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The Hammer of Heaven and the Synagogue of Satan.

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I suspect we are looking at ‘The Israeli Mistake’, as predicted by the Half Past Human Report. A lot of people are outraged by this vicious, criminal act by the criminal Rothschild Crime and Banking Family consortium that operates as a nation, for the purpose of every permutation of crime for profit and pleasure. Aside from the loss of life which attends nearly every act committed by this crime syndicate, this is actually a good thing. There will be more, because the entire nation is insane and made militarily powerful through their control of the United States government.

I say it’s a good thing because a good portion of the world can now see what psychopathic thugs are operating from this crime syndicate. Gaza displayed this too and future events will continue to show what manner of beasts operates beneath the seeming human skin. They have been able to do this because of their control of the world press. As you have noted, this murderous event was hardly mentioned and, when it was, it was lied about. They are able to manipulate the news and the public’s perception of it. This has allowed them to perpetuate all kinds of lies about themselves, since before they stole the Palestinian’s land. They also control much of the world’s banking and are able to print their own money, which they use to buy whores that they can put into government positions so that they can control the governments and make them do what they want.

The internet and news organizations of certain other countries tell the true tale of what happened and more and more people are going there and… The Apocalypse is causing more and more of the world to see and also bringing the truth to their eyes by whatever means. This is a cosmic force that operates everywhere for the purpose unveiling what has been occurring behind the dreamscape that has occupied human attention until now.

You either understand what I’m talking about or you don’t because you either believe that this is all being directed toward a certain conclusion by a conscious intelligence or you don’t. That doesn’t matter, except for you personally, because it’s going to happen anyway.

Some are saying that it is only the Israeli leaders who are the problem but that the Israeli people are good people, yadda yadda; this not the case. The whole nation is like their leaders. 94% supported the Gaza mass murders. They are the spiritual children of Satan and operate accordingly. It’s irrefutably apparent in all the things they do. They seek material control over Planet Earth and the enslavement of humanity which they consider bugs. They have no moral constraints and lie about everything and insist that their lies are truth while the truth stands right beside them, for those who choose to see. Evil is their nature and they cannot be reformed. Fools talk about peace and nationhood for Palestine and all sorts of nonsense. They intend to murder or evict; and then probably murder, every Palestinian they see. That’s the way it is.

There is a reason why this is all going on the way it does. There is a reason why major politicians support every ugly, indefensible act by these inhuman creatures. It is so you can see them do it. There is a reason they are getting away with this. It is so you can see it happen. Of course, there are the obvious reasons but that only continues for as long as it is allowed. The hammer of Heaven is going to come down on them but, certain things must play out first. It must be difficult for those of you who are unaware of the hidden power behind all things. I realize that religion has made it difficult for you to see and be aware of it and that those speaking on behalf of it and behaving like scoundrels also hinders your belief in it. I realize you haven’t attempted to come into contact with it and that you haven’t looked into the science that proves it. Some of us have. Though I feel sorry for those of you, who do not have the comfort and confidence that results from having taken the trouble to look into the hidden side of life, I can’t do much for you. You either put in the effort to find out or you don’t. It appears to be easier to accept the surface appearances as truth and there you have it.

Since there is most definitely a conscious power that permeates and controls everything, an awesome destruction is going to come down on those who are committing the terrible crimes of our day. I know it is hard for you to understand how that is going to take place but you weren’t that interested in knowing anyway. You could have proven it to yourself in a number of ways, if your stomach and sex organs hadn’t been running your life and if your own survival hadn’t been more important than everyone else at every turn. I and others are well aware of this power and recognize what is taking place now. You’ll be much more fully aware of the circumstances when they appear shortly but you still won’t know what it means.

All of the despicable posturing and behavior of your witless and morally bankrupt leaders is a simple demonstration of something that has happened before and will happen again. Before something can be completely destroyed and ferried to its future residence, it must be exposed before the world as a warning to wake up and see. That will happen anyway but you are benefited greatly by waking up before that and changing what you have been.

There’s something in the mass human consciousness that derails their understanding of what is actually happening around them and also what their real nature is. They would rather conform to the pattern of beasts because appetite and fear overpowers their reason and ignorance enfolds them in the limitations of material experience. The less they know… the more certain they are that they know everything. It accounts for the ridiculous vanities and self important presumptions that make them an embarrassment to themselves and the wonderful potential hidden within them. They spit on their own divinity and assist their tormentors while they make possible what you see happening before you now.

None of this means anything in terms of what is going to happen. The power I am talking about can kick the ass of the entire human race, all by itself, with less trouble than it takes to blink an eye. The presentation of power in the hands of nations and armies is only a shallow appearance, intended to deceive those who are unaware of any other force. All force proceeds from one source and exists only so long as it is allowed and can be withdrawn- and will be- at any time.

The force of The Apocalypse is going to make it possible for those who are willing, to see that there is a living truth within the manifest lie. All sorts of understandings are being made available for those who are inclined to experience them. You won’t be able to say that you didn’t have the opportunity to see. It’s going to get very real.

Personally, it’s no great matter to me. I’ve only one thing that I consider important and it either is or it is not and I’m convinced that it is. Everyone else has whatever they find important and also whatever they think is real, to motivate and guide them. No one can put into words what people are not prepared to believe or will not believe because it threatens their affections and appetites, as well as their acquisitions and the power they think it gives them. In this time you will have the opportunity to see the degree of protection that any of these things will provide you.

There is a reason why the criminal nation, under discussion here, behaves as it does and why it commits such terrible crimes without fear of consequence and why it intends to commit much larger outrages against all manner of peoples and nations. They believe they can do anything they want and also get you to believe whatever lie they tell to justify it. This is all part of a demonstration that is going to be made about the arrogance of the human will which, it only has on loan. You would think that a people whose primary interest is extracting interest from counterfeit money would know something about loans.

The actual meaning of life has very little to do with material things and the material world; this only an environment in which to discover who you are. What you discover determines your destiny. If you look hard and are sincere, you will find it. If you don’t you won’t. Meanwhile there is everything else to occupy your time otherwise. One really can’t put it more clearly. In case you think the effort to uncover your true self might be wasted, I can assure you it will not.

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Visible said...

Thanks Michael;

I was aware of a number of helpful events during the time. All my protections had been taken down and I was alone with the exception of Elder God. I'm especially grateful for the collective will of certain indigenous peoples whom I am not naming to avoid the appearance of presumption in the eyes of those outside the schematic.

Every single assist used some feature of Nature which proves that you can chain up the obvious source but that the source exists in the human state regardless.

It would have been okay no matter what but the attrition would have been worse than it was and I don't want to imagine what that would mean right now. It was as bad as I've ever seen. It worked out so that nothing of the kind can happen again which I don't think was in the plans at the time (grin).

It's funny how people being made unaware of their power can have the same effect as if they had none.

I haven't recommended the Anastasia books- not read them- but they are often recommended here.

As for God being what I implied, one has only to ask what hands and other features God uses on this plane; they would be ours and remind themselves that Jesus Christ, the most abstaining of the archetypes, drank wine- extrapolate from there. I have personally seen God with a joint in his hand and an erection and been told face to face what I have indicated.

One would do well to study the teachings of myth and legend which are just vehicles for actual truth, just like parables to see what has been consistent. Joseph Campbell, many other sources and one's own common sense will prove these things and it isn't to be assumed that God is dissolute in any case. The way we do it and the way he/she does it are worlds apart. No matter, God is not a sexless, uptight, rulemaking prude. We are dealing with a personality as much as an irresistible force.

Yes, it's a little strange, all this and not explained because of how really strange it was. I'll go ahead and put my head on the block (reputation too) at Origami in a few days. I have to go somewhere now and may not be able to post comments for a couple of days but I'm told that this evening I should be able to at least do that.

I'll close with this which I was told at the beginning of the most intense finale of the affair; spoken by the one... "I'm here now." (meaning 'here' 'right here right now' instead of here in the usual sense but far away seemingly... HERE NOW, period. Also, "Everything is changed." also, 'it's started now and we are there now so it is in progress and it will happen no matter what.'

Cryptic probably but what I heard, over and over and understood, at least on this end.

To all 'sensitive, aware souls', it is a certainty that if you reach within now you will have evidence of all of this and feel free if, having had the courage to try, to relate here what you encounter. I can say without a shred of doubt that you will have something happen. It should go a long way toward making you feel good.

I'll be opening myself to potentially injurious embarrassments as soon as I'm able to. The good news is that I don't expect that at all but why should I care anyway.

Walk into Nature and ask the goddess of many names by any of her names to communicate with you and see if there isn't something a little different now. Understatement intended. Somebody got their powers back.

Visible said...

My long post stating that I might be gone for a couple of days and other things has not appeared although the comment number went up by one. Don't know why but in case it appears let me add, that would be 'she got her powers back' not 'someone'.

Visible said...

oh, it's there. you have to look for the blue type which says 'oldest' and 'older' at top of page in case you don't find it immediately.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you and wishing you a safe and happy journey over the next several days.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les--

I've refrained from commenting and listening to your radio show for fear you might have been damaged by the onslaught. Now that I've read and listened up on your latest escapades, I can see you are more than fine.

I've noticed that your experiences seem to have mirrored many of my own, albeit yours have had a lag time of around a week or four. As you may remember around three weeks ago I reported the throttling I had received by the invisible forces and the revelation that came to me during two days of projectile vomiting that I was lucky to be suffering in this extreme fashion because the ghouls were never going to get the chance -- either here or in hell. It was revealed to me at that time that hell was reserved for those with a soul and they were not to be afforded that luxury, as they had sacrificed theirs long ago. Shortly after that I had an inordinate amount of fun drinking and carousing which I hadn't done for many years. Then things settled back to what passes for normal these days with no attendant damage that I have been able to detect. End conclusion -- God is great guy/gal -- the evil fuckers are darker than mere mortal minds can comprehend and the world will indeed keep on spinning...

Love Ya --


m_astera said...


Thanks for posting your letter. I'm working from a few scattered hints and a lot of thought and intuition, so it's good to know that there is more evidence for the hypothesis of a, what, second creation of "man"?

In any case, assuming it is so and the evidence indicates that to me, these soulless "others" are well interbred with us, and something will have to be done about it if the divine doesn't directly intervene. The first step, I would say, is the scientific proof of the existence of the human soul. Anyone with any ideas on that, please post them or contact me

Greta's mention of Kirlian photos as a method of determining the soulless ones is interesting. Do you have any more input on that Greta?

I don't want to clog up Les's blog, but I've been posting a lot here because I don't know of anywhere else on the internet that has this broad a spectrum of open-minded, informed, and smart people.

I'd also like to mention that I figure a good part of the energy employed the other night was that contributed by the thoughts and prayers of others here. There was a complete absence of fear or doubt, which indicates there was something greater than this human personality in charge.

Anonymous @ 1:44 a.m.:

"Are you saying a cow has no soul?

Perhaps you better stay within your raja guna where you are properly fixed up."

Yes, I am saying that a cow does not have a soul in the way that an ensouled human does, Hindu dogma notwithstanding.

The human instrument was designed as a soul-carrier to allow the entity to fully experience three dimensional existence. The entity to which I refer is the spark of the Creator, of Source, that embodies the full potential of Source. We are Creators in training, so to speak, those of us with souls anyway. Holographic chips off the old block where each part is a microcosm of the whole.

A cow is not a Creator in training. Cattle and other animals have a "group soul", a deva. They have their honored place and purpose in the overall scheme of things, but they don't have the potential to be fully realized Creators nor is there any reason for them to have that potential.

If you doubt this, I would suggest that you use whatever resources and knowledge you have at your disposal to contact and communicate with the deva/"group soul" of the cattle and ask the question yourself. Simply ask for the understanding.

Anonymous said...

M_Astera --

(1) I'm not ellis.

(2) How typical of you to drag in a disembodied entity ("my teacher") as an extraneous authority to give you some imaginary leverage in the conversation.

(3) Whatever your teacher said to you was for you, not me.

(4) Of course, if you label something in your own makeup and/or in the makeup of other people, as a "limitation," it will show up that way for you -- both when you look at others and when you look at yourself.

(5) Having and fully expressing the loving body hots for another human of any gender is a plus as far as I'm concerned.

(6) Speaking from experience, having and fully expressing the loving body hots for male humans is an authentic desire of mine, in this particular incarnation. (And who knows, the Buddhists may be wrong -- this could really be the only life there is. But either way -- NOW is the only NOW, and for me to not-express, i.e. withhold, that desire would be me wasting the now. I know because for a long time I tried it that way -- then I was blessed with the capability to stop withholding it. Thank-you to the universe!)

(7) You archly label my (our?) "condition" ( L O L ) with a new-agey-sounding psycho-term ("It's called the Image," you intoned), which you pulled right out of your ass (no, worse, out of your head) just to drag in some more imaginary authority for yourself from outside, trying to put yourself one-up in the conversation. You really use that trick to death.

(8) You seem to imply I should be grateful to benefit from your gentle but wise disapproval. Here's my polite no-thank-you to all disapproval deliveries regarding my sexual expression or anything else.

(9) Maybe Les will just turn the blogs over to you, and then you can declare that all Chavez supporters, and all homos, are soulless humanoids with no upper chakras! and just BAN THEM!! Sounds like some people will agree with you. Well, we're all learning. (Except when we're not, because we got scared of something and tried to shut it down.)

(10) Want to hear something interesting??? ("Probly not," I hear you say. Well, here it is anyway:) I read (in Bruce Bagemihl's amazing book) that there are indigenous people with the viewpoint that for plants, animals, and people to be optimally fertile, the human homos need to be having plenty of sex! In this view, a culture that suppresses homo-sex would be seen as suppressing its own fertility.

(11) "Anyone who wants to get up on stage and play a righteous part, play it to the hilt, is welcome," you said. I'd say it's not up to you to issue that invitation (and I don't need inviting 'cause I'm already on-site). But if my attending the party DID depend on YOUR "invite" -- I'm still curious, are you including homosexual human beings in your invitation? Or not? Direct answer requested.

The poster formerly known as ellis

GodSend said...

We go from the les visible to the mor incredible to the.......inedible? How about the incorrigible? Personally, I like the imperishible! - if it is permissible?

Frankly, it all sounds a bit too impossible!!! Now the bible, that something entirely unforgettible! ;)

Just being playful, that's all.

Vanguard said...

Yes, “moral imperatives”. The more fundamental the cause, and action, the more tremendous the consequences.

So, life, death…brutality…torture. Murder. Not of soldiers in uniform. People in (funny-looking) civilian garb. Shapeless targets.

Then more identifiable. Longer hair. Smaller bodies.

They all bleed the same. The thrill fades. “This is fun”.

“Doc, just tell me how much of what and I’ll take it.”

Suicides. Broken families. Broken hearts. Broken minds.

Drugs and violence. No place to call home. “Not even my own thoughts and dreams.”

Whither my cause?! Who will console?

As has been said, our soldiers at the forefront, our “young men, defenders of the USA”, bear the greatest burdens, and suffer the greatest hurts.

The imperatives uttered, are shimmery dark lies of deceit. Sugar-light coated. With bitter filth beneath.

At some point, we cannot lie to ourselves as we deal death.

We die ourselves..and at some point our bodies comply.

Anonymous said...

The forces of tyranny are crumbling.

The bringers of light are awakening
transcending, opening, to new levels, unbeknownst to those slime balls that have self-appointed themselves to be the unfairly rulers of this planet.

Love will have them shivering in their palaces

as the angels of heavens and realms afar descend toward this planet
to assist all those who aspire for truth and justice, equality and perseverance.

At a speed that will have all those with evil intentions mystified, terrified, as their insane selfish plans crumble around them, beneath them and within them.

They will turn on each other, to find someone to blame.

Meanwhile those with a good heart and a sound mind will reach out and comfort the innocent,
feed the needy and avoid the inimical.

Even if this means going to the desert, the forest, the sea, places of safety and plentifulness,

I doubt they will go down without a fight, because this is all they know.

I pity their sordid hearts,
for they will never know love.

I don't comment much around here, but I frequent often.

Thank you for all you have done and will do Les :)

You have been and remain an amazing influence on my life.

Love to you brother,


Anonymous said...

Aussie nuclear scientist dissappeared

Anonymous said...

In case it is a lonnnnng time before you share with us again, hope you are around to read this. It is just how I feel about you and all you have done for me through your incredible essays. Mr Vis, you are the greatest, the absolute f--kin' greatest.

love you man

Steve B

Visible said...

I am here, or there, as you prefer. Those of you traveling in this direction. It's on now; answering camper van from Ireland into France, Muslim travelers and others, contact me by email. Everything is back on for the moment, blogs, radio shows, tomorrow at the latest and soonest. Unfuckingbelievable (excuse language or ignore) how different and changed are near every reality. All obstacles and previous hindrances are dust.

Traveling in a state of disbelief at the state of the world through this new consciousness. So many events piling on top of each other that laughter and a mute amazement are all I have. Time being altered so distances of hundreds of kilometers go by like the minute hand on a watch. So startling that formerly disbelieving companions are, shall we say, quietly and profoundly shocked.

Due to conversations held in the process I will just accept any and all reactions to what shows up at Origami tomorrow.

Hopefully some have taken the opportunity to go into Nature for particular communications. Not easy typing this with major psychedelic like manifestations and sensations coming out of the ethers like they were being created by some kind of esoteric engine. Sending it out in all directions as of now.

Zipidee Doodah and so forth and so on. The lines are open.

And to think that people dropped everything and went flying down to get me because they thought I had gone mad or was in serious trouble; a little late for the latter and very, very late for the former. I have never been here before. Shut up visible (grin)

Visible said...

I thought I would point out a few more things before I say what I have to say in the days ahead. First, you should look at this World Changers.> and keep in mind this is only one of a number of potential scenarios that may soon surface in relation to any number of imminent events connected to crisis conditions. A well informed readers named Robert sent this in and keeps me abreast of a number of things. Now three sources are also active for me that are present and informing at all times.

Be aware that something of this nature or something else, easily at earth shaking are on the event horizon.

Be aware that what some amazingly large number of you are experiencing and writing me about are connected to the time state which we occupy. You can just as easily say these things here as there are so many of you. You don't have to worry about sounding crazy or being too personal; neither do I (grin) any more.

All of this is very real and you should consider yourself very lucky to be experiencing what you are.

Be excited, open and willing.

This is not what I started to write but it is gone now. Whatever it was will be in the air. We're on the cusp of unbelievable occurrences and opportunities. Things long hidden and some of them very valuable both materially and spiritually are being revealed and it can be said that some of them are about to create financing of a large order as well as releasing powers to those discovering them. The Earth and other living things are contacting certain parties and showing certain locations. I only say this in advance of the definite appearance of the same.

I don't mean to talk too much right now or to create mystery. What's said here means exactly what it says.

Ah, there it is. I meant to say that I have been missing something all the way to this moment and that is that the majority of us are far more willing and tuned in that I gave credit to. Not to infer and lack of faith in the reader but simply to say my fears of disclosure and the extent to which I can say incredible things has been vastly limited by my precious lack of awareness of who is and what is going on.

All along I have been sitting on a lot of things that I thought would harm the general atmosphere of this scene, including all of the scenes. I could not have been more wrong. Still, caution has not limited what now seems to have always been the case.

Imagine living in another world the whole time you appear to be in this one and finding out that not only was that world known to others and the reason for their presence but that the capacity to believe in all of it was present long before the proof started coming in. For some of this I apologize but you can certainly see why I stayed along traditional- non traditional lines (grin). I still have to say, some personal apprehension remains about what it going to be said here shortly.

Much love and large assurances all around.

Anonymous said...

@ m_astera

Love your posting, neat stuff. I say the soul is little understood by men. Its seems to me, a animal acts with soul more than people do. Not sure who or what has or makes souls. Im sure I have a soul.

Your take on soulless people seems very natural to me, but off some? I see the same type of people daily. Some poeples suggest we are a product of a "soulless" alien race mating with humans with souls? This idea goes, we fight within the self to find the soul. Just throwing that out there?

Les all is good and in order, and has been, thanks for that teaching. You suggest new powers or a new face to the maya and mother? For sure man! All changes and growth that shares in love
Happy Im to hear you have looked on the "faces of god." So powerful and helpful men like Campbell are! Me I love Jung.

Love Your Life

TheSparkle said...

I don't know what happened or 'where' I was, but I had a strange experience in a dream one night last week or before. I was in what looked like a 'rainforest' of gigantic trees, not tropical looking though. The sky was like a gray membrane or barrier right at the top of the tree level. A dark flying thing that looked kind of like a giant bat was swirling around up there in the sky/membrane/barrier and came down to the ground, where it stood tall, like a dark-robed human(oid)or a dark lord of some sort, very much like a Nazgul. I'm not sure why, but I started 'attacking' it even though there was no fear in me. Then I woke up in my bed. This was certainly one of the most unusual lucid dreams that I have had even though I woke up feeling normal and unshaken.

TheSparkle said...

Les, the World Changers link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Les just cant stop, sorry.

Two ideas you shared that really seems to work for me and are at the root of my learning and path over the last few years.

"So many events piling on top of each other that laughter and a mute amazement are all I have."

"Imagine living in another world the whole time you appear to be in this one and finding out that not only was that world known to others and the reason for their presence but that the capacity to believe in all of it was present long before the proof started coming in."

Thanks Les, you listen and learn from the highest order.

Love Your Life

TheSparkle said...


Regarding Kirlian photography and energy fields: Last month I watched a series of videos on Youtube in which a modern researcher/author is doing current remarkable research. I cannot remember his name. He has gone beyond just Kirlian photography though. Damn....I'm going to have to try to find the videos......

Anonymous said...

World Changers? WTF?
Link went to Google 'Buzz'. WorldChangers sites are xtian youth fishing holes.
Is any of this relevant to anything?
Just asking.

TheSparkle said...

OK. That wasn't as difficult as I thought.

Harry Oldfield: Energy Fields 11 part video from 2/2010

Visible said...

Sorry about that. When bringing something to my attention and not really giving a shit but using it to showcase your arrogance like a bored 12 year old who's been given too much, remember, only you can decide if it is relevant and to remember to ask at the same time, "Am I relevant?"

Any amount of negative comments are permitted if for no other reason than to make clear a variety of things that probably weren't when the comments got made. But no comments of that sort will be allowed unless I can verify the source. It's actually a favor I am granting because anonymity of this sort usually infers a complete lack of faith in the comment and I really do want to provide the opportunity for people to say what they really feel. It's also a good idea if you are going to engage in sock puppetry to at least try to mask obvious similarities. I say this to spare you the embarrassment you are feeling right now.

Finally... I no longer care what anyone thinks except insofar as it serves them well. It's long past the time I took the lid off of everything I can do that for. And, in conclusion... things will prove themselves out and also make credible sense in the mind of the majority of readers or they can be considered bullshit and apply to the author of these blogs with no defense given on his part.

And (grin) in complete conclusion, there is no longer any reason to be nice or anything other than just what the state of the being most sincerely presents. Like your selves, I've learned a lot lately and it's clear to me that no pose or posture should be created that exists as an accessory to persuasion. At the same time, there's no reason not to be nice.

m_astera said...

Dear poster formerly known as Ellis:

If you are not Ellis, then I wasn't writing to you anyway.

But to answer the poster formerly known as Ellis, I don't think you are doing your cause any favors. Further, I fail to see what someone whose entire focus and identity apparently consists of flaunting their sexual orientation has to offer re creating a new and better world. It seems to me that militant fanaticism is one of the problems, not something to be encouraged.

I'm doing my best to be even here, despite your rabid attacks. I even offered Ellis something of value about the false "self". What would be left if one were to let that go? Anything?

Anonymous said...

always turns out to be a nice day when mr visible shows up.


Anonymous said...

Love Its a great site!

Still this piece is plain silly and wrong, really.

There is a way or cause for a large "gas" bubble. This doesnt mean any of the rest however. The gulf is infact a large area for gas venting. This happens many time after an earthquake. Sedament moves and opens pockets of gas (methane) to be released. Its a werid event for sure. Ships cant float in the gassed water and planes can fly above it either. Im not sure, but about fourty events have been recorded sense people have noticed this. One thing that happens everytime, the gas moves to the surface or is mixed with the salt water. It has no where else to go. A bubble can be formed but cant last long. Maybe if was of heavier gas it might, but than it wouldnt "blow up." Plus what heavy gases are we talking about? Methane is the main gas being release by the "spill." It makes the water around it turn into bubbly soda water and nothing more?
Fear is a mind killer.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Para (= beside, beyond, wrong, irregular)
New identity marker for posts.

To add to recent exchanges on the soul:
From reading and reflection, my thinking now is that everything in the Universe is the Divine, the One Mind/Spirit/Consciousness filtered or refracted or split up or replicated into gazillions of whatever exists, has existed, and will exist.

These are all anthropocentric terms which cannot capture or define the Ineffable, anyway. Like the elephant and the four blind men.
Everything has consciousness, (rocks, plants, animals, water, all sub-atomic particles, or Strings - if one is into String theory)) as some Quantum physicists are acknowledging. There seem to be different levels or quantities or qualities or frequencies of consciousness.
Masaru Emoto’s work photographing the molecular structure of water is an example.

Transmigration of souls, metempsychosis, reincarnating in different bodies, is possible if there is the common denominator of consciousness. That animals which have died exist at the level of consciousness or spirit has been reported by mediums, and shown in reports of the SPR, and recently by members of the Scole Experiment (Brit), during their sitting in California, observed by third parties.
Robert Monroe says (might be in his last book) that in one of his out-of-body experiences he saw the consciousness/spirit of a former dog which was zooming into the earth plane, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to incarnate in a human body.

If consciousness = spirit = soul, then animals do have souls. If “soul” is something else altogether, it has not been commented on by all those who have communicated from the afterlife – after physical death. And are still communicating today.

The psychopaths who’re in charge now may have one of the lowest levels of consciousness/ spirit/soul. It does not necessarily mean that they cannot become better.

At least one spiritual explorer, Raynor Johnson, the physicist, thinks that individual human souls which don’t learn or improve after numerous incarnations lose their individuality, and are absorbed into the Whole.

Several thinkers have said that duality, good vs bad, is present only at the level we’re on.
If that is the case, it might be that the Dark Forces are present only here. As we leave this level, which seems to be a training ground where we don’t know the whole game, and for the most part don’t follow the rules, there is no duality.

This is what LV has been saying, I think, that the One is the Source of All that is, whether good, bad, or in-between. Aldous Huxley called it the Ground of all being, or the Suchness.

Good to see you in form, LV. Thanks for explaining. Best to you and yours.
PS. How did your canine family behave when you were being assaulted?

Prayers for all.

Anonymous said...

GodSend 4:24 AM
Good call mate.
I am so pleased you've blossomed ('loosened up')

m_astera 8:29 PM
You're at it again Oh great and wise American - not!

love your life 9:54 PM
I love Jung too.


Light Keeper said...


I've been enjoying your good news, both in regards to you personally and at the planetary level. Yours was the third confirmation of a message I received about something wondrous about to happen. We need it.

Very glad to hear your decision to proceed with posting and without holding back. Everyone is capable of determining their own truth from the myriad of what is presented out in the world.

Lindsey Williams interview about the oil volcano. It's in 8 parts. Most important info is in the first 3, before they take call ins. Here's part one:

May the pure white light of love and protection surround all.

Anonymous said...


Sent the wrong link for Dr Emoto's work on water. Here are some others

I'd say it was the thought or emotion behind the words, not just the words that the water picks up. One could say "Love", as in "Love. Pah. You can keep it"." with contempt or dismaissal. The water, I think, will pick up the negative thought or feeling..

Anonymous said...


"If you are not Ellis, then I wasn't writing to you anyway."

I'm not Ellis. But actually, if you were addressed your response to me, then you WERE writing to me.

"I don't think you are doing your cause any favors."

(1) The zionist-inspired homo world takeover "cause" that you're so knicker-twisted about is largely in your imagination.

(2) To the extent that it does have any real existence, I have nothing to do with it.

(3) I'm not currently involved in or promoting any "causes" of any kind at all.

"Further, I fail to see what someone whose entire focus and identity apparently consists of flaunting their sexual orientation"

You don't even know me, and you have absolutely no factual basis for saying that.

"Further, I fail to see what someone whose entire focus and identity apparently consists of flaunting their sexual orientation has to offer re creating a new and better world."

That would be you setting up a straw man, for you to heroically knock down. It's nasty of you to take that tack, since it implies (quite falsely) that homosexual people must generally be such as you describe, and that homosexual people can therefore have nothing creative to offer to the world (also obviously false).

And what if the indiginous people mentioned in point (10) of my earlier comment are right? Then, by disrespecting and suppressing homosexuality, you (along with nearly all of "Western Culture") are hindering the fertility of nature. And conversely, if they are right, then by expressing myself sexually with men, I'm helping the crops grow! How's that for offering "something towards creating a new and better world?"

"It seems to me that militant fanaticism is one of the problems, not something to be encouraged."

Militant fanaticism has nothing to do with me nor I with it, and it has nothing to do with homosexuality per se. Homosexuality is just a really nice part of nature (both human nature and animal nature). Again, check out Bruce Bagemihl's book . . . if you dare.

"I'm doing my best to be even here,"

WOW, thank you for that, big man, I can feel you holding back your power, to keep yourself from smiting down the unworthy!

"despite your rabid attacks."

I didn't say anything rabid nor did I attack you.

"I even offered Ellis"

That's not me.

"I even offered Ellis something of value"

What egotistical, pompous condescension!

"about the false 'self'. What would be left if one were to let that go? Anything?"

There you go trying to change the subject by referencing some kind of vague spiritual-sounding truism. This question of yours has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about.

Les says that he recently saw God with a joint and a hardon. Well, as a matter of fact I saw that myself just last Monday night (only it was 100% on the human plane, and my god had a hash pipe)!

Now, M_Astera, since I am a patient man I will again ask you the question that you have ignored twice already:

You said: "Anyone who wants to get up on stage and play a righteous part, play it to the hilt, is welcome." Are you including homosexual human beings in your invitation, or not?

Please give me a yes or a no this time.

The poster formerly known as ellis

Dammerung said...

I disagree with your decision, but I don't know the circumstances of it either so my judgment is merited or not.

What I do know is I damn near drove off the freeway a couple times today just from sheer emotional exhaustion, physical injury, and spiritual weariness. I'd like to see it get better without looking for an E-ticket ride to the afterlife. As for me, I am just hanging on for dear life at this point.

Zellie said...

Here are some Native American sites to go to:'s_message.html

Also, this site, repeat at the top, but scroll to the bottom for more information:

Another one:

Also, read Mary Summer Rain's books called "No Eyes", "Phoenix Rising", and there is one other you can find, I don't remember the name...she's written about 17 books but to do a fast uptake on this topic, read the 4 initial books about her time with No Eyes.

There are, of course, MANY other sites on line...just start searching.

Also, the Anastasia books are really very good and written by Vladimer Megre from Russia...they are also found and can be ordered online. What is great about those books is that it reveals that before priests, and government, and church enforced religions, there was a world-wide worship of God on earth, that everyone knew, taught their young, lived upon the earth in peace, with love and there was plenty of everything for everyone....also her inspiring REMINDER is that God created the earth for MAN and we have God's gift of creation within ALL of us....those traditions and ways to worship the creator, and be a creator were destroyed in order to bring in the way we have the world now....The NATIVE Indians of the American Continent lived this natural way, raised their families, lived on Mother Earth, and respected all life and each other....this is what is going to rise again across the world...this is what cannot be stopped for anything....The prophecies all herald this new time that is coming and the steps all will take to see it through. Also, God has been speaking to not only the natives all over the world, but to ALL peoples through near death experiences, visions, dreams, and in person.... read up on Dannion Brinkley, Edgar Cayce.....The Anastasia material also reveals the way that IMAGERY creates reality....mind boggling...helps one come out of their stupor.....

Les, all the best....thinking of you especially today.

Visible said...

As for the gas bubble or anything like or unlike it. I can't remember what I said but I'm pretty sure I gave the definite impression that I meant things 'like' this. This happens a lot when an example I am giving as nothing more than a size and weight image for the purpose of demonstration or example is taken as a given condition or approaching event.

I have no way of knowing what specific events and conditions may come about. I can predict with near certainty the types and degrees of severity or at least the source since a lot of that is, wait a minute, I just remembered I was doing something useful before I got sucked into this. Ciao!

Visible said...

The First segment is up-

What has Been Happening, in Several Segments.>

Nick said...

I admit that in the first weeks of reading your blogs I thought it inevitable that you would show a sign of compromising your claimed immunity to flattery. I never got a single sign through the years. Your writing was always astounding and I read very nearly all the comments too, a great many of which said what I felt. I thought of each essay as a gift, and receiving a gift is never a basis for expecting another. When there wasn't a new one to read, my constant concern for your well-being was hightened.
Now you have announced a development that has led you to decide to do your work through other media, and for that development, I repeat my previous congratulations.
I've noticed a few of your readers expressing a sense of loss and worse. My opinion is that your essays will be sorely missed.
You've been given and accepted, other responsibilities. I for one would be honoured to assist and certainly not moan that you have moved on. I very much hope that in the same way you have been impervious to flattery, you will be equally impervious to anything that might divert your energies. I am one of thousands who would very gladly receive a call to assist.

In the absence of that and assuming it would not be too diverting, I would welcome a quick ad hoc radio show. It would help us to keep up with where you're at.

Visible said...

As previously stated here, all blogs and radio shows are back on; makes me look like a fool but so what. Thank you for the good words, as usual, my take is that I don't deserve them but I know you will come to experience these as true about yourself.

The second segment of the Origami series (probably about 4 of them) is now up in the original post, all will appear there so you don't have to travel around and-

a reader has given me a script and I will start to include brief radio bursts exactly as you have asked for, already decided on.

Pstonie said...

I was in a very dark place recently, though empty or sparse might be better words. Life felt completely arbitrary. Promises of great things to come just didn't cut it any more.

For a while now I've wanted to check out the Star Wars movies again because it occurred to me how closely my own spiritual views had become to that of The Force. Watching them again, new ones first, finishing with the old, better ones, have provided me great solace and new resolve. This might not work for you but it's worth a shot.

We humans have a sickness that prevents us from enjoying our lives. We look on the past kindly, on the future with paranoia and on the present with a boredom that causes the first two. The NOW is all that is real, and it doesn't help to piss it away wishing for better days.

It doesn't matter how big or "powerful" the empire becomes. With the right mindset its effects are quite irrelevant. Acclimation sees to it that there are always good (and bad) times to be had, no matter what the circumstances. The worst thing the "rulers" do is not to enslave us, but to make us believe that we are enslaved, when it is really them that are dependant on us.

There are too many good quotes from the Jedi masters, but this is my favourite:
"Always remember, your focus determines your reality."

Anonymous said...

Les my bad, I forgot you are painting a picture here not stating events as such.

Para thanks for the run down!

Love Your Life

m_astera said...


I really don't give a rat's ass about how queer you are or how proud you are of that.

If you have something of value to offer, other than male homosexual militancy, apologetics, and accusations, please share it.

Your opinion of me and projection of who and what you think I am have exactly what to do with this thread?

I don't care if you like me, agree with me, or approve of me, so give it a rest already.

The last two sentences apply to Tony as well.

I am not in a position nor do I have the power to decide who contributes to the creation of the New World that is coming. What I do have the power to do is decide who I choose to associate with, and you have that power too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Zellie, for the links and suggestions on Native American material.
“1.Oil spill could have been plugged on or about May 1st using proven engineered approach (not applied, as yet).2. That BP, President Obama, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal knew of the solution…Who will broker all the cap-and-trade certificates to keep American companies in legal compliance ~ why the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX),, And who are the major stockholders who stand to transition from stockholder losers to massive windfall winners as CCX stockholders, or those who own stocks in other companies that own CCX stocks?
Barack and Michelle Obama, Al Gore (Generation Investment Management), Senator John Kerry (major political broker of cap-in-trade), Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, David Blood (Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management), Maurice Strong (central figure on United Nations oil-for-food scandal), Franklin Raines .. Today, a bill requiring cap-in-trade that was once seen as dead is now suddenly being brought back to life …”

Nigerian scam: “Seven Israelis are suspected of scamming tens of millions of dollars from U.S. pensioners in a so-called Nigerian scam over the course of four years.””

the comments of nelson2008 below seem plausible, a deliberate unmasking. Duff’s point about some material being allowed to go through without confiscation is pertinent too.

Prayers for all

Greta said...

To m_astera and others -

To Les, you sent me the comment that I might be embarrassed - far from it. I don't really care what others think of me now. I am sick, tired and very wounded with little of no help in dealing with and carring on. I am NOT ellis, not gay, queer or all that gay friendly anymore. I am just one person, a straight displaced housewife who is now quite ill from poisons given to me by MY queer alien husband. There is an alien agenda for the real estate you are on and it doesn't include your preferences. I have no context for understanding your hostilities, I have my own set of rather significant problems. You may all be in line for sharing my experiences in the very near future - that's what Nazis do. Get ready. This is no joke.

Visible said...

Greta; I sent no one the comment that they might be embarrassed who was named Greta, not now and not ever. I sent a comment to someone whose comment I did not publish. I did include in the comment another mention to someone who was a tad too snarky about relevance and who's interest was not about relevance or even an interest in the link mistake (now corrected). Careful reading of anything is generally a wish in one hand, shit in the other sort of thing for me so and so it goes.

But otherwise you're dealing with a case of mistaken identity.

m_astera said...

A lot of confusion arises when trying to communicate with words, especially written words at a distance. The same word may mean entirely different things to different people. For current example I offer the words "liberal" and "Christian". So I think it best to agree beforehand on what we mean by the words we are using, at least within the context of whatever discussion is presently at hand.

What follows is an excerpt from an email discussion regarding my earlier post about scientific proof of the existence of the immortal soul. I'm putting it here mostly to define what I am talking about when I use the word "soul".

"As for the soul....well I think there's a lot more to it than "time and space don't exist outside ourselves". I will agree that any number of sources claim that time and space are illusions, but it also seems self-evident that time and space are "real" phenomena of this 3D plane of existence, actually 4D when linear time is factored in. Outside this plane of existence perhaps they are not perceived the same. From a "higher" point of view it's all an eternal now, but the way our senses perceive things, time and space are very real, so I would say they have a purpose, and that purpose could be evolution and accumulation of wisdom and experience.

Here's how I understand things to be: At some point, the mind of God created us as experiential parts of itself. I used the example of a hologram in a post at SM, and I think that is apt. No matter how many pieces a holographic negative is cut into, each piece retains all of the characteristics and at least most of the information and potential of the whole. Each of these pieces of the mind of God, therefore, contains all of the potential of the Source from which it came, including the powers of creation. As above, so below. Each piece has the ability and continues not only to create, but to transmit its experience back to the whole, the universal consciousness. The term I use to refer to each of these holographic pieces is the entity. Each entity is unique and individual, because that's how Prime Source, the Creator, works. You will never find two leaves or two grains of sand that are identical.

As chips off the old block, we, as entities, are immortal creators, and we have done a lot of creating, for many billions of 3D years at least, if one assumes we were all created at once, which may or may not be the case. It seems likely that this particular 3D universe is one of our co-creations, along with the various forms of life that inhabit it.

continued below

m_astera said...

soul carriers continued

I see the human body as a construct that was made to enable the non-material entity to experience its creation directly. It is a highly sophisticated construct with a brain that allows communication to and from the non-physical. The source and essence of this experience and communication is the construct that is referred to as the soul. The soul is not 3D, not physical. It serves the function of a recorder, transformer (step up or step down) and transmitter. At the entity level there is no linear time, and the entity has the ability to incarnate into as many physical bodies as it chooses, at any point in time. So, from the entity's point of view, there are no past and future lives, they are all happening simultaneously.

It is also quite possible for the human construct to function without being a soul carrier. Why not? Why would a soul be necessary? All that's necessary is the life force. The sophisticated human physical body does not need the addition of a soul, that is an option.

So I am postulating that it is quite possible and even likely that there are any number of human bodies existing on planet Earth that are not receptacles carrying souls which record and transmit their experience back to the entity level. These bodies do not have the same potential as ensouled bodies, that of being fully realized creators. They only have three centers or chakras, the first three. As most people, even those with souls, seldom or never utilize anything other than the first three centers, who's to know or notice?

The problem for the rest of humanity seems to arise when these soulless human bodies are controlled by forms of consciousness that are inimical to life and evolution, actively hostile to ongoing creation. And those are what I am talking about when I speak of psycho-sociopaths.

What I haven't touched on here are the "other-dimensional" beings who feed on suffering and negative emotions. It's a big multiverse."

Light Keeper said...

From Lindsey Williams interview:

The "conservative" estimate of BP and government officials is 4 million gallons of oil per day is flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

The pressure of the oil that well tapped into is 20,000 to 70,000 psi, levels beyond which there is technology to contain. His contacts indicated that a nuclear detonated explosion may be the only solution to stop the flow, yet it could also act to open the entire oil deposit up rather than fuse it closed.

Last week's EPA testing of air quality for all Gulf coastal communities found enormously toxic levels for the following volatile organic compounds (VOC's) emitted with the flow of oil:

Hydrogen sulfide this week's level 1200/parts per billion (ppb), EPA safe levels are 5-10/ppb

Benzene this week's level 3000/ppb, EPA safe levels are 0-4/ppb

Ethylene chloride this week's level 3000 - 3400/ppb, EPA safe levels are 61/ppb

PTB plan to use this to further their agenda.

Anonymous said...

I must read!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Michael, 4:53 PM

'Your opinion of me and projection of who and what you think I am have exactly what to do with this thread?'

Someone just has to object to your waffle mate, I have set myself that task, occasionally.

'I don't care if you like me, agree with me, or approve of me, so give it a rest already.'

I don't ‘anything’ of you fellow and interject only sparsely.
You’re a bunch of words on my computer screen… but I am aware that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ and feel I must have a thrust or two now and then when I see crap.
In these comment sections I admit I do let much pass, it’s just that you are particularly irksome whenever I read you.

I come here to read Les; I don’t need diatribes to follow.

Carry on


Greg Bacon said...

Les, you're starting to sound like that astronaut in "2001, A Space Odyssey."

But if it's time to leave this astral plane, so be it.

Like Jimi said, "I'll see you on the next world and don't be late."

Happy Voyages, Voodoo Child.

Anonymous said...

@ m_astera

Like the ideas! Would it be weird to say you solved your own problem here?

Not opening the chakras makes a person look as if they have no soul?

Im just suggesting this, but know its true within me. We all feed of energy, both negative and postive emotion are forms of energy and its learning to feed off what we want to create and see thats the goal.

Being a "psycho-sociopaths" is natural and one of the stopping points of learning to be a "well rounded" person. Many just choose not to move on?

Now this is strait up cool, nice words! "The problem for the rest of humanity seems to arise when these soulless human bodies are controlled by forms of consciousness that are inimical to life and evolution, actively hostile to ongoing creation." Just take out soulless and add, not yet aware of their soul.?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Deconstructing the walls of Jericho!

The mythmakers have lost their grip on the human psyche.


Anonymous said...







veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa, Souls Soda Pop and Synergy: All roads do lead to Rome, however there are two Romes/ imagine being out in space looking back at earth through an enormous electron microscope that perceives at a molecular level the energetic content of the subject – a swirling purple haze(grin - GB) of electrons protons and neutrons /an energetic conduit and vessel/ like a battery it obtains retains and expresses energy/the polarity is to a greater extent manifested by choice/negatively charged clusters/positively charged clusters/magnetically opposed and attracted alternating current/ blood ‘being’ the electrolyte/ blood libel being the resource for the soulless to manifest a quazi soul-energy similarity for the purpose of Masking/invisible indistinguishable insidious assimilation/Vlad the Impaler of the tribe/holocaust – holy fire – pyre/sacrifice – sacred artifice.
How WE of the temporal bardot perceive a block of concrete is from a tactile perspective, imagine if you could perceive the particles from the perspective of an electron microscope – a dimensionally different perception of the same subject = same block of concrete different interpretation in the description/subjective value judgement/fact is the block of concrete is as hard as rock AND a swirling electrified haze – my view your view/ argument is redundant/fact is the fact IS/anti-christ has as much right to play a hard game to win as the pro-saviour team/I play for the redeemer/Yay Team! No trophy /eternal life or oblivion is the win lose of it ALL/All is everything and everywhere and that’s the deal; good guys know it bad guys know it – get on with it.

Oh,.. to the sodomite formerly known as ellis or whatever; So, you think that the act of forcing your penis into the anus of another man somehow defines you as a political or social or spiritual being hmm? This indicates to me that you are so tragically deluded as to be pitied more than despised. Contemplate this following statement which is based on a mathematical equation - if it is a natural sexual alternative to be a sodomite or a lesbian and everyone on earth chose to manifest their right to choose to be exclusively one or the other as their gender suggests – the race of humankind would cease to exist within 70 years – do the math! Suicide of a species is not a natural advent where choice is concerned; it is a physical aberration. FYI: Michael is a sensitive intelligent articulate man with an amazing inquiring mind – you sell your proclivity for sodomy as though it were a validation of your opinion/existence. You are irrelevant and entirely incidental to the cause and effect of the human temporal progression. Get a life.

Nameste to the soulful beings here, a pox on the rest.



Visible said...


irony of your name aside. I'm not censoring you but... the nature of your comments requires that you identify yourself as someone I can associate convincingly with a personality that is real; more irony, sorry. If you do this you can say anything you want. I suspect you won't do this because revealing who you are also reveals a previous connection with me.

Don't think I won't vet it either. I know more about this than you think I do so... you know the rules, make it happen. You can say what you want but I have to be able to verify you and I already am aware of certain things so... have at it. If you don't then you confirm my suspicions and... maybe, well... who knows?

One curious note, why would you say that you have been reading here for a long time? Why would you do so? And why would nothing at all really, suddenly trigger your invective. About 1 in several hundred comments gets bumped.

Anonymous said...

Les, FYI, the latest comments, starting with comment 201, are not showing up on this computer.

The poster formerly known as ellis

Visible said...

This is the 3rd time I have to say this. If you can't find the current comments look at bottom or top of page for newer and newest in blue ink. Unfortunately, those of you asking won't see this because you would already be there. Hopefully someone will have a solution to this and I will put it up tomorrow. Sleep comes for visible and his angels are still with the sun except for the one they sent back. And your name is? Something like Carnelia.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all this, Mr. Visible. But, I hope to soon. But, either way, I must say that it finally occured to me why I like you so much. In a very real sense, I find you to be a modern day version of G.K. Chesterton. You seem to have a sense of God that understands that real power actually laughs where medium power fights. I think your sense of paradox is the reason for the peaceful people who come here to opine. May God continue to bless you.

ravenise said...

It’s good to see there are people that actually know what’s going on. After little sleep, and another subtle psychotropic experience, my two hemispheres are duking it out as though multiple personalities sprung up from the depths of my unconscious to facilitate the reconciliation occurring in my head.

A trip last month or so I initiated a psychic battle to fight the TPTB with my mind, will, and spirit with the aid of psychedelics based on discussions at the blog and my own personal convictions.

The first thing I clearly remember is that I confronted Nitwityahu, Obama...etc who appeared as ravaged demons. Obama appeared as a half baked lifeless circus clown, with large blackened rings around the eyes, red lipstick all over his mouth and a gratuitous smile. As I railed against these negative energies I came across what appeared to be the living dead. They were ancient beings appeared as skeletons. There were both men and women clothed in full blown dresses and suits. They were all trapped, dancing on a timeless journey into oblivion on an ancient ship sailing on a vast ocean.

These demons began to overpower my being as the ship swayed back and forth with the heaviness of the winds, and massive waves.

I was waiting for someone to come to the door and kill me as this energy that enveloped me appeared to be channeling through me and other people around the premises of my residence. A dark presence also came through the birds outside and they were passing on messages to one another about this energy across large areas of the valley, they were in contact with other nature beings, possibly divas’ or other beings. Peace would come to us for a short time, and then this nasty torment…

Outside my window I saw the presence of Satan above the earth high in the skies. This presence kind of gridded the planet and only could be described as Satan or Lucifer. I saw just a face and his hands. He was mocking me and laughing the destruction of mother earth and its people. What came to mind were subliminal HAARP frequencies designed to spiritually weaken the masses. Weather it was a spirit or a technological apparition wasn’t really relevant at this point, because they use it all.

Next I entered the minds of what appeared to be mind control victims. A compartmentalized branch of the CIA itself, mostly former employees turned psychic slaves in sun-tan-bed like capsules, covered in electrodes and other equipment. They were trapped in their minds, and bodies, unable to escape their prison. They seemed to be part of an agenda to enslave the human mind and spirit. Many of them were good people, but their bodies and minds were tortured and or drugged to the point where they could not escape from their torturers.

None of them could be trusted entirely, many of which could not even themselves because they were programmed that way… but beyond all appearances I saw there was still good buried deep inside them. I had no choice but to help them awaken to their senses so we could destroy their program and captors through sheer love and willpower. I explained to them how to do this and render the project useless.

I experienced much of their pain and had dozens of near death experiences. I would come back as one and do all that I could which was send out all the empathy I could humanly muster, and it would happen again, and again. Again, all I could do was exude unconditional love and let them know they were not alone or forgotten and to fight their demons to the better end. This drained all of my energy.

m_astera said...

Love Your Life-

I am proposing that there is such a thing as a soul, and that it exists separately from the human body.

A second proposal is that not all human bodies are associated with souls.

If the soul exists, there should be some way to measure or detect it. When and if that can be done, we can settle the question of whether or not all humans (or other living things) have souls.

Simple enough to say. I'm open to any suggestions on how to go about it.

I plan to watch the videos that TheSparkle gave the URL for as soon as I figure out why this new computer won't play the soundtrack at youtube.

m_astera said...

Hi Greta-

You are not the only one I know of who has had their life ruled by a psycho-sociopath spouse for the last 30+ years.

I have been trying to help a friend in the same situation for the last year and a half. What I have put together over that time is that this psychopath was deliberately attached to her life to keep her from fulfilling her purpose and destiny in these present changes. I don't know that she will be able to do so, even though her part is/was to be of major importance, because she has been traumatized to the extent that she can't yet break free, something along the line of a masochistic addiction combined with deep-seated fear.

If you have been parasitized and terrorized in the same way, there's a good chance that is because you also have an important role to play, and much effort has been put into preventing you from playing your role.

If I can help in any way, please let me know. Just click on the symbol/icon at the top of any of my posts and it will take you to my contact page.


Visible said...

Part 4 is up at Visible Origami.

John C (UK) said...


If the fix this chap gives doesn't work, check put the comments for more, (the adobe one worked for me last year or so.

Greta said...

To m_astera:

Thank you for your kind offer of communication. I want that but this machine only gives me problems with that mail program I have asked my friend Sambhava to send you my edress with another program. Thanks again- G

presence said...

Thank You to Sparkle 4 This:

Love & Light all

wv: pression
sounds like: prescien(ce)
looks like: press i on

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