Sunday, August 16, 2020

"An Allegorical Wandering Contemplation of Reflections upon a Rapidly Transforming State of Being."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If great minds think alike, perhaps the same is true of less than great minds as well and that accounts for the impressive force of the extreme left in American politics and those who support what will turn out to be a larger injury than what would result from them lowering their head and running full tilt into a wall, which would serve as a close approximation to the sure and certain result of their supporting their own bondage and following demise, as they are so doing.

Use your head for a moment (on something other than the wall) and think; how many people, realistically, can there be in this country that supports such guaranteed country-destroying, ignorant policies? It is likely as much of a splinter group as the alt-sex contingent. Any one of them makes up something well under 5 percent of the people. Perhaps ALL OF THEM would add up to only a little more than that. No way do they have the collective force to justify the media attention they get. So how is it that they are exerting such great influence? It is a combination of the squeaky wheel, the Mass Media, and the heavy, heavy bankrolls of the same forces who are always joined together when a culture is in decline and who bought the media industries with money they printed out of thin air.

Yes... there is a larger body of the clueless, as opposed to the committed, who have been programmed by Dark Powers to believe transparent lies and mostly this is because they don't THINK in the first place. They don't bother to look deeper into what is REALLY taking place. They had better do so. Not being aware of a large body headed at high speed toward you is not a workable defense against injury from contact with it.

All the questions that I EVER had about; 'why do people permit or support such terrible conditions and policies that they wound up living in and continued to live in?' That has been answered for me through observation on present times. I am SO TIRED of telling people the bridge is out up ahead and people giving the finger as they step on the gas and drive right on because “Dammit! If I don't want it to be out then it's not!” But... it is! “No, it's not!” Ah... Yes, it is. “No, it isn't, and fuck you!” And... so it goes.

Each morning, in my meditations, there comes the time when I pray, “Lord, PLEASE awaken humanity. Please show them the consequences that await if their present course is maintained. Lord, PLEASE show them the alternative fate that could be theirs. Lord... let Gabriel blow his horn in their minds and let the light of dawning awareness... yadda, yadda.”

I don't really mean, 'yadda, yadda', especially when talking to or about The Divine but... it feels like that sometimes when I am talking to everyone else. How come they can't see what is now so glaringly evident that it should have the figurative equivalent of a Louisville Slugger upside the head? What is happening IS REAL ENOUGH TO HURT WHEN IT HITS YOU! It deserves paying attention to so that YOU can reverse Cancel Culture it in your mind just as 'they do' in the external sense.

Is it the fear? Is it the treadmill syndrome? Is it the rat and the cheese or the rat in the maze, or... the rat in the trap? The rat with the electrodes in its brain? Is it the coma state, induced by some sleep making chemical in the air or the water supply? It is certainly, at least in part, the misdirected target shoot of blaming everything on whoever they imagine is in charge; in charge of what?

I don't understand why there is only a handful of us who 'get it'. It seems like everyone I talk to agrees, most of the time, with what I have to say to them but... I only interact with a very few people in real life; real life... right? I was going to this physical therapy place for the last couple of months for my frozen shoulder but that ended yesterday. At the beginning of the treatment, one of the practitioners would work on my shoulder and we would talk and that involved a total of 4 or 5 people over the course of my biweekly visits. Mostly they were aware of a lot of what is going on; seems to be going on.

Yesterday, one of them mentioned to me about Tom Hanks being a pedophile and how he was out of the country to avoid arrest. He had been in Australia and then he came back. My friend tells me he's now in Greece cause they don't have extradition. Uh... I think they do have extradition. I stay on top of things like that (grin). I can tell right off where they are getting this information and I have to tell them, “Hey! There's no proof of that.” This is all something 'someone' somewhere said but there are zero facts and you shouldn't say things like that if you don't really know. I hear it about Offal Winfrey and scads of others; that they are going to be arrested any minute BUT THEY NEVER ARE... so far anyway.

I HATE slander. I'm not a fan of Tom Hanks. He's part of that whole Hollywood liberal scene. He did an impressive job as Mr. Rogers; I'll give him that but even if it were someone I was seriously not fond of, I don't abide unproven accusations. I've been the victim of that sort of thing more than once. I KNOW what it feels like and no matter whether you are innocent and exonerated, some of the mud/excrement sticks. That's why mass media uses such an incredible amount of innuendo and these days... less innuendo and more flat out lies.

There is this big sticky swamp of wild assed claims getting passed around about all kinds of people. Maybe they are true but I have yet to see the proof of it. We get the impression that NEARLY EVERYONE in Hollywood is a pedophile Satanist. They're not. A large amount of them are only clueless, horribly vain, and ignorant fools. They spend so much time posing they have no time to think, not that that is their strong suit, and they are less about preying on others than they are about pleasuring themselves while looking in the mirror.

I am aware that there is a force loose in that demographic and it demands an amount of compliance by anyone who wants to get ahead in the industry. I can see where there might be Satanic protocols to follow in order to get favored treatment. In 1986, having just beaten the system (with divine help) in Hawaii, I was in LA. I'd gone there to work in the comedy clubs with my Lou Costello version of a partner. I met someone who distributed LSD and he had blotters that were made from the residue in the bottom of the trays in which sheets of blotters were soaked. He warned me that it was much more powerful than the usual doses. Did I listen? Yeah, sure I did.

So I took a whopping amount and ♫ Oh Holy Shit, the night turned into day time ♫ (apologies to the author of “Oh Holy Night”) I was near incoherent for some time. I have vivid memories of that event. When the next morning dawned, I was the human equivalent of the aftermath of the Wreck of the Hesperus. I walked outside and headed for a corner store a few blocks away. Something was flickering to the right of me so I turned to look and there I saw The Devil, as real as real could be; the massive form of The Devil, squatting atop a portion of the town. He looked directly at me and communicated, with force; “this is my town. I own it.” The experience was so powerful that I did not take any intoxicant whatsoever for several weeks. I didn't even smoke a cigarette. I started getting up at dawn for runs on the streets. It was not a good idea. The smog polluted air was so poisonous I wound up hacking from it. Everything I saw and touched seemed poisonous. It took a while for me to reintegrate but... the memory of WHAT I SAW and WHAT I EXPERIENCED of the infernal power that ran through the bloodstream of that town has NEVER left me and I have NEVER been back.

It has been one Hell of a ♫ long and winding road ♫ from then to now. I am amazed at the degree of my spiritual evolution since that time. It felt like I was a drag racing pinball, bouncing off of the bumpers of a cartoon life. How did I survive all of that? How did I survive all that came before it? You might, could imagine (great sentence structure) that I don't just believe in God. I KNOW God is real and remain absolutely amazed at the Grace and redemption that has come my way. Oh... the pain and torment were considerable. There is no way for me to describe the tortures I inflicted upon myself. Finally... the loving hand of God intruded and washed away every obstacle, across all the barriers of time. I've been informed many times over the course of my journey that I AM NOT THE PRODUCT of ONLY this present appearance. There is a considerable backstory and when I asked, as I often did; “How can I... the wretched creature that I seem to be, deserve these unspeakably wonderful attentions of The Supernal Realm?” Then I am told that there is ever so much more to the tale and that I am not the wretched creature I have convinced myself I am and that I often had no choice about what happened. It was all necessitated for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The manipulators of the appearances of this world are subtle and ingenious. They are also clumsy oafs by comparison with the ascended workers of light. They make things up and get people to believe them and then they debunk it after they have proven it real and that steers people away from what is really happening and convinces them that the unreal is real, that bad is good and that license is freedom.

We are soon to enter a speed lane of unpredictable circumstances. Everything is going to be ramped up. You will be able to actually feel the heat of the moment. Not only are things going to fall apart but things are going to appear out of nowhere and startle the human mind in ways it had not previously imagined could be possible. All this I have been told lately and a great deal more, which I have to now wait for it to precipitate into a proper form for me to communicate it.

Why are people not spending EVERY CONSCIOUS MOMENT trying to communicate with the blessed spheres? Perhaps there are not that many conscious moments? I can truthfully say that nearly every minute of my life is now so engaged. Whoop de do for me, I guess... but that is not my intent. I've plenty of failings yet to consider. What I am TRYING to convey here is that NOW everything is different. What was once so hard it was well beyond difficult (and trust me, I know how difficult it WAS) is now not nearly that difficult because the Heart and the Hand of Heaven are extended downward NOW, both from above and from within. If you haven't seriously tried to make contact recently then you might not know this.

I am having extraordinary experiences and my life has OFTEN been a zone of extraordinary experiences BUT NOW? NOW? Something has definitely changed and I am COMPELLED to share this with you. Portals have opened in recent times. An effort in this direction might well result in big dividends. It can't hurt, can it? It's worth a try, isn't it?

Each evening now, I go out on the patio and talk to The Divine Mother. I'm not the sharpest and most insightful guy around. I miss things. So... I have been doing this and at first, it was just me talking into the night, certain that she was there because she ALWAYS IS. Then... in a matter of only a couple of evenings, it has become a conversation and not just a conversation but a PALPABLE EXPERIENCE of a definite sense of presence. Words fail, of course. I was talking about this last night to my friend and then it hit me right between the eyes. It wasn't me who suddenly decided to make this a regular part of my evening every night. The Divine Mother arranged it but I wasn't paying attention like, perhaps, I should have been. Often I think I am doing something because it is something I wanted to do. I am starting to find out that my part is a much smaller portion of the dynamic than I previously thought.

I'm not telling you this just to share certain segments of my life. I am NOT the important factor here. What is happening and the force of it at this time, THAT is the important factor. I suspect that the effects I am discerning are not exclusive to me. They, like the waters of the spirit, are freely given to one and all. If you do not avail yourself of them then that is your loss. It does not have to go into the loss column. I really believe that with a little effort put forth on the part of any of you that there might be more in the offing than was the case at any time before in memory. I'm not 100% clear about why it is that I am going on and on about this but I think, I feel, it might be the product of a Contempo shift in the wind. Something has changed, dramatically, in the tenor of the moment.

End Transmission.......

Speaking of Tenors, Here is a twenty years after the initial performance of a song.

And here it is in earlier days.

This wonderful singer was blinded as a result of getting hit in the head with a soccer ball at the age of 12. Karma, neh? This song is the biggest selling single of all time. It is a wonderful song. This is what music is supposed to do and NOT what most of it is presently doing. Most of it these days isn't even music at all. These days it is the soundtrack to Goblin Life.

If you go to Parler, LIKE NO ONE DOES... you could FOLLOW the postings, LIKE NO ONE DOES, and even vote for my post LIKE NO ONE DOES. It's not like I care about the votes or the follows, that adds up to nothing in the course of events and I'm content beyond measure at my place in the scheme of things now. Anyway, I suggest you AT LEAST bookmark the site, even if YOU DON'T VOTE or sign up to FOLLOW. You can do none of these things here.

I'm going to have to give Pocketnet a scrolling look soon, I think. I haven't been there in MANY weeks now except to Post and Run. Pocketnet can be accessed by clicking this link.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definite Nostrils Up! I'm under the impression there's gonna be Hell to pay before the year is out from what I read. Not worried about, it though. After all, I asked for this before I got here, so. . .

Visible said...

Yes... there will be Hell to pay for those in debt at that level. Something most people don't realize is that the whole world is an immaculate and precise mathematical construct, one of the reasons that NOTHING happens without a reason. Alternatively, there will be those with Heaven paying out and those for whom it will be on one end or the other of a near Zero-sum game.

Yes... the shit is most definitely going to hit the fan and there will be those standing close to it, due simply to the fact that the fan is INVISIBLE. Of course, they should know but they prefer not to because it gets between them and what they want.

Some of us are going to be automatically elevated BECAUSE of those on the other side of the see saw. That is how it works in an apocalypse and it is one of the fantastic features that can turn one's life into a good night at Monte Carlo; in a manner of speaking. There are all sorts of positive perks that occur in times like these that slip under or over the radar of general awareness. Some of us are going to be fortunate indeed simply due to a form of gravity having to do with retribution and recompense on a large scale. This is one of the outstanding features of following the Greatest Commandment. You wouldn't think there would be a result of that nature but THERE IS. All kinds of magical things are set to happen that are not expected. God is wonderful beyond description.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an inspiring column. Thanks!

Vis: "What I am TRYING to convey here is that NOW everything is different. What was once so hard it was well beyond difficult... is now not nearly that difficult because the Heart and the Hand of Heaven are extended downward."

Some decades back, one of my teachers said something similar. All the unseen Good Guys had done such hard work on the 'dark background' that those of us Down Here were going to have a relative cake-walk towards enlightenment/self-realization/ascension compared to how it would have been. In effect, they did the 'heavy lifting', sight unseen, and left us to do the remainder. Thank you...
Vis: "Something has changed, dramatically, in the tenor of the moment."

Indeed. It feels like we are heading (quickly) towards a dénouement. It seems like a 'perfect storm' moment. I keep getting an image of the dark forces guiding us towards an unfortunate end, while higher forces are actually 'incorporating' them within a larger picture. In Tolkien-speak (substitute religious names for Middle Earth names):

"...the world of Middle-Earth, or Arda, was the physical creation by Eru Illuvatar. However, it was preceded by a conceptual creation in the Great Song (the Music of the Ainur) which was composed by Eru, but had contributions from all of the Ainur according to their thoughts and nature. Eru revealed the theme and composition, but it was interpreted and played (or sung) by the Ainur.

Into this beautiful symphony, Melkor tried to insert his own themes by dominance and control. This created discord and chaos in the symphony, until Eru intervened.

At first, Eru intervened to raise another theme that overwhelmed Melkor's theme. When Melkor persisted, Eru revealed another theme that took the notes and melodies of Melkor's theme, and blended them into itself to create something even more beautiful, despite Melkor's intentions."

Interesting Times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Your consistent call to worship the Ineffable, the Divine Mother, the impersonal perfection of the orderly logic of Creation refreshes those who thirst.

"there is a larger body of the clueless, as opposed to the committed, who have been programmed by Dark Powers to believe transparent lies and mostly this is because they don't THINK in the first place"

What a paradise when people just start to think again, instead of stepping from emotional bubble to emotional bubble.
The bullshit mind control would fall away and we would clearly see the work we have to do!

"Everything is going to be ramped up. You will be able to actually feel the heat of the moment"
Divine laughter as we transit one of the hotter summers!
If we have not been pracicing how to stay cool, calm and collected before the zombie horde, we may overheat and faint. If that is what it takes to connect us back to the power of our spirit, it is worth even that!

"there is a larger body of the clueless, as opposed to the committed, who have been programmed by Dark Powers to believe transparent lies and mostly this is because they don't THINK in the first place"

What a paradise when people just start to think again, instead of stepping automatically from emotional bubble to emotional bubble.
The bullshit mind control would fall away and we would clearly see the work we have to do!

"What was once so hard it was well beyond difficult (and trust me, I know how difficult it WAS) is now not nearly that difficult because the Heart and the Hand of Heaven are extended downward NOW, both from above and from within"

The Presence within draws closer and the dawn approaches, the very motivation for the desperados to ramp up their plans for total control over humanity.
Use the energy to dissolve all bondage to the rule of mammon or to cement the millstones around our necks for another ride around the wheel of life, to be delayed for a thousand earth years, unfortunately for us slow learners!
Those who seek are blessed beyond measure by those who fearlessly share their inner life and spiritual journey,

"I really believe that with a little effort put forth on the part of any of you that there might be more in the offing than was the case at any time before in memory"

Analogous to those precious moments of personal emotional upheaval, when we can learn and grow so rapidly, faster than normal for adults but actually typical of transformations in childhood, forgotten to create the rule of the blind intellectual rule of ego.
What is crystal clear is that there is no more time for balking or resisting. Learn to fly or go splat, is the choice when humanity is pushed off the precipice.
We are divinely assisted in flight but only infernally pushed to fall.

This subtle imbalance of forces makes all the difference in life

J from sovereign nation said...

and Melkor became Morgoth, wasn't it so? And Manwe of the valaar travelled up on a mountain and the Valaar, or powers AKA the other Gods threw Morgoth out through the door of the night. Minas Isil and Minas Anor were the two towers ( the sun and the moon)and when Minas Anor became minas Morgul, the tower of black magic, the other became Minas Tirith, the watchtower. The Nazguls were kings once and later just servants of the ring.

Next one is intereting: there were made rings for the elves, for the humans and for the greedy dwarfs in their halls of stone. Halls of stones..hmm. anyone? What could that possibly be..?I am thinking of houses..big houses and driving by and Bingo! I have tracked them down, but I wont tell you now. Maybe later.

Anonymous said...

Sure seems to me that the pressure is building up fast now, pressure cooker if you will.
I was out and about today to pick a few things up, peanut butter, coffee and some apple turn overs which I haven't had in 4 months. The shelves were very sparse. Thoughts entering my head from the ether: welcome to the age of the moron. Those invisible germs are gonna get-cha don't you know. Somebody wanted to talk to me but was 'ascared', he knew the shit wasn't real but just felt he had no choice but to play along or be ridiculed for what he thought. Poor guy I thought. Anyway apparently this is a very old scam. I didn't write this but strikes me as true...

"This smells like deliberate sabotage that is designed to start a civil war, create food shortage and instability for the purpose of starting a hot war. Why hot war....USA lost the petrodollar after Iran bombed burger bases like alqaeda training camps with no credible response. You are living through a classical rerun of European history is how it goes!
An east india trading house lets say the Dutch east india company loses its spice routes or the abillity to fix the price of pepper and control its supply to Europe.
1: The masonic judeochristian banksters of the Dutch East india company central bank need to immediately cut consumption and contract paper money supply otherwise there would be a run on gold and commodities.
2: Preferred masonic goto LOCKSTEP strategy: Toss a plague corpse or psyop the plague and tell everyone in the city or trading town disease is coming flee to the country side so all bars, brothels, painting houses,  workshops are closed and builders, traders, whores and their sailor johns flee to the country side for a few weeks/ months.
3: Eventually peasants figure out the plague is not as real or as serious and start to withdraw physical gold and pepper tea coffee stock in warehouses of the east india trading house.
4: Run on the banks, Juice usually try to flee with their share of gold, get blamed for plague, holocaust expulsion etc etc.
We are now in between 2 and 3."

Live accordingly, now that the plan is known.

Anonymous said...

Some lines from one of my favorite tunes:

Can I stay with you maybe a couple days?"
He said "Uh, let me go and ask my wife"
He come out of the house,
I could see it in his face
I know that was no
He said "I don't know man, ah she kinda funny, you know"
I said "I know, everybody funny, now you funny too"

Everybody is 'kinda funny' now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible,

Seriously, would anyone actually know there was a "pandemic" if it weren't for the media?

Visible said...

It astounds me, it really does. I want to love humanity. I desire to serve Heaven above and beyond all possibilities of thought, speech, and action. This means to love humanity as well BUT... sometimes... it is not possible. As I have heard a time or two; "Love the sinner, not the sin."

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"I Rode into the Desert as an Act of Defense, without a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes."



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