Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Relentless and Irresistible Dirty Snowball of Approaching Destiny

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, willing to do anything that makes us happy, etcetera. If we attributed some of those qualities to a person we would say they are special. If they had ALL of them, we would call them angelic. But because it's "only" a dog, we dismiss them as sweet or funny but little more. However when you think about it, what are the things that we most like in another human being? Many times those qualities are seen in our dogs every single day-- we're just so used to them that we pay no attention.”

There is a big dirty snowball rolling down the chute from the future, into the moment we inhabit. It started out small, like those seemingly insignificant corruptions we embrace, to avoid the hard decisions we refuse to make. It's not the big corruptions that should concern us but all those routine and small corruptions that lead to the big corruptions, by which time we are possessed beyond the reach of help; usually. Epiphany is always possible. It just doesn't happen very often. Certainly this Zio-Ogre could have profited from it.

The small corruptions seem insignificant and not worthy of notice. They are like the doorways we all pass through each day. However, every doorway leads to another and the time comes when you are mystified about how you got to where you are. The big dirty snowball started out small and only slightly discolored. It might have taken some time in the early stages of its growth ...but as it gained weight and mass, certain laws of Nature caused it to gain an ever increasing momentum. It picked up all sorts of curious evidence of its passage; rocks, garbage, all indicators of where it had been. When an individual goes mad, that is a small insanity, counterpointed by whatever remnants of sanity are holding it at bay in others. When a country goes mad, through an epidemic of the fever of Materialism, or religious fundamentalism, everyone suffers. This is what happens with big corruptions. Big corruptions do not go back on their footsteps. They forge ahead with ever greater degrees of mania. They become exactly like a mad dog that can only be stopped by lethal force. Eventually the madness itself will kill the dog but usually one does not wait on this.

We have waited so long for the coming dawn that many of us have put that expectation aside. Regardless of whatever our state may be, the evidence of positive change is visible as seen in this example. The public is coming alive and making its displeasure known. It is coming alive on many fronts and only a few examples of that are to be found here. Yes... it's getting hot for those in the service of the infernal realms.

The exposures just keep coming. It's not like those so engaged are inclined to stop what they are most sincerely devoted to. Every action leads to a reaction and very often it is something that one would not have predicted, as is the case here, exposure follows exposure; no lie is safe. Because of the force of Mr. Apocalypse's ever increasing presence, the crazies at the top are being driven to ever greater and greater extremes. They have become like the boy with his finger in the dike. Maybe if there is the one hole only, that might be a good preventive measure but the whole dike is coming apart and the crazies at the top keep on pushing. Mass murder is the signature dish at the all you can eat buffet, where the crazies at the top are inclined to dine. They are the force that is causing the breaks in the dike that they are so desperate to keep intact. This is how evil destroys itself. It thinks it is doing one thing but it is doing another. It's all part of the movie. The people playing the various roles cannot see beyond the parameters of their performance. They only know what is necessary for them to accomplish whatever purpose of performance they are the example of.

It is not a stupid person that possesses the savvy to steal billions of dollars, yet those of us who possess the capacity for objective reasoning would certainly consider them to be stupid. You might argue that it is really more a matter of where they did their stealing because in the US they just keep the money and walk away... for the moment. That is going to change. A great firestorm of rage is building against all of those whose predatory ways abuse the trust and well being of the public. It is riding a whirlwind in the invisible and it is flaming up in the hearts of the people as well. It is going to leave these monsters with the wish that they had never been born. As the apocalypse continues, it moves through stages, as will be soon demonstrated. It intensifies and intensifies, both in good and bad ways, depending on what you have been engaged in. We imagine that we have seen life and that it will be more or less what we have seen. Au contraire. Things the like of which we have had no experience with are coming up in the windshield and in the rear view mirror.

Those who are suffering intense trial are going to see that suffering transformed into joy and those who have been causing the suffering and living on the high mesas of self indulgence and personal profit are going to find that there are visitors at their door and in their heads. You cannot run from your mind. It accompanies you wherever you go and it is an open book as well as an unguarded location. Years ago, during my Kundalini awakening, I became fully telepathic and was immediately able to read the minds of everyone around me. This was instantly noticeable to others, who were in the same room at that time. One fellow became enraged and he pushed with great force to drive me out of his thoughts BUT... there is only one mind and once that became clear to him he freaked. He would not acknowledge it, yet at the same time he had no choice and this left him in a bad way. Things were never the same between us again and up to that time we were the best of friends.

Just because the Bad Stranger has not come to visit the self elected elite so far means nothing. At any time everything can change and it is going to change in a big way. They sense that all is not right but they have no means by which to understand what is happening, or what is coming and it will be upon them like a tsunami and all their control of the external world and all of their pirated goods will be of no protection or defense whatsoever. Money and all the other emblems of power are only meaningful when one is interactive with those for which it has meaning. There are entities in this world who have no interest in it whatsoever and it has no impact on them and no power over them. Veritable armies are no defense when the time comes.

The world as we know it is going to be shaken to the very core of its foundations. Everything that has happened up to this point has been no more than a mild effort to get people's attention. Wait until the amp gets turned on. Soon enough the next stage is going to begin and following that, the next stage.

We live in a world and on a plane of collective bandwidths that makes that world perceptible. As even a casual observer of Nature can see, everything happens in patterns and cycles. It does not matter if this world and prevailing Nature are in balance, or really out of wack; patterns and cycles STILL apply. Rules and Laws of operation apply. There are Rules and Laws for in balance status and out of balance status. It is the INTRINSIC nature of Nature and the world in which it exists to always be reaching for balance. There are limits to what is possible and what is allowed. At some point, if the world is out of balance, major effects will come into play to bring the world back into balance. Depending on how far out of balance it may be, on that depends the severity of realignment. Depending on the location of the imbalance, what is needed for adjustment will take place in that physical model. Cities will have a different process applied than wilderness. Sometimes, like now, a greater portion of the world is in distress because dysfunction radiates out from centers of disruption. Anyone paying attention to this, which does not include most people, should think, VERY SERIOUSLY about where they are and how what has been said might apply to them. At some point, critical mass is going to be reached in a global sense and disruption will occur in most areas of commerce and transportation; not to mention in the political and social realms. In some places it might hardly be noticed. In other places it will be very extreme.

In those places where large amounts of people have bought into lifestyles and philosophies that are anathema to the smooth working of natural things and where natural things have become misidentified and undesirable due to darkside social engineering, brought into being by tiny demographics, exerting out of proportion influence upon the inhabitants, circumstances will become VERY unpleasant. This includes everything from total chaos, natural disasters and a scrolling litany of just about everything you hoped never to see in your lifetime, however brief the prospects for continuance may become at that time. There is something in the human organism that sends out increasingly greater and greater warnings at a certain point in the process and cycle. If you cannot hear or see any of these then your attention is too deeply immersed in the unreal. When the real meets the unreal, the unreal is going to be exposed for what it is and all illusionary integrity of infrastructure and being is going to be challenged beyond its capacity to resist. That dirty snowball is going to come right down Main Street everywhere and be just as big or small as conditions demand, according to irresistible and necessary change. Need I say more?

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There will be a radio broadcast Sunday evening.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, there is a lot about CERN in the alternative media today. Something about smashing the Earth's shields, and all kinds of things that I don't understand, having no educational background in it. Example:


And on Zen Gardner there's an article that says we have three months to shut the thing down, or else.

Or else what? I dunno.

Oh, copy paste the damn thing:

Visible said...

These are sad and terrible times.

Brian Crossland said...

I see a large portion of the population standing in the middle of Main Street backs turned to a an interesting dirty white object steaming their way, taking a selfie.

Visible said...

(grin) nice one Brian!

Visible said...

and now for something completely different.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank the gods that time grow short. Also, in the Cosmic scheme of things, those who by occupation or disposition cannot follow the Dao/Tao or Law of One are more imprisoned than a battery hen with no room to stand up despite the fact they have the guns. And they're so blind to the ultimate reality, they might as well be earthworms. In the realm of intelligence, they also make quark particle look like da Vinci or Einstein.

As for the dirty white object streaming my way, I stand there facing it, one arm akimbo, and one outstretched saluting it with my 'tude finger. If I so choose (which I won't) I know I can do far more damage on the Otherside of the Veil than this one, but I won't bother. Why waste my time (which doesn't exist) on the cesspool of all kinds of vile effluvia I just spent almost 53 years crossing when I can take a shower to get its stench off of me, and move on to a totally immaculate setting without bladders, intestines, and all that?

I shall spit on the grave of what was, and move on.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...and a scrolling litany of just about everything you hoped never to see in your lifetime..."

Reminds me of my lifetime in Pompeii. I got back there in this lifetime, found my house, and even walked around in it. Cool. Fortunately, I lived and died there before the Vesuvius volcano took out Pompeii...
Vis: "One fellow became enraged and he pushed with great force to drive me out of his thoughts BUT... there is only one mind and once that became clear to him he freaked. He would not acknowledge it, yet at the same time he had no choice and this left him in a bad way."

A good example of the 'Litmus Test' that I suggested here long ago. For those who have too-fearful inner secrets, they must reject telepathy. Since this also includes the One Mind, they will be at a disadvantage when the zipper opens...
Vis: "The public is coming alive and making its displeasure known. It is coming alive on many fronts..."

Assuming it is real, all the Cleaning work being done could be having its effects. (Thanks, everyone!)

Amongst other things: The third-eye and throat chakras (or 'portholes' *grin*) are 'renovated' enough for the Higher Self to actually be heard/felt in less-than-emergency circumstances. Old held-pain in past lives is discharged back to all-God, while enough is channeled through the Soul for the Soul to register that the experience was completed and to 'move on'. And finally, appropriate knowledge is given about what happened to the being and about the current state of the world.

Hmmm. Might all-that precipitate an unavoidable urge for change?

When this hopefully-real Cleaning started, the 'free' human population was under 5%. Now, it is closing-in on 30%. I might expect some "coming alive" from this increase...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I am hopeful.

galen said...

Eight minute tune-up:


Anonymous said...

Earthquake in Powell Montana. Po -

Got the wrong name for the lower trigram, but the commentary comes from Wilhelm so might aid in expression of the general feeling.

Powell, Welsh for son of Howl.

saxophone cry that shivered the cities down to the last radio
with the absolute heart of the poem of life butchered out of their
own bodies good to eat a thousand years.

Anonymous said...

So this guy is standing outside a cafe owned by the Mafia. He has a score to settle with one of the goombas who had just ripped him off, only a few hours earlier, by selling him some bad dope. Standing there with him, is his huge bodyguard, Jose, who is very surprised when his boss asks him to hop onto his back, prior to entering the establishment. After being assured by his boss that everything was all right, and that he knew exactly what he was doing, Jose shrugged, and hopped up on his boss's back, in order to receive the impromptu piggyback ride into the cafe. As soon as they enter the cafe they immediately spot the offending goomba sipping Chianti and eating antipasto at a table in the rear. They walk directly up to the Mafia dude, and Jose's boss very calmly demands $500 for the bogus dope that he'd received, in a soothing, soft voice. The Mafioso looks up, sips his Chianti quite thoughtfully, surveys the situation for a few seconds, and, after spying the massive Jose hulking above him, still perched atop his boss's back, he opens his wallet, pulls out five $100 bills, and lays them gently on the table. The disgruntled dope-buyer thanks the hoodlum for the refund in a soft and soothing voice, smiles broadly, scoops up the bills, turns around, and strolls out of the bar with his gigantic bodyguard still perched atop his back. After climbing off of his boss's back, Jose admits that he was very impressed by what had just transpired in the cafe, and he asks his boss why it had been so easy to extract money from the evil goomba. To which his boss replied, "It works every time - speak softly and carry a big spic."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Turn out that thang on a fatwa saying it's OK for a KSA sausage casing to eat his wife is a hoax.

Had to wait a couple of days to find out, though.

The 3rd Elf said...


Here is the Radio show.



Thomas said...

Dear Friends of The Truth,

Here is a link to a Public Message I recorded for Les Visible and Laura Knight Jadczyk:

I have sent it to Visible, Laura, The Cassiopaean forum and here.

All the Best, Ye Friends of The Truth! One Love!

p.s. There are 3 more videos on my channel if you're interested, but the linked one is the most important at the moment.

Visible said...

Oh well... I hesitated to publish this for any number of reasons, many of which will be obvious, I suspect.

The Hindu accent is nice as are the poses and the pregnant pauses. I'm guessing there is an inadvertent humor feature here.

Laura and I have not been in contact for years. Except for a brief mention within a collective of mentions, I've had naught to say about her and I do not remember insulting her. I was the recipient of this not the provider, so... that part, so far as I know is not accurate. I'm guessing you assumed a lot of things but aren't actually familiar with any of it.

I am not trying to make peace with the world. That is not my job.

Hopefully this... whatever it is, will run it's course soon. I'm not sure how the second section is making peace with the world. I suspect there are any number of conditions and entities that one cannot make peace with at all. I am only seeking to make peace with myself.

People use these sites, occasionally to promote themselves. I'm not worked up about that. People want to strike out and seek their fortune on the highway of multimedia, I wish them well.

I'll say no more. It's past my bedtime.

Anonymous said...

An observational retort to the intrepid videographer:


Thomas said...

Dear Visible,

Hehe. If you found it funny, and me slightly clownish, then I am happy about that :) - There is a poet from my country that has a really nice poem, here freely translated (in danish it rhymes): "He who just takes joke for joke, and sternness just for sternness, he has actually not understood, either one very well".

I was not there, I don't know what happened. They seem to think that you were rude. I know that I, myself, have been immensely rude at times (just, I think you might not believe how enormous my insolence has been at times... :P), and I did not see it like that when it was happening. I know from my own experience that being an artistic, free-spirited and passionate type, which I would call you, can be totally and utterly too, too much for intellectuals, which they are. And I know that it is so easy for people to misunderstand each other. What may seem absolutely normal to one might be seen as absolutely tyrannical or totally excessive by another. What can seem to one to be completely common sense can seem to another to be staggering hypocrisy. I think that you have forgiven them, since I know your heart to be very pure. However, I think that they have not forgiven you, and that is part of the idea of the video. This is not to insult you, but were they to forgive you (perhaps you would have to ask for their forgiveness), I am sure it would be a colourful feather in God's hat.

I will speak to them, too, of course.

All the best, my Friend.

Thomas said...

Dear Visible,

about making peace with all entities. I think it is possible. If one makes peace with it inside oneself ("peace with oneself"), then one will have peace with it outside of oneself. I have a pact of peace with all of the demons, Ashtaroth, Beelzebub and sundry, even Satan. I do not do what they say, however, but I have encountered them in my mind, and they cannot be removed, as they are part of the Whole. I find them to be very weak at the moment, their voices that where like thunderous storms before now mere hushed whispers. I seek to keep it that way, and it takes not a lot of effort, as it stands. However, some entities, psychopaths, for example, do not want peace. I believe that they are operating out of a mostly unconscious subconsciousness, and that their lust for domination and control is simply their limbic system, or "reptilian parts" of their brains (the top of the brain-stem), that they let themselves be controlled by. This, and some of them have opened themselves to all kinds of ill-willed mind-"things" that they have zero control over. But as an example, I consider the ideal recipe for dealing with the Dark-worshipping Talmudic Jews (only one subgroup of "the jews", some of which are good people) is to catch them, put them in the monkey cages in the zoo (give the monkeys an upgrade, or set them free), put a sign above the cage saying briefly what they have done, make sure they have what they need to survive, and let them stay in full public view for a couple of hours a day, complete with jeering, mockery, laughter and the throwing of food-stuffs, until they genuinely break down and beg for forgiveness, if that is possible with them. Then, the tension can be released. If they repent, and the world can forgive them, then I believe that we can build a brighter future. Executing "the other" as the foundation of a new world is to have already planted the seed of new pogroms. Wasn't it Nelson Mandela (one can think of him what one likes) that taught the people of South-Africa to talk to their oppressors under controlled conditions, and tell them how they had felt, and the oppressors broke down and became so very ashamed? Otherwise, The Talmudists could have a cage next to the tigers, where they could stare out with their evil eyes.

So, I do believe that peace is possible. Peace with Everything. All parts of God. I hope I am right, and I will do what I can to work on it. The best way seems to be through The Web + Real Life. I will freely admit, though it might be obvious, that I consider that the best I can do is to help make peace inside of the Truth-Movement's at the moment scattered presence on The Web. However, I do not particularly like exposing myself on The Web. I am a very private creature, and that is not likely to change. But, for The Lord, I will show my face to the whole world if He asks. I think you understand.

Jesus did say: "I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.", so... I don't know. But I do trust Master Jesus, even though the words might be wonky by now.

All the best.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Lambs in Vengeance Suckle at the Teats of Irony.



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