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Today is the 25th of October and this is some kind of a power portal for Witches. I knew that Halloween, Samhain was a power date. I didn't know anything about October 25th. Way...yell- it turns out that October 25th is Halloween. This comes as news to me but then... I was thinking, Christmas is on the 25th of December but it is intended to be the Christian overlay upon the Winter Solstice, which is 21-22 so... I guess that might be the reason somehow.

This evening, Witches here and witches there, witches everywhere, with or without purple hair, ugly or beautiful, in the eye of the beholder, are going to be gathering or acting in singularity to perform a 'binding spell' on President Trump. The intention is to prevent him from doing harm to the country. Now... RIGHT THERE... RIGHT THERE... I got a question; WHAT IF HE ISN'T DOING ANY HARM? That's subjective isn't it? Who is deciding what is HARMFUL? Is it harmful to close the southern borders, against an influx of millions of immigrants, whose immigration is being engineered by George Soros and ancillary Satanic brethren, so that the Democratic party can have a wave of newly minted Democratic voters? Is that harmful?

Is it harmful to create the most robust economy in decades? Is it harmful to generate the best employment figures in decades? Is it harmful to drain The Swamp of the Deep State Alligators? Is it harmful to go after the human traffickers and pedophiles in a way that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE? If none of these things are harmful and if it is not President Trump's intention to harm America in any other manner; doesn't this mean that 'the binding spell' will have no impact whatsoever?

They are not asking that President Trump be bound from performing any act that they (the witches) identify as harmful. They are simply talking generically harmful. That would then- as I understand the principles, mean whatever the general idea of harm is in the minds of the largest body of people. I imagine you can do the math on that.

I don't want to say that there are a lot of very stupid people. I DO NOT WANT to say this. I do not want to also say that there are FAR MORE STUPID PEOPLE than there ever was previously. I don't mean this to be true simply because there is a greater population. I am implying a percentile density of stupidity over all.

Even though I don't want to say that there are a WHOLE LOT OF STUPID PEOPLE, I do want to discuss what accounts for it, if it proves to be true, that there are not only a lot of stupid people but more stupid people than ever before (and, if it's true, it's increasing). The reasons are; (drum roll) the intensification of Materialism, the advances in technological convenience, the loss of educational standards, possibly a watering down of the gene pool, the aggressiveness of vaccine programs, drugs and alcohol abuse, epidemic sexual promiscuity (Yes, that will render you stupid), relentless brainwashing and... RAMPANT APPETITE EXCESSES + an obsession with trivial pursuits to the exclusion of all other interests and which leads to the death of curiosity in the deeper considerations of life. I could add a great deal of minutiae to this brief listing but this will serve, for the moment.

When I was in Europe I used to visit this German pub in the town where I lived. It was called The Bahnof, which means train station. There was a single track, train there and it did run on Sundays to some town a few kilometers up the road. The Germans are often a garrulous lot and I would wind up in conversation with them. Some percentage of them are taciturn. I did not talk to those.

On one occasion I found myself talking to this one fellow who began to tell me about his problems. This is a common features in bars and the problems are often the reason people are there in the first place. People at a certain level of emotional development also get lonely. That can be a problem for them. I vastly prefer being alone, mostly because I never am, even when I am, alone.

So this fellow is telling me about his problems, which like most problems, centered around other people (probably another reason I like being alone). Although we may not be as effective with our own problems, some of us are very good at solving other people's problems. I'm pretty good at that (or I thought I was), or so my past history indicates. There are a couple of reasons for this; I'm empathetic and I give a shit. Those might both be the same thing. I also rely heavily on my Objective Perspective. I've seen what happens to people who don't.

So... this fellow is telling me his problems and it did not take long before the solution leapt into my mind- almost as if it had been deposited there from another location- and I told him what it was. He responded with a resounding, “Yeah, that's what I must do.” (“Ja! das ist es, was ich tun muss.”)... or something like that. He was pretty cheerful after that, as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Sometimes the perception that something has been remedied, even if it has yet to occur, is as good as if it has happened already. He probably bought me a beer and we went on to other great matters of the world, which we no doubt sorted out on that afternoon. I left at some point and forgot all about it. That's what I do.

Fast forward some months; I walk into the same pub, of an afternoon ...and encounter the same fellow, sitting in morose introspection. I think that used to be called a 'brown study'. I joined him and asked him how it was going. He proceeded to tell me about the very same problem that he had told me about the last time, as if he did not remember even discussing it with me. He did not. I reminded him of our conversation and then he remembered. I asked him if he had applied the solution that was proffered. He said, “No.” When I asked him why that was, he could not tell me; “I must have forgotten.” I think he said. Then it came to me in a flash of revelation. Boom! I saw what was what. This happens to me sometimes and it happened then. I saw that HE IS HIS PROBLEM. This is how he identifies himself. Without his problem he would not be who he is. He needs the problem(s) to be him.

I left the pub that day greatly changed. What I had seen has stayed with me and since that time I have looked at people in a very different way. It has been of great value and saved me a lot of time I would have otherwise wasted, trying to change what it is not my place, or in my power, to change. I had always been devoted to helping people. It is some kind of an impetus that makes me who I am. Hopefully I did less harm and more good overall. I suspect that in many instances, there was no change.

I am not saying you can't help people. You can. Along with what I learned that day, I learned a new method for being useful and that is to just listen to people and see the nature of their need in my mind. Since there is ONLY ONE MIND, whatever I am thinking is accessible to the person(s) I am with. You can heal people in quietude. You can just be around people and make them better by being better yourself. Healthy and well balanced people have a contagion to them, just like sick people. Negative people spread negativity and positive people spread positivity. Look at what The Sun accomplishes.

I saw a discussion at Pocketnet a couple of months ago. Two people were talking about magic spells and one of them said, “Yeah... and it just rebounds on the person who cast it.” That's not true. It CAN BE true (One has to use the mirroring principle, in defense, to get the rebound) but it is not per se. There would be no point at all in practicing such things if the inevitable result was to harm yourself. Of course, we can think of many examples where this is IN FACT true.

People can be very self destructive but in the matter of Magic, certain rules apply. I'm reminded of a tale told by Aleister Crowley. He was involved in a magical war with someone, it was around the time he was with MacGregor Mathers. He knew (for reasons I do not recall) that he was going to be under magical attack that day during a certain period. He then went to the cinema and watched two Charlie Chaplin movies and the spells had no impact. This should lead a person to consider the connections between The Devil and laughter. Laugh at the devil and he will run from you. I'm not promoting Crowley, who I consider a wastrel. I have had many of the same difficulties as he but... also the good sense to eschew Magic as a result. You need a certain mindset to get into these things. It would not have gone well for me if I'd gone that route. I studied these subjects for decades but... that's as far as it went. I'm a mystic, not a magician. One REALLY needs to know the difference.

A Cliff Notes expo on Crowley.

Powers WILL COME if one practices austerities and spiritual disciplines. They come with the territory, so to speak. My posture on this matter is to leave those powers in the hands of the indwelling and should HE FIND A NEED to exercise them, fine... otherwise? Not happening.

So these witches are going to get together, here and there, in whatever which way and do a 'binding spell' on President Trump. I should point out that they have been casting these binding spells for several years now. Here is what I have seen, as far as the broad strokes of contemporary, self styled, magical workers go. I'm talking about the gamut from Tarot Card readings to child sacrifice. VERY FEW of these people have any idea of what they are up to. For instance, they go around doing Tarot Card readings, telling the fortunes of strangers. I have studied the Tarot and related subjects for decades. Some of that time was under the tutelage of experts. Anyone with a particle of common sense knows better that to study Tarot Card arrangements to predict the future, which I might add, they fail miserably at. It's carny action. WHAT IS THE POINT OF TRYING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE WHEN YOU CAN CHANGE THE OUTCOME?????????????????????? The whole point of Tarot Cards is that they are meditation devices that permit you to transform your personal being and dramatically alter your Fate. Do you see what I am saying here? It gives new meaning to 'stupid' in this context.

Some VERY FEW of these witches know their broomstick from their vibrator. I've no beef with Wicca or any of the other Nature Worship systems. However, I do know the difference between a CIRCLE and a SPIRAL. Think upon that if you will.

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Citizen Elle said...


Such a significant contribution! Loved the almost "Cool Hand Luke" end 1/2 line at the top, just like every time you go there ;) The "client" who I just finalized working with came to mind in your magic talk. I had actually not heard of using actual mirrors for mirroring to protect oneself, yet, was strongly advised by one of his long associates that it was critical that I do so upon my exit. I trusted spirit and imagined mirrors protecting me since I had none handy. Not long after I found myself down on South St. in Philly inside Garland of Letters, a magical bookstore and could NOT resist getting a giant R/Waite deck. Been preparing myself for this upcoming phase for a very long time. I'm so looking forward to see what's coming.

Thanks for doing what you do.... ahhrooooooo!!!

from the deep

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, I canna wait until this era is dead an buried. The current reality is pretty intolerable. Well, great post; namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dog Poet !!!
this piece has caused an epiphany for me. I used to say, oh, so many times in various decades, that the reason i am so slow in grasping some things in an emotional sense, those that apply to me, for others it would appear to be a ferrari, is that i am indeed in practice for my next class, outside of the Milky Way, where i will be teaching snails to move even more slowly.....
So, who am I, if i stop identifying myself as the problem-solver ??? Even if it is my problem i need to solve, or resolve, find a remedy ???
This has been on my 'mind', almost like a Koan, for a few hours, since the posting arrived on my laptop, yet no response, so this comment, as a catalyst , maybe as i see the words of my 'Koan' , someone force will help to break through this quandary .... i've walked on the seashore, rode the bike, did the shopping, washed the dishes, cleaned and mopped the floor, put the clothes in the washmachine, and the question stays like a burning rod in my crops collosum, flames tickling the pituitary , prayer, the thirst that is not being quenched, it stays, flickers, tickles but does not go away or bring about the clarity of a deeper sense of Self, beyond this role of problem solver..... oh, all the way to the ovule and sperm being united in this amazing flash, like a universe being born, the passive cause of the arising of my body well aware she is ovulating, the active cause of the arising of this body, unaware of this fact, being sure that this pretty virgin nurse would advise him , after all she is a nurse!.... Problem solver... hmmmm
Yea, that must come from that part of the duality, and the STUPID, NOT SLOW, STUPID!!! well, that is from the sperm.... but the itch has only grown, heck, my whole crown is burning with an itch from the inside !!!!
On second perception this posting is more akin to a fleas-nest, and they are all biting...

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

(repost from Pocketnet comment)

It has been said that the only "evil" in the long age of the Universe, is stupidity.
Being willfully dense to spirit, being obstinately stupid to intuition, requiring more and more harsh lessons, usually involving others karmically, in order for the force to get through to the intellectual-yet-idiot, the pattern of endarkenment, and in order to restore balance, much more Divine Mercy is called for, if not by the intransigent one, then by their guardian angels!

In the deepest analysis, stupidity of the willful kind at least, is but a call for more personal attention from the Impersonal One.

More fuel to feed the temporal intellect, however drearily trudging through to understanding.

Wisdom says: just let it go!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr Apocalypse is The Caller as the alt-sex Dancers, Allemande Left off the Cliff's of Darwin.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a fine column. Thanks!

I have to support much of the deeper concepts of Wicca: Acknowledgment of Female/Feminine energy. (Who do you think was the 'Holy Ghost' before Patriarchal mandates came along? Hint: Father, Son, 'someone'...) Acknowledgment of Nature and an attempt to exist within it. (As opposed to Nature being 'given' to Man to dominate and exploit.) Acknowledgment of the innate goodness of the Human Body, and the offshoot that pleasure (including sexual pleasure) is a Good Thing - within certain limits. (As opposed to guilt-tripping humanity and causing thousands of years of phobias and psychological wreckage.) Add that potentially anyone could be a priest or priestess, if innerly-guided...

Of course, the above did not line-up with power-grabbing. Hence, the near-extermination of Wicca-principled societies. Let us hope that Mr. Apocalypse can set this injustice aright.

Wicca has its High and low sides, just like the rest of humanity. Those coming from the Heart-aspects and higher are frequently blessings; those coming from Power-aspects and lower are frequently curses.

Around the alleged 'binding' of Trump, I suspect we will see the same. Those with higher and lower 'leanings', all mixed together. If real, it will be interesting to see how it sorts out...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I don't really see any connection between the modern practitioners of Wicca and ancient Nature worship. Having some small contact with these people at their present stage of awareness, It's my observation they are on a completely different road from me. I put decades of time into the study of all things Hermetic and Occult so, of course, Wicca and their Book of Shadows came to my attention. I'm not in opposition to or in support of them. I wish them and everyone else well. My personal road is at a point that it completely consumes my attention.

I wasn't intending to disparage or insult them whatsoever, I merely made mention of their binding spell activity. What they get up to is their own affair and has scant to do with me. The majority of these people are wrapped up in this social justice mental illness and are also largely members of alt-sex and members of the Liberal perspective. That's perfectly fine. It's perfectly fine for EVERYONE to dance to the music of whatever delusion they've latched on to, SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT INJURE, ENSLAVE OR OTHERWISE ENCROACH ON THE FREEDOMS OF OTHERS. When they do, the karma of the times will funnel them into whatever arena they're bent on performing in.

I am quite certain I made the comment about the Holy Ghost recently and mentioned it was the feminine aspect. I was very specific about this. I've been aware of that aspect since I was a teenager. NONE OF THIS is new to me.

Everything in my existence has been reduced to as complete a simplicity as it is possible to practice. Anything I write about these days is only filler that I put into the post to give it bulk and body. It is all to the point of bringing the ineffable into the conversation. Nothing else interests me. I am presently in preparation for a RADICAL ADJUSTMENT IN MY LIFE and everything else is just something that is OUT THERE. I don't mean to be dismissive or anything remotely critical of peoples forms of worship or what have they.

I point out things I see. I talk about issues and events and other things but it's all FILLER. None of it is important to me but God and Love and my effort to behave in a manner not to offend either.

Some things are about to happen in coming time that are going to RADICALLY change everyone. Many of them will no longer be here. Parts of the world may soon not be here. I have some vague images and impressions but that is all and I can't talk about them. I wish you and everyone else well. I really do but 99% of what's going on in the manifest at this time is of little interest to me and not real to boot. As usual, words do no justice to my thoughts so I really shouldn't be saying anything at all. Far too often things I do not intend to mean certain things are taken out of context by people and made to seem very different from what I intended. I understand more and more each day why the wise are silent. I'm trending in that direction. I was told to serve in a particular fashion and this I have been doing but that may change shortly. I'll be informed when the time comes.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. I was not criticizing your blog in any way. The MSM press has been vilifying Wicca for ages (Witches). I felt the need to even the playing field a bit, for any uninformed in your audience. (For the record, I am not involved with this.)

And yes, I do imagine that this 'alternative' has attracted many who are estranged from mainstream culture. These are probably the minor players, with the major Players remaining in the shadows.

And also yes, karma can be a bitch. That is why I end any request with "Best & Highest" and let the form of a manifestation vary. Let's hope they already know about this aspect.

Vis: "...99% of what's going on in the manifest at this time is of little interest to me and not real to boot."

It will be interesting to see how things/people 'sort out' in the near future...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I didn't have that takeawway from it. I was just clarifying for the sake of clarifying although that is often not the result.

Visible said...

A new Les Visible Blog entry is up now-

"A Tale of Redemption, Restraint and the Good that Lives in the Heart of a Few."



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