Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Forget what it is that I can't Remember Any More.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, let’s see. I thought I might give some celebrity to Rense’s eliminating my presence without explanation like so many sites have done. Explanations I do get are never explanations. They are of the variety that ‘someone else is handling that area now’ but I never find out who it is. I don’t care really, it’s the mystery and the hope that someone will out the truth that even causes me to bring it up. Is that enough of a digressing intro? Can you digress before you even have something to digress from?

Let’s see... Germany is now demanding that MagogkeNazi Nation/ The Rothschild Crime Syndicate Home Office, remove the blockade of Gaza and allow humanitarian aid in. Yes, that’s right, Germany, where Zionist Soviet operatives murdered millions of Germans after the war. Some other things are supposed to have happened there and even before that but I forget what they are. Is that a crime? I’ve forgotten what it was.

Someone mentioned it to me the other day and I didn’t know what they were talking about and now I’ve forgotten it again. Someone said it was some kind of fundraising thing that Israel uses along with a kind of weapon that has some kind of devastating effect on everyone due to something called Media Control and AshkeNazi control of the court system in many countries. It seems like I remember that it’s a badge of honor to be called something but I can’t remember what that is either. Is it against the law to completely forget it? I can’t remember what it is at all... hologram... holly... holo-something. It doesn’t ring a bell.

Since I’ve forgotten whatever this is I feel really great, like some kind of blood sucking parasite was removed from the back of my head. It’s been gone since I had that visit from a benevolent alien culture via a flying saucer landing. While we were having beers on my deck, one of the aliens noticed that I had a virtual growth on the back of my head that was sucking out a portion of my life force. “Let me take care of that” he said. He went back to the ship that was parked on my back lawn and came back with a paddle device that he turned on and moved around the back of my head. It felt like some kind of sound frequency was penetrating my brain and then, suddenly something was gone.

I heard him stomp on something behind me and saw black ooze escaping from beneath his feet. When he lifted his foot (they have big feet) there was something there like the first stage of the creature in that movie Alien where it attaches to the guys face. He said, “nasty little creatures”. They exist on the planet Sybelian which is somewhere near the Pleadian cluster. This is a planet of insect like beings that look like they’re just come from a Starship Troopers film and apparently they have serious telepathic invasion skills and are exercising a control over world leadership and most of the population on Planet Earth.

They’re here because there is a simpatico between them and certain once human types and a third race is being created between their interaction through some sort of cross species sex act which births a hybrid. To hear my alien friends tell it, this is the life form they want to leave on this planet as a controlling entity. They told me that this is taking place on a lot of worlds where the Sybelians contact whatever life forms are moving on a devolutionary track.

One of the aliens hoisted his beer and said, “Visible, thank god there’s a divine ineffable.” They all laughed and one of them said, “Hey we like that even better than your Dynamic Animating Principle that you used to use. It’s hard to get used to calling the Universal Consciousness, DAP.” They were full of camaraderie because the back of evil had been broken, except for these mind parasites that operated independently, feeding on the brain matter and life force of the host and... a few other things. We had a blast. They had some kind of powder that you snort which felt like a combination of MMDA and Madre De Cristo, Bolivian flake Cocaine (which I haven’t seen in years) and all of us were splendidly fried. It was a celebration after all.

They kept kidding me about things, asking me questions like, “What happened in World War 2 and I would tell them what I had learned but I kept leaving something out. They would laugh and then ask me if that Chomsky quote over at Rense meant anything to me. Then they would ask me if Alex Jones ever stopped by for a beer. When I didn’t know who that was they would laugh again. I don’t mind being the butt of a joke especially when the people enjoying it have such fantastic drugs and when they leave me a kilo when they go. It’s been a long time since so many beautiful young women were knocking at my door and asking if they could “come in and unscrew my head and dance on the wires”. I didn’t know what they were talking about.

It’s totally weird now. The town is full of babes from major cities who seem to be dressed only from the waist up or the waist down and they keep yelling at me when I drive by and some are on foot and chase the car. I can’t understand what they’re saying or what they want. That paddle device really did a number on me but... I feel great. I keep finding gold and silver coins all the time now, precious jewels and power zones and there are voices in the Earth that tell me there is buried treasure if I only walk or drive so many K in one direction or another but I don’t understand what the payoff is.

There’s this video game I can play in my head now that takes place on the island of Corfu and where I zap these scary spider things called Rothschild’s, like in that Space Invader game and that’s fun for awhile. I keep almost remembering that that name rings a bell but I never can remember.

The aliens told me that there were things that people could do to get this creature to fall off the back of their head without the vibrating paddle and that they could even do it by just kicking the memory of something out of their head every time it came up and that real soon, the creature would grow weak from no food and fall off the back of their heads and they could stomp on it. They said that pretty soon no one would remember whatever it is that I forgot and everyone would feel as good as I do, except for the people who liked having it there. They said they would be back in a little while and that everyone who had kicked this brainsucker off of the back of their head would get a complimentary kilo of this fantastic shit I’ve been snorting for a month now. You only need a tiny little line and it lasts for a couple of days. I was getting these enormous erections that wouldn’t go down until these extra-terrestrial females or maybe higher plane goddesses who were ageless at a sort of teenage state, began to appear in my head and draw a certain serum up my spine until my head exploded in a rainbow of colors that reversed into a prism and then there’s all this blinding white light.

This is probably why the molten chicks outside my door and down the street don’t do much for me and why I don’t pick up any of that gold and silver or jewels anymore or go looking for buried treasure except on the inside. Something to do with the need for power to apply in an external way also has gone missing and I’ve forgotten what that is even while I’m writing it down.

One of the aliens called me up today on this cell phone type of thing they left. They left me with a bunch of stuff I haven’t paid much attention to. They said the things would start vibrating when I needed to use them. He said I was a celebrity here now and then he told me to go and read some article about General McChrystal at MSNBC.com and to read some of the thousands of comments there. He said this is what happens to people when they enjoy this brain sucking creature at the back of their head. He said that in cases like this, the only way to destroy the creatures was to destroy the host as well. Something funny is going on with me. I don’t know what that means and I don’t care. I just feel terrific now that that awful black place at the back of my head is gone. I’m not afraid of anything any more. I’m not concerned about anything any more and some parts of my body are a lot bigger than they were but I don’t use them like I used to; which I forget what that was but it’s making the chicks outside my door scream as much as whatever else it is that they are after but I can’t remember what that is either. I sometimes forget to put clothes on now when I leave the house and that probably accounts for it.

I wish I knew what it was that I was saying or... maybe not. I can’t tell. I can’t tell what I’m doing or why anymore. The aliens put something at the back of my head to replace the brainsucker and it’s been awesome cool. It’s like a radio/TV, Niagara Falls, newlywed vibrating bed machine that makes all my cells think they’re at a rave 24/7. I can feel particles of light in all the too tiny to be aware of places inside of me and I wish I could tell you how fantastic that is.

My suggestion to all of you is to forget certain things and only remember other things and the latter becomes automatic once you forget enough to have the brainsucker fall to the ground behind you so that you can stomp on it. You know what? I’m in a really good mood right now and I’m going to go have two fat lines of that stuff they left me, even if I did already have some today. I feel like just letting go here in my special room tonight and just dancing the night away to the music of the hot chicks screaming and moaning outside my door.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

About fuckin time brother!!!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Visible. Sometimes you just blow me away. This is like your Gilley's posting. Off the charts fucking outstanding!!! Save me a line, not that I get high you understand. It's not illegal is it? I mean it's okay then?

Anonymous said...

That was a wise decision not discussing the war. It is a criminal offense now days if you don't get the numbers right.

Dammerung said...

Bully for you, I guess. However the rest of the world's wage slaves trying to make rent still have to toil to pay the Rothschilds' bills. It's a compromise with the devil but I've seen what happens to the people who don't make it - homeless, digging through garbage for food, yelling gibberish and accosting passersby. You'll have to excuse me for not being happier for you, but if someone wasn't breaking their back every day on the farm what would the enlightened eat?

Anonymous said...

dont worry about appearing on Rense or any other blog, you have your own following now and our time is limited for searching the internet....I think latest rant would make a great movie....it sure has gotten crazy and man, I just try to focus on the basics.
Best Wishes

Visible said...

Oh, I don't care. it had nothing to do with me anyway, my being there to begin with. But I think it's time I pulled a few chains.

I watched Max Keiser tonight whom I really like. I like him. He's the kind of guy I wouldn't mind having a beer with. They were talking about the put options at 9/11 which we all know were sourced to Israel. Then they switched to the Gulf spill and no mention was made that that company is a Zionist owned Crown property or what nasty shit they've been up to.

I felt bad for him not being able to tell the truth or link a single fucking thing which made his interview pointless. He effectively said nothing.

Sooner or later these people will grow a pair even if it's only because finally their own life is on the line.

I'm in no fear of these psychopaths and I know (somehow I know) that they can't touch me or anyone else who is hooked up with the real power. It's a simple thing and all it takes is transferring your life and every aspect of your being into the controlling hands instead of leaving your mortality dangling out there because you think your shelter and food comes from cutting a deal with your abusers.

Anonymous said...

~The degree to which you resist, is the degree to which you are free~

Posted By: Deacon Blues


"In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons." --Tom Rapp

Anonymous said...

A quick note on BP ownershp.
British, but here's a lot of information on the company. JP Morgan chase is the biggest shareholder
I watched the Max Keiser report too


Anonymous said...

BP continued. Forgot these links on ownership., which give other percentages

Visible said...

"The Rothschilds "preferred to operate anonymously in the United States behind the facade of J. P. Morgan and Company."
- Eustace Mullins

"By hundreds of thousands, hard handed Americans believed that Cleveland and Carlisle [Cleveland's Secretary of Treasury] had sold the credit of the republic to the Morgans and the Rothchilds, and had pocketed a share of the price."
- The 'Morgan Bonds'

"Thereafter, Morgan appears to have served as a Rothschild financial agent and went to great length to appear totally American."
- G. Edward Griffin

Morgan's activities in 1895-1896 in selling U.S. gold bonds in Europe were based on his alliance with the House of Rothschild."
- Gabriel Kolko

"Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1913, beating incumbent William Howard Taft, who had vowed to veto legislation establishing a central bank. To divide the Republican vote and elect the relatively unknown Wilson, J.P. Morgan and Co. poured money into the candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt and his Progressive Party."

- The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order



Published 1976

Chart 1 reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York.

The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted, who directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914.

These firms had their principal officers appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Advisory Council in 1914. In 1914 a few families (blood or business related) owning controlling stock in existing banks (such as in New York City) caused those banks to purchase controlling shares in the Federal Reserve regional banks."

Anonymous said...

I forgot what I was going to write... do I hear nymphs sighing in the distance? Ahhh, it's all gonna be ok.


Anonymous said...

General McChrystal may be the reincarnation of General Smedley D. Butler. He revealed the truth in 1935, and tried to warn us, but still the scam goes on.

War Is A Racket


. . . and we know who always runs the racket. You've named some of them here, Les.


Dammerung said...

uhm, Les, fucking duh your food and shelter comes from delivering yourself into the hands of your abusers. Or maybe not you, personally. I don't know how you pay your rent. Maybe you have a sugar daddy.

But the truth is it's impossible to do any honest work in this (USA) nation without paying a bribe to the Rothschilds for the privilege. You get a job, taxes get deducted from your check whether you consent or no. They don't NEED your consent, that's why it's called "rape." It's that simple. You have to bribe the Rothschild banking guild so they'll let you work.

Maybe you don't work. But somebody has to. We can't all just sit on our asses 24/7 watching American idol and masturbating. Cuz you know what? Without people generating the electricity, mining the ore, manning the cameras - there AIN'T any American Idol. And no Smoking Mirrors, either.

Don't think I like it. If I ever saw some of these fucks face to face they'd need to have my teeth surgically removed from their throats. But nobody else is gonna feed me, keep a roof over my head, keep the electricity and water flowing. Or maybe ... GOD will do it. Your Lady Nature is just about, any fucking minute, to get off her fat duff and take care of that for us ain't she?

It's an ugly game. Coyote ugly. But it's the only game in town and if you don't like it you could commit suicide (but that's also a crime.)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,...In "Schlachthof-Fünf" kommt der Erzähler und Zeitenwanderer Billy Pilgrim als amerikanischer Kriegsgefangener im Januar 1945 nach Dresden. Infinitenessnessness is the territory that is the eclectic monologue on a socio-political site; a "Catch 22" which is that "anyone who wants to get out of combat duty, isn't really crazy"... rock on brother visible: Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin-man, that he didn't, didn't already have.

And so it goes,


Ice 9.

nina said...

I can’t remember what it is at all… hologram… holly… holo-something. It doesn’t ring a bell.

Halo. Its a shampoo from the olden days. I think it had something to do with Mary Hartline ... maybe it wasn't that, maybe it was Howl.

A friend just sent me this ....


Anonymous said...

les a rainbow
thats sort of weird
I found a few
over the years
one time a while ago
in the sea
a huge one showed
went over we
in the seychelles
an island paradise
the people just couldnt beleive
there eyes
when they realised what had happened
the vibration levels
hit new patterns
the people bonded
you could see it in there eyes
they had just experienced
something inside
I sat down had a think
it seemed as though
all was in sinque
that was an experience
I will never forget
I thanked the all
with full respect
that peice of rainbow
I kept with me
it fit inside
sometimes beams
its a rainbow
thats what it does
beams out light
and also love.


TheSparkle said...


Les, he has a lot of advertisers. He depends on them and must oblige. Once you suck that dick or golden teat it's hard to stop.


I can't be certain, but I may have heard Max Keiser address that issue clearly and directly in a previous video. I'll let you know if I find it.

wv: guiltrac


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..Oh, yeah I forgot; That Keiser cat rocks, and Stacey Herbet just completes the deal - now that there is some serous fucking journalism and wouldn't ya know it - Russian TV Mannnn! Ruskies tellin' it like it is! So much for the 'land of the freeks and home of the brain-dead'.

Here's the latest vid from Keiser, in case any here aren't familiar or haven't seen it yet...


Om Shanti dudes and dudesses.


That Mutha Nyte says,

“Veritas6464., is the most patriotic Australian in the The New World Order.”(grin)

abe said...

Kewl stuff Les, now if only I knew what the hell you're talking about, I think I'd like it even better.

History is what motivates your heart and nothing else-Abe

What a man is in God's eye's, that he is and nothing else - St. Francis

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

General Smedley Butler would recognize the Afghanistan war racket for what it really is.

I think he would agree with this article.


Many people are reporting heroin is now the preferred drug in middle school in America.

Thanks, War on "Terror"!!


estebanfolsom said...

i seem to be running into
an unusual amount of
resistance lately
just yesterday my 75 yo
aunt refused to take from my hands
the printed out teste- monet of one witness
ken o'keefe
i was taken aback
then realized
she either knew
the truth already
or never would
no matter how much
evidence was presented
i will let you all decide
if you just read
his own words
ken o'keefe:

"I said this straight to Israeli agents, probably of Mossad or Shin Bet, and I say it again now, on the morning of the attack I was directly involved in the disarming of two Israeli Commandos. This was a forcible, non-negotiable, separation of weapons from commandos who had already murdered two brothers that I had seen that day. One brother with a bullet entering dead center in his forehead, in what appeared to be an execution. I knew the commandos were murdering when I removed a 9mm pistol from one of them. I had that gun in my hands and as an ex-US Marine with training in the use of guns it was completely within my power to use that gun on the commando who may have been the murderer of one of my brothers. But that is not what I, nor any other defender of the ship did. I took that weapon away, removed the bullets, proper lead bullets, separated them from the weapon and hid the gun. I did this in the hopes that we would repel the attack and submit this weapon as evidence in a criminal trial against Israeli authorities for mass murder.
I also helped to physically separate one commando from his assault rifle, which another brother apparently threw into the sea. I and hundreds of others know the truth that makes a mockery of the brave and moral Israeli military. We had in our full possession, three completely disarmed and helpless commandos. These boys were at our mercy, they were out of reach of their fellow murderers, inside the ship and surrounded by 100 or more men. I looked into the eyes of all three of these boys and I can tell you they had the fear of God in them. They looked at us as if we were them, and I have no doubt they did not believe there was any way they would survive that day. They looked like frightened children in the face of an abusive father.
But they did not face an enemy as ruthless as they. Instead the woman provided basic first aid, and ultimately they were released, battered and bruised for sure, but alive. Able to live another day. Able to feel the sun over head and the embrace of loved ones. Unlike those they murdered. Despite mourning the loss of our brothers, feeling rage towards these boys, we let them go. The Israeli prostitutes of propaganda can spew all of their disgusting bile all they wish, the commandos are the murders, we are the defenders, and yet we fought. We fought not just for our lives, not just for our cargo, not just for the people of Palestine, we fought in the name of justice and humanity. We were right to do so, in every way."

'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Maybe your friends could visit me?

m_astera said...

OK, well that explains it. Thanks.

Me, I've been wondering for the last fifteen months why everything seems to be happening from the chest up. Yesterday I decided to quit wondering about why and just get used to it and see where that led.

I hugged the sun this afternoon, by the way. Around 14:30 eastern daylight time. I was careful to remember to remain transparent but I'm not sure how well I did at that so if anyone on the daylight side noticed a little blip of shadow, that was me and I'll try to be more careful in the future.

I don't recall hugging the sun before but it turned out to be a good thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Really funny, Les. Hope you had a good solstice party! My son said they had a clandestine type do in the Teutoburg Forest with a bonfire for solstice, replete with nekkid wimmin, but flying the fiery sunwheels down the slopes was verboten... apparently now considered a "Nazi Icon". Makes sense, as well as nonsense. Netanyahoo take a bow.... Anyway, here go the days getting shorter and shorter....with the peckers of the psychopaths getting longer and longer... expect Howdy Doody to provide us with a barrel of radioactive laughs, soon! (Oil not stopped? Whoodat?)

Kevenj said...

Get out of town. Les is quoting FINACIAL accumen?
God I love you more and more.

Btw, did y'all get the wine we sent you?

m_astera said...

Dammerung, are you breaking your back every day on the farm? Ever consider that farmers might enjoy what they do? I know a number of farmers who used to be IT people, or still are IT people but farm because they like it. True.

Those homeless people digging through garbage, yelling gibberish and accosting passersby are conceivably doing what they like to do as well.

Find something you like to do, figure out how to support yourself doing that, and you will never have to go to work again.

Being a wage slave is for drudges who aren't smart or creative enough to find something better. It's a mentally lazy way to live.

WV: mororn. As in "what a"

Visible said...

I didn't get any wine.

simon said...

M Astera,

"Being a wage slave is for drudges who aren't smart or creative enough to find something better. It's a mentally lazy way to live."

well, well. How far you have come.

two legs good, four legs bad.

JR said...

Hi Les,

I appreciate what it is that you do here.

Brickhurst Blog said...

I wouldn't be that bothered about Rense Les, he gives a lot of prominence to Henry Makow the geezer who spews out hatred towards people like me (I'm gay never had a choice in the matter and I'm hardly part of some vast conspiracy unless you count ambitions to have my chicken flock grow)

There's a lot more hate than love at that site.

Visible said...


Yes, I have problems with those people and what they say. Some of the things like this bogus Satanist and all the intricate centuries spanning conspiracies which I see as only the ongoing manipulation of ignorance which has no power over those who have destroyed their own; the constant harping on male oppression without any mention of the Zionist hand in all of it, the constant Holly (there it is again and I can't remember) woodization of all these woo woo mystifiers that only serve the financial interests of those whose sites look like a crowded phone book with ads for hookers and plastered with handbills so you can't even see outside anymore.

I'm connected to a couple by links and it's distressing. All of them are in a cozy backscratching slutfest with the few big cats who are all in the pay of the Zionists or gatekeepers.

Everyone should know that I don't give a shit about being on Rense or anywhere else. I built my readership up pretty good before I even was on any of these sites. But I want to mention these things because I know they have a way of getting around to the principals and I want them to know that I know where the things they are for sale for come from.

Unlike some around here, I have no concerns about gay except in terms of the Zionist control of all of their organization and the radical agendas. Anyone looking at the boards of directors sees that the membership there is exclusively Zionist Jew. That can't be an accident. My observation is that everyone is bisexual period and everyone is female to God. This I know in some really arcane and surprising ways.

People may not practice these things but that doesn't change what's in them. The female principle is of profound value in the male via wisdom, intuition and other things... all of which are female and controlling in very nice ways.

People should read about the life of RamaKrishna if they want their mind blown.

Anonymous said...


It must be tough not getting a rise out of Visible anymore. You had an inside track and now you're not even acknowledged from what I can see. You obviously don't know much about his life or care. It's impossible to talk to a dickhead so you're going to have to go around as one until you wise up.

Brickhurst Blog said...

As far as I can tell they infiltrate and take over any and all organisations that are involved in any sort of activism. They were doing it in the environmental protest movement. I don't join groups any more just because you can be sure that the moment they start getting anywhere they're coopted.

I think that the only thing that can stop them now is their own internal contradictions. If you work evil enough eventually the systems you create as you gain power will destroy you.

I wonder if we can ever get to the point where everything isn't tainted by organised psychopathy.

I suspect the ongoing collapse might do it and I know for a fact that there's a lot going on behind the cracks in the world that will surprise us all.

As for me I'm tired of the game. I want to live in a decent world not this insane nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, know you don't care about these sites because of our email exchange from more that a year ago. I've still got the list,

The People's Voice

SOTT= Signs of the Times


What Really Happened, regular linking gone. Members now put you up.


The occasional Rense

Except for The People's Voice you never got an explanation from anyone and you wanted one. The Norwegian at TPV said you were teaching people magic because you were showing them how to use their subconscious, how to communicate with it in order to change yourself into a more effective human being. You wouldn't change for him.

People might think that a professor of comparative religions at a large university probably exists in an insular world. That may be true, however one thing we know about is infighting, competition and backstabbing. We know the sorts of egos and rivalries along with schadenfreude that interplay here.

I'm going to complement you by telling you the truth which, as you've told me, isn't a compliment if it's the truth. You have schooled me on my own subject, in which I have a doctorate far more than any other source in my life.

The truth has a ring to it. You can hear it pealing in someone's words and because it is so rare it is unmistakable. I have seen you deliberately put yourself in a bad light on a regular basis to kill the guru state that forms around you. By now I can almost predict when you are going to do it again.

You are a splendid fellow and I have seldom seen your like and never in terms of ability.

These sites no longer carry you because of the power of your voice. it's got nothing to do with ads or pressure from anywhere, though there may be some of that. You are frightening to these people and you diminish then reflexively without intent to do so. You also talk about God as if he actually existed (smile) and that's a no no. It's also why The Truthseeker unfailingly links you. Rixon is a believer.

I imagine you must have suffered greatly from envy and jealousy. People who don't possess these qualities are seldom on guard against them.

I don't think you recognize the degree of your influence or to what degree you have displayed all the right moves so that there is absolutely no question as to your sincerity and authenticity. You deserve and are going to get one of the largest standing ovations in history one of these days.

Not only do I know more about the subject I teach because of you, I now am able to experience a presence that I didn't actually believe in. That was a revelation. This is perhaps your greatest gift and there is no gift greater. This is the ability to awaken in others the awareness of the ineffable. I see it often here.

I've been wanting to say something like this for a long time. You are a legend, a zeitgeist and a true friend. To say that I love you would not be an exaggeration. Like you say, take it for what it's worth and thank you. The words, thank you, are too small.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I believe the key to interrupting the flow of evil that is being cast up from hell is to be found at the very end of this video.


But there are precious few who will use it.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,... Maybe you know this maybe you don't, check this out:

Israel's Tehran connection

Israel, while supposedly observing an ironclad boycott of all things Iranian, is happily buying Iranian oil.

If you've ever wondered about the definition of hypocrisy you'll find the answer right here:

Last month the Swiss foreign minister visited Iran and, together with President Ahmadinejad, attended the signing of a multi-billion euro contract for Iran to supply Switzerland with large amounts of natural gas over the next 25 years.
The US State Department immediately condemned the deal and said it would be investigating whether it breached the Iran Sanctions Act. Israel complained too, describing the Swiss minister's visit to Tehran as an "act unfriendly to Israel".

Various Jewish groups also joined in the protests, including the World Jewish Congress. This righteous indignation was entirely predictable but more than a little odd nevertheless. On March 30, the Swiss newspaper Sonntag retaliated with the revelation that Israel, supposedly observing an ironclad boycott of all things Iranian, has been buying Iranian oil for years.
The story is in German but Israeli journalist Shraga Elam has provided me with a translation which I'll quote from here.

"Israel imports Iranian oil on a large scale even though contacts with Iran and purchasing of its products are officially boycotted by Israel. Israel gets around the boycott by having the oil delivered via Europe. A reliable Israeli energy newsletter, EnergiaNews, reported this last week [March 18] ...

"EnergiaNews got the information about the Iran trade from sources with ties to the management of Israeli Oil Refineries Ltd ... According to EnergiaNews the Iranian oil is liked in Israel because its quality is better than other crude oils.

"The report by EnergiaNews editor Moshe Shalev states that the Iranian oil reaches various European ports, mainly in Rotterdam. It is bought by Israelis and the necessary European bill of lading and insurance papers are supplied. Then it is transported to Haifa in Israel. The importer is the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC), which keeps its oil sources secret."


Oh, re; gays etc, the Indian tribes of N. America, the Norsemen, the ancient Druidic Britons etc. recognised the effeminate nature of certain men and did not vilify them for this trait, allowing them to work with the women and co-exist as functioning members of their societies, nonetheless, the ratio of effeminate men to masculine 'men' was radical, the genuine percent of genuinely effeminate men was miniscule in comparison to the ratios experienced in today’s zionistically corrupted societies. The ‘choice’ of sexual proclivity today is the defining cogent: Not the natural prevalence for effeminate characteristics.

Also, many warrior tribes accepted homosexual behaviour for purely energetic expedience; Spartans, Greeks etc: release, refocus with dispassionate clarity and FIGHT! As a pugilist of some ability yourself you may understand my ham-fisted explanation. Morality is a subjective value judgement:

What’s my point? The bullshit pseudo socio-political identity of sodomites today is not a natural manifestation of effeminate characteristics – it is a direct result of zionist social engineering to destroy Goy society – divide and conquer – PERIOD! This dumb-fuck mentality toward a complex and inherent characteristic of our kind is what Fuckz. Me. Off!

Om Shanti folks,


And so it goes...

Visible said...

You will my friend. This 'end of the world' nonsense is just that. The world never ends except for the times when it all goes quiet for awhile and then it's back again. The key to survival [excepting that your cassette runs out at the time] is to associate yourself with the light within. The light within shines without and guides the way, not only in terms of personal growth but in a magnetically attractive way toward sanctuary.

Those are simple words yet so very true. No one would be apprehensive or concerned, except for others, if they only lived according to what they profess to believe in. We cut deals with ourselves that fuck us up. You can't say you believe in something and then constantly make agreements with the temporal in order to get by. It delivers a part of yourself to that power.

This does not mean rigid inflexibility or any of the other insanities that go along with self righteous exhibitionism. It's wu wei.

You want to live in a sane and beautiful world then you shall. Start living in it now and it will eventually form around you. The Aquarian Age is here. In order to see it, what is concealing it must be done away with... externally and within us too. Certain forces are going to make that unavoidable and inevitable. Nothing can stop it. You don't mess with the cosmos or otherwise you wind up under one of its monster truck tires. Join the imperative of its direction within and without.

It's coming and I got to tell you, it excites the Hell out of me. Anything that gets the Hell out of us is a good thing.

Visible said...

Uh huh, i read that earlier.

I could give a complicated answer on the gay thing but I've done that elsewhere. I am personally very familiar with a certain aspect of it because the kundalini is a female energy.

Most of those professing to be gay are not. Those who are I find legitimate and number some of them among my best friends. Their loyalty and indifference to me for two different reasons are endearing [can I say that in this context? grin]

I've been around gays by choice for a long time for the wit; the entertainment, the powerful and amusing clear perceptions of society, the intelligence, the fun of kick ass parties and a whole lot more. I feel the same way about blacks [probably not a PC term] hispanics and similar for the joie de vive and our common resonance with Shiva's drum, In prison they had my back and they didn't have to.

I guess I like everyone who has that sense of what life is really all about; celebration, regardless of appearances is one of the main components. Knowing your dick is not evil if you're not is another. I think there's a good reason why I've never like Gin or worn a suit and tie or had a stomach that needed a shopping cart for comfort of movement [also not PC)

I feel sorry for everyone else who just can't seem to let go and can't dance for that reason and also can't dance because they won't let the inner female do her thing.

I don't even notice that gay associates are gay except on certain occasions. My good friend Kenny O'Brien [formerly deceased, now running around somewhere) was with me and Paul Dumont one days at an East Village street fair when Paul and I noticed a stunning young lady. Kenny said, "I don't know how you can eat that".

Anonymous said...

It could also be that your spot at Rense was called "Dog Poet Transmitting".

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,...Perhaps with all our collective gnosis, sensualitivity, spiritual connexivity etc etc. We should manifest our own brave new world; based on:

Love Light and Peace!

And fucking kill anyone that objects!!(heh heh heehhehehhhh).

No, truly; everyone has their first day at work, everyone is a novice to begin with (tautological? Grin).

Perhaps we are the avatar; a collective Will of super-gnostic energy - as opposed to super-nova – or maybe we are the super-star: Super-Dog-Star – SIRIUS RISING!?


Billy Pilgrim.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Thank you Les, you make me laugh. Much love

I have thought about writing a comment about "Hip-hop kulture" for some days now. Like KRS-One says: "its time for all the scholars to unite with all the players." All who come here should listen to and read about the people who make up "the temple of hip-hop" These people are solution-oriented, and as far as I know, genuine.

"Hip-hop" is a term to describe what we all are.

"Hip means to know, its a form of intelligence. To be hip is to be update and relevant. Hop is a form of movement. You can't just observe a hop, you gotta hop up and do it. Hip and hop is more than music, hip is the knowledge, hop is the movement. Hip and hop is intelligent movement, or relevant movement, we selling the music"

Quote: "Hip-Hop Lives" by Krs-One and Marley Marl.

Hip-hop has been a polarity to the mainstream since its conseption in Bronx in the seventies, and some people have "kept it real". Too many mainstream artists have destroyed that image and replaced it with "Guns, jewels and Bentleys". NWA (they sold guns and tapes out the back of cars after conserts) called their music reality rap, the media first ignored them, then they started calling them "Gangster rappers" and the music "Gangster rap". Several years later it was called Hip-hop music and the confusion was a fact. I would love for some experienced researchers to have a look at this. Some of the pioneers of hip hop has to be connected in high places. Dr.Dre and "The Boule"?

Hip-hop is not a music genre!!! "Rap we do, hip-hop we live". 50 cent, jay-z, lil wayne, aso asf, are rappers or emcees, not hip-hoppers. I am a hip-hopper because I live by Hip-hops 18 principles.

Source: http://www.declaration-of-peace.com/en/

I am a scandinavian skate- snowboarder/ex-grafitti artist(low-level)/street entrepreneur(also low-level). In other words, I make my living without paying taxes. It is far less work than beeing "inside" the system, but most importantly I follow my ethic ideals instead of the money-flow. I live like most upper working class people money-wise.

Most of the "Hip-hoppers"(people I would term "hip-hoppers") I know dont even listen to rap-music.

And i would like to add: We are extremely serious, so you can call us extremists!!
Or you can think of us as Wiggers wanting to be rappers, making you the brainwashed one...

"You see clearly, we are ready. All thats left is to make a medley."

Retarded me trying to rhyme.

Love and light!

kikz said...

mornin les,
nice one :)

thx nina for the link...

i do know that post katrina, the gulf coast was sold wholesale...
and this latest episode will continue that trend.

most of upper panhandle of fla is currently owned by st. joe develop(bush/carlylecabal), and plum creek timber (dupont's)


kikz said...

a diddy frm brezny over on freewill astrology..which i thought prescient...

You know about the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, who discovered the conditioned reflex. In his famous experiment, he trained laboratory dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell.

You may not have heard, though, about the story's surprise ending. The dogs were programmed for weeks with such rigor that their behavior became as predictable as machines. Then one day a flood inundated the lab. In the confusion, the dogs forgot all their training instantly. (Source: Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life) "


Anonymous said...

Les, you don't have to post this, it's just a question for you on your views.
Things just keep staying the same. I know you say change is happening and we can't really see in the front circus show how things are changing for the better, but they are.
I mean, I see day after day, the bad guys get away with murder and we age, and nothing changes.
Should I just not care anymore?
Should I just work on my own enlightment and forget the circus show, because the more I care, the more powerless I feel to do anything about it. People keep getting raped and murdered.
What's the point to even care anymore? How can I stomp on the vampire in the back of my head unless I tune completely away from the insanity of this culture. Can we even do that?
If I stop caring, wouldn't that make me a denier all over again.
I'm confused.
I love you still less. Deb.

Dammerung said...

My point, M. Anonymous, is that spiritual solutions don't have any value except that they solve real world problems as well. It seems to me that electricity has done more to bring illumination into peoples' lives and raise their standard of living than any sacred document.

Anonymous said...

You are being 'pulled' because your mumblings have become more 'topical' and very personal..
Would qualify for 'literature' if you made a more conscious effort towards that direction.

bholanath said...

OMFG! This post and the comments are the bitchinest ever!
If we can laugh and celebrate (solstice parties continue) in the midst of the bastards' unveiled ugly desperation, the end is near for them. Rage on!

Anonymous said...

Hip-Hop Lives!!!
Word to KRS One, street beats and grassroot sounds are truly sweet!

Les, wholly heck, youre up on it!

Im not so versed in kundalini but was tuned into its "female" energy by a friend years back. The poor guy opened his wings and jumped off a bridge. Its funny, I know more males that welcome kundalini then women? Sign of the times, I guess.
Me, I like the celtic goddess or oricle of delphi female images and enegry. Its a bit more passive, and I can move and learn without sooo much of my chakras dancing about. Not sure why, but Im a little afriad to move too fast with the opening of hooded self. Ive been warned one can go to fast and create more issues for the self than asked for?
Just for record Les, your coolie rice hat picture is pretty neat. Its fun and powerful to wear around!
Thank the ever growing tree of her brith, you have lighten up some!

Love Your Life

Visible said...

Ah Deb... that makes me a little sad. Digressing; well you didn't say not to post it and how else would I answer you?

Deb, this is a big deal. The whole world is about to be transformed. This is not a production that gets put together in a fortnight and it didn't take a fortnight to get here. It's on the doorstep though. It's right here.

This is THE YEAR of SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. This is when it starts happening so blatantly that even the sleepwalkers start feeling their way to avoid the furniture.

What do you do? Watch yourself. If you just consciously watch yourself you will find it to be a yoga of sorts. If you watch yourself as if God were watching you it amps it up considerably. Does God not reside in you? Where else would God live if he wants to operate in this consciousness?

Therefore you have proof of God's presence within if you believe that God exists. Even if you don't believe, it's still true (grin) so... God around as if God were watching you and behave as God would behave in all you say and do. It's not that hard to know what God would do. All that is required is to act with conscious love. It's hard at first and that is why you are watching yourself.

Think of it as like dropping something over and over and over and having to pick it up over and over and over. Annoying yes? Then stop dropping it (grin)

Okay, you should be good to go for a little while. Just bang two doctors and call me in the morning. I can't believe I said that. Please don't let that compromise what preceded it. We need comic relief and that brings me to my last point. Laugh... see the absurdity. Laugh, knowing that all this is going to be broken down for the purpose of freeing the souls within it. Laugh, knowing that liberation is at hand even if it seems late or impossible, laugh because it is inevitable.

Do things that entertain you as if God were doing them. Go out and have some fun, especially go out and dance once a week. That's an order (grin)

Visible said...

"You are being 'pulled' because your mumblings have become more 'topical' and very personal..
Would qualify for 'literature' if you made a more conscious effort towards that direction."

I don't quite get this. Actually, there's no 'quite' in it.

Anonymous said...


You see that up and down rapid motion your wrist is making? It's attached to your hand. What's your hand holding?


Anonymous said...

Not much for work today!

Great point Les, laugh and dance your way home!!!

I like the movie chariots of fire. Its a pretty good intro in the "jewish" mind and much more!

The scottish runner, forgot his name, had a few great lines. The one about feeling gods pleasure in his running was highly enlighting to me as a kid.

Love Your Life

m_astera said...


I have found it's more effective to address the points made than to toss out smart ass, obscure, ad hominem remarks. What do you think about that?

The only exception that I have found to the statement about "being a wage slave is a mentally lazy way to live" is those who don't mind, maybe even enjoy, their job and aren't interested in making a living doing what they do when not at work. The job pays the bills and allows them to do the other things they like, they get along at work, and they leave work behind when they walk out the door.

Those who fit in the above category don't whine about how shitty their life is because of the crappy job they have to do to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. A person who wastes their life doing something they dislike is not only a slave but a fool.

Anonymous said...

Yes the hip and hop!


Ok atmosphere is a bit sold out, but its ight!

Love Your Life

m_astera said...

Hi nina-

Very interesting link. The idea that the oil volcano is a distraction has been on my mind for a while. I even heard that idea from a very unlikely source a few days ago, a friend who gets his news from the MSM and never gets into conspiracies. I also had another unlikely source tell me how upset he was about the disaster, and read on some forum a fellow who was talking about how all of his straight-up mainstream friends were getting worked up about the gulf oil thing like nothing else he had ever seen.

So perhaps the poster you linked to is correct; it's simply a normal GOM black-smoker tar volcano and the excuse to pour and spray tens of millions of gallons of Corexit into the gulf with the goal of killing off or driving away the welfare crowd and retirees along all of that prime real estate. Would explain a lot of inconsistencies, most notably why we are bombarded with news of how much oil is leaking into the gulf but prevented from seeing any proof of it.

We might know more when/if the first big hurricane passes over the area and then goes ashore, unless they are suppressing the hurricanes.

Thanks for passing it along.

Visible said...

Over at WRH today there is a video of a weathercaster talking about a storm brewing in the Caribbean. There's nothing certain but if anything forceful hit the Gulf you would see something unfortunate possibly.

I can't see this as a real estate caper. Not that they aren't that cynical but it just seems to immense for that.

Greta said...

Nina from 2;57 a.m. - could you be good enough to get me the address for the page that your friend sent you the link on the false spill to? I want to pass this info out and need better specs to do so. Http:// for the page just takes you back to BP sites offering compensation forms and the like. Thanks - Peace

Anonymous said...

Its a cap and trade caper? The whole things is just been spun out of control.

One, crude oil isnt toxic per say. Yes having a few glass of it for breakfast isnt so hot, but its not even a local environment killer. The wetlands will return.

The spill could have been stopped long ago.

The hipe over whats next without any real reporting of the facts should be enough to see this is a media feeding frezzy. If people worry about the gulf, they wont pay atention to what happening up on capital hill?

Last, if the darn thing was going to blow, it would have already.

Just guessing, but we all saw the forming of architect and ploits into a 911 truth movement. I think we will see the same with the spill. The science behide the news is just hog wash?

Love Your Life

brian boru said...

You hit the nail on the head, Vis. I knocked the dark thing from the back of my head years ago. However, it didn't bring me peace of mind. In fact, I have been more aggravated ever since as I understand what the monsters are doing and can't stop them. Every day they do or say something which irritates the scar where the black thing used to be attached. How do you overcome that?

Visible said...


As I said in the post at the end, they replaced it with something. It's like when someone puts the ineffable in that hole in their heart.

Visible said...

Wayne's not usually wrong and that's why I think the Gulf incident is all too horrifyingly real. this ties in directly to The Shape of Things to Come report as well.

June 23, 2010 -- Government insiders: Get ready for the Gulf "dead zone"

Bad news concerning the Gulf oil disaster continues to come from WMR's federal government sources in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Emergency planners are dealing with a prospective "dead zone" within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster datum in the Gulf.

A looming environmental and population displacement disaster is brewing in the Gulf. The oil dispersant used by BP, Corexit 9500, is seen by FEMA sources as mixing with evaporated water from the Gulf and absorbed by rain clouds producing toxic precipitation that threatens to kill all marine and land animals, plant life, and humans within a 200-mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster site in the Gulf. Adding to the worries of FEMA and the Corps of Engineers is the large amounts of methane that are escaping from the cavernous grotto of oil underneath the Macondo drilling area of Gulf of Mexico.

On a recent visit to the Gulf coast, President Obama vowed that the Gulf coast will "return to normal." However, federal officials dealing with the short- and long-term impact of the oil disaster report that the "dead zone" created by a combination of methane gas and Corexit toxic rain will force the evacuation and long-term abandonment of cities and towns within the 200-mile radius of the oil volcano.

Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula.

The toxic rain from the Gulf is expected to poison fresh water reservoirs and lakes, streams, and rivers, which will also have a disastrous impact on agriculture and livestock, as well as drinking water, in the affected region.

FEMA officials also claim that the $20 billion compensation fund set aside by BP is not nearly enough to offset the costs of the disaster. The FEMA sources say the disaster will cost well in excess of $1 trillion, and likely closer to $2-3 trillion.

Anonymous said...

Forgot in my hurried post earlier to thank you. -Para
Your advice to Deb is beautiful.
My state of mind was similar to Deb's when I first came across you, glancingly, but I didn't start reading you regularly until a couple of years ago, when I was getting desperate about the state of this planet and its inhabitants, especially the weak and helpless.

What you gave me was the establishing of a firm faith, and the reviving of courage. Also, awakening the ability to see the Divine, beauty, and enjoyment in all things, from sparrows and ducklings, clouds and rain, to pain and suffering, in practical terms, not as a theoretical construct. To gain serenity.

I had had ,some years ago, had an experience when I saw everything laid out before me, and could understand that all was just and proper, but I had forgotten that experience.

Your integrity promoted trust. You did not mind showing your weaknesses, were not mealy-mouthed and holier-than-thou. You were unwavering in your conviction. And knew whereof you spoke, being well-informed from both your direct experience and your reading.

The fact that I don't know much about popular culture anywhere, and miss practically all the allusions to it - films, songs, trends, etc - is not a big drawback.

You also create iridescent crystals with your choice of words. A gift. Fun. Enjoyable.

I hope all who feel hopeless and discouraged can be helped by you, the way I've been helped.

Many, many thanks. I wonder at times what it will be like to meet you either on this plane or another. This is a strange set-up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vixen said...

Out with old general and in with the somewhat new general betrayus…….and that appears to be a sign of something much more to come……

For the dozens of people who caught it, yes, this is what we alluded to in the "Shape of Things to Come" report of March 22, 2010 (page 36) in which this expectation set was laid out:
"The [panic (visible) in politicians) will escalate over Summer and Fall, and will include some [faux pas (mal mots/bad words)] on the part of a [ranking general] here in the USofA. This will be a very very very important temporal market for the aware observer. Following this [visible] marker of [bad words]. significant [displacements[ can be expected to begin occurring for large parts of the [populace/usofa] due to several manifesting circumstances. If there was ever a need for a 'bug out bag', the days following this temporal marker will be it."

Dave Klausler said...

"The job pays the bills and allows them to do the other things they like..."

Thank you Michael

WV: adjoy


Anonymous said...

Once again, all glory and millions of thanks to Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and their many friends and relatives. They all advised me, consoled me, asked if wouldn't I please take that shortcut, and I did and man o man am I happy I did!

What is it about that shortcut, those three words, which the anti-humans/anti-spiritual simply cannot abide to hear?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les for your wisdom.
How did you know I love to dance! and bang! LOL
Love you, Debs.

Anonymous said...

Spit it out man!

The word you are looking for is 'Holy' as in Holier than thou, or Holy War.



Holy War?

Anything coming back to you yet?



Visible said...

Gee, you know, I still can't remember. I wouldn't want to imply that something I can't remember might have never happened at all because I know that anything that happened surely must have happened but... since I can't remember I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you send Deb some of that fantastic shit you're snorting, she seems a little confused/dejected.

On another note General McChrystal was releived of command by Obongo's handlers, now if only Obongo and the rest of those McChrystal denigrated could meet the same fate. I just hope to hell the general laid it on the line for monkey boy. Like, why are you so afraid of the truth. As you once said the fact is everything is a lie. Wasn't it admiral Fallon who said something like general Petraeus (McChrystal's replacement) had his nose up every ass in Washinton. Fallon was also sacked for his views on Iran.

Well, hells bells, back to reading about the oil volcano. Wonder if they will need to put all those black plastic coffins to use.


Visible said...

As I understand it, which may not be very much, McChrystal is a fine tactician and a real general and Petraeus is an Eisenhower type for whom the war was a photo op and a chance to screw good looking female aides. One's military and the other is political.

McChrystal's shortcomings aside I think he knew how this conflict is going to go. Heck, I know how it's going to go and who am I? I think it's possible McChrystal worked this scenario in order to get gone from blameland in the aftermath.

My take is that under Petraeus whatever can go wrong will. He comes off as a gladhanding type that likes to wear his dress uniform to important dinners. This is just what Washington needs anyway because all of them are the same type of person.

McChrystal, being a soldier has to have been wounded by the rank and files perception of him. That probably stung more than anything else. A real general values the opinion of the men under him more than anything else. So... just another scenario like the others appearing here today.

presence said...

Here is a link to the Asphalt Volcano speculation article + interesting formation-information:
Nice Gulf-Seafloor-TopoGraphics:
Corexit on homes + cover of night:
James Fox: 2 interviews: the Veritas show:
love + light + breath + laugh/cry

Anonymous said...

Here's another blog with a similar understanding of events in Afghanistan.

bholanath said...

Isn't McChrystalmeth the guy who ran the 'Joint Special Operations Command' (JSOC) - 'working the dark side' under Darth-boy - death-squads, civilian-terror, assassinations, overseeing the black torture camps, etc etc?
I'm sure pleased at what we got for our $trillion$, aren't you?
I don't know about 'tacticians' but they all sound to me like a pack of psychopaths.
It's what Obomber, at the time, called "fresh thinking" - spreading the Iraq 'strategy' country-wide in Afghanistan.
Just my opinion.
Can we please just find another galaxy for the lot of them?
Thanks, Ma.

Anonymous said...

well they must be neally their by now
them fleets of ships who headed out
a couple more days I dont know
off to stir a war to show
that they're are chosen
the most supreme
but underneath they are just fiends
playing chess with peoples lives
to pocket gold and all things nice
but they forgot that last thing
the way things go
the way things spring
I was reading about solar flare's
how they come unawares
and the way things are for elites
alls not well
what if the ships and submarines all fell
on the moment of battle
nothing in them worked at all
I did hear something like this
at school
well I dont know
elite have a think
all them murders lies
rapes you bring
if I was you I would clear my head
you maybe suffering terrible dread
and I would to if I was you
but I'm not I stand by truth.

..peace and mighty love to all..

Anonymous said...

I always like reading your stuff because it feels like HOME.


Anonymous said...

I knew how it was going to work out the minute they decided to go to war, just like Vietnam, a lot of dead on both sides, areas of the earth polluted not with agent orange this time but DU. I agreed with Scott Ritter they would come home with their tails between their legs. Arms tycoons and drug, rehabilitation clinics, prosthetic device people would all make money.

Only this time they may not come home but go up in smoke.

How far off was I?

Does it take generals and military people to figure this out? I think the average cab driver in podunk had the same opinion.

It won't stop either until the guys fighting it say they have had enough. One big reason the Vietnam war stopped. People within the army starting shooting each other. That is when they moved away from the draft.

We are right now being attacked by a foreign army (the queen's BP} and where are the troops? Over across the world. What the hell use is an army that can't defend you?

Anonymous said...

flying eagle
charging bull
roaring river
thunder scrawl
mighty rain
sacred wind
color sprinkle
lightning spin
open waken
living light
beam through liver
open rise
sacred heart
of solar might
cosmic ray
greatness ignite
strike on light
through the waves
across the seas
heaven raise
blaze across
the starry sky
with solar waves multiply
rise inside
lightning clout
flames spring
feather out


Anonymous said...

spinning rainbow
spiral feather
beaming strands
of higher weather
higher nature
flowing flower
true lip iris
rainbow power
risen light
river roll
throug the hearts
of all that grow
flower essence
stirred by cheifs
medicine maker
make some peace


European American said...

And the "Gusher in the Gulf" will eventually show up on the beautiful shores of the coast of Italy.

It may take a while, but it's coming. At least, that's the plan.

(Won't need super tankers anymore. Just carry a bucket down to the beach and Viola!, fuel for the oil lamp)

Visible said...

It is less likely that the oil will reach Italy than almost anywhere else because to do that it has to go through the straits of Gibraltar which is narrow in comparison to almost anything else except the Suez and Panama canals (grin). Actions can be taken here that would be impossible in most other locales

I'm missing the point though. Did I unwittingly provide some sort of smugness that encouraged this? Even though I am not in Italy now and even though I may never get back there again given the world situation? Seriously inquisitive so that I can at least apologize.

Visible said...

A little more of the Wayne Madsen report.>

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,..Oil Companies and Mining Companies have pulled off a Coup d'état here in Australia!

Coup d'état n., pl., coups d'état (kū'), or coup d'états (dā-täz').
The sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority.

Julia Gillard and her Cabal of usurpers have overthrown the decision of Australians to employ Kevin Rudd as our Prime Minister for a term of service of FOUR(4) years! Not at the time that Gillard and her bought and paid for cronies of the corporate criminals decide our Government should change!
This TREASON on the part of the hidden power hungry manipulators behind the scenes cannot go un-punished by the Australian People.
I am no fan of RUDD, look at the criticisms of Rudd throughout my Blog. I am however a supporter of the Parliamentary process – I am not a Democrat – democracies are vulnerable to take-overs by power-hungry self-interest groups like the corporate criminals that have influenced these traitors in Canberra to steal the prime-ministership of this Country – HELLO!

We need a Constitutional Republic.

We need a Bill of Rights.

Australia is the ONLY western ‘Democracy’ that does not have a BILL of RIGHTS!



WE do not want our society governed by a gang of FORIEGNERS exploiting a ‘Climate’ scam as a means of taxing our wages and policing our lives.

MINING companies and Oil Companies should pay their taxes like ordinary Australians – to say that they put massive investments into our communities and so therefore should be exempt is a RIDICULOUS and SPURIOUS lie!

By Gillard’s reasoning every Australian that purchases products here in Australia is investing in the employment of staff and commercial development in our communities and should therefore be exempt from Taxes!





Just one of a Cast of millions, and so it goes...

New Reader said...

@ m_astera

Before you brush away the SOTT team, take a look at this link


or google "Are Russian Jews Descended from the Khazars? Cassiopaea forum".

Their forum link is in the right upper-hand corner of the SOTT page.
That is where you can access a _LOT_ of meaty topics they don't put on their news page.

SOTT news from what I've seen and read in the forums, is the real world skin 'n' bones no BS reporting. Just the facts (sometimes with commentary) jack.

I think for SOTT, it isn't so much that Les Vis is persona non grata as is...he is persona non grata (sardonic smile)

SOTT and Laura Knight-Jadcyzk have repeatedly stated they do not endorse violence and drug use (outside of moderate alcohol and nicotine usage)

aside from that, I do very much agree that ALL of these guys should've given a proper explaination. It's the polite thing to do

m_astera said...

As with Dave McGowan's take on who was behind rock and roll in the sixties, so with the idea that the Macondo leak is a setup or a red herring. Just because I am willing to entertain the idea and make room for the concept in my head doesn't mean I'm convinced.

But maybe it IS just an excuse to spray neurological toxins on the populace.

On my personal shock scale, the news that the evil clowns had attacked the Gaza aid ships had more immediate impact than the Macondo blowout. That news was like a punch in the solar plexus.

I didn't see anything relating to the attack on the aid flotilla mentioned in the web-bots screed from May 19th. Did I miss something?

European American said...

No, I'm just pissed off with how my picture postcard world is imploding in on itself. I don't really care to hear or read about social or economic issues at the moment. It's my problem, no one else's. Had I done what I was capable of doing long ago, this "gusher in the gulf" might not have taken place.

Then there's the bits and pieces I ferreted out of Nicholas Carr's book "The Shallows," which seems to have added an edge to everything, of late.

As much as my world has been revolving around the Internet, I'm just getting plain sick of tapping into it. It seems to have lost it's charm. And rather than any form of nourishment, it's become the electronic vampire that overshadows my Bliss.

Visible said...

New Reader;

I've got a couple of questions. First, what is your connection to SOTT? There has to be one.

Second, what has violence got to do with me. I was at their chateau in France and the only violence I saw was Laura's daughter saying she could kick my ass over and over while I was demonstrating some martial arts techniques in slow motion on someone.

Secondly, when I was there they had an impressive liquor collection of which most imbibed liberally so that by the end of the evening nearly everyone was drunk. I take it that alcohol is okay but the use of other mind altering substances used less than ten times a year is not okay. This despite the fact that alcohol kills more people in one year than all drugs have over a century

Meanwhile most of them smoke as well. I'd like this double standard explained and also an explanation for why my posts, the vast majority of which never mention drugs (and please don't mention this post as it is an obvious parody. I only wish I had something like that)were made verboten.

Many people discovered me at that site and many wrote me wondering why I was no longer there. I never answered that even though I knew.

Gee... someone disapproves of my exercising my freedom of choice which they trumpet as their anthem and yet fail to practice in actuality; all while encouraging me to embrace their causes at Facebook as if we were friends.

I've always been warm toward them and never criticized them. I could find plenty if I wanted to but why would I?

The worst of it is that people will criticize what they don't experience and judge anothers experiences which they aren't present for as if they had some sort of divine prescience.

I've been courteous to them and even tempered; never hassled them for cutting me adrift, tolerated their bogus excuses about why they didn't print me any more. It never mattered to me that much anyway except for failing to tell me the truth which I had to learn from a disgruntled member who sought me out after leaving them. And I missed whatever Michael had to say. I only saw what Rick said.

I bear them no ill will, I just think they're immature as far as understanding certain basic principles of existence. one of these is to consider the message independent of the individual choices of the writer which don't find their way into print. If I started listing exceptional people who changed the world while imbibing in their personal activities I would still be listing them at dawn. it's childish is what it is.

So the end result is that I am slandered (par for the course) while nothing is said about them by me except for these general observations a long time coming.

This is just to set the record straight and I have several good friends connected to them who will bear out every word I have said and then some. The 'and then some' is what you don't get from me.

Visible said...

European American;

I'm sorry to hear that. it's weighing very heavily on a great many people at the moment. I take comfort in knowing that is going to ease at some point.

I always enjoyed your showing up and having something to say and I regret that I may be missing that in the future. That's a sincere statement from my heart. You've been coming around here for years. hang in there. We win. I've already seen the last reel of the film; at least I think I have. Remember, our despair is something they are counting on heavily.

European American said...

Vis, you've been a Lighthouse for all of us. I do enjoy coming to your abode, here, kicking back and gathering and soaking in the multitude of awakened perspectives, with yours brightly leading the way.

With that being said, it may also be that this Saturday's lunar eclipse followed by July 11th's solar eclipse could be an intense time for all of us. As my friend told me regarding the Lunar eclipse-"This eclipse takes place in Mula nakshatra, which is symbolized by roots tied up in a bunch. This is a healing nakshatra, so during the eclipse care should be taken with medicines. This is not a good time to start new treatments. The Shakti of Mula is the Power of Destruction. This is a good time to avoid doing anything risky or dangerous either physically or financially. It would be good to be extra cautious for a period of 6 days on either side of the eclipse. On the other hand, this is a good time for getting rid of unwanted elements in your life, cleaning house, and disposing of old baggage. The mantra for this eclipse is Om Shri Mula Nakshatra Devataye Namah."

And the Solar eclipse- "This is a particularly powerful eclipse occuring in Punarvasu Nashatra. Punarvasu's Shakti is the power to create prosperity. It is symbolized by a quiver of arrows. This is a good time to avoid any financial risks and it may produce some fluctuations for financial markets in general. This period is also prone to military actions since the quiver of arrows is a symbol of weapons. Eclipses in general are always a good time to remain quiet, eat lighter, and meditate more. The mantra for this eclipse is Om Shri Punarvasu Nakshatra Devataye Namah"

Visible said...

My first reaction to the entirety of that was, God told me I was going to be rich in many ways soon. This must be when it happens (grin).

I just got a stressed letter from someone who has two small children and is in a metro area and is experiencing a crisis of faith. he asked for my prayers and he has had them. Here's what I said to him. I'm reprinting it because it falls right into line with our conversation here and the manufactured despair that weighs on all of us,


You are having a crisis of faith and therefore you are doubting not only God's ability to help you but also his willingness. You know all the things I am about to tell you but have placed yourself in a position where you have misplaced them (grin).

God is immediate and right there. God is more real than you are and none of us are real except to the degree that we believe in and trust God. This is hard for you because you are not sure that you can trust God with your children. You think there must be something you can do that God has overlooked. Maybe he's busy? (grin)

I will certainly pray for you and I believe God will answer that prayer very soon because God answers all sincere prayer and especially those we make for others out of the sincerity and love in our hearts.

It wouldn't matter how many emails I get that I would not have time for you.

Let's simplify your situation. First off, you cannot assure your safety and that of your children personally and you know that and that is why you are uneasy. You have to surrender that to God and you know this. At the same time you can take all sorts of positive action knowing that God will provide and guide. You know this. Where does your faith and belief in God come from otherwise?

I would certainly agree with the need to get out of a metro area if you can because that is where the chaos will concentrate most heavily. However, you must know that God protects his own no matter where they are.

Rash and hasty decisions are unnecessary and also an indication of a lack of faith. How has this lack of faith come upon you at this time. Why is there this frantic internal pressure and why the need to flee as if that were the solution? It is because the forces of darkness are broadcasting this message on various wave lengths into the human psyche.

Whatever attachments we have; subliminal fear, uncertainty, unrefined passions and surfacing of atavistic apprehensions are magnets for the murky broadcasts of those seeking to enslave and overpower us through the agency of our weaknesses.

Who is stronger than them and all of our weaknesses everywhere in everyone? Who is stronger than all of this multiplied against itself? The divine is. You can only go in two directions; toward more fear and uncertainty and into harm's way or into the sanctuary of the believing and trusting heart.

Step back and step within and let the timelessness of God's love wash through you. Trust. Trust like a child and like your children trust in you. There is no difference in this except that God's love is much greater than your own. if you can get a copy of The Impersonal Life or The Practice of the Presence of God then do so and read it. Read your new testament and you will find God's words as you need them.

What you are feeling is being sent out from the center of darkness in order to trap human souls through their vulnerabilities, Put on the whole armor of God. Reach within because however great the confusion is without that is how great the clarity is within. You are fighting with external appearances instead of surrendering to the victor in all things. The battle is already over. God already won. We are living in the echo.

Open your heart to the one that resides within and share in that victory. Be celebratory, not apprehensive. Have that calm certitude. is not God in complete control of everything? Is he not? Then what is the problem? The problem is always us. God is not the problem. God is the solution.



New Reader said...

@ Les Vis.

Thank you for responding. My connection with them is limited as a Cassiopaean Forum member named Arctodus. (you may choose to remove my moniker or not.) I do not donate monies or contribute much except in forum discussions.

I was seeking Truth long before I stumbled upon them. First regarding the MSM Fairytale regarding HIV?AIDS (the question mark is intentional, you can find out more at Newaidsreview, or the Brent Leung Docu "House of Numbers" if you so choose).

After that, I can across them and some other sites which for the past several years have rapidly peeled away a LOT of scales.

My apologies for insulting you. For what it is worth, I accept that certain members of the SOTT group are childish and condemnative as well as grandiose and with many personal flaws. I guess that will be part of their "lessons" (wry smile)
Perhaps part of my lesson is to allow myself to see a "sacred cow" poked and prodded to see the way it is actually going, not where I'd imagine it to be.

God Bless, your words are an inspiration, though I am too much of a literalist.

Anonymous said...

I would like to second what les said
and also may the guiding light fill your heart with the warmth and light of forever living love that you are
...peace neil..

Visible said...

New Reader;

Well, for my part I apologize for being too candid and applaud the fact that you are and unquestionably honest and sincere as well.

I suppose it irks me a little when I have never been anything but welcoming and supportive of those folks and never got high around them and only mention my drug experiences when being truthful requires it and I never counsel people to follow my example in this regard. I don't promote such activity but I will not allow anyone to tell me what to do except the divine. Period. I'm firm on that (must be those chicks outside my door last night -grin-)

This is a great way to sign off tonight as I really appreciated your non combative response. You are the genuine article. Have you seen my friend psychegram who found this site through SOTT? I haven't heard from him in awhile and he was a valued contributor.

Night all... almost 4 AM here.

Anonymous said...


Les I am getting the hang of word press. I can hot link now. This is going to take some time though. It is a bit slow for me compared to google.

I managed to gets some links to what I call my "inner circle." LOL

long john said...

I am very much with Les here... everything is under the control of the ineffable divine - God - and i am absolutely sure of this. and you can be sure of it too. cast aside your doubts and allow it all to be revealed to you.

yes, the key is to abide with the light from within. the light within shines incorruptible and everlasting, and will guide your passage through all that is to soon come to pass.

and it will all come to pass, this i know for certain. why? because Les and i have already been there, in our future, after the dawn of the new aeon. it is already a reality, and you need only to forget this illusory veil of the dark past that presently obscures what God, the ineffable divine, has already made to be.

yes, the whole world is about to be transformed. the shadows of darkness and evil are vanishing as the light shines once again. the darkness is but an absence of light... yet there is no absence of light. there is only The Light. there is only God. so doubt not, and be not afraid. hold to the light alone. if you abide in The Light, then no thing can ever harm you or keep you away from the infinite glory of God's Divine Love and Presence.

forget yourself, and you will remember God. you are not who you think you are. simply allow God to be you, to live in and through you. that is who you are and have always been, so why resist it? surrender, and become revealed and transformed into God.

and last but not least, i would like to offer these videos so as to bring more love and inspiration, and encourage faith, certitude, and determination in the unfolding divine reality:

"Be the Change" -- by MC Yogi:

"Give Love" -- by MC Yogi:

"Ganesh is Fresh" -- by MC Yogi:

Be the Change (that you want to see in the world):

Zellie said...

I haven't been able to understand all that is written here, but I come back to listen, learn...think...rest...imbibe, share dreams, discuss spirit, know God. I come here to remember what I forgot a long long time ago...and now it is necessary not only to remember but to practice faith in God. I'm 50 now, but when I was 19 and kicked out of the house, the only one to have been kicked out, the 5th of 9...that kick out was a blessing...it was "go now," "go stand on your own two feet, make a way in the world, go forth, go live your life." I left with my clothes and a very old on its last legs car...I remember those days like yesterday for that struggle that ensued, and those decisions made gave me the strength to know that it isn't what you have or even what you don't have that makes you what you are....the many spiritual experiences I have have - not one came through any drugs of any way shape or form...they came through love...the love for others...and the search for God....that love opened doors, and the perserverence built character and the character gained faith and the faith grew strength...and time moved on...and now that I am 50...165 miles from the Texas GOM....I have wondered...can I re-live again with my old car and my clothes, and a few other things and go? I tell myself, "it is not what you have or do not have that makes you who you are." One more thing is for sure, there will be a lot of companions on our moving path - we are not alone....we will help each other - look for me and I will look for you. God...is in charge.


m_astera said...

new reader-

It's a little confusing to readers when you reply on this thread to a comment I posted on another thread.

But anyway.

The essence of my comment re SOTT was that they publish articles by the following Jewish disinfo agents, as if they were credible reporters and worthy of respect:

Noam Chomsky
James Petras
Stephen Lendman

What they all have in common is that they have never had a good word to say about Western civilization, yet they give high praise to anyone who bashes Western civilization. Anyone, from Kim Jong Il to Qadaffi, doesn't matter, as long as it makes the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, western Europe, and the people and societies of those countries look bad. I get pretty sick of that, especially when it is combined with heaping praise on despicable tyrants and psychopaths. And when most of the truly awful things these Jews criticize are actually the creation of Jews. Why is that never pointed out?

This is just typical Jewish fifth-column treason aimed at whatever society has given them a home. Why don't the editors at SOTT have the discernment to see this? I submit that is probably because whoever is in charge of the day-to-day editing at SOTT is a crypto-Jew psychopath, and Laura doesn't have the descernment to realize as much.

A couple of years ago I signed up to comment at SOTT, largely because I disagreed with some of their editorializing and thought I could share a different perspective. What I discovered was that if I posted a comment contrary to their POV, I was either subject to ad hominem attack or my comment was deleted. No one bothered to debate or refute any of my comments. Within a week I was banned from commenting.

What was unusual about being banned is that SOTT is the ONLY website, forum, group, or blog from which I have ever been banned. They were not interested in debate or a different POV. I still skim the news there a couple of times a week, and know what? There are no contrary comments, no contrary points of view. How nice for them.

Another somewhat interesting point is that the only hard science that gets posted at SOTT is mainstream science that Ark agrees with. Ever see a link to thunderbolts.info there? No, and you won't. Alternative viewpoints are not welcome.

It's their own little private clusterfuck; no dissent allowed.

While I'm at it, one more point: What's with all the bashing of the concept of creating reality? Is Laura really that naive and closed minded that she has never noticed that focused intent is what DOES create reality? How does she think this reality we are experiencing came into being?

OK, I'm done. Apologies to everyone at Smoking Mirrors for dragging this in here. It wouldn't have happened if I could have posted it to SOTT.

WV: antfile :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, something I have noticed. All those people with those things hanging off the back of their heads, they sure don't like it when they see people who don't have that thing hanging off the back of their head. :)

Peace bro,


nobody said...

Hey Les, how are you? I've been away for a while but only because I went mad etc.

But never mind all that, a fellow who frequents my place (perhaps here too, I'm not sure) Idiot Savant has pointed me at a thing he found regarding the oil disaster in the Gulf that's pretty extraordinary. Seems it was all predicted over a hundred years ago by one of the gang that likes to make such things happen. Have a look.

Visible said...

Heh heh... "Ganesh is Fresh" I got the sudden image of Ganesh with a drink in one hand and the other on some woman's shapely ass.

Yes John, we did do that didn't we. We went into the future. I have thought down the years that it's all been echoing back and now, we are there at the beginning of it and the end was fantastic.

I remember how clear the upper astral was in the beginning; unspoiled, wide open and vast and stretching away forever. After Manson and all that San Francisco Satanism along with the sexual duplicities it started to look like the Haight did when I went back in '69 after I got out of prison; hadn't been there since the summer of love. What a train wreck of the most promising culture I ever saw. I bought peace and love so hard that I never looked for anything else after.

It was a dark and littered place with hippies, now junkies, courtesy of the CIA.

Before that, you could run into God having a spot of human experience on a near empty beach or watch a flying saucer land right in front of you as one did for Douglas and I.

It's coming back. The avatar has got an enormous push broom and he's sweeping the inner planes clear. That's one reason it's so nuts down here because serious nogoodnicks from those locations are hijacking the bodies of those who fell asleep at the wheel and they're joyriding like demons on a dragstrip to Hell. Like a twisted out of shape James Dean in "Demon without a Cause".

"We hold these truths to be self evident". one reason so few people can see them because there's no self evident.

Washington D. C. was such a great place to take all those fabulous Owsley acids; purple microdot, vitamin C green smear, white light and then The Brotherhood of Light Christmas barrel acid, orange and green. Michael Green buried a bunch of it up at the Stone Circle in Wittenberg where we used to have those replicas of Leary's Millbrook 'sessions'... "Om Amitabha" all night.

Then there was window pane which I ate 4 of and then a whole page of some other stuff Douglas had out at the Oakwood's Farm place (or was that Oak Ridge?)

After thrashing on the ground in the parking lot and heaving up everything in my stomach I was in the front yard and down came Sandra with a sleeping bag. That was not the moment for romance if there ever was one.


Lukiftian said...

Another outstanding post. I'm still digesting the epic left at Visible Origami... good work.

Visible said...

I remember now that you and Sandra were hanging out together for awhile later on down the road. Was that so or did I dream it? First time I've remembered that in I don't know how long.

Then there was the incredible Mr. Natural acid on blotter and the blue and orange STP. I peaked for about 10 hours on that and tripped for 3 days. I never wanted any more of that stuff. (grin)

I remember all the character actors in our movie but not their names. I remember when you were hanging out with that heir to MGM who got trussed up with coat hangers and executed for playing loose with serious drug dealers.

Rememeber 'wheat germ'? The guy who always had his nose stuck in a jar of that and water in Philadelphia?

I called David Mowry up a few years ago just to say hello and he kept saying, "Why are you calling?" and I kept saying, "To say Hello and see how you're doing." and he kept on saying it and then, "But it's been years, why are you calling now"? He sounded like a cranky old man who didn't want to be reminded of something; probably who he was.

Remember our restaurant at 5 Rock City Road and my spiritual occult bookstore in Woodstock, The Ajna Bookstore? How about the time our plane got hijacked out of Albuquerque and I made friends with the hijackers and they sat with me and it turned out we both new this girl in Taos? I begged them to take me to Cuba with them but they wouldn't. Billy sent me an article a few years ago about how they were still living there but one of them had died. the Washington Post published my poem in praise of them; "and they flew into the blue Caribbean..."

I wish you would have been able to visit me in Petersburg Reformatory (gladiator school) when Billy and Douglas came. I had a major kundalini experience when I got there and wound up having the run of the prison and being visited by everyone including the warden who used to come by to play chess with me. Ian Fralich was there. he couldn't figure that out at all.

I made a big cone hat that I wore with pictures of the Beatles and The Maharishi on it and "Grand Imperial Dragon" inscribed on it. I had no idea what it meant at the time. I got so strong from being in a constant state of dynamic tension that I could kick the tile walls with the sole of my foot and make it ring like a gong and put the strongest guy down on to the ground like he was a baby.

John Reed was there smoking a big cigar and being evil like he liked to do. I had all these siddhis. It was wild.

Remember how doubting Douglas flew all the way out to California to check out the Man on the Beach story on that obscure beach, Lime Kilm Creek in Big Sur and actually ran into that guy and his girlfriend who had been there at the time. Things like that were always happening to corroborate events.

I remember walking through that haunted Indian burial ground way outside Palm Springs in the dead of the night after a cop car had shown up just before dark and taken my companion away even though he knew that both of us had been in jail that afternoon. What the Hell was he doing on that road anyway? 15 miles from the highway the massive jinns showed up and I learned one of my most important lessons about infernal beings. It was so freaky that I had no choice but to turn to them and say, in my best Man on the Beach voice, "Hello my friends!" and it worked!!! They howled and wailed around me all the way to the highway. Now that's true intoxication and I hadn't had anything in awhile.

I remember when all that Cocaine flowed into out scene and Shelley Zinn kept giving me several ounces at a time because he liked me. Bob Boone and I used to go to his apartment in NYC and he'd show us the dozens of kilos in his closet. Then Boone and I went to see Super Fly (grin)


Visible said...

Just tripping down memory lane.

You used to walk around with this corona of light around your head and pick up people in your slipstream that would follow you anywhere.

Philadelphia where I hooked up with DJ, arguably one of the most beautiful and cosmic women I ever met. All these follow the rules guys were having daylight wet dreams about her for weeks and five minutes after we saw each other we were gone... heh heh. Michael Quinn probably still hasn't forgiven me for the embers never getting banked in that affair. All these guys waving money at her as if you could buy someone like that with mere cash.

Remember the extra dimensional trips in R Street park and Rock Creek Park? (is that the name?) when serpents would coil out of and around everything and that fiery alphabet like the Chaldean Flame Alphabet that the Hebrews stole were written into everything as if they were the vibrational code that held it all together?

Doug's brother turns out to be Britt Hume. The Greek God Howard Coon who was one of the most splendid of friends. I saw him in a movie last year that I downloaded off the net; blew my mind. Andy and Frenchie, best of friends, Frenchie gets hit by a car in Georgetown and then Andy has half an ounce or more of Cocaine leak out of the balloons into his stomach. he ran all the way to the hospital naked but it was too late.

Remember late night Britts? on Wisconsin? How about Eric Cafritz. he used to follow me around at 13 and then went on to Berkeley where he won all those awards, became a lawyer and probably is still in France working for the elite. I remember him coming to Billy's apartment at the Watergate and being so important. It was a shame and you couldn't tell him anything. He knew everything.

I got near zero sleep last night and feel fresh as a daisy (so they say about daisies but never mention people pushing them up out of the grave). A new event is about to go down. I was told in advance anyway. This should be amusing because some of it is going to go down in the birthplace of Zionism, Basel Switzerland.

Remember the Be ins at P Street Park? I remember tripping at the Mall and seeing right through the Washington Monument and realizing that it was all hollow and illusory. Most people who are not Washintonians are unaware of the Martha Washington Monument close by which is a five hundred foot hole in the ground.

I remember looking at the Sgt Pepper's album and seeing that Beatles actually said Beat Les... heh heh...

Ah well, that's enough for now.

Visible said...

I can just see Michael Astera over at SOTT, all exuberant to share all that knowledge that he paid so much for in effort and human cost trying to understand why they were treating him the way they did.

I can just see you with the irrefutable arguments shaking your head and wondering what the Hell is going on. We're a strange crowd. They don't want us anywhere but here.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Real, Encased in Light, Encased in Light.>

long john said...

Les, my dearest old friend,

first of all, i love you more than i could ever express in words.

second, thanks for that extended trip into memory loka. there was so much there that i could not begin to comment on.... except to say yes, i remember just about all of those times. really. and btw, i would sincerely like to fill you in and elaborate on many of those and other incidents that you mentioned, and also many other things that happened during those years. i have been wanrting to compare notes with your for three or four decades. i have had the idea to do that for a long time. and right now sort of seems to be appropriate. especially since it connects on particular levels to the events in your life over the past 6 months. i have wanted to fill you in on some of the more significant incidents where you were involved, or that which happened elsewhere but were still connnected to you in some way. of it will take me a few days. it may be too long to post here, so i will send it to your gmail. i will also try to put a few things here for other readers -or- perhaps you can select a few recollections that you like, and tell me, and i will post them here for other readers. all of that stuff back in those days involved various levels of paranormal reality, so i hope it won't be too involved endeavor for me. there is quite a lot of ground to cover. i wish we could just talk in person or by phone, it would be so much easier. or, we could do a private chat room on Paltalk, on a particular date and time. that would save the overseas phone cost. which sort of brings me to the third thing...

i have a book that i want you to have a copy of. it is a somehat rare book (1948), but there are still some original printings available. i have had two of them myself for many years, and i plan to acquire a couple more copies. i would like to send one to you. imo, it is important that you read this book at this time. i will tell you more and fill you on it via email. i donlt want to mnention it here until you have at least one copy of it in your possesion. i will need to have a post-mail address where i can mail it to you. so please email me, or else look for my email which i will send to you in the next day or two.

know (and don't ever forget) that you are always in my heart and in my thoughts.

also, if i didn't have certain responsibilites where i am, and i could get away, i would not hestiate to come and hang with you for an intense week or two. and you know it would be outrageous. you can come and stay here too, and i wish you would, but i doubt that you want to set foot in the States anymore.

anyway, all that was once the strange and beautiful transcendent magickal-mystical visions we once shared, is now coming into view on the horizon and is about to arrive. we have been waiting for this to come into full manifestion for nearly our entire lives... which was actually one infinite timeless moment.

one love always, jad

Visible said...


Yes, it approaches now, within and without. it is overwhelming and compelling and totally without fear. Nothing I can have or did say does it justice. Jut send me your phone number. I'm not concerned about long distance fees. They aren't that great.

You have the wherewithall to fly over so that's in your court. I may come to the U.S. but that will be something I am told to do. Otherwise complications will arise. You know my history there and I will be myself regardless.

I'm free all summer as far as I know except for Susanne's little trips when I have to be here which means I'm still here. I want to take that two week houseboat trip down the Danube to Romania. It would be nice if we could get a crew together.

Someone sent me a hundred dollars almost a year ago to buy Carl Jung's Red Book. It took Amazon a long time to find a copy but it was here when I got back from Italy. Now unfortunately I can't remember who sent it to me and I am unable to thank them. Hopefully they see this. The size of the book is something else.

Are you still at the omshanti email address? I'll send you my address in that case, just say yay or nay.

I'd have to say we did it up proper no less than Kerouac and Cassidy... running his heart out on a railroad line. Of course, we weren't in the same approach mode or dimension.

As Billy would say, "We stole some horses". I could probably get him to come over for the boat trip.

I'm expecting a windfall of coin out of the universe sometime soon and want to buy a house of the Bodensee for anyone who wants to come. It's likely to cost a couple of million but by then or when it won't since the bottom is dropping out on everything.

I keep expecting an influx of guilty multimillionaires who hope that's gonna do it for them (and it might- grin-)

I think you should just post what you have to say here. I think people are entertained by it. You just put different portions after the other like I did. I had a lot of fun running out my thoughts this morning. It's funny how I only remember a certain level of things, the mundane, the romances and the dark periods don't seem to come up; back in the shadows I suppose.

I've got an agent in India working on accommodations for a hundred people and up for the grand kumbamela in 2013. I'm hoping many readers will join me for this 3 month long incomparable journey which will also include a trip to Arunachala and the foothills of the Himalayas.

well, more later

Anonymous said...

Yes veritas6464, 1:29 AM, I don't think the 'people' wanted Rudd ousted.
I am one of wtp and I am confused as to 'why' this happened.
This may help explain
My feelings as to the 'tax thing' (of which I agree) is wait and see what Julia will do.
She has been quoted as saying the Aussie people should receive their fair share of the wealth that is taken from our land – let’s see if she 'puts the money where her mouth is'.

TheSparkle said...

Les, there is an interesting biography for you online. I found and read it last week.


You have had an interesting episode here so far. Geez, I think the most interesting person I ever met was William Colby, when I was at Georgetown.

And about SOTT. I don't think 'drugs' are why they dropped you. That might be the publicly stated reason, but you know how that goes. It's something deeper, I'm sure.

If you ever get back to the USA, please drop by. The pack wants to meet you.

wv: stashink

CarissaC. said...

Anonymous at 1:56 p.m. said: "These sites no longer carry you because of the power of your voice. [...] You also talk about God as if he actually existed (smile) and that's a no no...."

Hi Les,

When I read that it clicked. I couldn't figure out either why Rense would drop you when he seems to specialize in all things Zionism and conspiracy related, which is exactly what you talk about. But then I read this from Anonymous and realized - Ah, that's right, you discuss the spiritual. If anything, the conspiracies are just a backdrop distraction to the main spiritual show on your blogs, and like Anonymous said, that's a no-no to these conspiracy sites.

It's something I've been saying for a few years now, that these supposed "truth seeker" conspiracy websites, like the Renses, the Infowars, and all the rest forget the spiritual component and obsessively focus on gloom and doom physical 3rd density-based conspiracies. *None* of them get into the spiritual....and you have to wonder about this. I think it's by design. I've heard or read many newbies asking why those sites are "allowed" to keep going when they're exposing the truth. My answer to them for years has been, "It's because they're *not* exposing the truth. At least, not the bigger picture of what's really going on here." And that involves the spiritual component. The hyperdimensional stuff, the alien/entity/whatever they are that manipulate humanity. Of which you talk about, as well as the higher spiritual stuff. And that's why those sites are heavily promoted and linked around the web, and why yours is not. It's why they're "allowed" to keep going. It's because they're knowingly (in my opinion) keeping people in the dark and leading people astray by only giving them one part of the puzzle. They're like a one paddled boat that can only row in circles.

Anonymous said...

Les and John I think you and some of your friends could have run with a few of mine. One was a lead guitarist in a rock band. He eventually became the body guard for guru Maharaji Ji, 15 year old lord of the universe. You might remember when he rented the Houston astrodome for a party.

I remember when the boys showed up to lay it on me about the guru. They said he can produce fruit out of thin air, do you want to meet him? I said yeah sounds good to me. They became real intense and said, he is the Lord! He came from the east to the west and fulfilled the prophecy, a child shall lead them.

I said well what are we going to do about all this. They said give him everything, your house, your car everything!

Visible said...

We weren't exactly in the same business or any business at all which, might be a deal killer so i don't quite get the association. Let me hold back on that 'quite' for a moment.

I did live in a house that belonged to The Divine Light Mission when I first went to Philly though they weren't there. Maybe that was where they inserted those probes in my head that make me start dancing now and again when there's no music.

A.Mouser said...

"They're like a one paddled boat that can only row in circles."


If you don't include the spiritual you are just fumbling at the lock with a key that will never open the door.


Anonymous said...

That is it Les Divine Light Mission and the premies.

They were found mostly in every large city, just rented the largest house they could find and all moved in.

When I was in jacksonville about 30 of them showed up to spend the night along with a mahatma, safron robe in a limosine.

The neighbors were pretty much convinced I was crazy after that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...


This is the first time I recall reading that you have been to the future, the new world that's aborning. Until now I'm the only one I knew of who had actually been there. I spent a few hours of a sunny day there in May of 1989, asking question at some length and detail. I had tea with an old man in his cottage surrounded by flower gardens; he sent me on to the library where I talked with the head librarian; the librarian sent me into town where I talked at great length with a young woman with two children. Most of my questions were about how things "worked" in the new world: economics, male-female relations, families, children, and government, or rather lack of it because it wasn't needed. I remember much of it clearly, but mostly I remember the intuitive "feeling" of how it all worked and that's enough to understand it.

Just a detail to make it more real: After I talked to the young woman at her home, I walked on into the village center, which was somewhat medieval in appearance, the buildings I mean. Exposed timber frame infilled with wattle and daub, stucco too, shops on the ground floor, residences above. As I stood looking around, a flatbed wagon came around the corner downhill and began approaching where I was standing. The wagon was loaded with ears of fresh corn, maize, still wrapped in green husks. Nothing was pulling the wagon, and it had no wheels. A young farmer was walking in front to the side of it and the wagon seemed to be "following" him. As he came closer I walked over to him and asked "How does that work?".

He smiled at me in a quizzical way, as if thinking "Why are you asking me this? You know how it works." That was the same quizzical smile I had seen from everyone there, as if they knew me and couldn't quite figure out why I was pretending that I didn't know all this, but were willing to play along.

The wagonload of maize had stopped right behind the young farmer, so I bent down to look underneath it, to see what I could see, but just as I did I was called back to this body and this reality. I didn't have the chance to see anything of note, maybe because there was nothing of note to be seen.

Having been there, having the memory of how that new world is much more vibrantly real than this one, even the colors, and knowing how it works so well is what has kept me keeping on all these years. I know it's there, and I know it's on the way. Finally I can see that it's starting to unfold.

The reward is going to be worth all of the effort.

Anonymous said...

Para -
Thank you for the detailed response on "soul" at the end of the previous SM post. You've clarified the logic of your model.

Some animals have been observed to show altruism and self-sacrifice, not just on behalf of their young, but for the sake of humans. They also have memory of some depth.

I cannot wait to cross over and find out how things really are. According to discarnates, and to Robert Monroe from his out-of-body experiences, our creative power extends into the afterlife. We find ourselves, they say, where we expected to be, including in a state of inanimation, if our belief was that we'd sleep till the last trumpet sounded.

You've just described an OBE you had. Fascinating. Monroe also describes going into the future in one of his books.
Here are two recordings of the British medium Leslie Flint in
1962 with Rudolph Valentino, the silent screen actor, coming through (among other things, talking about his passing and spiritual values), and 1964, the British actress Ellen Terry coming through (touching on the difficulty of communicating).
The voices are different.

LV, thanks, as always. And thank you for continuing this mode of communicating.

Anonymous said...

Funny I read Les' article today. This is what I said to my crazy ultra christian right wing sister today:

Yo no quiero ya tu amor. Tu amor me lastima, me deja vacia, me causa mas dolores que alegrias. Tu amor me parece falso, es demasiado estricto, intolerante, inflexible. Voy a tomar lo ultimo de tu amor y lo voy a congelar, lo voy a guardar en le tiempo y solo voy a recordar las cosas dulces, que ultimamente han sido ya muy pocas.

Voy a guardar las conversaciones telefonicas, aquellas en las que reiamos por horas, en las que compartiamos las vicisitudes de la vida diaria, las recetas de cocina, los chistes, los chismes, el acento michoacano, las canciones, las gracias de los niños al crecer.

Voy a guardar los recados donde discutiamos planes vacacionales, metas, ilusiones, penas y problemas y palabras de apollo y consejos

Voy a guardar las fotos donde aparaciamos con una sonrisa, compartiendo tiempos alegres en dias soleados.
Voy a tomar los recuerdos de nuestra niñez, de compartir la recamara, de las conversaciones nocturnas.

Voy a guardar las cartas y las postales de los viajes que hicimos y de las anecdotas y aventuras que nos contabamos.

Voy a guardar nuestras platicas intimas de dolores del corazon, de cuando nuestros hijos, maridos o padres nos daban problemas.

Lo demas lo voy a tirar

Y cuando necesite un rayo de luz las voy a sacar todas, para verlas y para recordar y para sacar animo y fuerza y ayuda

Y eso sera lo que me quede de tu amor

Que tengas una feliz vida, con tu nueva familia. Tu antigua familia te recordara siempre con cariño.

De aqui en adelante por favor, si deverdad me amas, ya no me mandes tu amor. Por que me lastima.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

Triste, pero bellisimo, amiga.

Gracias para compartirle.

New Reader said...

@ M_astera

No, my apologies for dragging this onto this thread. As I said before to Les Visible, I needed a sacred cow poked and prodded to see where it went.

I have noticed that the electric universe topic isn't posted on SOTT, only as a link on Mrs. Knight-Jadcyzk's personal blog.

As for crypto-jews, jews, zionists,sabbateans, jesuits, black popes, etc; the mind spins on all that, it really, really is just almost too bizarre and insane to consider sometimes. That is, until you recognize that yes, psychopathic humans and individuals are being led around the nose by some strange and completely evil sociopathic STS "entity(ies)".

I definately ditto on the spiritual aspect of all this. There is an emphasis on the "hard" material aspect of this all, as opposed to weaving in a spiritual aspect as well. To my point of view, I understand this as a "wake-up call", yet it does not seem to be doing too much good for the majority of people, especially in the U.S. In fact, it does seem more people are pushing their heads even further into the sand. Somewhat desperately so.

I truly hope the world becomes a much better place for all the STO oriented souls within it. Barring that, they all get to "graduate" and leave this dark, occultic, whacko, clown asylum before it becomes a true "Hell-raiser" planet. Though David Wilcock, along with the C's have both stated that the negative 3D STS who become enlightened (works both ways to a point) will become the very bottom of the feeding chain in 4D STS in a place that will make the Cenobites' Hell look like a wonderful teddy-bear's picnic. (shudders).

Your vision of the future sounds pretty good to me. Are there great herds of Ice Age megafauna roaming around? I always had the fantasty of living like the Souix, except that buffalo would be just one of many "gods" that fed and clothed you, vast herds of camels, wapiti, shrub ox and many other magnificent herbivores would sustain and nourish us.

There is an attempt to do so in Siberia, actually, there's more to it here.


m_astera said...


As I said when I brought up the subject of human souls, I'm just dropping the pebble in the pond. The purpose is to introduce the idea that the human body is/can be a soul carrier, that that is its designed purpose, and that the human soul is a much different thing than an animal "soul". If the human soul is what I am proposing, then its presence could be detected or measured, and I think that is an important project.

I've read Robert Monroe's Far Journeys at least twice, and I'm familiar with the story of the "dog" who was getting the chance to be a human. I have no reason to doubt that, but that incarnation would not possess a human soul. It would be the soul of a different species.

Monroe also mentions, in another part of Far Journeys, his dismay in discovering the creatures who feed off human suffering and negative emotions. Those creatures are very much a part of the present dynamic on Planet Earth and something that we need to deal with as well.

I spent some time studying mediums and after death accounts, at least a few dozen books worth, so that's not something I have reason to doubt the reality of, though some of it is more real than other parts, if you catch my drift. There are different bodies, seemingly seven of them. At this point I would say, speaking of those of us who have souls, the lower three non-material bodies (light, infrared/astral, and hertzian) are trapped in a contrived prison, where we have been kept for many incarnations and used as food, among other things.

What I described above was not what is called an OBE, a lucid dream, or an astral projection. It was part of being trained to leave the body at will, while fully conscious in a waking state, and to travel to the past, the future, or anywhere in the present; not only to travel there as an observer, but to be there with the ability to interact. No drugs or hypnotism were involved, just the training of the will, the breath, and the spirit. When I was called back, it was the teacher calling me back.

Interesting question: If one did not have a soul, could they experience astral projection or have an OBE?

long john said...

Les, thanks. i read your last comment to me earlier today, but somehow i forgot to reply until just now. the hour is gettung kinda late here in california, so i will just address the imortant points.

* i will go ahead and email you my phone number sometime tomorrow. i think i had sent my phone and address to you some months ago, but i can easily do it again. when you receive it, write my phone number and address down on paper and keep it in a safe place so you won't lose it.

* also, yes my old email address is still functioning. but it's 'omsatnam' (not omshanti). i also have another email that i use for close personal friends and family. you are both a cloise friewnd and family to me, so i will send that to you as well.

* as far as having the bucks to fly over, yes i do (barely), but actually i am pretty tight these days, financially speaking. its a bit complex to explain here, so i will tell you about it in my email. suffice it to say that i currently have some potential difficulties in that area. there are some critical problems with the family estate and my inheritance. i am also in need of 25 thousand (at least) in dental work. i will go into all that later. anyway, the main reason that i can't easily just 'up and fly over' is not money, it's that i have some responsibilities here on a very regular/daily basis. truth is, more than anything i would love to just jump on a plane and come hang out with you for a few weeks. that would be friggin awesome. and actually i really would have liked to have seen your place in Italy too. maybe we can get that together the next time you are down there. i will tell you more about all this in my email. as far as if you ever came to the US... well you would absolutely have to come stay at my place in northern kalifornia. we have a super-nice newly built separate private guest cottage, with its own kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath. and its all yours for as long as you like, should you ever find your way here.

* the two week houseboat trip down the Danube sounds interesting. i am trying to visualize that.

* and Billy... yeah definitely. i haven't spoken to Bill since i was back out to the east coast last year when my mother passed on. i phoned him just before i departed from the west coast, that was three days before my mother died. then he called me after i got to Annapolis. sadly, i never heard from Doug though. i don't know why. and Howard hasn't responded to any of my calls or letters ever since William died. that hurts too because I was rather close friends with William, as he and i used to hang out alot together in Boston, and Taos, NM, and also in Berkeley Calif in the very late 70s and very early 80s. and William had lived in India when he was a boy. but i suspect that Howard always thought that i had given William acid and caused him to be even more crazy than he already was. but thats not true at all. honestly i never gave him any acid. he was already way tripped out. anyway, Billy is really the only one who still keeps in touch. remember that time when you and i and Billy arrived in Hollywood and went to Griffitrh Park? and then that strange night that followed? "Strange Days", they were.


long john said...


and also, i definitely do remember all those people that you mentioned around Georgetown in those days (in your previous comment). i remember so many. i also remember San Fran and Hollywood and Topanga and Venice and Laguna Beach and Santa Barbara, and also NYC and Woodstock, and Philly... wow man, way too many awesome memories! it all comes flooding back to me, once i open up that closet. those were the days. but now is now, and the strangest is yet to come.

very strange things happened to me back when i lived in Los Alamos New Mexico when i was five years old. like otherworldly things. extraterrestial & ufo things. and even some native-american shaman kind of things. and these paranormal occurances continued on after that, when my father was away at sea in the Pacific, and i lived with my mother at my grandfather's stone mansion (buit in the 1700s) back east in Brookeville.

btw, were you ever aware that i had actually known Jim Morrison (The Doors) way back when he and i were young and my father and Jim's father were both high-ranking Navy officers working at the Pentagon? Jim's family lived over in Arlington. Navy families and all thst stuff. Jim's father became an Admiral during Vietnam. that was before Jim went out to the west coast and became famous with the Doors, and before acid... and well the rest is all history. but i digress...

* about the book: i will tell you about it in my email. you have to have this book. i doubt that you have seen it. but you will know why i want you to have it as soon as you see it. its unique. there are a couple in good condition for sale at the moment listed on Amazon and also Albris. hardbound first or second, in blue with gold lettering. editions. you could even order one directly, or i can send you one as a gift. i really want you to have this book - you of all people. its about what is presently happening and and why, and the revelation of what is going to come - for real. i'd like to get this book into your possesion asap. i should have done that over ten years ago, when you lived in Hawaii. i apologise. but now, now what is in this book is all coming true... on a cosmic scale. once you have at least one of the original editions (1948 or 1950) you/we can make copies and we can give them to anyone who resonates with, and will benefit from the higher knowledge it contains as well.

* email: again, yes you can reach me via the 'omsatnam' address. and i will also send you a message from that address as well.

* Kerouac and Kesey and Snyder and Watts and Terence Gray (wei wu wei) and all those guys etc etc were definitely early inspirations of mine.

* about your proposed boat trip... well seeing the way my life is, and my current domestic situation, thats going to be a long shot... but i will give it some very serious thought. i wish i could just pop over to europe and visit every six months or so. but alas, my life is so different now than the way it used to be.

* good luck on getting the million dollar house. i would have the money to give you myself if it were not for the current state of affairs of my family estate and declined property values. at this point i will be lucky if i end up with more than a million. unless i out-live everyone... which, if all goes well, i am planning to do. i distinctly remember you and myself there in the far future together, sealing up the cosmic adamantine chaber/tomb, wherein the entire dark demonic anti-matter energy of evil was trapped and then confined forevermore.


long john said...


* about the maha-kumbamela in 2013... well we should definitely do that. lets plan on that. i've got some really good connections in that respect. my old friend Ram Puri has his own ashram on the Ganges, and he knows all the real heavy sadhus. here is his site: rampuri.com

and i also lived at Arunachala and Ramanashram, so i know that area of India quite well. and i've also been all over the foothills of the Himalayas and Nepal, way back in the day. so i am in with you for that trip. it would be so awesome to do that together. i can't think of anyone else that i would rather do that trip with, than you brother. it would be like coming full circle.

Visible said...


I probably have all sorts of numbers and addresses on paper and on the computer but I also have a whole lot of paper and more than a tetrabyte of hard drives with a whole lot of files with similar names to the point where I should have considered organization as one of the features. It's not your data that's obscure and hard to find. It's everyones.

No doubt some people wonder why I can't remember their names or who they are. There's only one thing I have to remember now and people have to really impress themselves on me or its just one of a whole lot of people. People don't understand how many comments and emails and other communications happen in a day and how many days there are.

The Kumbhamela in 2013 is on. I have the understanding that I'm around for some time beyond that so it's going to happen if it happens. I'm expecting to be able to cover a lot of the expense or have various means to see it done so people are just going to be responsible for coming and going.

Money, even a lot of money, is not supposed to be any concern of mine shortly. I don't care one way or the other but it's supposed to be part of a particular package deal.

Howard doesn't stay in touch with anyone. You can reach him. I don't expect the things from others that many people expect. I just expect people will behave the way they do and no more except that they will surprise me sometimes. I don't rely on anyone for anything anyway and I have my own circle of acquaintances. I can't see 95% of them most of the time but that isn't any kind of a problem.

At a certain point in the last few years it ceased to be important if I ever saw anyone again or ever saw anyone I had yet to see for the first time. My feelings weren't affected, only attractions, desires and those spaces that demand to be filled by others. I can not see anyone for very long periods of time and I don't really notice. In Italy I didn't drive short distances to see people the whole time I was there. It just didn't occur to me.

As my invisible acquaintances become more and more real (they were always real but the presence was less pronounced)the rest of the world tends to operate behind a mist. It's like being behind a waterfall and having the roar be the most predominant feature along with the water curtain and whatever is behind it. That makes sense to me. The more you are in one world, the less you are in the others.

Within six months the world is going to be so radically altered that maybe it's a good idea that people don't go anywhere until then unless it is to go somewhere else right now. People think that chaos and uncertainty are the logical products of such massive transformation but, on this occasion there is going to be a lot of instant harmony and clarity coming up. This time is like no other and the supernatural is going to be operating right alongside the natural, as the unnatural is consumed by the cosmic machinery.

For a long time my hands weren't holding the reins (in the sense of physical appearance only) as they used to do all the time and now that is all back which tells me that it's operational again.

The living essence is on the move or in active status, within and without now. There's no telling from day to day what we will see and hear.

TheSparkle said...

Les and LongJohn: Please let the rest of us 'little people' know the title of 'the book' when you secure a copy. :)

TheSparkle said...

The latest Web Bot Report seems to be available for FREE for some reason on Rense.com


wv: vatic

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.
Many think these extraordinary activities and conjurings are spiritualism but in reality they are completely materialistic.

m_astera said...

New Reader-

I have read a lot of Laura KZ's writing, learned from her, and enjoyed her openness and style very much. She has followed a much different path to come to some of the same conclusions as I have. What she doesn't know, though, she should probably not venture authoritative opinions on; good advice for all of us.

I would give as much credence to the opinion about psychoactive drugs/substances of someone who had never experienced them as I would to the opinion that a lifelong celibate had about sex. One needs to experience something before their opinion is worth anything, and a tiny bit of experience or exposure to only one aspect of a thing does not gift one with wisdom or understanding.

I don't know what day to day involvement Laura has with SOTT. These days I go there and much of it reminds me of the National Enquirer gussied up with senseless violence. "Seven year old slaughtered like a goat", train wrecks, stabbings, on and on. I don't know what the point is, but as I noted, my impression is that the site is and has been taken over by a crypto-Jew psychopath.

Those who have been following the path of spirit for a while become aware that the "dark forces" send runners their way when they begin to make real progress, runners who appear to be just what they were hoping for, but whose effect is to sap their energy and lead them away from the true goal, to lead them down false and dead-end paths. None of us are immune to this.

Re the New World: I came into that vison/journey on a paved footpath about six feet wide, a few miles from a small town. It was a rural agricultural area in a temperate climate. People passed me on the path riding bicycles and, interestingly, roller blades. (how common were roller blades in 1989?)

So I didn't see any wilderness areas, but I do like the idea of recreating the Pliestocene. I have long had the dream of taking down all the fences along the 98th degree of longitude in North America and seeing the buffalo roam there again. That will happen if I have any say in the matter, and those who love that idea will again follow the herds with their tipis and horses, this time as enlightened caretakers. Mitakuye oyasin. Look for me there, on the endless camping trip.

vixen said...

The report seems to have been made available due to ?

Rense.com Hacked Again - ALTA Report Targeted
Jeff Rense

My site was hacked into and Clif's report was somehow found, assigned a rense.com url, put into my server and circulated.

The hackers first assigned the url to Clif's name and then actually MOVED it during the LIVE radio program we were doing.

This is easy for the enemy...who employ the best hackers on the planet.

I am sickened by this. I have instructed James to do anything humanly possible to track and trace this invasion of the rense.com server but there will probably be scant, if any, footprints.

Clif and George work too hard on the ALTA reports...and the reports are TOO ACCURATE for the DARK side is, as always, trying to damage the good people. This effort to harm them is one of the most vile things I have ever experienced in my professional life.

I encourage everyone...even if you already have an illicit and illegally obtained copy of the report to please go to HalfPastHuman.com and purchase the report...they are offering it for ONLY TEN DOLLARS.

It's virtually FREE and honorable people the world over must support their work. Please show the EVIL on the planet that we will stand with our own kind and fight it to the last.

Again...Please go to HalfPastHuman.com and invest the $10 in Clif and George's latest ALTA report...and thank them for their astonishing brilliance and dedication to human kind.

Visible said...

There's probably no connection but I got several messages that the "Dog Poet Transmitting" box at Rense was removed due to mentions made by Half Past Human and Urban Survival about the use of The Dog Poet title. It is very (humorously odd) that- if true- this would happen and involve all the participants. I don't much buy into much, even though- one person who told me about the connection seemed to have good evidence and is not the sort of person to bullshit me.

You never know, which is why my links remain untouched. I put this up only because it's interesting to hear something and then see something that contains the totality of what I very recently heard about, which is why I mentioned the Rense thing to begin with.

Then there's the invisible question I was asked last evening about the very thing and whether I wanted anything done. Things like this can drive you nuts if you spend too much time thinking about it. I don't but I do like to let the reader know about things going on in the seriously otherworldly compartment of this strange room I inhabit.


Michael A-

Some weeks ago, and I mention this in tandem with the above, the voice I know as the mouthpiece for the divine ineffable, which is different from that of Lady Nature, Lord Ganesh, Lord Surya or Lady Nature, not to mention angels and voices that aren't identified, told me that I should reject all opportunities soon to come by anyone unless they are validated by him for reasons exactly like what you just mentioned; giving at least from my end, proof that that is so.

The thing is that there is no end to the money, influence and naked bodies of any age group or sex desired that representatives of this particular agenda cannot provide; including, audio capable video tapes of whatever you get up to that they provide the opportunity for. This last part is not for your entertainment however. You already got yours. The only remaining mystery, which doesn't remain one for long is; who go fucked?

Their power begins and ends with your susceptibility to their lures and a lot of people who wind up dead do so for reasons other than those that most aware people suspect of being the cause.

I never thought I would find myself in the position of talking about energies that are now active in my life. I always thought that was either a no no or asking for trouble. I especially never thought I would be greenlighted for this kind of thing. It's the one thing about all of this that I'm not comfortable with but I'm told that gets explained or demonstrated in a little bit.

At the same time it does weed out a certain crowd which I now realize wouldn't want to walk the whole way anyway nor be of any positive use to me in any case.

Javier R. said...

The report is unavailable as of now. And Clif seems to be upset about that illegal posting of his work.

You have all my respect and love. I really hope you are right about the future that is coming because some days I just feel like I am living in a borrowed reality and get all kind of negative feelings of being unworthy and stuff like that. Hope that the inner light guides me. I have asked for this with all my heart. Just waiting for the results.


Visible said...

Rarely am I this impressed. I only hope this man shames the lot of us into more a direct representation of our lost humanity. This is why I do what I do-

A must see. Go to his website and tell him what you think.>

Visible said...

Keep asking. If you keep asking whatever lack of whatever has no impact and you put snow chains on it as well. Doubt and the like are like mud

m_astera said...


"I never thought I would find myself in the position of talking about energies that are now active in my life. I always thought that was either a no no or asking for trouble."

I hear you. I've never put that story about going to the future on the web before, besides maybe a brief allusion to it. Only shared it with a very few trusted people. After I wrote it out I had to sit here for a while and think about it, think about whether I really wanted to hit send. I got at least a partial OK and went for the rest on faith and guts. Hey, it's the unveiling, is it not?

A little over three years ago I got the (extremely strong) message that I was to lie low, keep my head down, and that if I did so I would be protected and invisible. I have the feeling that's not needed any more; it's time to spread those wings, not hide them.

Long John-

You can get quality dental work done on Margarita for about 25% of the cost of the same in the US. From what I've seen the dentists are at least as good; mostly women dentists here, for some reason.

I have a spare bedroom; you would be welcome. michael.astera@gmail.com

Visible said...


Now that's odd. I've been in the same position for a number of years, most of it based on a certain level of credibility, even before all of this, I was loathe to part with given the slow but mostly certain level of success.

I got full permission for anything after the recent Italian venture and confirmation that it would be greeted in a way I did not expect at all. Then I was pushed into it (details unnecessary) and lo and behold.

As a result I'll just wing it knowing I've never been Art Bell or any of the rest of the people who have to cut for a commercial and anyway, the world now belongs to us. All that's left is for people to start pulling up their shades to see it and that's going to be done for them if they can't or are unwilling. The entire, brand new shining world is right in front of them... little do they know how integral their seeing is to its appearance.

Anonymous said...

holy sun and moon
frequency atune
open inner room
inner light zoom
zoom in outer space
climb a higher place
up in to the stars
where the lights encased
where the feather spun
a bang of living drum
a bolt of lightning stun
color of the hum
humming bird fly
hum into the sky
summer flowers rise
by the mountain side
on the meadow green
grandmother sew the seams
with light spinning beams
of medicine in streams
healing as it cleans
like a zillion little teams
practising there greatness
on the inner being


long john said...


i can't even express how much your very kind offer means to me. it means so much to me. i will consider it very seriously. and i will talk with you more about all that via email.

as i said awhile back, i have been meaning to contact you for sometime. i donblt know why soe things take so long, but maybe it was just meant to happen now.

from almost the get-go, i had this really good feeling towards you and about you. i got this sense as if you were like a trusted old friend. and i see that even more now. you turned me on to the electril universe theory, and that impressed me.

thank you so very much for your caring offer. and regardless of all my dental stuff, i still hope we can meet up someday.

i don't know if i ever told you this, but my wife and i had been seriously considering actually relocating to isla margarita for at least seven years now. we actually looked into it quite a bit, even as far as going for a visit to check out buying property. that was about five years ago. we are still interested, but we have pets which makes it a little more complicated than just up and packing our bags etc. so just having a trustworthy friend like you there would be an incredible blessing.

thats actually one of several the reasons i wanted to get in contact with you. i also feel like i know you somehow. its strange. maybe our future destinies are interconnected... or something like that. i think maybe you know what i mean.

well anyway, i will be in touch via email very soon. my dental needs are pretty darn serious and quite extensive.... and becoming more urgent by each passing month.

i need all, and i mean "all", new crowns and new bridges. and thats a whole lot. like almost my entire mounth. i may even need a few implants for anchors. the only other option is to remove all the old crowns and old remaining teeth, and get complete total dentures. but i really would rather not have to do that, even though its much less expensive.

i know that the cost of dentistry in other countries (such as india or south america) is considerably less than in the US. i even thought of going all the way to india for the work. but i would have to find a real quality expert dentist, and thats the catch. india is a very big place.

i have been waiting on my considerable inheritance for the bucks to get it done here in the US... but there are now some serious setbacks to that happening anytime soon. i will tell you about that later.

i just want you to know that i would never be any problem. and you will know that whenever you see me, if and when we do meet in person. also, my wife Susana is into gardening and fruit trees big time. i think she would love to know you. i will show her your website tonight.

no matter what develops, i look forward to a good friendship. thank you for being you. i don't know you very well yet, but i love you bro.

so do keep an eye out for my personal email. i will put "from long john" in the subject line, so you can easily identify it. until then, much peace & love always, and god bless.


long john said...

to sparkle (and any interested readers):

you are not any sort of 'little person' (nor is anyone else here). so don't think that you are. you are among the wise ones.

about the book: i already have two original editions in my possession. i would like for Les to acquire another one as well.

i would simply prefer to have Les acquire and have the book in his physical possession, before i divulge the title to anyone or everyone else.

there are only a very few original editions out there on the rare book market. some are less expensive than others. but there are not many of these original printings available. it is a fairly rare book. there may be a few copies in occult libraries and personal collections and such, but thats it.

i had happened to acquire my first one (free) through an unusual circumstance, way back in 1992. then fortunately i located another one a few years later via a rare book finder whom i knew and who assisted me.

the second one i acquired cost me about $ 100 dollars at that time. there are still some for sale currently on the used book market, but they are scarce. i have only seen maybe a half dozen over the past few years.

so if i tell what the title of the book is in this forum, no doubt those few remaining first and second editions of the book will all very soon disappear (get bought up), and possibly even before Les has one.

so, as soon as Les has one in his physical possession, i will then be glad to go ahead and divulge the title of this unique and very significant work.

i am not playiong any sort of games here. i simply want Les to have the first shot at acuiring one of the original editions, and then the rest are up for grabs.

another important thing is this: a few years ago, some publisher apparently got the rights to re-print the book (probably because the 50 year copyrights finally ran out). so the book is now available in paperback in more or less unlimited quantities. so anyone who really wants to read it can do so.

but i want les to have one of the origonal hardbound editions (original printings). Les deserves that priviledge first, and i intend to make sure he gets the book before i tell everyone else the name of the book.

so rest assured that you will get a chance to buy and read the book, in the form of a recent paperback re-printing.

i hope that explains why i choose not to say the name of the book at this time. eveything in this book confirms and vaidates all that Les has spoken of here concerning the cosmic cycles, the higher cosmic suns, this now impending apocalypse, and the mudanely invisble but very real cosmic hierarchy of supra-physical ascended masters, and also much about the nature of the coming new aeon.

i am in the process now of trying to secure a copy of the book for Les. as soon as he has it and has read it, either he or i can reveal the title and where to obtain more copies.

so i am not excluding anyone for any reason. i simply wish for Les to have an original edition of the book before they all disappear. so don't worry, if you desire it, you will have one soon enough. i would first like for Les to read it and then give his review and conclusions. thank you for being patient. i am just doing as i have been guided to do.

Anonymous said...

Long John:

Are you a member of The Family International (formerly the Children of God?) You certainly have the distinct aroma of their writing style.

What's with the whining about your teeth? Consider dentures and get on with it.

The mysterious book that you offer Les.......is it one of the Family's "Love Gifts?"

You wrote:

i just want you to know that i would never be any problem. and you will know that whenever you see me, if and when we do meet in person. also, my wife Susana is into gardening and fruit trees big time. i think she would love to know you. i will show her your website tonight.

So Long John.....what are you up to? Is your wife Susana a "fisher of men?"

TOM FRUM Estonia

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin.>

Anonymous said...

captain long john and commander visible
sailing on the sea
with wind in the sails
on the good ship free.


McKenna Fan said...


Jealous that a little FFing never came your way?

You, know, I don`t think long john`s writing style is anything at all like TFI.

He never wrote "ha!" even once... ha!

Next time I`m having lunch with my favorite Christian devadasi girls, maybe I`ll send them your way.

No need to feel left out. ;P

Of course, like all women of the night, they are just as likely to kick your ass as sleep with you.

A little too Real for most people, ironically.

Visible said...

Tell me about those devadasis. It's a good thing I'm in an open relationship because that's one thing I have no intention of giving up... for the moment.

It's a funny thing about having complete freedom of being from one's consort, one's freedom is never abused.

TheSparkle said...

Long John: Thanks. So then it's good to know the book is not rare or hard to find.

wv: mucoma

Anonymous said...

Is the experience that you described an instance of bi-location, then?
Have you read The Sanctified Body?

long john said...

To: Anonymous 12:32 PM / TOM FRUM Estonia

fyi, NO i am NOT "a member of The Family International (formerly the Children of God". i have absolutely nothing to do with such cults, and never have. and i don't have anyone else's "writing style". i just speak (write) my own mind. i don't follow or emulate anyone.

as far as my dental needs, its none of your fucking business dude. my comment and info was to michael. period. its really none of your damn concern. so you should go do your cynical trolling somewhere else.

also fyi, the book i had mentioned for Les is NOT "one of the Family's "Love Gifts". no such thing, and far from it. i don't know what your attitude problem is about, but you have no clue whats up here.

and last but not least, my wife is an avid gardener, and i believe michael is very much into soil amendment and gardening stuff. and my comment about that wass to michael. so again, you don't have half a clue. and try not being such a presumptious sarcastic jackass next time.

long john said...


well actually, the original hardbound editions (published the late 1940s and early 1950s) of the book are pretty darn rare. but like i said, there is now a new paperback re-printing of the book that is available at regular inexpensive book prices. but the original editions/printings are rather hard to find, and much more expensive if you can find one. when i first came across the book back in the early 90s, it was my idea to have a re-printing of it myself. but that was before the copyright ran out. at that time i made efforts to locate the heirs of the original authors/editors to get permission to re-print it, but i was unsuccessful. and so when the c opyright ran out a few years ago, somebody else had it re-printed. but thats ok. at least it is now more widely available to read in the re-printed version. i just like having a couple of the original editions, and i wanted Les to have at least one of the original editions of the book as well. and i will try to get that accomplished asap. but thanks for your sincere interest.

m_astera said...

Hey Long John-

I'm here at my place in Margarita most of the time, and the spare bedroom is generally available.

I can relate to your dental woes; I've had teeth problems most of my life, but I really like the ones I have left and would like to keep them.

And yeah, agriculture and gardening are major interests of mine; why I have a blog called The New Agriculture and a web site that pays the bills more or less by selling books, soil amendments, and consulting.

Now I'm curious about The Family International (formerly the Children of God). Who Dat?

m_astera said...

Anonymous at 4:58

I guess it could be called bi-location. Humans, at least those with souls, have the ability to send their consciousness anywhere within this universe and on several planes of existence. Forward and back in time aren't particularly difficult either, just a matter of intent and practice. Actually interacting instead of just observing is another level of difficulty, and being there in a physical body still a further refinement. They are all part of our skill set though, if we decide to use them.

Sending one's consciousness to another location on the planet in present time is pretty easy, e.g. remote viewing. One doesn't need to be spiritually enlightened to do so, otherwise it wouldn't work for the military and CIA. As with any skill, it's about practice.

McKenna Fanatic said...

Oh. Now interest has been piqued vis a visible TFI.

The Family International.

They ARE a fascinating bunch.

One of the more notorious cults born of the 60`s.

The Children of God! Oh No!

It will take no effort, thanks to a heap of less than gruntled people who used to belong to and grew up in the Family- no effort at all, to discover online all of the sordid details of their past.

Part and parcel of the Apocalypse.


All of the dirty laundry is hanging on the line outside, for the entire neighborhood to see.

All very interesting, indeed.

Now, what to think?

Well, don`t do any of that yet, until you make friends of those who are proud to be associated with the Family, by virtue of having grown up in it, as well as those who are not proud of it.

Which is to say that not everyone had a bad time of it, although, apparently, everyone feels that it is time for a change.

TFI changes all the time.

Searching, searching, searching...

The culture used to be us vs. them, when it began, then insiders and outsiders, then membership levels, and now, last month, they have all been set free to do as they please.

Keep in mind, also, that they thought the Apocalypse was going to arrive in 1986, then 1989, then 1990, then 1993, originally.

So, David Berg got the timing wrong.

It`s happening now, instead.

So sue him.

"What now?" speculations to follow.

McKenna Fanatic said...

TFI- What Now?

The latest change was called The Reboot.

Previously, the emphasis was on living communally. Also, the rules had something to say about who slept with who.

No longer.

Now, their private life is their own, and living communally may not be the best method to witness.

Their Mission is to teach the Word.

They wish to become an "inclusive" culture, and to no longer be an "exclusive" culture.

They are being encouraged to follow their own inclinations as to how best pursue the Mission.

In the absence of rules about who to sleep with, it is likely that sales of copies of The Ethical Slut will get a bump, as they try and figure out what (who?) to do next, and how.

They have been set loose into a culture that includes this:


And this:


And this:


A great many of them are as jealous as anyone else, so there is no reason to assume anymore that members of TFI are all going to run out and buy copies of the Ethical Slut.

But, if you wanted to locate a serious Christian devadasi, your chances of finding one would be pretty good with this bunch.

As the internet slices up the attentions of the masses into tighter and tighter communities, and at the same time bares the secrets of all and sundry worldwide, it will be interesting to see what the next move of the various TFI missionaries is.

Many think that the Reboot means the end of TFI, but these are people who don`t know the people I know.

TFI is far from dead.

They would, at this point, go mainstream; only, it seems that the mainstream has been shattered.

Furthermore, if things really do get horrible economically and otherwise, you can bet that many who previously thought their brothers and sisters were crazy for "staying in" may change their minds.

I will say that they are very good Bible teachers, and if you ever want to know more about that, taking classes with them would be a fabulous idea.

In any event, whether they like TFI or not, everyone who grew up in TFI, who I know, is as sharp as a tack, and well worth knowing.

TheSparkle said...

Thanks, Long John for telling us about the book. I have a lot of those new paperbacks of old out of print books, and I can't wait to get another one. Who knows? I might already have it, lol. But, I doubt it. And I know I don't have an original. I hope to get the paperback once its title is revealed. ;)

You can't just expect me to sit idly by when you mention such a book. Learning is my 'hobby' if you want to call it that. Actually it's what I do....even though I have a 'real' job too.

My garden is like jungle this year. I have hundreds of volunteer tomato plants which look like so many weeds. Some volunteer squash plants have produced fruit which looks nothing like what I planted last year, some type of hybrid crosses. I also have a lot of weeds that I need to pull. Check out this webpage. I've been meaning to try adding some of these organisms to my soil. http://www.fungi.com/mycogrow/index.html

I don't envy your teeth problems. I've had a few root canals and crowns and last year had to have one of the molars removed and replaced with a titanium post implant and crown.

m_astera said...

An FYI re Sex:

As well as I have been able to put things together, the split into male/female happens at the junction between the plane of visible light and the ultraviolet plane. Above that, our beings are one.

In modern esoteric parlance, we hear of light beings, infra red beings, and some lower frequency beings that are very close to the physical plane, i.e. ghosts, poltergeists, windigos perhaps. The human body also operates on these lower or hertzian frequencies. What's above that? Does it end at the plane of light beings? No, there are four levels/octaves still to go. Electromagnetically speaking, they can be called ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray, and cosmic ray. Note that all of these are ionizing; their energetic frequency is capable of knocking an electron away from its attachment to a proton, separating + from - on the lower planes.

Descending from ultraviolet to visible light in order to experience the lower fields of vibration, the entity splits into male and female halves which incarnate separately. Hence, there are male and female beings on this physical plane, the infrared plane, and the light plane. We feel incomplete because we are incomplete, and the physical manifestation of this is that we are always looking for our other half.

With rare exceptions, nothing in human knowledge or religion talks about anything above the plane of light, but light beings are nowhere near the highest levels; they are still beings of duality, and therefore may manifest good or evil as well as male or female. Some have said that being drawn to the light after the death of the physical body is a trap. Those entities who feed on human emotion project the image of whatever the dying would most wish to or expect to encounter. When they enter the light snare, what happens? Their whole life "passes before their eyes"; they relive every moment and emotion, and those experiences are sucked for their emotional content, for the food they provide to the light-plane parasites. After the light review the soul has been stripped clean of memory and is ready to be stuck back into a newborn body, slapped on the ass, have a tit shoved into their mouth, and start the whole process all over again with no memory of the last go-round. This is what I was referring to above or elsewhere as the prison in which our souls have been caught and recycled for so long.

"Go to the light." Maybe not such a good idea unless one wishes to continue the endless wheel of feeding the parasites. However, keep in mind that there are two directions from the plane of light, both of which appear dark to our perception. One is towards a lower plane of vibration that we call infra-red, the other direction is a higher vibration, ultraviolet.

An example of a non-dualistic higher vibrational being would be the depictions of Shiva. Shiva is both male and female in one, and what color is Shiva? Ultraviolet blue.

Anonymous said...

Tune Tips For The Day:

From the liner notes on the "Pearls Before Swine" cd "The Wizard Of Is" released in 2004 of earlier group tunes, by Tom Tripp.

"Prisoner of War" A demo, 1972 I think. Nixon was keeping us in Vietnam because we couldn't "cut and run." We had to "stay the course." More Americans died in Vietnam while Nixon was president, promising he had a plan to get us out, than in all the preceding years. In 1972 a church in Vermont rang its bell once every minute for each American killed in Vietnam. It rang for forty days and forty nights. Is that biblical, or what? That's why, when you hold a seashell to your ear, you can hear Nixon screaming in hell. I hate it when songs like this become relevant again. It's dedicated to George W. Bush who is continuing Nixon's work of writing messages in the blood of others. I believe he's with the rock group, Closed Casket. That group is in apocalyptic conflict with the group, Pockets Of Resistance. The ultimate battle of the bands.


"I Saw The World." Utah Phillips likes this song a lot. If god blesses anybody it would be Utah Phillips. We need him more than ever today. Hate is a chain/ it all comes back again/ everything you do/ returns at last to you/ so why don't you do love?"--FUCK hate and why take the chance and end up like that old Cox Sacker: Tricky Dick Nixon who is now dwelling in the hubs of hell? It gets mighty hot down there, too hot for me.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

New Reader said...

@ M_astera

Thank you for your response. I agree that dark forces frequently derail all of us in our search for the truth. From what I understand, Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk and her family and friends have dealt with very unsavoury characters time after time.

It is certainly possible that yet another agent(s) have insinuated themselves into the whole process. Indeed, given the level of active work they do, it is damn near impossible they won't suffer yet more realizations and blows in the future. Many people deride Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk for her rejections, I say, don't judge too harshly. The lady has lived a hard life, much harder than most others and still seems to function very well. She is only human and like any others, can be deceived and tricked.

On wilderness areas, yes indeed, very little of our planet is suitable for agriculture. The vast majority of the planet's landscape is better suited for "following the grass". The Plains indian nomadic way of life is very low impact and suitable for just about all grasslands arctic/temperate and tropical.

Should the concepts of Frans Vera, Sergei Zimov and others be widely adopted, it would result in grass once again being king on earth. Fully half of the present day deserts would become grassland/mosaic steppe or in Australia, scherophyllic miombo. The artificial arctic tundras would rapidly return to the classic "Mammoth Steppe" with it's mosaic of primary high, dry, short grass steppes, some remaining bog tundras, and gallery/esker woodlands.

@ Les Visible

I do not recall responding to Psychogram myself. He still visits the forum since I checked his profile on the 25th and he last logged on the 22nd.

If you wish, I will send a message to him saying you wish to speak with him.

Unknown said...

From The Real Jeff Rense - I greatly enjoy these often brilliant
essays but only see them if someone sends them to me. I received a
batch just now and will be posting them shortly in Featured Stories.
If the author would be kind enough to send these directly to me, I
will post them every time. I always look forward to seeing and
presenting the Dog's ruminations ... there was NO "eliminating my
presence without explanation." I don't owe anyone explanations, I
simply can't post what I don't receive. My days are gone before I get
up in the morning. The deluge of news is unrelenting and I operate in
total overload all the time. That's just the way it is nowadays.
Hope this clears up any misconceptions.



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