Thursday, December 18, 2014

They are more Odious and Depraved than Ever they Were.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be on your face.

Tis the season to be wary, fa la la la la la la watch out. Don we now our camouflage apparel etc. Well... one should always be wary and that is an admonition I should have taken to heart earlier in this life. It’s certainly in place now. Lao Tzu says; “Wary as a traveler crossing an icy stream." Later on, Jack London expanded on that with his third match story (yikes!) There’s crazy. There’s batshit crazy and there’s stark raving mad. I think this qualifies for the last of the series; how could any lawmaker have been involved in this and then been unable to stop themselves from laughing out loud? I’m not going to go into all of reasons why this is ridiculous and crazy, except to say, “and what about the other children?” I’m guessing they are not in the ‘special needs’ group,

Maybe there is a connection between that and this sort of thing. Possibly most of the people in high office are so engaged. I find it hard to believe there would be such a fierce and relentless push behind so many things that concern less than 2% of the public. Statistics are a funny thing though. Sometimes statistics are mindblowing. There is a lot of strange going on these days and... for such of us as follow it, the numbers of recent years are a good deal higher than this; right up there with those microbiologists that were dying like flies a few years ago.

So... it’s obvious that there is a whole lotta something going on behind the scenes in a whole lot of places. We know that Satanism and pedophilia are epidemic among the movers and shakers of the world. We know that the high end Satanists are never publicized. That would be an interesting study for someone to make, looking into the gathering of elites, in their various social concourses, to see who it is that doesn’t belong to the action but always seems to be around the action. It would, of course, be a dangerous project.

We know a lot of things that have been reported on by the propaganda press and those who report directly on what’s happening (certain members of the alternate press), when possible. Still, it must be really wild in those circles where the people are the ones responsible for so much of what goes on. I’m guessing that there is a whole lot that we don’t know about and I would add... there’s a whole lot ‘they’ don’t know about either.

Even with what we know about, we don’t get a clear picture on the extent of the suffering going on. A great deal of that is blocked out. We don’t see the burning villages or the collections of shepherds burned beyond recognition by terminator drones. We don’t see what is going on in some of those prisons where there are no limits to what can happen to you. The Torture Papers give an idea but, without a doubt it is worse than that. Zimbabwe is something we seldom hear anything about. I link into that later in this posting.

It’s getting denser, more intense and more depraved on all levels. On TV, the war on human health continues unabated; expect much worse in the unpredictable year ahead. The victim industry is barreling right along. Like I always maintain; I have no idea what happened there but... given they murdered upwards of 60,000,000 Russians, I'd say there's still a substantial balance left in the account. Around the world the level of madness, not generally known about is, as usual, Tribe fronted, as with this lovely specimen here; deeper details of the amazing level of world wide corruption are here.

It is really crazy out there; two things to keep your eyes on are the ever greater ratcheting up of the push for war with Russia, through the agency of ZATO, and the madness that is sure to escalate in a presidential election year.

When things race toward the point of no return and a loss of all control and restraint, ANYTHING can happen. In the dying empire, the Emperor, Howdy Doody Obama, is a rank traitor, probably because of the chapter and verse available concerning him and his “Man’s Country” associate, Rammed Emmanuel. I can’t imagine how toxic and twisted it has to be at the highest levels of power. Once again... Nietzsche’s words ring out; “Those whom the Gods would destroy they first drive insane.” It is, in your face, stone cold obvious and this should give hope to those of us that are running low on that substance. There is a mysterious method at work and, without question, we are getting closer by the hour to seeing it work out... somehow.

I’m guessing those sunk up past their knees in the mire get sucked south with the tides of destiny at the appointed hour. Those up to their necks in it and leading the others, will vanish in the blink of an eye. On the periphery, it’s still a maybe, maybe not situation. It depends on how high the tide is and how strong the wind. It could go either way.

What keeps coming into my mind is some massive, natural disaster that shakes the entire world; something like southern California disappearing into the ocean and the entire fault line rocking every cluster of living souls up and down its entire length. That is the scenario that comes strongest into my mind and the one that has most often appeared in dreams. Still... dreams are dreams and no guarantee of what might happen.I don't want to paint the negative here, as always, I don't know. I'm simply speaking to what speaks to me.

The most eerie sensation that attends this global dance of ignorance and unbridled desire is how truly bizarre and far out it can all get and yet proceed with a semblance of normalcy. By semblance, I mean it just keeps going on by the day. It is as if you are watching a news cast where the announcer's hair catches on fire and they just keep reporting the news, even while their face melts to reveal the cyborg frame underneath.

I’m guessing it is a good thing I am in the wind any day now because it could be that borders slam shut; or who knows what happens in this next year? I realize there are those who feel my pending migration may not be in my best interests but... my protections come along with me. They are not geographically limited and the only thing that can ever happen to me is some kind of purpose of demonstration thing. Even with the most extreme expression of such an occurrence, the bottom line is that I don’t particularly like it here anyway. I’m not champing at the bit to get out, I can wait until the moment comes, but... I’m not going to be weeping any tears of loss on my departure. I am going to be excited and fairly certain of lodgings in some loka in there somewhere.

We all need to remember that it isn't about any mistakes we have made in the past. The critical reality is...; what are you doing in this moment? Upon what is your focus placed? Some of you have years yet (unless the whole world goes up in smoke) and you have the opportunity to rock your life into the upper atmospheres, through diligent attentiveness to Karma Yoga, not to mention the seriously unleaded (no Tamas) fuel that attends Bhakti. The fuel burns in your metaphorical carburetor and powers the pistons and what have you, in your particular system. With that kind of fuel and direction, there’s not much you can’t account for in terms of phenomenal turnarounds and heading yourself off at the pass. Right now! Right this minute... you tell yourself, “I’m going to do the very best that I can in the pursuit of the highest level of awareness possible for me. Remember... it all comes down to awareness. It comes down to what you are aware of and memory is one of the keys. If memory is one of the keys (digressing) then why not stay in a constant state of remembering what just got said here, in whatever manner you happen to interpret it for your own best understanding?

I cannot stress this enough! Let this be my Christmas gift to you this year; the reminder that you can guarantee your future state by how you manage the present moment from here on out and... remember (remember... heh heh), the thing about ‘discipline’ is that though it may be temporarily onerous, once it gets rooted, it does itself. You can’t help but do it. The power of the habit is on cruise control. Make it happen.

End Transmission.......

Last Sunday’s radio broadcast is waiting there for you in cyberspace. (Still can't figure out why there are so few comments there. I was finally able to put aside the notion that the broadcasts aren't well done and not all that interesting- grin... must be just one of those things. I did get some emails concerning my intention of cancelling the broadcast; thank you for that.)

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Visible said...

The first comment got deleted for some reason. Sorry! Please resubmit.

Peter said...

A fine piece! I believe we are on some cosmic "same page".

BCii said...

On the lack of comments following your radio broadcasts, Vis, it comes down to mere inconvenience, on my part at least. I've typically listened on my old iPod while walking the dogs, so I'm not exactly handy with a keyboard then and there. It would take a focused will to return to the radio blog and make a reply. By the time I'm online again, my thoughts are otherwise occupied. (Well, I am easily distracted.) Even after the most thought-provoking, memorable, resonating and touching show, I don't usually feel compelled to go the extra mile to put in a comment. The disconnect between mediums, spoken/heard and written, has something to do with it too, I'm sure. Glad to hear you're not discouraged from doing the shows because of this.

Here's the take-home I get from your transmission today:

We all need to remember that it isn't about any mistakes we have made in the past. The critical reality is...; what are you doing in this moment? Upon what is your focus placed? Some of you have years yet (unless the whole world goes up in smoke) and you have the opportunity to rock your life into the upper atmospheres, through diligent attentiveness to Karma Yoga, not to mention the seriously unleaded (no Tamas) fuel that attends Bhakti. The fuel burns in your metaphorical carburetor and powers the pistons and what have you, in your particular system. With that kind of fuel and direction, there’s not much you can’t account for in terms of phenomenal turnarounds and heading yourself off at the pass. Right now! Right this minute... you tell yourself, "I’m going to do the very best that I can in the pursuit of the highest level of awareness possible for me." Remember... it all comes down to awareness. It comes down to what you are aware of and memory is one of the keys. If memory is one of the keys (digressing) then why not stay in a constant state of remembering what just got said here, in whatever manner you happen to interpret it for your own best understanding?

It just bears repeating. These things need to sink in. Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga are useful labels for the very practices that have gotten me to the fortunate position I find myself in today. There is no more profitable use of one's time, effort and attention than these. Thank you for shining the light.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I enjoyed the radio broadcast, and this post. Sometimes I'm just our of snark, so. . .

Regardless of whether or not I comment, I'm always there. In fact, sometimes I listen to the broadcasts twice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiring post. There seems to be some reverberation in this post in regards to an experience I had last night.

I am not usually one to remember my dreams. This seems to be because I have been a regular, though not daily, pot smoker. There have been two other times besides this last night that I have had incredibly vivid dreams after stopping for some amount of time. The thing is, I always wake up sobbing uncontrollably.

The absolute HD detail, along with the indescribable torment of the dreams is mind blowing. It really feels like a kind of torture and I wake with the distinct memory of the dream. I wonder how I could dream such a perfect torture. This last one took the cake and involved the people closest to me. It was so real and vivid it was like something beyond a dream, almost more real in a way then my experience right now.

The heart crushing emotion and terror are beyond description. I am not sure what to think. I wake up and it is like it was a real event. Once I got myself together and after writing everything down I can only ask how and why? And is this what I experience most the time and just don't remember because of the ganja? Is my higher self getting in touch finally and just opening the flood gates because it has the opportunity? I viscerally doubt this because of the unspeakable level of pure nastiness.

I really don't know what to think but the force of these episodes is just way, way over the top. I am just shaking my head in amazement now. Anyone else experience something like this?

I burnt some sage and eventually fell back asleep with nothing to follow, but the memory gives me the hankering to stand under a waterfall and seek the services of a real shaman.

Anyway, let us strive for the ideals Visible has painted for us. I know I can't do anything else at this point. Good luck to you all.


Thomas said...

I agree with BCii. Very nice advice in the last 2 paragraphs, and true, too, according to my recent experiences.

Thank God that I have a conscience, a singing soul that wants to get back home! Even when I stray, I cannot stray for long before it calls me back.

But yeah, good habits are like factories. It takes some time to build it, but when it's there, it's mass-production of good actions. Oh bless!

About the radio shows, I like them even better than the blogs. Somehow, they seem more authentic, although I would be hard pressed to explain just what that would mean. And I don't think I have ever commented on them, for some strange reason (maybe once, but does that really count?).

Thanks Visible. A nice present :)

Merry Christmass! May the awareness of the Spirit of Christ be awakened in all beings, in particular you here. Oh kindle oh kindle the flame of longing. May It become a veritable conflagration in your Hearts, and may It lead you safely back home.

Anonymous said...

Bodhati -
I stopped smoking roughly seven months ago, after habitually smoking daily for nearly 20 years (though I started smoking more and more the past few years, after undergoing EMDR therapy in 2010, because, like Visible, I had some awful childhood experiences and some PTSD as a result). Those first few months of getting sober brought with them incredibly vivid dreams, some very, very disturbing. From the research I've done, it's part of the territory. Ganja prevents you from entering a true dream state, so once you clear your system, the Bardo state comes back with a vengeance.
Even though its been nearly seven months since I last smoked, I'm still getting strong dreams, but they're now where near the intensity of those first few months.
Not escaping from my emotions and fears has been a wonderful blessing, and I can understand and relate to Visible's insistence on developing a relation with the Divine much better than when I was reading Visible under the influence (which had been for quite a long time; I read every blog, just rarely comment). I have a far more intimate relationship with the Divine than I ever thought possible. I thought that God wanted me to smoke because I didn't have to pay for my herbs, but that was just a form of self-delusion, obviously.
Hope that helps.

Jody Paulson said...

I want to let you and your readers know that it is still part of my daily discipline to daily (5pm my time, midnight Israeli time) at least mentally chant "Out demons out/Out demons out/Out demons out/May all their plots turn against them/May they be driven from the occupied lands/May they be exposed to all the people of the world/May Gaza be granted relief and may judgement come to the murderer and thief/Out demons out/Out demons out/Out demons out" and at noon and 6pm my time (US Eastern) I pray that the Rothchilds, Monsanto, British Royalty and BP get exposed for their nastiness and brought to justice, too. This was something one of your web sites instigated years ago. Just want to remind old timers and let newcomers know!

galen said...

Vis, thanks for the song; it put a good dose of beautiful humanity in my day.


Hi Insiam. :)


galen said...

Hi Bodhati. I hear you. Struggled with something similar for decades. But please know, it's so much better now, almost gone. For me it was disempowerment, disempowerment that spawned fear. Don Juan's teaching about becoming conscious in your own dream really helped. I started as he instructed and every night before sleep I'd tell myself,

"Okay, tonight I will find my own hands in my dream and simply look at them."

It took a few months and then it happened. I was in the dream because I intended myself there not because I just happened to be swept up into someone elses dream. I kept saying,

"This is MY dream. This is "MY" dream."

Finding the hands only happened once of twice, but it was enough to let me know I don't have to be run over on the dreaming planes. Pretty much now, if something threatening (intimidating, shaming, coercing, ugly, evil, invalidating) shows up, I can kick it to the curb. Sometimes I have to yell, which is funny, 'cause I don't do that too often. I get a kick out of it.

Now I know after saying this I will likely soon be tested by some foul, ghoulish nightmare. Yeah, it can still happen, but progress is on-going.

I wish you peaceful rest, and oh yeah, I do keep a teddy bear on my bed. It's a powerful innocence and I think it wards off all things bad.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your experience. I suspect Visible was hinting around this issue in 'Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World.' I think this dream phenomena is the biggest nail in the coffin for weed smoking. Hard to ignore, and I think you are probably spot on even though a part of me doesn't want to admit it. Damned attachment!


Ray B. said...

bodhati: "Anyone else experience something like this?"

I hesitate to respond, because I don't know your situation. However, I experience 'stuff' like this all the time. So, take what is useful from what follows...

I basically wear two hats in this type of 'interaction' - psychological and shaman.

First, 'psychology' hat on: In my former counseling practice, I ran across people who had used either drugs or religion to 'block off' anything unpleasant emotionally. Years or decades worth. (Threats of harm - or 'consequences' - if you respond are, of course, one 'blocking' source.) Many times, this 'backpack' of unfortunate-carryings tried to get through in dreams, if there was no other outlet. The usual progression is mild, to medium, to sit-you-up-in-bed intensity. It stops when the person turns inside and 'listens' to what needs to be heard. (And felt through.)

There are many practices that can aid here. I recommend those that get one out of just 'thinking' and into 'feeling', because the lack of the latter is where the problem originates. (When one feels-through the emotion, there is frequently an 'aha' of recognition of where/how the 'problem' originated - and what needs to be done...)

Second, 'shaman' hat on: I regularly get what I call 'attacked'. This is where someone/something outside you starts 'dumping' their pain into you. Yes, literally into you. This can be just a 'relief' thing for them, or can have true 'ill intent'. You can usually tell the latter by a kind of sick 'glee' at your discomfort.

In both cases, the entities doing the dumping 'trigger' your old memories and emotions. It seems like your 'stuff', but it is 'on steroids' in intensity and goes on for a long, long time. It is especially suspicious when you have already delved into a given area and pretty-much cleaned it out.

The best way to recognize whether you are being 'used' in this manner is to become familiar with your own emotional states. "This" is the way I respond to "That." Then, when something is way-outside that pattern, you instantly have questions whether it is really 'yours' or not.

In terms of 'combating' dumping, immediate-recognition of the situation is your first defense. After that, cultivation of an immediate, "No, you don't" attitude - with the appropriate level of anger - is the next step. I.e., something other than the 'victim' state.

Next, call-in whatever Higher Powers work for you. I call in my Higher Self and various appropriate 'friends'. Usually, there is some kind of 'tussle' you can sense, and the situation resolves quickly. There are all kinds of variations on this, so choose whatever works for you. Again, though, the first two 'steps' are crucial.

(There is also 'precognition' here in dreamland, so make allowance for that...)

Hope this (both hats) helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

weed, properly grown
is energy from the sun

as is all other nature
as in food and drink

it is not the substance
but how it is used

as a sacrificial or just
an answer to a hunger

Anonymous said...

Ray that is very insightful and practical advice and I appreciate it.
"It seems like your 'stuff', but it is 'on steroids' in intensity and goes on for a long, long time."

This is exactly what it felt like. However, both hats seem to fit. The scenarios of the dream logically fit in with my psychological baggage but man it's not like a revelation to me as I am aware of these things. Steroids to the MAX and it did go on and on and on like being stuck in a loop.

I think you make a great point about feeling through these "issues" though as I definitely usually am satisfied with an intellectual understanding. Maybe this is where my use of weed is problematic.

And Galen, thank you for reminding me of Don Juan's advice. You guys have really helped me get a handle on this.


JerseyCynic said...

I don't always remember my dreams

but when I do,

It's usually about searching for weed

Visible said...

It is a common truth that smoking pot kills the dream engine in sleep. If that's not important it's not important. It is important to me. These last weeks I have been having dreams of a higher intensity than ever before.

The other night I was in what appeared to be a mosque. I began singing and what I was singing was the expression of celestial ideas expressed in poetic and musical form. I began to lift up into the air. It was like I was laying in a hammock; that was the shape of my position in space. As I sang certain things it would lift me very high and other things would bring me lower; not because any of them were lesser than the others but simply because that was the frequency of the level somehow.

I was causing a lot of attention. People were coming in the see me as the result of word of mouth I suppose. At one point these old men came in and sat down before me. They all had ropes and they were tying knots in the ropes. I understood that to mean that they were in the habit of whipping individuals who made themselves out to be something they were not.

I don't remember interacting with them. All I remember is that they went away, so I must have had some bonafides which I think they picked up while sitting there. It was a very powerful experience for me and I have remembered it vividly for days. The sense of spiritual rushing that was taking place in my heart during the experience was just amazing. There have been other dreams but they have faded. All of them were deeply revealing at the time.

I have been praying for years that the ineffable would send someone into my dreaming space each night so that i could learn and also interact with entities from the luminous realms. Nothing much ever happened until a few weeks ago.

Smyrna said...

Sleep with strong (21mg) nicotine patches on if you want intense dreams.

Excuse my ignorance, but who is the bearded fellow in the Christmas bubble floating down the page?

The 3rd Elf said...

That bearded fellow, Smyrna (I'm glad you asked) is...


And I'm glad you asked, because that makes it your turn next in the bubble. So please send a picture, showing your best side to:

Anyone else want to go into a bubble - please do likewise.

est said...

i will second that
about the nicotine patch

for whatever reason
the dreams are very vivid

it didn't help me with [stopping] smoking

but i almost kept taking it

just for the dreams ...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Speculation upon the Cause of Israel did 911 Denial.

galen said...

est in handsome.



galen said...

Christmas prayer:

Dear God,

I know this is a lot to ask, but would you please forever free me from making typos?

Thank You

That said: est is handsome.



Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Love in the Age of Kali Yuga.

galen said...

Jersey Cynic has Jersey humor. I like that.



Visible said...

Mind you, I don't think that's New Jersey.



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