Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Old Man Apocalypse and the Dodo Bird Factor.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You knew it was just a matter of time didn't you?  I did. This simply adds to the ratcheting tension being manufactured by the Zionist Neo Cons, concerning The Ukraine, Syria and Iran. We've already seen what their intentions are; given Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else where mountains of bodies rot in a frank testimony of their blood thirsty adventurism.

We can also, if we are the sort to pay attention, now see what the reason was for the banks stealing all of those houses, during the period where they crashed the housing market, You just follow the money. They stole so many houses and a considerable amount of them by illegal means- that they had to employ robo-signers because they weren't equipped with enough personnel to carry out this degree of theft on this kind of a scale.

It goes without saying; in a capitalistic, free for all, survival of the most connected and rapacious, that there would be an ever growing underclass, tossed by the wayside, courtesy of the mendacious juggernaut of runaway greed and self interest

It's to be expected in this sort of economic climate that certain notoriously evil corporations would seek to diversify into areas of legitimate enterprise. It is to be certain that they will violate every standard in the process. It is to be expected that most, if not all of the chief architects of torture and mass murder, would remain unrepentant. I believe I mentioned that during my hyper state in Italy, I had interactions with some number of these creatures with varying results. In the case of this toad what I encountered was a black hole. There was no soul and no being, only darkness. There are a lot of reasons why America is in trouble but... this is certainly one of them.

The idea that someone like this is still credible in the minds of millions speaks to the guaranteed destruction of Amerika. You can only be so stupid before the Dodo Bird Factor kicks in.

Ignorance and oddity are in fierce competition to see which can become the more outrageous expression of itself. Yes indeed, weird is the new normal. There are all kinds of reasons for both and the question continues; how deep is the connection between the two? Hundreds of thousands of cell towers dot the landscape. Microwave transmitters are all over the population zones. Invisible aluminum confetti rains from the skies. Still, I don't feel stupid but I most certainly notice the intelligence drop in the population; not so much in Europe, where they still have an education system.

One of the most glaring examples of the steep dropping off of intelligence and awareness can be seen in the odd words of urban speak that are used to express appreciation for things; such as referring to something as 'the shit', or saying something is 'stupid' or 'sick', accompanied by words like 'illing' and such are generally designated to identify something in a positive sense.

Yet again, another outbreak of exuberance from the privileged class. There's that on the one hand and on the other hand you got this and soon enough the twain shall meet. When crowd violence begins to match up with individualized expressions of casual and gratuitous violence, the stage is set for all sorts of interesting anthropological case studies. Yes, the signs are everywhere and between the cultural expressions of an excess of license and the governments obeisance before corporate theft, lies the valley of the shadow. And all the while ♫Old Man Apocalypse he just keeps rolling along♫.

Of course, humor and irony are in attendance (cue Robert Plant) ♫I gotta whole lot of Love♫. The ridiculous is there to be found on the street and also in the Elysian towers of privilege. Recently I saw an article on the six worst presidents. Georgie Bush and Bwak! were nowhere to be seen. You have to figure the article was written specifically for the omission. The other half of Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead is doing her part to reduce everything to the state of the ridiculous. Soon enough, however, this concern over consuming too much food is going to be hammered by Lady Nature, as you may notice in the article, it mentions that Idaho is the fifth largest dairy producer and that area is a concentrated and specific area and that is exactly where the drought is. There's nothing accidental about any of this. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." When a nation turns away from a sincere appreciation for the provider of all good things, all good things diminish from their world.

You can expect a certain amount of outright bullshit that is agenda driven. You just can't beat Mr. Apocalypse when it comes to making a statement about being buried in material excess.

Here where I am, food prices are at least half of what they are in the U.S. and often 3 times cheaper, with the exception of meat and fish, which are still cheaper and which I don't eat anyway. Fish is a rare appearance at my table these days. When cost of food begin to skyrocket this fall (if not before) that will not also be the case here because here the government acts upon food prices so that the poor can feed as well. What a novel idea! What is the result of this kind of policy? It cuts down on revolution indicators.

Since there is no such thing as coincidence, you have to consider the source of this particular take on the Blood Moon phenomena of 2014. Regardless of the strong dogmatic edge, it can't be denied what also falls on these same dates; falls? One can only hope. Then there's another perspective, about which the validity of, I am not authorized to comment on (grin)  but you will note the constant reference to awakening on a wide scale. Once again, coincidentally, that is the very date upon which I depart for new environs. There was no plan in mind for this. The date was picked for convenience.

Since astrological forces are operating behind and through the scenes of all that happens, one can most assuredly assume that April 15 will kick off an intensification of all thing apocalyptic. We're at the door of the new frontier and this will manifest itself in specific ways depending on where any one of us is at specifically, in terms of consciousness. For those who have been laboring against the currents of the stream, there is going to be a shift in the direction of the stream. Those who have been engaged in other efforts will find that life has come about to resonate in disharmonics as well as harmonics where such shall apply.

At this juncture we will refrain from further commentary on the matter. Changes should become increasingly apparent in accord with the level of one's ability to perceive and that is dependent on the degree of one's immersion in the material flood.

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention; some of the more observant among you may have noticed the disjointed presentation of this posting. This was intentional, in order to reflect the conditions of this particular segment of time.

End Transmission....

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Anonymous said...

An awakening!!!!

All right!!! I can't wait! When you say fighting the current, I assume you mean the current of materialism and such. Maybe now is a good time time to fight it even harder (yeah like any time wouldn't be a good time for that, duh.)

Hey, alcohol... I recently embarked on having nothing to do with it for 30 days... So far so good, but I had no idea it was going to be so hard in the beginning.

As you said in "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World", what you give up is going to come around pretty soon and start offering all kinds promises it never delivered on in the past (paraphrasing). Yup, that happened...

All of your suggestions for getting through such things really helped. Thanks Bro!


Anonymous said...

april 15... as you may recall, is also tax day for us slaves still stuck in the USSA... potentially interesting juxtaposition, no?

JerseyCynic said...

A very well put together disjointed presentation... bang! bang! bang! bang! AND bang! Way to hammer it home, Visible!

hey - isn't april 15th the day the tax man cometh?

I was banking on 4/14/14 for "whatever" to happen.

wish I had a telescope to view Arcturus
"Prime star of Bootes is Arcturus, at one time the name for the Constellation itself, meaning the Driver of the Bear, Arctos (which is why our northern polar region is called the Arctic, of course). The Great Bear is obviously the most formidable creature there, and the point of Bootes’ spear is menacingly close the the bear’s rump in case shouting should not be enough."

isn't the Bear a significant part of Russian culture?

The heat is on for sure.

Happy Trails, Visible.

Anonymous said...

how positively uplifting

your writing inspires me

every time

no matter what



wiggins said...

I do wish everything wasn't as it is, but then again, we would learn naught if it wasn't this way...Love to Les.

Anonymous said...

Dan Mac Donald

Damn I guess I`m disjointed too because I really enjoyed this one for some reason.It resonated I suppose you could say.Looking forward to the 15`th Les.

zepheri said...

Floating down the river niles toward the delta of divided mist.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Y'all,

Time Warner Cable in Austin, Texas (or somebody upstream) is censoring the truthseeker website links. I have not been able to connect to any of the links for about three weeks now, just times out, but I can see that it is updating daily on this site. If I know the name of the article I sometimes can search for a reblog of it on another site.

Love your stuff, longtime reader, and never post.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the origami postings most but this smoking mirrors stuff is necessary and empowering as well. The information is like a cloak that you can wear as you go about avoiding mental pitfalls and physical ones. The way you weave all the links together into a snapshot of our current situation is really genius. Powerful, powerful stuff. Much appreciated!


Flecker's Magick said...

The wheels are coming off of Satan's Babylonian Money Magic bus. Goldman Sachs is virtually quitting the New York Stock Exchange. JP Morgan sold their building and gold vault in Manhattan. Bankers are dropping dead like flies. Serious times just ahead.

Thanks for being here and doing what you do, Bro..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr. Optimism at the Worm Food Sushi Bar.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Noah and the Hard Rock Transformers meet The Village People..



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