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Kali Yuga and the Long Bataan Style March into the Dark Backwards.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to Red Hot Smoking Mirrors. We've got a bit of a rogues gallery lineup for you today. Let's start off with Mr. Apocalypse's latest target, the loathsome Mr. Toad; Donald Sterling. Here is an in depth account of the man. On page 3 you will find... can it be? Can it be that he is a member of that select chosen groups of special individuals? Why... what do you know? Yes he is. It couldn't be worse for him; to be the owner of a professional basketball team, which, of all professional sports is most dominated by people of a certain physical colouration. As you read about him you will see his character unfold. It's not a pretty picture and... if “character is fate”, he's in a world of hurt. The interesting irony here is that his much, much younger girlfriend is a member of mixed race.

As Mr. Kurtz said; “Oh the horror, the horror (or was that Marlon Brando?)” Here you can see an example of just one horror perpetrated upon others by this lovely strain of life form. I guess it's no great leap to figure out who was selling the rotgut and infected blankets to the Native Americans. With every following day... the crimes past and the crimes present, of a certain element, in a certain demographic, keep coming up in the windshield.

Let's move on to yet another attractive racket. Hop in the saucer pod with me and we will hover over The Vatican for a bit. This and the other rhinestone cowboy drag queen got sainted recently. Of course, when one considers their behavior while they were here, one can rightly wonder at the bizarre disconnect that allows for conferring inappropriate honors upon the dishonorable. I'm guessing, if the organization lasts long enough, Pope Rottweiler will also get himself a halo. Doesn't he simply look divine? No one can tell me there isn't something to phrenology. I combine that with the five elements, analysis system of Chinese medicine and Whoa! You can get some interesting reads.

Borrowing yet another observation from the Oriental perspective; we are certainly living in 'interesting times'. We got agents of the underworld getting those glowing, holographic circular tiaras and we got mass murderers getting Nobel Peace Prizes. It could hardly be more screwed up, upside down and backwards than it is. Kali Yuga is the long Bataan style march into The Dark Backwards. Whether you are getting Kali Noogies or dodging Kali Loogies it's all a bit like bobbing for live grenades during the festivities at Carnivale in Sarjevo during the 90s.

Can anyone (still in possession of an objective mind) doubt for a moment that Mr. Apocalypse is winding up to some kind of global statement? To me, it is past obvious that the powerful and passionately deluded are being driven by intents other than their own to the furthest possible reaches of madness. "Stop that train, I want to get off."

As I've said any number of times, there are two ways to get proof of the certitude of faith, should you be still in need of such confirmation... after all this time. One way is to see the positive side of the transformation of circumstances and events as they point to auspicious result and the other is to see the ridiculous face of the negative, in all of its overwhelming seemingness of force and to comprehend the extreme combustibility of its paper tiger being and not being. To a committed optimist, everything is cause for affirmation.

I often think of the look of radiant conviction in the faces of those I admire from other times; those sages and teachers of old. How can you doubt the oft hidden but altogether possible when you see a face like this? Oh... I could find many more and so can you. This is your own hidden face. It is concealed behind the mask of our fears and uncertainties, as well as our entrenched presumptions of how it is, when it is not that; not that, no, not this either- neti neti. For so long as we think we know, we are bedevilled by our false presumptions that hide what is so behind what we think is so. Once we seek to release ourselves from the bondage of our own fabrications; whether installed in us by others or formed and set into place by the fires and forges of our ignorant desires, the process is initiated and on its way.

Few of us know the full extent of the power of the good that waits to assist us; is eager to assist us. We are the victim of divided loyalties. We have to be singular in our devotions and exclude all of the false and temporary deities that clamour for our fealty.

Today I walked into the forest and addressed Lady Nature. I apologized for being remiss and inconsistent at this in recent times and vowed that my inconsistency would now be at an end. I made some number of requests and I said I would return again and again to make these same requests or to discuss them in more detail, or to present them in new and novel forms. Once I had concluded a beautiful and colourful bird came flying toward me and landed on a branch just above me (closer that usual to be sure), trilling out a series of notes. It cocked its head toward me following that and then it flew away. I had been heard. You would have had to have been there to get the impact of how very real this was; the timing of it and the appearance of it all, in concert with what it was that I said.

There's nothing unique about me in respect of what the cosmos would do for me, as opposed to any one of you. Yes... I am unique in my individuality; that snowflake aspect of my persona but... then so are you. However, when it comes to what the cosmos is most inclined to confer upon or do for me, or you, we have only to remember that term about the sun shining equally upon all of us. We are noticed and gifted and inspired, to the degree of the intensity of our effort toward union with Source.

Whatever iniquities are in the daily practice of men like Sterling, Howdy Doody, John Kerryoke, the glitter rock popes, or any of the rest of the ludicrous cartoons, that are living truth and testimony to just how dilute and depraved it has all come to be... they are no more than lessons of enduring failure. They are propelled into the spotlight of their spectacular fall by their own dark ambitions and the energies and intelligence of Mr. Apocalypse, as he leads them up hill, down hill, over dale and round the corner to their appointed end result.

One of the most critical truths that anyone can ever learn is the power and potential of the moment in which they find themselves. You might think of that as a complexity of crossroads; a central nexus out of which many paths and ways, stream out like bicycle spokes in all directions. At any time one can put their focus on any spoke and the natural magnetism of existence, will activate the moving walkway under their feet. Whatever we place our focus upon, we are magnetized by. Whatever we place our focus upon, we are magnetized by.

Think of it like an airport with all those terminals and boarding gates and each of them lead to particular airplanes that are bound toward particular destinations. Where do you want to go? See your friendly ticket agent and get your boarding pass. Sure, you might have to make one or more connecting flights. I don't know where it is you want to go or how involved the route might be but... the cosmos is a computer whose abilities and capacities dwarf any similar mechanism that has ever been or ever will be.

Well... I started out (“on burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff”- grin) in one place and now I am in another place altogether. I suspect that this present location is a great deal more desirable than the starting point. We shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

magnetized by the stool sculpture
deity...sad but true

curiously, fewer and fewer find the need to be a "JEW"...

which causes the PHARISEES &
"MONEY CHANGERS" to increase the
production of POO...

{remember Oded Weiner?}taglit that

stinking Kevin.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Neti neti? Pot pot?


I'm sorry, I had to take the bait!

Jenny said...

after a particularly painful knife in the back from another human that I tried to help out - I decided lady nature would be it for my weekend. She did not disappoint. I am looking forward already to next weekend now... but another week grinding away here in hell-town. I agree with you that we must be very close to Mr. A having quite a show. I for one am so ready for it to begin- jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh poo! Must correct hotlink. I screwed up. About that neti pot:


The 10th Dentist said...

The Sterling case appears to be an orchestrated shift. Anytime TMZ , those totally meddlesome zio's are involved the red flag must me raised. When private conversations of tribal members get major pub the wheels are in motion. With the Lakers on the slide and the Clips on the rise a bigger player might now want into the game and reap the rewards an L.A. market, now in flux, can provide. Sterling and the like are ,above all else, good little soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Really good broadcast, Les.
I was having a conversation with my almost 30y/o daughter last seems she's worried that I may never be in another romantic relationship.
The sweet innocence of her concern was touching but I have to say that I am so much happier without the sturm und drang; enjoying more time in Nature, with Creator, writing,seeing friends, etc. There is so much to be said for having accountability only to God and one's self.
Lordy what a difference twenty five years or so makes in one's perspective on everything.
Thank you for making time for blogs & radio casts while pressed with the necessities of getting your house in order. The woods surrounding your new place sound wonderful, as does its owner.
Continued blessings to you.
@Love to Push--I thought the same thing when I read 'Neti' smile

barbarossa58 said...

"Is this you; is this me John Wayne"...
Who is and whom isn't part of it? Is Putin also a member of those controlled by the man behind the curtain? Just wondering...

Visible said...

The Sunday night radio broadcast. is up now

galen said...

How refreshing to hear a grown man have such a healthy perspective on his sexuality. It's always a relief to be in any circumstance that does not have sex energy as the dominant vibration. Thank you.

But what do we do about the kids? I mean about what's being sold to them through media and porn. Young girls are bleaching their sphincters. Anal (a lot more to say on that, but maybe another time) is being sold as the norm, and hetero as boring or aberrated. Personal boundaries and personal timing are considered prudish and out of the flow. So much is degrading or forceful. It might be even worse (bestiality, kiddie porn, rape, gang-rape) than I know, since I do not go to such sites.

I have told my kids, "Remember these words: Yes. No. No, thank you. Maybe. I'll think about it. Never." Just trying to give them a sense that their life is their own, and that at each circumstance they can DECIDE their place in it, rather than be swept along.

Anyway, I think this subject needs to be talked about much more than it is. We all just go along just putting up with it or as if we're blissfully unaware that there is this whole other universe out there, tearing down our kids' self-respect, making them almost one-dimensional and I would think predatory. I'm all for freedom, but is there such a thing as forced freedom? Oxymoron, I know, but that's what it feels like.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Viz! Just wanted to say hi.


the gardener said...

Sorry we're not on the same continent because painting is one thing I'm good at and enjoy doing. I was getting "all juiced up" just hearing about all the painting you need to do. lol

Loved your radio show and agreed with "once you've been done or do the Divine-anything else is... well..."

I've noticed that whenever I was at a precipice in my life -to really soar up and out-that is when I would manifest or scrounge up, supposedly unconsciously, some diversion from my path in the form of some relationship which would usually be unsustainable at best or a 'lucky to get out of that one alive' misadventure.

Diverting your own self. hmmmm How afraid are we all to be tapped into the Divine anyway? It is almost overwhelming. Keeping in the constant flow requires extreme consciousness of self or by self.

But then there is something to be said about the hormonal loosh feed coming and going of a physical union between two people with love involved. :)

Love you Vis, you sound good, vital and interesting as always.

The other day I was walking down the street and all the trees were busting forth with their leafing and the energy was so strong I could barely take it.

A young black kitty pops out from an ancient old house and starts following me-patting my legs, wanting me to pay him some attention-oblivious to big trucks etc so I went to the open door of the house and hollered out a 'yoo hoo anyone home' and a big man came and I told him about the kitty and my worries about his following me across the street etc.

Engagements with all others of all life forms always important. Incredible time of the year even with tornado warnings and watches going down. Very vital that electricity from the sky and big winds and even the hail was tripping me out with its energies.

take care always hyper alert with the ladders etc.

the gardener

the gardener said...

Another thing that you said that I appreciated hearing was about 'those with money, power and how it is NOTHING compared to the power and wealth of the Divine..." cannot compare-kind of ridiculous to even witness, any pandering to those of wealth and 'power'... I am highly suspect of those with 'wealth and power' knowing how that is commonly achieved.

Your vitality is noticeably different and better. And yes, the Pines should be flowering by now and do sprout new clusters of needles... so much energy required to grow that new growth-THAT IMPRESSES ME. That kind of power.

the gardener

the gardener said...

galen 'what about the kids' these kids are either Pluto in Scorpio kids or Pluto in Sagittarius generational kids.

Their generation is nothing like the Pluto in Leo or even Pluto in Virgo generations in any way.

Coupled with any born between late 80s to mid 90s with that Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn which IS the significant game changer-same conjunction that ushered in the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION and thusly, ushered it out, to be replaced by the SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION that is working on it right now.

So the sordid, lowdown and dirty, perverted is having its one last big lap dance charade show before the esthetics change so extremely so that anything of that 'anal bleaching' level is realized for what it is and that is "the realm for the pathetic and bored who haven't had a taste of the divine so have reached out for the opposite which is the Whip"...

Sexually jaded and bored by early twenties with conventional romantic or love interested coupling with only 'interests in kinky sex' has never panned out for societies.

the gardener

galen said...

Thank you, Gardner. The kids have so much to overcome in terms of the programming they've been subjected to. But I hope you're right. A renaissance can't come soon enough.

McCob, sometimes I hear what you don't say.

I'd rather not explain that.


zepheri said...

Snowflakes only begin forming with the presence of dust from space {inner or outer}. The moisture needs some thing to hold on with or it gets recycled.

flyingcossack said...

you can't eat someone else's soup forever ... at some point you are going to eat your own

blessed are those that don't depend on anyone else's soup

Copernicus Kidd said...

Glad to see you back, Vis.

Anonymous said...

Man driven to suicide by ex wife and divorce courts

Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.

LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband's suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris's suicide letter. She is trying to silence him, even in death.

The website "A Voice for Men" also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:

Here's a few more updates:

Visible said...

Busy... I'll get something up when I can.

Anonymous said...

galen, I was going to comment on your observation of the changing mores so ubiquitous in our society. I found my comment rambling and pedantic. So, I just used the time to say hello to Mr. Visible; a man I truly admire; a man who could care less whether I admire him or not which is a lot of why I admire him.

Personally, I bought into the old paradigm of love them and leave them. Some women are for easy loving whereas some are for making a home and bearing children. The old double standard. The old Madonna/Whore complex. Boy, am I stupid. And, I can forgive myself for being stupid but I have a hard time forgiving myself for being mean and selfish which I am although I am trying not to be.

I love reading your comments as well as many others who come in here. I have no agenda but my own edification. Plus, Visible's writing is very entertaining; he's good.

I hope we can be friendly acquaintances and if you ever wanted a discussion or had any questions I would be more than happy for the discourse.

I expect no explanations.

Here is to health in your body and joy in your heart! Be well.


galen said...

For rumination, parentheses mine:

"Eight days after taking over the reins of his country, a beloved leader urged everyone to turn in their arms - 'There is no longer an enemy,' he said. A slogan, 'Arms — What For?' appeared throughout the nation. Thirty days later he ordered his militia to turn in their arms. Promised elections are cancelled, the loved leader becomes a tyrant and his people lose all rights, including freedom of speech and press (with extreme restrictions placed on travel), becoming a totalitarian state for the next 35 years. For those Americans currently willing to agree to have some of their rights curtailed for temporary security, I’d urge them to look south -- to Cuba."
~ Yvonne Conde


galen said...

Thanks, McCob, made my day.

It's that name, that name, "McCob." You must have spent a lot of time trying to live up to it. I visualize a old tan trench coat covering you as you dash around a corner, on a foggy night, fulfilling an assignment that requires such a coat. That's quite a name to carry. Not many could manage it. Certainly not myself. There's another name when you take off the coat, the off-duty name, the one that'll serve you tea and toast and share a childhood picture. I don't know how to spell it or pronounce it yet.

Sittin' at Visible's table, that's all, just sittin' here.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Going to Disneyland to do the Horizontal Hula.

Anonymous said...


I am flattered. I am just the boy next door; a midwest peasant; a hayseed. I often get told I look like Donny Osmond.

I love trench coats. I love Humphrey Bogart. But, trench coats and the intrigues that come with them are pretty far from the persona that I project.

You make me laugh at myself.


Innocent Smith said...

As hard as it is for me to believe, I must actually defend Donald Sterling. What did he do that was racist? He has, what he believes to be, a "trophy" girl friend who happens to be half black and half hispanic.

He is also quoted as telling her he doesn't care who she happens to sleep with, or what race they may happen to be. All he asks is that she does not flaunt her lovers in public in his court side seats. I hardly approve of his lifestyle, but as a man it is certainly understandable that he should be able to make such a request assuming he is paying her way. If she doesn't agree, or thinks he is being too controlling, perhaps she would like to trade in her meal ticket and find seats up in what they used to call "ugly racial term-heaven". The choice, of course, is entirely hers.

I don't have TV at home, but I get enough of this story from the internet, without trying, and from catching brief glimpses of silent TV at the gym. The fact that such hay is being created over this story should be the first clue.

All that should be noticed in such a story is that a powerful and rich man can also be wounded in his pride over something as simple as sex. How juvenile! The man, I believe, is in his eighties. If he were smart he would use normal loss of libido to his advantage by not being caught with his metaphoric pants down over something so stupid and trivial.

Being a member of the Tribe that owns a sports franchise automatically identifies him as most likely being one of my enemies. But, I can hardly condemn him for this and I resent the level of stupidity that the media insists on taking the mass of humanity down to in their wall to wall coverage of such a story.

Every team in the National and American League has retired Jackie Robinson's number 42, and, in fact, every player in Major League Baseball wears his number over the course of two days in April. Maybe we will see this bimbo's cell phone number retired by every NBA team in the near future.

Visible said...

as hard as it is for me, I can only publish one of those comments (grin).

I tend to agree according to my own way of looking at things. as far as I'm concerned people have the right to be as racist. that doesn't mean I agree with their viewpoint but I do believe they have a right to it.

What I find more reprehensible is all the bandwagon jumping self righteous holier than thou types, many of whom are no less racist but conceal it except in certain company.

I can honestly say I could care less what race anyone is. It's the quality of a person's heart and the level of their integrity that matters to me. All of this I can assess simply by sitting next to someone but that is something anyone can do once they learn to vacate their own presence in anyone else's presence, for whatever time it takes.

Those who also possess this ability know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

At Galen, post 9 above..."...forced freedom?"
Interesting. In our liturgy (Methodist) we have a phrase, "free us for joyful obedience..."
Some people say they are 'sexually free', but are they really just slaves to their passions and desires?
At any rate, and no matter how you look at it, the commercialization of sex is disastrous for humankind.
-the beggar

galen said...

Thanks, Beggar. Yet I have to ask. . . That phrase: "Free us for joyful obedience," are you all okay with that? I mean it kinda scares me a little. I guess it's open to interpretation, but asking permission to obey? Well maybe it's like "Father, not my will but Thy will be done." I always thought it should read, "Let my will and Thy will be one." Aah, sometimes it's all semantics, and powerful as words can be, they never tell the exact story, and yet I love them so.

Aside, I want to disappear for awhile; feel like I've been taking up too much prana here. But everything has been so riveting lately, I can hardly refrain. I know I'll calm down any minute now.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Final Departure of this Fentanyl Drenched Piscean Age.

Anonymous said...

Galen, it shook me up too at first..."free us for joyful obedience"...because I think I've always been selfish..."me first, my will be done".
But the key words are 'free us'. From
desire, attachment, pride, anger, from our imagined, false selves.
Free to question, liberated from material illusion, and at last free to love, not ourselves, but others.
The kingdom of God, now near, 'at hand'.
- the beggar

The 10th Dentist said...

to I Smith,
Racism in the Sterling case is just a tactic. The tactic has been used to drive up the desire to make all things right for the Clips and their fans. The Clippers were worth $430 million in 2012 and estimates say the price for the team now could reach $1.25 billion. All the world is a stage and this theatre has a solid well thought out script. I see the trio of Geffen, Ellison and Winfrey getting the nod. They're all stewards of someone else's money anyway.
Dig in further and you can well link David Stern's departure as commissioner timed out as to when this was all set to go down. Much like Mary Barra's heralded appointment to GM CEO. When it was just the old boys serving her up to Congress to answer all the really tough questions.


galen said...


Hayseed, Donny Osmond had his moments. (grin)

Beggar, thanks. I will consider.

The paragraph issue is front and center again. Maybe not here but near by. Smart stuff covered by syntax, like cataracts. Sometimes you just want to swim and you have to deep dive.


Anonymous said...

galen, a resonant name. When I was of the Craft, my name was haelan, small h like yours small g.

When you ask of the ineffable that your wills coincide, and you then sometimes feel they don't, which will'wins'?

I'm no longer a Wiccan, I've taken criticism over being a'turncoat'.
While there is much beauty in the Craft, I think one is foolish to continue wearing a coat that fits no longer and is very worn.
- the beggar

Visible said...

One betrays an inconsistency of faith wearing any coat in the anticipation of being warmed by the internal sun (metaphorically speaking) which bears no markings or insignia other than light; not entirely true but true for the purpose of argument. At least that's my status and why I let any and all specificity of type be decided by the higherups.

If I knew what was best for me and which applied most appropriately, I would long ago have been much further along the way.

galen said...

From Craft member to Methodist!! No stretch there. Ha ha ha. Kidding, of course. Can't help smiling. We humans are so very unpredictable. Did you take the Holy Eucharist to the six directions? Ha ha ha, again.

Which will wins? We take turns. Yeah, frequent messes. But also sacred alignments where I see my better self. So many outgrown coats.

All I know is what I know right now. Tomorrow I may know more, or less. More or less. (grin)

Why did we have to hear those crazy words?: "These things ye see me do ye shall do greater." They give a gripping restlessness that keeps frickin' reaching. If only I didn't believe them; but it's no use, I completely do.


galen said...

ps: Now if I could only stop the disappearance of Palestine and the war in Ukraine and. . .


Anonymous said...

Only an apparent inconsistency, dear Vis.
Simone de Beauvoir said "I cannot be angry at God, in whom I do not believe."
The corollary being, in my case, "How can I not believe in a God, with whom I am angry?"
Yes, anger at the almighty ineffable, and a lack of understanding, fueled my rebellion.
I suppose it could be said then I never was a true wiccan, but only infatuated with a collection of characters, lesser gods, picked from a genetic and cultural safety deposit box.
Anyway, the big shift is not from belief to belief, but from belief to unbelief, and vice-versa.
- The beggar



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