the mind is conquered the world is yours. Then it is only a matter of what attracts and motivates you. For whatever the reason, I have always been drawn by love... love granted and love denied... love fulfilled or love unrequited.

I've seen better times and better personnel. I didn't defend you because I know you; I don't. I just tend to be mathematical about certain things even though love is anything but mathematical, so we have the usual contradictions.

It is, or should be, pretty obvious that it hurts to be aware and that is the price. One could explore their entire lives in what I just said in that last sentence.

Edna said...

That's true. But on a certain level, love and mathematics are expressed through the Golden Proportion. Even the Dog Stara, Sirius and Sirius B, are observed to twist around each other in a helix-like spiral that has, over the course of its 50 year cycle, the expansive/contractive design of the Golden Proportion, the geometric pattern that is evident in all natural forms, from the seed-heads of a sunflower to the relative proportions of our own bodies and the motions of hurricanes.

I am looking for something here from the Emerald Tablets which you've probably read. I'll post it here when I find it.

Visible said...


what are "juts"?


You are really bright (shielding his eyes) and as for the Emerald Tablet I have that memorized and repeat it to myself often-

Emerald Tablet
Pattern on the Trestleboard
the meditations at the back of The Way to the Kingdom with lots of Hare Krishna thrown in.

Edna said...

From the Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Tablet 3

Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth
like the sunlight shines above all.
He who over-steppeth the Law shall be punished,
for only through Law comes the freedom of men.
Cause thou not fear for fear is a bondage,
a fetter that binds the darkness to men.

Follow thine heart during thy lifetime.
Do thou more than is commanded of thee.
When thou hast gained riches,
follow thou thine heart,
for all these are of no avail if
thine heart be weary.
Diminish thou not the time of
following thine heart.
It is abhorred of the soul.

They that are guided go not astray,
but they that are lost cannot find a straight path.
If thou go among men, make for thyself,
Love, the beginning and end of the heart.

Visible said...

"True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing.

And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee.

This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner.

Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun."

It's not bad... throwing in the general concept and then putting out the extended amendments. I was referring to what I have put up here. You are correct in pointing up what I did not include but it's a forgone conclusion that i do not presume to contain the whole of the mystery; well done in any case.

ThankGodForLittleGirls! said...

Gold, power and uh, and ... uh, what was the third premiss for falling? ;)

She's tryin' a make ya hard laddie! Think about Tiger's present status quo before ya go swingin' any clubs around!


There'sBloodOnYourHandsAndIKnowThatIt'sMine said...

By the way Vizzie, ALL the honey traps for Woods, Clinton et al had circumcised males in their families. If the PTB were to make a move on you they would most definately use a similar feline for the wet work.
Steady sir.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Call Ming now if necesary.

Visible said...

I'm going to put something out here which I don't normally do. I'm going to tell you something that would ordinarily violate the occult secrets act but... I learned this on my own as I did some numbers of things so there is no covenant to violate.

When an Indian or a Ninja moves like mist across surfaces that will naturally crackle or speak from the pressure of their presence upon it... they somehow have the ability to do this without alerting the prey. How do they do it and then slip silently away?

They are already in the mind of those who might otherwise compromise the mission and therefore they are neither seen nor heard during the execution of the event.

Military minds have been engaged on this problem for ages. Other, mercantile minds are curious as well. The ability to accomplish this lies in a singular feat achieved on ones lonesome and thereafter expressed when needed.

Possibly what I am saying here will make some of those old texts less fantastic or dry and maybe not but I assure you that all you will ever need to know has been expressed in these short lines.

Visible said...

I was writing the last comment before I saw yours. The reason I am even engaging is because, "the game is afoot"

Edna said...

There's Blood: Call me a "feline" doing the "wet work" again and you'll discover that I too have some club swinging skills :)) If you;ve seen the movie "Divine Intervention", you'll know what I mean.

OutedAsEasyAsThat! said...

Edna baby -

I'm not into males posing as females so why don't you go bark up a different goyim tree!

Visible said...

I have no idea what you are talking about and I am letting tghe conversation continue for two reasons; I am well lit by something that isn't chemical tonight and for demonstration purposes only.

I always had great athletic skills, even now when I would be retired as a coach I have manos rápidas and pies rápidos but that is useless without a pure reason because that is the only house the eternal victor will live in. Sometimes one takes many a smash to the face knowing they would have been the victor but wishing for victory in the heart of the attacker. This is my course and I make my decisions accordingly because 'I' never decide anything.

Visible said...

You have fans... are you? are you not? I don't care but I do find the sudden appearances interesting

Anonymous said...

you blow my fucking mind.

I will gladly buy whatever you are taking.

AZ-= go Cardinals

Edna said...

oh, by the way, I'm talking about the Divine Intervention directed by Elia Suleiman, not the Hollywood movie with the same name.

There's a wonderful clip on YouTube:

Those who want to read the Emerald Tablets can do it online via this link:

gurnygob said...

Blogger Visible said...


what are "juts"?

Guts are your insides. What you are made of. It’s like saying, I hate everything about you. But the joke is lost now so it doesn’t matter.
B.T.W.... I still think you’re a nut. (grin)
Les, this was a great post and as I said, you where in my mind with this one.
Keep your eyes open and “mind the cracks on the road”
your friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish your words and thoughts were broadcast on the evening news . As I read these thoughts and ideas I imagine that, as I come to know the truth, I picture that the collective mind of the World comes to understand too.
Thank you, your words and thoughts are a healing , a balm and energy toward the light.
We're gettin' there, a new day is a commin'

TheDayIsraelDied said...

"On December 27, 2008, when the Israeli society began its savage attack on Gaza, it committed suicide. Right now we are witnessing its slow but certain death. May God protect us from the beast’s last movements."

Anonymous said...

Les, according to Reuters, which is owned by Rothschild, there was no one (the indian gentleman)escorting the fruit of the boom guy in Amsterdam.

This story comes after Israel military personnel took a secret trip to india a couple of days ago.

Visible said...

India is the motherlode on a lot of levels. It makes sense that is what they are after. This only means they are going to get an even bigger ass kicking. The thing about arrogance is that it has no limits except those imposed by destiny and destiny always shows up and she won't be wearing a Dallas Cheerleaders outfit.

I have personally been waiting a long time for what is coming. I'm not going to take any pleasure in it but it will be done.

caracal said...

A request to your readers:

Yesterday a humanitarian convoy to Gaza, manned by volunteers of diverse nationalities (who have travelled thousands of kilometres only to be repeatedly frustrated by Egypt's cringing obeisance to zionist powers) were cornered and brutally attacked and bloodied (some seriously) by Egypts security forces and hired thugs Across the border in Rafah, a massive protest and fury is currently building by Palestinians protesting the seige, the steel wall who have just watched the televised footage of the convoy attacked My gut feeling is that something is about to break. The convoy MUST get through!!

May I suggest that Les's
"OUT, DEMONS, OUT!!" from the depths of the heart, would be an appropriate act of solidarity for anyone with whom it resonates? Let it thunder across the globe!!

Anonymous said...

Les and all, here is a little something about Israeli spying.

There'sBloodOnYourHandsAndIKnowIt'sMine said...

Can I vent here!!!!!!???????
I can't fucking stand it anymore these damned motherfucking zionist swine that have absolute goddamned fucking control over everything that moves and breathes on the planet earth.
Black is white.
War is peace.
Up is down.
Freedom is slavery.
They lie. they kill, they maim, they entrap, they ruin and defile everything they touch.
And no-one, no-one, no-one seems to care whatsoever.
The sharp dressed man was seen and overheard both a pair of eye-witnesses as credible as you are going to ever fins and zionist israel says:
"Never Happened."

Now I feel a little better.
This has to stop end SOON.

john said...

Viva Palestina. Live video feed of Rafah crossing;

Visible said...

Just in case anyone is interested, I go out into the wild every night at 11:00PM my time and I do my extended version of the invocation and I will keep doing it until it happens and it will happen. It will.

Edna fan said...

"Men fall in love with their eyes,
women fall in love with their ears"

Ambivalence; both love and hate

by the Smiths for Edna:

Girlfriend in a coma

I know, I know, it's serious

Girlfriend in a coma

I know, I know, it's really serious

There were times when I could have murdered her

But you know I would hate anything to happen to her

No I don't want to see her.

Do you really think she'll pull through?

Do really think she'll pull through?

Girlfriend in a coma I know, I know it's serious

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby goodbye.

There were times when I could have strangled her

But you know I would hate anything to happen to her

Would you please let me see her?

Do you really think she'll pull through?

Do you really think she'll pull through?

As I whispered my last good-byes I know it's serious.

Anonymous said...

Black is white.
War is peace.
Up is down.
etc. ad nauseum...... and in a troll's world, women are men, right, unless they can prove otherwise?!!!! Hilarious.

It's called Projection, BloodOnYourHands

Visible said...

I can't reach my family at all so maybe this is real. I don't know but I do know I can't do anything about it if it is. It's strange though and all my bank accounts are frozen too.

I don't know what to think so I won't

coletteonice said...

hang on in there will all work out just fine and dandy...

Erik said...


I don't know what to say ...

Keep up and keep us posted please.


Anonymous said...

"Visible said...

I can't reach my family at all so maybe this is real. I don't know but I do know I can't do anything about it if it is. It's strange though and all my bank accounts are frozen too.

I don't know what to think so I won't

Visible said...

Well, you're one up on me because I think they just killed my entire family."

What is going on Les. You are worrying me with your words. I would have written by e-mail but you said that medium is intermittent at best lately. I don't have your current mobile phone number in Italy - but I believe you have mine in Sweden. Please call as soon as you have time.


Visible said...

My account got hacked. Everything is fine.

Visible said...

Susanne told me she was going to die soon. I have no idea what put that in her head. All day I tried to reach her and I couldn't. I went to the bankomat to get some money and they wouldn't give me any. Every card I had would not work. All of them said that I should contact my banker. Through the whole day I could not reach Susanne. I called the police department and the burgomeister and her neighbors and no one answered. I am an idiot and a fool but at least I know what she means to me.

For me to mention it here you have some idea of how crazy it made me for most of the day and why there was no Origami. Truthfully I was pretty calm about it. Truthfully I didn't think it was true but it looked real and my message to the rest of you is to look out for bad information. Word up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Viva Palestina!!!!! Woohoo!

The convoy is through and the time is NOW to step up the pressure, this is NOT about 'them' any longer. This is about freedom for the people.

Spiritual warriors stand up and be counted where ever you are.

I can't help but 'see' in my minds eye the scene as it unfolded- with all hell breaking loose and 'the authorities' realizing that no one was going home until they broke through that wall.

Small but significant steps for the people.



Visible said...

Hallelujah April.

I knew it would happen.

You are the real princess and the world is the apple.

I'm thinking about Mountbatten turning into confetti as you make your way home.

Anonymous said...

Les I tried to make a comment last night and it didn't go through. I'll try again tonight.Hopefully I will have more luck this time! I haven't been by lately and I wanted to wish you a very good year ahead and I hope the holidays was good to you! I'm looking forward to your poetry for whatever events or catastrophe's the criminals have planned for the world this year! That is really what you write. You take current events and turn it into words that could be made into a song. Others might copy you but no one will ever do it like you. I'll try to stop by more Les!
P.S. Here is one for you Les. When I was trying to post this comment, guess what the letters was in the word verification box, "damles".

Anonymous said...

A little more information on the psychopathic criminal reptilians can be found in the article down below:

"In the Absence of Sanity"

By Jim Kirwan:

Every hour of everyday, every week in every month, in every year this situation becomes more deeply entrenched. I’ve been following this story since the day that JFK was murdered. Since that time all things political within the United States have consistently deteriorated until it has become crystal clear that the leadership of this country is entirely complicit in committing high-treason against the people of this nation. We need to begin to think before we act, because unless our actions are creatively thought through only chaos will result.

The official political establishment is fully complicit, as is the entire bureaucracy of the federal government throughout the entire system that has been totally reconfigured to bring about the destruction of this place with all possible speed. The characters that are working for the New World Order make street thugs look like geniuses, when it comes to implementing their nineteenth century ideas of military power and artificial control into this twenty-first century world. They have hundreds of massive new toys to kill us with, but they haven’t the military or the mental capacity, or even the most basic understanding of what life is really all about to even begin to implement what they are currently advocating. All they really know is how to destroy everything; and without any creativity whatever shall remain after they finish this botched attempt to slaughter billions of people; there will be nothing left “to have.” The farce of the Georgia Guidestones!

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Posted By: Deacon Blues

moon said...

Les, it looks like you are being "tested"..again...This is your chance maybe..

Hallelujah!!! said...

I am rejoicing with you April and with the all the prayer warriors here at Les' blogs about the beginning of the end of the israeli siege against the Palestinian people.

The battle for the freedom of the arabs, Muslims and Christians is being fought in the spirit realm and those on the side of light are gaining.

Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

Les, I hope all is ok. Speaking of Aesops dog and India.............

Anonymous said...

Sharp dressed man.....

OrwellianPolicestateVideo said...

The second half of this ca 11 min video about the de facto police state we already live in is very good.

There'sBloodOnYourHandsAndIKnowIt'sMine said...


You may want to flush twice to get that stuff you're peddling to go down. In case of doubt: insert head first!

Zoner said...

I am relieved to hear that the convoy has reached the destination and also that your immediate concerns for your family have been allayed. Money is easily replaced, loved ones not so much.

Peace to all who suffer from uncertainty in these difficult times.


TheBloodOnYourHandsIsMine said...

Project this you anonymous zionist idiothead -

Michael Rivero at WRH 2010-01-07 said:

"War is peace"

"Freedom is slavery"

"Ignorance is strength"

"Naked is private"

You or your gang of trolling imposters have any problem understanding the concept that the Orwellian reality, that is to say the zionist reality, has made 2010 like 1984.

As Les said think outside of the bun i.e. you and your crew should get your heads out of your asses.

Visible said...

I'm okay (I think) but I'm in a world of hurt. It could be worse. I got emails telling me that my sweetie was dead and I couldn't reach her at all until late in the night. None of my bank cards work now so had to search the house for change to feed the dogs. I was so sure Susanne was dead that I have not recovered from it yet. I didn't mind being left penniless. I have come back from that many times before but losing here without being able to say goodbye was terrible.

My account was hacked and I was tolde in stronger terms than what I posted just how screwed I was and then I find that she's not dead, hours and hours later and the bank thing happened to the whole German nation. I don't know what to think. I got enough food for my dogs and I'm just treading a lot of emotional water at the moment... there fore no Origami yet... maybe tomorrow.

Right now I just think I am very lucky and I know I am very drunk.

Anonymous said...

you have my sympathies visible I would not want to carry the weight you carry but you did say something about Bono- even indirectly- he is every bit the pig you think he is.

You might remember about a year ago when we had an email exchange and you told me about when you met him?

I'm the guy who couldn't get your k and still can't. Here's a little confirmation brother. Like you say, stay frosty

Anonymous said...

you put the steel in my spine and you need to see that you have it too.


Anonymous said...

Info for Irish potato farmers:

About 10 years ago winter came early and stopped us from harvesting in Northern Maine.

The snow and frozen ground kept farmers from tilling/discing the fields until spring.

One farmer (I believe it was Albert Farms)decided to run his air harvesters to get the potatos out the next spring so he could re-plant.

The ground/snow insulated the potatoes from damage and they were harvested that spring. The losses were quite small although most went to starch plants instead of tablestock. All may not be lost and we wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Les, all else aside ... primary is the immense relief that you finally reached Susanne and she is okay. I hope you two will be together very soon. The bank card snafu did not affect Deutsche ... not surprising since it reeks of TPTB.

Scotty, please increase the power to Force Shield V.

If someone has some warm, loving, comforting words for the prisoners of Gaza I will send them off into the ether. (Not very confident about my ability with words and these people deserve the best.) Josey Wales, if you happen to be reading this ... ?

First v-word is "solingen". (It usually takes a couple of tries to send from here.) Solace or sunshine? Hopefully both.

InTheNameOfGentiles said...

There comes a time in every life that a man must try to take the bull by the horns or go on cowering to fear.

I am hereby throwing down the guantlet. You can remain anonymous - you can call yourself InTheNameOfZionists and I can call myself InTheNameOfGentiles.

Let's do it! All onlookers are welcome to correct both of us if we stray from the truth.

I know there are 3-5 of you lurking around here and changing your nicks (and sometiomes your genders) at any given moment so LET'S DO IT.

The semantic grudge match between the zios and the goys. Cage match. All weapons must be true to be accepted.

To get this party started he's my opening jab:

"The Red Cross confirms that a total of 365,000 people died in all concentration camps during WW2 and that at Auschwitz half of the dead were Christians."

Your move.

Anonymous said...


There are now substaintial rewards for persons who have information on those who mis-used grant monies or fabricated climate data regarding CLIMATEGATE.

Please distribute widely!

moon said...

Les, just for the record I would like to expand a litle on something I briefly posted above:
You are being tested means: your patience, your endurence, your sincerity, your faith...
Why do I say again you are being tested: because you mentioned in earlier posts that you had previously incountered problems with the law, incarcerated, had few enemies on the road.
I am not trying to flush anything down any ones throat.
Why is it that I say maybe it is your chance: chance to get things right for you and others. Did you get "things" wrong in the first place??
I might be wrong in assuming that you had your life wrong in the first place. I don't have the right to assume that Les, but your writings say alot about who you are, and my appologies to you if I know how to read more than I can right in your language.
I believe you are what you say you are in your writings. And you write well I may ad so it is not difficult to read between your "wrinkles".

I have no secret agenda, my name is real, so am I. My message on your bloggs: uncover the truth about anything my eyes see, and I am tempted to share my findings with others so we all benefit from our commen findings.
I am not hear to insult real persons, just the fack ones. And I know the difference, I have seen enough in my life to know the diference between info and disinformation, I know Israelis first hand, eye to eye. I can't be fooled by their tricks, I have seen the real thing. I know. I know the enemy first hand, spiritualy and physicaly. I am not sure if many blogging here realy do.

Anonymous said...


Now you are pontificating like a psychiatry post doc in fluent English. How many faces do you have i.e. how many posers in your gang.

You have absolutely no right to start psychoanalysing Les if you intent is not for his best.

And Kheireddine, you haven't shown anything here for the past 10 days that is anything but false.

I strongly recommend Les does not even do you the courtesy of a civil answer. You are not here for good.

Whty didn't you take InTheNameOfGentiles challenge in stead of pretending to peel back Les' psych.

You are a little lying weasel - I can feel it in my bones.

Flush your head down the toilet twice bjust to make sure the shit - you - goes to the cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it seems the gender-obsessed troll is becoming frustrated. Maybe his (or her - hereafter refered to as 'it') bosses told it to start doing what it is paid to do, instead of arsing around in this pedestrian manner.

No matter how much he tries to provoke, he is ignored. Now he wants to challenge people to a little holocaust denial match, with the obvious agenda of trying to get the blog flagged.

It needs to develop a little finesse or it is going to lose whatever pittance they are paying it for this line of work.

Philip Abadon said...

TheSpiritOfBillyJoe -

Does anyone else who has read The Dark Splendor notice and parallel between the commenter here at Les' blogs known as "Kheireddine" and the character in the book known as "Billy Joe"?

Anonymous said...


Ya got game. Big dog game. Game that runs fast, jumps high, and bites hard. Game that barks the truth.

Rage, rage, and rage on against the machine. Bark & hold in their face and guard 'em tight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

OK, its meltdown time.

WE made a VERY powerful invocation last week and some are still doing it, this request creates a period of unrest while the energy of the universe shifts and heaves with change.

I call this the 'void' for lack of a better word as when you seek or ask for great change then it comes, BUT first the old energy must fall away as new will not be placed on top of the old. That would defy the laws of physics - two things (energies) cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Therefore, the old foundations- which can no longer support or stand, must fall apart and the new will take its place. This is how energy works.

Thus the meltdown for some of us, Les included. Speaking as a Nutritionist and a Medical Intuitive, I would advise you (again and again and again LOL) to change your diet and lifestyle to reflect a new

The better you eat and look after yourself the more connected you are to the planet and the more anchored you are within your body. I am speaking from very personal experience here, working with energy and having a shit diet/lifestyle are NOT compatible.

Ask me about it sometime.... (smile)

Kindest Regards,

April Danann


Anonymous said...

Chinese workers sue Israeli company.

Anonymous said...

visible you are my shining star. You can torture yourself as long as you have to but I believe in you.


and that's not my real name but I think you get the point since I know you saw the film.

Anonymous said...

I'm, fuked up too. What else is new?

moon said...

Anonyms 10:23:
What I think is that you realy dislike my posts because people do read them, those who read with their heart more than with their ego.
I am One in many, Les is One in many too, many are One here. If my posts make no sens to you because of my bad English you can see I make the effort to be as clear as possible some times.
Analysing Les or you or any one else is away to help myself and others to be better, to feel better at least, by being truthful is the only way to be stronger.
Anonyme 10:23 you are trying to confuse people, you are trying to "discredit" Kheireddine before he becomes dangerous for you Anonyms and Dammurengs and the rest of your like, I am serious in bringing down the last standing house in the ptb land. I can't be 100% sure if you and your like are a part of that house, if you are you will go down, if you are not apart of that house then open up your heart and listen and learn and get better.

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment around here.

Hope you get better soon.


moon said...

Les & All,
Sorry if I feel good today and enjoying writing down in the hope of being inpirational to all the Billy Joes in the the book of life.
Personaly I have One to answer to, a defined law to obied by, a strict diet (hello Ms April), I also have a beautiful family and strict "sex" diet too, I know who I serve and make no mistake about it I am a slave to the One creator of all worlds, I am free to travel in his lands and skys, I build things and I do not destroy but the Les mangeurs de lumiere, those who want to estinguish the light of god with their mouth.
I am a slave free to roam the kingdom of god freely, why?Because I abide by the king of kings rules, so he becomes the eyes I see with and the the ears I hear with and the hand I smash evil with. Yes I am free from tyrents and salve to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Les, I remember and really enjoyed your piece entitled "The Irish and the New World Order". There is something to be said about the Irish, they are a pretty darn good bunch.

That said, why do the non-irish types keep claiming to be Irish?

It's near election time in Massachusetts and even a republican running for Ted Kennedys seat has ads comparing himself to JFK (the real Irish).

The is even a little tune about "there is no one as Irish as Barack Obama"

To the real Irish I humbly say


Edna said...

Happy New Year, Yemen!

Anonymous said...

Video, JFK morphs into a republican. He is not Irish!

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Things to Come and The Perfect Storm.

Edna said...

The MSM is not reporting this yet, but Gaza is under aerial attack from IDF, payback for the medicine getting through, it seems.

Gaza attaquée
janvier,8,10 par anniebannie

Gaza, January 8, 2010 (Pal Telegraph)- A massive explosion took place few moments ago western Gaza City, in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood. Eyewitness reported that Israeli F16s launched an aerial attack midnight. The attack was followed by a series of air raids.

Palestine Telegraph reported that a number of air raids took place northern Gaza Strip while no new reported about the attacks yet. The attacks also targeted the southern and middle areas of Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported no casualties till this moment while ambulances hurried to the targeted area.
A number of F16 can be heard at the moment and a case of panic and fear spread amongst the civilians who were in a sleep.

The attacks came amid a very densely populated area where around 150 thousands Palestinians live.
Israeli army launched a number of attacks last week killing a number of Palestinians.

Via Ayman Quaider and Sameh Habeeb

Publié dans Gaza | Laisser un commentaire »

sandcat said...

The Egyptian head of the beast of the black lagoon is still flailing around, British MP Galloway has been bundled off into a van by Egyptian security forces and forcibly deported, furious Convoy members who were initially told they had 48 hours in Gaza have now been told to assemble immediately to exit Rafah where Egyptian security forces are waiting to arrest some of them. Meanwhile Israeli has restarted airstrikes on Gaza.

No peep yet from the British Government who tried to outdo themselves fawning and apologising to Israel for the War Crimes Arrest warrant, guess Israeli diplomats are more important to them than their own..............

Keep up the invocations folks - could turn nasty.....

sandcat said...

Yes Edna,
There's no knowing what those Palestinians could do with a few wheelchairs and colostomy bags.

Scary stuff for poor little Israhell, it seems!!

Watch out for the next MSM news report. Palestinian militants firing bedpans (used preferably) into Sderot! 2 poor Israhellis mortally injured by flying bandaids.

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs sued by shareholders.

Aig E-mails.

Anonymous said...

I've never been religious so I was very surprised to find the most complete understanding of what's going on in this mad house I've ever found from a religious source. Check out a series called "Total Onslaught", it's long (35 lectures). The hook for me was "#211 The Secret Behind Secret Societies". Mind blowing stuff for me as I don't know anything about the bible. I, like so many I suspect, have been searching around on only one side of the coin -unbelieveable- hiding in plain sight.

Anonymous said...


Al Gore and Google caught.

Google and Al Gore have applied for the authority to buy and sell electricity in the U.S..

Al Gores' affiliation to google in this deal concerns me.


Now Gore charges a $175,000 speaking fee and has a net worth "well in excess" of $100 million, including pre-public-offering Google stock options, according to an article in last year. Kreider said the speaking fees vary and Gore doesn't disclose them.
Gore has served as a senior adviser to Mountain View, Calif.-based Google since February 2001, shortly after leaving public office. Google spokesman Jon Murchinson said in an e-mail: "We have not provided comment on if or how we compensate Mr. Gore in his role as an adviser to Google."


Move Along Now said...

Salami 9:47 -

Get back in the buns!

Edna said...

Israel prevents 19 sight-impaired Gazans from leaving for cornea implants

Physicians for Human Rights | January 7, 2010

The Israeli authorities at Erez checkpoint this week prevented the exit of 19 sight-impaired patients, suffering from various eye diseases, from the Gaza Strip in order to undergo cornea transplants, a treatment that is not available in the Gaza health system. Because of this delay, the medical window of opportunity to perform the transplants for these patients was closed, because corneas can be transplanted only within the shortest time frame (24-48 hours after they are extracted from the donor’s body).

Anonymous said...

On your blog recommendations:
3 weeks ago

"Musings of a Dead Man"
The Illuminati's Guerilla War Against America.

Blog is not found. Are they shutting them down that fast now?


Anonymous said...

This may be more appropriate with your Rothslandia post, but the information applies either way:

Why The United States of America's Nuclear Weapons
Are Being - - Guarded - - By Israel

"Magal's global interests are quite broad-ranging. Having secured 90 percent of Israel's borders through a wide-ranging array of super-modern "space age" technology, Magal has now branched out internationally. Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also does likewise for most major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia.

In addition, the Israeli firm also provides security for Chicago's O'Hare Airport and, for the last fifteen years, has kept watch on the Queen of England's famed Buckingham Palace in London. What's more, Magal provides security for 90% of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems.

Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers, military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings and storage yards. There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal's security specialists keeping a close watch on their activities."

" Magal is also said to be quite interested in guarding water lines around the globe, particularly in the United States."

Les Visible, I'm new to your site, but I look forward to reading more.

Nur_ilahi said...

Les said "The spark of divinity motors us all but when spiritual awareness and contact with our divine nature has been lost or gotten to the point where it is so obscured that few people possess enough to counterbalance the rest, then transformation; the spirit informing matter, becomes necessary."

You got it 100 percent correct. The reason why Muslims are hated by these evil creatures is because, the requirements of the Muslims to be in constant contact with God, to strengthen the divine part in us human beings - creations of the Creator. The stronger our faith is with Him, the less power these evil creatures have on us.

Anonymous said...

April Danann
The people I run into are more worried about Venezuela going socialist that nano chips in their brains.

I took a look at your site and I like it. I have a (mostly) health blog that parallels it that I feel might be of some use to people.

There is a type of collective consciousness here as possibly Jung might have phrased it. A fairly substantial number of people on the same wave length and it rather stands out when a handful are not. I certainly haven't noticed anything from Edna that should upset anyone.

Anonymous said...

Noticed similar tactics employed by the Parasite Defense Force at another site which also exposes the Truth about them to the light of day.

They try any way they can to sow doubt into the minds of those waking up to them and their litany of crimes against humanity.

They are an odious and tedious herd of creatures.

Anonymous said...

edna you may like this -

Golden ratio info

Anonymous said...

you are taking yourself too seriously.May the lord help all of us.Permit me to command your good intentions,but really ,you don`t know what you are talking about...
Fred Caillou

Anonymous said...


your english language errors,are not normal,they seem to be done on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous re. no planes on 9-11.

I think you're telling it exactly like it is.

Most of my friends work or have worked for the airlines in various capacities: Not one believes a plane will "slice" into a building upon impact leaving a crisp imprint on the side.

That simply cannot happen.

As for the other planes, I've come to the understanding one was shot down and the other (Pentagon) was not a plane, but a missile.

They want to 'bring down' the airlines and 9-11 almost did it.
Add abuse at the hands of aggressive retards and their invasive toys to the mix and they might accomplish their goal.

All our freedoms, especially our freedom/right to travel have been under attack since 9-11.


Unknown said...

It's fabulous post dealing with the formation of negation in oneself. I agree to some of your points like power of blood serves, spiritual transformation and more. Good work!
Pre-engineering buildings



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