Sunday, November 27, 2016

Simplicity or Complexity are Matters of Personal Choice.

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I regret to inform the reader that there are problems with the sites and after close inspection of the situation I am convinced that this is an intentional act on the part of Blogger and Google. They changed the infrastructure in a way that it can't be worked with and instead of all of the comments being visible on a single page, one has to traverse to a separate page for every blog and what one finds is that there are no comments to be seen and this continues to the moment. I have stayed away for a few days in the hope that it might come together but it has not. Also... one cannot turn back to the previous system.

Regardless, continue to comment as they will eventually surface and whatever the problem with commentary may be, you will still have the blog entries.

I don't know why this has happened. I only know that it has happened. The good news is that we have been in the process of migrating to a new platform and we hope that will be ready shortly. It is almost like we knew something like this would happen and... it has.

I suspect there are a lot of changes coming in the wake of Trump and the vengeful reactions of the liberal elite, who are about to see a great deal of their dark agenda dismantled and that includes both the push for ever greater legalized and legitimized sexual depravities and the tsunami of migrations from South of the Border and everywhere else.

Trump wants to put a halt to immigration from countries that sponsor or export terrorism and keep every other country at whatever their regular limits are. The argument from the liberal wing is that he intends to ban the migration of Muslims period. This has never been the case. The whole argument is moot anyway because nearly all terrorism is state sponsored and the majority of that is brainstormed in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C.. Terrorism is and has often been the product of government in their efforts to keep the public fearful and compliant.

A lot of the hopeful have great expectations from Trump but the degree to which he is a supporter of Israel and some of the commentary coming out of the strange lands can give one cause for wonder.

The way I see it, not much has changed in any real or dramatic fashion. The nature of the beast, as it has existed for some time now, is to change the approach and presentation without affecting much of anything substantively. At least this is what we have seen over the last decades. 9/11 changed the whole world. It made it easy for the rich to get richer and for the poor to be squeezed beyond endurance. It made it possible to destroy whole countries and all of this was brought about by Israel and their catamites ...and so long as the American leadership cozies up to Israel, nothing good can happen in any widespread sense. Trump knows they will eliminate him if he goes against their policies so it stands to reason that, yes, he will have the Federal Reserve looked into and everything else looked into and a lot of noise and rhetoric will do that sounding brass thing and pronouncements will be made and changes will be instrumented and when the air clears and the tables are turned, the same people will still be sitting there.

It's money that controls the police forces and the armies. It is money that writes the laws and makes the wars and it is the politicians that wield the pens and the microphones that bring it all about and it is the people who nod and bow and genuflect and go along with the program that provide the greatest assistance because the talking heads told them that anything that happened happened a certain way and for a certain reason and none of it was true but they believed it, or have done until now.

I do not know what one does about this. Over the course of years, in this present life, it has been made clear to me over and over that changing the world is an impossibility when attempted by anyone applying personal force to that effect and even when they join up with a few or many other people, it is still impossible because everyone else is trying to change the world too and the sum total of all of these efforts is perpetual confusion. From what I understand, the world changes, in a positive sense when you change. Your world becomes transformed when you are transformed, though this may have zero effect on anyone else or it may change a great many people. I think of individuals like Martin Luther King. You could say that he had a profound impact on the world. You can add quite a few names to the list but look at the world of the moment. Is it better or worse? Is it greatly improved by Jesus having walked here? Look at the vast majority of the inheritors of that tradition or any of the other traditions and then take a look at the world again.

The world is a big place, though it is only an infinitesimal spec when measured against the great reaches of space. In this world you can put your attention on so many considerations that by the time you were even a small portion of the way along, many of those considerations would have changed so dramatically that they would no longer resemble what they had previously been. How do you know what anything should be changed into in the first place? How do you know if it will remain to be what it changed into? We live in a world where everything changes. Some plants change by the day. A mountain can take millions of years to change but everything changes. Most people don't care about the changes of mountains. Most people are unaware of their own changes until later on. Most people don't know what those changes mean. What people know is that they are happy or sad or any of the permutations between and they want things to change or definitely not to change, only the former can be sure that will happen. The truth is that most people don't know what they want and once they get it they don't want it. We live in an insane asylum that doesn't initially appear to be an insane asylum because people are behaving in what seems to be logical fashion, due to the repetition of patterns. It doesn't occur to most people to inquire as to whether the patterns themselves are insane to begin with. They are though. They live in a culture of material darkness and they adapt to it in order (they think) to survive. Of course, no one who adapts (and that is most everyone) to material culture survives. Death is not the worst of it. It is the suffering you have to go though on the way to death that is far worse and it is death at a certain point, that you long for more than anything else.

There is a cancer for profit industry called Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I've heard tales about these people who milk every last dime you have and then toss you out of the program. Susan G. Komen started a cancer for profit charity. One of the Lauders started The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Ronald Lauder was deep into the 9/11 attacks. Here's a little information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The latter two are Tribe escapades. The first is a colossal money making scam. This is how it is these days; getting professional sports figures to dress up in pink cleats, wear pink armbands, pink headbands and all kinds of other fashion accessories; pink jockstraps? The whole world has descended into a Looney Tunes, dog eat dog smorgasbord. People have degrees of awareness of this along the lines of a Bell Curve. That is why an apocalypse is so critical and necessary.

My advice to anyone is to seek shelter in the love of the ineffable because NOTHING ELSE is going to get you through this. You may go insane yourself but it will be a bliss drenched and joy filled insanity that not only gains you the kingdom of heaven but the enjoyments of the world in the best of ways without the torment and tragedy that attends attachment to them. To explain this would take a very long time and still remain impossible to accomplish. All you need to do is to Practice the Presence of God. You don't need to read this book. A simple understanding of the statement; 'practice the presence of god' is all you need. Go about every action in your life as if the ineffable were performing it. Stand guard at the gateway of the mind and permit in no thoughts that you know are not the thoughts of the divine. Let your heart be a dwelling place for the ineffable and the ineffable will enter in as soon as the ground is prepared and... who will prepare the ground? The ineffable will. You woo the ineffable like a lover. You love the ineffable in whatever relationship works best for you and you make it the centerpiece of your life and that is all there is to it.

You can complicate it as much as you wish. You can run circles around yourself. You can chase your metaphorical tail. You can go “yeah but...” over and over and over again. That's up to you. I do not argue. I only state and I have said what need be said as clearly and succinctly as it can be said and it is true, insofar as you make it true through the industry and certitude of your being. If it is not that important to you then you will go on to other things and the love of these things will disappoint and dismay you and leave you broken and empty for they are empty things. You can pursue these and all the titles and roles and opportunities for experience and acquisition that there are, through innumerable lifetimes, always arriving at the same results. Eventually you will become soul weary and exhausted of such pedestrian pursuits and do what has been just suggested.

Should you be inspired to do what has been suggested in the times in which we find ourselves, the possible rewards are exponentially greater than at any other time, due to degree of difficulty involved but it is not difficult. Once you have made your mind up it is a breeze. It is only when you have not made up your mind, when you are uncommitted, that it becomes hard because you are at war with yourself.

During a critical period of change in my life, some years ago, I decided to stop smoking and so I just quit. It was no trouble at all. I was committed to it and didn't notice what I went through. All I was noticing was the benefits and it stayed that way for some years. Yes... I started again but that is my affair. I don't notice any great amount of injury as a result of it but I have my own system for that. So long as I can sing it won't trouble me overly (grin).

We apologize for the enemy action presently being performed on these blogs. We will find a way out of this problem. The Third and Fourth Elf are at work on the matter and the ineffable has got our back. Whatever this is is for the purpose of demonstration and I and the elves and the readers will all soldier our way through.

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