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The Fall of the Darkness and the Coming of the Light

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I know there are people out there who think there isn't enough evidence to implicate Israel in 9/11. Then there are people who refuse to believe it and even if it were proven to them would not accept it. Then there are people who know that it is true and won't admit it because they are it. Then there are people so stupid or asleep that the idea of it can't penetrate the concrete that encases their consciousness. Then there are those who are indifferent in any case and don't give a shit because the only thing that concerns them is themselves and whatever it is that they want and that is either changing on a regular basis or it is more or less fixed. There are others of course but never mind for the moment. Given what is being revealed at this website, this would qualify as a serious smoking gun. Here's a shorter intro that is nothing less than startling. If you did have doubts before, this should put them to rest.

At the back of my mind is a wariness that this could be some kind of a set up that is geared for exposure in coming days, where the photography with the explosive fuse boxes lining the walls proves to be an elaborate hoax. We already know that Israelis were living on those upper floors and we know about the World Trade Center security being shut down on Marvin Bush's watch prior to the attacks. We've got tons of information about Israel being involved already, including the moving company and the dancing Israelis and the planes attacking the towers that were airbrushed on a van. It goes on and on. So it is possible for them to take what we know and seek to reduce it to a questionable state.

Here is one of the latest slick and well funded operations coming out to defend the poor and defenseless professional victims industry. You will note that they label everyone as not only anti-Israel but anti-US as if they were synonymous.

I see all of this as a play by the coming avatar and I anticipate massive exposures attended by massive awakenings and god knows what the reaction is going to be when the agents of the dark side feel their sense of control slipping away from them. We are on the cusp of all kinds of things threatening to break loose and there are distractions aplenty to keep the world occupied with other things like the huge migration of people from war zones and the entry of Russia into direct involvement in Syria. There are all kinds of things going on and more to come; much more.

Along with the geo-political uproar in these allegedly managed conflicts, there is the ever pressing menace of political correctness that is being forced on an either unwilling or unconscious public that is driving the herd of humanity toward madness. Perhaps it is a blessing for those who have become so subjective under the force of material culture that their capacity for objective awareness is near zero. For those of us who retain some measure of it, what can be seen qualifies as frightening, that is, if you are the sort to become affected in that manner. I'd say this is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to whatever it is one has faith in; be it the system, one another, some philosophical or religious construct or one's self or... the ineffable. I separate this last from philosophical and religious constructs because I do not consider them the same thing but I do consider confusing the two as the root source of one of humanities biggest problems and one of the primary methodologies by which the self styled elite seek to control the masses.

Let's be honest, this control exerted on the masses has been taking place for hundreds and most likely thousands of years. Whether this has been an uninterrupted control, or whether the agents of darkness that reside on the inner planes simply switches from one ruling junta to another, one way or another we know that the very worst among us have been in the driver's seat for a very long time. We also know, some of us do, that there are forces of light that are working to free humanity from the bonds of ignorance that has enslaved them for so long. It is an unfortunate truth that most of humanity simply follows along on the slow path of evolution and the bumps in collective consciousness only come along at rare intervals. This brings me to the present. In present time an opportunity exists that only comes around at extremely rare intervals. Not only are we at the windup of a 26,000 year shift but that 26,000 years shift is itself at the nexus of an even larger reach of time. Think of it as the interlocking gears of the cosmic clock, having reached a very specific point. Suffice to say that this opportunity is extremely rare and that explains why the distractions are so extremely intense and why there is such a concerted effort at dumbing down taking place ...because... this is all part of a spiritual war that has been going on for a very long time. You can look at it as a game. In many ways it is. Those disposed toward evil are routed in that direction and those disposed toward good are routed in that direction for... the purpose of demonstration and all of it is in the service of waking up. A certain portion of the population is always waking up.

Because of this opportunity that I am speaking of, those so motivated are in a position to experience a quantum leap in consciousness. Everything is awareness after all. Awareness defines you and potentially it is much, much more than that. The ineffable is awareness and there are many stages between ordinary human awareness and the ineffable. I would say that most of the people that come here are not examples of ordinary human awareness, simply because we are aware of things that most people are not or don't care to be.

I recommend one thing more than anything else here, though it usually manifests in two different forms of behavior which result in the same thing; seek the ineffable and practice self inquiry. “Be still and know that I am God” This phrase serves both of those approaches if you understand it correctly. I was amused when I went to check out the meaning of it, according to the scholars that explain such things. Ah well...

This opportunity that I speak of... I don't know how I happen to know about this but I am quite certain that it is true and I am also certain that it is connected to the degree of one's intensity toward the source of all consciousness. It is my belief that all of those so inclined are getting all of the help needed to propel them toward this end. Unfortunately in the short term, this can mean a great deal of suffering for those of us who, for whatever the reason, must go through this as our evolution is being hothoused. Sometimes our personal suffering is connected to the suffering of others and we take it upon ourselves to go through this for the benefit of others. We might not know this but we did at the time we agreed to come here, for whatever it was that we came here to do and if this is concealed from us, there is a reason. Let it be simply said that a lot of us are here for each other at this time. We all have our purpose of demonstration to perform.

Let me say at this juncture that it is a very good idea to begin to pay attention to every situation you find yourself in and to be mindful of every person you encounter and to share and spread the light at every opportunity. This tends to get you into the habit of doing it and since the ineffable is all about spreading the light, you will find that you are emulating the ineffable insofar as you possess the capacity to do this.

We never think about time being short until, suddenly, time is short. That would not be the time to begin to focus your attention on the author of all life. The time to do that would have been yesterday or before. Certainly the time would be today and right this minute. I don't know how to stress the importance of this. Perhaps if I list some things and explain some things it might help. There is no limit upon the powers of the ineffable. Just because you have not seen this in demonstration means nothing. The power of the ineffable is limitless. This means that nothing can touch you unless the ineffable says so. In whose hands in all the world are you better placed? Regardless of what might happen to you, if you are consciously in the hands of the ineffable your destiny is secure. There is no other power in Heaven or Earth so great or so auspicious as the ineffable and the ineffable knows who you are and is even speaking to you. If you cannot hear the ineffable it is because surface and subterranean chatter are drowning out that still small voice. You can facilitate hearing the voice through meditation, prayer and especially through a yearning in the heart. This yearning is critical. Let it overwhelm you and keep in mind that anything you think you want and anything you can imagine you want is all part and parcel of the ineffable and the ineffable can not only deliver it but make it possible for you to appreciate it. Have I communicated this truly important piece of information?

Therefore, take all of your various yearnings and braid them into a single cable and let it all transmit on that woven cable to the source of all good things and anytime you think you want anything, remember what it is that you actually want. Fuse your longing into a single purpose. Set yourself on guard to remember this at every moment because you will forget again and again. It is in relentless remembrance that you will triumph. If you do not cease and you give it what you are capable of you will succeed. I promise you.

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BCii said...

"It is my belief that all of those so inclined are getting all of the help needed to propel them toward this end. Unfortunately in the short term, this can mean a great deal of suffering for those of us who, for whatever the reason, must go through this as our evolution is being hothoused. Sometimes our personal suffering is connected to the suffering of others and we take it upon ourselves to go through this for the benefit of others. We might not know this but we did at the time we agreed to come here, for whatever it was that we came here to do and if this is concealed from us, there is a reason. Let it be simply said that a lot of us are here for each other at this time. We all have our purpose of demonstration to perform."

I resonate deeply with these words.

It becomes so easy to drown in negative interpretations, self-pity, and despair when it seems to be loss after loss, defeat upon defeat, ignominy and trials on multiple levels. To see it as the divine sees it means simply letting go of the past and future and all concepts, holding on only to the love in our heart, and forgiving (holding space, witnessing neutrally) all that seems other than love, whether it be outside or in.

To keep these things in remembrance, of which you here remind us, through all the temptations of the material, is the most precious endeavor we can hold to in these times. Thank you for these powerful and comforting words.


Erik said...

Heh Vis,

I love them "Smoking Origami's", here's a little sumptin:

Four Faults of Natural Awareness, Rigpa

So close you can’t see it.
So deep you can’t fathom it.
So simple you can’t believe it.
So good you can’t accept it.

Kalu Rinpoche

Anonymous said...

utterly beautiful. The second half could well be the most powerful and moving writing I have encountered in my life. It made me want to run outside on my porch and start singing Amazing Grace.

Ray B. said...

On the 'dark' side:

The baddies have gotten good (grin) in the last century at hiding/destroying pivotal evidence. Think of JFK's brain going missing. Literally. In the same vein, all* of the WTC steel was gathered up and promptly sent to Chinese smelters. (Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Chinese substituted scrap steel and melted that down, while sequestering the WTC steel as future 'blackmail' material?)

Without those forensic pieces of evidence, 'conspiracy theorists' - aka 'conspiracy factualists' - are forced to build circumstantial cases. Although comprehensive, the gathered-bits have enough 'wiggle room' that trolls/shills/dual-citizens can keep the everyday-public bewildered and dozing. Brilliant strategy.

* All except a "f_ck you" bit that was melted down and used in the bow of a US Navy ship...


On the 'light' side:

We are living in 'interesting times', as the old Chinese blessing/curse says.

When the 'system' is buttoned-down, there is minimal chance of change (neglecting the ineffable's influence, for the purpose of this piece). 'Revolutionaries' (like Yeshua, Siddartha, etc.) either do not arise, or are easily killed or marginalized. No changes for hundreds of years...

In times of great turmoil, there is chance for great change - light or dark. It is kind-of-like the scene in the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" where the professor is arguing with the alien that Earthlings need a profound/deadly crisis to move onto the next level of enlightenment.

Rahm Emanuel once mused on 'never waste a crisis'. I am presuming that the good guys are aware of that 'strategy', also...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Thank you my dear for confirming that it was not X-Files. Although I have never watched that I did know the names because they came up in the media so much. I figured the misspelling was not a misspelling. But I thought about it. said...

Great blog Vis. I like all the talk of the Ineffable much more than the anti Israel heat.
I don't know how or when humans will change. For so many it all about the material.
It is terrific that you who have 'suffered' from the little amount of money plus all the other physical injuries still write of the joy of the Ineffable even when seen through a 'black eye'. While those who are born into plenty have no time for the Inner; just more of the outer.
And as far as the inner goes lip service and public image are no good. It takes persistence and discipline as much as a martial art, certainly the 'soft inner kind' I've practised. They have never been about winning but self knowledge and surrender to what is larger than one.
Too many people like talking or give up easily. As I have always said meditation is not just for the sunny days. I have been at it for 53 years steadily, day by day, which is maybe why I have never been happier.
And one learns that courtesy, generosity and kindness cloth one's pilgrim's feet. Make the path easier.
The world is in turmoil but that is the world: where I am is peace, where I am is love and I would like the world to feel the same.
I have written an essay recently:
I think it is apt and relevant. I hope you like it.
There are also other essays on my site. Not being promotional; just nice when the 'work' gets seen.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Every sensitive I read or listen to says the same thing as you, and I am feeling very optimistic despite the fact our long term prospects are not looking good in the state things are today, so it must be true. I'm also running on a promise from the Otherside, and we have been rescued in so many ways so many times when we were on the verge of Ground Zero, which we are now approaching again. So, one. . .more. . .time! Until my usefulness to Source is over in this realm.

A. Dundee said...

"I recommend one thing more than anything else here, though it usually manifests in two different forms of behavior which result in the same thing; seek the ineffable and practice self inquiry. 'Be still and know that I am God'"
Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and the Divine (an accurate enough paraphrase methinks). Emanant and immanent. Outside and inside. Above and below.

Sock monkey said...

Sock monkey says
we are living in the world they planned for us over 50 years ago and now they are probably a 100 years ahead of us. READ THE MADRID CIRCULAR, TOWER OF BASEL Unless you know how to fix fukushima or at least escape it, this hermetic circle jerk has passed the event horizon. Oh well ENTROPY HAPPENS

Anonymous said...

Apparently Rosh Hashanah has caused you to be scrubbed from all search engines!

"The truth is anti-Semitic" and also "anti-queer" is on!

If paedophiles were all incarcerated there would be no "gays"...but the work of discovery of "why am I gay?" is too terrifying to go inside to discover the cause!

"Everytime a gay pride parade is celebrated a million pedo's applaude that they got away with it and now they are self-abusing themselves...automatically...and causing more to be made...our job is complete!" Clinking of glasses...wink...hoodwink!

Anonymous said...

John 12:16

16 At first his disciples did not understand all this. Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize that these things had been written about him and that these things had been done to him.

You dont must be scare about me i understand what is in Bible. It Is clear for me. Now You must belive in Me

Anonymous said...

Portrait Painter says..
Shifting pool's of sand time still water,pale winter lips Video kiss the wind sublime.Coming down the tracks,a rain parade,avenue retreat, beats a tap on your mind. Every whisper Screams another deception and every face finds another clown...Some partial old lyrics to a song i wrote years ago called "Tchoupitoulas Walk." And it was during a time when I lived in New Orleans in 94'before katrina. Thru out my my life i would like to say, i experienced some vivid dream walks or as some would say dream visions. One which was so profound while living in said place...It was at night, I was walking down a city street surrounded by neighborhood's, you know, one of those dreams where sight,smell,vision and hearing are as real as a awaking state. And then at once the full night sky was filled with Christ and Gabriel, Emmanuel,and all other ascended masters playing out this renaissance/biblical like apocalyptic scene. It was loud and convincing but short and as I looked towards the far distance the whole scene folded upon itself into one point of reference back down towards staged equipment and then it was gone. And then a voice or more like a projected thought said, do not be deceived it will be a hologram. I have contemplated for years whether to reveal this vision to others but as technology advances and as people witness anomalies in the sky. Things like Jesus or the Virgin Mary, for some reason in third world countries. I think where people still look for those kinds of miracles. This was before i knew about Project Blue Beam which is an extensive study of projecting on spectrum atomic wavelengths etc..a clever way to get all people of different faiths to submit to...What? their own fears,longings,desires,prayers,a false messiah? I understand what Faith means now. I for one, do not need a display of wonders. This whole world and life is wonderful enough. Yes some get it and some just don't look beyond their present day orgasm. History repeating-as the hoards migrate..In times past migration was defined by survival for food/fittest or invasion's by waring tribes, weather, or adventure etc. Few know how ultimately Rome fell and that was through a mass migration or invasion by the Germanic hordes (barbarian) whom had an opportunity when the Rhone and Danube rivers froze around 376 A.D. I think, correct me if I'm wrong. So this forced mass migration we see now, does it have a deeper meaning? I think so. Although it may appear diabolical now and it's methods are primarily self serving towards the self proclaimed elite, in years to come the blending of the bloodlines will perpetuate an evolved human species. We see before us an Epoch and through out History they have always been bloody. In Altruistic ideals we tend to coddle the degenerate and defective in genetics under the disguise of compassion and maybe they will one day "get it." so the gates are open. I guess what i am saying is...In my own way of of, in these times...yes an ascension is happening per 26000 yr cycle how ever unseen to most space/time paradigm eye. And this planet has a strangely evolved and at the same time an arrested development due to it's infection from cosmic Luciferin rebellion. It feels like the end but it is a beginning except we have instant communication to mirror these facts and it feels accelerated. What an incredible time to live. We still have a long way to go...

Visible said...

Jersey Cynic, your comment got deleted. Sorry!!! Please repost!

Brian said...

Hi Les,
Absolutely love your work, especially Smoking Mirrors. The discovery of those photos from the art book Gelatin:The B-Thing showing the huge number of boxes containing BB 18
switches looks to be very incriminating to say the least. Tried to find a copy of the book but $400 is outta my price range. Have you personally done any research into the feasibility of using those BB 18 devices as detonators?

Visible said...

Unfortunately I am nearly all right brain. The ineffable did this on purpose to make me dependent on talented associates. If I had a good tool and die man I could rule the world (grin).

Alan Perth said...

Mmmm, I love that mantra!!

"Be Still - And Know - That I Am - God"

I've always been saying that without the extra word "that". Do you always include that extra word?

I think I was fortunate enough to get to the essenceof that bhakti yoga mantra a few weeks ago.
The essence is that it must be said in surrender. It's all too easy to say it with ego and trick yourself up a pedestal.
You keep your heart still until you are faithful enough to let the divine finish the mantra

Unless I'm just foolish, I truly believe that if you genuinely

Anonymous said...

I genuinely believe that I was once so still during that mantra that god or my higher self at least or something like that actually finished the rest of the mantra for me.

Perhaps I am mistaken. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking...? But I'm also pretty sure that if you truly be still with that yearning in your heart, you will expediently come to realize that what you think is your mouth is actually God's

It wa

Visible said...

This is the reason why humility is such a critical possession. One literally cannot proceed past a certain point without it and lacking it puts one in great peril.

JerseyCynic said...

Hi, Vis - I believe it was this link

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2002 03:12 PM EDT
The Israeli “art student” mystery

and this one (c.2009)
Israeli art students in WTC connected to September 11, 2001

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again, Les:
You're the best !

Anonymous said...

You don't trust me? Because you see some illegal in my past?
With good system in this world I probably don't must have illegal decision!!! And for that I don't understand why this poor people have power to judge about live and death in system where he sold citizen and all justice He make decision be killing all humanity with power to judge all truth seeker. Money make human in poor and nothing worth animals. And now question is why I have this all information.
I live on the street underground hide before this system what is sick. I am is now one person what try fighting with this system. After all psychic force when what I meet when I try to public evidence be wake up earth and change something on better only yours technology block me to hidden truth what richest individuals make on this world " mass of chaos" and now is question do can I trust you ?when you make me this worries. I lost everything what I have before know this truth and Lost every think be keep this truth. I never be care about materialises, cash, and myself lives. I don't need cash be survive and be very fear person. For you I am only meat I guesses for dinner or breakfast only yours dinner break yours community system, world system, and Bible code in short how 12 month times with any injuring only lost some item, I don't need expensive school or parents or money to be honest man only experience, truth and discipline. Half years ago I never open Bible to try understood this book. Why all world going in this way?
I want fighting for HIM and truth and don't care about cost and comfort.

You want help me truly or this is against dark force in my family?
I never give up.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

for the toolists and diehardists.

judy woods on rense for 2 hours this week.

just a thought about the planted devices on a couple of floors and in the light of woods clarity that the mechanism was atomic-energetic from-within not-nuked (dustification of 80% including steel)..
maybe the usual mob got up to their usual tricks with their usual devices, blowing shit up like the Stern Gang, and then the good aliens dustified it to reduce the damage. although thousands of asbestos cases would be a counter argument to that.
the truth, of course, should it come to light, would be much simpler, and God only knows, and should it, some of us will not be so shocked as the BA BAAL crowd.

in the old days, more than a hundred years ago, a large proportion of most college degrees were religious studies.

BCii said...

I downloaded your latest radio show last night manually. It's here, for anyone else eagerly waiting to listen.

"Love and devotion." This one I will listen to again. Thank you!

Maquinna said...

Hey Les,good one, and everybody liked it . I need your address there as my computer is 1000 km away... Here's where to send it:

I think you'll be writing for sometime yet. The facade is falling away and when one looks at the Vatican and their present obliviousness it's clear that the ineffable is having a great laff.

Talk soon... hugs & Love, u

Nothing to print here

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In the old days a person also had to exhibit an ability to spell the word university (in two tries) before being admitted into university.

Nowadays this unreasonable, racist, sexist, homophobic and religious nonsense has been upgraded/refined to reflect our neo-equality mantra which demands one must acknowledge a pig really does look quite beautiful with all that lipstick.
(or else)

Visible said...

That email doesn't work

whatever said...

Great work, Viz! I just got turned on to Rebekah Roth, as well. Another piece of her incredible work and discovery is that the audio she received as a result of her FOIA request from the alleged hijackers on the alleged planes has META tags that far pre-date 9/11/01. She didn't say specifically what date they were recorded, but I feel that is a significant find as well. However, I felt when Dr. Steven Jones discovered the thermite in the dust, that the jig was up. That was YEARS ago. It seems that the elite control of information and the media is almost absolute. Hell, if they could cover up the Kennedy "execution" in broad daylight in Dallas in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses in 1963, just imagine the control they have now. Though the www (i.e., internets, grin) gives us a feeling of finding unexposed or hidden knowledge and the empowerment it seems to bring, we commoners haven't seemed to fully be able to take advantage of this. Perhaps it is an illusion as well? Or maybe it truly IS performing just the way they intended. That's scary enough, huh?
I've also recently been tossing around that old idea that this is "all" just a game. I remember reading several posts ten or so years ago by someone claiming to be what you have called "the ineffable." I can't recall what site it was on. But this entity answered many question from any and all comers and ended up saying that we "all were in this world because we had asked to be and we also knew what we were potentially getting in to." The entity said that though not a game "technically," that it was set up like one and that we should "row our boats gently down the stream." I took away from that "life is just a dream."
And though I couldn't possibly live my life as such, it does give me the sense to not take it too seriously ALL THE TIME. I have moments. Hey, peace on all of you!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The University of Reversed Kundalini and Backdoor Freaky Deaky.

Anonymous said...

you fools !!! Me and God word you call a terrorist. Every one read Bible and what you find? Only yours SIN. There comes a time for everything, and His plan is perfect. all you live a lie and you still have presumes to insult Him.



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