Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dancing with the Broomsticks of the Sorcerers Apprentice.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The big news of the moment is the Torture Papers; which has mostly to do with Bushligula but... of course, Howdy Doody factors in. The heat of the inferno is doing a wax job on the back of the neck of the Bozo of the moment. The word is that he’s drunk and angry. When that happens to a man in his position it means; pressure. Yes, it means pressure and pressure translates into stress and it comes from down below. It’s not something you can easily get away from because it is coming from inside and its hard to know what to do about that. If it’s from outside you can react on it or call in your chief of staff and instruct him to go to the military and have them bomb the shit out of someone. These things he is doing but... it ain't helping. You can chalk it up to Mr. Apocalypse because everyone, infernal and supernal, has to integrate with him because he is the atmosphere in the enveloping phase in which we find ourselves.

Here is a descriptor of a musical envelope; “The intensity of a sound is generally not a static quantity, but changes over the duration of the sound. This change in the intensity of a sound over time is called an ENVELOPE. Thus, at the beginning of a sound, the intensity does not change in an instant from silence to peak level; rather, it requires a certain amount of time, called the ATTACK TIME (or simply, the ATTACK), to do so. Similarly, at the end of a sound, the intensity does not suddenly plummet to silence. The amount of time required for the intensity of the sound to diminish to nothing is called the DECAY TIME (or simply, the DECAY), or the RELEASE.”

You get a feel- maybe you get a feel- for how much of what is said there might apply to Mr. Apocalypse; things like intensity; attack time, decay AND... the release. Heh heh. You get certain images that speak in mental pictures... there’s a feeling that attends. Mr. Apocalypse is an envelope that dominates as something greater and more impactful than all of these things that occur within the envelope. This is all a kind of reaching on my part; an imperfect effort at seeking to communicate something that will never be effectively transmitted through the medium of words.

Mr. Apocalypse is behind the coming out of those Torture Papers and the force behind the ever larger and more pervasive independent media. He’s behind the rising awareness among the fed up, in transition, Shit from Shinola Brigade, who are catching on by the day. He rides on a replicating stallion that appears as a single horse, expressing itself as a stampeding herd of horses and is known as the internet.

Mr. Apocalypse is a consciousness that is stronger than any other consciousness or every other consciousness put together; in this particular time slot. He is a kind of Zeitgeist, though that is essentially a more superficial descriptor of something much deeper. We are talking about that which is primary and expressing through the multiplicities of the secondary and tertiary, like the broomsticks of the Sorcerers Apprentice and just as difficult to stop. Everyone is affected. Whatever direction you are headed in, Mr. Apocalypse accelerates that and whatever activity you are engaged in, it is defined in value by the ultimate decision maker, when it comes to fate, destiny and final resolution. We be moving apocalyptically.

You are what you are in an apocalypse. Whatever you are is shuttled on rails toward the summing up of what it is. It is moving through a series of moments that are all about defining whatever, by certain cosmic standards. Instead of the usual cloak of fabricated appearances that conceal the identity of people and things, for the purpose of some form of gain, the veil of false appearances is being shredded. It is at this very moment that the illusion weavers, deceivers ...and all manner of negative entities that have been operating under the radar through all kinds of proxy faces, are coming out into view and taking off their masks because they are all pumped up with an illusion of power and invulnerability. Yes, the illusion spinners are themselves deceived by illusions of their own and as Mr. Apocalypse rises into ever greater prominence and real power, these menaces to society are becoming filled with just the right amount of arrogance and reckless disregard so as to step out into the limelight and declare themselves, never realizing until it is too late, just what a bad move that is.

This is the meaning of that phrase, “those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad”. So long as one stays within certain parameters of action they might prosper for some length of time but... when they get wild and crazy and deranged and turned on by exposing themselves in public, it is not long before they destroy themselves (and each other) one way or another. As I have stated over and over and over and over... the rest of us have to keep it in mind not to be standing too close to these creatures when they go off and when they go down.

What we see taking place in front of us is not what it is all about. It’s not about kingdoms rising and falling; borders dissolving, wars and plagues and famine, along with ridiculous excesses and high living, all going on in the same breathing sequence of the moment. It is not about the visible wars but about the invisible war. You can look at it as a gambling enterprise with long lived forces, outside the visual spectrum of ordinary mortals, who make wagers on outcome. We’re just gambling chips and it makes a whole lot of difference whose pot we wind up in when the game is over’ “GAME OVER, GAME OVER.”

You've seen this sort of thing many times- some of the examples are dreadful, appalling and I am sure there are other adjectives that apply as well. The thing is that the public mind has been lost. Objective reasoning is not a positive fashion accessory in these times; however much it might be one of your best protections against the rising tide of madness on all sides.

The more intense the materialism, the greater the insanity. The greater the materialism, the greater the stress. The greater the stress, the greater the press into bizarre fantasies and strange landscapes, as well as deteriorating health at every level. The tone these days in the media, is to be an apologists and supporter of things like this, as you can glean from the shape of the words, which gives insight into the direction of thought. Those of you who read the article on the people hanging from metal skewers probably saw this comment;

“This is a little music video I made to footage of some of my suspensions. Some were hard and painful, some were fun & painful. Either way, I'm always grateful for the opportunities I had to do these suspensions and will never forget what an impact they have had and continue having on my life. Enjoy this video, but please, no comments about how gross this is... if you don't understand it or agree with it, that's perfectly okay, but there is no need for disrespectful comments.”

This was preceded by this “In her video description, in an attempt to ward off hurtful comments from both the prejudiced and the Internet's resident ignoramuses, she wrote":

"I don’t want to come off like an anachronistic boor who doesn't get all the really evolved things going on these days; whether that be legalized pedophilia, incest, bestiality or transsexual chakra cleansing.

I’m not worked up about specific bathroom usages, by the ever increasing number of new sexual identities. I get what people say their motivations are and I get what it is supposed to mean and what it is supposed to result in and I also get what it does mean and what it does result in. You can say that people are just finding their way and who am I to censure their pursuit of personal growth. Actually, I’m not here for that and people are certainly free (within reason) to pursue their own personal avenues of expression, so long as they do not harm the unwilling, or those too young to make an informed decision. Mostly, I’m just here to point certain things out and to pass on some small amount of insights and knowledge I have picked up on my way to the moment I am writing this in. A goodly amount of what I pass on was learned with some amount of pain and suffering, in this present form and in earlier forms.

One needs to be aware of the stress level of the culture and those residents in it. One needs to be aware of some number of things because they do apply to you at some level. You WILL BE affected by certain things and some will handle and process them better than others. Time will tell if the decisions you made about your life were helpful over all. Time will tell with all of us; what we went through, where we wound up, what we became and what we did and did not accomplish. The ball is still in play.

End Transmission.......

Sunday‘s radio broadcast is now up.

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Anonymous said...

"Mr. Apocalypse is behind the coming out of those Torture Papers..." - Uh, so Mr. Apocalypse controls the six major corporations that own the entirety of the mainstream media? Mega-corporations, to put it mildly, whose boards of directors are primarily comprised of high-level Freemasons, and other secret society members? Really? He's that powerful. Well I'll be jiggered...

Visible said...

You know, it never fails to amuse me when smug know it alls come around and start doing their imperious exposes on my lack of awareness.

To answer your points, Yes! The divine, the ineffable controls everything because everything, WILLING or NOT serves the purpose of the cosmos. Can you wrap your little subjective awareness around any of that? What you have done is to expose yourself as one caught up in duality where there is the idea that there are two equally powerful forces that war against each other, which is a fallacy. You may not believe in the one but you obviously believe in the other so... the one proves the other. However, beyond good and evil is the consciousness that works everything out here on the plane of demonstration.

My apologies for your comment not catching me off guard and uninformed but at least now you are informed, should you chose to be,

Visible said...

As I am presently reading the post, to see if it is possible that I might have been unclear and perhaps that may be why you were unable to glean my meaning, I see that I was abundantly clear, moreover, as several points so... the only possible conclusion one can come to is that you are either very dense, or you know what I was saying but you simply wanted to be an agitator. I have never understood how those who do this think that they achieve anything at all except to make themselves look bad, which explains the being anonymous part of it but... people do what they do. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

weeeeel doggies,

most of what you said, was what I said to BUCK MCKEON two and one half years ago when he said that a towel head had confessed under numerous torture sessions to being the MASTERMIND behind
the 9/11 INSIDE JOB...!

curious, that

I'm not even going to tell about
Arnold Rosenfeld, and Brandon Tartikoff, because all I did was tell them the Truth, and now they're gone to their just reward wherever that is...

anyone can come into knowledge of the truth, once they stop believing in lies...

Jesus @ John 8:32 !




Anonymous said...

Visible -
I haven't commented in a while, but I seriously chuckled after reading this part: "It is at this very moment that the illusion weavers, deceivers …and all manner of negative entities that have been operating under the radar through all kinds of proxy faces, are coming out into view and taking off their masks because they are all pumped up with an illusion of power and invulnerability."
That tied in perfectly with this piece "Israel's Secret Plan for a 'Second Israel' in Ukraine":
Definitely appears that the mask of Zionism is dropping its Semitic side, revealing the Khazar underneath.
As always, greatly appreciate your continued efforts!

Anonymous said...

Incomprehensible writing. The author need remedial education

galen said...

Well, not to be adverse, but I, too, had stirrings as to why all the torture info was surfacing so spectacularly, why they were allowing it, and why at this time. Can't name it, but feel there's an agenda here (enter Rahm, never-waste-a-crisis, Emanuel). Seems something is afoot. Perhaps it will connect to the outward and deliberate dismantling of the U.S.A.? Good and bad are going at it again. This just may be one case where both are doing their work simultaneously. Will be interesting to watch.


Anonymous said...

More rumours from the Deep:
Copy & Paste - Sorry guys !

Visible said...

This is the 3rd time that comments I published did not show up. Nothing I can do about that. Don't know why. Hopefully like everything else around here it comes and goes.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty clear to me that people who associate everything that happens with some agenda shadow authority are prisoners of the hostage mind. They are incapable of registering the forces of light and so they could never accept that there might be a power greater than the interaction of opposites. You won't get far attempting to enlighten them. They are going to muster a life and death defense of their ignorance every step of the way.

anonymous hero

galen said...

To state that good and bad are tackling something simultaneously is not to deny a greater power beyond duality. If that were the case Christ never would have taken on the dark forces. He used the duality/polarization to clear the way to the "greater power." This is not a time to look away and let naivety reign.


Visible said...

anonymous hero; for me the biggest concern is what is the intent of the comment. Is its intent more concerned with diminishing me than it is with clarifying something? If so then it has nothing to do with the points being wagged around as the central focus. It's just baiting the same way as anyone uses wedge efforts to promote their own importance through reactionary stands to carve out an individual pose while merely barking to no greater good or better effect

Visible said...

Comments are still being excluded following my posting of them so if this has happened to you then please repost and maybe next time it will happen to someone else (grin).

missingarib said...

Vis,the new world odor is finally getting the attention of the crowd.

The smell of tear gas, gun powder,blood,pepper spray and halitosis of the jack boot yelling in ones face to get down.
The smell of fires and rubber and all the rest mingling into what has become the new world odor.
Methane releases in divers parts of the planet .
The intellects with the huge salaries have exhausted themselves trying to arrange the planet to suite the digital eye ,it's mid season and reruns are the order of the day as they strain for inspiration.
Spoken by Hamlet, Hamlet Act 4 Scene 4
! What is a man,
If his chief good and market of his time
Be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more.
Sure, he that made us with such large discourse,
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability and god-like reason
To fust in us unused. Now, whether it be
Bestial oblivion, or some craven scruple
Of thinking too precisely on the event,"
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
live long

Visible said...

What I am seeing and running into in ways not previously experienced at this intensity and frequency is the stress and tension manifesting out of people where there is a distinct loss of diplomacy and grace in expression; even more so... there is a perversity toward stirring conflict for mostly two reasons and those are for conflict or self assertion regardless of the topic or circumstances. I am seeing it in real time and I am seeing it in virtual aspect.

There is also a whole new level of paranoia in people. They are sure you are addressing them and even if you are, they are editing the effect in the space between you and them.

I noted today that I SPECIFICALLY addressed a certain issue and then approached it from several directions and was confronted as if I had made no mention whatsoever. It was so off the wall that I had to go back and see if I had done what I always make it a point to do.

I think this is the chief worry of the moment is that people cannot process stress or they are under the gun of being pressed forth into unattractive behavior and expression no differently than those engineering most of the worlds ills under the command of the shadow master.

It seems as if the force is bent on unhinging every one it can to the point of global chaos not unlike the Battle of the Morannon where everyone went ape and ran off in different directions when the ring went into the volcano.

I've been feeling this thing creeping for a couple of weeks now and only figured it out while recording the radio show this last weekend.

Since then I am seeing it everywhere and it doesn't seem to matter what one does or what the actual intent is, it gets taken wrong. It is going to be really interesting times coming because I know most people are not disciplined or directed toward controlling the effect of this so we are going to see all kinds of freaking out. We shall surely see some of it here.

Unknown said...

Sit still, remain calm, plan carefully and move purposefully as whatever intensifies exponentially.


Anonymous said...

Great video, 'apocalypticaly'.

You sure got me to thinking about materialism. Just penned, uh...keyboarded - not waterboarded... :) this here yesterday...

hold joyfully
to mere sufficiency
give to others
call materialism
out from his hiding place
pull his beard
jingle his fools bells
and laugh at his trinkets.

Shakin' it here boss,
Your friend and mine,

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

I'm coming up for air from the first round, and the truth has prevailed! I'll be meeting with my lawyer next week to discuss the next stage - justice. I've always said that if it's true on one plane, it's true on all, and I think a lot of various impotent private club members are going to learn that just because they can get people to believe lies, it doesn't make them true.

What you said in your last comment I've been noting for a while, and have come to the conclusion that those who can't hear what is said must be avoided. Any aggressive question, bitchy tone - anything that makes me feel uneasy, those who want to argue ... I'm doing my best to keep away from.



Ray B. said...

Bear with me; this does eventually speak to this Blog... (grin)

My father, an Army Doctor, intentionally or unintentionally presented me with a dilemma. A Bill about requiring (functional) helmets for motorcycle riders was being voted on at the time. We were discussing the personal freedom versus societal gain aspects of it.

My father made the observation, having personally cared for Army personnel who did not wear helmets, that getting oneself killed not wearing a helmet was one thing. The aftereffects were another. He described both how people came out of surgery brain-damaged to the point that they were virtual 'children', and also the way that this 'tied up' the loved ones around them to being caretakers for a looong time.

I have batted this about in my mind in the decades since. It is a mini-capsule of our life on Earth. Thanks, Dad... (grin)

This veers in to the Blog with Vis' quotations of the lady hanging from metal skewers. Sure, in a 'personal freedom' way, she has the 'right' to do this.

However, this is where it gets interesting. Along the way of my growth, I became aware that we all contribute to a 'bubble' or group consciousness. We are not little islands. We 'leak', in a certain manner of speaking. This has certain consequences...

When one engages in something that produces pain (or pleasure, of course), this is 'injected' into the 'bubble'. It is part of the 'soup', so people don't notice it. It does have a 'cumulative' effect, though.

How do most people respond to rising levels of pain? They hunker down, withdraw more from contact, and tend to go more 'crazy' when provoked. All of this tends to 'shred' the social fabric.

So, the actions of our 'hanger' can be expanded to anyone who repeatedly 'chooses' to go down a 'pain path'. This gets 'injected' into our 'group bubble', and conditions it.

(As an aside, I once read of a group of advanced empaths who came down here to 'clean up the mess'. When they got down here and opened up, they could not stand what I would call the 'pain bubble'. They died horrible deaths. All of them...)

So: If all-God is doing this to you (a pain-path-er) for the experience of it, you have no choice. 'Enjoy' it as you can. If , on the other hand, you are doing this just because of social conditioning or of old hurts (carrying old pain), think about what you might be doing to the 'group bubble' before you proceed. I appreciate it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Now that I think about it, the above effect may be why Vis is noticing an uptick in confrontations and unhingings. When I look at what the bad-guys are encouraging in people, I do wonder whether this 'behavior' is a outgrowth...

Visible said...

I'm sure some people don't want to hear it, but it seems I was right all those years ago before any of this got underway.

If I remember correctly, this is pretty much what I said it would do.

Mick Hoss said...

Vis et al - Sorry this is a bit off topic but I would like to know others' thoughts on TM. I've been trying to become a regular meditator for some time now, and I believe David Lynch is genuine - and he's been pushing TM hard - but I have my misgivings. Is it a racket? Input appreciated. M

Anonymous said...

Back up and running….

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Great world we live in, huh? NOT!!!!!


Never been in one because of how they treat their employees, not to mention the owners are majore douche bags, but I'd say this is additional motivation to keep things as they are!

Anonymous said...

I remember. Around the time in beautiful autumn Italy when the green? visitor drank from the silver plate. A nice post, I do remember.

galen said...

Sometimes we have to deal with what's vague, or diplomatic. Those venues exist so everything gets covered without callin' in Kali to annihilate whatever. The points are made the message dusted off. Some might move to find more meaning. Some things exist in a category of their own and stand determined to not be connected to anything else. It takes a lot of allowance to accommodate this, and if challenge comes, the thing standing alone must attend to its standing and not be bent by a demand to be less vague or diplomatic. It's like a cosmic blessing of being off the hook. Anyone can employ it and it comes in handy at the most pressing of times. Very few can undress it.

Back!! Back!! Get Back!!! The old stormcrow says, "You CANNOT pass!" And by the power of the word, spoken or written, all settles down, lembas served on banana leaf and offered to all. None is dishonored, though a few may be scratching their heads.


BCii said...

It is not about the visible wars but about the invisible war. You can look at it as a gambling enterprise with long lived forces, outside the visual spectrum of ordinary mortals, who make wagers on outcome. We’re just gambling chips and it makes a whole lot of difference whose pot we wind up in when the game is over’ “GAME OVER, GAME OVER.”

I was going to ask you what happens next (another round), why they play this game in the first place (why not?), and how it can be that God plays against himself (come on, that's so basic it's embarrassing). Instead, I offer something that came to me today:

One can view life as a game, as a gift, or both. There are a lot of games within the game. The less fortunate, the ones with Materialism Glasses™ on, see it as a race for the top, with winners and losers. Little do they know, these glasses reverse their depth perception so that they actually end up racing to the bottom. The fortunate, those whose spiritual sight serves as it was meant to, gradually see each moment and each circumstance more and more clearly. Life and all that it brings becomes a precious gift, ever-giving. At first this realization appears most clearly in their rear-view mirror, but over time they perceive it right where they are. Then the game is no longer about winning and losing, it's about what all can they do with the gifts they're given, how much they can give back, because they find that losing themselves in that act of giving is so much more a joy than anything that came before. They become more like that which gave life to them. And that's what I came here to tell, even though I only had the seed of it when I started typing.

"The Times They Move Apocalyptically" is a really nice song. I like the video too. Nice cameo of Visible in there, which was fun to see.

BCii said...

From the sex-doll artist:

'My photos are about life and relationships and sexuality.

'Some people are repulsed by the dolls, while others are empathetic towards them.

'As the world becomes more digital and less personal, dolls and robots will become more commonplace as surrogates for relationships.

'I can only hope that my photos spark an emotion or connection in the viewer.'

What bogus pretence. What vapid idiocy. What self-deluding ignorance. What shameless indulgence in soulless, go-nowhere enterprise. What a tragic waste. This is where we're at in the world on that end? I am appalled at the depths to which humanity can sink. In all areas, on all levels. If that is an example of the state of any significant portion of the collective, then that portion is truly lost in the woods and foreign to its origins. Wow. Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps I am not "empathetic" in the right way. Well, what I do see in her work is exactly in line with what I said above. So yes, her art does have a message for and about humanity, and that message is heart-wrenchingly dire.

I like me a good rant.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A stinking pall of death permeates the atmosphere of this planet like a vibrational blanket of doom.

This result, this reaction from the torturous killing of some 50 BILLION animals every year, 24/7, besides creating an impetus for war among people, makes any higher beings, demi-gods, angels, etc. sick to their stomach. It breaks their hearts to such a degree that it is an anomaly when the even appear here at all, Kali yuga.
They can't bear it..

Demons? Oh yeah. We got demons galore.

The Rubaiyat said...

@Anonymous 2:21:00 PM

You're correct about what most of these people in charge are a part of.

To answer your question, the Freemasons and most secret society ilk, work for what the Bible calls Satan. Of course the lower level initiates don't know anything about that, they're typically kept in the dark until they get too high up on the food chain to turn back, then they learn the truth. I didn't come to that conclusion on my own, mind, someone far wiser, more knowledgeable and in tune than I found that out.

Evil exists both internally and autonomously. I suppose evil is seen as anything which subverts the Will of God [Natural Law]. What with everyone having Free Will we can do as we please, then there's the immutable cause and effect - so whether or not we live in heaven or hell is ultimately a personal choice.

Anonymous said...

Turns out you were profoundly correct.

Glad to know you!

Bailey C.

Smyrna said...

You were right indeed Vis. I have read some stuff about it previously in regard to depression treatment and what not. Maybe you linked it, I can't remember.

I love how the nay-sayer in that article is a Rothschild. There's some Mr.Apocalypse at work for the doubters.

It wont be the right drug for anybody, horses for courses etc, but at least it's on the menu.

I don't mind the phrenological signature of Dr. Fiefel there either Vis. Imposing yet sincere etc.

Visible said...

You know the policy here; no name attached to curmudgeon fits means relegation to the virtual circular file. I might add that since your IP is easily compared to your other 'published' comments we do know who you are, so... we are well prepared to attach your name for you but... you wouldn't want that would you?

It is important to remember that when you disagree with someone and- in this case, not only me, it is not a sin on the other person's part not to agree with you. People do not always agree, this does not make them wrong. It only makes them different in their view. Not every contrary view is an emotional opposition to another, it's just a different view. In that respect the commentary has to be seen as an expression of the mirror reflection syndrome.

Despite what anyone may think is so- since it might be so from them from their position, it does not MAKE IT SO for another. If I say something looks blue to me, it sincerely does. Nothing gets anywhere if we just agree with each other all the time.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Having Skin in the Game of Unfortunate Trends,

galen said...

Visible, thank God you said this:

"Nothing gets anywhere if we just agree with each other all the time."

And it often takes courage to disagree, but what a gift to each other, an opportunity to stretch the mind and consider other options. The ancient Greeks knew the importance of this. And yes, to disagree in NOT a hostile act.

Thank you for encouraging this. I suddenly can breathe a little better.


Anonymous said...

The Rubaiyat,

And if any person by his/her good fortune tune in to the "right thing" the right fortune, the right Person.. he/she can easily exist in either heaven or hell in equanimity.

Isn't this what Jesus and Mohammad say?

Visible said...

My apologies over here as well for being spaced out and not putting the right radio broadcast link up. I will fix it on the main page and also put the correction in here Sunday 12-7-14 Radio Broadcast. I also spaced out Michael's question about TM. Thankfully he emailed me and I was able to answer him that way.

I suspect part of my mind has already left here on the way to my next port of call, or is so distracted by all the changes I am dealing with and trying to deal with that it might as well have.

Zio Google is now making me do word verification and it is progressively but slowly adding more numbers and making them more and more fuzzy and hard to read.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


As far as I'm concerned those dolls are the new, improved pet rock.

Visible said...

without the rough edges. Of course, one could put the pet rock in the skull cavity and listen to it rattle in the frenzy of passion; best of both worlds.

est said...

oddest thing
i ended up at a party
in colorado with the
idiot that created it
pet rock i got hundreds
they are on the ground
for anyone to pick up
i got more than i can carry
so i guess i'll have to
set them back down

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


You have a point. Finally watched Fantasia for the first time because of this title. Nice soundtrack. Wonder what drugs the animators were on, though.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The High Value Potential of Each Living Moment.

Anonymous said...

Da Vizmon,

The Pale Horse Is Taken

It is not possible to know your country is torturing and do/say nothing about it AND STILL BE A CHRISTIAN. The In Your Face tactic they use makes them feel good, but they seem unaware of the effect it has on Mr. Apocalypse. Loud screams.





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