Wednesday, October 9, 2019

On Thursday Comes The Furries and the Climate Change Junkies and The Khmer Rouge Antifa Thugs; Epiphany Awaits.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Wednesday. According to patterns long in operation, Thursday is scheduled to follow and... Thursday is October 10th. This is being billed as a watershed moment. This watershed moment could well turn into a woodshed moment. The out of shape, overweight army, of helicopter dropped (on their heads) Arrested Development, Antifa children, are going to be marching out of the corn, with their scythes and pitchforks. They are organized now (sort of). The Furries and sexual degenerate armies are going to be on the Left Flank. You get a good sense of Furries from this article. Furries are not hard to understand. It's anonymous and impersonal and even now, when they are gonna persona it, it's still no different than Antifa Thugs in Khmer Rouge outfits, who are also animalized humans; based on their behavior. Climate Change Junkies are arrayed on the Right Flank, preparing to march like Lemmings in search of a cliff, led by their own Soros puppeted, Joan of Arc, Alfred E. Neuman's little sister.

Given that people of and before a certain age, have no idea of who they are and no real life suffering that might account for some maturity, it's a given that they lack the integrity necessary to be unmasked in word and deed. This way, masked, they can do anything and it's not really them doing it. It is difficult to stand up for principles you don't possess and represent ideals you don't understand. When generations lose their sense of humanity, they become easy prey for that which is not human and the destiny of that Bible verse is sure to come upon them; “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

I am further reminded of the following;

“O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

People have all kinds of ideas about what Evil is. Often enough it is no more than anything they don't like. Let me give it a shot... and for that I will refer to Hindu terminology. Just as Western alchemists used Mercury, Sulfur and Salt to stand for the Spirit, Soul and Body, in Hindu understanding, they become the Three Gunas (forces of action) of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sattva is luminous intelligence. Rajas is passion and Tamas is inertia and of the latter, it is also said to be, 'lethargic, violent, dull, destructive, deluded' etc. I'm sure Evil would fit into that lineup nicely. So... one could say that one of the primary origins of Evil is simply 'laziness' and if you think about it, a lot of traditional expressions of Evil come out of laziness; Crime occurs often when people are too lazy to work for a living. Taking the easy way indicates all sorts of undesirable results. I'm not going to go on and on about this. Let's just say laziness is not a good thing. It is probably why Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins.

The no longer sheltered offspring of helicopter parents are notoriously lazy. This is how you get people who can't finish college, or find a profession, or maintain an independent lifestyle and wind up living with, or being financially supported by their parents. One hedge funder was murdered by his trust fund child for cutting his allowance. He was 30 years old! Here's the quote that concludes the article;

“The handsome Gilbert Jr. — a graduate of the Buckley School on the Upper East Side, Deerfield Academy in western Massachusetts and Princeton — was a fixture on Manhattan’s black-tie society circuit and was often photographed with a beautiful woman on his arm.”

The helicopter children ran into a tragic reality and that is... the world is going to treat you differently than your parents indulged you. This accounts for the attractiveness of Socialism and the idea that everything can be free and that mediocrity is the new standard for humanity.

Here is one of the icons of the recent generations. Here is another classy role model. I don't know if the reader is familiar with seminal events like Hot Girl Summer and Meagan Tha Stallion, Cardi B and many another. It doesn't take much research to hear what's being expressed in their lyrics. The same applies to nearly ALL male rappers as well. The more pornographic and disgusting, the better. The more that the feminine principle is debased and reduced to Back Alley Whore, the more you are going to run across it... if you're not careful. These women were 'chosen' for their complete lack of principles and inhibitions, as well as an overpowering lust for fame. Talent was NEVER a factor. The people choosing them have a particular intention in mind and that is to groom everyone with double digit IQ's into behavior similar to that being portrayed. Along with this come the Autism Vaccines, sexual perversity for population control, cultural degeneracy and the introduction of young male refugees from war zones for social chaos.

I don't comment on or judge what I have not studied and pondered over and... the level of depravity and palpable Satanic presence in Rap is undeniable. Obviously there is a reason that this particular form of entertainment is being promoted. Following my research into the medium, I went looking into 'who' promotes and disseminates it. You come round to the same group of people no matter what, when it come to influencing the human mind into living self destructively. Interestingly, it has come to my attention that a startling amount of rappers are Gay. This is all for the purpose of programming.

It is not my place to judge what people do, especially since I realize that EVENTUALLY everyone attains Liberation. However... this can and does (on occasion) take millions of incarnations. This is not to say that there are not those who inflexibly insist on doing evil for the sheer joy of it. Even were there those who refuse Salvation and Liberation utterly, they are STILL, at some point, integrated into the whole. As one should know, God sets the parameters and character of both Good and Evil on the relative plane. Who do you think you are praying to when you ask, “and lead us not into temptation”? The Devil is one of God's employees, for the purpose of demonstration.

My intention is that, where possible, I seek to assist in the divine effort to SPARE human souls from unnecessary torment. One DOES NOT have to suffer for near unimaginable lengths of time. One can, in fact, attain to Liberation in rapid fashion (relatively speaking), should they find themselves empowered with the required intensity to achieve it. For those of a Western perspective, I mention St. Augustine. A study of the lives of the saints can provide profound insights. Yes... the established churches are riddled with terrible offenses against humanity. I am not here to treat with these matters. I am here to say, there is a Way Out; or a Way In... if you prefer. EVERYONE has the right and opportunity to develop a relationship with their author, should they choose to and... should it prove out to be of a greater importance than all the meaningless terrestrial attractions, presently occupying their attention.

What I am talking about will be of interest to very few but it is, VERY REAL. I have personally experienced what I am talking about and it is of little concern to me whether it is believed by anyone else. I HAVE ONLY TO CONVINCE MYSELF. Of course, I could be deluded AND... in certain areas, I still am but... what I wish to communicate to the reader is that we are living in momentous times; times of astounding possibilities for spiritual advancement and this is precisely because of the intensity of the force of materialism at work. You might say it is a matter of DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY. Should you find Liberation and Realization to be an attractive idea, there are powerful celestial forces awaiting the chance to assist you. This life and all we think is so important to us here, is of no real importance at all ...and it will end when your particular cassette tape runs out. Alternatively, there are planes of existence and portals into them, which are going to present themselves to those with eyes to see them; eyes as yet undulled by perverse appetite and despair.

I am no one and you are, of course, free to reject out of hand, everything you read here. This is all offered freely and always will be. The only cost to any of us, in respect of realizing Truth and attaining True Freedom, is the effort put into it. Think of it as being like digging into the darkness, until the light is reached. You have no way of knowing how much time and effort may be required but... if you do not quit, you cannot fail. The whole of manifest life is solely for the Purpose of Demonstration. It is here that we learn, should we be so inclined, what to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, what to be and what not to be and... the answer to that last is... 'you already are.'

For so long as we insist on doing anything 'our way', because we have convinced ourselves that it is The Way, it is going to be demonstrated to us that we are operating counter to our own best interests. Within every living thing is a connection to the source of all life. You would not be alive if this were not true because it is The Life in everyone. The sun is the source of all life and we are all Frozen Sunlight; light in extension. There is another spiritual sun that is the source of the physical sun. Emanuel Swedenborg had a few things to say about that.

Swedenborg said that, “the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith”. This is because once it does, it would have to descend. In other words, there is ALWAYS more power in reserve than everything that presently or EVER will exist in the manifest universe. Consider that when you think about the limitless power of God. WE are God's regents on Earth, should we chose to be and should we behave accordingly. WE are the means through which God expresses himself here, should we choose to be. Now consider how it is that you are presently spending your time. It took me a very long time (I don't know but I imagine it is so) to understand certain things. There was, no doubt, terrible suffering involved. Portions of that I have already seen in this life. I do not intend to waste another minute in trivial pursuit and I can only pray that the same will prove true of you.

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Visible said...

Here is a little something for the concerned Catholics among you from "the trusted source of Church Militant."

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

"Degree of Difficulty"

A kind of reverse leverage, where it takes massive effort just to stay alive, if you are not going with the flow down the drain.

If you choose to not participate in the degradation of the Spirit and beauty, now crushing the divine Feminine in its real form and transplanting the infernal aspects of it into geldings, the degree of difficulty tests your will in every moment.

If your mind goes into idle for a second, your posse of past deeds and doubts start their siren wail.

The psychic pressure has gone way past 11!
(metaphor of an audio volume control knob with range of 1-10)

Where would we be without the kindness of kindred spirits, those of us who know that we are souls having a human experience?

Be still and know
Remain humble and calm in the eye of the storm
Hold the thoughts of the timeless One
Love your soul and everyone without condition

May our souls get through to our conscious but less than awake minds!

The One works in mysterious ways, THROUGH human beings as well as Lady Nature.

Your creative inspired work continues to inspire.
Thank you for being here now and giving us all your all!

Some thoughts on the power of belief, positive or negative.

A Tale of Two Believers

Ray B. said...

Vis, nice column. Appreciated. Your energy 'feels' a bit different; I will have to meditate on that...

When one is outward-oriented, one will inevitably fall into a 'Purpose of Demonstration' moment. The pathos from that will get one to turn within. Not easy, but there you are.

Part of the madness comes-from the separation from what one really came down here to do. Above the consciousness-bubble, each of us still-knows what we were attracted/commanded to do down-here on earth-plane. Often, we were hijacked or went to sleep - but we still know in our dreams or reveries. The 'tension' between what we are doing and what we were meant to do can be crazy-making. Hence, today...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Visable,
You have mentioned the unveiling... do you know about the internet rumor regarding 3-11-2019 in
Seattle, the start of war? Check this out
Very well researched. The next little bit is just for humour. Of course we know it. Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.
Your friend in Manitoba. Keep writing please, I need it. Thanks Alex

“These fuckers are going to print hard enough to wake the dead. They’ll print like mo’fos, print like mad men, print like fly pimps. Print until their eyes bleed.

They will print via the swaps, via bank bailouts and mergers, via fixed Treasury yields, via real honest-to-God negative interest rates, via loans to banks on no collateral, via payroll tax reductions, and in the end via actual fiat paper instruments which they might very well drop in bails from actual mutherfucking helicopters.

They will not give two figs what anyone thinks.

Here is why.

Because this is the Goddamned end of it my friend. There is no accountingbeyond this point. There will be no historyof it. No one to take notes of rates of exchange, or of the graft and violence, nobody to worry about the deficit or the GDP or the national debt of any nation large or small under the blazing Goddamned sun.

End. Of. It.Does anyone bitch about how Rome totally debased their coinage at the end? Hell no. But whoever did it had enough to hand and grabbed some land with a nice vineyard and sat back and waited for the Middle Ages to start 700 years further on.

And that’s what a singularity is about. Anything that passes through is striped of all meaning. Nothing we think is important now will remain so beyond the event horizon. Nobody will remember, nobody will write about it, nobody will be held to any standard. Ever for evar.

So yeah, they’ll print like the mad crazed terrorists they are. Because they have nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain. Maybe a dollar. Maybe a day. Maybe a slim chance to escape with some of the loot. Whatever the **** advantage they see in it, for themselves and their elite crap wanking buddies, they will full-on-full-time-******* do it to advantage.

Watch for it, Dawg. It’s totally on this time, on like Donkey Kong. And when the dust is settled in a generation hence it’s going to have become another unbelievable episode among the ages of men.”

Visible said...

I've been familiar with the Nov 3 event for a month now. It's based on some pretty shaky base but we shall see. I've long been getting information about Seattle for 15 years now.


Yes... my energy has most certainly changed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I spelled your name wrong. I'm an engineer and we are not known for our spelling.
How about 3-11-2011. Done by the same ones. There was a movie called 'Mount Fuji in Red' they had to take it off the webs. Very sad times indeed. We must get out from under this programming if we are to move forward in the spiritual sense. Too much of this stuff hurts us all very profondly.
I suffer from this as we all do. But being awake to it gives some hope. BTW, 'You can do Magic'.
use your free will wisely.
They seam to like the numbers 3-11-9-11-6-11 a bit veird. I personally like 7.
Your Friend in Manitoba

KrisH said...

Not sure I grasp all the stuff to do with events in America; but I know my country (Britain) is being eaten alive by evil. Those of us who dared to vote to escape the European Union are now fighting for the life of democracy in the face of, without a doubt, the most evil people and political corruption I've ever seen in my sixty-plus years of life. The British parliament is corrupt beyond belief; unelected politicians are now placing themselves ready to take power and there's not a damned thing that us people can do to stop it.
We are utterly helpless, tied hand and foot in political terms. Yes I know it's all for demonstration and God is in control.... but ultimately where it's leading us is unknown....and the not knowing is worse than the actual events.There is little doubt that we are being dismantled as a nation and it is terrifying to be forced to sit and watch, with no ability to stop it.
I've been here on and off over the years, must admit sometimes I struggle to understand what you're writing but in recent times I have really enjoyed much of what you've put out.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


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