Thursday, May 22, 2014

Live Free or Die in any Number of Ways.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

“All through the midnight, watch em come and watch em go, with only one thing in common, they got the fire down below”. Very intriguing lyrics those and quite true. As I am working here I thought I would revisit certain musical spaces I used to enjoy; Bob Seeger, Donovan, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Dan Fogelberg and a few others. It takes me back. Certain lines run through my head these days; “a violent hash smoker shook a chocolate machine.” It was a different world then. The darkness was active but also concealed in many ways. That is not the case anymore. The darkness is now on Main Street, brimming with evil, cloaked and camouflaged in every manner of perversity which have become the norm. All of the moral strictures that maintained a semblance of civilization are gone. They have no meaning unless you are poor. They have all been replaced by a single caution; “don't get caught.' However if you have the right connections and influence then that doesn't matter either.

The rules have changed. The laws now exist to protect a particular criminal element who have carte blanche to offend in whatever way they choose and you are in danger of prosecutions and persecution if you point this out but... there are other connections and influences that they do not possess and which are infinitely stronger. Their main agenda is to separate you from your faith in these other connections and influences as well as to distort the teachings of the timeless instructions, set into place to mold and protect you. This is why the majority of religions are now just another branch of Murder Incorporated. Predatory termites have burrowed through all of the infrastructure of western culture and they are now in that phase of looting it entirely. They've passed laws that guarantee their right to do this.

Some years ago there was a vile character called Roy Cohen. He was a deal maker and an influence peddler. He liked young boys and he had a boat that often anchored offshore from places like Provincetown and elsewhere. There he would party with young flesh and share the exercise of his tastes with other important men like Cardinal Spellman. Yeah babe, the rot of the day ran deep. Here's just a bad taste of it. What most of the world sees is the front side of things; that side that 'they' want you to see. They make policy and they attend important meetings and the media which serves their interests gives a public report on the activities of these sterling servants of the people. They are not servants of anything but their own self interest. They aren't even human. They abandoned any associations with their humanity long ago. Behind the front, an entirely different kind of action takes place. Most of those in the field of play know about the others and what their particular tastes are. It's all perfectly acceptable because very little of what they engage in is acceptable in any case and so they have all come to terms with accepting the monstrous appetites of one another, without the slightest hesitation, knowing that their own peculiarities will pass right by with a nudge and a wink, unless they step out of line, or it's their turn to get thrown under the bus but none of them expect that would happen to them; someone else perhaps, not to them.

We make much of the cognitive disconnect of the general public; how it is that they can be nearly as dim witted as livestock. It's evident that they suffer from some form of terminal blindness. I believe terminal is an appropriate word for it. They are not the only ones who are blind however. All of us are to some degree but I mean to call attention to those who fancy they are in charge of our lives. They are most exceptionally blind themselves. What they see is not there but they are caused to see it as they do for the purposes of the fate and destiny they have set upon themselves. If you're going to play chess, you have to understand the board. Some systems work and some don't and some work for awhile and then don't work. People with time myopia don't get this. Some systems build things up and some tear them down and sometimes the one looks like the other. The article you just read is spot on.

What to make of the international backdown on the orchestrated World War 3 activities? Conditions in The Ukraine have dropped off of the media, other than the weirdness of Russian troops backing away, not backing away etc. Something is going on behind the scenes. Something is frustrating the efforts of the bad guys in their quest to do bad things; at least in any truly dramatic sense.

There's little to talk about or write about at the moment as pertains to external events. That suits me just fine. As my father used to say about me, “no news is good news”, (grin) so... I'll segue into a little personal memorabilia and then expand on that as it might relate to the rest of us. One of the reasons I had such problems with government forces was my refusal to admit that I had done anything wrong. They expect you to show up in their kangaroo courts, all down at the mouth and talk about how what you did was a bad thing and you would never do it again. I had no intention of that. Getting high was never wrong in my mind and I certainly wasn't going to let a bunch of alcoholic fascists tell me what highways I could travel. I am free and always will be. When they put me in jail I was still free and acted on it. This led to my spending most of the time in solitary. That was fine with me because I am also never alone. I looked at prison as a monastery, filled with strange monks doing penance.

The state of your life comes down to one thing. Who do you accept as the authority over it? If you accept the temporal world as having say over what you think and say and do, well, there you jolly well are, aren’t you? If you choose otherwise, that the ineffable is in charge of everything. There you are too. Following that, the courses and transitions of your life will provide the evidence of which of these is so. Generally both of them are, as it applies to fealty given. I don't follow their rules unless their rules make sense and I told them just that. During a period (a long period) when I was locked up among the criminally insane, there was a program that came into being which resulted in some very dangerous people being released into the public. This was a huge disaster and some number of people died as a result. When I went to the psychiatrist who (seemingly) determined my status and asked about my eligibility for this program I was told, “no, not you, you are too dangerous.” I couldn't help but laugh.

Every time I was released on probation and then later on parole, I exercised my right as a free spirit to go where I wanted and, pretty much, 'catch me if you can'. The end result was that I got a full pardon eventually. The next big event, some years later, resulted in an acquittal so... for all of the years spent confined and on the run, I now have NO RECORD. Looking at where I am today I have to say, based on the evidence accrued, the ineffable is in charge. Sometimes we may not enjoy, 'purpose of demonstration' as it applies to us but it always turns out for the best.

They want you to cooperate and they want you to be a rat. If you don't, the hammer falls. Now... here round so many turns and corners, many a man wakes up a rat and some don't. You have to live with that and are they going to look benevolently upon you for your efforts at conciliation? Of course not, they hate rats too. Until you are able to see that life is a staged event with some latitude for the extemporaneous, you will be an actor without a clue. You will be treadmilled and you will be herded. Ask yourself, what is the fate of hamsters and livestock?

Of course, freedom isn't something you gain from not being at odds with forces that oppose it and somehow managing to bypass the conflict, either through elegant subterfuge or compliance, even to the degree of joining them. Freedom is something you achieve when you succeed in conquest over yourself. There is no other battle. There is no other adversary and you have to understand that being put through the unpleasant changes necessary to bring this to your attention is a real indication that someone bears a profound love for you. It may not look like it at times but... it's true. The worst part of being able to live 'the highlife' up at the top of the pecking order is that it is empty and not at all what it looks like from outside. It is only the illusion that they are better off that they have to convince themselves that they are. Even worse, you have to associate with so many other people who were capable of anything in order to get there and duplicitous as can be in order to stay there. There's a great film called “House of Mirth” that shows what happens if you refuse to play along and fall out with people of this sort.. Of course... it doesn't have to end that way. It depends on who your real friends are.

If you want friends in the invisible you have to go about your life as if they were there, regardless of evidence to that account. You also have to behave according to their standards. There's no more to it than that. You can't just do it on the weekends. It's a full time commitment. Inconsistent efforts bring inconsistent results and it is always hard in the beginning until the discipline kicks in and then it takes care of itself. Here's a good yardstick to measure all related things by. Your taste buds are arranged according to your preferences. If you suddenly are eating entirely different foods it can hit your taste buds in a negative fashion. It isn't what you are used to enjoying but... within a single week to ten days of eating otherwise, your taste buds adapt and now that is what you like, or at least what you are now used to (grin). Change your habits and new habits will develop. This is unavoidable. Adopt habits to your best advantage.

Difficulty at the beginning; that is an I Ching hexagram. It gets better. It really does and... so will you.

End Transmission.......

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est said...

then i waited patiently
by the side of the road

one destination in mind
one way to get there

i knew i would arrive
absolutely no doubt

sure enough i made it
to where i am going

The 3rd Elf said...

With thanks to those who already lent their support to Visible via PayPal...

Just to reiterate, I've become aware that Vis' expenses are far exceeding his means and income of late (what income?) so if you are in a position to help, please follow the PayPal link toward the top left of the blog sidebar or buy one of his books or music albums at and

Thank you for your support.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

It gladens the Heart to read this less smoked-up mirror, as you are settling in to the new 'digs'.

Now nearly three decades ago, there was a gathering at the Big Indian ( an area you are familiar with from your time in Woodstock) place of Rudinanda, or Rudi, of various traditions for the placing and activating of the stupa to Rudi. Perhaps one of the reasons you so saliently commented some while back that i seem to know much about the ways some of these 'icebreakers', died. Synchronicity.
Amongst whom was a Tulku, of the Kagyu tradition, perhaps due to the Dharma center of the same tradition having been set-up just outside of Woodstock after Karmapa's last incarnation ( of course i am implying that neither of the two promoted as his latest in-carnation are such, and have my reasons, perhaps well founded, for such a posture ). In a, shall we say 'social' gathering after dinner, as some of us chatted, it occurred to me to inquiere of the Tulku just what was the process by which he came to re-realize his budha-nature and fulfill his purpose of 'Tulku-hood'. Well after some two hours of humorous story telling, by which time the rather large hall was overflowing, his story came to an end. Being the impertinent type that i am next question was what would you recommend as a useful tool for others who may be gathered here, and he suggested an essay by Ralf Waldo Emerson - 'Self Reliance', which maybe useful to many, including the 'third elf', so that the process which you are living i.e. conditioning your 'digs', while relying on the ineffable simoultaneously as to your own hands does not become a desviation to another RMN and Rayelan existance.

Be well, be Alert
Cheerful Love
P.S. for what it is worth as synchronicities go, the proof for non-robotics is 'rambro authorize', not for rams to butt heads with bro's but authorize a Heart connection, maybe the Kogi type?

DAD said...

Sir Vis, Thanks for sharing your journey for purpose of demonstration. I am reading spiritual survival now . Great guidebook for the prospector to dig the the treasures! Peace David

DAD said...

Since this does go to moderation and I figured you were the moderatoer,I wanted to extend an invitation to the battle of bonnockburn at the the last of june and the first of july. I didnt know how to let you know other than through this blog. Scotland for a break? 700 years. my clan is having gathering but I dont fly since 9 1 1 . If your guide guides you then be guided. my personal email is

insiam said...

seems to be serious coup going on here in Siam. all tv channels blocked. curfew 10pm to 5 am. internet to be blocked imminently.

been here during a few over the years but these measures seem severe at this early stage.

intersting form a broader perspective to understand just how quick things can be closed dowm. feels quite odd and eery in this time instant communication. phones also just went down

insiam said...

the plot thickens: Thai PM is seeking refuge at American embassy

Visible said...

Well Richard; given that you have at no time engaged in such exchanges with me it's probably not relevant. It might be relevant elsewhere though and out of your jurisdiction. As for potential Rayelian behaviour on my part, gee... well, I guess time will tell huh?

Emerson's one of my favorite authors and I am intimately familiar with his work, including that one. I might add that there are a great many other authors about who have treated on this subject and some of them at a much higher position in the planetary matrix. They seem to feel I'm doing no wrong and since I haven't asked you for a handout, or anyone else here that I can think of, aside from having a button on my site which, it's possible you feel is an act of serious pandering, I think I'm okay. In fact, given the tenuous state of my circumstances as an expat in a land where I have no great grasp of the language and no immediate areas for employment except for my literary and musical output... I'm treading water. I'll hold your concerns of my going Rambo into certain areas of self promotion and self enrichment in abeyance until such time as there is evidence that it exists. Until then... I'll go right on as I am. I suppose in the end, it comes down to whose business any of it really is.

Visible said...

Ah... now it's a little more clear. Sometimes I don't read the comments in passing, especially now since I'm busy and I see where there's a comment. Interestingly the comment does not conflict with Emerson's self reliance because it appears to be an advert for my work to purchase.

I was inquired of concerning my status and I said, "Well, it's touch and go". Apparently touch and go means something else to another than it does to me. I live right in the middle of touch and go most of the time.

However, now I am more confused about your commentary than I was but I have a solution; simply ignore it and go your way and I have a feeling things will take care of themselves and sort themselves out soon enough. They might already have done so.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Guru Bawa has been part of your postings for a while now.

Certainly someone who cleared acres of jungle, for his habitat, without asking for help from others, used his own hands and the guidance of the ineffable.

Soooooo, the message is also for your third elf, you as moderator publish also the comments. If your 'frogs' or in times past 'corns', got stepped on, well, it is part of the Sufi tradition ro ensure that one's own way is managed by giving service to the community around, be it as baker, gardner, carpenter ....... wooden-spoon maker .... whatever ....while simultenaously working with the ineffable.

As to not having engaged in these type of 'shooting the bull' sessions, unless i suffer from alzheimers, invitations were sent to you, on my coin, to visit Budapest some two years ago, and Konya last year. There was no response from you.

As to the comment on Kogi.... as they say where i am an ex-pat for some decades ...'ni hablar' ......

Perhaps a time for both to re-read the essay.

Be well. be Alert
Cheerful Love

richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

May the 'touch' of your life include the 'nipple' of Pacha Mama's breast, as an infant suckling on the Breast of the Divine Feminine, may you 'go' with the nutrition the 'milk' provides in your maturing of Self Reliance.
May your Shiva/Shakti Tango on the keyboard be a celebration of the Cosmic Dance.

Be well, be Alert
Cheerful Love

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

On further reflection, maybe that of a Condor carrying the Colibri in its neck, or maybe the that of the Colibri .....

In the most gentle way i am capable of in this time ....... similar to Thymes ... the root phonetic of .... in-timate .....

and considering that the most prized of the hexagrams of the I Ching, among the regular chinese, is the 15th - Modesty - while amongst those that do the inner alchemy is ..... Kan&Li .....

perhaps the saucerpods coming from the Sirius star cluster, whether from Sirius A, B, or C, or as they have been understood by the Dogon ... are Not of the highest jurisprudence on this plane.. 2D term by the way...

Just in wander.....

Tears .... of Joy ... and of sadness...... simultaneously ....... What Pearl will result? ......

Be well, be Alert
Cheerful Love

South Hungary said...

Truthseeker is down again,your links do not work nor does direct site access,seems Rixon Stewert is hitting home and upsetting some 'criminal entity'.

galen said...

Twins!! That's how I felt after reading your post today. Sometimes I pour the frivolous on the profound, but really, gratitude again today, Vis. What tools herein!! Enough to face down that "darkness on main street" and maybe buy it a beer.

And here's a quote I just came across:

"So, next time you hear someone preaching the ideology of 'privilege' casually suggest that they 'check their obedient privilege.' How much higher is their income because they do what they are told? How many prison sentences have they avoided by doing what was legal, instead of what was right? How many of their fancy degrees were earned because they cowed to their pushy professors? How many advantages do they enjoy because they grovel for the State. And most importantly, how many of the liberties that they enjoy were won by rebels and criminals who disobeyed?"
-- AnarchoRob, 5/22/14


Visible said...

Richard; I've got no more to say to you. I haven't asked for anything. I'm fine. You're an unpleasant character and this isn't the first time I got on the wrong side of you nasty little saber thrusts. Like I said, it really is none of your business... at all. You've never contributed anything and I don't expect that to change.

If I find that others feel as you do then I will switch to subscription. I have little doubt that would work out a great deal more profitable than what I presently get. What makes you and your pretentious followups so off the wall is that I have done nothing to bring this on... nothing. I was told there were any number of sleepers operative under the commentary identity. To say that I should have not published someone's comment because of the contents it contained in terms of what was said is pushing censorship to a whole new level.

Finally, you don't know jack shit about why Bawa cleared that land. If you had you wouldn't have opened your mouth. I'll leave the judgement of this issue in the hands of others and forget this ever happened just as soon as I post this. I have better things to do.

galen said...

Bawa cleared the land so Visible could plant in it and we could all eat.

Visible said...

South Hungary; I've been in touch with Rixon and he doesn't seem put out about it. I didn't get the details but it might just be a reworking of the site or something. Anyway, he indicates it is under control

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Sadness ... indeed your vision from the saucer-pod has demon-strated my function as a shill for Carlitos ' the Fatty' Slim. What can i say, except that ...Gratitude arises spontaneously, and sorry it was not possible to reciprocate. Have to realize may limitatitions, will try better next time ....if there is one...
Sadness, still, Cheerful Love
Be well, be Alert
a-dieu. a-Dios. Bog

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Darn tootin' on that quote.

Yes, freedom is a state of mind.

Damn good post LV, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so. LOL, it's up on the main page of WRH, and again; I've seen your posts again on rense, so I'm under the impression a few individuals are waking up to what's important.

And you, dayhood to my nighthood; InSiam, may you and yours come out unscathed in the mess that's over there.

BCii said...

Excellent post, Visible.

Strange days these have been...

Richard, I would suggest you put the energy you spend on pretentious posturing and smug sermonizing into more fruitful endeavors... like being real. I am not setting myself up as an example of being real, in fact I feel I am a colossal failure. I know I am butting into an exchange that was none of my business to begin with, but we are after all on a public thread, so I'm free to indulge my ego and do that if I choose. Please don't take me seriously, we're all here to learn and we can't do that if we're putting on airs of being in some lofty bubble of (second-hand) wisdom. So let's laugh this off and move on to better things. Thanks for being around. I hope our presences here will benefit the both of us richly. "You only get out of it what you're willing to put into it..."

Anonymous said...

The rush to WW3 seems to have been shifted back down into first gear. Perhaps China made unmistakably clear their extreme displeasure at the recent spate of zio-backed incidents carried out in the name of Uyghur 'freedom' or sovereignty or some such.


Jay-ee-sus Richard, wtf are you on about?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some posters are accused of doing things that I cannot see they are doing. It seems to happen over and over here. I don't know much, but I know that if a person keeps accusing and attacking others, for no apparent reason, eventually they will end up alone. Who wants to be around that? Masochists, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Est, beautiful, comforting poem.


Anonymous said...

So I'm driving into work today and the sun is coming up. Beautiful! I tell Lord Vivasvahn this is the best sunrise I've seen this week! He thanks me and, of course, reminds me to focus Jim, focus!

Some may say He's invisiblble, but not to me.

As I drove west, I saw the sun in my rearview mirror and Lord Vivasvahn told me, "He has your back, as do I."

I almost cried. But I couldn't. Had things to do.

Maybe I imagined it all. I don't know.

Vis, I had a Women I truly loved once, murder someone and quite literally cut them to pieces. When the prosecutorial monsters interrogated me, by the time it was over, I began to believe them. Turns out they were right and then I helped them. Not sure if that's what you mean by a rat... Hope not. When you find out that someone you love really did do such a horrible act... You don't love them anymore. Somebody died and I felt like I should do the right thing and help the cause of justice. I didn't exactly know where justice came from then, so I thought my testimony was necessary. Well, I said my piece, got trashed on nancy grace, and the jury did the rest.

Recently, I was able to forgive this person for what they put me through. What they put everyone else through who was connected to this horror show isn't for me to forgive, just how it pertained to me.

I was able to think about doing this because of you and how you said it is important to do such things if you want to adavance spiritually, recently. So I did it. I finally let it all go. And couldn't be happier about it! Thank you, Vis!!!!

Well anyway. Hope the new place is coming along nicely and your days and nights are filled with peace!!!


Visible said...

I have said many times, I believe in reasonable laws and, in that sense, cooperation with authorities is a citizens duty. I was more referring to those areas of blatant hypocrisy where the government is the biggest drug dealer around but puts the competition in jail; the small time entrepreneurs. Also in other areas such as bankers being the biggest thieves and so on and so on. Motive and intent. Motive and intent.

Anyway, it's a complex issue and I have scant time to address it. My days are filled with other work now and I try to let my love guide me through my efforts, constantly reminding myself that it is not me but the divine who accomplishes it all. Most of the nasty stuff is done and now comes the more creative and enjoyable side, even though there's a lot more to do than what has been done. I can see this easily leading into the fall.

I'd like to state that I'm sorry if someone asking for the reader's support for my work has rankled some number of readers. I don't know what everyone is thinking out there but you have to agree that such things rarely occur here and there has never been any pressure on the reader to back my play. The ineffable really does take care of me. Of course, he uses others to accomplish this at times.

It's not like I've been lazy or sitting on my ass. I work hard every day, I really do. I don't know that the reader is aware that my activities comprise a full time job and more. Now I have two full time jobs.

On another note, most people employed as I am, with some measure of talent (I hope I'm not being presumptuous to assume I possess some amount of talent) get paid or they've got profitable advertising. All the advertising on my sites is free and involves people and projects I believe in. As for my production end, I've given away well over five hundred copies of my books and many CDs and countless hours responding to a wide variety of requests from readers. I don't know what more I can do. I honestly don't know what greater lengths I can go to to be unquestionably sincere and devoted. I've been doing this for 12 years for free.

There are those few who really resent me and occasionally send me spiteful and vituperative screeds, making assumptions about my private life and the things that happen to me. I'm not so much bothered by any of this because I know what is and is not true about all of these things.

I well knew that I could avoid talking about a certain group of people and I could have been a model of circumspection in the way I handle commentors and I am certain I could be rolling in cash at this point had I played the game of fitting in, going along with the program while appearing to be incisive and true but the truth is what it is, not what one colors it as in order to profit from it. I cannot be all things to all people. I do my best but I know I fall short here and there. The best i can do is to try to improve and I do.

If someone cares enough about me to bring me to people's attention in terms of supporting my work, there's nothing illegitimate about that. I got a lot of emails from people saying they feel bad they can't contribute but I never think about that. No one should feel bad about it. Those who can help occasionally do so and those who can't help in other ways they might be unaware of. Prayer is a massive benefit and it costs no more than the time expended. I can be 100% honest in saying I do rely on the ineffable for everything. I'd like to thank the many of you who have stuck by me. I'll get better as time goes by. I never stop applying myself to this.

Unknown said...

I think you're GRAND!

love you!


South Hungary said...

Vis-Hope Rixon Stewert can come back AOK soon, as for this 'Richard' is he also in Hungary ?? He mentions inviting you to Budapest. Just for the record I have absolutely NO connection with this nutter,though we do share the same first name LOL.
Take care,your work is always appreciated by me and my close contacts.

Visible said...

I was in Buda and Pest a few years ago. In Pest, just over the bridge there is an ancient bathhouse with the hottest steam room I have EVER encountered. I had to stand near the door for as long as I could take it (grin). I get in hundred and ninety centigrade saunas all the time but this was really something; of course it was wet heat.

I don't think he's in Hungary. I don't remember the comment.

South Hungary said...

One more thing,Mike Riviero at WRH is listing this article on his site,looks like you are back in the good books LOL.

Visible said...

That's interesting but maybe a member posted it? Someone like Boulderdash? I'll go check. I haven't been to the site since the day I left.

Visible said...

Hah! Yes it is listed as a Member submission who purposely put Smoking Mirrors into the title. Hopefully that doesn't annoy Michael.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarity on the law thing, Vis!

Yore work has benefitted me immensity and I'll be sure to make my thank you''s in more than just typed words. Shame you have to explain yourself like that, I'm baffled that what you said had to be said to those who it's not obvious to. Oh well. So it goes.


Visible said...

I'm baffled too and want to handle it the right way without pissing anyone off. I know what I am about and what my intentions are. People can think as they wish but I know, I'm me and I couldn't do what I do if I were engaged in defrauding myself. I go to extremes to avoid this cause life can be a slippery slope. Still, it doesn't register with some people. Either they think I'm a Heaven's Gate candidate or up to something but it's not clear what. I am indeed up to something and it is exactly as presented.

Anonymous said...

Vis, rest assured, those of us who've been coming here for years and have any amount of intuition or know the ineffable to the extent they are currently capable KNOW your sincerity on all levels. You lead by example, and that gives me strength (although I know you probably don't wish to be labeled a leader as such) and I appreciate you immensely.

Laura (in the state of flux)

Anonymous said...

OK. Now you have another marketable experience for potential side-jobs in building and repairs. Nice

And I think we all know what moving is like. Most of us are able to get the new place set up before we move in…no time for ‘normal’ life in either case.


est said...

i am what i am
you are what you are

it is what it is
it'll be what it'll be

Visible said...

Katz, although you can conceal your name the IP is not as easily veiled.

Miss Jenny said...

The 10th Dentist said...

as a side note my wife was a childhood friend of Seger's in Ann Arbor way back when. He and his mom lived over a shoe store on State Street. We see him about once every decade and do the Christmas card exchange. He seems like a pretty normal guy. The last time we saw him we had a long discussion about all the "talent" that rolled through Ann Arbor High in the early sixties. James Austerberg aka Iggy Pop, Bill Kirchen of Commander Cody and Cub Koda who was with Brownsville Station. "Fuck the Ramones" he said, 'This was THE Rock and Roll High School". Bob has never attended any of the HS reunions and my wife claims it was because he was voted Least Likely to Succeed in the 63' yearbook.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Another Day, Another This Way or That Way.

Smyrna said...

This is the top of the tree you accidental tourists. Vis yeah!

Hi Vis, any chance of some photos of your new house and what not? It's a way of connecting. I'd do the same if I knew how.

Visible said...

It's a construction site and I'm not kidding when I say this but I will look into having my friend Neo take some before pictures for the after.

Birthday party here weekend of the 22nd of August so anyone in Europe (or anywhere) find your way over. I'll have it mostly together by then.

It's a beautiful place filled with lakes and forests and we got boat access too (heh heh ). Seriously... I'm looking forward to some new friends and old friends coming by. I already know of several who will.



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