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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posting from the Bridge of the Starship.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The weather in the mind gardens of Starfleet Commander Visible has been as wild as the weather in the extended mind gardens without. The wind has been howling around Casa Amitabha like the Big Bad Wolf after the three little pigs. Well, I’m not a pig and I haven’t eaten any pork products (knowingly) in many years. I don’t know what that’s got to do with anything but there it is. The wind is picking things up and throwing them all over the place. Now the wind is quiet and the sun is shining. That should be good for an hour or so.

An astrologer friend, who says I know how to get in touch with him, but I don’t, said that Pluto and Saturn were messing with me. These are both malefics so it’s kind of like that biker gang that crashed your graduation party. They don’t shave and they can’t behave.

I was led to believe through a series of coincidences that something very bad had happened in my life and at the same time, none of my bank cards worked because something happened to the German banks and now thousands of Germans abroad are unable to get money. I scrounged around in my little house which looks like the Manson Family has been staying here for the last week and I found fourteen Euro. I figured that would get me through the weekend. Then I took the chance to drop by an English friend’s house and this time he was home and he promptly gave me 200 Euro and his bank details so now Susanne can send me the big bucks I need to maintain my lavish lifestyle.

I want to thank all of you who offered to send me money. That made me feel good. I’m not going to lean on anyone just yet though and maybe never. You will need what you have in the times to come. It’s going to get hot and heavy shortly as the whole world shifts and the unreality we have had to bear for some years now is going to get much more unreal. My Paypal works fine but if you can’t get money out of the bank then you can’t get the Paypal money either.

They want to put these body scanners in all the airports but wait a minute... they have got these portable jobbies that they want to deploy everywhere to keep us safe from something that doesn’t exist and if it did it would be them. The Israelis want to install mind reading machines, which mean they want to use them against the Arabs who are the primary concern of the Israelis and why they have been doing most of the terror that has happened anywhere around the planet. They’ve taken control of the money supply so they can make the politicians that they got elected in the first place behave like the trained seals that they are.

It may be hard to imagine that both houses of Congress and the White House and the judiciary are all jailhouse punks done up in short denim skirts but such is the case. A lot of supposedly alternative news gathering sites are pushing this guy Peter Schiff so the weather is all to hell and gone way outside the perimeters of Visible’s Mind Gardens because Schiff is a nogoodnik too. All I have to do is hear him talk. He looks and talks like Chucky Schumer’s understudy. That’s okay if it was always your intention to take The Bride of Frankenstein to the prom; not so cool if you didn’t and much, much worse if she lets you sleep with her later on.

People, it is going down like clockwork. Right alongside the upcoming Super Bowl and all the gossipy entertainment news, about what one dimensional twits are up to, is the relentless pace of martial law. I’m going to sort out the players for you, just in case you’re keeping score. Since the game is fixed I guess you wind up on the team playing against the Harlem Globetrotters.

The sudden crisis in the German banking industry is not an accident. It’s there to make you uneasy and you’ll be getting a taste of that yourselves soon. If you don’t play nice you wind up in the nosebleed seats. A few patriots are going to get a taste of what’s up and who’s who soon enough and that is supposed to convince the rest of you to stay in line. They are beefing up the police state with weapons and personnel and they are coming to a theater near you soon.

Everybody behind the scenes already knows how it’s going to play out. They sold their souls and their asses for personal security; as always it is the war of the haves against the have nots. Your direct enemy, the enemy of all the people in the world is Israel, Washington D.C. and London; the rest fall in line behind them. If it were not for Russia and China things would be much worse already and China’s government is no picnic either.

There are all sorts of musical chairs playing out at the moment. People are being told to cooperate or be ruined and you are going to see some of that. People in positions of enforcement are struggling with their conscience. Some of them are just going to do their job because, you see, it’s them or you. A lot of them are going to break ranks and refuse to kill on command. There is a crisis of conscience in operation right now all up and down the chain of command. Everything has to work perfectly for them and it won’t. We can afford to not have it all work perfectly and still win.

As I had said many times, there is a joker in the deck... possibly more than one but rather appearing to be more than one but actually being the same one. That joker is the cosmic authority and even if everyone loses it still wins. It’s been setting these people up for a long time. It’s been going on for so long that they can’t even imagine it is happening to them and they don’t believe in any power greater than their own but they are going to find out differently in a very impressive way; in a very impressive way.

You’re good people, act like it. Don’t let the screaming Blue Meanies put you where you don’t want to be. A regular reader called me on maybe wussing out lately because it might seem I was being overpowered by the angst and depressing weight of existence. Just because I share my fragile moments doesn’t mean I’m giving in to them. I soldier on and I have always soldiered on and will always soldier on. I don’t give up and I don’t give in and I have no price. The fact that I am still standing is perfect proof that there is a God because I and everyone like me would have long since been gone.

Sometimes we show our vulnerability so that others can feel more secure in the sympathetic chord. Sometime we reveal ourselves to keep away the Hollywood moment and not play James Bond and not steal your coin and not be made out to be better than you are because we are not. None of us are better than you are. Some of us are further up the road but we could damn well be dropped to the side if we forget who made the path we walk upon. I’m luckier than a lot of people. I suffer a lot because I am a fool and all my personalities are not in the same compartment but I know who made the path I am walking. I walk by the grace of the one who made the road. You are all welcome to your systems of belief and your moments of doubt but I know who made the path I am walking on and that give me a small edge. It doesn’t mean I get away with anything and that is why it is necessary to show your shortcomings because if you don’t you will get screwed by your deceit and presumption and I don’t want that.

You know and I know that they are going to bring the hammer down but they will only bring the hammer down on themselves. You should count yourself lucky because even though it is going to be hard for some of us and maybe all of us you are going to see justice done in the flesh and right out in front like it has not been done by any stretch of recorded history and we have powerful friends from far away who have come to watch it happen.

Did it never occur to anyone how really strange it is for this planet to come to the very center of the galaxy and for it to have been foreseen by people who had no cars or cellphones? Live and learn or don’t. This is the most tremendous of times and with it comes the most severe tests and agonizing pressures of which I am personally familiar but I do think as my good friend H.P. Blavatsky said “for those who win onward there is reward past all telling; the ability to bless and save humanity.” Be strong and care for each other and by all means let them know that you love them because one day you may regret not having said it when you could have. I've had recent evidence of that and thank god I do say so. One day we will all be gone but we will also be gone ...somewhere.

End Transmission.......


Pstonie said...

Anyone who's in doubt about what's to come and what's recently past should do themselves a favour and check the last HPH report again to see exactly where we are on the time line.

I did that yesterday and was surprised to find that my original feeling that this last report has been the most accurate is true.

I'd disagree with you on the mind readers though, I think they're for us. The arabs can be mostly identified by the colour of their skin. What I think they want is to act on their paranoid belief that the people that are the greatest danger to them are among their slaves, not their enemies.

Visible said...

I considered that to be the automatic a priori. I should have said so but I miss things all the time.

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. and so the Prussians arrive..
I have work to do and I will do it,..
It's on!

Fight well, die hard brother..

PG de Grin.

Anonymous said...

"They’ve taken control of the money supply so they can make the politicians that they got elected in the first place behave like the trained seals that they are."

Yes, they have taken control of the money supply.

If you live in the West and do a little research I think you will find that "they" also control most, if not all, of our food supply. I have a feeling we will live to regret that.

It can be instructive to look into who had control of England when a million Irish people were starved to death in the so-called Famine, in the middle of the 19th Century. Also, who starved a million Armenians to death in the desert? Who starved millions of Russians to death in the Soviet gulags? Who starved millions to death in the Ukrainian Holdomor? Who, indeed.

Play connect the dots and you find that starvation is one of their all-time favorite genocide techniques. Did I hear someone mention GM "Foods"?

As for their useful idiots who will be wielding the weaponry for them against us - when the world turns they will find out that the "I was just following orders," defense was blown out of the water by their masters at their Nuremberg kangaroo court trials.

I guess the same will be true for all those currently betraying their country right now and all the way back and beyond 9/11 on behalf of the creatures.

Necktie beginning to feel a little tight, boyos?

European American said...

From a friends Vedic Astology Newsletter...

"Remember “Double Dutch” jump rope? I remember it as a “girl’s game”! Most of the “girls” I knew were also pretty amazing at it. So I confess to having put aside my 10-year old baseball hero ego and trying my hand (or feet) at Double Dutch a time or two, while my childhood friends handled the ropes. It wasn’t a pretty site! In Double Dutch they use two jump-ropes at the same time. You really have to concentrate to avoid a total meltdown.
Right now we have the astrological equivalent of Double Dutch going on in the sky. Both Mercury and Mars are retrograde, and while gods are doing the spinning, we’re all doing some fancy jumping.
A retrograde planet is a planet that appears to go backwards in the sky. It is excessively strong, like a cup that is overflowing. During its retrograde phase we become more internally focused on what the planet signifies.
Mars is assertive, aggressive, ambitious energy. It also represents the muscles of the body, physical energy, and exercise. During Mars retrograde, remaining calm and refraining from outbursts of anger becomes a little more difficult for some people. However, it’s a great time to revamp and review your exercise program, and it’s also a good time to reevaluate your ambitious goals.
Mercury is the planet of communications and information. Its retrograde period is not so good for signing documents or for important new beginnings and it makes the communication process a little harder to manage. However, Mercury retrograde is great for revamping and perfecting things that involve information. For example, it is a great time to edit something you have already written, and it’s also a great time for psychological work.
Retrograde planets generally make life a little more complicated. Dealing with a one retrograde planet is a like jumping a single rope? You have to be on the ball, alert, and focused if you want to keep your balance and enjoy the game. When two planets go retrograde at the same time, it’s like Double Dutch. It just takes a little more practice and patience, but when you get the hang of it, it can give you a great feeling of mastery.
Mercury will remain retrograde until January 15th. Mars will remain retrograde until March 10th. In the mean time, keep on jumping!"

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way Visible but I know you used to be a big fan of Christopher Hitchens before he got turned around for messing with the wrong people. Now he's a nasty alcoholic who hates himself for sacrificing his honor. Your comments on his dispatches from Sarajevo spoke of your admiration for him and you sound like him in the way that you are on the edge of things.

You won't turn out like he did but you have to remember that all sorts of forces are being directed at the truth tellers. Never was there such force arrayed against the tiny lights. Son, it might not get easier no matter what your astrologer friends tell you. I'm a professor at a prestigious ivy league school and you really have to be here to see what is going on.

In our chair conferences the disease is palpable. Everyone is looking out for number one and no one will say anything controversial or it might be their head goes on the block.

I have never been a religious man but I have come to believe because your arguments are so convincing. It is hard to argue against faith consistent in practice like your own. Good times are not coming. My family is already in Venezuela and I am joining them soon.

This goes against a lifetime of tolerance on my part but it really is the Synagogue of Satan that is running rampant over the battlements of everything that kept us cohesive and safe. I hope you are right but I have very bad sensations coming from everything around me.

Anonymous said...

I am even withholding my initial. That is how mad it is right now.

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. what is with 'anonymous'? Such fucking cowardice and stupidity, and then some fuck-wad says "I am even withholding my initial" SOFT COCK! They find you with your I.P. address you stupid Caarnt!

Paulie Grice TEMPLAR and Holocaust denier!



Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

When you are talking about food and nutrition you are in my neck of the woods-- and I couldn't agree more.

I would just add one thing-- we are already starving, eating a diet of junk, highly processed foods, McD's, even a lot of the organic is suspect-- our tissues and bodies crave more and more food because what we eat does nothing to provide the nutrients we require.

This is the probable cause of a lot of the obesity- overweight and under fed.

Unfortunately this IS the biggest problem facing us as we cannot live without food and THEY control it.

Great post Les,


Anonymous said...

Mind-reading technology is a joke. It appears to be useful only if people believe it works - like a lie-detector test. There is no way to verify either technology. Obviously, if people believe that you have the means to read minds, then you can accuse people of all kinds of criminal intentions (pre-crime, anyone?).

Your post about your partner moved me. Have you ever heard of George Anderson ("Lessons from the light")? I was an atheist until I read his writing and heard about the experiences of people like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who worked with the dying. (I now consider myself agnostic; I still abhor any religion invented/run by a human.) I'm not afraid of death - I can't wait, in fact. And I am fairly sure that I'll see my loved ones again - that no one really dies.

E Vero

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Great post, I laughed my ass off even though it's no laughing matter.

I thought you might be interested in reading this, which is another excerpt from another letter of debate I wrote to my Christian Zionist buddy in New Zealand who refuses to read any conflicting information pertaining to the Synagogue of Satan false Jews or their bastard offspring false Israel. After this letter I'll be surprised if he still wants to be my friend. I guess I wrote it as sort of a last-ditch effort to get him to see himself. Anyway, here's the excerpt:

I see this, which is the remainder of your letter, as an attempt to overlook (ignore) the obvious by playing the religion card. While I was just about to put my hands to the keyboard to type this paragraph I had a flash vision of you climbing up on top of a hill overlooking a big open plain where there was a battle going on, and you got up to the highest point of the hill and stood up as tall as you could get yourself, almost like you were standing on your tiptoes, trying to see what was happening on a far away hill on the other side of the plain, thus completely overlooking what was going on at the foot of the hill you were on. You were wearing light yellowish slacks and a very light yellow (almost white) shortsleeve shirt. The hill was covered totally in a light yellowish grey-tan dry grass that was not quite knee high. There were no other trees or bushes at all on the hill, only that dry grass.

There is some fairly profound symbolism in that picture, the hill you were on in particular, as it relates to the sin of pride (per Job 41:34). There is also a message revealing your unconcern for the suffering of your brethren who are engaged in the war. There is a message revealing your refusal to contemplate the situation at hand. There is also a message pertaining to your pre-occupation with the future (the far away hill) in favor of overlooking the extremely serious nature of the here and now. And the color yellow in analyzing prophetic writing is symbolic of dissimulation.

So, here we are, right back at square one, after all these years of disagreement over this potentially life or death issue. And the reason I see for the fact that there has been absolutely no progress made in the debate is your unabashed willingness to ignore the rest of the evidence. But I set you free to do what you do best.

Have a fun time at the wedding.

See ya,


Visible said...

I knew Eliabeth Kubler Ross. I also heard her on her death bed deny everything she was supposed to believe because of the pain. I lived in Woodstock at the time and she lived in Poughkeepsie. I can't spell but I can remember. I've been at the bedside; or outside the door as the case may be but I have been there and i have seen what dignity they presume to have.

All shams all shams... We go in a quiet way to Mozart's grave and you won't find us there.

Abe said...

Glad to hear you doing better Les. In the worst case scenario, we all become the examples we wish previous generations had left for us. Hoka Hey!!

Visible said...

You are on the Red Road.

Hokay Heh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Great post...


Speaking of controlling the Food Supply and creating profits for Big Pharma, we should take a look at Codex Alimentarius..


These sick beings are working hard to depopulate the planet and make money in the process at our expense..

I'm angry and sad in the same vein!

Take care and God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I particularly like this line:
"I soldier on and I have always soldiered on and will always soldier on. I don’t give up and I don’t give in and I have no price."
You can be sure that there are quite a few more people out there who feel, act, believe, and live like that. They just don't have the audience you have. But when the day of the great battle comes then all the camoflouge will fall away. It is not necessrily in the numbers. A few brave souls are better than an army semi-deserters.
Keep up the good fight. We are with you. The luminous armies of the heavens are already forming their battle formations. It won't be long now.

Anonymous said...

I like to think
they are strategicaly placed
within positions
when they fall
they'll fall flat on their face
sort of crumble from within
implode and sink
back to the essence
of their selves
or to the brink
glad to see your self up
job to be done
stringing guitars
so the song can be sung
tuning them up
fixing them in
harmonizing them
with that song within
so they all do tell
cast the truth
through this spell
blow a feather packed with peace
through the gates of hell
and blow away the wickedness
down the strife
then we can get on
get back to
living life right.


BillK said...

Immanentize the eschaton! I don't know if anyone here's thought of this in terms of what's going on in the world today. The "powers that be" seem to be hell bent on killing as many of us as they can. Through the deaths of millions, do "they" expect to usher in some better world or transcend to a higher level? The un disciples of Jesus comes to mind with their ridiculous rapture.

Though I am loathe to use Wiki as a reference, it does make some sense.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! What a come back


That's telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article. I'm reading all kinds of alternate news from various sources, news which doesn't - you know - appear- in the censored, mass media. It seems things are getting down and dirty - I'm minded of Barakhenaten's Speech in Cop-15, where he says: "from now on, we will go after them with no mercy"- and i'm thinking of the new type of scanners in the airport, which are said to unzip the DNA strand. And the matter of the Nanoparticles in food, now.

This has come upon us sooner than I imagined. Tptb mean business, and in fact, we ARE in a real state of war. It is downheartening, and I feel like crying. You've also had your moment - because as the Latino soap opera, "Los Hombres Tambien Lloran." (Men Also Weep).

But your article - your outlook, is so uplifting- Les, it gives me hope. I now know that I'm not alone, but joined, through
Indra's Net.

May the Power of The All That Is, be with you, and with us, all!

Anonymous said...

"The arabs can be mostly identified by the colour of their skin."

Are you aware that skin color is inter-changeable between israelis and arabs. NOT to mention Spaniards and Latinos? Not to mention Persians, who are NOT arabs?

No one can really be id's by skin color, my friend.

Kheireddine said...

Les & All,
I love the tone of this article Les and I love even more the tone of coments!
It sounds like a giant stretching it's mass after a long ciesta, it rocks, it rumbles and in few moments the giant will stand on it's feet.

A special request for "whistle blowers" that may pass by Les place here: go to a public place, with a public IP address and give all of us a heads up or at least some facts that you know of and that can help alot of people out if revealed, your early Wornings are much needed. I am not speaking of UFO nor aliens, more in the line of the coment posted here by an anonyme who is ready to rejoin his family in a safe haven outside the USofA. Things are not headed to a peacefull resolution in the world, we know that. What we need to know now and in the coming months are the moves on the ground made by tptb members, it is easy, you would follow their yellow "shit trail" some one might say.
But we need a clearer map of the "battle ground". So to you honest anonymes it is your time to do a noble act and point to the corners of the map and shed some light on it's dark lines.
Or we can find out by ourselves the details of the batle ground and when we do I ask you to go find a hall and hid in because we will be after all those who could have helped us saving lives and didn't.
There is no neutral grounds in this battle field, and it was not us, the free people of the world who started this fight, but make no mistake about it we will put and end to it and write the last song, the song of victory.

Edna said...

Obama and NATO are not wasting time now that the Horn of africa 'theatre' has come out as the next target, with the usual 'death squads' suddenly appearing as far south as oil-rich Angola, to attack the bus of the Togo football team


Anonymous said...

I have been missing your posts of late as to not being at the pooter of late, so I was sad to see you were a tad off colour. So I can only send my best wishes as a consolation, and a sincere hope for you and yours as to the betterment of all in the near future. I would also send you a “remittance” if the need arose. I do however believe you like most of us here are quite adept at getting by in our world with the least amount of coin, but the offer is there if needs be.
I am redundant for some time now as the people I used work for found my talents were of little use as their friend would be more flexible, not to mention cheaper. This is where we are in the world now. People are tossed aside as though they were a half-eaten big mac. Now it would appear this Mac as he looks at the trucks on the road in his journey to-day wonders, did he really drive, and fix those big machines in all those countries, journeys, and circumstance.
No Les you won’t toss in the towel. You will just keep plugging away in your own inimitable way. You have been a guiding light in a dreary place. You say the musings of
most here and this is just the way it is meant to be. I am obliged to you for the privilege to say the odd word in your arena. I have been reading your musings for a long time, and I hope to continue to do so for as long as I am permitted. No Les you just keep the faith.
That I think is what missing most in our world. It would appear any kind of al-a-carte faith will do in our world to-day. We discard people as though they were used up and of no further value. It was different in “old Gods time”, we used cherish the passing on of old knowledge to new minds. Time was when a girl learned at the grannies knee and the mothers elbow, and the boy learned as he dug for black-heads for fishing, in the absence of tickling fish.
In my parish right now we are having a cold spell or so they call it, it would appear none have seen the likes of the cold. It seems I am wrong in the thinking of my youth being spent in such cold as this. Memories it seems are like to-days minds. They have gone soft and lazy, and sad is the fool who would try to point out the errors we are about in our abuse of time and the nature we depend on.
My parish also has had a lot of the deaths of local farm animals from this cold spell as the farmers were too lazy and mean to house the creatures given to them to care for. There are some 700 acres of potatoes in the field near me which has been lost to the cold from inept planting too late. Thankfully the sacks of potatoes I silently solicited are well tucked away for when I need them, but this does not alter the fact of the waste of resources and abuse of nature in to-days thinking. Profit and loss I suppose.
As usual Les way off topic but I suppose this is the insular me, and I will scribble on. I will away now to feed the local birdlife to the amusement of the neighbourhood, so you and yours (including posters of all hues) stay safe.

Rebel 4E said...


'The aim of one company that blends high technology and behavioral psychology is hinted at in its name, WeCU' — as in "We See You."

'The system that ISRAELI-based WeCU Technologies has devised and is testing in Israel projects images onto airport screens, such as symbols associated with a certain terrorist group or some other image only a would-be terrorist would recognize, company CEO Ehud Givon said.'

You loathsome,spiritless child killers....
We See You with 20/20 laser guided vision.
I can think of one particular 'Symbol associated with a certain terrorist group' you can add to your list...
It's blue and it has 6 points.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesji -
Speaking of expressions of appreciation and love in a timely manner, I want to share an example concerning our village black dog, Skipper, who passed away a couple nights ago.
Skipper was very very old, and ruled the village here of a hundred or so households (80% hispanic for several centuries). We never knew if he'd make it through another harsh winter here 20 miles south of Colorado border at 8000 ft. elev. He had arthritis and cancer. But he took his job seriously, barking at the coyotes at night to keep 'em out of his territory. He continuously made his rounds to a half-dozen houses to hang out or sleep where we all provided him food and thawed water.
Seems he knew his time was up, so, barely able to walk ever so slowly, he made his last rounds to all of our houses to let us pet him, share mutual expressions of love, taking neither food nor water, then made his way back to his original abode and "owners" and made his passage. The people phoned everyone to let us know the news, and thanked us for the years of care.
Sometimes, or most times, the animals are right there giving us the "teachings".

Les, I just always have the image of you and yours being surrounded by divine grace and protection. You the real shit, my man. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

"They want to put these body scanners in all the airports but wait a minute… they have got these portable jobbies that they want to deploy everywhere to keep us safe from something that doesn’t exist and if it did it would be them."

That's a classic! Think of the billions that are being spent on security since they orchestrated 911. How can human beings be so stupid that they buy into this nonsense. The scanners should be the last straw. Watch what happens, foxy females will be singled out for special scrutiny. We all know they are notorious suicide bombers. Back up to that screen honey and spread those cheeks, get that son of yours over here too, he looks delicious...err suspicious. We can never be too safe! DON'T FUCKEN FLY ANYWHERE UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Let the airlines go broke.

"..... Schiff is a nogoodnik too."

If you are really into things financial you would realize for the most part Schiff speaks the truth. He is a new face, give him a chance. If you are going to vote help clean the shit house out.

Glad to hear Susanne, mother, and dogs are ok. What can I say, hang in there Les. We need our white nights more than ever.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post.

My thoughts are with you Les in all ways.



Anonymous said...

Les and all, I can't give a high enough recomendation to a series of lectures called "Toal Onslaught". It's very long, 35 lectures in all. It's framework is revelations and the way this man has laid it out is really something. I've never been to a church service in my life and this was such a good check-in with the source (in so many ways) that lays out the battle and the groundwork, like it or not both sides are playing from the same book it seems.
Anyway I'd start with lectures #210 - 212 to get the flavour.

Publius said...

There are many words which can fill a page, words that point towards something - Peer Gynt for instance had Great Boyg who represents the riddle of existence. He is a shapeless, frightening monster, who cannot be conquered. He blocks Peer’s way up the mountain, and he tells him that although he never fights, he is never beaten. When it seems that the Boyg will take Peer, the sound of a woman singing sends him away. The Boyg cannot beat a woman.

So let us to listen to the inspired song of Calliope who sends the Great Boyg away.

Anonymous said...

LV, you embody Courage and Faith.
Your willingness to show yourself bending to harsh winds as well as standing upright and sturdy blazes with Honesty and Integrity.
You makes us scrutinise ourselves and everything and think carefully.
On the mundane level, the link below reads the move on Yemen as part of a deep strategy.
The Unspeakbles are showing more and more Hubris, and we can only wish that they receive their just rewards soon.
Thank you for helping your readers by being yourself. "To thine own self be true.."
wandering minstrel

Anonymous said...

Les and others referenced that mind reading technology that they envision using at the airports. I'm here to say they are testing it in some of the Federal buildings. Last week I put my keys change and belt on the conveyor to be x-rayed and when that sweet little attendant handed them back to me she slapped my face.


Visible said...

You're a funny guy Fud.

That happened to me too but she kissed me on the cheek.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

if you get a chance, get your hands on the Childrens film (DVD) -- WATERSHIP DOWN.

It made me really think about life and is a great take on politics and life as we know it.

Yes, I know, me and Dr Seuss are still buddies, but just for the kids.....LOL

Has anyone out there watched this movie already?



Anonymous said...

Been reading odds-n-sods about the place, and came across the words Operation Stillpoint which I searched. I have no idea as to if this could be a real plan on behalf of the ziofakejoos but it did make me think (that hurt).
Then I came across Lyndon La Rouche and his thinking as to the safety of Mr Obongo. It would appear La Rouche was the first to equate him to Uncle Tom, which he meant in no derogatory way. I seems La Rouche thinks the POTUS will be assassinated by MI6 on behalf of the Queen.
Which leads me to Forth Hoodwink and the Bush crime lords with their Chinese loot. Then we have Hilary in China recently and talk of Eminent Domain. Then we have Rhamn Emanuel who is reported to have said he is sick to death of the Israeli's and Palestinians.
Then we have the puppet Yahoo of ziofakejooland who is said to have warned the world of their nuclear missiles being close to most of the known world. Then we read of the recall of most of the fakejoos to izzentithell, and those already in izzentithell afraid to leave as they fear arrest for war crimes.
Fuck this unrelated thinking, would it not be just dandy to be able to have half an efing brain and correlate all this crap. Not to mention I forgot to factor in the satanic element to all this.
No idea as to where this thinking of mine comes from. Most likely I am a product of a bad Irish educational system, well this is my excuse anyway.
Anyways Les you seem to be back on form so you keep giving it the full o'the pipe, as the road can't last forever, can it?.

Visible said...

I saw the animated film and have heard the song Bright Eyes many times. I have read all of that authors work. I believe he has passed some time ago. In it's own way it had a Lord of the Rings effect on me. I've never been keen on rabbits but the book was beautiful; an extraordinary work. His darker side is brimming with force as well.

Visible said...


It's still a rough go. I am just keeping it to myself from now on. My private life is my own concern. It's best I don't over concern myself with it.

greencrow said...

Here's "Bright Eyes" on You Tube


One of my favourites...reminds me of when my dear mother died.


Visible said...

That doesn't show the integrity of the film and there is way too much reverb on the voice. But i really liked the comment that even Chuck Norris cries when he sees this film. I don't like Chuck's politics but it's a nice point.

I'm going to go watch Lord of the Rings. I know that will cheer me up and it will be dawn before I finish.

greencrow said...

Hi Les:

I posted a longer post before posting the bright eyes link. Did you get it? Too bad if not as I didn't save.

It spoke about my repressed anger since 9/11 at the reptiles and sheeple and me (and certainly many others) just waiting for a sign to rise up with a blood-curdling battle cry and mass charge at the perps.


Visible said...

I thought I already said what I already said here. Should I talk about snorting coke with the boys in uptown NYC hotel rooms? I don't think so. Real life is not as pretty as fantasy. Trust me on that. Many of my primary musical heroes are dead. In my small way I got to hang with them here and there and now they are neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...

You are my shining star.

That is what you are.


Anonymous said...

This may be the best thing you ever wrote. You are my fucking hero. You fucking nailed it and amen to that!

I thought I wanted to be your girlfriend but I am much happier being your daughter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Happy to read that your truth ended up being much better than those moments of unreliable reality.

Here's a Lou Reed tune for ya~

"Magic And Loss"

By Lou Reed:

When you pass through the fire
you pass through humble
You pass through a maze of self doubt
When you pass through humble
the lights can blind you
Some people never figure that out
You pass through arrogance you pass through hurt
You pass through an ever present past
and it's best not to wait for luck to save you
Pass through the fire to the light

As you pass through the fire
your right hand waving
there are things you have to throw out
That caustic dread inside your head
will never help you out
You have to be very strong
'cause you'll start from zero
over and over again
And as the smoke clears
there's an all consuming fire
lying straight ahead

They say no one person can do it all
but you want to in your head
But you can't be Joyce
so what is left instead
You're stuck with yourself
and a rage that can hurt you
You have to start at the beginning again
And just this moment
This wonderful fire started up again

When you pass through humble
when you pass through sickly
When you pass through
I'm better than you all
When you pass through
anger and self deprecation
and have the strength to acknowledge it all
When the past makes you laugh
and you can savor the magic
that let you survive your own war
You find that that fire is passion
and there's a door up ahead not a wall.

Bholanath, I really enjoy your story about Skipper, it brought tears to my eyes.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...

Deacon Blues;

That is a lot like my Walk Through the Fire or Burn song.

I met Lou a couple of times, mostly at Max's Kansas City. He was a junkie from what I could see and I was into psychedelia. No reason to reject him of course but I got creepy vibes. I played there myself and the crowd was hostile. I had too much peace and love I guess.

New York crowds and all...

Kevin John said...

"It may be hard to imagine .."

Wiser words are rarely said.

Glad you're back to that ol' Western Sheriff persona that you might have starred in a while ago..

:)wave to Suzanne!

ravenise said...

Hello family:) This is my first post here on the blog... from what I have read I have already fallen in love with you all and I am looking forward to contributing here and getting to know more of you over time. I am really in a bit of a hurry right now, so I will cut to the chase...

It appears that the next 911 scale CIA/Mossad terror attack could very likely happen sometime in the next month or so here in Canada, during the Vancouver Olympics.

The whistle has been blown:
Red Alert, Possible False Flag at 2010 Olympics?

here is a good bulk of evidence...

Mossad Plot to attack the Olympics

Now, the best evidence is shown in this movie below, how Verint, an Israeli based mossad security front installed the same compromised camera system used on 7/7 and other places in the Montreal metro. This is an amazing documentary, and its a worthwhile watch for anyone who is trying to keep up to date with the NWO, north American union, and the banker inspired take over of democracy and our rights as human beings.

Montreal, The Next Terror Target?

The same system there is being used at CVR, and YVR, international airports in Vancouver and Calgary.

Basically dictator Harper and his zionist handlers have prorogued parliament for 3 months. That basically means that all of the draconian legislation that they have been at hard work to force on the public will have vanished and have to be redone.

Well, it just doesn't add up. If there is an attack, Harper may declare martial law and force all of this legislation through without question. We are in dire need of your help here in Canada. Please spread this message, and your prayers here for us. Lets hope we are wrong.

God speed! and much love to you all!

Smokey the Bandit said...

L.V. on the way over to the 5th annual Garagemahal a bulldog came running up wagging his/her stubby tail. I laughed took off my glove let em sniff my hand and patted it's head. Shit it is 13degrees out a foot of snow is on the ground and there isn't shit else to do. The other day I watched American Psycho again and thought this can't be too far off from how these wall street shitbags really are. The album reviews of really crappy 80s albums had me laughing out loud. At the end he wishes to confess and no one cares it probably really is like that L.V. The truth still rocks the hardest and empty suits are like the frozen winter shit you can't get off your boot.

Zel said...

While, I enjoy the way you play with words, and I like the glimpse into your mind's eye, what pleases me most, on a visceral level, is the certainty you project that all is planned to the smallest detail, that if there is to be an apocalypse, it will be a constructive process, as well as a destructive one.

Contrary to many people who only look at the dark side of things, and thus only feed more energy into bringing that about, you inspire hope, and that's a valuable thing these days.

If you're correct it will be interesting to see the kind of world we'll end up with, when the dust settles--if we're still around to witness that world.

If you're incorrect, I'll just quote a line from the movie I just finished watching -- "All this has happened before, and will happen again."

GrebBear said...

Aahh ))
This is the Vis I know ... and this post, explains the last Visible Origami post.

Those of us, whom use our whole bodies to discern reality, from our personal perspective ... know the truth, can't be lied to; because everything we feel, is a message. Its 'fear' (Imagination), of our fears (feelings) that can be debilitating. Our imaginations (connection to the infinite) are becoming more powerful and since we are all creators (when we combine Intention, Action and Feeling), whether we recognize it or not ... so a lack of personal awareness can hurt us all, but mostly, just ourselves. I believe when its all said and done, the PTB will have succeeded in pushing humanity forward ... we live in a dichotomy, an existence of polarity ... the harder they try to hold us down, the farther they will shoot us up, if we are aware (our bodies are amazing tools. We are walking talking miracles; we just have to Believe, which creates Knowing).

I believe we will ALL wake up ...
I believe in All of us ...
Forgiveness for All who seek it ...

Please, let the past be the past ...

I love every one of us ...
You are another beautiful me,
and I am another beautiful you.


Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. sorry if this is copy 2 of this post ))

Kheireddine said...

Les & All,
Some thing to take seriously

Anonymous said...

Les-- I actually brought in the Lord of the Rings dvds to the hospital and watched while in labor for my first son's birth...I figured I needed the inspiration...and I did...
I think sometimes my brother worships madame B. -- I think he would talk about her and gerdjeff all day long if they were people/writings he felt he could freely talk about...
Elliott would always put Lou Reed on his guest list in NYC...."just in case" he showed up to a show...I was too ill-informed musically at the time to know who Lou was.
Every time I read your words here-- I get that old feeling like I've known you for a long time...
Anyways....You can have the courage...I really-- really want a Hobbit hole right now!! --or at least a mithril vest!!!
I'm a mom --with two very-- very young boys....
I don't know what kind of wave is coming or if I am going to have the ability to ride this wave out--and protect my little guys...
For sure I will be depending upon God...(not in a way that means I sit and do nothing)... I prayed this a.m. if there was anything else I was specifically supposed to know/learn....I had dreams of snowboard pants (warm clothes)and short-wave radios ... sounds about right...
much love to you,

Edna said...

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all doing direct the other way." --Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

But what we all do have in these times is our hearts as a moral compass to guide us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I recently bought a copy of "New York City Man" Lou Reed~The Collection~ cd. Almost 2 & 1/2 hours of music, with 32 songs. They represent every phase of Lou's career, alone and with the Velvet Underground, over the last 38 years. This disk gives a
very good sample of his many different styles and moods.

This is what he wrote about the tune: "Magic and Loss-The Summation":

"Magic and Loss" was about the loss of my friend, Doc Pomus, who became ill. I thought, they write wakes, they have masses, they have pieces of music written for special occasions, a birth or a death or the transmogrification of a soul. But where is the contemporary version of music for the passing of a friend? How do you handle the emotions of the moment? How do you survive something that happens in real life? How do you get to the better side, the better end of it? "Magic and Loss" is a positive affirmation of life, not a negative whining about death.

Lou Reed is a New York City man and a Pisces, which I am not a fan of either, but I am an admirer of his sometimes strange and very interesting music.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Kheireddine said...

Hi Les, All,
I have posted this on an other forum, feel free to read and delete or not, it is long:
Let me explain why i am saying that: for the past weeks i have been commenting on "http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/ , Les visible. It is a great place to be in. It bridges the way between the Woodstock epic times and today's. Les visibles is a real guy from the era of Lennon & Co., and by judging from his music (because Les Visible is also a music composer next to being a writer) he was a "refusnic" right from the beginning, an "anti-bullshit activist" for real.
Now with your post Pathfinder you just added (for me at least) an important piece of the puzzle. Let me entertain you with this scenario Pathfinder and readers: back in the sixties the Empire of evil last fought its biggest battle against the no-bullshit movement of the citizens of the rising empire, the evil empire smashed the last pockets of the resistance in the USofA and the no-bullshit movement got shattered on the pavement in two pieces: the war heroes of the resistance (ie Les visible), those who where fighting on the streets for real the evil empire despite their ignorance and young age and lack of experience. The second piece of that movement is comprised of those supporting the heros of the resistance, those being defended by the resistance, they are the fertile soul from which heroes rise high in the skies.
What happened to them since, to the Heroes and to the Families and friends and sympathizers of those heroes?
Lets see: Heroes where labeled junkies after being crimated in several wars like Vietnam, Corea..., sex freaks, thieves and "terrorists" (ie Les Visible).
              Their "supporters": I found them in your links Pathfinder, I didnt know where to start to look for them and to tell them that their heroes are found and that the resistance is alive again.
I feel like I found the parents of the revolution in Washington's blogg, the heroes of the last 60's revolution are rejoining with their families and friends again after decays of being apart.
And quickly they are catching up the missed moments and settling some in house problems, soon they will be hugging again and soon all will be forgiven.

After this reconciliation between the heroes of yesterday and their "parents", and between their generation and todays generation, and after the reconciliation of east and west, now what.

Anonymous said...

It was 5.1 Million Irish Catholics that were Genocided by the Zio English and their rulers (Handlers)

And 66 Million Christians that starved or took a bullet to the back of their head between 1917-1949.

See Irish Holocaust dot ORG

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Different subject, but---

** What does Oliver Stone, the Military Industrial Complex, America's Secret History, Adolph Hitler and Obama have in common?**

Well check out this link:


Just passing this along..

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I love your words, Dog Poet,and feel like you are a brother.

I just read this today by Osho whom I visited and whose works I listened to in the 80s, but had forgotten. I'm not sure if I ever heard these, but I understand them now. They offer a way out of the craziness that is prevalent today.
Date: Sunday, 10-Jan-2010 11:41:28 When you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in all the darkness and negativity in your life. Welcome it into your heart. Stop trying to resist it, avoid it or destroy it. That has been taking up all of your energy. As you are breathing in this heaviness, let it be absorbed into your heart before you exhale. And then the moment you breathe out, breathe out golden light. Breathe out your greatest lightness, your highest joy, love and blessing from your heart INTO the source of the negativity. You'll soon transform all the darkness in your life with your breath.

Breathe out all the love that you have, all the blissfulness that you have, all the benediction that you have. When breathing out, pour your love into existence. This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering and pour out all the blessings. And you will be surprised what happens when you really do it. The moment you stop resisting all the darkness and heaviness in your inner world, they are no longer sufferings.

The heart has the power to transform any energy to light. The heart is a transforming force, the essential alchemist. It can drink in any misery, pain or sadness and transform it into a lightness. Trust the power of your heart. Once you have learned that your heart can do this magic, this miracle, then keep practicing it again and again.

Experiment with this exercise and let yourself explore every dark area of your life. If you feel overwhelmed, don't give up. It it often the coldest and darkest just before dawn. Just let yourself fully FEEL that which you cannot feel, what you've been resisting. Only then will you have mastered yourself. Continue doing this beautiful method of transforming pain into compassion for 30 days. You'll get better at it and be able to welcome in all the heaviness of the world and pour out such a great love and light that our entire planet is transformed. You have the power within you to do miracles, use it! You'll see how amazingly bright brilliant and alive you will feel!



Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

More cont'd



Nigerian Bomber, Israel, CIA, Bush/Cheney, and War on Terrorism




Take Care,


Anonymous said...

sorry people
had things to do
trying to think thoughts
go in pursuit
I have been looking
for my muse all day long
sometimes it just disapears
I cant find my song
so I try and try and try again
peace is all I desire
to be brothers and friends
these days peace
seems so far away
but I wont give up,never
each night and day
hope to be back
in a little while
with another poem
some peace
and a happy smile.


Anonymous said...

More Cont'd


This will begin in Houston, TX this year (2010) and more than likely will spread to a city or town near you...


Boy, they really have it in for us!

Take care


NoToTumorCausingXrays said...

I for one am not going to expose myself or my children to the real medical risks of full body x-rays just to line the pockets of israelis who manufacture and sell these preposterous machines - which according to the PTB are to protect us from Al-Qaida terrorists who are in fact Mossad and CIA!
Does any of this sound absolutely absurd and Orwellian to anyone else.

First Israel blows upp three buildings in NY they blame an innocent third party (Muslims) and then make us undergo potentially harming X-ray searches to ensure we are not Al-Qaida terrorists - who are them in the first place.

The zionist is as absurd as it is corrupt.

And the POTUS just keeps on sending zionist israel millions, sorry billions so they can exist and flourish.

It's become a mad, mad, EVIL world.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of starvations, don't forget the collapse of the Soviet Union. I read estimates of 15 million dead, which would make it a holocaust worse than The holocaust. A man's average lifespan was 45 years - on a par with the poorest and most war torn of African nations. And 9 oligarchs, mostly (or all?) of a certain persuasion, wound up with all the wealth of those people. That is what is happening here to us now.

Anonymous said...

peace to all men
peace to the sea
and all the fishes
the moon and the tree
peace to the birds
who fly so high
to the tips
of the mountains
touch the top
of the sky
peace to all life
we all come from the same
what ever we do
we do to ourselves any way
and peace to the four winds
need your blow
to scatter the seeds
as far as they go
all of us
we are all one
living life form
better join not run
get back together
practice our peace
instead of chopping up children
in the name of greed.


Anonymous said...

US to store 800 million in military gear in Israel.


Kheireddine said...

Les & All,
thank you Les for giving us the chance expressto our anger and hops (spiritualy at least) in your place, I realy do, from the botom of my heart.
Hail for the falling heroes and prosperity and victory to the rising Ones.

Kheireddine said...

...peace to come yes indeed,,,
not there yet tho.

Anonymous said...

You are my shining star.

Every time I get down on myself you and your readers pick me up.

I seriously thought about killing myself last week and all those comments kept me going. Count me as one more who soldiers on and I know my family would thank you if they knew.

Lt. Curt Roberson
in San Jose

Anonymous said...

Blavatsky a friend Les ! To my knowledge she was a NWO satanist in league with the likes of Crowley !!!
Les - how could you ?!

Visible said...

Is this what you know or is this what you heard?

Be careful who you condemn or we would have no heroes at all. The same could be said of me.

I think I know a lot more about Helena than you do. What do you know of her early life; much less what do you know of how she chose to make her appearance seem? She was and is one of the most beautiful and profound and articulate women who ever lived and you shame yourself by accusing someone of whom you have no knowledge.

If she was a tool then I am too. They can't all be bad guys. We would have no fucking world at all if they were all bad guys. There have been some mighty souls who have struggled for us and she was one. Have you even tried to read Isis Unveiled? Even I couldn't get through it.

She was for initiates only all the rest go to sleep in Shelley's poem. Rest well Ozymandius. We who dream of empires are doomed to see them fail. Those who work in obscurity earn immortality. Do not condemn what you have little wit to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Nothing you have ever written can touch what you just said. Strike a golden spike right there. You have proven your self to be what I always thought you were. She deserves better treatment. You have given her that.

Clarisse or
Christianne as you prefer

Visible said...

So you read The Dark Splendor and you know it's autobiographical? I don't think you are a woman though. I am early Allan and post Elizabeth at this time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Re Curt from San Jose, you are needed on this planet now more then ever, simply because you think, ask questions and know truth.

When we embody these things we do not always have to go out there and do something BIG (although that is good too) it is often enough to just emit the energy of awareness into the world.

The rest will follow. Each one of us posting here and elsewhere are thinking, talking, working towards a better place and we will find it.

It starts with us, inside of us and grows outward. One of the things that I feel so strongly about is that 'my revenge' against the system is to have children.

These children are not in 'their' schools, we are home educating them so they are free spirits who understand energy, use their intuition, sing, dance and laugh -- and they question everything, are taught to look deeper and to appreciate nature and life.

Raise your families people, instill knowledge in your children, teach them how to eat properly, grow food, exercise (throw out the tv) and be who they are.

Sometimes when I despair about the world we live in I look at my children and understand, this is part of my job here too.

Grow children who will not be slaves to 'them' and who will know who the dark forces are because they are not shut down or broken by a system that seeks to destroy the light.


April Danann


Anonymous said...

mrs blavatsky is one wize lady
another unique example of someone overcome with the truth,with the ability to transmit it to her fellows
who she deeply loved equaly,much like les.If all of us had a tenth of the wisdom people like her and les have got,well for sure we wouldnt be picking up dead kids at the end of the day or watching them starve to death.


Anonymous said...

I wept when I read what you said about HPB. Everyone puts her down these days and no one can match her but they don't mind criticizing her.

It's four in the morning here and I couldn't sleep. What a wonderful surprise to hear you say that. I have been a follower of The Fourth Way since I was a grad student. Gurdjieff had a great admiration for her. Here is a picture of them together.



Knight Senechal/Adjutant said...

Papa!...That you tolerate this is your prerogative. That you enjoy this, annoys me. Worms have infested these comments sections. And yes, I could be a worm I AM NOT and this may well be my last drivel here. Yeah, let's celebrate... I hear the fuck-wits squeal! Whatever; my days are just getting harder by the minute and these comments are getting more YIDDISH by the second!

DEUS VULT! means GOD WILLS IT!.. and you dirty JEWS are going to be fucking wiped - totally!

Sir Paulie Grice
Commander of the Knights Templar. Australasia/Pacific.


Bring it on Filthy YIDS..bring it on!!


oh, by the by, I lose context because so much shyte is scribbled.


Knight Senechal/Adjutant said...

PG - done with this 'snot gobblers fest'!



Anonymous said...

Spot on with Blavatsky. Everyone who was real is accused of being fake. It happened to all of them.

I read "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine"

It was not an easy task.

Whatever she may have been she was real. I found Alice Bailey to be more my style but I appreciate you standing up for the girl.

I notice that people are coming out of the woodwork now. You are probably forcing this. I am an initiate and you are causing severe rumblings. You know this I suspect. It's all in hand don't make yourself a martyr.

Having said that. You are incandescent. I used to listen to Charlie Parker blow his horn. I met you once at "Slugs" in New York City. I think you remember me. It was a big night for you. Don't let us down.

Kheireddine said...

"It was a big night for you. Don't let us down."... In my humble opinion That is no one's burden nor privet cross.
Personally I follow the trail of truth, and it happens that our trails meet up and eventually enjoy the trip together, as long as it lasts.

Kheireddine said...


Anonymous said...

Les, Larry Summers uses google to form economic policy. Where the did he get his degree????


Visible said...

was that a public relations statement on what you have done or a credible system of belief. I believe in myself too. I would have never gotten down the road this far if I didn't but I believe in God a lot more than I do in myself. I could never have accomplished what I do without him.

Brother, I have been humbled by his might. He owns me I am his slave. Even when I don't want to rise he makes me and he made me. If people like me they should adore him. They should praise his name in every tongue they are able to. He is the living and everlasting god and we all live and breathe because he is.

No one on this planet or any other world can dictate truth to me. I have met the living god. He got right up- in my face and spent several eternal hours with me. No one could forget that.

I am your brother and I know what I am doing

Anonymous said...

Les, Here is a little something about the Blackwater (XE) crusade.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les and All,

Just a message to the 'knight'---

"methinks 'he' doth protest too much" (Hamlet)

You are a very 'visible' false flag around here...



veritas6464 said...

Papa, papa, whoa,.. be cool brother, be cool. Many, many apologies if that's the cure. I know my needs cuz. You know the score. Let's not get up about the trip Viz. It ain't gone just misplaced. Be cool. I get weak and share my pain - my bad. It ain't you it ain't me - it is the thing that we all do. We are at war man, AT WAR! None the less, if you feel slighted you are slighted. Relax, I am at fault. Just be cool, be cool.

The stress these fuckers create is gonna do for me before any whizz-bangs man. I am toast gettin' outta bed my brother.

Tequila ya say? Mmmm, I got half a litre o' Green Ginger Wine, Ice and a slice is nice! Cheers to you big Dummy. Gotcha ears on?

Paulie G. That fire is hot bro' keep walkin'!


veritas6464 said...

Papa,..me thinks Kheireddine said...
Too much. JIDF. Why is it 'K' that one comment you can read and write English with a fluent ability, and then the next comment is almost dyslexic? Is it because you are more than one person. Are you a yid K? Are you a gaggle of yid Uni students on the 'grass' for yidzrahell? No? Maybe you're just a loser with bizarre notions and not much of a clue! Your sycophantic snivel is boring and tedious. Why not have an independent thought? Instead of sucking warm bubbles out of Visible's arse? I hide nothing from you because I have nothing to hide - SHIT-BREATH! This is one Jacobite that will not die a thousand deaths!


Kheireddine said...

Crazy news going around folks from Benjamin Fulford: (PS the below link actually works)


Anonymous said...

Les, yesterday a congressional delegation announced in israel that they would not allow any congressional attempt to withhold any money for israel.

Taday that same delegation (minus) joe lieberman received a heros award from Georgia.


In my opinion we are now into WW3.
It's the second quarter at the 2 minute warning. The score is 0-0

My prediction is that the Final score will be the same.

The 'feline' said...

This one is for your eyes only, LV... and you know what I already think about liars, but I just could not resist this:

"No one on this planet or any other world can dictate truth to me. I have met the living god. He got right up- in my face and spent several eternal hours with me. No one could forget that."

sure it wasn't the worm at the bottle of the tequila talking to you, Visible?

"I am your brother and I know what I am doing"

sure you do. Just like you think the sister is a honey pot, er no, that would be a man, er no, she must be a nark.

Ever heard of "narcissm". Visible? It describes you and your giant ego very well.

It would be comical if it wasn;t so tragic.

Anonymous said...

Doomsday clock hands to be moved on the 14th.


Anonymous said...

Google "Bhakti Ananda, what were they masters of"

This is research concerning HPB and the Theosophists from one who is in a position, on a level to accomplish this.

This will give at least another perspective from an advanced person. No rhetoric, emotion or denial.

John said...

We missed the show, but he replayed your show from last week which was a good one.

Anonymous said...

There I was just sitting at the fire on a stool, much like I remember the old men of years ago when they would drop in as they passed on their way. I had been musing the thoughts on this Blavatsky who a poster talked of.. So there I go looking up what would be a little too deep, or sensible for me. It would have been nice to have been able to read never-mind understand her, or her “sort” of people and their thinking.
No I must be like those old farts of times past. Happy with a mug of tea, and a crust of bread, or a full pipe, and be content with the knowing as this would deliver a bottle for the week-end. All those people of this time wound their way not given to heavy thinking or baggage of the mind, and its machinations. Well in reality the bottle is a “luxury” of to-day as it was a drink of the “gentry” in times past.
Perhaps if I looked to my side without turning my head I might see those old farts who would sit on stumps, or stools with great-coats from a Great War draped about their feet. The children seeing but not to be heard as those old farts pondered, and posed wonders with limited knowledge. Perhaps a little knowledge IS a dangerous thing, and ignorance is truly bliss.
As our house and our hearth was, and is open to all and sundry who would care to sit and be civilized. So too do I see your hearth Les, as I believe you, and I hope others do not take issue with my scribbles, (and musings I hope). All who visit here would I hope take away any lesson in a great hope for a most unusual time with a most uncertain future for those we hope to follow.
Those older times I allude to I think the people lived with their trust in their “betters” as they were trained to. They mostly lived in past wonders with no vision of what could be. We live in times where we have almost all knowledge is at our fingertips. We live in times where we rightly question, and defy our “betters” and the lies they have told us .We truly live in wondrous times, I just pity my lack of sight.
Les I have said before and I will say it again. You do as only you can do what it is you do. Even naysayers I hope will take from your writings, as this is possibly the way it is meant to pan out. You just sit at your typewriter and write Rhubarb for a couple of paragraphs you will find, and see, you soon get fed up and come back to reality (if that is what it is). Like I say, you keep the faith, any faith.

Anonymous said...


When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters,
True sailing is dead.
Awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned,
Legs furiously pumping
Their stiff green gallop,
And heads bob up
In mute nostril agony
Carefully refined
And sealed over.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les!! In a time of revelation consider THIS!! : )

"Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . ."
-Robert Jan Van Pelt (Robert Jan Van Pelt, an architectural historian and a leading expert on Auschwitz) as published in The Toronto Star.


Evidence of the extermination of the Jews on the level of that provided for Katyn was never offered. It was always based on the political capital of the victors, and now that is running out, police enforcement.

Belief is always anchored to an emotion. Fear works. Hate works. Guilt works. As long as people identify with the collective, they will believe in shared and inherited sin and obligation. They will also claim a vicarious sense of accomplishment from the work of others with whom they identify. Many young adults have no personal recollection of the Cold War, much less WWII. The strong emotional connection to the 1930's and 1940's is dying. In another decade all that will be left is fear of police enforcement and residual religious attachment to this myth. Though revisionists have worked long and hard to overturn the hoax, I expect it will ultimately outlive its usefulness and die of old age.

Kheireddine said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

brothers are brothers
peace is peace
around the fire
call the chiefs
medicine maker
wind to blow
calm inner sea
take storm from show
shine the sun
warm all with light
inspire infinate
truth through sight
the wise river
that flow through all
take out the hurting
move from all
all who care
all who be
to care at all
is to want to see
and those who see
take all the pain
thats the cost
to be humane
the more humane
the closer to earth
the living heart
of all in birth
of all dimensions
and different way's
the peace of all men
will one day display


Visible said...

My true and great apologies to the one who outed Edna to me. I'm in no great shape right now but consider her unsigned letter 'for your eyes only'

I lost it in a private email and I spoke my mind. The rest you have for your eyes only.

I am in no mood to be messed with right now; not comment wise or privately and I am i8n both locations.

Mouser said...

Greetings good Sir!
Even inebriated you conduct yourself as a gentleman. I truly admire that in you.
I am also am one who is very angry with the zionist jews in israel and the so called Christian zionists and the jewish zionists around the world.
But here is a thought we need to remember in all our 'inebriated' hate (mine not yours Les), something our Aussi knightstempler needs to remember in MHO:
Let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Meaning, not all jewish people are zionists - some jews abhor what is happeneing to the Palestinians, the Americans and the rest of the world at the hands of the synagogue of satan / the zionists as much as we humble seekers of truth and justice.
I repeat, even if they are a small procent, not all jewish people support what the evil zionists are doing. This is an important fact when their number is called because those that stand up and denounce the zionists should be spared the death and destruction coming to the majority of the "jews".
Will must avoid at all costs innocent blood on our hands.
Having said that, the true zionist jews deserve the lake of fire. No mercy, no prisoners, no holds barred.
The zionist jews' time is over on our planet.
"Those who call themselves jews but who ARE NOT JEWS , but are the synagogue of satan" (a.k.a. the Khazarian zionist jews) - Jesus
The white sulphur on civilians one year ago could only have be done by a people in league with the dark side, the devil, satan.

Visible said...

By the way;

Great people chiming in here at this hour and my great thanks for it. Yes, I could imagine that Lieberman missed that meeting. It is going down as we speak.

Watch out my friends. Watch out, It is coming down.

EdnaIsOuted,SusanneIsAlive said...

To know who outed Edna I put two fingers pointed straight at my eyes. No words. I did once before in person when I got a lift home from someone very, very close to you who I can unmistakeably see has saved your life more than any other woman you have ever.

Peace and love.

Your friend.

Visible said...

And if you have not met HPB then don't tell me what other people think of her. If 'other people' knew themselves half as well as I know you and me, they would keep their mouths shut. Do not quote others or defame by your ignorance someone you never met.

That woman was ten times the man any of us will ever be.

I have the misfortune of remembering many of my lives. You have the pleasure of being a cat on the couch.

Too much shit has come her way for too long just because she tried to help out. This is why I personally have no organization, no name, no money and no fucking mind left as far as I can tell. Those early workers over the last couple of centuries included some of the greatest souls of the age. I will stick Alice Bailey, Voltaire, Goethe, Spinoza, Descartes and Rousseau in there as well along with Bertrand Russel.

If I left you out sue me.

We could only hope to do as well. If any of us had their brains or courage we would be at the door right now.

Don't fucking tell me who is who. I can tell the good guys from the bad guys. You can't. You probably didn't even appreciate "Deadwood"

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused here. You said we are coming to the center of the galaxy. All articles I've read indicate there will be 'an alignment' with the center which will also be eclipsed by the sun on the 21st. The effects of the cutting of of that connection to the center is what is not known. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding.

In any event, great news, zionist/terrorist Israel is planning to build another WALL


They say it's to "keep out intruders and terrorists".

Isn't that a hoot, coming from the biggest little terrorist nation next to the US?


Visible said...

I am sorry about that. I meant to say in the eye not the center. That was my mistake. I am not a mathematician or a scientist. I am a poet and I make mistakes often. Please forgive me. I am still learning... or trying to and I am a mess right now so I can't even keep what I know is true in my mind. They got to me somehow, I won't lie to you but once they are done I still won't (grin) no fucking way.

Visible said...

I really do apologize for my error in that regard. I am in my cups and I make larger and larger errors. I think my ass and my mind still belong to me but I'm not even sure of that. Thank god for spell check.

Anonymous said...


You said it all.

You really are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming son and everyone should be forewarned. If not that is too fucking bad.


Anonymous said...

On a lighter note....
I remember taking the family to see Watership Down. Well there was tears of laughter and tears of tears, but it all worked out in the end.
Well the children believed for years their luck rabbit paw was bought in the shop, and the stew which was often on the menu, well it took them years to figure it out.
By way of another story. My grand-daughter has yet to forgive me for eating Rudolf at Christmas.
Goodnight ,Les.

chuckyman said...

Kheireddine. Fulford is a very dubious source to quote – he merely rips off stories from other sites and adds his spin. The weird one you posted was a rip from Christopher Story’s site http://www.worldreports.org/

Lots of very nasty vibes here at the moment. Les has his own demons to fight and everyone is pissing in the fountain.

PS feline can go fuck herself


v word = oxity

Anonymous said...

so I say a prayer
for the palestinian's
all the women,men and the children
who are beaten down
by demonic suppremacy
elitism cause
the developement of enemy
and it stands proud
thinking it is wise
with deceit and lie
but in the blink of an eye
things change,rearange
they should ask why
they have been set up
by themselves and didnt spy
that is what happens
I suppose
trying to dominate life
gathering materials
and acting in spite
when the change comes
they will just fall
because they seek to rule all
never went to life school
mother nature
has a different plan
old and wise and has
everything under hand.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. chuckyman said it; "nasty vibes", yeah,.. ever since those bunny-huggers arrived just before the big 'wrapping paper scam' of the 25th. All those earth-moms and sandal wearing yuppies. Anyone can talk like a 'Sora Mystica', they might try acting like one; they might then want to find another hobby.
Visible I figure the torment of manifesting a number of different personas is what is tearing at you now, remember these are endtimes - not that it is the end of Life, it's just the end of this World, the one that the bad guys have been running for a few millenia. Of course it is going to get messy for people like you and me and few others around here, knowing is a curse and being is worse. You 'know' and your 'being' is anethema to the monsters and I think they are trying to bury you in honey. They have tried other ways, they failed, now they have sent a bunch of sirens around to lure you onto the rocks.

Aye Capt. Ahab, pr'aps ye should rename Mirrors 'The Pequod' eh?

"Command the murderous chalices!...Drink ye harpooners! drink and swear, ye men that man the deathful whaleboat's bow - Death to Moby Dick!".

The Baron De Grin.

N.B. love lights & peace!

New Reader said...


I checked that Benjamin Fulford link and the Global Analysis International Intelligence (GAII) website link it connectes to...

I'm thinking this is either smoke being blown up our collective asses; or psychopathologicals racing to sacrifice each other first to the Mob to save their own skin.

If Reverse Speech is bona fide; Benjamin Fulford seems to be genuine, even if he is an useful idiot tool for pathocrats.

New Reader said...

BTW, Les, best wishes to you and yours. I hope Black is getting good care. That his mistress truly loves him is a good thing.

Kheireddine said...

Les & All, I would like to say few words to veritas in your presence, if you dont mind,
you sound like a sitcom script, and i am not trained to sit with the crowed and bend over when the show producer ask me to. So you better get better if you are to do something about "k".
Again i say, i am one in many, k, kheireddine,moon,salam.. And since "I" am also talking to many of "you" so it is only naturel to show all the whats in "me" inorder to be true to "All" (sounds like a Bilbo sentence out of the Lord of the ring movie doesnt it veritas). it makes sens. For more of "Us" please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/moonsalam

Thank you chuckyman for the info.

chuckyman said...

Hello folks. Here is something positive – and even funny. Truth combined with humour – the new sword of the revolution?


v word=horsi

Kheireddine said...

chuckyman it works for me :D

HistoryIsBunk said...

"Anonymous said...

It was 5.1 Million Irish Catholics that were Genocided by the Zio English and their rulers (Handlers)

And 66 Million Christians that starved or took a bullet to the back of their head between 1917-1949.

See Irish Holocaust dot ORG

7:50 PM"

*** *** *** ***

Thanks for that link.

The Irish Holocaust is another of the real Holocausts (Russian Holocaust from 1917 on; Ukrainian Holdomor Holocaust 1930's; Palestinian Holocaust...) that has been long obscured by the creatures who perpetrated it owning and controlling 100 percent of our "news" media, book publishing companies, television, the Hollywood propaganda fantasy factory, school mis-education systems all the way from the dumbing-down childminding service beginning in kindergarten through to University level, etc etc.

Once their useful idiot Cromwell had the King murdered for them in 1649 and promptly rescinded the Order of Expulsion, how long do you think it took them before they had total control of the English government? Certainly England was as completely under their control by 1840 as America is today in 2010.

Speaking of control (information, food, governments, etc) who do you think controls America's nuclear arsenal?

Americans? LOL!!

Think again, you gentle and trusting souls.

The puppet currently doing the Tel Aviv two-step in the White House will do exactly as his masters who placed him there tell him, or he gets himself a ride down Dealey Plaza in the back of the Presidential Limo.

Anonymous said...

Les, speaking of those at the "helm", looks like Rothschild like aluminum too.


Anonymous said...

Israel challenges Turkey to a spitball fight.


Looks like that water contract Israel was working on with Turkey aint gonna happen. "OFF TO THE LITANAI RIVER".

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

It was 5.1 Million Irish Catholics that were Genocided by the Zio English and their rulers (Handlers)

And 66 Million Christians that starved or took a bullet to the back of their head between 1917-1949.

See Irish Holocaust dot ORG

7:50 PM"

*** *** *** ***

Thanks for that link.

The Irish Holocaust is another of the real Holocausts (Russian Holocaust from 1917 on; Ukrainian Holdomor Holocaust 1930's; Palestinian Holocaust...) that has been long obscured by the creatures who perpetrated it owning and controlling 100 percent of our "news" media, book publishing companies, television, the Hollywood propaganda fantasy factory, school mis-education systems all the way from the dumbing-down childminding service beginning in kindergarten through to University level, etc etc.

Once their useful idiot Cromwell had the King murdered for them in 1649 and promptly rescinded the Order of Expulsion, how long do you think it took them before they had total control of the English government? Certainly England was as completely under their control by 1840 as America is today in 2010.

Speaking of control (information, food, governments, etc) who do you think controls America's nuclear arsenal?

Americans? LOL!!

Think again, you gentle and trusting souls.

The puppet currently doing the Tel Aviv two-step in the White House will do exactly as his masters who placed him there tell him, or he gets himself a ride down Dealey Plaza in the back of the Presidential Limo.

*** *** ***

Hmm, first comment didn't make it through. Try try again.

Here is a 9/11 link you may find interesting reading -


Anonymous said...

Amdocs, an Israeli telecom (spy) company bids on Indonesian project as an American company.


Anonymous said...

Amdocs has also recently deployed systems in Bulgaria.

Ramzy said...

Les, I've read your site for a while, but don't often comment. It's hard for me to keep quiet though when I see that a very active pro-Palestinian activist is being smeared and libelled here, not only by the trolls which appear to have surrounded you and taken over the commentsd, but even by you, Les. So I have to wonder what the agenda is, but I'd know that reek of zionism anywhere. They use deceit and you've been deceived, Les.

A 'bunny-hugger', guys? I don't think so. That she is a very talented artist is beyond doubt.... but what's also clear is that she has more balls than this entire gang of trolls put together.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading/hearing a lot about the Olympics being set up for the next 'big one' and I think it makes sense.

Vancouver is fully a police-state right now and Harper & gang are out till the end of the "event."

Thanks for the links,

Visible said...


I did what I could to apologize to her. I can't do more, certainly not at the moment.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best. Good vibes to you in your tribulations. Have a few of the same issues, you're doing your best. We are in an old war, is info I got. 'Taint easy. The rewards of our efforts may not be of this world.

take care

veritas6464 said...

Papa,. I checked out the youtube channel 'K' put up. Ha, what a nutjob.. too much hashish! I would encourage anyone that thinks 'K' is justified chasing me to see what he, (yep it's a bloke, I always thought it was a women, go figure) considers . He says in the description of his new Vid, that; "this is what I look like now". It's in NEGATIVE, yeah, like a film negative, he has a filter masking the Vid with a negative overlay! It gets better, he then bangs on about 'truth', I think,.. he made no point whatsoever that was succinct or informative, after about three minutes of vague waffle, and pregnant pauses, I figure this loons' been hubbled to the bubble all night. 'K', I use 'K' because I couldn't be arsed typing your nick. You are a waste of space you never say anything remotely useful or relevant, it is obvious that you are a calculating bozo. No talent just cunning, like a dumb jackal. Your attempt to give me up by posting that link to a News article about the Order I am a member of was typical cowardly spite - if I was scared of my true identity being made public, would I pose like a clown in that cape? The Order has some archaic traditions, what doesn't - ever seen a monk in saffron robes? Tell me what that means, google it fool. Traditional garb is not a bad thing, unlike using a Negative Mask and then droning on about truth - you are a piss-ant and no threat to me or the evil Yids that manipulate the NWO, the Masons, the established Churches/Religions. We are fighting one enemy - that enemy has it's greatest effect within, within us! You show no humility whatsoever, a good indicator of the devil within is conceit - and you my friend are conceited. I am not perfect and far from it in a position to judge; you called me out to fight so here goes...if you want to go for it contact me at the email address at the website you spooked for the article. Les does not need a personal gripe fogging his work. From one nutter to another, take it outside, this forum fool. I will not be engaging you here ever again and I will not allow your drivel to frustrate me into anymore of my raging rants, INSHALA.

love light & peace to you.

Vis, I beg your indulgence.



Visible said...

I knew someone would tag the guy. I'm glad it was you. I am under heavy attack right now and my dog Poncho just had a terrible seizure and doesn't even know me any more. I'm just trusting he'll be okay in the morning. He isn't even 3 years old. He had a couple of other events over the last 3 months but this was epic.

Would probably be better if I were better. But I will be. I don't know, when shit happens it just seems to keep happening. It can get so hard to find your way up around it but somehow you have to.

I will see you in Palestine at some point.

Anonymous said...

more of palestine
in destitution
young and old
in continual abuse from
another episode
people kicked out
forced from their homes
well all war initiaters
land grabbers ethnic haters
slaver's who enslave us
and harm us not save us
its all documented
in the heart and mind of men
every last piece
all though they pretend
through their deception
they decieved themselves
emotional development
restricted inner self
inability to feel empathy
with a parasitic view
deluded view's of importance
using lies instead of truth
I'm so tired got to go to bed
work in the morning
will finish tomorrow instead



Anonymous said...

Maybe this can cheer you up Les. Just read where Sen.Jim Risch of Idaho wants an investigation into the financial collapse. Are you fucken ready for this Risch is "cosponsoring the Financial Markets Commission Act S298 modeled after the 9-11 Commission investigation." Maybe they can get Henry Kissenger to preside over the investigation. Oh I forgot, Fulford said he was waked Dec. 12. No problem, we have plenty of patriots in Washington. I'm sure you are as excited as I am. We will finally get to the bottom of this mess!

What a cynical fucken joke.


Visible said...

At this point there is not much that would surprise me but I can tell you they are for a surprise. they are in for a big surprise and it is coming sooner than they suspect.

Anonymous said...

The times are going to get hard now folks. A few of us are feeling it now. The vanguard.

Palestine is now the world!

Our dog of 16 is now fading away as well. A spirit passes...

Know that there is truth. Know that there is reason for justice. Stand tall, hold on to honor. A power is coming that has not been seen in a very long time. It comes...

Karma is a very high vibration. It can not be hidden from.



Kheireddine said...

Les, All,
Any friends in Haiti???

TheirEndIsNear said...

Out damned spot out!
Be gone you Dammerungs, K's and Ednas!
Save the world, END the state of israel completely and return the stolen land to the real semites - the Palestinians.
Throw out those who say they are jews but who are not, who are the synagogue of satan a.k.a. the khazarian zionist jews.
Out evil out!

Kheireddine said...

Les & All,
Would like to quote God here saying:
""Has not the time arrived for the believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed to them."(Al-Hadid 57:16)""
Veritas mate, make good use of your faith and dont waist it on your Robe de chambre collection.
PS knight Senechal did you know that you that you are also called veritas6464...I didnt.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Posting from the Bridge Again.

badstuffhappening said...

Hey Les,

According to Christopher story the Haiti earthquake was possibly an "induced" event (i.e.HAARP)(Haiti was a centre for vampires illegal drug money transfers to Latin America - underground US cables, junction boxes etc.they are being busted wide open right now).

About your dog, it happened to my beautiful horse immediately after a publicised involvement in Palestine. She went berserk, seizures, apparent hallucinations, threw me badly. One of 3 "nasty accidents" that happened to me in the same week. However I survived(obviously! and you will too)

We are walking through the fire. We will come out the other side.

Visible said...

Hey brother;

I just posted my thoughts on that at Petri Dish.

I'm not even waiting for evidence anymore.

They are going to reap a shitstorm; mark my words.

badstuffhappening said...

For any interested in Chris Story's take on Haiti www.worldreports.org (newsreport: "CIA stinking cauldron explodes in their faces")

A humble suggestion Les, I'm not one to tell you what to do, but if I were in your place right now I'd stay clear of substances; as well as Divine Protection about which I have no doubt, you need your wits about you.
They are seeking for "weak points" of entry. Thats how they work. Dont give them any.
Again, I dont mean to presume to advise, just concerned.

Visible said...

I wish I had that luxury brother but I don't. I appreciate the statement but I should inform you that that occurred to me long before I made the situation public. TGhere are no accidents here.

I'll be fine; probably somewhat weathered but I will come through this.

Anonymous said...

The Latest From "Kirwan Articles"

"Bits & Pieces"~Part One Of Two~

By Jim Kirwan:

Words like traitor, treason and crimes-against-humanity only receive the weight they deserve in relationship to who has directly and obliquely profited from the crimes they represent and who among the rest of us have been directly targeted for elimination with extreme prejudice.

When those that have committed these crimes are also the acting and official government officers and-or government agencies; whether they are acting officially or as players in black-ops operations that were created to conceal their actions: This detail alone compounds the malevolence of the crimes themselves. If criminal charges are not pursued then the treason at the very heart of each crime is exponentially expanded to include all those whose silence has led directly to the place where this world is now.

The guilty are demanding that the public just look-the-other-way; preferably sealing off our corrupted past from any future investigations into any aspect of the crimes that have clearly continued for the last decade. We have murdered over two million civilians in Iraq alone, since that war began in 1991 and there has never been any official explanation for what we politely call collateral damage: Despite the fact that we refer to them as ‘Road-Kill’ on the way to Empire. However this thought that we can ‘never look back’ or that the way out ‘for all of us’ is simply to go forward into some non-existent bright new day, is just another horrific addition to the original crimes involved.

In fact the only way out of this ancient Labyrinth of Lies is to officially unearth the crimes of the past and to follow wherever the evidence will lead. The millions upon millions that have died must be accounted for because we cannot maintain any reverence for human life while simultaneously allowing ourselves to remain lawless and immune to the slaughters that we continue to be totally immersed in creating.

Read The Complete Article At: www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2010/art6.htm

And "An Ancient Labyrinth Of Lies" Part Two Of Two At:


Posted By: Deacon Blues

badstuffhappening said...


Given the zionist tendency of drills going "live" one has to wonder what next genocidal horror is about to be unleashed upon humanity??

Visible said...

It does not pay to threaten me. You can't do anything to me beyond what life has already done. I wish I was dead every single day. You would be doing me a favor.

John said...

For what it's worth, Les, this is your sandbox.

wv: grand :)

Kheireddine said...

Les & All,
Say after me "out demons out"....
No seriously, Edna and her Zboutch...hey fuckers...pick on some one of your size. And that won't be hard, apparently you are well connected.
This story sounds like the Merovingien caractere and his kick ass wife in the Matrix movie.
Do you think Les is the Neo of the www??? Do you realy think that the story of the One is anything like the story dipicted in that DES-info movie called the Matrix (sorry fans)??? Hey stupid dumm asses Edna and Co. you are so f***d you can't make the difference between reality and fiction. You believe your own lies and inforce it with terrorism threats on inicitent people (ie Les & All).
Here on this blogg we have all kind of people that can realy ruine your lives Edna & Co. For good.
What hizbullah has to do with this!!!! Mossad scum.
You can not go on terrorizing defensless people like this for long..you don't have the luxury of time Edna & Co Mossad scumm. Terrorizing people takes alot of efforts and PR tachtics and strategic planning...
Litle Edna and boyfriend your bosses don't have the time for you any more, haven't you noticed they don't pet you the way they used to before, when you used to scare and terrorize people on their account? They don't have the time to pet u anymore Edna & Co, you should seek the rewording hand elswhere.
If it was up to me Edna & Co I would build for you a house on Haiti island with a view on the coming tsunami or coming quake. Their you can experience for real what terror means, and I am sure you will experience that word sooner or later.
A moon advise to the Edna and the boyfriend: go hide.

Anonymous said...

"Some Humans Ain't Human"

By: John Prine

Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm

Some humans ain't human
Some people ain't kind
You open up their hearts
And here's what you'll find
A few frozen pizzas
Some ice cubes with hair
A broken Popsicle
You don't want to go there

Some humans ain't human
Though they walk like we do
They live and they breathe
Just to turn the old screw
They screw you when you're sleeping
They try to screw you blind
Some humans ain't human
Some people ain't kind

You might go to church
And sit down in a pew
Those humans who ain't human
Could be sittin' right next to you
They talk about your family
They talk about your clothes
When they don't know their own ass
From their own elbows

Jealousy and stupidity
Don't equal harmony
Jealousy and stupidity
Don't equal harmony

Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm

Have you ever noticed
When you're feeling really good
There's always a pigeon
That'll come shit on your hood

Or you're feeling your freedom
And the world's off your back
Some cowboy from Texas
Starts his own war in Iraq

Some humans ain't human
Some people ain't kind
They lie through their teeth
With their head up their behind
You open up their hearts
And here's what you'll find
Some humans ain't human
Some people ain't kind

Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm
Mmmm Mmmm

And what is that Texan dubaya up to these days? Check it out at:


Posted By: Deacon Blues

badstuffhappening said...

Hey Les,
Atzmon possibly refers to Gilad Atzmon, an anti-zionist activist jew, who resides in the UK (I believe in London but cant verify). He himself apparently regularly gets targeted with death-threats from zionists.

The thing about most of these ziotrolls, they are barely coherent and have no cohesive argument to make, just deranged ramblings. Probably some fat slob sitting naked behind a key board in Tel Aviv

fingeryou said...

Late to the party, just wanted to say to all...thanks. I know no one personally that thinks about these things and willing to have discourse.
The net is impersonal but I am able to connect through the ozone with other people like you'll, for that I am grateful.

I could not comment in Firefox but SeaMonkey works.


Anonymous said...

Luciferian Benjamin Creme (your Maitreya musings) is of the lineage of HPB. Seems some inconsistency in your affections. HPB and Theosophists also promote a coming Maitreya.
No doubt you mean well, but are seemingly as adept at drawing conclusions from a shallow understanding as everyone else including myself.

Visible said...

Yeah, as far as some of you anonymous posters go you know everything about everything and everyone is a bad guy.

I'm guessing you never read anything by Blavatsky and are certainly unaware of the Buddhist connection to Maitreya, Manjusri or who Kalki is either.

As for Benjamin Creme, he has no connection to any of these people. Hitler listened to Wagner and I'm guessing that makes Wagner evil too. I stick by what I said and there were a lot of profound Theosophists. I actually research the people I mention instead of getting my opinions from hearsay.

Visible said...

Before the big deluge of people coming in from Urban Survival think I'm going down in the water or a tad more morose than usual... that phase is over and I am back on a smooth and upward track. Part of the excitement of this place is what I put myself through... although it may raise concerns on occasion I always come back into line. I don't know why certain things happen sometimes but I am pretty confident they won't be happening any time again in the foreseeable future. I'll keep that to myself for the moment as to why.

Nothing to see here. (grin)

Anonymous said...

I understand Israel is sending a field hospital to haiti to 'help' in the aftermath of that earthquake.

Presumably they'll be able to cash in BIG on organ harvesting.


Anonymous said...

I'm an anonymous poster. I don't like signing up to these 'clubs' because of the screen name and password thing. I tend to forget passwords and I don't particularly care to be that 'connected'.

I am also a former member of TSA. I visited the headquarters in Wheaton, IL. right near me. Beautiful building with a very impressive library.

I have a copy of Isis Unveiled if you're interested. I also have a copy of Ancient Egypt the Light of the World, the Golden Bough, The Light of Aisa too.

I just pefer to remain anonymous. But I will always sign my comments with


Soon to be Illinoisgulag, once OBomb'em moves death camp to Illinois.

Visible said...

I have also read those books and others and I look at people's lives to see if their deeds match their words and what profit they take from what they do. I also have great respect for ancient traditions regardless of the numbers of charlatans seeking to associate themselves with these deep wells of recurring history. It's one reason I have very little respect for most people in the New Age Movement.

Calling attention to anonymity does not call anonymity into question. I've little concern with whether people are anonymous or not and more concern with what gets said.

Kheireddine said...

Glad to know that u r back on on two feets Les.
Good luck in ur work.. Will b reading u soon.

Dave said...

you started your web counter at 2056501

Visible said...

Well Dave, the rather intellectually challenged, I am afraid those who have been coming here for several years would disagree with you. Where are these trolls coming from lately? Several of them I know to be one person... but there do seem to be more than the usual. What troubles me is the lack of enough wit to make the engagement enjoyable.

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. a number of points and a conclusion regarding the Haiti earthquake you may find interesting.
1. The Richter scale is a measure of destruction, not measure power. The Mercelli Scale is measure of energy released, or the power of a Quake. There has been no mention of the Mercelli scale and no mention whatsoever of ‘after shocks’, this is puzzling. What is more puzzling is that no pre-quake tremors were reported or recorded by any of the many seismologists with substantial seismographic equipment at their disposal in that region.
2. That a Quake event of this size; 7.0 on the Richter scale can happen in one big slip, is amazing and extraordinary for its geographical position. That no measures or warnings were made regarding possible after-shocks is incredible. That there were no after-shocks is indicative of an epicentric phenomenon taking place that has an extremely low probability value.
3. That no other Quakes on that Fault Line happened simultaneously compounds the equation regarding probability. The Odds of this event happening decrease exponentially with the rarity of each specific contributing effect culminating in this massive isolated event.
4. That a device, if it exists – HAARP, which can cause such an event is intriguing.
5. My analysis of the CIA’s assessment of Haiti’s value from a geopolitical perspective and strategic natural resources led me to an interesting item of information. The Haitian government announced the discovery of new gold deposits in the northern peninsula in 1985, but long-standing plans for gold production proceeded slowly. With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the government planned to perform its first comprehensive geological survey in the late 1980s. “Haiti has the potential of having billions of dollars worth of gold deposits in Massif du Nord. Haiti may not have the knowledge nor the technology to mine the gold. However, the gold is on Haiti's soil. It belongs to the people of Haiti.” Source: Greg Peters.
6. There is a very high probability that if HAARP has the ability to affect a weaponised Earthquake event; given the geo-political and resource potential, the possibility is extremely viable that the earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s infrastructure and killed, maimed and made homeless and destitute Haiti’s human population – was a premeditated assault on that nation.



veritas6464 said...

Papa, Mi scusa; please delete/oblique Mercelli for Mercalli. Typo. My bad.

love light & peace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great work, Les. Hope all is okay, as we haven't heard from you in a few days. As you know, all will be well. The intensity is picking up incrementally, in big increments. but the divine god-stuff of which we are made will be equal to the task. You are a very important link and voice at this time. Peace and light and blessings.—Lumino

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. I see that the Hyperlink failed to find purchase, sorry. Here is the URL to the source of the quoted Greg Peters; FYI:




veritas6464 said...

Papa,..Ok, now they are suggesting that the initial quake was followed by 54 after-shocks ranging in magnitude downwards from 7.0 to 5.0 over latitude -72.930 to -72.486 from 12/01/2010 21:53:10 to 13/01/2010 14:43:45. Fancy that, unbroken linear shakemaps. Who'da thunk it? I guess they have to reveal the bizzo, when they realise that a few squillion manic-obsessives are gonna start to crunch the numbers.
Of course they release this shit with a 200 word disclaimer on their scientific data and analysis. Do the S&MSM TV stations still employ researchers or is that an out-sourced role now; perhaps Blackwater have "Xe Research"? Fuck me no Data for two days that is accurate and then fifty sites all proffer the same shit from USGS (United States Geological Surveys). Here's a link to their Monitoring facility;
tell me they didn't have a clue what was going on!
Gobble up that Haitian gold Israel! The new Midas, let the yids eat gold.



Visible said...

I'm no longer going to post critical, pompous, self righteous or snarky posts from anonymous sources because it's become a problem of late.

I try to be tolerant as I go along as in the case of The Fool who attacks logic because it comes from Lucifer and then proceeds to make a lot of illogical arguments that don't make a whole lot of sense. I try to be tolerant and argument is good and opinion is a personal thing but sometimes people just come here to prance about without adding much.

I've also got a small troll problem of late but I have been dealing with that.

Anyway, no offense intended. I'm not saying anyone is wrong. It's just hard for anyone to know who they're dealing with when isolated commentators come out of the woodwork in a Kabuki mask and don't seem to have anything useful to add. Such as on the subject of Avatar. I'm not promoting it. I merely stated that it has some impact and it does. Hank was pretty much doing the same thing. In these times there are a lot of pissed off people around who don't like anything. I don't know what to do about that exactly but I also don't want people to feel repressed or left out either. Still, the anonymous ranting troubles me somewhat.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

There can be no Darkness more Powerful than Light.

HistorysBunkBunkBunk said...

Yes, Les, I think unless one knows an individual personally, it is impossible to be certain of the good intent of any particular comment poster on the net, let alone those shadowy people behind some websites. That's life in the cyber age??

I've worked out how to change from merely the name HistoryIsBunk and an occasional accidental 'anonymous' to an account - I think. LOL. (NOT a computer whizz.)



p.s. Don't know whether or not you have considered any of my comments to be among the snarky. They have not been intended that way. The only 'snark' I have going got up and running when I realized through WTC 7 research, etc etc, and ALL the other lies that research leads to, that I've been bullshitted my entire life by those one (mistakenly) believes to be the guardians and disseminators of Truth.

Oh what a gentle and trusting soul I used to be.

So any comments I post are designed (I hope) to encourage interested citizens to DO THE RESEARCH!! for themselves, while the net is, as yet, still relatively uncensored - unlike all of our other sources of so-called "information".

If one comment I post helps just one person to DO THE RESEARCH!! and wake up to the web of lies and deceit they, their family, friends, neighbors, countrymen, have been ensnared in from the cradle on, GOOD!

("Government" Health Warning: The Truth can be scary; very scary.)

Dublin Mick said...
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