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Red Flags Rising, the 9/11 Lies and the Holocaust Fantasy Hoax.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As time passes, these become the days of Red Flags Rising. The mention of John Bolton as a possibility for Secretary of State is an unforgivable consideration. There are few people in 'so called' public service who are as vile as John Bolton. I won't even begin to list the black marks against this psychopathic menace. Giuliani considered for anything beside Dogcatcher is insane. Maybe he should head the new 9/11 inquiry? He was at the center of the coverup and transparent lies that surrounded that whole ball of steaming shit. Ted Cruz as a possibility for Attorney General or (gasp!) Supreme Court Justice is truly twisted. There is a single bright spot where lobbyists are being thrown off the transition team, which means fewer Tribe members and the fact that Bannon is considered Anti-Semitic is a real plus, even though none of those offended people are Semitic.

Offspring of criminal Tribester, Charles Kushner, Jared Kushner is causing all kinds of trouble because Christie prosecuted his dear old dad. Apparently at that level of society, crime is not crime. Crime is only crime at a certain level of economic status. Below that level it is crime. Above that level it is clearly good business savvy. Jared is referred to as a DEVOUT Orthodox Jew. What is that? I think that means that politics and being a lobbyist are consecrated professions.

Why am I always on about this kind of thing? I am on about it because almost no one else is and that is due to FEAR and also the desire to have a secure place in the pecking order of the material world. As we know now, by observation and historical record, that particular form of 'devout' has to do with the worship of Mammon and that is why the moneychangers have been an enduring force in the enslavement of the human race. When one points out the obvious; what has been obvious for thousands of years, certain truths should become clear following even cursory inquiry.

Presently we are collectively victimized by two major deceptions that come out of this demographic. One of them is the Holocaust Fiction. The other is the fantasy that Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks when, in fact, it was Israel. Many of you have visited these links as they are mainstays in the blog sidebars. I do not want to see myself as a crusader for such highly controversial subjects. They result in my being blackballed from every area of industry I engage in but what value would I have as an artist or a person, period, if I skirted these same issues that everyone else skirts or remains silent about them?

I have been told by invisible emissaries of Mr. Apocalypse that these two lies are going to be exposed at some point in the near future. I do not know in what manner this will come about but I can feel it coming, just as I can feel the cloaking veils of Lady Truth being made more and more gossamer by the day, until the beauty of her eternal form can be seen through the translucent garb that remains once the opacity has been leached from the cloth.

It should be obvious to even the casual observer that large portions of the populations are being guided, herded or led in certain specific directions, according to their personal intentions. As some of you have learned by listening to the readings of “The Way to the Kingdom”, there is a large portion of the human race that is collectively guided by an oversoul. This aggregate of mortals is herded in much the same way that species of animals are. This is the long road of natural evolution and can take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. There is a segment that is drawn to the experiences of what are termed evil, according to the manner in which laws are made to control human behavior, along the lines of what is desired by the greater majority of us. There is a segment that is drawn to what is considered good by the greater majority of us and who seek to serve their fellows at the level of the awareness which they possess. There are large numbers of us going in one direction and a much smaller number of us going in another direction and another lesser amount going in the opposite direction and all of them are convinced that they are going in the right direction depending on what they think they are going to realize out of it. Both of these smaller groups influence the larger group through the activities they engage in. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

I like to think of the Seven Rays and that the splintered masses of humanity are on one ray or another and each ray has its singular peculiarities and we are each attracted to those rays that most exemplify what we are. Many are born on a given ray and remain there. Each ray has a variety of levels of awareness, depending on where one finds themselves in proximity to the prism, beyond which resides the brilliant white light, which, going in the direction they are coming from, happens to be one or another of those seven rays. Some are outward bound and some are inward bound and some are just bound. That would be in the dark splendor of the manifest world and each of us wander through it, driven, led, or herded by whatever invisible archetype we resonate with and denser or lighter depending on the Karma we carry with us, on our way to the rendezvous's and encounters that our Karma arranges for us. This is inflexible unless we are proactive. Once we throw the ball against the wall, it will rebound but... if we race to the wall and catch the ball...

Some of us are born with finely honed material instincts and this accounts for our areas of interest and industry. Some of us, because of the impact of materialism on our sexual nature, reverse the polarities of our attractions and that is why a certain group account for twice as many homosexuals as any other group and why they sit, almost exclusively, on the boards of every alternative sexual organization and use their collective political might against the better interests of the majority of us. In many cultures of the world, people, due to the pressure of material culture, give way to that pressure in the way they express themselves sexually. It is a product of the time and in other cases it is seen as a certain anomaly that has always been there and they are tolerated and allowed to be what they are but they are not expressing themselves politically, to the detriment of everyone else. It is seen as just another way that human nature demonstrates itself and everyone is okay with it, except when religious fundamentalism is predominant and then it is repressive upon these anomalies and that is not as it should be, since the letter of the law is considered more relevant than Love. If Love is not the central drive of a religious culture then it becomes, invariably, some variant on Satanism.

Until a certain group of people are removed from the spheres of political influence, or neutralized in respect of it, nothing will change except that it might get worse. If you look deeply into why this took place in 109 countries, you will see that it has always been about gaining control of a nation's wealth and the perversion of a nation's morality as was seen during the Weimar Republic. Since they are entrenched in every area of political discourse and at every level, making this happen can only come about through a revolution in consciousness and that is what an apocalypse is for.

Nothing that has been stated here can be proven untrue and there is a vast repository of information and historical record that affirms it all. One might not want to hear it but that changes nothing. These forces have gained a measurable control over Western governments and cultures and the means by which this was accomplished was through gaining control of the money supply via their international bankers as well as the propagation of the Holocaust Lie and the 9/11 attack that put the public in hostage to fascist enterprises like Homeland Insecurity and the TSA. These must be undone and they will be.

A great deal of information can be accessed through the websites of courageous warriors for truth, such as Joe Cortina. Joe goes where few have the stones to dare to go and his bravery cannot be questioned. Then there is the brilliant and articulate Lasha Darkmoon, especially demonstrated in her two part series; “The Plot Against Art;” the ineluctable truth of it is breathtaking. The link for Part Two is here. I could list a handful of people who have had the courage and conviction to speak truth to power. Like Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson and others. Many of you know who they are. My apologies for not listing more of them but perhaps the reader will assist in this effort. Some of the names tease me on the tip of my tongue ...but scutter away as I reach for them.

It is my duty to write such a piece on regular occasions. I want it known that I know these things, among the few things that I do know. It is my responsibility, even at the risk of redundancy, to repeat again and again, these facts as they exist because I see such evidence put forth very seldom and until these truths become common knowledge, I will state them again and again and again and again. It is my singular honor to work in my small way for Mr. Apocalypse, regardless of the censure I might receive and the pariah status I obtain to, it is a joy to have this commission. I do not have a martyr complex and it is no burden to me to continue in this mission. I pray that many more of you will be so inspired to join me in in this effort. A handful of us can change the world and that has always been the case, when a small group of us join together in a common exercise of demonstrated faith, in a shared purpose and in one another, toward the accomplishment of it, while the world sleeps in fitful dreams.

My apologies to those of you who feel that you have heard it all before ...but how many of you have some hundred of stickers that state, “Israel did 9/11” with a short list of websites and are about your father's business? Sometimes, simply carrying a certain knowing in your mind and radiating it telepathically into the environment, as you pass through it, will alter the general vibration of the minds of those within a specific radius.

Study your history and look at what has been accomplished by men like Martin Luther and others. Surely some of you are unfamiliar with the details of his life, or have some resistance toward him due to a conflict of ideals, or a reaction to something he may have done or the way he did it. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of god ...but warts and all, a few of us have left credible footprints. Remember that none of us move in this life without having an effect on the world as we pass through it. Leave good footprints.



Last week's radio transmission is pulsing in the ethers.

Continuing readings from “The Way to the Kingdom” and “The Kybalion” will be coming along shortly with some interesting commentary (grin).


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
Love vs The Law, what Schaff refers to as Judaising influences throughout the history of the Christian Church(es) (he was down on the Heretics too).
Even if Trump has turned, there is something in the air as that sod called Truth got it's Prague Spring. More people will know wonder what and why. Critical mass and this time methinks there will be no Portugal or England or New York to run to.
I'd bet London to a Brick the Vatican knows what Trump now knows...and all too scared to tell, and too untrusting in us and God.
As you said some years ago here in fantasy land, the smell of roasting lizards.
Some Martyrs in history were asking for it, others just had to to it and not do otherwise.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weimar Republic reminds me of Rome. The worst of Israel's equal in vileness, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Love that synchronicity. When people ask what can they do, we say just learn and expand your awareness. That's all we need to do, for at some point we'll reach critical mass and have lots of company. We liken the expansion of awareness to metaphorically growing an antenna on top of the head, expanding in length and strength. At the beginning. when walking in the world of mammon, not many were seen. These days more are appearing, which is especially joyful for those seeking community Of course we'll attract our share of loppers. But, like a new buck, we start with a nub(pedicel) on a velvet base... release the outcome,and grow baby grow!

HoloNot hall of fame addition: Ursula Haverbeck

Visible said...

Aggressive Truth; Honest to god I do not know what happened to your comment, by some freak of the internet it disappeared. That is the honest truth. You will have to resubmit it and my name is not Les.

Here is my response to your comment;

When did I not publish the comment? You mean before I saw it? In that case you are correct. I did not publish it at that time. I have however published it at this time. Schroedinger's cat is sitting on my lap while I shoot an interfeces porn film in a Faraday Cage. As for your metrophysical question about triplets, it is the same conundrum as presented by the group 'Traffic' and a menage a trois with Siamese Twins. Make sure to look for the curly headed girl on the Hostess Devil Dog Cakes. If she winks, your in.

Visible said...

If your recent comments did not come thru (there were 3 of them) please resubmit. I have no idea what happened. Truly and that is odd because I was accused of not publishing a comment before I even saw it.

Visible said...

How weird is this?!!!

in a hurry so no hotlink.

RickB said...

Thanks Visible. Your article and the linked radio broadcast were a timely wind of encouragement for my sails. Hope to catch your The Way of the Kingdom readings. Courage and strength to you.

Anonymous said...

Jack Otto... that was the most succinct presentation within it's timeframe I have ever heard in my life. I cannot thank you enough for posting this!
Again... I have to thank you Visable for saving my life spiritually and physically... one thing leads to another .
This may make no sense to you but you have no idea what you have presented via your posts and transparency regarding the struggles you have overcome and synchronicity of my life. There is a powerful thread of you that has run through everything I have experienced since around 2001 when I had " inadvertently " discovered your writing through places I no longer touch ... and you do not either! Someday we shall have a face to face... it is on my bucket list.

You will be amazed... as am I!

Being who you are where you are isn't easy for any of us but it apparently is what is required in these here times.

I am feeling the " ramp up" happening and wheels turning inside such as never before... there is nothing to stop what is happening now.

Everybody knows... Leonard knew! Another gifted Jew who was used by the "Jews who are not Jews"!

Ray B. said...

Vis, don't worry about repeating the Basics innumerable times. In today's internetland, anything more than a few days old is "Gone with the Wind". Repetition is needed to provide the chance for newbies to see Truth. In addition, the ineffable works to 'accidentally' have people run across the information they next need. You are definitely providing this 'service', and in a classy way... (grin)


On the Trump front, VT just published a good summary article: Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle.

From this article, on the 9/11 side:
"Lewis Eisenberg was the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center."
"Michael Glassner also served as a senior adviser to Eisenberg when he was the Port Authority chairman."
(Rudy Giuliani is not mentioned in the article as he is Italian-American and was raised a Roman Catholic.)

Also: "Steven Mnuchin and his father both got rich working at Goldman Sachs. ... Trump is now reportedly considering Mnuchin for the position of Treasury Secretary, according to Politico."

And to top it off:
"...then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whom Trump is reportedly considering for Interior Secretary, according to Politico."

Interesting times ahead...

Anonymous said...

Dean Irebod aka denierbud for among other work :one third of the holocaust and Buchenwald :A dum dum portrayal of evil , also Germar Rudolf and Carlo Matogno and many others to be added to the list of brave exposers of the great lie... oh and Bradley R. Smith and many others.

Bryan Carney

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible - I read everything you write on your blogs. I also read the postings to my wife. We are almost completely isolated for our views, so it is always a relief to have someone as honest as you write about the facts. Also, it is most important in my opinion to tie-in the political with the spiritual, and you do a fine job of that. Yes, we do need to be reminded of the things you remind us of here, and often - the holocaust, 911, and the behavior of the instigators of all this criminality. Very few of us have the ability or the courage to do so. You are also aware that many of us cannot say it like it is because the countries we live in will put us away for that kind of thing. Greatest respect, Steve

Visible said...

Thank you so much my dear friend!

Hereticdrummer said...

For an outstanding scholar who exposes the Tribe and tears a new one with their gutter religion check out Michael A. Hoffman at He truly is brilliant. Thank you for another sterling post Brother Vis.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
free ebook there (Amazon would not allow it to be published there, so it's Fetzer for Free Day every day)
and what is the tattoo on her hand? some sign, some lucky charm? 2 heart baphomet?

"Dawn Hochsprung [this lockett woman's mother] —In an embarrassing fiction, The Newtown Bee
reported on December 14, 2012, that Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook
school principal, told the paper that a masked man had entered the school with
a rifle and started shooting multiple shots—more than she could count—that
went “on and on.” Of course, Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly killed by Adam
Lanza and so could not easily have provided this statement. In fact, Dawn was
said to have acted heroically, dying while lunging at the gunman—although
one wonders who witnessed and reported this act of heroism. On December
17, 2012, The Bee retracted the report and apologized:"

a bit like the BBC reported reporting that WTC, in the background of her scene, had fallen down.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Bryan Carney, I always add my father to the list because he was there.
He told his four boys all about it. the .
He was with Patton's 94th cavalry recon, among other units.
They were among the first, or the first troops to entered several work camps, Stalags and Oflags.
He told us the recon troops would joke(sarcasm)about how the prisoner officers in the Oflags had it better than they did in the field..
Because of him we never had to unlearn any holoco$t nonsense.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hereticdrummer, have you ever read this?
One of the greatest movie reviews/critiques/lessons, ever!

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes, I have read Mike Hoffman's critique of Mel Gibson's, "Passion of the Christ", thank you. I definitely agree with your assessment of it. I have been reading Mike Hoffman since the 1980s.

Visible said...

Whoa... that is a long time!

Ray B. said...

A comment of mine ended-up in the Spam folder and was fished-out by The 3rd Elf (thanks!). It is up as post #9, for those who might not know it's there...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

The play between the Spirit (patterns of higher frequency) and the humanimal surrogate, continues to entertain the long-suffering angels in amnesia…

The Material is Maya is the limited illusion and now the mass mind is further involuted by the fiction-generating machine, the MEdiaMatrix, shrinking away from both the inner AND the outer depths.
Groupthink is and always has been the primary distraction from the sovereign power granted to all from the Ineffable Spirit to our individualized spirits.

The deep knowing that we are all connected to the One, but NOT merely all one melange of miasma, is exploited in all socially coercive activities: war, religion, tribal mores, human law, etc.

The appeal of merging into the mob mentality, where the mass mind feels “free” to abdicate the responsibility of individuated metering of personal will power, in favor of flowing into larger emotional reactions, those unearned highs which come with the territory of pleasing the demonic enslaved mindset, as the crowd does all manner of evils which confirms the demons’ illusions, that by serving the Selfish Elf, they are the smart and favored ones!

Simple egotistical self-delusion operated at a “higher” level reveal the same boring limitations, merely extended over time and space!

Take the long way home, indeed!

Mass riots in demonstration of mindlessness, war games, watching war games from a safe remote abstracted perspective, all emboldened judgment from the mass mind to crush individuality, all group activities which require abdication of individual choice in favor of the power of the mass, appeal to the deep desire to return to, to regain what once was lost: communion with the One.

The best deceptions hew close to the deep verities, just enough to tap into the resonance but not close enough to actually feel the touch of the One.

Does a good parent want mindless obedience and pedestrian pedestal worship? Or rather to see the dependent become independent, along the way to becoming usefully interdependent, in harmony with larger designs? To see the power granted become used, not in drearily conforming in an imperfect, half-hearted surrender but to discover NEW ways to be, NEW ways to enjoy creation!

Children’s play is timeless, but the inner experience in the gap between the subjective and the objective, is precious new time in the Mind and Heart of the One.

This balancing perspective does not in any way negate the glory of cooperative effort, the voluntary congruence of experience to create the greater good, doing the work together to earn the time to play together.

Of course the human experience is amplified by group dynamics, PROVIDED that the individual sovereign consciousness is respected and allowed to grow its own way home. Sacrifices made seemingly in service of the greater good, can only be meaningful when made from the sovereign will, by the choice of the individual being.

More growth is possible from conscious cooperation than from coerced mindlocks. Learning can always occur, thanks to the flexibility of consciousness, even in the dire straits of enslaved experience, of course.

However, once freedom of consciousness is tasted, in the willing, whole-hearted pursuit of communion with the One, there can be no compromise worth the loss of the speedy return to Consciousness.


robert said...

(page two of 2)

The confusion, or deliberate obfuscation, comes in hiding the fact that following the spirit, in its inner flight of life, can only ascend when moving on its own limited power, seeking through a unique evolution, the one track to the center of the One. Any “help” from coerced social “structures” abstracted and incorporated into the local mind of the humanimal, actually help the humanimal to resist the call of spirit, conscience and Consciousness.

This running reign of subjectivism cubed, aided by the technology of self-hypnosis, currently creating an entrenched colonization of the little mind inside, entranced with the direct AND with the mediated material world of limited humanimal perception. Neither facing in nor facing out but facing nothing but moving phantoms.

Consciousness is being bent and folded flatly into itself, never going any deeper within but fixated upon the crust from the inside, looking out, while seeing nothing even close to the majesty of the projected Manifest, much less the glory of the inner nested worlds from which all things come!

The balance of perspective, from the deep inner source out to the “external” manifest in motion, the dynamic projection of the lawful dreams of the Godhead, is the place from which to observe!

In the interest of clearing the mind by using language with more precision and sincerity, let us retake the language back from the deceivers and call a cow pie a cow pie. What does love have to do with the exploitation and consumption of precious little ones? Pedophilia? Nice deflection there shylock…

Pedovores is a more precise use of Greek roots to describe the most degrading of all of the demonic agendas, what’s on the menu for the sinkers stinking up the world’s stage!

Let us leave the karma to the Ineffable, and waste no time dwelling on the falling down facsimiles of living beings and let us simply visualize, ALL PEDOVORES OFF THE STAGE, NOW!

The MEdiaMatrix has outed itself as nothing more than low consciousness fools serving the corporo-statist totalitarian agenda. As the Trump team deliberately snubs and trolls the legacy media, the desperate doomsday speculation fest rolls right out of sewer minds, into any mind still masochistically paying attention.

Why go along with the legacy media’s continued bluff of being relevant, as the age of the dinosaurs finally comes to a close?

When Mr. Apocalypse, the Revealer, is most decidedly on the job, putting the status quo on edge and on notice, why not have the inner fortitude and knowing that anyone may serve the purpose of awakening, even a rude but sober New Yorker? If only the purest could be of service to the awakening, we would all still be slumbering in the outer darkness….
Not the messenger, but the message. Not the cult of personality but the will of the people yearning for more than the flat land coming from the MEdiaMatrix. Not the selected slants but the elected truths rising above the din of this dying age of darkness. No form of elitist mental masturbation but simple, irresistible compassion coming forth to face all things in the light.

Armageddon is going on in this suspended moment, the war for the mind and spirits is fully in play RIGHT NOW, and those who know may find comfort in their increasing reliance on the real Self, the One, the Ineffable.

Seek, find and then, as our wick turns to ash yet holds its shape, we learn to shine ever brighter!

This is the ride we have been waiting for!


Ray B. said...

On the other hand, here are two possible 'good guys' in the Trump inner circle, currently being attacked by the Deep State:

Fear and Loathing inside the Deep State.

Eudoxia said...

This is great - seriously.

I hope I'm not being a bit to arrogant but I think we've hit the tipping point.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones:
The hard-right are coming-out swinging, as evidenced by that article. Quite a bit of 'shaming' behavior there. "Snowflake" and "re-TARD" are among them. Lower-consciousness behavior, just like the hard-left. (I am an Independent, so I can see both sides of the issue.)

With the Presidency, Congress (both the House of Representatives and the Senate), and the Supreme Court (once the ninth judge is vetted and in) ALL controlled by the hard-right/Republicans (effectively, the neocons & banksters), we could see Major laws change with breathtaking speed.

In a sense, we will see whether Trump is a ‘Yeltsin’ by what veto power he chooses to wield or not wield. (A ‘Yeltsin’ as in giving-away all the USSR’s wealth to banksters, oligarchs, and such, and impoverishing the working class. Capitalism at its best...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Regarding timeline jumping... hollyweird actually showed us that this is possible with the movie " Brigadoon"

I am actively pursuing this aspect.

Funny how childhood memories are greater than the " reality" we are told we must live...

What I choose in my mind will manifest

Anonymous said...

Must watch for all truth seekers

Visible said...

Here is-

Chapter 9, Part 2- The Way to the Kingdom

Visible said...

the volume is too low. Something is messing with me. This is my 5th attempt. It's there. It's just low.

Visible said...

If you use headphones you can hear the reading, or so I have just been told.

Visible said...

Here is-

Chapter 3, The Kybalion

Anonymous said...

Scutter indeed!
Nice one Dog Poet.
Much love.
Brother Robert.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's Sunday 20th November radio show

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Make it Real or be Automatically Rendered False.

Visible said...

Blogger has changed their format and comments are not coming through and it is a big mess. Hopefully we can get this sorted at some point. The new system is diabolical and you can't switch back. They're up to something. So if you don't see any comments it is not because of us.



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