Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Temporary Adios or None at All.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings, dear readers; this may be the last communiqué from any of the blogs for awhile. I’ve been informed that the place I am going to has no internet yet, even though the request was put in a month ago. I was told today it might be yet another month and that is the amount of time I was expecting to stay anyway.

It is possible for me to jump through hoops to make posting occur but it would be impossible to monitor and post the comments with any kind of consistency. The oddest thing is that this is a first world country. It might be that as soon as I show up it will be resolved. I have no way of knowing. I’m not going to put myself through any changes in the attempt to stay online with my efforts. If it’s supposed to happen it will and if it’s not it won’t. In that case I will finish my new novel which I have put aside for far too long already.

I’m getting some very heavy atmosphere concerning the month of February but you won’t need me for the play by play because there are many of us at work in this area and many of us who share my apprehensions about this coming month. I’m not a psychic (and don’t want to be) or a seer. I’m just someone with an active intuition and it’s sending out all kinds of images which are neither clear nor definite at the moment.

I hope I’m wrong and I believe that the more we (the blogging public) point things out and draw attention to actions and events, we may possibly retard or side-track the intentions of the demon scum who want to terrify and enslave the world. It has been interesting for me to watch the day to day operations of government and business while all sorts of strange activities are taking place alongside the same old same old.

They set up an underwear bomber so that they could look into your underwear with machines courtesy of that vampire bat Michael Chertoff. The purpose was also to strip your dignity and compromise your humanity. It’s just one more step on the way to reducing you to herded cattle. The sad part of it all is that too many people are more than willing to submit and go along.

I’ve said many times that if I were to focus on what the dark side was up to it would surely create a profound despair. Thankfully, I look at it as the last gasps of a dying insanity that has to go all the way to the bending end before it’s reduced to a state of complete vulnerability and winds up swallowing its tongue.

It is riveting to watch the United States spread its influence, aura and military might into every corner of the world, as if it might actually control it all. It looks like a bombastic drunk teetering on a chair as it tries to replace a light bulb. It’s a recipe for disaster that has been proven so time and time again throughout history. For some reason this makes no impression on the latest fools pursuing the same predictable ends.

I get the feeling that nothing is going to be the same once this month has given way to the next. We’ve seen a series of unfortunate actions following one another like a collection of drunks doing the bunny hop at a rattlesnake farm. I don’t know if they are getting bitten or not. I do know they are more poisonous than the snakes, so that might explain why they are still dancing. Venom is venom though and eventually it’s going to have an effect.

Since I’m going to be gone for an unknown period of time I thought I might say a few words about this Dog Poet thing. Overall, the response to my usage of this title has been supportive and positive. Now and again someone gets tweaked about it without having any information concerning how it happened in the first place.

I was born in the Year of The Dog and ever since I was a child I have had a connection with the Sirius Cluster that has involved numerous experiences which I won’t be getting into at the moment. I have a large family of dogs. My consort and I rescue them when we can. They are an intimate part of our lives and a major focus. I have been a poet long before I was anything else and I fit a lot of the profile but not one hundred percent. On the other hand, the whole thing is speculative to begin with and there is certainly nothing precise about the Web Bots predictions. They are very general, or so they seem to me. I am a fan of this operation because what has been predicted fits very closely with what I see myself.

I didn’t intend to offend or piss anyone off when this began earlier last year. The moment I saw it, it struck me and everything happened automatically. I didn’t think about or reason any of it out. It just happened. The predictions may be real and they may be something else entirely. It might have something to do with me and it might have nothing to do with me but it seemed like an intriguing and entertaining thing to do, like my occasional Starfleet Commander persona or my hopping about in the saucer pod. For a guy with a certain amount of MPS this kind of thing isn’t difficult at all. Fitting in to an increasingly twisted perversion of reality is difficult, this is not.

Most people are very positive about these blogs. I know this because I post the comments and I read the emails. There’s a small percentage of occasional readers and one off passersby who are not entertained or amused. Some of them have very definite ideas about what I should be doing and some of them have a very strange take on what I am doing that doesn’t resemble what I am doing at all. Some are just angry and some are resentful without ever taking the trouble to do anything of note in the first place. Only a self-deluding fool expects everyone to like them. It’s not going to happen. The goal is to have most of your responses and interactions be favorable ...and the rest can qualify as a part of life’s natural irritations. You might get a pearl out of it.

This multi-pronged project of mine that includes the blogs and the music can be a very wearying thing. It occupies so much time. Even when you’re not engaged in it, it’s there. It also brings a heavy telepathy with it because we are all connected and certain things are happening at this time which is activating the formerly latent, telepathic abilities of everyone so inclined. It’s created another internet that no one is in a position to shut down. It also means that people can wind up living in your head.

I’ve met some truly remarkable people at these blogs from all over the world. The collective talents of the readers comprise enough abilities to manifest and efficiently operate a new world ...and they might just do that up the road.

Things are happening more and more quickly. Time is speeding up. The human mind is being opened up and powers that have been sleeping for a long time are waking up. It’s a trip to dance with it all and not get thrown into a tangle. It takes a lot of letting go all of the time to keep up with what is happening and have it integrate as it should.

More and more, I feel like anything is possible. More and more I have no idea what I should be doing but just have to put one foot in front of the other and try to be restrained and watchful. I hear from readers every day who are in the same boat, on an ocean that has stopped behaving the way it used to behave and is now doing all sorts of unusual things. Some of them we can see and some of them we cannot. We feel these things but we don’t know what they mean... yet.

It could be that internet access inexplicably appears very soon after I arrive, or not at all. I will return when the opportunity is there and in the meantime I will continue to work offline while spending a certain amount of time on that other internet I mentioned earlier. Hopefully I will have time to record my radio show tomorrow for this Sunday night. The links for the live show and following download are both in the right hand menu. It’s been a real pleasure interacting with you and I hope we can get back together soon.



End Transmission.......

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Color Ball by Les Visible

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


Origen the heretic said...

Bon Voyage Les, and I sure hope it's no adios at all. I find it very difficult to get by without my Les Visible fix. Best wishes for success in whatever endeavor you're undertaking, and God bless.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

You will be missed, brother..

please report back ASAP.. :)

Liz said...

Be well and safe wherever you are going.
Very best, Liz

Anonymous said...

Bye Les! Go with God! We'll be okay.

Pstonie said...

I can imagine staying on top of these comments, as you do, must be a full-time job. Enjoy the holiday.

Anonymous said...

what ever happens
happens any way
we'll practice presence
come back and say
send you our peace
raise then release
forged in the foundry's
of true nature tree's
sign of the heart
open the way
scatter our peace
wind blow all ways
truth pave's the path
sprinkle with essence
run through the jungle
powerful presence
open the gates
truth inner sun
over the lakes
of imagination
then blow still
poison reveal
send healer wave
move with skill
power full light
clear up the mind
heart opens
higher nature assign.


Anonymous said...

This is as good a time as any to say thank you - thank you starship captain, dog poet, jazz man and the rest of the gang - for the panoramic view of truth in a world of lies.

May your journey be fun!


Anonymous said...

Les, You have been a teacher and a friend. Both are priceless. WE will endeavor on and meet again on the other end of whatever is. I would like to share a few thoughts that are pertinent to where we are going.

I have a background in engineering and science. Yet, these are not my passions. (Those will show themselves soon) Every point source of energy emits a field of energy. This energy goes out into space and diminishes inversely with distance and yet never goes to zero. Now if you sum up all the energy sources in the universe and average this out you will find that every point in the universe is bathed in an ocean of energy. We will one day tap into this energy source, both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm. (there are the same). What this means is that we have access to an infinite amount of energy no matter where we are. Something to ponder in these coming days and times. We are never weak or powerless. That is an illusion that has been put on humanity like a spell for a very long time. Know this and the chains that have suppressed humanity all this time will no longer be.

A break, even from a loved one, is a good thing. We need to know who we are and not attach to anything that is not within us. There were are attached to all things.

Peace, love and harmony,


Burnie said...

It is difficult to find like minded people where I live, so I say we are on the same road, all here will meet in some way or another. The best to you, and hopes for Bona Fortuna.

Anonymous said...

full moon tonight
clouds outside
high winter wind
howl low and high
riding the sky
like riding the waves
up to the stars
higher nature rays
the peace mans pipe
play of life
harmony flow
living essence of light
swirl like the wind
to the tip of mountain
draw on a thunderbolt
raw lightning
peace will come
truth seed wake
just like a flower
at the side of a lake
wake inside
feeling rise
break through the gates
rise river wize
raw with the waters
across the quarters
oh mighty truth
who fills all the torches
with the power peace
that knows all ways
protect les as he travels
when he goes his away.


gurnygob said...

Les if you pass through one of them new X-ray machines see if you can get a copy and post it up so we can all have a good look. (grin)

found this link today its very interesting.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Port-side out 'Star'board home...may your God speed you and keep you from harm.


Nameste brother visible.


gurnygob said...

sorry that was the wrong link I gave. this is the right one.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you, Les, but we will eventually have to think for ourselves and not rely on you to put things into perspective.
I read on your other blog that you were watching The Book of Eli, and I've been awaiting your take on the movie. What are the PTB trying to indoctrinate us with on that movie? I found the movie quite depressing and a little on the quirky side in that, why would the Bible be an important document in the recovery of civilization? But then again, I try to avoid movies, TV, MSM altogether and I only watched the movie because you were watching it. When the movie ended, I really wished I had not wasted my time on it.
I wish you well and hope that all goes as planned for your time away.

Visible said...

I had the same take on the movie.

It is a rare thing when I see something worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Les, I wish you the best in your travels. Stay safe and alert. See you back soon...

One for the road.. I figured you and the intelligent readers of this blog would enjoy the following:

***** ISRAEL -vs- TARGET *****

Not too many are willing to stand their ground against them...

Take care and God Bless,


Rebel 4E said...

Safe journey Vis (-___-)

Catch you on the flip side...
Sooner or later,


Anonymous said...

I think you will be okay, wherever you go. My son wrote me yesterday, having been ensconsed in Germany for a month, "Dad, I feel like a one ton weight has been relieved from my chest!" Indeed. If he can avoid the Ernst Zundel stuff he should be okay.

gurnygob said...

Anonymous said Re: the film.
The Book of Eli,
If it had of been something to do with something other than the bible then maybe Anonymous would have been all over it with prise. Why wouldn't the bible be a good book to restart civilization when you think of the Ten Commandments and how not following Gods word would end in tears for all. Then we have the New Testament that speaks of love. I mean what else is there?


walter washco said...


Great link!

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself and get back here!

Porter Haskell Davis said...

Les, I hope you get your batteries recharged and have some amazing revelations. Even though I just discovered your blog in the last 6 months, it is one of my go tos. I look daily to see what else you have shared. You seem to have your finger on the cosmic pulse. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

If the dog poet is temporarily absent here is a little fill in from Red Elk.

dundee said...

Hi Les and all
First of all my sincerest thank you for the last three years of invaluable inspiration and food for thought. SM has always been my bible in cyberspace and I just hope that you won’t be too long.
Can I just add a comment about our ‘new Shangri-La’ and what’s left of it. You have done a great job in creating it and I still think that it can be revived considering the outstanding potential of talents, trades, knowledge, enthusiasm and intellect presented in its initial stages. There were some good ideas and others less so, but what’s fundamentally missing is a mutual nexus or catalyst so to speak. Like Michael posted on a previous comment: “One of the best factors for attracting the right people would be that the community have a purpose and shared vision; one is either drawn to that vision and purpose or not.” The reason for my being here on SM is to promote a recent posting of mine on Shangri-La since it’s looking very deserted over there. Please check it out, for whoever it may resonate with will find a pragmatic, fully optioned proposition with very few ifs and buts. It is titled “a different angle” See you there. Love Carl

Alby Baker said...

Hey Les, just recently came across your site via George Ure's. Very much appreciate style and content, thank you. As a friend attributes -- will is the switch that controls the universe, but good company on the path is far more important. Thanks for the company, it makes all the difference in the world these days.

Just finished an incredibly powerful book (published in 2006 -- "Not in his image" by John Lash) which has managed to provide me with an over-image for the quests and puzzle pieces i have been holding/developing throughout this life. You may already be familiar with it, and the overview and details it provides of the ancient Gnostic's mythos -- found in the desert just after WW2 with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices in the mideast. (strangely right at the same time the Dead Sea scrolls were found which the Vatican immediately scooped up and mostly hid...)

The short of it is, according to Lash and the ancient Gnostics (not to be confused with the christianized and misinterpreted versions authored/offered over time apparently), is that just before our Earth/Gaia/Sophia was coalescing from the dreamtime, a cosmic "error" (law of unintended circumstances?) occurred within or from The Originator Field, of or underneath Sophia's dreaming, which birthed "the archons" -- who are an inorganic unsouled group of entities with a head honcho that came to inhabit the consciousness of the"Anthropos" (humans, "the" Sophia's actual dream/intent along with Earthlife)) as mind parasites. These came to embody, so to speak, the negative or adversarial polarity for human evolution in this cycle and plane. Long tough damn road, as the old black man said... (end part one, Alby)

Alby Baker said...

(part two, Alby)

As i see from reading only a few of your posts that you have an understanding of the seeming overlying unity/duality-polarity here in this plane or dimension -- you have a sense of the necessary (?!) attributes of the divine dance and evolution on Earth.

At the level of the game and consciousness "here" where the rubber and flesh meet the road of this era/cycle, it is just about freakin' impossible for bodymind/heart/self to hold this bizarre show without shattering/dissolving into the gazillion shards of this human mirror/construct, desperate dysfunction, our wounds, and the divine madness. There is no rational-lineal sense/argument to be made, as you know, of ANY of this.... but at least with this publication there is a profound Earthly and historical image that holds the puzzle pieces now -- and there is some sanity in that. The book, as well as shattering the illusions and control created by church and state (the PTB), through this lens of the ancient gnostics also sets out a beautiful sense of the possibilities of our evolution with all Earthlife -- which is our birthright.

As well, knowing deeply that the whole thing is about to turn over. THAT may be incredibly painful and beyond understanding too, especially if it becomes just another version of the killing fields... but somehow i sense relief and release in the turnover, and a beginning of something vastly different, as the ancients and older indigenous peoples have been pointing to for a long long time. We are in the chrysalis, with everything coming apart... and we don't yet know what this new being will be.

There is the intense miracle of the bittersweet everyday, poignant and precious, which makes me count my blessings like a m-f-er. And it is always a good day to be familiar and poised for mortality. It is also way too late to be in a hurry or worry... but the seeming relative few who are relatively awake on the hellbound train have to take care not to get mesmerized by the landscape rushing outside the windows.

Time to be the buddha... what else is there? And Love. And take care. We shall see, my brother, very soon just what lies ahead, what is really coming. Till then, be well, and thanks for the company. Alby Baker (

If you are moved, check out Lash's book. At least it set my mind/heart at some ease with the puzzle pieces i've been holding for so long.... and it glimpses a reality i have only dreamt of, yearned for. Maybe i/we are not so crazy afterall... just out on the edges, where the real stuff is, awake and alive.

Do said...

Hi Les,
Dodgy One here, I will miss your regular bloggings. I wonder if you have heard of an old invention called the post, people use it to send snail mail after using another old invention called pen and paper. Could you not post a written blog to any of your close followers to post online on your behalf. Excuse the tad bit of sarcasm it is not ment to be condecending but humerous instead. Your 'The New Shangri-La' could be used as a posting site by anyone you trust to send snail mail to.

If you have other reasons not mentioned for being incogneato then feel free to not post this comment. We all need a break sometimes so have a bloody good one.
Cheers Dude :)

Visible said...

Well, this is typical (but I don't know if it means anything.)

After six weeks of hassle about the internet a call comes in this morning- given that I've already written about the whole thing- that the problem that was causing all the delay has been discovered and we've been labeled 'urgent' and they're going to get right on it.

This might mean the internet comes right on or it might mean god knows what but it's typical. I'll say that.

I can't tell you how many times something like this is going on and I get into the wind and whoomph... it clears up. This trusting thing has some real power to it.

On the downside, I was hoping to be offline for awhile so that I could finish the novel and get back to recording as well but that's just a cop out on my part... I can easily find the time for these other things.

chuckyman said...

Haste ye back to us all Les.

May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back


Anonymous said...

Go with love brother Les you ever need anything you got it

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I haven't read all your comments yet, only the main post. If you are going to be offline, then I wish you a good time with your work at hand and whatever that you have plan for yourself though I'll miss you.


Caryl said...

Les- I hope you will return soon.
I will miss your blogs.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

good vibes to you from not only me but others with also.

you've helped.

and it's appreciated.

Dead Man Musings said...


Intelligence is the ability to see patterns. This has predictive value and so with great intelligence comes great predictive value.

The model is statistically sound and forms the basis for accurate predictions.

I would agree with your assessment about this year. It should be "interesting" (after the Chinese manner).

Good luck with your move!

Paul A Drockton

Barney said...

Adios Amigo, or not, but certainly Vaya Con Dios. We'll miss you - or not. Be safe and come back soon. You're doing good work and are much appreciated, even by those of us who seldom post a comment.

A thought to take with you Les. A certain group creates 6 million out of a single missing letter in some old text. Could it be that something similar is going on when they write g-d? The hyphen is also used as a minus sign, the sign of negation. Could it be that g-d means "not-God", more generally known as the devil? We know they despise the whole of creation, so what could be more apropriate for those with no religious beliefs?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


My friend.. here is a song for your soul.. .. just listen..

John said...

Alby, I have been meaning to get that book and read it for awhile. Thank you for reminding me. I'm going to order it now.

Anonymous said...

hi les i will miss you

Anonymous said...

In regards to Shangri-La,I think the people are already here for that. It will take two factors one of which is almost a sure thing. First, an event to get people moving and this will happen sooner or later. Second, the money. Well, if it is to be that will happen also.

Anonymous said...

Your at least partial understanding of the necessity of a dog companion is strong proof of your shamanic integrity. Your highlighting of the petri dish is revealing. I read your posts occasionally as I can consume them without fear of polluting my instinctual journey, as nearly all of my education and "worldly" experiences tend to do. Thanks.

I know you understand this is an individual journey we are on, and I have not noticed you encouraging others to begin. This is good. But please be careful, I fear they are lowering the point at which they'll get rid of you. I don't want to see you end up like Terence.
Have a good trip.
A Stone Messenger

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

A few good thoughts for and yours:

Nothing is more permanent than change.

An end is also a beginning.

Passing of an old condition leads to a new one.

Shun ease and comfort for progress.

Take care, be good & see ya around in the near future.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Stay safe my friend !!

I have been enjoying your radio show, and will sorely miss any lapse in your blogs. You are an anchor of reality. And I must say that I personally admire you, as I had reached many of the same conclusions prior to finding you. But you have a way of putting every week into perspective... and you are an amazing and enjoyable writer.
As you do, I feel that something big is coming. The demons are desperate, but more still ruthless and arrogant than ever. But I feel we all will see the day when pricks like Chertoff,and the smug zionists, neocons, and the rest of these clowns, get their due.

In bocca al lupo!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les

Thanks for everything so far, You occupy a part of my mind and you are welcome to stay :)

Keep well on your undertakings and come back safe! We'll miss you.


ZenHG said...

Titles and words are tricky little things...
I was born in the year of the dog and I, too, am a poet, as are many other people.
That 'Dog Poet' thing may be more an ideal carried by many, than a title carried by one, but does it truly matter at this point in time?

I hope your journey is worthwhile and while you say adios and many believe you are leaving, none ever really leave... None ever really arrive either.

Anonymous said...

Dear LV,

Thank you for all the help you've given by your writing.
You are blessed and protected.
Have a refreshing, peaceful, enjoyable interlude.

We are all inside one little loop of the One Mind-Awareness, connected.

Vaya Con Dios. Auf Wiedersehen. "Go and Come Back".


Anonymous said...

computer keeps crashing.


Kevenj said...

"Well, this is typical.."

Huh, I know what you mean Les.

It's kinda like the many times I sold when I should have bought, and bought when I should have sold.
I tended to screw up my Scottrade account but have had better luck at recognizing truth when I see it.

As others have said: You will be missed. Hopefully you'll get online sooner than you think.
Buona fortuna mio amico!Ride con il vento!

Anonymous said...

"I've put up a good portion (am putting up) of my occult-hermetic-alchemical library where the radio show is if anyone is interested. You can take what you like."

Where's that??

Lost but found said...

That you feel 'compelled' to journey to
the 'wilderness' for 40 days is a very
good thing. Yes, 'someone' is preparing
you for what is to soon come...

Resist the 'wicked ones' with kindness
and graciousness as they tempt you to
follow them and you will 'find' within
you a 'strength' which is gentle and
yearns for what is good.

Lean on 'Our Master' continuously with
the 'mind of a child' and be rewarded
with intense 'loving kindness.' You
will be 'tested' while on this 'journey'
but never become discouraged. 'He' will
be very close and able to 'hear' your

You have the potential to be greatly
'changed' as you are given new 'eyes'
and new 'ears' to carry on the work...

Love is, and always has been, the

Bon voyage!

Visible said...

It's here.

However, this is only about a quarter of it. I will put the rest up when I have internet and time. I'm getting close to being gone so comments won't be appearing but there's always the chance I'll come across a computer on my way or some such.

Anonymous said...

hello good people
its cold outside
the wind does howl
the moon is bright
on its journey
across the sky
where birds fly
they reach and cry
in the air
love's aware
flying feather
truth everywhere
packed with essence's
with practised presence
the living light
that live all life
higher nature
truth spear shaker
shake the spear
of peace maker
come to waken
the forsaken
open a heart
to love of creator.


love aware
deep within
true song sing
universal notes

Anonymous said...

hey ptb.
you know the longer you keep running ,the worse it will be for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

sorry people forgot to rub that bottom bit out,having terrible computer troubles tonight.


Scissortale said...

I suppose being a dog poet is cool. I've always considered myself to be a dog soldier.

And maybe its not where you live your life, but how you live it.

Anonymous said...

in the meadow traveling
in tune to the wind
wild flower blow
medicine sing
high traveling
true natures ways
pathways to peace
signs through the haze
a journey ahead
nobody knows
but the living life source
of all knowing flows
head to toes
deep from within
from the mighty heart
of all life
of everything.


nina said...

For the first time my comment from yesterday didn't show up and I can't let you go off on a journey without adding my heartfelt wishes you travel safe and have a great time.
Return soon even though I'll see you on the other internet, and the radio show is downloading as we speak, your absence in this location will be felt. Like missing part of my heart.
Jah guide.
Love, nina

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many times something like this is going on and I get into the wind and whoomph... it clears up. This trusting thing has some real power to it.

Take a break Les, all work and no play is no good. Trust your Intuition. The more you do the closer you can get to the Edge. I live on the Edge constantly with no fear of falling because when you are close enough to see over you'll realize The grass is greener. So travel light my friend, have no fear and trust that"POWER". See Ya, Jimmy

Ravenise said...

I wish you the best Les. It's good to take a break once and a while. Thanks for uploading the new episode, asked James last night to see what was up with that. Downloading the episode now.

Wish us the best here in Canada. The Apocalmpics is coming to a city near us.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you when you get back, if there is one

Much love,

New Reader said...

Good Luck and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Last night I had a disturbing dream where I was somehow riding on top of one ski, and saw a massive cemetary to the right horizon, the ski turned to the left then saw a summer setting of green fields , grape vines, and another cemetary. The ski spun around in circles as if I was on ice and the dream ended with the ski taking me to the top of a hill where people were standing there trying to find a lost key. That was one for the books.

Billy G.

John said...

Thanks for posting the library.

EndZionistisraelNow said...

"There is no doubt it. More and more people all over the world, and probably many of their governments behind closed doors, are beginning to see the Zionist state of Israel for what it really is – not only the obstacle to peace but a monster apparently beyond control; and they, more and more so-called ordinary folk everywhere, are beginning to turn against it."

It is past time to END the state of israel completely, not with guns but by revoking their UN charter from 1948 which enabled them to exist.
Of 15 charter paragraghs requiring 100% equal treatment of the indigenous Palestinians israel has failed to uphold 13.

The "country" of israel nor longer exists because they have murdered Palestinian civilians.

The UN must end israel now. The western world is sinking into the mire of corruption as long as the state of israel is not terminated and the land given back to the Palestinian people from which it was stolen in 1948.

Save the world, END "israel"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
This thing you have about February, well, I am going to a David Icke talk in April, this was billed as a six hour talk. I got an email the other day saying that the talk was now going to be eight hours, so, in a matter of a few weeks, Mr Icke has two full hours of extra information, maybe he anticipates something big going down!!! Hmmmmm. Sorry, but I am glad that the internet problem may have been resolved, selfish I know, but you are invaluable my friend. Even if you still take a well earned break from here, it is just nice to know that if there is something real serious that you feel you should write about, you can. Enjoy your break Les, you are a diamond in the real sense of the word.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

All the best Les. Will read you again soon, I hope. Rest up. You'll be missed.

Mark, in Worcestershire.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed Les!

I get the feeling there are a few of us Dog Poets tripping around...

A new warrior class - conceptual samurai.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Before you head out I thought you might be interested to read this excerpt from a letter I wrote to my Christian Zionist buddy in New Zealand.

Dear Roy,

You wrote:

The world is under threat, antichrist desires to take over the world and
there is nothing you and I can do about it.
What we are required to do is tell people what is happening and point them
to Jesus.

I agree that the world is under threat and I agree that what we are required to do is tell people what is happening and point them to Jesus. But I don't agree that there is nothing we can do about Antichrist taking over the world. Les Visible wrote this statement in his most recent blog and set it as its intro statement:

"Hope I'm wrong and I believe the more we (the blogging public) point things out and draw attention to actions and events, we may possibly retard or side-track the intentions of the demon scum who want to terrify and enslave the world."

Which is what I've been saying for years but which hardly anyone has listened to. The fact that the Zionists are putting scholars and scientists in jail for telling the truth about 'The Holocaust' is evidence enough that it's possible to throw a wrench into the gears of the takeover plan. And the fact that they've murdered so many scholars and scientists in the past ten years for exposing things like the 9/11 scam, the yellowcake uranium scam, the bioengineering scams, and the NWO takeover scam, is further proof that it's possible to slow it all down. If there was nothing anyone could do about it as you say then they wouldn't have bothered jailing and assassinating so many people for speaking up.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I noticed that Paul Drockton posted a comment here yesterday. Do you know him? I've been wondering about him for some time as I see him being used (either with his knowledge or without it) as a fear monger and pot stirrer whose articles are based nearly entirely on conjecture, and with no solutons, ever. It seems like whenever I read one of his articles I always think of Mark Twain's statement that speculation leads to more speculation. And Paul seems to have tapped into a bottomless well of it.

Another thing he wrote that threw up a red flag in front of my face was his bragging about being a genius, presumably as credentials suggesting that when he says something you can 'take it to the bank.' What I think I've noticed about people who use their supposed 'genius' as credentials is that the reason they do it is because their knowledge base is laced with gaps and flaws thus rendering them weak and powerless and behind their being agonized by the feeling of powerlessness they feel they have to rely on their 'I'm a genius' credentials in order to try to add weight to whatever it is they have to say.

While thinking about it a few minutes ago I had a remembrance of this quote:

"Genius comes in two forms: Energetic hard workers and loud-mouthed assholes." I forgot who it was who said it, I think it may have been either Hunter S. Thompson or Frank Zappa.

Another thing that makes me wonder about Paul and several other so-called patriots, truth-tellers, and 'experts' like him is that they post their rants on various alternative news and blogging sites but have no comments section at the end of their rants. I think that in itself speaks volumes about their shallowness and insecurity as they can't abide any challenge against themselves whatsoever.

One time a couple of years ago I somehow managed to get in touch with Brother Nathaniel Kapner (I can't remember how I did it but I do remember it was rather difficult to find him) and in the letter I made some comment which I thought to be somewhat mild, innocent even, having to do with something he had written, and he went into an absolute tirade over it. His reaction was so overwrought that it made me wonder if he's playing with a full deck. So I wrote him back telling him I suspected him to be a narcissist (among other things) and he never wrote me back. So I guess my appraisal of him was correct on that score at least. So now whenever I read one of his articles I see a lot more going on in it than meets the eye.

People who write articles have a motive for doing it, which sad to say, most of the time has to do with their own exaltation. There are precious few who write purely for the benefit of their audience, which is why I hang out here.

Anonymous said...


Thanks man. There are a lot of us who are not so alone in our awareness, thanks in no small part to your efforts.

See you on the other side...


Anonymous said...

Hope you get this before you leave on that trip. Just read an article on Truth Seeker about those evil terrorists having bombs surgically implanted in their bodies. The men would have them implanted up their ass and the women would have their breasts augmented with explosives. If you see any women at the airport with D cups be sure to squeeze their tits for solid objects. If anyone objects tell them you are doing it for passenger security.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

another war I taste
blairs war crime speech laced
that enquiry they had
was to sell a war with haste
this time iran
they spin us a yarn
and then send off little kids
with guns to go to harm
and get blown up
with their minds messed up
corrupted propagandered
overdosed on dust
and death and hell
an evil spell
cast by the wicked witch
of the western world
who's prophet is profit
sold their minds for lots of it
dont care for your children
their souls they forfeit
they'll get blown by the maker
may be now maybe later
who knows when
but they went against
their higher nature.


iconoclast said...

Good travels. Hope to hear from you sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

missing you les

Anonymous said...

Good bye my good Friend, until we hopefully meet in Courtavon. I know the guy that rings the bells there Sunday morning...

Peace to you and your Lady, keep safe and good luck.

R. Zuercher
(The Swiss in Florida)

Anonymous said...

Gerard Manley Hopkins

It was a hard thing to undo this knot.
The rainbow shines but only in the thought
Of him that looks. Yet not in that alone,
For who makes rainbows by invention?
And many standing round a waterfall
See one bow each, yet not the same to all,
But each a hand's breadth further than the next.
The sun on falling waters writes the text
Which yet is in the eye or in the thought.
It was a hard thing to undo this knot.

~1862, Maentwrog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les hope the trip goes well down here in australia our beloved masters are imposing an internet filter newspeak for thought control they say it's for bad sites porno etc but we know what they really want to stop.the endless pr here about how good everything is just tells you it really isn't but don't worry it's almost footy season have another prawn learn to forget

Anonymous said...

Contemplating your absence brings to mind Joni Mitchell's most evocative and soothing message:

Enjoy Joni’s clip ... it's guaranteed to give you both a shiver and a smile!

We (the many and the anonymous) will be missing you … come back safe and soon!

Anonymous said...

I regret locating this terrific blog just as you are departing. Although I think there is much here for me to read and research in the meantime. I thank you for the hard work and hope to see you back. In fact I know you will.

Those who stand strong and bold in the face of death, misery and evil will forever live in the hearts and minds of the innocent!

God Bless.

Mr.Morphed said...

"I don't care what agency they are with, what country they are from, or what traitorous pen stroke our bogus appointed rulers create in the way of Executive Orders, ANYONE that tries to disarm law abiding Americans should be SHOT ON SIGHT. And if you don't, if you allow them to takes us out one at a time while hiding in the basement instead of attacking the attackers, you deserve the chains they have waiting."

This is very well written and very true. Kudos Mr. Morphed!


reenie said...

Raj Patel (Maitreya)??

mick said...

I come here every day, once or twice.

Today I finally thought to look at the comments, and I found that Les had posted something not very long ago.

I got back to work, and I was glad that he's still on the Earth with us.

Oh crap, now I'm going to give advice to a spirit who is much older and wiser than I am.

Hey Les. It's great that you do your music and that you may be getting some time to work on your novel.

It's nice to have hobbies.

Keep writing these essays. This matters more than anything you have done in the last five lifetimes.

A billion people will remember what you write here.

Visible said...

Cannot post anything yet, I love you. It's uncanny. No internet, and I don't know when there will be. Hang in there. visible

DunbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I hope you get a chance to do something really fun that you never get a chance to do. For me it would be deep sea fishing because I live so far inland.

Here's an excerpt from a letter to an American buddy of mine I thought you might get a kick out of. Love you man, and the same as all the rest of your following, I'll really be glad when you get back online. Anyway here's the excerpt:

Hey Bob,

In reply to your question as to whether or not they're trying to start WW3, this isn't the first time they've sent ships to the Persian Gulf to display a show of force, they did it about a year ago, plus another time about two or three years ago, all as part of a plan to keep the world's peoples as frightened and jaded as possible because frightened and jaded people are easier to control through the shell game of using the scientifically designed propaganda of intrigue, threats, promises, concessions, and outright bullshit in order to create just the right atmosphere of overbalance and confusion necessary to lead the people in the direction they want.

I have an idea they won't actually bomb Iran until the world's citizenry have grown tired of hearing their threats about it over and over and over. I hope I'm right anyway. But we would probably do well to keep in mind that what we have here is a really bizarre scenario involving a group of immensely wealthy and power addicted peckerheads who thought they could fool around with the devil and get him to give them power with no consequence.

They got the power all right, but at the expense of losing their souls, and so now they're all a bunch of demon possessd dipshit idiots who have totallly handed the control of their own lives over to their demonic masters. If you've ever had to deal with someone who had demonic issues going on in their life then you know what I'm talking about when I say that there's absolutely no telling what they might do next.

But what is even more bizarre is that the oligarchs are in the process of relinquishing their control of the world over to Satan and his Antichrist and are taking a back seat to their decision making. So if it's any comfort at all, at least there are two guys running everything now who are ten times as intelligent as the inbred dumbassed homosexual/pedophile Joo bankers.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Well if this ain't the longest goodbye, by the time you get back I'll have our sojourn on the Costa Del Kebbe sorted(grin) my new travel docs are not far from here. Court Parolled w/- intensive corrections order; sweet, no travel restrictions - writing in clear as the my Barrister's Paralegal informs me that due to my former high Sec-comm level they have to apply through Section 82 for access - SUCK-HORSE-HOCKEY traitors the Terror Act of 2003 is working against them COOOEEE! So, don't unpack when you get back just wash the dirty stuff and re-pack it! Yeehaa!

My mates inform me that your Blogs are monitored, interdicted, shaped and bugged. Yeah, thanks for sharing veritas.

What do you do when you know they are all over everything you do and say? JUST DO IT AND SAY IT! FUCK'EM!

Resistence is a contact sport! Wear a mouthguard and prepare to get a knuckling. Giveth as ye receiveth! Be that sharer!

Cheers Brother Visible,



N.B. I am in an elevated energy state as I write; you may wish to slot this comment as a contact that should more appropriately have been an email - as ever: Your prerogative Sir.


Anonymous said...


Hopinng you are in a go place. The US is not one. O will have to go to war or the US will go into default. The third option will be hyperinflation. There isn't any good roads to go down and we may end up with a combination of all three.

Still here while internet is still here. the next false flag will have an effect on the internet.



Anonymous said...

for all the people
who havent any idea
sleeping their days away
guided by fear
following delusion
to delusion's old place
out in the cold
demoralized and debased
thats what happens
when you dont watch your back
the deluders come
from behind and attack
robbing the innocent
the blind and the poor
then share amongst themselves
in there rich man store
corrupted minds
deluded in deceit
broken minds that are unable
thats the elite
they hide behind
massive financial gains
hide from their
tru self
pose and pretend the've got brains
well they've been warned
many times before
mother nature always comes
thats the way it goes
for rich or poor
thats the law of the jungle
even in the west
the law of only truth
no man can contest


Anonymous said...

they stand proud
and make war cloud
big mistake
they all fall down
they act like clown
think they run the towns
but when higher nature howl
true nature sound
and pound the drums
of the living ground
the living earth
of all around
the living air
that all breathe
the living life
all recieved
higher nature
rule all as one
peace to all
the living sum


Anonymous said...

Mick, 3:13 AM
You are not wrong.
I have said to Les, privately, I have not been excited by writing since the heady days of my youth and the science/science fiction writers of the day.
Les' writing is as important to future civilisation as van Gough's painting is to ours. As you say billions will read his words.
I stand in awe at the depth of his understanding and comprehension of our times and have nothing but admiration for his work, realising fully the ‘faucet’ from whence it originates and the condition of the container; an exceptional human being.

Anonymous said...

Again I come here, only to see what you will say that has already happened to me today. Well, my husband really wanted to adopt a dog today, we have 2 and I discouraged him. I am going to go check out the dog after reading this...there is some amazing connection you just shocks me. I make a game of coming around ever so often, to see what you mention that is happening in my own life, and 100% of the time, I am floored.

Take care Les.

Anonymous said...

The leaders of the world think they can carry on having fun forever. He who wears the world around his neck will always go down.

Billy G.

Best wishes to you Les.

Anonymous said...

I love you too.

Patiently waiting for your return dear friend.

Visible said...

Greetings Friends,

It looks like I will have no internet for the duration of my stay here so contact will be sporadic. I don't want to get into drving to an internet cafe every day. I will do the radio show from now on though and I will have some new postings very soon. The comment posting will be problematic so please be patient.

I have not seen a news cast or a news site or heard any news in almost 3 weeks so I have no idea what is happening and won't for a couple of more weeks.. I'll try to think of something to say (grin).

Can't answer emails or much else but sooner or later.

Much Love to you all....

The novel should be finished when I get back so there is that.

Anonymous said...

That's one more possible context for your moniker, Les, that of the Commanche Dog Warriors.

"The awesome warriors were "armed to the teeth with revolvers and bows . . . proud, haughty, defiant as should become those who are to grant favors, not beg them."

With these words, an Ohio reporter covering the critical negotiations at Medicine Lodge Creek in Kansas described the arrival of over 500 Cheyenne Dog Soldiers on October 27, 1867. Their proud arrival at the treaty grounds, some seventy miles south of Fort Larned, left a lasting impression on all of those who witnessed their grand entrance. As the Dog Soldiers came within sight of the camp, they gave chilling war cries and fired their rifles into the air. Their ponies whipped through the high weeds, and they brandished their feathered-lances and rifles high over their heads as they rode into the lodge circles."

It suits me, anyway. You are indeed of the Dog Lodge, it seems to me, at least on a "soul" level.

Continue to walk the blessing way, Les. Well done!

John said...

There is much afoot. Everyone who is alseep must start waking up.

Anonymous said...

your out of your fucking mind and that's a good thing.



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