Monday, August 24, 2020

"An Arranged Marriage of Curious Bed-Fellows in a Throuple-Jerk Fever to Die For."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... last night... allegedly (with video!), a WHITE cop shot a BLACK man IN THE BACK... 7 TIMES!

Does this sound fishy to you? Of course... Antifa and Black Lives Matter were up in arms instantly and hit the streets with their hammer and sickle emblazoned shields; all this is the product of The Red Shield... bank on it! (pun intended).

What started this particular madness was another WHITE cop kneeling for 9 MINUTES on the neck of a BLACK man that he used to work with. Perhaps I am wrong, or the concept is in error, but these events look STAGED to me. They are so over the top and so perfect as Event Anthems to rouse The Canaille in the streets. Black Lives Matter is an avowed Marxist organization. Antifa is the military wing of BLM. This is all an Arranged Marriage of Curious Bed-Fellows in a Throuple-Jerk Fever.

It has taken me a long time to realize how messed up people are as a whole in this time. Partly because, off and on, I was really messed up ...but that was something that as soon as it ended I wasn't messed up anymore, where... it doesn't seem to work that way for others. It's like that old joke about Winston Churchill and Lady Astor, or another prominent socialite. There is an ongoing argument as to who it actually was. The Lady said, “Sir, you are disgustingly drunk.” He replied, “My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.'” Ah well.

My favorite off the cuff exchange, went down between Gladstone and Disraeli in Parliament, with many witnesses. Following a particularly acrimonious exchange, in the heat of passion (the two houses of Parliament are known for heated exchanges), Gladstone said to Disraeli, “Sir, you shall wind up either being hanged or dying of venereal disease!” Disraeli replied, “Sir... that depends on whether I embrace your policies or your mistress!” Digressing... Digressing...

It's too bad that the larger segment of the population is in a programmed subjective mind-coma. If they were not, the sheer absurdity of the times would render them near helpless with laughter. Of course, you would also need a brain AND a sense of humor. I'll be the first to admit that precious little of it is funny. It's more sad and pathetic than it is funny, however... it is also, potentially... truly horrifying and very dangerous. We live in The Age of Tinder and adjacent Powder Kegs. Sometimes I think of it as a blind man who is drunk or, alternatively, a man who is blind drunk, lumbering through a fireworks factory, in the early hours following an employee party, chain-smoking and tossing his butts, only... it is a significant portion of the public and the fireworks factory is the culture in free fall.

Observe the components of the coming spectacle, due whenever, in the run-up to the election or immediately following it. How can it NOT be some kind of a disaster for more than several someones? Daily, I thank my fortunate stars that GOD is AT THE HELM of The Ship of State and The Ship of Life. No firmer hand could there ever be at the tiller AND it ALL DEPENDS on 'if you think so.' Once again we are back at the consideration of... As a Man Thinketh, so IS HE! This is precisely the truth and nothing but The Truth and it is SELECTIVELY and INDIVIDUALLY relevant to us, each and all.

I marvel at my calm. “It really has taken, hasn't it?” This is what I say to myself, in many different forms. Ah... the joy of VISCERAL apprehension. This is how it is when the automatic part of you, 'gets it.' It's anchored deep down inside, right down there where the bliss and joy burble up out of the hidden wellsprings of the heart... deeper still, even, well... human geography on all the planes of its residence is a mysterious thing indeed. I hesitate to speculate and relax back into the comfort of my always present standby; I DON'T KNOW!!!

Look at all of the imponderables massing at The Borders of Potentiality. Maybe, Yes. Maybe, No. It could alleman left, or alleman right and they do-si-do with all their might; clueless, mindless, driven on invisible rails, built from the substance of Fear and Hunger, they continue on into the faceless landscapes of Dreadful Epiphany. Will the Rapture come? Will all Hell break loose? Will the bad guys win? Will the Waterloo March of the Stupid become an annual parade, with tanks and drag queens tossing dildos into the air like batons, high stepping it to the sound of “Y.M.C.A.” “Look! Here comes the Full Term Abortion Float! Look Mommy!” Rap music being the soundtrack of the streets is ample proof that the beast is loose. I used to be a little annoyed at the Christians, with their judgments and 'thou shalt nots', but now I appreciate them, since they are one of the last linchpins holding the country together.

The redheaded stepchildren of the dark side of the 60s, the ones who took the bad acid and never found Jesus no... They found the other guy. They're the heavy metal off-spring, born in the cloning tanks of the Rand Corporation's underground laboratories. They're the masked and zombified armies, set loose upon the world, filled with anger and spite. They hate with a passion, anyone or anything that looks remotely happy or NORMAL. It's really a war on NORMAL that we are looking at; commanding the broadcasting consoles in the Disinformation Media Stations, you got Howard Stern and Wolfgang Blitzer, 'ON COMET! ON STUPID! ON RU-PAUL and DIVINE!' Here come Our Ladies of Perpetual Excess, nose-ringed and tattooed, 300 hundred pounds of oyster flesh, packed into Spandex body suits. Here come the Incel battalions with 'Intel Inside'. Here come the bearded transgenders and gender fluid psychonauts from The Scarship Double Plus-Size. They're going to alchemise the Eschaton and Immantize Babylon.

Then... then there's everybody else. I'm not even going to get started with that but... somewhere in the midst is a not insubstantial collective of bright and shining souls, some damaged, some not; seekers after the True Light, not minding the carnage and the wreckage of broken dreams and empty wastelands, filled with STUFF. They know what waits up around the bend because it is what is walking them there from within. In various forms of camouflage there are many, many more, who... in a twinkling, are to be revealed as star children in search of a self-reveal and waiting on the ships to return. They KNOW there is something more to them than what they can see, but it takes a revealing to show them and that is Mr. Apocalypse's real mission. His REAL MISSION is to show us who WE REALLY ARE! The early work is an uncovering of lies and liars. It involves exposing the manipulators and predators among us and that is about to go NOVA but... further on, lies the beauty and wonder we have hidden from ourselves. Further on awaits The Splendor and the Glory of the Shining Self revealed and it glimmers and glows in its own self-generated light.

Every tear will be dried and every heart comforted. As scripture tells us; “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” As Madame Blavatsky so beautifully put it; “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come. “ Whenever I hear anything bad about that woman, I ALWAYS REMEMBER that she said that.

Christianity too has hidden here and there, among the dire and accusing sayings, more than a few messages of promise; “He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you.” SOLDIER ON, MY FRIENDS!!!

The tragedy of giving way to despair, presages the death of hope. Don't go there! My eyes are open. I can see how it looks AND THEN? I am reassured by the knowledge that 'appearances are lies'. I can see the vicious assaults on our sanity and harmony of life. I can see the insidious, walking on two feet, jackals and other mutants, who are clever, oh so clever and they poison the mind with words drawn from the Well of Despair. They lie and they terrify and so many of us tremble in our houses with our 'hostages to fortune', as Antifa marches into the residential neighborhoods, screaming... “Come out into the streets!”

If you are paying attention you can see what they have in mind.

What is driving them? Who is funding them? Do I really have to go there? I can understand why so many are giving up hope BUT... this is not the end of anything. This is a rite of passage to insight and realization. Try to remember that it is going to TURN OUT DIFFERENTLY in each singular case. Judgment, Redemption and Salvation await every person in their time, according to what they bear and intend. Let NOT your heart be troubled. There is far more to all of it than is presently evident and the possibilities of occurrence are limitless. There is no telling what 'may' happen or who 'might' arrive. There will be some amount of everything taking place, from the most brutish to the most serene of outcomes. Mind how you go!

End Transmission.......

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Over at Parler, I saw someone who was standing there, they almost acted, almost made a statement of some kind but then... they heard the ice cream truck and soon enough were gone. If you want to wait for the ice cream truck, might I recommend Parler as the perfect place to twiddle your thumbs, previous to sitting on them?

Then... for the intrepid soul with sharpened instincts, delicately stepping over the bodies of Trivia victims, trampled in a soccer mob event when someone yelled “Bingo! With Free Lunch!!!” let me also direct you to Pocketnet. There are quite a few informed and deeply intelligent souls in residence there. You might even meet a few if you drop by; watch your step however.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I feel like a horse at the starting gate. Can't wait for things to get a move on in what ever direction. So near, yet so far.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

You got it right when you said us Brits have it worst, us being the home of the Tavistock Centre.

These two stories 'trending' on BBC News now, demonstrating the inseparable twin punches of the CV19 scam :-

And the BLM scam :-

The only concrete proof that God IS real is that The UK arm of Western 'Civilisation' should have imploded completely decades ago -

It is NO fun being stuck in this huge bloody dependent psychotic nursery though -

Paul said...

Hands down the finest writer on the planet, no one else is even close.

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings, Dog Poet!
Was away for three days and you slipped in a hat trick, oorah! This comment could just as easily have been posted at V.O. or Petri Dish, but this is where I finished catching up, so...
Seeing and hearing "Mr. Apocalypse is Coming" was excellent. Two things: the saxophone was sublime and the deerfoot axe handle on the cover was most apt. Like Clint Eastwood said about a certain pick handle, "Nothin' like the feel of a good piece of hickory." When I was a young country bumpkin some of the old-timers referred to it as "the Truth in the Tree". You have spoken several times of a two by four up side the head. Interesting how wood and awakening are a common thread throughout human history. It's all part and parcel of consequences of our actions, and one way or another we are all getting demonstrations of this immutable rule. Like yourself, I believe it will intensify exponentially as time goes on. We can accept the wake-up and embrace the lesson therein and adjust our course accordingly or whine about injury and victimhood to people who aren't listening because they're doing the exact same thing. Either way, it will play out the same way; we'll all experience the consequences of our actions.
The wonder you express at recent synchronicities in your posts and the comments section makes me smile. It's a big reason why I avidly follow your writings and read the comments. Your messages are most worthy in their own right, but also seem to catylize synchronicity amongst your readers, myself included. This is no small thing to me because I believe in my heart that this synergy is a gentle, loving demonstration (grins) from The Creator that we are all taking steps on the right path. For one who is wrestling with ego as am I, it evokes a deep sense of wonder and gratitude. Thank You, Vis! Thank You, Gang! Thank You, Great Spirit! As for coincidence, that is a sop for nihilists/materialists who fear what they can't explain. In a cosmos comprised of and permiated by The One and All, there is no such thing as random meaningless events. As you have pointed out, Dog Poet, perception and intuition strengthen with exercise, and I'm finding it to be so. This in and of itself gives me inspiration to continue the journey. May we all live in interesting times! Keep howlin', Vis! Keep sharing, Gang! Strength, Serenity, Discernment. NAMASTE

Ray B. said...

An 'apocalyptic' column, Vis. Thanks!

It's interesting to me that I don't even react to the 'scenery' which you describe. Some part of me has been Out There for so long that I just take 'psychic influencing', 'overlighting', and even 'possession' as a given, when one has no training in countermeasures. To me, the real question is, "Why would one not be interested in such training, considering the consequences?"

My personal answer (outside of "I don't know") is that Earth lives within 'shields' of unknowing. Picture nested levels of Knowing, heading outwards/upwards towards all-God. If the 'descent' from them to you is clear, you are Knowing about something. If the 'descent' from them to you is blocked, you are Unknowing about something. (And you don't even know you are blocked-off.) Some 'folks' are getting their jollies using these 'shields' on humanity.

The latter would be never-ending if the universe was homogeneous. Fortunately, there are other 'folks' who do not agree with this 'limiting'. They find it abhorrent.

The best way to change things is to shift the 'shield' makers. If my perceptions are real, this process is underway. It will be interesting to observe what happens when various Unknowings turn to Knowings, Down Here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Hereticdrummer said...

BLM & Antifa are obviously the strike force of the Cryptocracy to promulgate Bolshevik revolution. With so many SWAT teams and heavily armed police agencies at all levels of government, the System could roll up these scumbags in a heartbeat, which is exactly what they would do if these were white separatist/nationalist groups rioting, looting, and causing mayhem, or even just protesting. But BLM & Antifa are under orders of protection at the highest levels. However, there are still, even at this late date, many well armed white men, tough as nails and getting angrier by the day. When things totally implode and these guys form into militias and confront and engage these communist slime, they will hand their asses to them in short order. Great posting, VIS.

G Bell said...

Look at all of the imponderables massing at The Borders of Potentiality.

What a wonderful sentence! I’ll use that if I may :)

Sher said...

My dear Visible,

Found you on Parler using @lesvisible. That place is hard to navigate. You have a lot of followers. Anyway, just like the George Floyd death, which is called an "agi-prop" this latest cop thing is another in a series. Unfortunately, they will continue to use them. Everyone here knows to avoid the fake news. When the "Masters of the Universe" HA censor something or someone, you know the truth has been spoken. The don't like Truth. I have pity on their souls and will pray for them: the censors and especially the censored.

Oh, and LTPTB I DO get a kick out of you. Don't worry "the planet is gonna shake us off like a bad case of fleas." - George Carlin The Earth like the Sun and the Moon all have souls. And Mother Earth has had enough. We will be gone from the Earth for a little while and those of us brave enough to return to the cycle of birth and death will be back as cave people. (smile)

Love and Light,

Visible said...

A new Reflection in a Petri Dish is up now-

"COVID is a Myth Wrapped in a Fairytale Told by Idiots, STUPID is the Real Pandemic."

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les,
Been a while - Just keeping to myself since the employment went away last month. Got on the tail end of the Unemployment gravy train. Over here, on this side of the Valley, Things are quiet, folks still offer neighborly hello's when passing and I just have to wear the mask into the local Fry's. So, it seems the TV Commercial Problems are a world away.

This all reminds me of the "Wheat n' Chaff" parody. Being separated from those creating havoc is a complicated issue. With which the controllers continue to toil, boil and bubble all THEIR troubles.

Just like 911 - It only took one picture to show a thinking and Human Mind the truth. This time is no different. It is Human Nature to get lost in the details of BLAME while determining a resolution to a made up, non-existent, slight of hand, Illusion being sold as a solution.

We are all seeing now how the reasons keep changing, just to make the words rhyme.

Yes, Our lives are going to get very interesting, as the insane destroy their own, but no more so than most of us have experienced to date. Mamma always said, "Life is like a box of Chocolates".

With all that has transpired throughout all of our lives, all the destruction's, loss and turmoil, Some individual, fortunate times are remembered and cherished. So, cherish your memories, resolve yourself to compliant understanding.... We all here have a far advanced knowledge that there is really only ONE TRUTH.

Thanks again Les for your commitment to the word smithy's. If there should be some magical enchantment to be cast, confidence in the ethereal to supply the media for you to forward, is high.

Be well, know your invisible friends are always awaiting the next installment.



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