Tuesday, August 11, 2020

“In My Father's House are Many Mansions. If it Were Not True, I Would not Have Told You So.”

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Chaos intensifies in the cities run by Democrat politicians. Police were chasing an armed fellow in Chicago who fired back at police and got shot by them. According to one of those new laws, the police are no longer allowed to chase criminals. After he was shot, a rumor was passed through the community that the police had shot a child. This resulted in a runaway mob, going on a rampage of looting, during which around one hundred people were arrested. This was followed by a spokes-comrade for Black Lives Matter, who held a news conference and said that the looting was reparations and that insurance would cover all of the losses.

Further west, a Christian preacher held a rally in Portland and then went on to Seattle where they had to keep Antifa and Satanists at bay; ignore the attending topmost video that has nothing to do with the article. The preacher had 30 bodyguards but still, the street crazies were able to break guitar pedals and drum sets so I guess it got a little dicey there, at least as far as musical equipment went.

There are many incidents now of mindless violence that usually involve attacks on the police who show up. Across the country, people under pressure that they can no longer contain are going nuts on whoever happens to be around. What are we to make of this?

On the one hand, it is the result of clown car politicians like de Blasio in New York City and Lightfoot in Chicago, whose incompetence is nothing short of remarkable and this is the case in all the major cities that are being run by Democrats. From other sources, such as George Soros and large corporations come windfalls of unlimited funds, whose SOLE PURPOSE is violent revolution. Another source is invisible entities from the Lower Astral Plane, who are creating intense pressure on the subconscious mind. Finally, there is the Batshit Mass Media that is performing like a cheerleader for acts of Mayhem across the country. You have what you see on the surface and you have the forces generating what you see from behind the scenes.

I have been told that powerful surges of celestial force are soon to beam down upon the material plane, as a counteraction to the mindless outrages that have been the norm up to this point. I have also been told that one or more major, natural catastrophes are due to occur within the foreseeable future. I don't know what to make of it. Some of what I am hearing comes from interior sources and I trust that implicitly. The rest comes from human agency and I reserve my thoughts on those accounts. It is the way of things these days for people to make all sorts of outrageous claims that never come true. This does not mean they will not, at some point, take place. In these times it is to be expected that almost anything can happen.

What the Mass Media and the orchestrators of social turmoil did not expect is a Force of Awakening, such as is presently happening. The public, except for an entrenched and not inconsiderable group of comatose individuals, is waking up. What those who thought they could terrorize humanity with impunity think the outcome of it will be I couldn't guess. I don't think they know. I think they are winging it from this point. They are throwing money at it the same way that they do in the political arena. It has not occurred to them yet that their power bases are crumbling. On the surface, I expect it seems to them that they are getting precisely the results that they wanted and were expecting. What is actually happening is that they are being provoked out into the open and directed toward a staging ground for The Purpose of Demonstration.

It is important to realize that this is not just any apocalypse that we are experiencing. This is a Grand Apocalypse. They come around at rare intervals that there isn't even any historical record of the last one. It was that long ago. One thing that can attend a Grand Apocalypse is an Extinction Event. I am in no way suggesting that this is the case with this apocalypse. I am merely mentioning that the possibility is always present in times like these and especially when the level of technology is what it is.

Extinction Events are not necessarily a worldwide wipeout of every living being. It could mean a significant portion of humanity, with portions of us remaining at a wide reach from each other. I have been expecting something along those lines for a while, based on the behavior of humanity over recent times. There is such an epidemic of mindless sensation seeking and runaway fevers driven toward material acquisition. The level of departure from righteousness has been extreme and as many a spiritual text will tell you, it is when humanity goes off the rails and forgets its humanity that such things take place. When I look at Kalifornia, I shudder at the possibilities and potential for all kinds of catastrophe. The Left Coast is in an epic derangement syndrome and it isn't getting better. The same is true of the other coast.

Human population has exploded and this has created all sorts of pressures, with people in too close proximity to each other. Meanwhile, there are cabals that are actively seeking to ban rural living; I am not kidding about this. They are seeking to press us all into an urban residence. There was a time when a larger percentage of us was relatively sane. Whatever you may think about the established churches and the role of government, they did tend to keep the majority of us in line.

In recent times the gap between rich and poor has become obscene and the Crocodile Swine have now amassed more money and power and created a greater disparity than has ever been seen in human history previously. Unfortunately, the very rich are not usually nice people. I think it is the rare exception indeed that cares about the rest of us. Some of the things I have heard (and... in my own form of remote viewing, seen) about the Walmart heirs, George Soros, Adelson, Gates, and others is decidedly unpleasant. Gina Rinehart from Australia is a classic example of the very wealthy with no conscience whatsoever and that would include all of the other names given here, as well as The Rothschilds, Bezos, the remaining Koch brother and sundry; fell creatures of deep and profound spiritual darkness. They exert a powerful influence on the day to day of all of us. Few people know how directly they impinge on the freedoms of the rest of us.

The stench of their avarice and depravity has reached Heaven and Heaven is not pleased. Heaven does not react without a great deal of meditation, contemplation, and thought but EVENTUALLY... Heaven is offended beyond endurance and action is taken. Most People (I use that term a lot, I know) are not viscerally aware of the Limitless Power of The Celestial Realm. There is no force otherwise ANYWHERE that can oppose Heaven WHATSOEVER. Heaven is patient and nonintrusive. At the mere whisper of resistance in any human mind and Heaven retreats. Most of the time it appears that Heaven is not even there and the majority of humanity shares one of two perspectives concerning the Supernal Region; either complete indifference or some parody mindset of what comprises Heaven and it is usually SO FAR OFF from the reality of it as to be generally ridiculous, which is why I mentioned parody.

Heaven is a vast, vast region with many levels. Like Jesus the Christ said, “In my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.” I would advise you to consider that statement as not giving even a glimmer of how large an area it contains. My prayer to The Ineffable has been, for decades, “Lord... let me reside on the very outskirts of your kingdom.” I recognize what a truly insignificant creature I am and I thank God daily for the knowledge of it. It astounds me how important so many people think they are. The imperious nature that comes upon so many of us when fortune has chosen to briefly favor them is astounding. Fortune like Luck is a very fickle creature. As I have said more than once, she comes in on the arm of one man and goes out on the arm of another.

Good fortune will come to all of us at some time in our various lives and it is what we do with it and how we treat and respect it that accounts for whether it remains or calls again. Some, who have grasped some part of the mystery of fortune, are able to continue it for life afterlife. It might seem difficult to understand but it isn't. There are rules of engagement for EVERYTHING. Whether we know or do not know what those rules are DOES NOT CHANGE the enforcement of them.

It is my sincere hope that I did not alarm the reader with this posting today. I don't control what appears in my windshield for commentary. This is just what came to my attention today. From a consideration of reports in the news, what followed is what followed. I pray that God will keep every one of you safe. That dynamic is a two-way street and we... each of us... has a great deal to do with how both Heaven and fortune may view us. In my mind, they are both the same and ANY notice from Heaven I consider to be fortune indeed.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ah yes! The willfully ignorant you mentioned in other words. I have absolutely no patience with them anymore, as if I ever did; and prefer to run, or waddle rather; as far away from them as quickly as I can. Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

I think the correct terminology to use is 'tribulation' in greek it means a great pressure. There are other meanings for the word, trouble, distress, etc. (shtf).
Could you tell me where they said something about not allowing people to live in rural areas? Very curious about that since I live a very rural life. And I have had tremendous pressure on me for years. Like some force is trying to push me out and destroy me. But there is no way I'm leaving, I'd sooner starve to death than go back into a city to live. Thanks for your words.

Anonymous said...

Just adding this in case you didn't have the time.
Tribulation (2347) (thlipsis from thlibo = to crush, press together, squash, hem in, compress, squeeze in turn derived from thláo = to break) originally expressed sheer, physical pressure on a man. Thlipsis is a strong term which does not refer to minor inconveniences, but to real hardships.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Shining on like a crazy diamond, speaking words which cleave the confusion.

"On the surface, I expect it seems to them that they are getting precisely the results that they wanted and were expecting. What is actually happening is that they are being provoked out into the open and directed toward a staging ground for The Purpose of Demonstration"

That's the thing about strong delusion; it obscures perception to the point of tunnel vision.
The minions high up in the hierarchy of the heinous have long since learned to focus only on their psychopathic goals to the exclusion of heart and soul.
The temporarily useful sodomy targets have used media, drugs and their entire intellectual capacity to distort their vision like their idols, away from reality and into the subterranean subjectivity of sheol.
"The stench of their avarice and depravity has reached Heaven and Heaven is not pleased. Heaven does not react without a great deal of meditation, contemplation, and thought but EVENTUALLY... Heaven is offended beyond endurance and action is taken."

The mark of the beast is the black hole remnant of full soul evacuation from the deliberate abuse of children in any form, all the way to the extreme of pedovores and blood rituals.
Anyone bearing this mark WILL become extinct and all sycophantic followers and hangers on of these soul-deficient, self-damned creatures may be washed away in the same tide.
Cannibals of body and soul, parasites of pain and promise, zombies of ritual and routine depravity will be parted from the planet.

Divine Mercy for all who find their heart in time to listen to the guidance from within.

Considering that the depths of depravity extant on this nursery school planet now far exceeds the corruption in the days of the flood, only a master gardener is able to weed out the crusty elite scum perpetrating the most hellish crimes against humanity and leave some portion of the planet and its people alive and chastened to begin anew.

Detachment from any trains being driven by the elite parasites is enlightened self interest. Social distancing from all the powerful and privileged is an Aikido move to learn right now.

Leap in faith or die..

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is a response to your post on sta-rising.site:

"According to proper translation, the phrase is "in my father's abode are many houses'" referring to the zodiac. Not to argue with the Dog Poet but when Vasuki licked my nose it brought clarity."

(Oooooh, that pisses me off. I dreamt of Vasuki once, and did he lick MY nose? Nooooooo! That puppy's got some 'splainin' to do.)

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....long time no comment.....I If you have time, I highly recommend reading G.A. Stewart’s lastest post.... WE FIGHT OVER AN OFFENSE WE DID NOT GIVE......the first blow of steel has struck Beirut and the next blow of steel shall strike Italy.....Trump has turned on his Zionist backers because he doesn’t want to start a war with Iran, so the Mossad has started it for him!.......epic turn of events
Many respects....Terrance

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic here, but relevant to your whole collection. From a study and interpretation of the Kybalion:



Only the most advanced Hermetists are able to grasp the Inner Teachings regarding the state of existence, and the powers manifested on the Spiritual Planes. The phenomena is so much higher than that of the Mental Planes that a confusion of ideas would surely result from an attempt to describe the same. Only those whose minds have been carefully trained along the lines of the Hermetic Philosophy for years--yes, those who have brought with them from other incarnations the knowledge acquired previously--can comprehend just what is meant by the Teaching regarding these Spiritual Planes. And much of these Inner Teachings is held by the Hermetists as being too sacred, important and even dangerous for general public dissemination. The intelligent student may recognize what we mean by this when we state that the meaning of "Spirit" as used by the Hermetists is akin to "Living Power"; "Animated Force;" "Inner Essence;" "Essence of Life," etc., which meaning must not be confounded with that usually and commonly employed in connection with the term, i.e., "religious; ecclesiastical; spiritual; ethereal; holy," etc., etc. To occultists the word "Spirit" is used in the sense of "The Animating Principle," carrying with it the idea of Power, Living Energy, Mystic Force, etc. And occultists know that that which is known to them as "Spiritual Power" may be employed for evil as well as good ends (in accordance with the Principle of Polarity), a fact which has been recognized by the majority of religions in their conceptions of Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, Lucifer, Fallen Angels, etc. And so the knowledge regarding these Planes has been kept in the Holy of Holies in all Esoteric Fraternities and Occult Orders,--in the Secret Chamber of the Temple. But this may be said here, that those who have attained high spiritual powers and have misused them, have a terrible fate in store for them, and the swing of the pendulum of Rhythm will inevitably swing them back to the furthest extreme of Material existence, from which point they must retrace their steps Spiritward, along the weary rounds of The Path, but always with the added torture of having always with them a lingering memory of the heights from which they fell owing to their evil actions. The legends of the Fallen Angels have a basis in actual facts, as all advanced occultists know. The striving for selfish power on the Spiritual Planes inevitably results in the selfish soul losing its spiritual balance and falling back as far as it had previously risen. But to even such a soul, the opportunity of a return is given--and such souls make the return journey, paying the terrible penalty according to the invariable Law.

Anonymous said...

Bill C. said;
Hey Les,
Your posts of late have been over the top and I really appreciate your inspired writing!! Thanks for who you are and what you do!!
Parlor and pocket are too hard to navigate for me with my tiny tab!et otherwise I'd post!! God Bless you and all of your ardent readers!!!
Sincerely, Bill C.

Visible said...

The translation is in the mind of the translator. I, on the other hand, am quite convinced of what he meant and I suspect, though I don't know, that terms of all sciences were quite different such a long time ago. Houses, and signs of the zodiac were first explained in great detail by Ptolemy who lived in the 2nd century AD, three centuries after the discovery of the precession of the equinoxes by Hipparchus around 130 BC.

I'm doubting they used the words 'houses' directly in such a manner then but of course, I personally do not know. It is suggested that all of the cosmology Jesus possessed came from the East.

Sidereal Astrology is based on the Sun, while Vedic astrology is based on the Galaxy - which the Sun is a part of. The Western Zodiac is no longer correct in relation to the actual stars of the galaxy, instead, it is a theoretical Zodiac based on the position of the Sun relative to the Earth. As I said... I don't know. Esoteric Astrology is my field.

Ray B. said...

Just to mess with people's minds, facts around Astrology:

(1) Around 600 BC, the Greeks/Macedonians forgot precession of the equinoxes. Precession causes the days that the Sun will reside within the boundaries of each constellation during the year to slip about one day later every 70 years. Over 2600 years, that adds up. (For example, I 'slipped forward' a full constellation due to precession. In some ways, my behavior matches the earlier House better.)

(2) There is a vast difference in actual sizes of constellations (and thus Houses), versus carving them up in theoretical thirty-degree segments. In real life, Scorpius is the shortest at 8 days, and Virgo is the longest at a whopping 44 days.

(3) The Zodiac now has 13 constellations (Houses). In real life, the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer*, has swung into view in the Zodiac. It runs Dec. 1 – Dec. 18, for 18 days. In the real world, you may be an Ophiuchus-ien!

See this Sky & Telescope article for a chart on what your real-world Zodiac House is. (Article is anti-astrology.)
* For those into the further reaches of the internet, what would Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer imply? Think about Reptilians...

Thomas said...

The comment on government and traditional religion reminded me of the words of an old danish philosopher:

"Like the worms boring in the ocean-dams of Holland, the critics of the Church prove that, indeed, all things made by man are impermanent. They do not prove, however, that they are therefore unnecessary."

Even Richard Dawkins, that buffoon, seems to have realized this:

Better late than never, I suppose...

Sweet heavens! How very unfortunate it would be if God was not real, and we were not immortal beings! How fortunate it is that God is, and that we are!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Add in Religion and you've got a Dead Zone, Flayed Man Bacchanal, with no Cellphone Service but lots of Selfies."



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