Thursday, October 31, 2019

Evaluating the Point Spread and the Over-Under on Pascal's Wager

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Fashion and the entertainment business are linked at so many levels there is no reason to list them. If you need context to get this, you won't understand it when it is presented to you. The fashion industry is controlled by practitioners. The fashion industry is the place where clothes are designed by men who hate women. The entertainment business is run by men who have sex with men. This should explain everything you don't presently understand about why entertainment, fashion and art now look like they are being filmed, or constructed, in a funhouse mirror. A certain group of people are provably, factually, in control of the entertainment business and these people are more than twice as likely to be than any other demographic.

They are the highest concentration of atheists.

This is true and all the information is right there.

This is true and the information is all there.

This is true and you can exhaustively research this to prove it so.

This is true and has been painstakingly delineated for anyone to ponder.

They are also in control of the pornography industry and all related areas of commerce. There are many theories out there as to why this group of people happen to be deviant in their sexual practices. The arguments go back and forth among those inclined to argue. I am not a member of that group which argues. I don't argue. I state (take it or leave it) and here I will state why it is that this group engages in the sexual behavior they engage in. It is due to the influence of the maternal side of their family unit.

Here is an example of that influence by the maternal side. I don't know the religious background of this person and I purposely chose it to give evidence that this kind of 'child molding abuse' can be performed by anyone. All that is required is for you to be mentally ill. It doesn't matter what religion or race you are. It's also true that some groups do it more than others.

You can argue about the content of what's been said so far. There are two main reasons why you might. One reason is that you haven't studied it and have no REAL information. The other is that you are a member of that group. There are other possibilities why you would object to what's said here but they can each be traced back to one of these two reasons.

I don't care for this plane of existence but I am here. However, I am of proactive inclination, so I am working on that and... near a solution for it, which is to be able to be here and not here at the same time. As a matter of fact, I am now able to slip in and out of one into the other for brief periods of time. I can't stay in that state permanently yet because it isn't something anyone can accomplish on their own. You have to be ALLOWED to do that. You have to be... almost led by the hand, by another, for that to become a constant for you. At this point I would like to say that HEAVEN BEGINS WHERE YOUR FEET TOUCH THE EARTH.

What is my point here, with all these disparate but connected REALITIES? My point is that I did not want to believe what my lying eyes brought to my attention but I had no choice. As has been said many ways by many people; “it is what it is”. I know why this is all as it is. I understand the influences, dispositions and inclinations that made it all what it is but I've gone into depth about it so many times that I just don't want to do it anymore and I suspect that the reason I am doing it today (to a certain degree) is because this is the last time I want to talk about it. In a short period of time, sooner than one might think, a certain transformation is going to come upon the human mind. It is going to impact differently on different states of awareness. Depending on your level of present awareness and the distance between you and the awareness that is going to descend, on that depends the severity it is going to come upon you with.

No one is going to be able to argue with or negotiate with this awareness. You either concede to its superior power, or it is going to be visited upon you in ways you are NOT GOING TO ENJOY. How do I come by this knowledge? It is what I have been told. Of course, anyone can dispute the authenticity of what I've been told. Anyone can dispute the existence of the source of this knowledge. That's neither here nor there for me. I had only to be convinced myself. Whatever anyone may think of that, it has no importance to me whatsoever. It is as if I walked into a room and saw someone sitting there and I had an exchange with the resident of the room. Then I left the room and mentioned the conversation and the experience to others and certain individuals, who had not been in that room, nor privy to the information that was discussed, have decided to disagree with what I heard or experienced. I had an experience. They did not have the experience, so, who am I going to believe?

Of course I may have been lied to. My response to that is, 'time will tell and we shall see'. Until that plays out, everyone is going to go on doing what they do. The same applies to me. I'm going to go on doing what I'm doing, except... perhaps... with an even far greater determination and consistency. I accept NOTHING until I have proven it to be so, according to my methods of inquiry and analysis and this is the case with everything I have come to believe or disbelieve over the course of time.

The present state of existence is one of intense material presence. We are surrounded by the products of matter, shaped in the foundry of the human subconscious and brought forth into form through the Shake 'n Bake process. The speed at which product is now coming from the foundry to the shelves of commercial enterprises is incredibly swift. What is lost in this is that the whole of it is SPIRITUAL, not MATERIAL. The material angle is the appearance via the senses and because change is the cornerstone of existence and due to that, all appearances are temporary, things come and go and none of it remains... except for the spiritual aspect. That does not come and go and that does not change.

Let me take the pending arrival of certain material change a step further. The whole of what we call, culture and social order, civilization and our material environment, moves like sequences in a film. The film begins and eventually the film ends. In between we have plot development and the characters who perform in the plot. We have drama... tragedy... comedy; depending on one's experience and perspective. We have denouement, anti-climax and climax. We have character development (hopefully of a positive kind). Life is a movie but... perhaps more accurately, a dream. Nearly everyone here is dreaming and that dream, depending on the dreamer, can... like sleep, be light or very, very deep.

In the dream of life it usually takes trauma for one to awaken; or a nightmare? Life... this life movie is moving, inexorably toward nightmare. This is simply the logical outcome of material culture in which the residents, devoted to that culture, go slowly at first and then ever more rapidly... insane. If you are not seeing or hearing elements of this at this very time, you have willfully shut up your eyes and ears. If a train is speeding toward you and you are standing on the tracks, closing your eyes will not cause the train to miss you. Mr. Apocalypse is the conductor on that train.

I have NO SOLUTION to the conditions brought about by the people mentioned in the article. It is what it is. However, the forces that rule manifest existence; not the forces that appear to but the forces who do rule manifest existence, they have a solution.

Not everyone who reads this article will study what is contained in the links. On the one hand, many who read here already know these things. Then there are those who do not want to know because with knowledge comes responsibility. Not all of us have been able to put our lives in such a place that we are no longer vulnerable to those who would harm us by costing us our jobs, or threatening us on any variety of levels. You have my sympathy. I have no hostages to fortune. I also do not have many of what some would call the benefits of these times in this culture but... I don't want any of them either.

Let me riddle you something. Let's say there are those who have everything that material comfort and entertainment can provide but they are not able to fully enjoy any of it, due to a power that is resident within them and whose influence THEY CANNOT ESCAPE. Then let us say there are those who have none of these things but... that same power is resident in them as well, only it their case, it floods them with bliss and joy and makes whatever they do or experience a wonderful event. Who of these two groups is the better off? Especially since this interior power can also provide or remove anything there is to be had in life, effortlessly. Every single one of us has access to the good offices of this power but very few of us take advantage of it.

I am not the one who is going to hold certain people accountable for their acts but I do know that they are going to be held accountable. I'll also be held accountable and I am more than passing fine with that. It's always puzzled me how people go through their whole life without giving any serious thought to what comes after. Then... I suspect they find out anyway. One can be an atheist but... whether one is or is not, has no bearing on whether God is real or not. Pascal's Wager was about that, in it's own fashion, though... 'enlightened modern thinkers' consider it rubbish.

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There are many sites on the internet where one can get their news. Some of those sites, like Huffington Post are 100% fabricated. Others are a mix of truth and lies. Pocketnet seems to be of the less egregious of those which has a mix. If you know how to sift information then Pocketnet can prove to be a valuable place to visit.

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robert said...

Dear Visible One,

What a high minded and elegant way to present the problem of the temporary "lords" of this plane!

The irrefutable logic of dealing with and relating to the source of all things, to learn to act in harmony with the generator of all things is simple and direct.

The responsibility of consciously acting in accord to the will of the central being, the One creating the space for all of us to have experiences along the way back to where we came from, this can be both heavy and light, depending upon our resistance or willingness.

Why focus on effects when we can join the Cause?

Are we being intentionally obtuse, masochistic or is it fear tainting what playing along with Creation means to personalities?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I have come to the conclusion that the value of this realm is ZIP! ZERO! NADA! A temporary prison I begged for. . .so I could get over it COMPLETELY, I assume; though driven by ego to live a life where I could do the things I did. The only thing I'm gonna go out of my way to give it, is my blog to wake people up about some things that I can't stand more than others. As for all else, I will do as little as possible. Just enough to keep us going until the end of this doomed era (, not to mention doomed state of calipornia;) for us.

Strangely enough I am in a statistical paradise, probably until that end. After all, we have enough to get by; and that's all we need. We also have something else that is more precious than any ostentatious mortal flotsam garbage that is talked about in Theory of the Leisure Class. TIME! Time to reflect and think. Time to travel inward and find out what's really important. And less stress than 90 odd percent of the human race, SINCE I DIDN'T PLAY MOST OF THEIR STUPID GAMES! Well, most of them. I did some of them, but I suppose that was a good thing, since otherwise I couldn't now be mostly retired from life. After so many years in my youth when I cut the candle in half to burn it at four ends for the sake of ego, it's nice having spent the last decade plus as a 'has-been'.

At least my priorities changed, though circumstances did force them to. I can't say this was a bad thing, though I have thunk otherwise in the more distant past. After all, it was fun going out to restaurants 95% of the time for all those years, and despite the 1.5 jobs (hour wise) I did in those past companies topped with working out like crazy, acting roadie for my nose-poo, and being musician amongst other things, I'M GLAD IT'S OVER! I can't handle getting between 2 and 4 hours of sleep 6 nights a week anymore.

Nice post, though I will say I believe in letting people be true to themselves and not being coerced into being something they're not. . .though also teaching them they will have to deal with the consequences of being overly indiscreet about going to the contrary of everyone's expectations. . .despite the fact that me being so served me quite well. Even if I do lick my plates in restaurants.

Ray B. said...

Vis, both an in-the-streets and a deep column. Thanks.

Vis: "...near a solution for it, which is to be able to be here and not here at the same time."

Yes, that is the trick. Back in the 60s-70s, there was great experimentation on why the yogis and others were able to reach great depths and still stay conscious. They found two things, before the subject-matter was repressed: Yogis had a way to synchronize their brain-halves. And, yogis had found a way to moor themselves to awakeness (beta and alpha brainwave-states) while being concurrently 'not here' (delta and theta brainwave-states). They could hold both types of states at once, to both anchor and commune. That seems to be the Golden Grail, while one is still on earth-plane...

Vis: "...a certain transformation is going to come upon the human mind. It is going to impact differently on different states of awareness."

In a certain way, this mirrors the above. When one is 'fighting' their way into higher consciousness states, anything that is being held starts to come out - good, bad, ugly, or beautiful. (This starts with the current life, and may progress into past lives where appropriate.) Most people 'back off' at that point, not seeing through the present swamp into the clear ground. However, if they hold firm and feel, the held stuff goes back to all-God (and is 'registered' in the Soul as being experienced). That allows for the two types of states to exist simultaneously. And when the transformation comes, it blows-through a prepared mind, rather than exciting what is 'stuck' there...
Vis: "I had an experience. They did not have the experience, so, who am I going to believe?"

This is where both being stubborn and self-sufficient matters. Those without the experiences will try to move the experiencer back into group-consciousness. This can be just out of fear, or for darker reasons. A form of 'shunning' goes on. Many experiencers give-up due to loneliness and rejection at this point. Winning-through can be painful...
Vis: "Of course I may have been lied to. My response to that is, 'time will tell and we shall see'."

Ah, the 'false Master' problem. It can be lies, all the way down. I have that quandary, too. About all that one can do is to learn and grow. Try not to be naïve. Try to globally-associate: This action does not fit with that pronouncement. Try not to be impressed by glitter and glowing, but by an intuition of Who is there in front of you. Be prepared to move-past anyone when you have seen their limits. And, be prepared to be fooled, shriek a little, and then keep-on walking...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

You are a diligent writer .

Anonymous said...

I'm posting again, came across this by happenstance: by Joyce. Even though I've never read his work because it was too difficult (or i was too lazy/stupid) at the time, never the less he obviously knew. So here it is again........
"Theologians consider that it was the sin of pride, the sinful thought conceived in an instant: non serviam: I will not serve. That instant was his [Lucifer's] ruin." James Joyce

Also, 'vitam impendre vero' (to pay his life for the truth).

JerseyCynic said...

"All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone."

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Is this post even on Pocketnet? I have joined, am following you and have made a comment below a video. but cannot find this. For a bloke not that into computers, the Pocketnet experience is not that great.

Love this post! Thankyou


Visible said...

There is a search engine there. Put visible in the search box and it will take you to all of my posts. As for the quality and value of the place; like everywhere these days, there is a particular ration of shit but... Pocketnet has SOME VERY GOOD CONTRIBUTORS AND ARTICLES. It also has items you won't find anywhere else. Wade through it and it will pay off. It ticks me off here and there too but, for me, the upside is greater than the downside.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"An Introspective Travelogue into that Far Kingdom, EVER so Close at Hand."



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