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The Clones and Copies and Confusions of this Xeroxed World.

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There is strange and there is just plain weird and I do believe this qualifies as the latter. There's different kinds of strange. This is certainly different from the first one and what do they do with those cars? Anything? Here you have a classic example of the fruits of material excess in a world driven mad by runaway consumerism. As has been stated here many times; Materialism moves through stages that manifest as increasingly more neurotic and psychotic expressions of itself, resulting in pandemic individual isolation within ever larger and larger crowds of individuals. It becomes increasingly more difficult to fit in to something that is increasingly more and more difficult to fit into. This results in people having to become bent out of shape in order to accommodate integration with what, step by step, becomes more and more unnatural as it goes. Some things that look strange are not all that strange because temporal reality seems to be controlled by some crocodile sharks and swine who move like massive harvesting machines across the twisted alcoholic and narcotic landscape of the American Dream.

Is Steven Hawking a double? Has Steven Hawkings been dead for a good length of time? The history of what he suffers from says that he really should have been dead long ago. No one else has ever lived as long as this after having developed ACLS; no one has lived even close to this long. The photos really are disturbing. Are they convincing? That is up to the individual and how they go about computing things like this.

I've heard that John Kerry is a clone and I have also heard that there have been several of him. If something like this is true then that means that it is likely... well... it would be very likely, right? It would be very likely that some number of the lumbering mastodons that rumble about in the dark night of the collective soul, trampling as they go, are some sort of manufactured product. Following this argument, it would then stand to reason that all kinds of things we don't know about are resident in the 'hard to believe' quadrant of existence.

I don't know if the present Steven Hawkings is a duplicate badly drawn boy or not. One could argue that the disease itself might be responsible for all the changes going on there and that Hawkings, with access to all necessary funds, can afford treatments that the rest of you would have no chance of getting. Yeah... in the face of counter arguments, what I have offered here seems weak and not convincing; given that NO ONE has lived anywhere near as long as Hawkings has with this disease. In this case he would not be a clone per se. He would be an impostor. One might wonder if they have cloning down to the degree that some believe they do; why isn't he a clone? See... I have a lot of questions of my own. I won't be going into these because I am not here to argue anything and I don't like arguing in the first place. To me... someone who seeks to argue is someone who has missed the point. Okay... okay, that wouldn't always be the case. Anyone who comes here knows that I like to use logic as a tool and reason as a vehicle with, hopefully, the truth as a destination. Convolution would be the name of the street traveled. It usually is. It gives us something to do over the length of our extended existence here. There's a pun in there.

So... what do you think? Do you think there's anything to any of this; not to mention all of the other wild and fantastic things that jump in and out of view like a Jack in the Box, with the same level of surprise, unless, of course, you are familiar with Jack in the Boxes or... have been surprised so often, like many of us here, that you are used to it and your level of surprise is not what it used to be.

Things go through phases. Nearly everything does. Even mountains have phases that exist between their rising up from pressures beneath the Earth and wearing away from the effect of natural forces upon them. We wouldn't likely see any of these changes because they take place over a very long period of time.

We go through phases too; the aging process is one of them. We also go through phases in the way that we view everything. I remember that someone got on my case awhile ago because I did not see The Vatican as the chief evil and operational menace in the world; probably because their bankers are members of The Tribe elite. Before the internet, I had a very negative view of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Here is a very telling example of that:

As is often the case, my name is less visible in respect of the production but I wrote it and Patrick dramatized it. Patrick has nothing to do with my anonymity in this regard. He's gone out of his way to counter it happening but it happens anyway. I've seen it happen on Utube numerous times. It's one of those cosmic quirks. It doesn't bother me though. I know this all gets sorted over time, just like our individual destinies do. If we look at our lives in capsules, we can get a grim portrait here and there, given the struggles that life is inflexibly heir to but... how things look at any particular time is not how they work out or wind up in the end, for both better and for worse but.... I digress.

I was really heavy on The Church for a good while and I haven't changed my tune in that regard internally and there has been regular mention about them over time. However, I catalog dangers and evils according to their level of importance and the darkness coming out of Israel and their international operatives is the greatest darkness of the hour. Do I believe that there is an even greater darkness behind them? Of course I do but the esoteric end is generally confined to a particular blog and that doesn't get the constancy of proliferation that the other blogs get. Do I think that there are secret societies that have been around for centuries and that have a lot to do with visible evils? Yes. Do I believe that there are also secret societies dedicated to the greater good? Yes.

A lot of heat came in this direction from someone who accused me of being a Satanist for not attacking them as regularly and vociferously as they wanted me to, even though they get regular mention here. The thing is that people's reasons for doing things are often not the reasons they give. Their real reasons are not acceptable for publication.

So it is that one can become a tool of The Vatican in the minds of those who are inclined to see things where they are not; even when one is not Catholic and has no relationship with the church, its operatives or ANY OTHER cabal on this planet, except for a handful of invisible friends that the blog owner has picked up over time.

Here is the indisputable truth about this whole ball of confusion. No one who comes here and no one who agrees with or opposes me, knows who these mystery individuals and groups are. Those in opposition get real vague when you press them about it. They have all kinds of ways of sidestepping and dissembling but they NEVER tell us who the specific individuals they are talking about are. They NEVER pinpoint and delineate verified sources, NEVER. Sometimes they will wholesale it all as The Masons and The Illuminati, or something but... once again... I haven't heard any names yet besides the names we hear about all the time... or occasionally. When we look at the names of those who were involved in 9/11 or the breakdown of genetic maps from PNAC and the amount who are dual national individuals that all have allegiance to Israel. Wow! Could it be any more clear about who wrote the papers, who gave the orders and who carried out the minutiae?

I'll admit that this is all I know so far because this is all I have found. Do the agents of Israel suborn and manipulate other individuals, groups and agencies? It would seem so. Is it possible that other agencies, groups and individuals did not have to be suborned or manipulated and who came along at a level of parity and of their own free will? That is altogether possible.

One red faced, bombastic shouter came around awhile ago and... in less than diplomatic terms insisted that he could prove all kinds of things; that he had access to books from a hundred years ago and all kinds of other source material. I told him to put it up. He did not put it up. He just kept sneering and engaging in Byzantine avoidance methods. I told him what I thought of him and this led to the kind of bad press you can imagine. Yet... even where the bad press was happening he NEVER provided this information. Wouldn't you think that would be the single thing he would have done as ammunition to render me wrong? It didn't happen. To this day...that mysterious information remains a mystery.

If you ask me, I would say the Prince of Evil is behind all of these negative things that happen and that he has agents all over the world and only some of them come from Israel and only some of them are of a particular genetic strain. Of course I have said this before and will say it again. I try only to state what I know and that isn't much. The rest of the time I theorize and speculate, according to how it seems, really seems to be. I could be in error here and there and I freely admit that. When someone comes in with an irrefutable counterpoint to what I have suggested or stated, or when someone comes in with something that names names and events and dates OTHER THAN what I have presented and the accuracy is not in doubt, I will alter my perspective accordingly. Until then... I am going to follow Cui Bono and who HAS the money and controls the money flow. I follow the money and the workings of the money and I consider who the moneychangers are. This is as far as I have gotten. Despite any and all of this, I sincerely want to know the truth and I will be grateful to anyone who helps me discover it.

I don't work for any intelligence services and I don't have the circulation to make me that important anyway. I don't belong to any religion or any group of any kind except in an invisible sense and the details of that are maintained out of my range of view. I don't work for any organization of any type. I am a solo act who works out of the intuition and inspiration that is available to me. That is all. Feel free to prove otherwise concerning any of this; as if the body of my work were not a clear indication already.

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missingarib said...

Vis, I think I got the noah blues. The stairway to heaven is getting a bad rap. Likely it has been roped off for security reasons.

I got a work card at 16 and began trying to pay up the mortgage on my future ever since that day. Never had an alarm clock that I really liked ,and between springing ahead and falling back a tiny bit of nausea began to set in.

"In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble
They're only made of clay
But our love is here to stay ". Or "how things look at any particular time is not how they work out or wind up in the end, for both better and for worse but.... "
Now standing on the beach watching the tide cycle encroaching on my blanket on the sand it appears that periodically we need to move or get swept up in the undercurrent and tumble along the shelf as silent waves crash above .

“Security was now a thing of the past though it took a conscious effort to remember it; with no enemy in all the world there was little but the force of habit in it.” “You could have done something with newspapers. We didn't do it. No nation did, because we were all too silly. We liked our newspapers with pictures of beach girls and headlines about cases of indecent assault, and no Government was wise enough to stop us having them that way. But something might have been done with newspapers, if we'd been wise enough.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

LED ZEPPELIN speaks of
" a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking."
Our time is blowing in the wind .our sandals have much wear, but our spirits are still young so direct your face into a gentle breeze and live long

A good traveler has no fixed plans,
and is not intent on arriving.
- Lao Tzu

robert said...

Thank you Visible!

Lucidity and a persistent policy of full disclosure trumps the bag of tricks employed by the deluded deceivers abutting the dark side, every time!

Keep hitting for the fences, until the fences drop away and we can see the whole ballpark!

The new visual-challenge to verify is buggy; had to try four times to get a match that was even possible. This may throttle the comments more than intended!

Anonymous said...

That bit about Steven Hawking was really weird, kinda reminded me when he said something to the effect that "God is dead", I thought it weird that someone of his purported intellect would say something he so clearly was not qualified to claim.

Ursala said...


I always thought it was weird that he was still alive with that disease after all this time. As to him being a clone...entirely possible, although I don't think the pictures are compelling proof of that. But it's definitely possible. Cloning may have advanced leaps and bounds for all 'they' tell us(not much). There's a rumor that Facebook guy, Zuckerberg is a clone. No telling.

Didya see that movie based on Hawkings life? I thought it sucked, turned off after 20 agonizing minutes. Of course the critics went bananas over it. Whatever.

God bless you sir!


Ursala said...

I forgot to add I lost any interest in anything Hawking had to say when he proclaimed that free will was just electrical impulsed in the brain. Or something to that effect. That told me who/what energy he serves.

Ray B. said...

On Body doubles / Cloning:

I have two people that rank high on my list of 'Hmmm'. Look at photos of Al Gore before the 2000 election and a few years after. Looks/feels like a different person. Also, watch and feel the Luke Skywalker actor from the first "Star Wars" movie and the actor from the next two movies. I would almost swear that they are two different persons.

On the clone issue, I figure that some TPTB started producing 'clones' of their offspring soon after techniques became available to pry-apart the initially-dividing cells in an embryo (circa 1930-40). These would not be clones in the SF sense, but artificially-produced 'twins' or multiples. They would be raised off-screen and substituted-in as necessary.
On Baddies:

I have kind of a different perspective because of all my woo-woo work. I agree with Vis that certain people behind the international banksters seem to be the poster boys "behind all of these negative things." However, due to my ramblings around invisible-land, I posit that a lot of the negativity may originate with 'unseen' influences.

One of my 'specialties' seems to be attracting unseen types. It is great when they are positive and beneficial. Not so great when they are negative and predatory.

Over the decades, I have accumulated a sort of modus operandi of the latter. First, there is a 'glomming-on' to the aura. Then, there is a penetration. Finally, there is 'messing' with the person, that seems to come from within but actually originates from another being. (It is important to differentiate the above from 'input' from one's own different subpersonalities.)

When one becomes familiar with 'symptoms' of the above, it is easy to remove outside influences. However, if one is naive and uninformed, they can be messed-with at will. I would suggest that a fair amount of what we call 'negative' or anti-human behavior results from these intrusions. (Again, it is important to be able to distinguish outside 'messing' from one's own accumulated 'stuff'.)

One of my interests these days is to understand how human 'baddies' are made to be so. To distinguish between folks who are just out of their league (defenseless) and those who somehow 'voluntarily' are being messed-with or overlighted. A work in progress...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Alan Jong said...

The car industry does not surprise, most companies burn and incinerate unsold merchandise, many clothes retailers shred their unsold products. The Earth is the only real consumer in the end; it is her destiny to wear all our bones proudly. The reason why Stephan Hawking is still alive is because deep down inside he hasn't given up on Hope and Love, and that is all it really takes to really keep going. A soul that does not hold on to hope and love has betrayed him or herself and is a liability to others, those without hope and love are as good as dead.
God has really kept me going, so I'm a little behind on my Mr. Apocalypse figure, once I get the sculpt done, and during the process of creating the figure I will be dropping updates on my twitter feed, I created a Mr. Apocalypse hash tag when I share your blogs on there.
There is no collective soul, our moon here is a star that was mummified in time it is an ancient a star that no longer has light for all light returns to its source. Venus & Mercury are the Suns parents, a moon that has an orbit is a star revived elsewhere in the cosmos. The graves on Earth have nothing on the cosmic grave of wandering orbitless former stars devoid of all light and mummified over billions of years. It is God who allows them to incarnate as humans, it is them always who corrupt a planet, but as a new dawn crest upon these earthly shores, those desolate stars will be the first removed and returned to their individual graves devoid of all light and unable to make love.

Anonymous said... stoned


it really is about "who" controls the money....

that is the essence of alchemy,
but then you are not a thief...

why don't you imagine stealing candy from a baby...

Israel has never been the "Jewish" people...the entire "Jewish" narrative is a lie...!

Abraham did not have a Talmud
& Hate Jesus...

in fact in I Chronicles 9:2...

{like the entire Old Testament}
there simply are no "Jews",
in fact the New Testament is not about the "Jewish" people either
simply because to be a [JEW] "Proselyte" to Talmudic Judaism the proselyte must have a copy of the Talmud & Hate Jesus,
Zionist "Gog & Magog" so-called "Jews" in Palestine will never be Israel....not that "Jew" worshipping idiots who watch Talmud Vision give a rats ass about the truth...

But hey, where exactly is Jewtopia...?



Diane said...

Gee, if "God is dead", then why are they looking for the god particle with CERN?


Anonymous said...

Cie said,
I've been a silent follower of your blogs for 4 years now and appreciate your insite and courage to share with the world. This will be my first comment on any forum. I am a painter and have painted hundreds of portraits as well as any type of requested commissioned subjects for art. The study of human anatomy is my favorite. 35 years has given me the ability to see into the character (facial expressions, gestures) and anatomical structure beyond the flesh, i.e. bone, muscle etc..It is more than obvious that the younger Steven Hawkings is not the original. I can also tell you That the current Vladimir Putin is also a replacement. The 10 day absence may have been the transitional point. I have studied a comparison of his photo's and there are key points of structure that cannot be changed even with surgery. Also the new actor has mastered only partial of Putin's mannerisms.There are many i have noted in the political and entertainment industry who have been replaced. I'm not sure about cloning, I'm thinking groomed doubles. Do they meet their death thru accident? sacrifice? contract? Perhaps propped up to continue profit revenue? I could give a list with the photo's but haven't got the hang of copy/paste. " Let He who hath an eye, see'

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Stephen Hawking, but here's more weirdness: Remember when Putin "disappeared" for a while? When "he" came back, I had the VERY distinct impression that this was a different "Putin".


Alan Jong said...


If you've studied anatomy so much you would know bodies retain varying degrees of water, our physical bodies are in constant flux and adjust to varying degrees of toxins, and foreign compounds which include a host of chemicals not found originally in nature; all those contribute to varying degrees of inflammation which may alter an individuals appearance, from day to day. It's a marvel of creation, and genius of Almighty to build within us an immune system that adapts. I am grateful to Almighty for giving Humanity an interstellar immune system.

Eudoxia said...

In the land of clones nothing would surprise me. I believe they have very advanced technology nobody knows about. I watched an old interview done by Stephen Greer and he was interviewing some tech guy who was in charge of certain micro chip projects back in the 80's he was working on them for race horses. He was saying this technology was stolen and turned up in a person. This was a long time ago and if the powers that be had wanted us all chipped which I believe they did and probably still do then they'd have done it by now. I've seen some very different photos of Killary, too many in fact where it's pretty clear there are more than one of her. As regard to Putin I've also heard those rumours, does it come as any surprise that probably most of the world leaders probably have clones in order to avoid assassination? Truth is often stranger than fiction that most here will attest to.

There is a documentary that has come out called Shooting Stanley Kubrick. It was made 15 years ago by a relatively unknown film maker who was granted a one hour interview with Kubrick on one condition that it was to be held by Kubrick's lawyer until 15 years after his death. He died 3 days after giving the interview. I've not seen it but he apparently gives detailed meanings behind his movies. Most here will be familiar with The Shining and the amount of clues shown in that movie alone to indicate the moon landing was faked. In this interview Kubrick confirms it apparently. Interesting enough also in the movie Interstellar there is a scene where one of the teachers is telling Cooper that history has been re-written to expose the moon landing as a hoax in order to bankrupt the Soviet Union. Happy Apocalypse!

Hey Viz I tried to watch that movie Jupiter Ascending - erm turned it off at the 15 minute mark or thereabouts - total shit.

jay said...

A couple of weeks ago, I got into trouble for suggesting to the wife, albeit jokingly that Stephen Hawkins had been 'droned'. My suggestion was that the 'real' Hawkins was in his chair, but his controls had been 'hacked'.
This hacking group, for a sum would allow both voice and four channel remote control of the world renowned scientist.
The possibilities are endless for both the megalomaniac and the joker. One minute vocalising mad theories that the universe was created out of a giant can of spray cheese or even creating your own false flag by running over some fellow fake atheist scientists screaming "die fooker...".

Anonymous said...

You occupy a dusty corner of the internet. What I've been noticing on some of the more popular ones is a Madison ave. or hollywood designed cast of characters. There's a main character, supporting characters and antagonist characters. The antagonist will make some preposterous comment which opens the doors for the protagonists, your sworn comrade in arms and your advocate, to step in and do more damage to the truth than the antagonist. They only build on the myths and paint new legs on the lie so that it can stand up.

Bart and Lisa never age and these characters are set in stone. They will never respond to better sense or their characters, serving a specific function would have to be refined, and changed. The overall purpose being Judas goats, herding this mass of potential energy into oblivion, lest it become focused and therefore powerful. How many of you have wound up frustrated and then in despair believing these propagandist created characters are your only allies? So, there would be one of the subtle, yet actual purposes of it. Can these shameless and faceless characters ever be insulted or stand corrected? No, they're surrogates and only part of an uglier animal. When a person shows up and starts cutting too close to the bone and the heart of the matter, this cast of characters has a dozen ways to drum them into moderation. They will find a mosquito bite, but really isn't even that much, and scratch at it until it's spewing blood all over the room for dramatic effect, and say "YOU DID THIS TO ME", and the cast and crew will all chime in to make their villain.

I can't wrap my head around why they pour so much resource into it. They've chained themselves to who they want to make slaves, and makes them more the slave themselves. What inanity!

Their lies need constant maintenance too. They have to paint the legs on the mythical animal to give it a semblance of having some vertebrae, and then they have to paint legs on those legs and on and on it goes. Steven Hawking is the icon to liars. Going by that mathematical curve, I have to believe that the truth is elegant in it's simplicity and doesn't need a library of feeble sophistical contrivances to help it stand, that library growing exponentially every day to maintain the first lie. That first lie of this bogus science they're proselytizing is that the speed of light is constant. It isn't and that's easy to prove. Their models never become whole on their own. Just a more obscene freak of nature, day by day.

Is there a revelation so simple but so stunning, it would stop the hearts of men for fear? Like a domino, more mysteries would tumble right behind it? I've been suspecting that there is such a revelation and I don't have the balls to think it either. To borrow from HG Wells; like a guy about to commit suicide, things might be better or things might be worse, but nothing will be the same again.

We're not as cunning as the serpent, as we like to boast.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Steel Cage Match between Romper Room and Kardashian Think.

Anonymous said...

I knew two people who contracted ALS and they were both 'gone' within three years of diagnosis. One of them always said she 'found it very hard to believe' that Hawking could have lived so many decades after diagnosis..." just wasn't physiologically possible.
What is he supposed to be now? 75?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Deep and Penetrating Awareness of the Essence of Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Via Homer.. Google - Miles Mathis; Stephen Hawking died and was replaced

truthman said...

Great post, Vis! This link is Dr Peter Beter's (no I'm not kidding) audio letters exposing the cloning of world leaders and corporate CEOs dating back to the 50's It makes perfect sense to me, given the illusions we are supposed to accept as reality today Our world is simply not what we've been told that it was and it is becoming more obvious on a daily basis Henry Kissinger is still alive? Are you effing kidding me? He was a toad when Nixon was President! Yea, something is truly amiss and cloning pretty much fills in the blanks for me I wouldn't post this anywhere but here Sorry about the 'no periods' thing, but I suppose mu old MacBook is a woman who's gone through the change Peace on you all ways and always!



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