Friday, November 11, 2016

The Stifling Hypocrisy of Obama-Clinton and the Soros Funded Social Warriors.

Dog Poet Retching.......

{We were engaged in producing an Origami when we came across the noxious stench of hypocrisy, smelling like a decaying carcass, pulled from the water by a grappling hook that had pierced the gut (and so released the formerly imprisoned gases), and is now laying on the shore of a lake}.

Take a look at this montage, created by the Satanic banker press of England, as they join in the howling chorus of hyena media about Trump winning the American presidential election over warmonger and Wall Street bitch Hillary Clinton. She was certain to attempt to go to war against Russia and god knows who else. With Trump we don't know yet what he's going to do but it can't be worse; only as bad as and we are yet to see that.

Let's move on to Black Lives Matter and the genealogy of their Soros funded puppet. For more information on Shaun King, please travel here. Wayne Madsen clarifies some amount of the whole sick Obama/Soros cultural death dance. It's possible that George Soros is the most dangerous person on the planet that we know of. There are others, like the Rothschilds, who are more off stage but easily as much engaged in the destruction of western civilization. You could say it is for personal profit and, of course, it is but... it goes deeper than that. It is about discord, divide and conquer and the intentional perversion of human sexuality to the end of harvesting souls for Hell-fire. This is the point of Soros's financial promotion of alternative sexual ideologies in elementary schools and everywhere he can manage to get it paid attention to through journalists that are nothing more than paid prostitutes.

I got one point to make here today and it is about the stinking hypocrisy of all these liberal morons and social justice warriors who are screaming out their hysterical and uninformed aggressions against those who have no part in any of their accusations. Yesterday a self promoting anti-bullying activist assaulted a 74 year old man in NYC.

I don't know where to begin about how deluded these social justice warriors are and it isn't that there isn't injustice in this world because there has ALWAYS been the appearance of injustice because very few can see both sides of the Mobius Strip of Existence and so it always looks like someone is getting the wrong end of the stick here, as those abused the last time around get to abuse the ones who abused them before.

The majority of these privileged revolutionaries were Obama supporters before they became Clinton supporters. They supported the culture destroying efforts initiated by Obama because they thought these efforts were on the behalf of things like diversity and inclusiveness, as well as freedom and justice for all. They never thought to look at the real accomplishments of Obama, which were things like the murder of Qaddafi and the destruction of Libya, the continuing punishment of Iraq and Afghanistan and this latter to promote and protect the opium fields. Then there is the mass murder taking place in Syria. Now most of these things are caused by the inordinate influence of Israel upon American foreign policy; ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY. Meanwhile it is the Zio-Satanists who are behind all this sick shit, who are also financing all of the social justice warrior movements and concerns world wide, as well as the immigrant crisis in Europe, caused by the wars engineered by the Zio-Satanists for this very purpose, as well as other dark motivations. At the center of it all is the blood sacrifices to their demon God and Obama and Clinton are very much a part of all of this.


Are these lives less important than black and brown lives? Wait a minute, those are black and brown lives. Are gay lives and gay lifestyles and trannies in public bathrooms more important than the lives of other people who outnumber them by at least 50 to 1? Apparently they are not. Gays are not discriminated against any more than anyone is these days. Is the house religion of the host country less important than the minority religion that is actively engaged in the destruction of the holidays of the majority religion who has shown zero aggression against the minority religion? Apparently they are not.

Can you object to decorating a wedding cake for a gay couple that has figurines where one of the grooms is felating the other groom atop the cake? No, apparently you cannot and might well be driven out of business for doing so.

North Carolina was economically pummeled for not wanting to let trannies use the woman's bathroom anywhere they wanted to. It's okay for prepubescent children to receive puberty retarding injections so that they can prepare for the transgender experience before they have a clue as to the meaning of any of it. This is one of the driving and most important items in the Obama/Clinton agenda for the betterment of the human race. Let's call them what they are; psychopathic and Satanic monsters who are hellbent on destroying the rest of us, not just physically but spiritually as well. AND... these moronic social justice warriors can't see anything that is real and only see the delusions pumped into their heads by those who despise them for their ignorance but see them as useful canon fodder in their war on humanity. There is no possible argument of any validity that one can use in defense of this madness.

There is a revolution coming but it is not the revolution that these blockheads think is coming. It is a revolution in consciousness and they are going to be feeling truly bewildered and self deceived when they have the truth revealed to them and they have not a leg to stand on metaphorically and literally.

It is a tossup whether the virulent sicknesses of mind and heart that are raging across the countryside can be healed at this juncture. There are some certainties however, Trump did not come to power by accident. There are a great many angry folk across the landscape and they are making their voices heard. Mr. Apocalypse has got a thing or two in store for George Soros and everyone like him. He's got a thing or two in store for the dupes and drones who are paid by him and influenced by his world destroying policies. He's got a thing or two in store for all those international bankers and for the Baal worshiping state of Israel and their henchmen the world over.

I sit in abject wonder over the the dark depth of ignorance that prevails in the minds of college educated individuals who learned nothing at all. How is it possible that they do not see the connection between the present government and the chaos and butchery in so many places in this world. They celebrate and support mass murderers while screaming for more privilege to be added to the privilege they already possess. They are more concerned with defending the sex practices of howling degenerates than they are about the plight of the homeless and the veterans sent off to fight in bankers wars who come home shattered and ruined by the experience.

The hypocrisy... my god... the hypocrisy!!!

I got nothing further to say about the crazy things going on these days, except that it is all being orchestrated by a cabal of sinister and cynical materialists who are making war on the rest of us, physically and psychologically but... the usual reader here knows all of this and I don't know what good will come of me saying in another way what I've been saying all along when my words are no more than a whisper in a windstorm. Whatever the motivation is it is sourced from a location other than myself, unless that is also myself and that would explain a great deal (grin).

You'll note as you scroll through the pictures in that first link that one is taken in San Francisco and there is a person there who has 'nasty woman' (or something like that) tattooed or written on her neck. This is another movement presently growing in size that celebrates random promiscuity and an aggressive sluthood that would shame the residents of that Babylon long ago. I suspect these are the very women who are massively offended by Trump's commentary on Muslims and who believe they are defending the rights of Muslim immigration. What do you think the Muslims think of these women? They're finding out about that in Europe right this moment. I look forward to observing the future interplay at some cocktail party yet to come.

End Retching.......

Last Week's radio transmission is up there folks

And I know I said I only wanted to talk about the ineffable now but I am a warrior myself and certain things need be said so I am going to say them and just up the amount of projects that relate to the ineffable.


Quidam said...

Right on target Les. Jesus used that word multiple times in the book of Matthew. If any have not read it or want to refresh your memory, start with Matt. 6:13, 7, 12,15, 16,22, 24, 32...

One day I realized what he was saying, then I wrote this down.

His-story, all twisted through time
The Temple, so Divine
The Tables, they were overthrown
Prayer to God, it was long gone

You should leave me alone now
Just leave us alone
We need to be free from your hypocrisy
So just leave us alone

We're not going to agree
If you don't flee...
You despise me
So leave us alone

Yes, His story
All twisted with time
By mere men
Who claim they're Divine

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Eternal hypocrisy, my Pappy used to say..
I was at protest Camp Casey(2005)where I complained about the poster sign in front of the "Peace House"(HQ) which said .. "when Clinton lied, no one died"
I said Baloney and Code Pink said, shut up. Hahahaha. Yeah, another tough crowd, along with their tough hypocrisy.
I somehow knew from the very start, all those years ago, that both the R and the L would run me over with their Cadillac, for real, and that the only difference between them was the L always tells you they won't..

On a positive note, I did get to give Shrub Bush the finger! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well said, my friend!!

You just wrote out what many have been thinking for some time now. And thank you for the emotion! It all makes you wanna scream sometimes!


Hereticdrummer said...

Great rave-out Vis. These sub-humans are the satanic slime of the earth. A word on the vile hypocrisy of the feminoid beasts, invariably to a creature Hellary Rotham Clinscum supporters. They screech that you cannot block abortions by law because a woman's body is hers to do with as she sees fit. Of course the Nine Swine a.k.a. The Three Stooges Times Three a.k.a. the U.S. Supreme Cult (Court) codified that into law with Roe vs. Wade years ago. Then what about prostitution? I am excepting those tragic females that are forced into it, that is evil and criminal. However many hookers want to be. The feminoid freaks scream that it is exploitation of women and should stay illegal. But by their own rationalizations and common logic, if a woman has the right to control her own body for abortions, she has the right to sell it for sex. These vermin know that if prostitution (the world's oldest profession) was legal here like it is in much of Europe, American men would not waste a moment of their time dating psychotic American women for female intimacy. Be well Brother.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

How about us men?! I have one eye, one ear and half a liver sitting around doing, well, not a whole lot.(lightly used) Need money, make me an offer!
Heeey, it's my body innit?

Ain't freedom grand!

Ray B. said...

Vis, don't hold back; tell us how you really feel... (grin)

This blog actually was refreshing. You can only talk about how everything is the ineffable (including the sewer) for so long, before complaining about certain degraded/degrading aspects of the ineffable (the smell & sight of the sewer). Schizophrenia-inducing. Comes with the territory.

I do wonder how Mr. Apocalypse deals with the above. Does he/she/it praise the ineffable, while letting fly? Does Shiva celebrate the ineffable while doing his/her/it's destructive bit? For that matter, does Shiva sit above the pain, or experience it?

If you never had a soul, it's hard to understand those who do...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Here we have-

The Way to the Kingdom; chapter nine.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like I posted somewhere else kinda, sorta vaguely; but it seems people have proven stupidity has no zenith. . .or would that be, nadir?

Nostrils up, and snorfle on! And of course, may the lovely Vasuki lick your nose.

Ray B. said...

Funny and appropriate...

Chinese Sneakers said...


Vis takes out another lot of flammin' fuck-ups in one fell swoop. i Still you're at your best when you come out swinging that sock full of silver dollars.

Great read. Much appreciated. Stay strong.

By the way, now that Trump has expressly called out the unfair dealing of our Oriental partners, i do hope the sarcasm in my pseudonym is not being wasted on anyone round here.

Make America Great Again, in deed.

Smyrna said...

I remember seeing Donald Trump on Letterman maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Just before i stopped watching TV. I loved him, his jive and his vibe. Strange times.

The last president of the USA my old mother had any time for was Jimmy Carter, all the rest since have been scoundrels. The mysterious mulatto included.

She is a brilliant phrenologer, as I hope to be, and she likes Trump.

My sister is a typical 60 something left-leaning product of her environment and upbringing, yet is HOT for Trump.

Strange times. Mr. A in the house!

Anonymous said...

The Gray Lady!
(she's a ho')

BCii said...

(I typed a very long comment and lost the first half of it. So unfair.)

[...] I have not done this work in earnest. Instead of plunging in with both feet, I have splashed my toes in the water and squealed, "Yay! This is so cool!" It's a delaying tactic to feel like I'm doing something without actually doing it. Yes, I have thought about these things deeply. But I have not significantly changed my behaviour. I have not deliberately and unequivocally let go of all that hinders me from actualizing my authentic self.

To leave it there, to name the problem and not implement the solution, leads nowhere but to more of the same. The solution is in my very Being. It is simple, direct, and immediate -- unlike the mental detours and delaying tactics used to avoid it.

As long as we do not surrender to the total Love we intrinsically are, as long as we harbour unhealed emotional trauma and refuse the responsibility of confronting it, we will futilely seek our validation, completion, and salvation from outside. From Mommy and Daddy, Big Government, authority figures, the approval of our peers, joining groups and causes, aligning with Us vs. Them in all the forms that that paradigm takes. All for nothing if not motivated by the causeless Cause of our own Being.

And that's the paradox. We can't not Be what we Are. But we can occlude that truth from ourselves and identify with whatever idea appeals to us as a surrogate for that authentic, self-existent Being. In doing so, we diminish ourselves and set ourselves up to suffer.

Look upon the ignorant, impotent actions of these misguided humans as a manifestation of the malady that afflicts us. These people are in victim mode, lashing out and demanding to have their way in a mass Trumper tantrum. That's not how it works. A sovereign spiritual adult is neutrally open to the reality of what is, here and now, and acts accordingly. They are in command of their emotions and engage their higher mental faculties, responding appropriately to the situation at hand.

The best thing we can do as psychologically damaged individuals is to repair that damage so that we can resume growing under the auspices of divine Law, in Love and Truth, instead of sacrificing our growth to the ravenous beast of ego. To undo karma by admitting our mistakes and rectifying them.

There is no such correction without Love. Our blocks to Love must be felt through and dissolved in Love. That is the way forward and I believe that is why Visible advocates the practice of Bhakti Yoga. While it's not the only way, my sense is that it's the safest and surest and most direct way at this time.

May Love stir within you and make you whole again.

Anonymous said...

Save a retch like me. Nope, retch coming, gonna retch anyway.

Like, these peeple are supposed to be like, sooper caring and sooper smart, but like, don’t know how to do, like, research. Because they don’t, like, care, i guess.

Like, research, is like ‘em on fakebook.



I like the way you write and how you express your self. I'm just another warrior of TRUTH trying to make the idiot masses understand how THEY are as responsible for the mess we are in as ANYBODY.

If curious to see how I WRITE AND THINK - just put this ( URL below) in your search engine and read some of my work. I am one of the VERY few Americans to have ever been on the INSIDE in places like IsraHELL and Palestine - and observed jew horrors up close and personal with the CIA.

One thing I KNOW for sure - As long as there are jews left on the planet - we 'goyem will ALWAYS be their socio-economic slaves.

Cheers - Joe Cortina www;//

Anonymous said...

re: Dilbert, Dogbert and Donald Trump...

Here's a rather interesting comic strip that Scott Adams drew 26 years ago:

Perhaps Mr. Apocalypse was guiding his hand?

Peter : )

Visible said...

I know who you are and am familiar with your work; courageous stuff! Welcome.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

even though it was posted here in your previous blog's comments... it was/is after all the Les Visible Litmus Test par excellance.
or is it the anti-Christ or the By Jupiter 1953 Superman Santa Caper? or the Saturnian Elizabeth Taylor Heroine Trojan Horse(Heroin) River? Am I dreaming? Do Prayers Matter?
Were Hilaries tears just lubrication for when her ass is backslided to an Quatar SandWitch?
Will Fukushima also be investigated?
And is the rhetorical question, Is There A God? now redundant in favour of the affirmative?
Is it a Prague Spring? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
popping this in here, arguably Australia's first political prisoner and exile.
maybe next year he can flee to the USA after Assange does to get pardon and sanctuary, if the USA doesnt invade England first to solve, the solution, finally, The English Problem.

Zoner said...

Yes, the overwhelming, staggering hypocrisy and complete lack of self-awareness. None of this surprises though, especially the paid antagonist angle. We are being NGO'ed!!

I see it every day in some form or another, and occasionally when engaging my 19 year old university student(when she isn't "thumb-fucking" her phone - thanks for that enduring descriptor Les).

I can't say too much though, cis-gendered, hetero-normative, able-bodied white motherfucker that I am......

And no, they will not take to the streets over injustices like imperial wars or criminal manipulation of their medium of energetic exchange. They will not until Buzzfeed TELLS them to, then look out, bitches!.

My 2 children are firmly in the grips of this disempowering, "evil is everywhere" (and it's all your fault) mindset.

Heaven help you if you try to present a cogent argument, possibly backed by facts, and then need to contend with the cognitive dis.

I have to wonder if the Trump victory and accompanying fear histrionics might sway my youngest against the hormone replacement therapy.......

Visible said...

Zoner; You have always been one of our more articulate visitors.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Visisble! Great to have you back in the trenches.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Sidestepping the Darkness and Stilling the Reactive Mind.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's Sunday 13th November 2016 radio show.

katz said...

I really liked this post. Thank you.

wiggins said...

Wow! Shaun King is having an Ali G moment....hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive Truth
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Anonymous said...

The creation of the Big Bang theory.

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The discovery of the Big Bang.
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We all have common roots. We are brothers and sisters only from a different generation. It is the smallest of the problems and the easiest solution.

Visible said...

A new Origami is up now-

Conspiracies of the Mind and Conspiracies of the Heart.

Ray B. said...

Aggressive Truth: "You believe in the Star trek. The Big Bang theory, heliocentrism and model of the expanding universe of modern cosmology."

So, AT, you apparently don't believe in heliocentrism. For you, the Sun revolves around the Earth. Good luck with that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Ray B Introduce a difference
between the geocentric and heliocentric theory of the construction of the universe? Show me evidence? Prove I'm wrong? Good luck. There is no difference

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
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I wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

I hear anymore flat Earth garbage from you and you won't be showing up here.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
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