Thursday, December 4, 2014

Racing Down the Highway in Stolen Cars.

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May your ears always be open within and without.

It is truly impressive how the force of false media can control public perception. Sandy Hook is a good example. When you think about all these staged events, orchestrated by intelligence agencies, with crisis actors and the outrageous numbers of people who must be involved for this to take place and who have obviously sold their souls for money or are kept in silence by fear... it boggles the mind that it can even happen but it does; The Bombing of the Boston Marathon, obviously a government op, all those staged shootings elsewhere. Then there's the phony shooting in Ottawa and that bizarre fabrication in Woolwich. Nothing else besides being a willing automaton for the forces of darkness makes sense and then? There's all the evidence of exactly that.

When you think about what low lifes the people engaged in all of these things are; all those false flags and the financing of world wide terror, mass murder in the Ukraine, genocide and living torment of The Palestinians, fomenting of race wars and now appearing more and more in the public view, the ritual sacrifice of children (including rape and murder effected to manifest the greatest terror, since that is a kind of fuel and power generator)... well, it’s hard to explain how they could be such incredible monsters, without bringing in their near certain supernatural alliance with ancient forces of darkness. They surrender their humanity through a series of ever greater offenses against their humanity, in order to make themselves a living abode on the manifest for creatures who ordinarily reside in the infernal regions.

Just calling these people psychopaths is not comprehensive. The best descriptive phrase, I think, is that they do evil for the sheer joy of it. For them it is a mystical experience on the opposite end of that attributed to saints. Since this is Kali Yuga, the capacity for and access to the practice and instruments of black magic, at the deepest level of it potential for iniquity, is there to be had. There are beings far older than any of us, who thirst for human forms to occupy so that they can get up to all kinds of things that no actual human being would ever countenance so... they transform the human countenance into the demonic. They are not unlike joy-riders who go racing down the highway in stolen cars. They do it with hijacked consciousnesses. This puts it all in perspective. This explains it all. These people, who were formerly people, are housing units for dark forces who are celebrating their hour of presence, until they get their clocks cleaned so that they never tell that kind of time again... until the next time? This I don’t know.

There is an insidious shadow afoot, with an intensity unlike any other time, in its now, near universal presence. Here is the sort of thing going on in ashrams these days. Everywhere that there is anyone with pretensions of integrity, this shadow is looking for a way in and more often than not it finds a way in. Here is admonition by example, as to why people should not set themselves up as gurus and a clear proof that power corrupts. Most people can’t handle power. They think they can, until the get behind the wheel. Most people think they can handle money. You always hear them say that they wouldn't be like all those other people if they had that kind of money, or they won’t be like that when they get their money but... they do and they are.

There’s a power in money. There are varieties of power in all of the things that people covet and their ideas of themselves, fore and aft of the possession of these things, are not the same at all; not at all. It takes a superior sense of command to be stronger than certain archetypal temporal forces. Unless you have command over yourself... something will.

I am by no means the smartest or strongest guy on the planet but at least I know what I’m up against and how to stay out of the rip-tides. I have watched people in their bravado head into conditions and situations more powerful than they were. You can’t argue with them and it appears there is no other way for them to learn and sometimes they still don’t learn, chalking their failure up to one thing or another besides themselves; given that they survive the event. One of the greatest liabilities anyone can carry about with them is the failure to admit they are wrong. The ability to turn back and go another way, when you have been shown you are going the wrong way, is a marvelous asset. The inability to is a liability. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. We all do. Some learn from them and some do not. Some think if they just do the same thing again, with a few modifications, then that will be fine. Given the level of moral depravity running around... the consideration that something might be good or evil doesn't even come into the picture. These days, the lines are blurred to such a degree that a clear and precise definition is impossible for many people.

I've said my piece about Michael Brown but I was surely less than comprehensive. Just because I think Brown was ‘no kind of an innocent bystander’ does not mean I support the actions of Darren Wilson or the follow-ups by the Ferguson Police. I do not. What I think is that the example picked for street level, racial injustice was among the worst possible choices. Here is a much better example.

It’s not my place to go into the deeper reasons behind crime in certain neighborhoods. This is a complex thing that is worked to whatever ends the agenda or argument is directed. What I know is that racial profiling of blacks is a fact. I probably have a little more insight into the whole dance, given the time I've spent in prisons and other lockups and were it not for the support, with nothing asked in return, by the biggest and baddest dudes inside, there could well have been a different outcome to my situation. Karma, neh?

The CIA, which should be labeled the SIA (Satanic Intelligence Agency) and which isn't even supposed to be operating on domestic turf, funnels drugs into the black communities and then the domestic law enforcement arm of the Octopus of the Inferno, locks them up and then the court system sends them away. It is nobody’s fucking business what anyone puts into their body and if alcohol, which is the most destructive drug going, is legal and if the very worst drugs are being prescribed by the medical community then... I’ll take whatever I please, whenever I please and it is nobody’s business; nor do I ever feel like I am breaking any valid law; certainly no law relevant to me. These days the Israeli trained American police forces are just shooting people down in cold blood in the street but... as wrong as that is, this does not mean that everyone caught in a street altercation is innocent. There are plenty of criminals out there of every color.

I've heard all the arguments about racial propensities for criminal activity but not all of them put together can achieve the performance level of The Tribe in the day to day and there is no more pernicious influence in the black community, considering that they own the apartment houses, the pawn shops and are deep into every area and enterprise of these people. They OWNED the slave ships that brought the Africans in chains to America! They parade themselves around as defenders of human rights and you can see how sincere that is in Palestine. They commit the unspeakable murders of tens of millions in Russia and then paint themselves as victims and hostages of that same country, they abused beyond description, in the aftermath of having done it; "Save Soviet Jewry and win valuable prizes!". Their religion teaches that crime against anyone other than each other is perfectly permissible and even desirable; pleasing in the sight of the demon they worship as a deity. For every trend and condition there are reasons and some of them are deep in the subliminal. It’s not my place to play sociologist. I take people as I find them. I've met good and bad from every level of the social strata. Obviously I have been far too trusting in my time here. I would say I am much more discriminating now.

Of course, Howdy Doody and his puppet-masters are fomenting a race war in America. They are forced to come up with all sorts of strategies of divide and conquer to cover against the exposure coming upon them from Mr. Apocalypse and as the overlords continue to steal at an ever increasingly greater rate, they need dramatic events going down that draw the public's eyes away from this. Everywhere I have been and everywhere I go, what I see are thieves and liars in betrayal of the public trust. Nothing good is going to happen until the bankers are put in jail, or dealt with according to the severity of their offenses against everyone else. They are behind nearly every bad thing.

Whose funny money is paying for government policy? Whose funny money determines it domestically and abroad? If you want to know who is behind the shit you are stepping in and around AND running away from, you have only to look to see who it is that controls the flow of the money. That is it! Look no further. Who is directly so engaged? End of story. And...

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insiam said...

Calling spades spades:

As someone once said 'if i was walking home late at night i would rather pass a bunch of guys smoking 'herbs' than drinking 'spirits'.

Having lived in this strange land of Siam for quite some time i have become aquainted with a lot of expats. The great majority are very well off. Millionaires one would say. Unfortunatley they are without exception the most mean spirited and frugal living people i have ever come to know. And that my friends is a hard cold fact. Money - pfffft. You can't buy it :)

Anonymous said...

peace of mind comes from knowing the truth and doing what is right

{short History lesson for the goy, there were no "Ancient Jews"

The children of Israel never turned into so-called "Jews"}

live long, with sweet dreams



Asil said...

You are so beautiful!

As for relevant laws, I could not agree more - only God’s laws must be obeyed.

As for dealing out death the government slaughters millions – but no one considers it murder – after all it is government sanctioned culling of the herd and their most pleasurable past-time.

Anonymous said...

Short and to the point today Vis. People often come to me with their health problems, probably because I am an old dude without any health problems. Since nobody has ever followed my advice, I have started telling them to send their television to the landfill then come see me again in thirty days. Unfortunately, I haven't had any returning customers. :)

Visible said...

Heh heh, yeah... I love it when people ask for advice and then don't follow it. Like I mentioned a short time back, people used to come to me and offer me money to talk to them; ask me questions etc. I never solicited any of this it just showed up. Figuring I am far better at this than I ever was then, I am going to hang out a shingle so to speak and offer counseling by donation. If you are paying attention, people will reveal their problems fairly quickly whether they know it or not. The real problem is in getting them to apply the obvious solutions because, often unbeknownst to them they are attached to their problems and their problems are often the lens they see themselves through.

This leads to the need to trick the mind by working on the DOS when it looks like you are doing something else. I've had a pretty high success rate with associative osmosis, as I call it where you don't have to do much of anything.

There's only one mind and the mind most convinced and certain of that is the stronger mind and so it formats all minds in range simply by proximity. I used to watch this happen through the agency of certain individuals who were (and possibly still are- no doubt still are) better at it than I. However, the principle is sound and can be employed by anyone who is capable of consistency in maintaining one mind certitude. You don't have to know anything or do anything to make the best possible results occur.

countrybob said...

Les,you have a wonderful awareness of the sad and sick vermin that contaminate our lives and our planet on a daily basis. It is impossible to wake up most of the people I know so I fear that they will soon receive a nasty shock but by then it will be too late. How did we ever let it get this far? I suppose the usual need we feel for crap like TVs, play stations, x boxes, blah blah blah. Well I have quit the rat race and finally moved far from my old abode. I have no idea what I am facing in the future but dammed if I care. I've had enough of the stench of our so called modern society, thanks vis for keeping us sane.

Visible said...

I want to publicly thank the individuals that got back to me about my comment at Origami. The reason I put it into a blog comment instead of an email was (regrettably) that I couldn't remember who the people were. If I don't respond to or save emails on any given day they go off into a vast sea of communications. I'm trying tom get better about that; saving what I can't get to right away but things slip by me, especially when I am doing many other things. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could format each of your posts on some kind of banner and hang it over the freeway.

On a lighter note, for those who appreciate athletics and competition, of which I am one, there is a very moving 'documentary' on netflix I watched last night. "You don't know Bo"


questioning said...

Vis, great article. On blacks, Eric Garnier isn't a great choice either, he has a rap sheet a mile long and that's not a chokehold, he wouldn't be able to breathe and wheeze "I'm choking!" period. that's and attempt to cut off blood flow to the brain, not very well done. On the other hand, NYC is ridiculous on cigerettes, $13 bux a pack?!?

Yes the CIA dumped shitloads of drugs into the black neighborhoods; did they force blacks to use them and sell them? To turn into wild apes before our very eyes and shoot them up? Did Jews and Whites make blacks foul their own nests a la Pruitt-Igoe. Watch the "Pruitt-Igoe Myth".

At some point *Homo africanus* is going to have to take responsibility for itself, just as *Homo albens* and *Homo sinensis* do. The kikenvermin could never have taken all those blacks if the blacks weren't willing to sell them in the first place.

I feel a bit of schadenfreude for this David Ruenzel, he was the $PLC goyische kopf asshole who came up with the phrase "white privilege"

Visible said...

Uh... that's a pretty slanted and sparse assessment and the guy died. They killed him unnecessarily and whatever a man's crimes may have been elsewhere that has little to do with an independent situation. You can't say it's okay to kill him because he made errors in the past.

Anyway, that's a very complex issue that I could get into but just don't have the time for. I'm aware, as I said, about what has to do with various elements.

Visible said...

I'm guessing you are talking about Bo Jackson; one of the greatest athletes I ever saw. I still remember that one fantastic run of his when he was moving at such speed and with such force that he ran right off the field and into the tunnel; pretty funny. He was one of the few who could play two sports professionally.

Danny Wright said...

Mr Visible, as always a great post. Regarding your link to the Woolwich article please could you clarify if you are coming down on the side of the author of said article in his criticism of Chris Spivey, or just linking to the article as an example of the skullduggery involved in these hoaxes at all levels? Thanks if you can clarify, thank if you can't, best regards


Visible said...

I don't know the intimate truth of the event. What I know is that when you scrape away the manufactured veneer you got bullshit.

Danny Wright said...

Thank you. Mr Spivey is at times hard to read but I feel he is genuine and not working for the british intelligence services as suggested in the article linked to, anyone spending just an hour on his site, reading his recent articles I hope would agree. Sorry to labour the point though, as I am aware that it's one link in many.

Best regards


Visible said...

I don't know anything about Mr. Spivey. The truth is that I don't know much about most of the people that everyone else knows more about than me (grin). I check out the news in a basic daily way and spend most of my time trying to hear what's going on in the aethers.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them.

Anonymous said...

Viz et al,

There was a Ferguson type demonstration last night on my street (maybe 200). The police were riding in their cars and on bicycles. I went down to watch them up close as they passed by. My immediate impression was/is "paid actors." I couldn't get a Tribble fix, but some were foreigners. They had signs saying stuff like, "Black people's lives count." They were almost all white and waaay too organized for this area with well-rehearsed chants, good clothes and spinoff organizers who stopped and spoke to the sidewalk observers. They even came into my building. I do not think they live around here. A false flag up close. The local MSM rag did not mention it.

The following article/clip was on rense. Could someone please get up on horseback on the Pacific Crest Trail and take those things down so we can get some snowpack this year and have some crops next summer. This is proof of genocide:


Melki Zedek

TyrannyNews said...

I catch most of your Smoking Mirrors commentary, but have missed long stretches for one reason or another. I must first point out that I really appreciate your writing and the wisdom behind it. Although, I find appreciating your writing style easier probably because it requires less work.

I'm not sure if you'll see my comment since this article is months ago. But, if even a few people catch my comment then that might be a good thing. The first link in your article is to a YouTube video I helped to produce, We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook. To be honest, I can't tell whether you were expressing an opinion of it and knowing your opinion might drastically change the nature of my comment. At any rate, to your credit you posted the link directly to our video, which is more than I have come to expect from some people denouncing it.

Assuming you found it dubious and likely just another part of the massive perception management effort always underway, I have to say, "Hey, man." Obviously, since I edited, engineered and contributed 4 segments to the production I'm going to sing its praises. But, I don't think it's necessary for me to do so. Even to date I think it stands on its own. I wonder if you watched it all, or just a portion. It is long, at nearly 3 hours. People still tell me it whizzes by though.

The back story of our doc is this. I was part of a 40-50 person strong, private Sandy Hook discussion group. I had ideas of producing a documentary that could be launched by some kind of mass-upload. Another person suggested that we each provide a segment with the only rule being that nobody could object to the material. That idea took hold and we set about doing just that. After 9 months where we stitched together the segments, attached a beginning and ending we were finished. During production we thought we'd better have an identity that people could get in touch with since we were anonymous in the video itself, so we came up with Independent Media Solidarity.

What we didn't expect was the censorship, although we already decided to bypass YouTube in favor of Vimeo. But, Vimeo removed it in less than 24 hours I think. We then loaded it to, but it was removed from there as well. When our YouTube channel was resorted to, it received a strike there but we fought it and it was restored. The claims against it are baseless. During this fiasco or trying just to keep it online, other YouTubers took it upon themselves to upload hundreds of copies of it. We were very appreciative and touched by the solidarity that emerged. Some people had their channels removed due to strikes on our video being their 3rd and final strike. We attempted to communicate with YouTube about resolving this problem, but have been shown the cold shoulder since.

Anyway, to end I'll just say that I hope that either I misinterpreted your position or that you'll reconsider it. I'm still fighting the same fight and working now on our second project, the subject of which is a secret. Shhhhhh. My personal channel is TyrannyNewsNetwork on YouTube and my true name is Peter Klein. I've received plenty of blowback for my efforts and always point out my friend, Michael Cravey suffered blowback with extreme prejudice.

Thanks for sticking to it. I'll keep reading. I'd love to hear that you appreciate our efforts. It's by no means perfect. But, I'm frankly surprised it came out as good as it did. Just a tiny example of how people can do something when they find the motivation to.

Visible said...

I linked to it because I appreciated it; in spades as a matter of fact!



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