Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Tribe has Decided to Go After Jeff Rense.

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Looks like Jeff Rense is catching some heat in an invidious and flat out lying hit piece, intersprinkled with acceptable observations about making serious money off of strange devices and expensive compositions that allege to treat maladies. I don't know one way or the other about the latter except that they all cost a lot of money which... once again is why I don't employ paid advertising at my sites.

Most telling is the constant inference that he is making his money off of the aged and infirm. Good grief!

First off, let us deal with the obvious; Alternet is 100% Tribe owned and operated, though they seem unwilling to tell you that. Next, let us point out that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a 100% Tribe run organization that pretends to be about the needs of the economically destitute; the implication is black people, or people of color, or whatever the prevailing appellation of the moment is but... what they are really about is compiling lists of hate groups who are usually any collective of people who object to Jewish banker crime, or any Zionist operations which are generally engaged in the gratuitous killing of anyone who gets in the way of Zionist interests.

A great deal of the reason that Tribe owned operations like Alternet, SPLC and others go after Rense or anyone else is because the truth is coming out about Israel having engineered and carried out the 9/11 attacks. Also the facts are emerging about the Holocaust fantasy which was constructed to counter any criticism of the enormous litany of Tribe crimes against the rest of humanity and especially to divert public attention from the murder of tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians PRIOR to this holocaust, which didn't actually happen and although I have convincing proof that the Holocaust is a public relations stunt, I will list only three powerful pieces of evidence that are irrefutable; NO ONE had greater access to the camps than The Red Cross and here is the official Red Cross document that lists Jewish deaths- nearly all of them from Typhus- during the war; simply click on the image and it will come up for you.

Next, let us consider that at one time THEY were claiming that 4.5 million perished in Auschwitz. Then THEY reduced the number to 1.5 million. This means that there was no six million who allegedly died overall. It could not have been more than 3 million (and was nowhere near that). Yet THEY who made the original claim and THEY who reduced the original claim STILL insist that six million perished. This is how stupid they think you are.

Finally there is the matter of the Jewish World Almanac prior to and following the Second World War (which they had a major hand in bringing about- but later for that) The almanac shows that the Jewish population INCREASED from before the war to after the war. This is all information provided by THEM. How is it possible that so many of them died when their population increased over the period of time during which they are alleged to have been exterminated?

Therefore, we can realistically presume that everything Rense says and publishes concerning The Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks, though none of us may be 100% accurate in all details IS demonstrably FAR more true that anything being swilled out by the government or from Tribe authored or financed organizations.

I am willing to be wrong. If by some possibility of some other evidence that I have somehow overlooked in my painstaking research over the years can explain what happened more efficiently and effectively and truthfully than what I have just presented you with, I will change my view immediately. I promise this. God knows, I did not want my investigations to come to the conclusions that they came to. There is no more powerfully funded slander operations in the world than Tribe funded organizations and the actual truth of anything is their last concern most of the time, as has been convincingly detailed in the case of Leo Frank. This reprehensible monster is the reason that the Anti Defamation League exists. I should point out a little known fact that the ADL and the KKK were both founded out of this Leo Frank rape/murder of a 13 year old girl.

This tells you all you need to know about Tribe organizations. The treatment of the Palestinians tells you all you need to know about Israel; not to mention their ceaseless aggressions against all of their neighbors and their direct complicity in the attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq.

I do not want to have to be the one to report on these things but until the truth of them is more widely recognized around the world I have no choice because, as Edmund Burke said quite awhile ago; “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A good portion of the most influential founding fathers of the United States repeatedly warned what would happen if The Tribe were allowed to influence national economic and political policy. Today we see they are the predominant influence and we see where that has led and is leading. If we do not see this we are amazingly ignorant or willfully blind.

One has only to look at the comment bombing by Tribe agents at the Rense article at Alternet to see what they are about in every theater where opinions can be expressed and as soon as they start to get more opposition than they would like they close the comments.

I don't have an opinion on whether Jeff Rense's association with various products is questionable or not. I don't know enough about it. What I do know is that conventional medical treatments for just about anything are far more dangerous and ineffective than natural remedies.

It would be wonderful if these agents of darkness could come around and factually refute what has been said and linked here. I would be off the hook. I could say I am sorry and go my way. Unfortunately these things are true and there is no way to refute them, so other tactics are brought into play.

The smarmy and unctuous manner in which the author of the hit piece deals with the idea of conspiracy theorists reveals a great deal. Of course there is truth to many of these so called conspiracies. How absolutely incredibly stupid and gullible do you have to be to believe that 9/11 was done by Osama Bin Laden and a band of stone age Arabs living in caves? Wander as you will around the internet and at every mainstream media site, where these subjects are discussed, you find a distressingly large number of Nimrods shouting all reasonable inquiry down. These are the Fox News Junkies and they are terminally afflicted. It can all be seen in that dreadful response that I have encountered more than once; “So what? Even if it was true I wouldn't believe it.”

I know Jeff Rense can be hard on people. I am a case in point ...but regardless of that, his site brings out all kinds of courageous reportage on a regular basis. I have no idea if he is compromised or not. People tell me this but I have no evidence to support it. All of this can easily be explained all kinds of other ways. I am not one of those people who, feeling he has been mistreated, immediately lashes out in a reactive fashion. I don't always know what drives people to what they do. I do know that Jeff's operation is mostly a one man effort and he is employed at that nearly every waking hour. No one can question his dedication. I'm not concerned that he makes a lot of money. Probably all of us wish our finances were in better shape. I am certainly in that number but I am also pretty serene with my state regardless. A lot of the time, certain behavior can easily be more correctly linked to excessive vanity and control freak syndrome. Power nearly always makes people imperious and they can often imagine that they have been slighted when they have not, or been disrespected when they have not. Generally there is the ongoing lack of a sense of humor and this can account for a person not being able to see in a more humane fashion. There are many of us that present ourselves a certain way because we want to be seen that way. This does not mean that we are that way.

I have often presented my three faces theory. First there is the face we show everyone when we first meet them. This is how we want to be seen and how we want people to believe we are. Then there is the second face that comes out over time and which we cannot repress. Finally there is the third face which reveals itself when we are threatened and in danger and this face accounts for a hidden face in others when they find that a friend is in trouble but suddenly adjust the meaning of the term 'friend' in their minds in order to accommodate their rationalization for not coming to the aid of that friend.

Times are strange and getting stranger still. May fortune smile on you and may the ineffable protect you in these dark times before the coming of the light.

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Anonymous said...

Well.... I suppose if you were the monster the trolls make you out to be, you probably would've slammed Rense and used this horrific article as proof to your point (not that you made that point, you didn't).

Instead, you saw through the appearance and went to the truth, which was that the article on Rense is a sickening hit piece by an actual monster. Anyone writing about the supposed stupidity of "conspiracy theorists" is always a big red flag to me and makes me want to vomit. "Conspiracy theorist" is the new "you're really seeing flying saucers?" It's designed to make the truth seeker look like an idiot, but I probably have no need to point that out around here.

You always said you had no hard feelings for Rense after the fact and today you demonstrated that. I love this kind of stuff!!!


ulysees said...

It's amazing how the ineffable is always right on time, but it's up to us to do the play (some would say work but I've removed that term from my vocab) and make this thing happen and once and for all rid "Our Planet" of these cancer causing alien parasites. As they show zero empathy these Beings clearly are not human. Regardless of how we humans came to be here on Our Planet, we are terrestrials , we can, all of us, trace our own DNA back to the first human, this is Our Planet, not some Alien scourge bunch of low vibrational violent ( beyond words) imbecilic fools that are held up as some form of elite characters... Guess what? They're not elites at all... They are a bunch of low life, chicken shit useless eaters ( as one of my favourite villains described himself some years back, some will know who I mean).
Other than that Les... I wanted to mention that, probably one of the parts of your writing that I enjoy the most is regarding my constant companion - though seldom acknowledged - the ineffable. Turns my crank that's fer sure.
And I think it's time to mention what Nelson Mandela said about fear, he said that the thing we fear the most is our own greatness... Good one, and he's is at least 85% right on that ( I'm guessing of course on the %) It's our turn , we're the ones we've been waiting for, they are on the run and we are in for quite a ride coming up, hell its 9/11 again, 14 short years ago....

On a personal note Les if you come to Germany will you have time to get together ,it would be nice to visit, let me know here as I've misplaced a computer.... Don't ask...

Alan Jong said...

One thing you should absolutely know is that the Almighty is in the process of recovering his image from centuries of criminal libel, and Judaism as a whole is in the cross hairs it takes the cake in slandering the Most High, I wrote about that here. The reason He's put you through some trials is because you tend to be apologetic, with the notion that they will get some kind of pass in the end, and they will not. A soul is not an automatic condition to life on this Earth and if everyone had a soul on this Earth there would be no wars. You need to be tough enough to stand in your own light. I wrote what I needed to here as far as Where the Almighty stands, and you can see a synchronicity unfolding as I added more comments to post, which culminated with a massive sandstorm which swallowed the middle East, in sync with the lyrics of his song.

In this interview between Ryan Dawson, and Jeff Blankfort, the truth comes through better without a religious spin. I know Ryan is Atheist, but the Almighty is not religious at all, therefore an Atheist in pursuit of truth will share that truth unswayed by conditioned bias.

A soul in all its objective glory is a star after all. The biggest myth by religion is that God forgives, That's a fallacy. God does not forgive, the growth of a soul is not determined by God, but by the individual into which life has been gifted. There are people in this world who have a relationship with him that constitutes divine providence, and You're one of them, therefore you should never back down or apologize for what you write. Go with what you feel, and obvious we all make errors we correct those, and move on; if in that error we feel the need to apologize we do so and move forward. God is beginning to take down all distorted images that mankind has evoked about him over the centuries, and as far as a Devil goes, you know where he stands on that notion.

My only point here is be fierce, and unapologetic for writing and sharing the truth, especially when it comes to crushing the lies of Judaism who from the beginning slandered the Almighty and distorted his image, it's their problem, they have mixed their religion, politics, and ethnicity into a destructive world view of messianic imperialism, and at your best, you take shots at that not only worthy of the Almighty's attention, but his protection as well.

Visible said...

Perhaps my statements here are a bit misconstrued. I clearly state that I do not believe I am wrong; only that if I am proven wrong (which I will not be) I will acknowledge this and reorient my perspective accordingly. I would not say things of the magnitude that I said here if I thought I was in error, given the shocking and dangerous nature of the statements and which, as concerns the holocaust are being said by no one else I know about so bluntly, although I am guessing there are others out there. With all honesty, I have no fear and experience no trepidation when it comes to what's being said and I have zero insecurity about it.

Anonymous said...

Relax. It's all under control.
The Ineffable

Blindlight said...

Interesting. I speak out bluntly as well. perhaps rense was forced to remove you due to these claims here? Just guessing Big money means permission of the Jews. I firmly believe that so I applaud your stance on your advertising and hang in there. Check my site out!

I can tell you many people don't like me cause I actually out infiltrators inside our house, not the ones on the other side of the street. I do this because NO RESISTANCE IS POSSIBLE IF YOUR LEADERS ARE PAID BY YOUR ENEMIES!

H Price said...

Oh dear. I have to say I haven't checked out Rense for years. The reason why? Because he is a "shill". He used to work with Alex Jones on the Genesis Broadcasting Network until they had a "falling out". That was all theatre. It was meant to make either Rense fans look bad in the eyes of AJ fans, or AJ fans look bad in the eyes of AJ fans. It was divide and conquer, the hegelian dialectic etc at work. (Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani) did an expose on Rense years ago to show how he had lied about his work experience, the awards he never won etc. He is fake opposition exactly like Alex Jones is.

[This expose was seen as a hit piece by some people, and people claimed that Thorn and Guliani were "agents". I never believed, and still don't believe a word of it. Thorn and Guliani did some excellent 9/11 research, and have continued to do good work since.]

Anyhow, was on the top of the CIA's top ten of disinfo sites at one point. (haven't checked the CIA website for a while so it might be something else by now). I thought that was extremely funny since he is probably CIA and/or the Mossad (usually) anyway. His brother, I believe was the head of an auspicious architecture or art magazine some time back, and is Jewish I believe ... so that would probably make Rense ... ummm ... Jewish, may be??

So ... beware of who you put stock in because those who get big in the alternative media are probably limited hangouts, shills, and/or all of these. And also avoid those who push gold on you ... that's a stupid thing to put your money into since the powers that be can just take it off you if they need to.

Oh and another to beware of is Chris Bollyn ... Jewish parents, lived on a kibbutz, Jewish ex-girl friend (was in Military Intelligence, I seem to believe), and has a Jewish wife. Hmmm ...

Kind regards,

Harvey Price (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

ps my claim to fame is that I discovered the links between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family of Canada ... and also managed to track down Bollyn when he went on the run all those years ago. I continue to watch events from a great distance, and am eternally baffled by those who follow and still praise Jones, Rense, John Friend (Jones wannabe), Jim Fetzer, and a tonne of other limited hangouts and thoroughly dodgy people in the "patriot movement".

Visible said...

I was unaware of these things and the information on Bollyn is startling. I really would appreciate corroboration on these, especially since I have never come across most of this. I knew about the Alex Jones Bronfman link but not with Rense. I am not doubting you, it is just disturbing. What troubles me is that no one who is published on Rense will even speak to me and some of these people were supposed to be friends. If I had done something during the period in question it might be understandable, maybe but it certainly is a mystery. This is not to say that it changes one wit in my direction or commitment to what I do. It's just a mystery and I get motivated by them. Every time I say things like this people come around to advise me one way or the other. It's not a big deal that I am curious. It's my nature. I don't like to demure when red flags are waved in my face (grin).

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done, Visible. A model of correct behavior for truthers to emulate. Put aside the personal, put aside the chickenshit, focus on the main themes.

Visible said...

Any credit for making the right choice does not go to me. The ineffable guides me and tells me what to do. As I mentioned recently, much of what gets said here is automatic. I'm just a tool. I'm not a perfect tool yet and that is why I get smacked around but I try to learn. I've nothing against Jeff. First of all, I don't have enough information to be and I still wouldn't be. I might sigh and think, "ah well, that's the direction he took." but I have a lifetime of being disappointed in people and being disappointing too. It's nothing to me. I just roll with it and when it isn't me, I'm just grateful. These days I like myself a lot. I meet the challenge more often than not. Jeff is just me in another life. That is true of everyone. I try to understand these days rather than to criticize what I think I would have done had I been someone else. Truth is that if I were them I would act like them and for all the hardship that attends it, I am pretty glad I am me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Harvey for pointing out what anyone that has woken up knows after a few years of rabbit holing. Rense, Jones, Icke, Rivero et al...shills, gatekeepers, spooks etc.

visible writes of love, peace, courage, God and that is why he is no longer allowed on those sites. Rivero said so himself.

Out of them all Rense is the worst. He does no work, just links, his radio show is of the remedial variety. He has flunkies that felate him in hopes of not being the next one kick off of his site and he has no loyalty. Ask David Dees.

zazz said...

On a holocaust having taken place, there can be little or no doubt. By definition, a holocaust is a burnt offering or sacrifice. The obsession with 6 (not 5.9, not 6.1, but exactly 6) is a clue as to whom the sacrifice was made. It was a burnt offering by those who say they are Jews but are instead a synagogue of satan, against the followers of the true Judaism and humanity at large. The offering was made to the same beast masquerading as the Almighty. In ancient times, this beast was referred to as moloch and baal. Today, it is known as saturn.

Scarlett said...

I don't get the whole "Conspiracy theorist" insult. The official 9/11 story is, in fact, a conspiracy theory. People are convicted of conspiracy all the time. There are plenty of instances in history (and the present) where people work secretly together to achieve an aim. There are plenty of things that go on that no one is allowed to talk about due to "national security" -- so how anyone can think that a theory that people in our own government worked on behalf of Israel to stage a false flag event and didn't tell anyone about it is akin to some form of mental illness is very telling of how deeply brainwashed we have become. They believe that every Muslim is secretly working to bring about the destruction of the West and implement a world dominating Islamic caliphate. But, Jews wouldn't do that kind of thing. Couldn't do that kind of thing. Even though Jews have a messianic vision in their own religious texts that speak of that very concept. Even though we say that Muslims are stone age thinkers and goat herders and even though they don't have Muslims appointed in high level positions throughout the government -- they can somehow bypass the defenses of the biggest and richest military in the world and organize an attack on us from a cave. But, Jews who held key positions in every organization necessary to sabotage those defenses couldn't possibly have done this? And then every high level person tasked with investigating it turns out to be Jewish. Just a coincidence, right? It not only takes stupidity not to see the obvious truth -- it takes willful stupidity. Even the dumbest person could connect the dots on this one. You have to bend over backwards to try to find any other way to connect the dots.

This is why I keep coming back to this site. For me, 9/11 is the litmus test. You either acknowledge that this was a Mossad operation or you out yourself as either being controlled opposition or too cowardly to tell the truth. And from what I've seen, Visible always tells the truth -- no matter how uncomfortable it is to hear that truth. Most of the problems we have in this world come from a refusal to deal in truths. Sometimes we don't want to tell people the truth because we don't want to hurt them. Allowing a lie to continue hurts them more. Sometimes we don't want to tell the truth because we know we will be punished for it (or branded as being insane). But, I learned long ago that I don't want to be like everyone else because most people are wasting their lives on mindless materialism and groveling at the feet of those they think have power. In the last few years, I've learned that this power is not real power but an illusion. I have all the power of the universe within me and I need no permission from anyone to utilize it. The material pursuits of this world are a waste of time. We all need to contribute and earn enough to fulfill our basic needs -- but the rest is just bullshit. It is what we do, not what we acquire that truly makes us who we are. And I appreciate those like Visible who have understood this for far longer than me and helped open my eyes and released me from the chains of social engineering. We are already all the things we long to be. The trick is in breaking those mental chains of society that has convinced us that we have something wrong with us and they have the cure for a price ...

Anonymous said...

I believe many of Jeff Rense's connections have been discussed here in the past. Read the comments at this old Smoking Mirrors post, dated December of 2011, beginning with comment No. 29 -

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

I remember when Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani went down. They were on point then. Pure hard truth. Then they were gone. And many before them. Now you are on point Viz and correctly forgiving and kind; but, as Omega points out (and The Urantia Book), although we were taught to look for good in everyone, NOT EVERYONE HAS GOOD, NOT EVERYONE HAS BOTHERED TO BUILD ANY KIND OF A SOUL (yes, our soul is a thing of our own making). I was often targeted until I came to understand this. You are fierce, in your endearing funny way, no need to work on that at all, but (as Q said to his son) DON'T PROVOKE THE BORG. The Borg has no talent of its own. It has to steal everything. So it has tried to master evil. It even fails at that and is often easily taken down. Jolly good show what blurf, rant, live long and prosper.

At the top of my "Wish List Of Expensive Things" is a BCX-Ultra (or any like machine that can emit these waves), the ray machine that cured cancer (and many other diseases) in 1934, compliments of Raymond Rife, medical genius of the ages. Years ago a guy came to a Urantia meeting I was attending and gave us a book called, "The Cancer Cure That Worked." We passed it around. It is a must read. Available through libraries. Jeff Rense (yes, likely bought in and sold out) advertises the machine and rightly so. This machine is widely maligned by mainstream medicine as it removes the profit from medicine. Rense is still the first in my news list that I click on for the current haps.

We are all infected with ignorance (some FAR more than others). We have to fight ignorance, difficult but REQUIRED. The nontruthseekers and worse the truth resisters are a problem.

You are so lucky to be in Hawaii. We are working on getting there, deciding many things. Hilo or Kona? I think I just might like a subsidized apartment in Honolulu. I've never been there, but my daughter went and fell in love with it and we are going. (California is in massive fail mode.)



Anonymous said...

Dear Les !
You're the best . . .
F**k the rest

A. Dundee said...

In addition to WingTV's piece Henry Makow also a few years back published a fairly "damning" expose of Rense sourcing ex-wives, etc... I don't know or remember if Makow also sourced WingTV or if WingTV he or if they sourced each other a little. Makow's piece may have been motivated by personal animosity, I don't know but likely, but facts are published many of which correspond with WingTV's own, as well as ex-wive's tales for what they're worth. Have I done the work and research to corroborate them to my 100% satisfaction of their veracity? No. But my gut and instinct and lessons learned from Dante's Inferno Canto III are and should be way more than enough for me. Anywho there was aplenty there to have made Rense VERY highly suspect (but in fairness I'm suspicious of the Purity of the intentions of most, and continually question where True Care lay in every so-called "Truther" (itself an insidiously vain and laughingly disturbing moniker for any Man)), and then Les' experience with Rense is not only strikingly odd of itself, but for me all the corroboration my gut needs to satisfy its 100% DETACH ALERT. I've intuitively felt for some time that there really is a Satanic mind-virus infecting all of humanity inserting itself in that very host in form as Mammon, an ubiquitously contagious causative demon, genetically self-replicating through ALL Man's energy spent in pursuit of...(?) Mammon! desiring and willing and acting in pursuit of it from crib to crutch to crypt, never to have and to hold it so securely in that "Enough, enough, it is too much, I can take no more" way that only the Self's connection and identification with Its Creator-Divine in Love always and only ever could. The Pity of me and Man is Mammon! the Great Divider, the Grand Deceiver, Seed of Satan and Life Destroyer. If the ouroboros is sourced to Babylon, if it came from there to Egypt (and I don't know that it did or didn't, but it intrigues me now) then look no further for the imago satan, in the ouroboros is that image, it is a microscopic still-shot of the cellular structure of the Virus, as well as a representation of Money-Majik's relationship to Man, and of Man's malignant mal-attachment to Mammon, and of his Utter, Whole, and Complete Detachment from God.

Anonymous said...

Tis lovely what the play reveals. The first day I sat at a pc was the day I found Mr Rense.I remember wondering how long the Mighty Wurlitzer would allow this free internet to go on. I expected him to be liqudated or assetted. Over the fifteen or so years since the initiation and getting a PC of my own I have kept his site next to Truthseeker and Les Visible who I met there, on my bookmarks list. You are the sane voice of the free internet which struggles in the dark night of Kali. I appreciate how much I appreciate You as The Dean of useful articulation.

A. Dundee said...

Regarding Rense and the AltNet piece. AltNet's not a site I ever visit and was hardly aware of, but I went and checked it out to see what the fuss was about and if the piece from June is the one referenced it's pretty light-weight in comparison to Lisa Giuliani's and Henry Makow's older ones. Is Rense a Tribe member or perhaps simply compromised (my hunch)? Is there an orderly, structured, collaborative "take-down" in the works between tribe member/simply compromised and Tribe? Has Rense served his purpose and will now soon be no more? Will Rense slowly begin to quietly apologize/excuse the Tribe in that velvet voice, lose audience and income, take the Mammon he has, hold it and secure it, love it, and bring what of it with him into his next Hell? Will the Tribe gain big here in the calm, Reasonable, ex-"truther"'s admission of his guilt and its innocence? Is Jones' (more certainly a member) "take-down" next?

Anonymous said...

Greetings good Sir. Fine post, well written, positive - hope Rense Bounces back even stronger.

Have you Heard about the 800,000 refugees making there way from Syria and surounding countries making their way to Greece, Germany, Danmark and Sweden?

First USreal bombs the shit out of all isreal's enemies now the zionist elite want to erase all existing borders with refugees wanting to survive. The emigration beginning is as powerful as World war. 800,00 refugees cannot be assimulated in one year into europé with out gutting the millenium old countries. The new World order may get established by swamping nations with zionist caused refugees.
The bankers will have just the solution waiting: The new World order with only a ruling and a working class.

Peace and love,


A. Dundee said...

Well said, Scarlett. Well said, indeed... Insanity All-Around, and ouroboros is seen everywhere, the brain-damaged by the virus or brain-washed by it, the virus is within and without, in the mind and in the ether, in the blood and in the plasma, and we inhale and exhale as its host in never-ending pursuit of feeding it more, more, more, and in our last breath we expire with the consoling thought or words from others of "Well Done! Well done good and faithful Servant! Damn fine Example in your Indomitable Effort!" and are rewarded with being an exemplar for our cursed progeny. Are we in Hell?

Ray B. said...

Only loosely related, but I just had to share this. 'Frankie Calcutta' is GizaDeathStar's comments-section Deep-Wit poster:

Frankie Calcutta - September 10, 2015 at 7:20 am

"When they came for the unborn babies, I protested in the streets.
When they came for the guns, I bought more.
When they came for the neocons, I closed the curtains, turned on the ballgame, and drank a beer."

In the same vein, on our government:

basta - September 10, 2015 at 5:24 am

"Nonetheless, short answer: the Wall Street+FED Cabal owns the place, and the NeoZioCons run the place for them. Kerry (and Congress, Obama and the Supremes) are there to warm chairs and keep up appearances and give the clueless public an idiot button to press every four years, and provide a target to blame. Puppet theatre!"

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


In struggle,


mike m said...

As I sit here on the edge of the Everglades being torn up by mosquitos the ever shining light is light on me

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
If Rense only had Jim Stone ( ) on like Kerry Cassidy did on Camelot a few years back my suspicions would be much allayed. my 311 litmus test. given the fallout from Fukushima I would have though that this was important, and respect for the much espoused common sense (100X Kobe, little quake damage setting aside Stuxnetted and Camera Nuked Fukushima and project seal style tsunami)
Babylon wasnt so bad, the Jews who are not Jews, the levites got their fangs into its neck and got Syria to invade it, then Jerusalem. same game , same cult.
btw Makows Illuminati book is now available in german.
happy and 'uninteresting' 911 , "folks".

Anonymous said...

Dear Les et al,

(I tried putting this up on your blog ... but it wouldn't allow me because of "html" problems. No idea why so I thought I would just send this to you. You may put it up as a post, if you would like).

I left the 9/11 field about the time that it kind of imploded (around about 2007/8). I still blame Jim Fetzer partly for that (he divided and conquered the field with his unrelenting bluster and scientific elitism stance). At the time, I was fairly close to some of the most prominent people involved in the field at the time. I had a little bit of communication with Eric Hufschmid (remember him, folks?: vehemently anti-Zionist/Jewish ... but put out a book with exceptionally good pictures, and was half brother to one of the Murdochs. Hmmm ....). You really can't make this stuff up.

I also had a little communication with Daryl Bradford Smith who was, and still is, curmudgeonly, but on the level as a whole. They worked together with Chris Bollyn as a sort of triumvirate. And Chris Bollyn, at the time, was deemed to be the best investigate journalist in the US by none other than the late, great Michael Collins Piper (he later came to regret saying this).

However, the brown stuff eventually hit the fan. Bollyn fell out with Mike Piper over articles that he wrote for the American Free Press, attacked Victor Thorn (for no real reason, I believe) on one of Mike Piper's broadcasts ... and finally went on the run. His excuse was that the police attacked him, and broke his arm ... and so he went off to Estonia where his wife comes from ... before he could go to trial (it turned out, I believe, that he in fact assaulted the police when a bit tipsy).

That was a long time ago now, so I may get some of the details wrong. Anyhow, I tracked his website down to Estonia, and he remained there for some time not being able to get back to the states (being on the lam ... and everything). However, it seems that he can get back into the country now, and has spoke at a few conferences, I believe. So he must have been forgiven at some point ...

Anyway, the stuff about living on a kibbutz, Jewish girlfriend, Jewish wife etc are all very old news, and I believe that Bollyn has admitted some of this himself.

However, I managed to discover that Bollyn's parents were Jewish when I did some digging around about him on the net. I found a synagogue in the Chicago area, I believe that was frequented by a Mr and Mrs Bollyn. They were the only Bollyns in the area.

I did all this research a long time ago, so a lot of the data may have gone down the rabbit-hole. I don't know.

But, here is a pdf from a synagogue in Chicago. It mentions an "Elbert Bollyn". According to my quick research on the net, there is only one Elbert Bollyn, and he resides or resided in Hoffman Estates, Chicago. Chris Bollyn used to live in ... Hoffman Estates, Chicago.

Anonymous said...

This all may be a coincidence, but I believe not. It would explain a lot about how Bollyn can apparently speak Hebrew, lived on a kibbutz for some time etc etc etc.

More on Rense here:

I was under the impression that Rense was Jewish. I could be wrong. Being Jewish is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but powerful Jewish forces are something to be extremely wary of. Associations and money are very important, and Rense does seem to have some very interesting connections.

Also, he mixes straight up good information with some really bad stuff. I saw him pushing the rantings of Andrew Basiago some years ago. I was onto Basiago the first moment I clapped eyes on what he was saying, and Rense was pushing his drivel straight away. He also mixes some good anti-zionist material with some straight out claptrap. It taints all the good information, and that is never a good thing.

He also used to, and probably still does, push some dodgy people. I believe he used to push Webster "can't get a prediction correct for the love of god" Tarpley, for instance ... probably still does but I've not looked at his website, as I said, for some years. Not really worth it.

Anyway, hope this has been some help. You have to always keep a toe or foot in the “suspicious camp”, and be exceptionally wary of the talking heads. Especially those that get into prominent positions whether it be in the main stream media or the alternative media. They get there for a reason, and they always have an agenda.

Alex Jones' job is to corral people, and to doom monger them into submission. Rense is there to taint similar thinking people with the anti-semiticism thing. They may have fallen out, but my hunch is that they are still working together but in a very clandestine way.

There is probably more about this on the archives, and other places. Some people have done some great research into Jones, and his backers since I found out that his lawyer also worked for the Bronfmans of Canada.

Rightio ... better get this sent off.

Best wishes

Harvey P.

Visible said...

Wow! Thank you for that sterling work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

Man... is there anyone who isn't a Tribe member? I KNOW that I am not but maybe I was switched in the maternity ward (grin). Webster is, or was, still on Rense and he's got a handful of new people. Richard Sauder has a higher profile now too and he doesn't like me and was responsible for my being tossed once earlier. Maybe that is the key.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
I am not surprised by any of it, and cannot take sides, is there something wiser than a serpent and more gentle than a dove given the intrigues.
as one of the illiterate students of anti-gentilism, the facts are, regardless of the peddlers. the trick is in the turnings though, when and where it counts to strike or mislead - like global warming is suddenly causing mass extinction in Fukushima's wake, or Arnie Gundersons hydrogen blast impossibilities.
L B woolfolk's the great red dragon (1890) talks of London Money Kings in the British plantation called the USA, and does not refrain from using the J word.
how so many of the alleged barons of mid-late 19th century turned out to own a fractional percentage of their wealth, on their death it went to the true owners. same went later for Rockerfellers, Rothschilds owned it , people like Australian media tycoon Kerry Stokes , not known the be a Jew, has a Jewish funeral from out of the blue. how the money kings fomented boom and bust to end up owning everything. the dove was never free as Cohen sang for Israel (as you said). maybe the Muslims (that are not Donmeh Jews) have the answer. is it a loose association or do they really all hang out in the Gogs together under cover of the night to scheme.

Anonymous said...

"Man... is there anyone who isn't a Tribe member? I KNOW that I am not but maybe I was switched in the maternity ward (grin)."

I hate chatcronyms, but i just came up with a couple new ones: Trying To Contain My Laughter (TTML) Tears Welling From Suppressed Laughter (TWFSL).

I've asked myself that same question more than once. As for myself, i can't be sure, 'cause i's adopted. Ha, ha.
But i don't care. I'm startin' ta think there really is no such thing as a jew; that's just some name certain people give themselves for coming up with the ideas they come up with. I don't give two squats what they call themselves, they don't HAVE to be jews, that's just what they tell themselves they are as an excuse for a combined cohesive ideology of subversion and "religion". They can call themselves the Flying Spaghetti & Meatball Space Tribe for all i care. Doesn't change anything.

Obviously, it's what they DO that matters, that's the only requirement.

I kinda hope someday they'll catch on to their own self-foolery.


Ray B. said...

Lots of good info on this thread. Thanks, all!

I just gave a friend a link to 'Visible Origami'. His email response:

"Ray, that link you sent…it didn't come up and said on my computer 'blocked by your organization'."


Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

9/11- Stale Bread and Pornographic Circuses on Propaganda Road.

An Interested Party said...

Dear Les,

Christopher Bollyn is getting painted on your last Smoking Mirrors blog with what I regard as undo heat and thinly disguised malevolent innuendo.

If his immediate family has Jewish roots and background, so what? The original Boleyn family was hardly Jewish. But again, if it was, so what?

Thank heaven for Jewish commentators on what is going on in our present and recent-day world, foremost in my opinion would be Alan Stang, Henry Makow, Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Gilad Atzmon, Barry Chamish and his colleague Joel Bainerman, to name a few. Henry Makow has posted several others.

Individually, they may be swayed a bit too much by certain aspects of the Holocaust narrative and have emotional ties to Israel, but so what? Some of them have also paid a terrible price for standing up for the truth and for pointing out the corruption in Israel.

I personally talked to Christopher and his wife about a month or so after he was attacked by police thugs in front of his home and children when he was in my city giving a presentation on 9/11. His wife verified everything Christopher said then about the attack, or has subsequently said about it.

Christopher was barred from entering Britain about 2 years ago. He was hounded with death threats while he wended his lonely way up the west coast speaking the truth about 9/11 to various small groups during a tour a year and a half ago. Etc.

I don't see Christopher pulling any punches when it comes to outing the principal culprits behind 9/11. I do see that he has incurred quite the price to himself and his family in doing so.

BTW, I’ve profited from reading your blog for a number of years. Thank you.

Skully said...

Les all I care to say about Rense is :

Because of his page I was fortunate to have found your writings and YOU are WAY better then
Rense will ever be. I was shocked but not surprised to read the former wives tales.

I have been having a negative vibe about Jeff as long as you HAVE NOT BEEN POSTING ON THERE!!
I use to go to his page just to read your stuff. Then I got tired of going to his page and just started going to you directly as well as others since all he does is link as others have mentioned.

Its a gift from Ineffable to you to be free of that sick man. Sorry I can say he is sick to use women such as he has done. I am a woman and it is awful to have held him in high regards and then to read what I read. Please Les check out a channel at youtube called junglesurfer he also has a channel called nuke hoax. Dave J at youtube has a video about Kennedy you really should see and then follow up with Junglesurfer. "The real Truth is in your eyes trust them first!"

Visible said...

I consider Chris to be a man of great courage and brilliant intellect and writing skills. The rest of it is the rest of it.


Thank you Skully (Skully?)

Ray B. said...

"Skully' could be a misspelling of (Dana) Scully of "The X-Files" fame (Gillian Anderson).

Visible said...

(grin) that is precisely why I asked. She sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

Before he disappeared off to Estonia, Bollyn brought a guy onto Mike Piper's radio program at the time ... who claimed that he had seen a cruise missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Bollyn was totally on board with what this guy (his name was Sam Danner) was saying. I remember it because I listened to every one of his radio programs that week (Bollyn, I believe was sitting in for Mike Piper that week). It was terribly exciting. Actual first hand testimony that a plane had not hit the Pentagon.

But ... it all turned out to be a big fat hoax. It was soon after this that Bollyn had his blow out with the police, and he headed to foreign shores.

I remember a story Mike Piper told about being in Mexico, I believe, in a cigar shop checking out the cigars. Piper was a cigar aficionado. He heard a seemingly American couple behind him chatting. It only came to Piper some years later that the guy was Bollyn. Piper was under the impression that he was being followed by Bollyn, and his wife, Helje Kaskel. Piper for all his faults, was not a paranoid guy.

It was a few years later, I believe, after this incident that Bollyn got in touch with Piper, and wangled his way into the American Free Press.

I am not hitting Bollyn because he may or may not be Jewish or of Jewish descent. There is a heavy air of Israel/Mossad in 9/11. Anyone who looks at it closely will see the connections very clearly.

It just seems plainly odd to me that a 9/11 investigator who has exhibited some fairly strange behaviour lived on a kibbutz, had a girlfriend in Israeli intelligence or military, could speak Hebrew ... etc etc etc.

There have been some great Jewish investigators. The Collier brothers who did the voting scam stuff etc ... but ... Bollyn smells heavily of agenda, or limited hangout ... and should not be trusted.

But I am always prepared to be proved otherwise.

Visible said...

Wow! Heh heh.. you talk like me (grin). Yeah... that all sounds strange.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

Troll city in here today.


Visible said...

It is? Yours is the first comment in almost 24 hours I think.

Anonymous said...

"Thank heaven for Jewish commentators on what is going on in our present and recent-day world, foremost in my opinion would be Alan Stang, Henry Makow, Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Gilad Atzmon, Barry Chamish and his colleague Joel Bainerman, to name a few. Henry Makow has posted several others."

I am having all six of them sent an invite to "Jewfest 2015" this Christmas at my house. We will discuss their excellent works, in the face of the Sanhedrin. Do we have their names? How does one serve "papers" to the Sanhedrin??

Lou said...

"9/11 is the litmus test. You either acknowledge that this was a Mossad operation or you out yourself as either being controlled opposition or too cowardly to tell the truth."

Oh please!

Did the Mossad install the tens of thousands of pounds of HE in the towers?

Did the Mossad ship the thousands of tons of explosive demolished steel to China without looking at it. Did the Mossad order no photographs be taken of the 9/11 crime scene and confiscate those pictures?

Did the Mossad order the "modifications" on the Pentagon that enabled the attack on the Pentagon?

Did the Mossad write all the bs "papers on 9/11" such as the jokes by NIST and other supposedly honest sellout organizations.

Here is what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. Please show me how the Mossad ran the operation.

The real litmus test of 9/11 is do you believe that MANY organs of the US Government covered up and ARE TODAY covering up what really happened on 9/11?

The Mossad was used by the CIA and was a relative bit player.

xmastri said...

I've been reading here for a long time, but haven't previously commented. It seems the more I know....the less I know....
Maybe some readers can share which websites are good ones to read...
That would be helpful instead of floundering around...
I've found Rense's website helpful with some of the health type articles...that's pretty much all I go there for, and haven't been there in awhile. I do view Ryan Dawson's videos when they're up on WRH. I read WRH daily, but have learned to weed through some of the stuff posted there. I go to ICH daily and peek at CD and CP on occasion. Any other suggestions....??

Visible said...

Lou... you're a Tribe member, right?

Visible said...

For other news, look up News Scouter.

Skully said...

Hi Les and everyone

I actually use the "skully" due to my Harley I have. My daughters idea. Its all chrome and has the skulls on it. But in American indian culture I read that the skull is a sign of inner consciousness so it is not a bonesman thing with me quite the opposite.

Really grateful for your insights Les I think you have helped so many souls with out a doubt you helped whip me in to mind shape!! Thanks again!! my youtube is 4skully. Peace
(April 4th 1964)for the 4

A. Dundee said...

Maybe Lou's sincere. Maybe the Lion's done did ate him. Eat the Lion, Lou. I'm learning how, constantly. The more I do the less I have and the better I taste the difference between what's temporary and what ain't, and what ain't always IS.

Anonymous said...

There are too many links to Israel and/or Mossad in the 9/11 attacks. You cannot go past the people with Israeli/US citizenship, and then claim that Israel had a limited involvement in 9/11. That is avoiding a great part of what happened on 9/11.

Silverstein was a great friend of Netanyahu. they used to chat on the phone each week before 9/11. Netanyahu wrote a book about the so-called "War on Terror" years before 9/11 (1986 I think it was).

Comptroller of the Pentagon on 9/11 was Dov Zakheim. Rabbi and dual citizen, as mentioned above, and if I remember correctly was on the board of a company that manufactured remote controls for aircraft.

Michael Chertoff, I believe has dual citizenship with Israel.

Richard Pearle who was on the Neocon (ie Zionist) PNAC thing. He was caught giving/selling secrets to Israel in the 80s but somehow got out of it. His nickname was the "Prince of Darkness".

Odigo instant messaging system supposedly used on 9/11 ... Israeli.

The Zim Moving company that was involved (possibly was the truck that the "dancing Israelis" danced on top of) ... Israeli.

This is all from the top of my head, and although I have forgotten a lot about what went on (I have a terrible memory), these still stick out.

9/11 was a collaboration between a number of parties, US, Israeli, probably UK and Saudis as well. But Israel was heavily involved. To say otherwise is denigrating the victims of the crimes commited on that day.

Anonymous said...

Les, I am someone who has ALWAYS been ONLY interested in finding out the TRUTH, regarding HISTORY - specifically, the History of Western Civilization. I began my search for the TRUTH, really around 1999. From 1999 to 2009, I read A LOT of information, including books and internet info. I soon discovered that there were some extremely WELL-CREDENTIALED individuals putting out books on the hidden history we were never taught in school. I attempted to absorb AS MUCH material as possible, knowing that in the end, once I sifted out the chaff, I would be left with ONLY THE WHEAT! Americans have been SO THOROUGHLY DECEIVED, that it is IMPERATIVE, that those of us "in-the-know", begin to WAKE THEM UP ASAP! My research has taught me the following (and then some)(and I will attempt brevity - keep in mind, 90% of those who claim to be "Jews", are actually Ashkenazi-Khazars, descendants of a Tribe, which lived in ancient KHAZARIA):

1) Ignatius Loyola, a "Marrano" "Jew", founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) circa 1540, when he received the assistance of a Venetian man named Cardinal Gasparo Contarini, who was able to get Loyola an audience with the Pope. Ignatius Loyola was merely one of several "Marrano" "Jews" who joined the fledgling Jesuit Order. 2) Adam Weishaupt, was Jesuit-trained, and received Rothschild-funding to create the Order of the Illuminati, which he did, on May 1, 1776. (Modern Speculative Freemasonry was founded in London, in 1717. Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati appears to have been a plan to HIJACK FREEMASONRY FROM THE TOP! As it was only top-level freemasons who were "tapped" to join the Illuminati.) Turns out, Freemasonry, as we have it today, is "Jew"-ish from start to finish!
3) COMMUNISM is a "Jew"-ish concept. Karl Marx was "Jew"-ish. The 1917 so-called "Russian" "Revolution" was BOTH financed AND carried out, by Ashkenazi-Khazars!
4) La Cosa Nostra is a FREEMASONIC organization set up specifically for the Italian Mafia, by Guiseppe Mazzini.
5) The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is also FREEMASONIC in origin - set up by Albert Pike.
6) ZIONISM is, of course, of "Jew"-ish origin.
7) The Rothschilds created Israel in 1948. Rothschild-Israel controls American Foreign Policy, via the Council on Foreign Relations, and AIPAC.
8) There is a connection between Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds.
9) It's not the "New" World Order - it's the "Jew" World Order, to be run by Ashkenazi-KHAZARS! They’ve not only hijacked the entire U.S. Government, but have hijacked the entirety of Western Civilization!

For more DOCUMENTED FACTS pertaining to the above, go here:

X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

(Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read, view, listen to ALL content, with which you may not be familiar)

Christopher Bollyn said...

Christopher Bollyn writes: There are some comments about me on this webpage that are false. The following comment (No. 7) was written by Harvey Price of New Zealand:

"Oh and another to beware of is Chris Bollyn ... Jewish parents, lived on a kibbutz, Jewish ex-girl friend (was in Military Intelligence, I seem to believe), and has a Jewish wife. Hmmm ..."

Two of these points are false, and two are true:

I have Jewish parents? FALSE. My parents were born and raised Lutheran (mother) and Methodist (father). They became Episcopalian and I was baptized and confirmed in Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in Hoffman Estates, the church my parents were founding members of.

Ethnically, my mother's parents were primarily of Swedish (Walloons from Rättvik), Norwegian, and Hessian ancestry. My father's ancestry is Swiss, German, and there is supposedly a connection to Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife of Henry VIII. No Jewish ancestors that I know of, and I have done a bit of research on my family's roots.

"Lived on a kibbutz, Jewish ex-girl friend (was in Military Intelligence, I seem to believe)": MOSTLY TRUE. After wandering around Europe and the Middle East after I finished high school, I wound up on a kibbutz in the Jordan Valley (Afikim), near the southern shore of the Sea of Galilee. I did have an Israeli girlfriend, who did go into the army at age 18 and was a secretary at an army base near Tel Aviv, which may have been Army Intel. She married an Australian Jew to get out of the army after a year because she could not stand it anymore. She then divorced out of the marriage of convenience and came to the US. I met up with her again and we traveled across America and went to Puerto Rico in the winter. When her visa expired we got married but after a year we returned to Puerto Rico and dissolved the marriage in the same court where we had married, Humacao on the eastern coast.

Has a Jewish wife? FALSE. My wife, Helje, is a Swedish citizen who was raised in Estonia. Her parents are both Estonian and her father was a Christian who suffered discrimination in the Soviet period because of his faith. Mother's maiden name was Murak; father was originally Klaassen, but the name was changed to Kaskel during the Estonian republic period to sound more Estonian. Klaassen is either Dutch or Scandinavian.

I hope this helps, on my website,, there is a section about me that has more information.

Christopher Bollyn said...

There is more false information about Christopher Bollyn in Comment No. 27, by Anonymous.

The comment, which is almost all false, says:

However, I managed to discover that Bollyn's parents were Jewish when I did some digging around about him on the net. I found a synagogue in the Chicago area, I believe that was frequented by a Mr and Mrs Bollyn. They were the only Bollyns in the area.

I did all this research a long time ago, so a lot of the data may have gone down the rabbit-hole. I don't know.

But, here is a pdf from a synagogue in Chicago. It mentions an "Elbert Bollyn". According to my quick research on the net, there is only one Elbert Bollyn, and he resides or resided in Hoffman Estates, Chicago. Chris Bollyn used to live in ... Hoffman Estates, Chicago.

Bollyn responds: "Quick research"? I guess. The researcher did not even discover that Temple Solel (the link) is in Phoenix, Arizona - not Chicago. The mention of Elbert Bollyn is in the section (Jahrzeit) of names of people who have passed away and who somebody in the congregation is related to and praying for.

In my case, this would be my sister, who converted and is a member of Temple Solel. She is remembering our father, who passed away about that time (Jahrzeit), May 21. Elbert Bollyn was certainly not Jewish in any way.

Christopher Bollyn said...

In Comment No. 40, from CuriousEgypt, there is another false statement about Christopher Bollyn.

It says this:

I remember a story Mike Piper told about being in Mexico, I believe, in a cigar shop checking out the cigars. Piper was a cigar aficionado. He heard a seemingly American couple behind him chatting. It only came to Piper some years later that the guy was Bollyn. Piper was under the impression that he was being followed by Bollyn, and his wife, Helje Kaskel. Piper for all his faults, was not a paranoid guy.

This is pure fantasy. Piper was lying. First of all, Helje has never been to Mexico. Secondly, we had no idea who Mike Piper was in 1997, when I think Piper said this incident supposedly happened. I remember the year because Helje said she was pregnant with our daughter when Piper claimed this happened. Pure fantasy, so ask yourself, Why did Piper make up these tall tales about me in the first place?

Visible said...

Christopher! Hi... welcome! I'm a long time fan of your work. I am glad you showed up to clear this up. I've never gotten a negative hit about you.

Christopher Bollyn said...

Thank you, Lesvisible, for letting me clear these false statements up. There are more to address, but I stopped after the first three responses to see if my comments would be posted. I am glad to see that they are. The details of the undercover police assault against me and the malicious prosecution in Cook County Court (2206-2007) are all published on my website,, and in my book, Solving 9-11: The Original Articles (in the related articles section at the end).

Visible said...

I've read everything on your site. I was very surprised to hear these things about you. I have always felt that you are a man of great courage, conviction, integrity and are inspired as well. I hold very few by this time in any high regard. You are one of those few. I'm honored that you came around. Thank you for clearing this up, it only confirms what I already believed.

Visible said...

I should point out that you are not the only one to be accused of all kinds of things that are not true. The feral hounds of slander howl in my tracks. It is the price of the journey in these times when so many hearts are false. It takes something exceptional to walk this road in these times. I would have failed long ago without the help of my invisible friends.

Brian said...

I'm curious as to how these BB 18 buss bars would have been used in the demolition of the WTC bldgs. Can anyone go into depth a little further to explain?

Part Number: BB18

Series: POWR-BAR Busbar

POWR-BAR Busbar Data Sheet


Last Uploaded: July 10, 2009

POWR-BAR&trade Bus Bar

Safe distribution of power to multiple fuse holders in a compact design is a key objective for panel designers. The Littelfuse UL508 bus bar system eliminates most wire terminations in a timesaving package. A power distribution block and associated conductors are no longer needed to feed multiple POWR-SAFE™ fuse holders.


Decreases wiring terminations

Small footprint reduces space requirements

Reduces assembly time

Prevents accidental finger exposure

Quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations

Allows for future expansion

Improves troubleshooting

Eliminates power distribution block

RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free

Marilyn said...

include ken o'keefe as a truthseeker and voice of courage.

Fred said...

I havent commented on here in a long time. First I hope your hip healed up and you are getting around ok. At our age it is not any fun at all to get such a serious injury and we don't bounce back as fast as when we were 20 or 30. Second I miss kenny, and it is about a year now since he died, but then there must be at least a dozen internet writers that I would read that have since passed away. Third I quit reading about 911 a few years ago, I spent forever reading on all aspects watching every video studying it to death and finally I realized it is just like the JFK murder I will never figure out everything to my satisfaction but I have a pretty good idea what happened and who the main players were. Now over a decade later the results are the same and the perpetrators are still walking around free. Forth I hate it when all the different people I read snipe at each other. For example Rebekah Roth just made a video that I watched I found many portions of it plausible and Ryan Dawson reviewed it and said fuck her, but she made a much more plausible argument as to the stewardess phone calls made. Will any of us really fully understand all of the things that went on that day, and be able to prove it 100 percent? Judy Woods makes a compelling argument that I can barely wrap my mind around, but I don't think she is purposely misleading everyone. Rivero always says a plane hit the Pentagon, but do we ever see a seat or anything in the wreckage? Just like JFK we are all set up to fail and never figure out what actually happened. But that does not excuse the bickering in my mind. We all now know the tribe was one of the main perps and did a fine job laying trails all over the place, they control the media, they controlled the investigation, Bush didn't know fuck all, Cheney knew exactly what was going on and if the heat got to hot they would throw Rice under the bus. Anyway Les it is frustrating at best, and just keep on doing where your heart leads you. Be well.

Visible said...

I saw Roth's article and it's very convincing. My only concern is that those pictures are very damning and it is 'possible', I can't say one way or the other, that there might be something suspect about the photos. They look good to me but you know how people come out of the blue and everyone starts jumping up and down and then it gets exposed and gives the movement a black eye. I don't know anything here, just a sense about something I can't define that might prove compromising but as I say, at the moment it looks good. Dawson is an understudy sort of of Rivero. They're both atheists so there's no problem there. I didn't see Dawson't video so I can't comment. I don't much get into Dawson's work. I've a good sense that he doesn't like me, spurning my overtures over the years but that might be nothing.

I never have gotten the thing about how it had to be a plane at the Pentagon. No plane makes that kind of hole and the Rolls Royce engines showed no impact on the walls. That is the big one for me and also... where was the wreckage.

I miss Kenny too. He was a good guy.

I hope Roth's out of nowhere bombshell is authentic.

Druid said...

About Rense: I once saw a video on Youtube, probably put up by the Daryl Bradford Smith crowd, making the claim that Rense is connected to SI Newhouse's heir. A segment of an interview with the heir of the Newhouse fortune was found in this video. The title of the video was making fun of people claiming that Daryl B. Smith is mean. Michael Collins Piper's bow "The New Babylon" is probably the best source to understand how much power the Newhouse family have in the media.

HPrice said...

More on Bollyn here:

More on Rense here:

Couldn't be anything true on these websites, of course ... nahhh

(Got to start checking these people out, and stop believing the talking heads.)

Unknown said...

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james W. said...

ever since December 2021, whenever i log in to the website for the purpose of reading the aggregate news headlines, i get interference. to whit, the list of headlines is all in yellow text, and then light colored photos show up in the background, washing out the text and making it unreadable. i sent a message to the website, and the reply was sort of odd. it said that the site had never heard of this problem, that it was the result of my browser being out of date. my browser is automatically self updating, and i do have the latest version. i have an 4 year old phone, an Samsung S5, not an iphone, and the Google browser is not delectable. I do not subscribe to Mr. Rense's world view, but i do like to access the many websites stories he lists. been doing so from way back in the day, when he was being called the new Art Bell. So, this may not be the place to ask, but has anybody else had this problem?



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