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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have one of those kinds of minds that when confronted with something that doesn't make sense, worries at it like a dog would at a rogue toenail. It isn't something I engage in consciously. It is a subconscious feature of being me. I think I have always been afflicted, or gifted with this. You can see it as afflicted in the sense that it won't go away until some kind of closure is achieved. You can see it as gifted in the sense that usually, finally, an answer is arrived at. One of the nagging WTF's was what happened with Jeff Rense. Given that we had some number of intimate and friendly exchanges over the years, including, on occasions, things said in confidence, it is altogether reasonable that if there were a problem with anything I was saying, he would have told me about it. Instead, he wiped me clean away and told everyone that works for him and who he features on his website, not to talk to me, apparently under threat of penalty.

Furthermore, I have aggressively defended this man, more so than anyone else I know of because loyalty is a big priority with me and when I consider someone a friend I will go to just about any length and have the track record to prove it. Something happened and whatever it was, it wasn't something I did that was in any way directed at Jeff. The orders for whatever happened came from somewhere else. I am convinced of this. Factoring also into this is that at the same time, orders came down to other webmasters and people I have known for years and they all stepped away from me.

I will admit to being a loose canon at times and not susceptible to any forms of control from outside. I'm not unique this way. There have been others in my field of endeavor, over time, who simply will not be coerced by anyone or anything. I say what I believe to be true, regardless of the cost. However, should I be proven wrong, I immediately retract and apologize and this has been demonstrated at these blogs several times; thankfully (grin) not a whole bunch of times.

Once, the Norwegian fellow who ran The People's Voice online newspaper; no connection to Icke's People Voice, which this posting is going to be about, tossed me off his site after posting everything I wrote for some good while because... he said I was encouraging people to engage in Magic, simply because I had written a posting about it that was basically an inquiry into the subject and had nothing to do with the accusation. He was a complete hard ass about it and nothing I could say to the contrary was going to move him. Uruknet tossed me because my predictions about Iran were not coming true so the lady in Italy that ran it tossed me for nothing more than the kind of speculation all of us engage in. These things occur. I don't know what happened to these sites. I never see them anymore.

My sense is that some group or individual with considerable force has decided I shouldn't have any influence. Over the years I have seen all kinds of funny things. My Black Swan Rising/Patrick Willis posting garnered around 80,000 hits at youtube. Then the numbers got seriously readjusted and this has happened with all of my joint efforts with Patrick. Tribetube does this and probably not just to me. Actually they are notorious for it just like Zio-pedia. They tossed my profile a few years ago.

I have never gotten into what efforts have been taken to shut down my musical career and the proliferation of my songs. We'd be here awhile if I did that. I've been messed with and lied about many times. I figure you don't get far seeking to rebut what people say about you. By your works you are going to be known and in my case, the dogs bark but the caravan moves on. People can say what they want. There's no money to follow and no revenue stream that can be seen. At best one can quarrel with what I say and that will be meaningful to those who find it so and not to those who do not. Let's move on to to point of this polemic.

First, here are some thoughts from the owner of Truth Frequency Radio. There is a long video by Icke at the bottom of the page. Next, we have an insider's view from the only professional who was associated with Icke's People's Voice Radio.TV or whatever it is called. Finally there is an article by Nick Kollerstrom at The Truthseeker. You will note about Sean adl Tabatabai, the heavyweight in charge, that he once worked at the ADL.

How is it that adl is part of his name? There's a lot more to him as well. We live in strange times.

I once went through a lot of effort to get a show on this network but I was treated as I usually am and one of the people who did get a show and who likes to give the impression that he is a friend of mine is suspiciously short with me whenever I try to engage him. It seems to me that I have some kind of a virus as far as a lot of people go and they are fearful of any association with me.

Recently I was attacked by someone, blindsided... and this was someone, along with his friend, who had come by my house on many occasions and we would talk about the ineffable and watch a movie and it was always friendly and engaging. These days, the other fellow has dropped out of sight after months of coming by nearly every day. Why would someone simply assault me in an enraged fashion when there had never been a whisper of conflict before? Nothing that might have been said would have warranted this and all sorts of responses would have been the normal reaction, instead of what happened. Now the police don't seem to want to talk to me and this is after many many attempts to communicate with them. After awhile you can get a little paranoid, which, as they say, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. I know this posting is a little schizophrenic but bear with me.

We've always known that David Icke is a megalomaniac showman and a shameless self promoter. At his sites 50% or more of everything you find there is shilling for one of his products or appearances. The news feed takes second place to this. Then there's that thing about seven foot reptiles, shapeshifters and those recovered memory ladies and their CIA handlers that he likes to promote. I've never been able to take him seriously because to me he is a cartoon. His books though are fantastic and I've read most of them. I've always figured that people can have personality problems but also be gifted as well. I leave it at that.

What happened to all that money? Here's the really weird part. Icke has all these best selling books and lectures to huge crowds around the world at a really nice entry fee. It's not like he doesn't have plenty of money. We know that money does funny things to people. For some reason it doesn't seem to matter how much they have. They always want more. This is precisely why I set up my sites as I did with only free advertising and a modest donation button and never an appeal for funds because when I see that at all these sites that are raking in far more than I, I get embarrassed for them. For some reason, the more money coming in, the more you need. You could have millions and still need more and it's the same thing with fame and influence; you NEVER have enough. I have enough, even if it is nothing. I learned a long time ago to cut down on senseless craving.

David Icke could have financed this radio.TV show all by himself.

If Rense makes at least half a million a year then David makes considerably more. The sad thing is that David reaps his profits from the bank accounts of ordinary people. It seems like so many of the people who are supposed to serve the interests of the public wind up feeding off of it and financing high end life styles and they are not even embarrassed by this. In the end we are not brought down by the venomous efforts of the dark side, as much as we are brought down by our own shortcomings. This is about as much power as they have, to feed our weaknesses and let them account for our fate. Sure, sometimes, for Karmic reasons they are allowed to off us but far more often, we off ourselves.

Given that we are resident on the material plane, we are all here for the purpose of demonstration; demonstrating to others, demonstrating to ourselves ...because some lesson needs to be learned and we are being made an example of that lesson. We can be high flying one moment and nose diving the next. We can be surrounded by glamour and flacks who cater to our vanity at every turn and suddenly everyone disappears and we don't have a friend in the world. Fortunes change and what seemed impossible yesterday is punishing reality today. Never forget the insubstantial nature of appearances no matter how powerful they may seem. 'Seem' is the operative term. They can change on a dime and they will change when the archetypes change their tune. Of course, archetypes are eternally stable according to the job they perform but... the form of appearances that they take in their manifestation do change in whatever manner the expression of the age demands. This means that the flow of power is removed from the previous expressions and rerouted into the new ones. This is happening NOW.

Everything is built around the interplay between the male and female nature and when that winds up perverted for the plots and agendas of the dark side, then the culture it takes place in is doomed. This can mean the most dire of transforming conditions, or it can be an exhilarating and cleansing liberation. It all depends on your relationship to it. That is easily corrected, given that once you recognize that you are wrong you are in a position to be right, It is the tragedy of too many lives that such a level of change is seldom exercised.

It's one thing to be condemned or criticized without any evidence to that effect. It is quite another to actually be guilty of the accusations. If what we are charged with is not true then it doesn't matter how momentarily convincing the lie may be. If we are that, then it doesn't matter how sophisticated our defense might be. I think it was Shakespeare who spoke of “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

In the end, according to some, it is all random and therefore an offense to the symmetry of the heavens or, it is in the hands of a greater will and a fulfillment of the providence that awaits every courageous and virtuous heart made pure by Love. It matter not what sins may rest upon the steps that brought us here. It is the quality and volume of our love that makes a final accounting of us.

End Transmission........

Sunday's radio broadcast will be up and there will be no broadcast this week on the Feet2fire show. Anyway...it is here now.


pwmcm7 said...

Try as they may to keep your words from the ONE who MUST see them, they will inevitably fail...They ineffable WILL see to that each and every time...He/She/It has, and will continue to do so...Your hardships/success have demonstrated this time and time again...

Thank you....again


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What if the sole purpose of life is to get over life and not want to come back anymore? To 'get over it'. To detox from the drug called 'ego'? To not NEED this garbage anymore? To become 'unfallen'?

Visible said...

As long as you are in you are in and need the tools and personality attachments to function. Once you are out you are out. I prefer out.

missingarib said...

Vis,of your efforts all have been to light candles ,so mentioned by the Buddha : Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.
- The Buddha

Your life and work supports many hearts working to understand the suffering they see without allowing the weight of those events to diminish the beautiful world all about them-grateful for the blessing to be where the universal mind still has roots. Thus when clamanity and physical/ emotional upset moves into the life and healing needs to take place one needs to remember that--
All that we are is a result of what we have thought: we are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy whenever they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.
Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

in the confrontation between the stream and the rock,
the stream always wins -
not through strength but by perseverance.
- The Buddha
Buddha (563 - 483 BC)
blessed are your endeavors
live long

Ray B. said...

Vis, I hope that I am wrong in this, but my conspiracy-side sees something ominous in "Now, the police don't seem to want to talk to me..."

The perfect, low-key way to 'take you out' is through bankrupting you. The debts are now in-place to do so. Roll-forward through a few months of increasingly-hostile billing statements, get forwarded to some legal firm for collection, and perfectly-legal consequences can occur...

The more time you allow to pass-by before initiating a formal, legal action, the more time shadow-forces have to arrange the 'pieces' against you. Even your key witness, the landord(ess), could be threatened/intimidated into silence.

I hate to talk about offense/defense in the same breath as of the ineffable. A mystery. All I can say is, earthly-action sometimes seems warranted. I remind myself by one example: A Lady, whom I have met and was on her Findhorn-style farm in Virginia, was watching a bunch of NewAge-types doing energy work around an ailing plant. She looked at the plant, looked at them, and said, "Just water the plant."

Wishing you well...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

There's more than one way to skin an uncooperative situation and I have that in the works. As for bankrupting me, there is nothing they can take. I have a 350 dollar pension that's all. Everything else comes out of the invisible. Things will resolve themselves according to purpose of demonstration and if it gets too hot, there is a whole world to travel in... somehow.

The prosecutors office has a victims fund that pays your expenses if you have been attacked and have no resources. We'll see.

Ray B. said...

Just in case: An Intellihub article gives a 'heads-up'. (No idea how reputable they are.)


“Alert: Air traffic collision warning systems, locators, down off East Coast and 5 states until Oct. 1” posted September 5, 2015 1:34 pm EDT

“Air Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasts (ADS-B) will be down or spotty in 5 states, extending up to 200 miles off shore of the Eastern Seaboard, until Oct. 1, according to a NOTAM issued Sept. 1 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The NOTAM reads in part:

Due to military activities, the TCAS and ADS-B surveillance may be unreliable in the airspace over Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and extending approximately 200 nautical miles offshore, from 1 a.m. EDT (0500z) Sept. 2 until midnight EDT (0459z) on Oct. 1.

Pilots are advised that the traffic alert and TCAS may fail to establish tracks on nearby aircraft and may fail to receive traffic alerts (TA) or resolution advisories (RA). Operators should be aware that tracks may first appear within close proximity to their aircraft, and may immediately go into TA/RA status.

Pilots are advised to maintain an increased visual awareness in this area. If operators believe that an aircraft should have triggered an alert, the incident should be reported to air traffic control as soon as possible.

This is due to a late notice Department of Defense exercise, and NBAA has voiced its concern to the FAA that these sort of significant impact tests need much more notice to operators in the NAS.

This is immensely concerning not only for the safety of passengers and staff aboard flights navigating the affected areas but for the security of our country as well. In fact, the last time we saw similar systems go down was during the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon, Sept. 11, 2001.”


For those of a conspiracy-side inclination, this “late notice Department of Defense exercise” occurs during the time of the last of the “Blood Moon Tetrad” eclipses (September 28). I don't believe in any kind of woo-woo around this eclipse-series, but I do believe that there are those out-there who would be glad to make this astronomical event into a prophecy-fulfilling event.

Be vigilant...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I saw that too


Visible said...

Here is this Sunday's radio transmission.

theo said...

hi, dear Les,
may you be blessed in all eternity, dear brother.
I know you know all and can handle all, but there is something NEW on the horizon.
It might well be, that the strange reactions you get from some people are due to this NEW happening.
It is called the Collective Sphere Alliance of Source, and it arrived on our shores on Summer Solstice.
The dark reactions you see around you, including that assault, might well be BIG sign and proof of their dissolving.
I discovered these messages on American Kabuki - an amazing invitation for us all to expect a big SHOW.
You might have a look, if you wish. It SOUNDS like a HUGE Light, Love, Joy, Truth, Harmony, Peace, Beauty GODLY SHOW.
Blessings to you, theo

Anonymous said...

If I were the ineffable, here's how I'd knock some sense into this silly planet: http://tinyurl.com/q5zuw8q

Globalresearch.ca does a nice job of pointing out scientific evidence for this upcoming attraction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

This an update from "the Norwegian fellow"/the "complete hard ass" you were referring to. -Yes, I did help out at The People's Voice (until 2009) but I wasn't the one running it. In 2009 I created my own blog (Another World Is Possible).

Now, pls. check out the links below and you'll see that your articles are all over the place (both Another World Is Possible and The People's Voice).

I invested more care and thought on the editing of your articles than I did on anyone else's, I think. I still consider magic to be of secondary importance. I don't waste time on stuff like that.


Another World Is Possible:

The People's Voice:

wiggins said...

This is moral cowardice on the part of Rense and the others who shun you...

josey said...

Les, for 15-20 years voice morphing has been getting better.

So your problems may be explained. Say your presenting a view that certain powerful interests have access to technology that is NOT known to 99.9% of the general population.

So, if someone wants to get to you, they can certainly get voice prints of your conversations under a number of conditions and stresses and duplicate a phony voince print in your own voice. It is more and more a reality when someone is really out to get someone

So if your causing a problem for them, they can duplicate nearly exactly your voice with whatever insults, comments, positions, and send messages in your name with your voice and cause innumerable relationship problems.

The intelligence/software once developed, is cheap to duplicate, and can be buried in a million financial black hole in DARPA or where-ever.

Just a thought, it does exist and is getting better. The people you are upsetting certainly have top level access to use this stuff against you.

Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't see it that way. A technology that no knows much about like Dragon (voice recognition), while the military and those who have stolen variations 1,000 more powerful is being deployed, without the public evening knowing this capabilities exists. So the end result is NO one can be charged when NO one knows it exists.

Ray B. said...

theo, September 07, 2015 12:20:00 PM :

Thank you for the "Sphere Alliance" reference. Checking it out. Part of Message #15 is a lot like Vis' recurring theme (IMHO):

"You choose the outcome of this experience by your every thought, word, and action.

You and we say each of you are creating the possibilities, probabilities, and eventualities of this very experience.

By staying in JOY and LOVE, your choices WILL RESOUND WITH THOSE ENERGIES.

In a frequency OTHER than JOY and LOVE, your choices will be very different."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I consider you one of the most enlightened beings on the planet and I treasure your postings. Re Jeff there is a possibility according to several people on the net that he is one of those figures who used to be someone else who was a well known figure. If you do not already know about this I advise you to search for it and judge for yourself. I became convinced. If this is true it might explain his change, changeability being the nature of the beast. God Bless you and thank you for being who you are. Susan C

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Musical Bowels Dancing in the Bugs Bunny Bardo.

Anonymous said...

pierre said, chipping in. 2 glasses. (oh no , not again). reports that Alex Jones Jewish wife has left him, a couple of weeks after Alans mistake of having David Duke on his show and the 'J' question rearing its ugly, albeit totally truthful, head. reckons Jones will be raked over the coals of the divorce court by the Devil in Mrs, or ex Mrs Esther Jones.

Faustian pacts to the left of me faustian pacts to the right. what did they expect? mercy? foregiveness, redemption. fortunately some Romans and Alexandrian Jews cooked up a better broth called Christianity. cue Spin Doctors, been a whole lot better since the bitch left town. but since rothchilds syndicated dominance, SemiRamis is baaaaccckkk!. and as you said, it wont end well.

on a positive note, John B Wells, I call him Johnny B Goode. no adds, depth of character as far as I can tell.

♫if I were a rich man♫ well to get rich (cue Trump) what kind of creature are you and what kind of opposition would your tv network represent? and what has prevented them from killing, in totality, the thing upon which they are parasitical? I doubt it is self control of any kind. they outbid themselves. Marx dissed Lafaette(?) who donated to him big time, telling Engels he was just a Nigger Jew (Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed I think that was in). friends(fiends) like these. again says it is revelation time almost, have to eat out of dumpsters (cue They Live, and where is that sunglassless sequel?) to avoid the mark. (parenthetically I have the mark on right hand from umbrella perforation accident,_ the obligatory scar, on on my forehead , wacked myself with tennis racket). taps self on shoulder. preemptive markings, mock their voodoo, god is the dice. and my cars freemason uncles number plates, 777 included sydney olympics feel the spirit (wear the stds, thanks madonna). small freakin world. not too many semi-enlightened truthers either it seems. small feaking club (dinner for one here).

and noone talks about and their biggest thing, Fukushima, certainly not St Jeff. I sent him an email. has been notified.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how many of the sites you cited have gone by the wayside..... the years
go by and the hardships pile up but you are one of the few sites I still bother
to read.... hang in there, it's only going to get weirder for us all w/ time....
yes bankruptcy is one of their weapons, e.g., medical disaster w/ obama'care' in
the ussa......

Anonymous said...

"Not one stone shall be unturned on that great day when my image and likeness is allowed to increase on earth"

I immediately thought of smoking mirrors after I read tgis in ruby neurons the door to everything.

Like, you say that the changes destined ahead will either be your worst nightmare or everything you've ever wanted in your Mr apocalypse song :)

Love brother V
Alan, Perth

josey Wales said...

Les, for 15-20 years voice morphing has been getting better.

So your problems may be explained. Say your presenting a view that certain powerful interests have access to technology that is NOT known to 99.9% of the general population.

So, if someone wants to get to you, they can certainly get voice prints of your conversations under a number of conditions and stresses and duplicate a phony voice print in your own voice. It is more and more a reality when someone is really out to get someone

So if your causing a problem for them, they can duplicate nearly exactly your voice with whatever insults, comments, positions, and send messages in your name with your voice and cause innumerable relationship problems.

The intelligence/software once developed, is cheap to duplicate, and can be buried in a million financial black hole in DARPA or where-ever.

Just a thought, it does exist and is getting better. The people you are upsetting certainly have top level access to use this stuff against you.

Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't see it that way. A technology that no one knows much about like Dragon (voice recognition), while the military and those who have stolen variations 10,000 more powerful is being deployed, without the public evening knowing these capabilities exist. So the end result is NO one can be charged when NO one knows.

Visible said...

Interestingly I had that happen with a couple of porn sites that I had nothing to do with. I just ignored it. I've had threats leveled that i would be exposed for behaviors I had no attraction for but I have no fear of this. Usually for someone in my position with the specific relationships I have with the unseen, it is all important for them to be successful at enticing me against my better judgment into a compromising situation. That window of opportunity is closed.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Creeping Understanding from the Fathomless Pool.

JerseyCynic said...


A classic Visible post: Mystic Musing

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