Friday, April 3, 2015

Stuck Inside of WTF with the Laurel Canyon Blues Again.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“The dog is a reflection of your energy, of your behavior. You have to ask, 'What am I doing?' That's the right question to ask.”

There is some seriously weird shit in some people's heads. Are they right? Is it as twisted and wound out to beyond The Ring Pass Not as some sector of the public believes? I'm talking about those people who readily believe what anyone has to say as long as it is outrageous. I KNOW that there are all kinds of crazy things flying around over the radar, under the radar and right through the radar. I have to be more circumspect than some. I don't say what I don't know and if I speculate, I say so. One must be honest and especially in those areas where you don't know.

One Nimrod who used to come around here and USED TO BE friendly toward me, went and read Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon Tales and promptly decided, apropos of a brain fart that I was an MKUltra programmed bot. His evidence was that I grew up in a military family and that I write music that sounds like those '60s icons. This is not the sort of person I would ever hire as a research assistant. Of course, there's that other possibility that that is just a blind because, over time, I have experienced half a dozen people who, at some point, decided that they needed a greater degree of personal celebrity and they got it into their heads that the quickest route was to turn on me and see if they could net a certain percentage of the disaffected audience; however large that is I don't know. I haven't seen it turn out that way for anyone yet but... you never know. Anyway... once again, I digress.

I found this article yesterday. The article makes claims but then doesn't back up the headlines portion of the effort. It's a lot of innuendo and speculation, utilizing that crutch where, 'if this happens and that doesn't happen then this has to be true'. Well, no it doesn't. Along with this, an associate told me during a car ride today that Ringo went on the BBC and said that Paul had died back when “I am the Walrus” got written. I haven't seen that so I don't know.

I've read Dave McGowan's work and it is entertaining. I don't know how true any of it is because... I don't know. I simply don't know. I do know I have never been anywhere near MKUltra or anything like it. I am the way I am because of Karma and some really wild, out of this world experiences that have altered me in some very transformative ways. That and five or six dollars will get me a Starbucks Frappafreakingchino; not that I have ever had one yet.

One thing I do not believe is that all those great songs got written by some mind programming Satanic cult c/o Michael Aquino and others. This I find it VERY hard to believe. The muse is the muse and it sings through some and does not sing through everyone else. Somewhere, at some point, whoever wrote so many of these songs, was in contact with the muse(s). I believe this because I have such contact myself and am very familiar with how it works and how it feels, as well as the sheer fluidity of the dynamic. The muse does not always stay. It depends on where your respect, integrity and values lie; whether they shifted on you and whether you opted out for the pleasure pits and the acquisition syndrome.

Did Bob Dylan sell his soul to the devil? According to the writer of the article he directly said this. He didn't directly say that. On the other hand he has at least half a billion dollars, yet he tours all year long. He passed through all kinds of small European venues while I was there. He's also making Chrysler commercials these days and he DEFINITELY doesn't need the money. Samuel Jackson is making a bunch of dumb product sellouts and he doesn't need the money. Peyton Manning ought to be wearing a NASCAR outfit, given all the advertising on them, because he has never encountered a commercial he wouldn't do and he doesn't need the money. Money fucks up people's heads and they don't know when to stop. They turn into a variation on Gollum. Money, power, sex and a few other things make a lot of people stark screaming nuts and also make them capable of the ugliest behavior ever seen here; respect, values and integrity go right out the window, not to mention restraint.

Is what some people say about Dylan and others true? I don't know. If I don't know I don't know. For some people, not knowing is no hindrance to buying completely into something. Is the music scene rife with Satanism? Absolutely, especially these days. Satanism is creeping into most every area of life. It took over organized religion a long time ago; politics? Ditto. The world of business? Duh.

I don't know what is true or not true about this particular area of the National Enquirer as it manifests in the alternative media. This is not to say that The Enquirer does not possess an element of truth now and again. I just don't know. I just don't know. I'm not as easily convinced about anything as some people are. I have no compulsion to WANT TO BELIEVE certain things. This is the key I think. Some people WANT TO BELIEVE certain things and they don't care if they are true or not, though they may certainly believe them to be.

I don't know if Jim Stone is right about the things he says but what I do know is that practically everything he says is sensationalized. Everything he says goes through a large amplification system and some of the things he says on his website strike me as pandering, paranoid and economically driven. I do not know... this is just how it seems.

The reason I didn't know that I was no longer in the daily roll over at Rense and it took 4 or 5 months for me to hear about it, was that I never went to the Rense site. Someone finally told me. I get my news from What Really Happened and The Truthseeker. There was always something off about the Rense site for me. I did not get a good feeling when I went there but I got a whole lot of traffic from it so I just sent in my links and that was it. Whatever happened that caused me to get dropped and wiped completely from the site has never been divulged and no amount of asking has resulted in any info. This leads me to believe that the truth of the matter is strange indeed, or totally indefensible.

Are all of these things that people keep saying true? Joan Baez got tripped out about Dylan but they were in a relationship. Joannie Mitchell said some things about Dylan but... isn't she part of that whole Laurel Canyon thing? See what I mean? Are the intelligence agencies all over the music and entertainment scene? That seems highly likely but I think their creative input is much more believable these days, given the utter crap that is out there. I think it is more likely back in the day that they worked more on the performers and their lifestyles than that they penned any of the work.

I DON'T KNOW. I DON'T KNOW. I DON'T KNOW!!! and I am not going to go off believing anything I don't know. I might lean one way or another. I might wonder. I might exhibit some amount of curiosity but I do not accept something just cause someone says so, especially when it is nearly all circumstantial evidence, with a horrific amount of conjecture and gratuitous speculation. Did the Rolling Stones play around with Satanic energies? We know they did. Is Marilyn Manson a Satanist? Assuredly. We've got pictures of him with Anton Szanador Lavey and he directly states that he is. Are there others? Sure. Could one assume that most of the major rappers are into this? That's a no brainer. Keep in mind, you don't have to claim to be a Satanist, or be a member of their church to be a Satanist. It's one of those 'by their works' things. Many many people are Satanists that would heatedly dispute it but... 'by their works ye shall know them'.

I have written this today without being on either side of the fence about the matter. I DON'T KNOW!!!

Claims are made that The Beatles were Satanists. Here's what I believe... a very large number of the songs written by The Beatles and Dylan were truly inspired, ridiculously beautiful tunes. Do I think Leonard Cohen wrote Dylan's songs? Their styles are noticeably different. A lot of Cohen's work is dreadfully somber to the point of being unlistenable, unless you are a practicing depressive. Then again, he has written some gorgeous stuff.

People... there are all kinds of fantastic accusations and statements being made these days. Trust your intuition and the secret whispers of the heart. I don't know what else to tell you because I DON'T KNOW. I don't know. Perhaps someone out there does know. We'll see about that... sooner or later, or maybe we never will know about this and a great many other things. Time will tell and we shall see (or not).

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Antony said...

Great post and very synchronous, I have shouted repeatedly those word I Do Not Know,I do not know,I do not know, this week. At a time when everyone else appears to know and are all so sure about what they know. After umpteen years of reading, studying and meditating. I DO NOT KNOW.
So thanks for the post, I am in good company.
Happy Easter Antony

est said...

well, i know i am never alone
no matter how it seems [sometimes]

it keeps me alive, even when i don't want to
there is no easy way out, seriously

Anonymous said...

"Laurel Canyon " is a highly entertaining work and a really good read if you're so inclined.
One can argue the t*ss about the details but the influences are obvious for those who wish to see.

Smyrna said...

Hi Vis,
I tend to believe that it isn't the artists using Satanic energy so much, as Satanic energy using them.

Good post, cheers.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Good move. Important to disclaim. Lots of co-intel to counter.

Impossible to prove a negative, too.

Keep coming back to the fact that show business is not counter-intelligence. Production for profit looks identical to culture creation, unless somebody spills the beans. Johnny Todd and Mae Brussel had a nice shot. Theodor Adorno, Tavistock and the Frank-furt boys definitely had an agenda. Pretty clear there was some inside aid. But it's true what you write--evidence is scant and never first-hand in any way i know of. They were into grooming the artist and the life-style rather than the product per see. Then again, that life-style may have been the important counter to the demographic critical mass of young.

Anyway, it behooves us all to keep an open mind.

If i were asked, I would say we start with a good, hard perusing of the ole' "Look Out Mountain Studios" atop MulHolland.


Anonymous said...

truth beckons like a feast to a beggar those that love truth...

of course there are those that hate truth,
{mockers, scoffers, blasphemers}

yet seem so willing to abuse the gullible goy at any price because they work for the LIE factory...

what resonates in your soul is your RADAR/homing beacon... transceiver...

knowing the truth eliminates the possibility of believing the lies of the stool sculpture deity cult compound...cult leaders ..AKA {pharisees}

some are genetically programmed to proselytize for their cult
and are generously remunerated by the money changers AKA "BANKERS"
who own the war making production facilities that manufacture weapons of mass destruction...

not to mention the currency printing presses...& the Media & the crack house called Congress

thanks for your contributions in
the feeding the sheep... efforts

Michael Tellinger has some keen insights in this area

also, there were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament, and the entire "Jewish" narrative is a big fat

{which is totally great news for the proselytes from Khazaria calling themselves "Jews", especially the ones in the "Jewish" so-called State calling itself "Israel"...}

It's the Language...

Zephaniah 3:9



mike m said...

Rolling Stones at Altamont, another psyops from the goons in Laurel Canyon? It sure did change the mood after Woodstock.

galen said...


Breathe in the rain of resurrection,
the light's struggle
to permeate the cross
cruelly bestowed on humankind
the daily death sentence of days and doves
of ancient cities and artifacts,
willing hearts and unstained hands
with earth as Sacrificial Lamb
and scams surrounding everything

We only have a right to endure
looking back but facing forward
walking into a shot at survival

A dark hope yet un-resurrected
in sacred resolve
to save ourselves
from wayward wolves
gnawing at our evolution
their claws wrapped tightly round our ribs
blood pouring onto our fragile lives
And Jesus in transfiguration
offering love as clemency
gives a day like any other
wherein the bless-ed time bestowed
can move things either way

You and I in this crippled pie
lift our bones to rectify
the horror of innocence crucified
We give a damn and step forward


Anonymous said...

As the old sage said...
Once you're Sure you're NOT!

Origen the heretic said...

So, did Mr. Nimrod with the brain fart (more likely brain dead), ask himself why an MKULTRA bot would be pointing out all the Zio Satanic (but I repeat myself) escapades going on in the world? I thought not.

Dave McGowan's stuff is pretty funny especially "Wagging the Moon Doggie" which I completely agree with, being a tinfoil hat type. He makes an interesting observation in there in which he says people aren't afraid of a moon landing hoax per se, but rather the fact that if they lied about the moon landings, what else have they/are they lying about? An excellent question. My answer is pretty much everything.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Beatles muse, here is a site that features a musicological expanation of every Beatles song recorded.

Here is another way to sccess the list of songs:


darren chapman said...

Im with you on this. If you weren't there how could you know?! Then again I could ask do you believe we landed on the moon, is fluoride good for you and did hitler really gas six million jewish, Hebrew or isreali people? Food for thought
May peace be upon you
Darren Chapman

Visible said...

Yes... Yes... No... No...

darren chapman said...

Im giving you a virtual standing ovation only because im in a library at the moment. They tend to frown on that kind of thing here. They banned me for 7 days for putting a beer can in the garbage, After I drank it of course. But they let people drink the best remover of rust from tools(coca cola)..go figure
May peace be with you
\ Darren of port angeles

Thomas said...

I really liked this posting, Visible.

It seems you lay out here quite clearly the principles of disciplined and rational thinking, viz. "Starting with and standing on "I don't know", then standing in the middle and looking at both sides of the argument, not necessarily deciding anything, but letting the intuition, which is wonderfully "loose" have the last "word"". I think that looking and thinking about the world in this way is a sure way to develop wisdom.

And I like very much that you talk about culture, the muse, and art (music, in this case). In my eyes, the cultural sphere is perhaps the most potent influence on the mass-mind, through the molding of the mass-subconscious.

All that, and I think you express it here in a tight (read: "consciously controlled"), yet free-flowing way.

Thank you! :)

Be well, All.

darren chapman said...

Is that yes we did land on the moon yes fluoride is good for yo0u and no on the hitler question? What the additional no is for Im still pondering on.
\ May peace be withb you

Visible said...

No... fluoride is not good for you but where would I be if I didn't make people pay attention?

Ray B. said...

I am only an enjoyer of music, so I really don't know about all the Intel-aspect fripfraperie around 60s performers. However, I do want to point out one thing:

I, like many others, tied into the Flower Power generation through the wonderful, insightful music of the time. It was a primal 'root', and still stays with me.

If I was an Intel agent looking to disempower the 60s generation, I would strike at the music arena for that exact reason. Planting seeds of doubt in that area would be deeply disturbing. Some might even 'return to the fold' out of disgust and despair.

So, I look at the recent 'move' to paint important singers/bands of the time as Intel assets with alarm. This is exactly what Intel types would do, to sow discord in the ranks.

I am not naive enough not to think some entertainers might have been 'bought' or assembled. There was talk at the time that "The Monkeys" looked and sang like a group assembled by Intel types. (I believe some members 'turned' later.) However, I believe that this was more the exception than the rule.

In short, I would look for the deeper 'play' beneath all the recent Intel talk. Consider who 'wins' if the 60s-music 'meme' goes under...


On the 'commercials for money' side, my personal "Oh My God" moment was during the initial manned-spaceflight era. I no longer remember which individual astronauts did it, nor what they were selling (possibly aspirin).

What I do remember is three REAL astronauts wearing real spacesuits, facing-out on a rotating turntable and hawking a product. At the time, I felt such rage/shame/betrayal of the astronaut 'ethos'. I literally couldn't fathom the depths required...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Pretty much my sentiments as well, except for the moon landing which, once again, I don't know.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A Bad Case of Cliff Notes Influenza.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

I searched for the piece I mentioned and the debunkers are out In force (as I would expect).

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

How Does one Prove to Themselves the Existence of Jesus Christ?

Anonymous said...

May you be the person your dog think you are!
So on point...Rense website is so doom and gloom, catering for almost every cult group...The most funny is Aliens...Lots of non sense, like Mars is filled with Alien artifacts...No comment.
Doom and gloom about Fukushima...We should all be deformed and dead by now...Peppered with some truths.



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