Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vampire Bankers, Mr. Heinz Ketchup, John Kerry and the Payback Machine.

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Money is retracting, like a Kung Fu master pulling in his testicles before a serious fight. (Accidental rhyming alert) did the money take off on its own, for parts unknown? Did the money disintegrate due to a lack of substance based on substance? Did the money change its name and go into the witless protection act? Actually, it’s none of the above. The bankers, who printed the money out of thin air, have taken the money out of circulation, except to shuttle it back and forth between each other and to conceal a large portion in order to buy compliance from the soon to be rampaging mobs looking to perform a Vlad the Impaler on their sorry, flaccid asses.

Former Bush stalking horse, Mr. Heinz Ketchup, John Kerry says that attacks against D.C. by disgruntled Americans, who don’t know how good they’ve got it, are hypocritical. They want their Social Security, Medicare and the Gulf Oil Cleanup but... I’m guessing, cause he didn’t say it, they don’t want to pay for it. He says the Democrats have to do a better job of selling the fantastic job that Obama-bo-bama-banana-dana is doing for these ungrateful, jobless and bankrupt citizens of the greatest nation under Israel or MagogkeNazi Nation, as you prefer.

The tireless public servant, John Kerry is going into business with Smokin’ Joe Lieberman I hear. I think it’s some kind of carbon tax scam. John’s down to his wife’s last few billion and Joe doesn’t even have his first yet.

I’m not going to go into all of the intricate details, which are made intricate by those using the confusion to engage in criminal activity. I’m just going to lay it out as a direct statement and you can assume it is true, even if there are other factors at work. When money gets tight, it’s because the Central Banks caused it. When the housing market crashes or any other financial problem occurs, the Central Banks, along with Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, if you prefer, caused it. When war breaks out anywhere in the world it is because the Central Banks want to generate capital from financing both sides of the conflict. When any nation in the world is suddenly in serious financial trouble or on a breathing apparatus, due to the weight of crushing debt on their chests, the Central Banks caused it in order to loot the resources of that country without paying for them.

There are a few simple reasons why all of the complicated problems you hear about occur. Let’s look at the result first and then work backward. 1% of the population possesses 40% of the wealth and the lower 40% of the population (economically speaking) possesses 1% of the wealth. This is some kind of official number, so I suspect the gap is actually wider. I can say with some authority that it is certainly getting wider every day. Who owns all those millions of foreclosed houses? Banks own them. Did banks lose money making risky loans to these people whose houses they now own? They might have but the American people gave them bailouts to cover what might have been their losses. It’s hard to imagine these banks ever losing money (except for the smaller banks swallowed up for lunch by the Central Banks) because they can print more money out of thin air any time they want to.

Here is what happens. Vampires, lampreys, ticks, spiders, weasels, bats and other creatures drink blood. This shapes their philosophy. Profit has to be maximized. In a sane world there is a balance that is maintained and all levels of society manage to a lesser or greater degree. They do manage though. In an insane world, those operating the corporations and banks are required to squeeze every possible penny from every possible location; regardless of how this might upset the general balance. So, what you get is products produced for the least amount of cost, out of the cheapest ingredients, to be sold at the highest possible price. The boundaries of each of these conditions are pushed to the maximum reach so that those with too much can have more.

Along with this, lending institutions scheme out ways to apply penalties at every stage of the game in order to further increase profit. It’s a New York City kind of thing where you have to put a quarter in the meter no matter what you are doing, even if you are only standing around. Somewhere, in a high rise, there are numbers crunchers looking for a method by which to charge underground, homeless subways dwellers rent. They already want rent from people living in homeless shelters who might have some kind of a job somewhere.

I heard in the latest, Shape of Things to Come- ALTA Report that... BP is largely owned by Zionists. I didn’t know this. Do they own everything? It’s a good question. Forbes puts out the world’s richest list at certain intervals. How come The Rothschild’s are never listed?

Illegal Settlers in the MagogkeNazi occupied territories are doing wonderful things with their own version of Permaculture. It’s actually a retrograde version of the science. Apparently, bulldozing farmland, uprooting olive trees and burning orchards, is not fast or sufficient enough, according to the same concept of maximizing profit as it translates into hegemony.

If you have read the ALTA-Shape of Things to Come Report, payback is on the horizon. Coincidentally, very similar projections have been made here and at a number of other locations. I know that a lot of people do not believe that Mother Nature is an actual, living, conscious entity. They also don’t believe that the Universe is permeated by an awareness that is exceedingly cognizant of everything that takes place at any time. They don’t seem to get the meaning of the archetypes that have appeared, in striking similarity, in the philosophies, religions, legends and myths of just about every culture that has ever existed, including all of the ones that now sleep beneath the sea or are buried deep in the Earth.

Like a number of other people, in times that stretch out in memory into the unremembered past and who also exist in the present, I have spoken with Mother Nature, the awareness that permeates the universe and some of the aforementioned archetypes. It’s no big deal. You could do the same if you were inclined to put in the necessary effort and develop the medium of conversational exchange. What I hear is that a massive and convincing asskicking is on the horizon for certain groups of people on this planet. It appears there are two groups and one is much larger than the other.

One of the groups is vile beyond description and fully conscious of what they are doing. The other group is stupid beyond description and so fast asleep they appear to be dead. From what I hear, certain realities need to be brought to the attention of both groups and that’s not negotiable. The primary reality that needs to be brought to their attention is that they have been operating under the assumption that, on the one hand, they are in control of what happens and, on the other hand, appetite satisfaction and personal dream fulfillment are the only priorities on Earth. It seems that none of this is true and that it is important they are informed of this.

You can spin this any way you like and, by all means, continue as you are. There’s never been a time when any voice crying in the wilderness has ever reached into the cauldrons of the lower mind and flesh pleasuring emporiums, where most people spend their time. There’s never been a time when everyone looked at each other and said, “This is pointless, why don’t we find a better way and live, in service to and harmony with, one another?” Unfortunately for the majority, this is precisely the point of life and everything else is not the point of life so, when everything else predominates to the point that the other hardly exists at all, well, something has to be done about that. Something is being done about that as I write these words.

You are going to get a chance to wake up and change. My advice is that you take that opportunity and put your shoulder to the wheel of personal transformation with all the intensity and sincerity you can muster; even if I were wrong about this and... I am not, you would still be infinitely better off than you are now. When you can forget yourself in the service of others, you are going to be remembered by the only one whose opinion of you matters. Take it for what its worth.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

Thank you for that reminder.

Visible said...

Reagan made the comment during a tour of public schools.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

About fifteen years ago a friend of mine made the statement that there's a spirit behind everything. At the time I thought it was too extreme of a statement to actually be true. Now I believe it. After reading your post I got to thinking that there has to be a simple answer, an answer that we're overlooking. So while I was sitting here thinking about it just now I had a flash remembrance of a TV interview I saw about ten years ago with a man who was the top expert on counterfeit money. His claim to fame was that he could spot a counterfeit bill in a hot second. The lady interviewing him asked him how he does it, and if he spends hours upon hours studying the counterfeit bills, to which he replied "No, the way I do it is by studying the real thing."

In life the trick is to find the real thing and then study it. At running the risk of coming across sounding like a religious nut, Jesus said in effect "I am the truth." In scripture he is referred to as "The Word of God." A long time ago someone inspired by a religious spirit came up with the idea that the Bible is the Word of God, which is simply not true. Scripture records a lot of words spoken by The Word of God but scripture is not The Word of God. The religionists then picked up on the misnomer and promoted it because they had found a way to peddle the Bible to benefit themselves.

The actual Word of God is the most powerful person in the universe and his power comes through the spoken word. It is therefore extremely important to his enemies to debase the currency of the spoken word, mostly by inspiring us humans to overuse it, abuse it, and treat it as a toy. Solomon said in effect that a fool can be recognized by his multitude of words. We all fall short of the proper use of the spoken (and written) word.

The chaos going on in the world now is the result of demonic power coming through humans. Idolatry is the open door to the Satanic field. The way we do idolatry is mostly by mental picturing, by making a mental picture of the person who hurt us and the thing they did, and locking the picture away in the deep recesses of our heart, making it an idol of the heart (which the mind may hardly be aware of any more). But the demons know it's there and they exploit it and try to amplify it and develop it as a principle that can be applied over and over in any and all failed relationships we may have. So it becomes a curse, i.e. the curse of idolatry (with a seemingly endless number of open doors to the Satanic realm for the demons to use at will).

People under the curse of idolatry tend to gravitate toward having idols. TV and movies are idol in animated form. Stuffed animals are little idols. Photographs fall under the category of idol in static form. Jesus' best friend John the Apostle said in the last verse of his first epistle "Little children, keep yourself from idols. Amen." The Principality Antichrist is the spirit of idolatry. He is taking over the world by leaps and bounds every day. He works through top-down-control meted out through his handpicked human vessels. It's up to us to try to interrupt his influence in our own lives first before we can be throwing stones at the powers that be, that is without being hypocrites. The first and most important step we can make is to forgive everyone who ever hurt us. Actually that's the second most important step. The first most important step is to ask Jesus to forgive us for all the hurts we have caused him.

Robert said...

Amen, Les, amen!

Anonymous said...

bankster armies
causing financial tsunami's
suicidal farmers
broken on last chances
in the streets of the western world
the appocalypse play
bobbing and weaving
out on display
elite scared witless
nothing works any more
what ever they do
any avenue they explore
but they opened the door
so they face what come
they stirred the forces
fed crooked sums
broke minds
and spoke down
with wicked intent
took all for themselves
the pot of no end
sold their people
to starvation
or rape of earth
raping nations
with degeneracy
evil work
if I were them
I would put all down
appologise to all
and lower my head to the ground.


Anonymous said...

thank you les.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,...excellent, excellent work, I have needed a laugh lately and I LMFAO...normally that's a petri dish thing; well done that man.
I have been focussing my attention these past days on my Thai mates and I can tell you I lost a couple; not that I support red or yellow, however there are some lovely people there and my colleagues and I have been trying to help them, as there is a big progrom to oppress these poor souls (post crack-down) in a most zionist way; on that point let me say this - Thailand has changed forever, the King (illnes or no) was remiss in his duties to his people and it looks like the yids have finally taken control of the Thai people once and for all... pray for them. Again, an excellent piece.



Visible said...

Yeah, they are all over the place there. They go in for the women and to sell ecstasy.

They're also all over India where they are despised by the people.

Django said...

Hey DGN,
Thanks for articulating and clarifying for me what I have been struggling with these days.
Sadly, it's rare that a concept is presented clearly and without all the shadow it takes on when used for purposes of control. This is one of the few places I find that happening.
I feel a little fresh wind in my sail.
Best wishes,

Dammerung said...

It must be nice, Les, to believe the same narrative for more than 20 minutes at a time. You're nothing if not consistent.

Perhaps this is simply the very natural order of things. A chick breaks open its shell or dies in the egg. It doesn't matter how much damage we do if we obtain a Holy Grail - such as zero point energy, or faster than light travel, or "alien" contact.

Here's one for you: maybe the Devas were, once, like us. Warlike, ignorant, mostly-unconscious, and destructive. Maybe they ruined their whole homeworld too but aren't exactly publicizing that they were once in our shoes. Hey, maybe Venus was their homeworld and was once verdant and covered with life.

I despair of finding the truth and I despair of truth even being a real phenomenon. There are just an infinite number of narratives, some which are a little better at describing the content of experience than others.

Anonymous said...

Im dancing! Big smiles man! Its working!

Wow, thats one of the best posts Ive ever seen around here! Thanks for that!
What words we use and images we "let in" and move with are the root of the problem and solution too? Carl Jung would be a great place to start looking at them?

Love Your Life

Dammerung said...

DumbGoyNot said...

I found that all that was required to disprove the Bible as the "word of god" was to read it. Most of it, especially the much of the old testament, strikes me as the mad ravings of Ialdabaoth.

Boulderdash said...

Another great essay, Les.

I am embarrassed to admit that a few decades ago, I got a degree in economics. Your two paragraphs about central banking contain more truth and wisdom about economics than is achieved in a typical 4 year college program.

Thanks, my friend...

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Les: An inspiring tour de force of words.

E Vero

p.s. good article on the US's "special relationship" and where it's taking us:

Visible said...

Some amount of the Devas have always been warlike. The Devic Realm can be a very dangerous place. You need friends there or you shouldn't go.

On psychedelics in the wild places I made such friends. There is one crucial thing you must possess to manifest a strong relationship= no fear. They appreciate that more than I can convey. They have some of the instincts of animals although they are a lot smarter. They've also got information and gifts that are worth more than anything this world can produce. However... as with animals, fear has the impact of anger on them

Frog said...

There is a third group of people Les.
We are struggling to be awake, in spite of the soporifics administered by MSM daily.
We try to do the right thing in out spheres of influence in spite of having to work double time to pay our taxes. Our taxes are huge and growing, funding wars and parasites all over the globe.
We try to help others but we are single and lost in a crowd of the evil, deluded, asleep. This crowd seem to stretch as far as the eye can see and are happy to punch and kick us in return for what we do or say.
We pray to God almighty sincerely. The alternative is hell itself. Hell that we see coming to us on the Earth day by day.
Thank you for your writing Les, it's good to read in these times.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what people here think about this Makow article:

Sounds very plausible to me.


BCii said...

According to BP, the "Top Kill" seems to be working. They claim that what's coming up now is probably just mud. I saw an even more optimistically painted story on a Finnish mainstream rag site.

Excuse my skepticism, but somehow I'm just not convinced.

wv: "patch"

Anonymous said...

Dog for sometime I felt you generally reiterate many things that people know or should know. You do it in a very eloquent way however tossing in many facts they don't yet know.

Many of the comments are along the lines of right on brother and people take that to say you must have plants or sycophants but sometimes that is all you can say or give it an amen

That was another great piece of work I thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly I have been feeling something similar. It simply has to get bad enough for people to realize how ridiculous some of this is. How bad does it have to get for some people to realize there is a bad ending to the play somewhere down the road? This is a feature of the apocalypse that continually amazes me.

For instance I mentioned to an old friend of many years about the DU all over the middle east. The response was you can't possibly believe that bullshit can you? It is those type blockades where you realize things really are going to have to get a lot worse before the critical faculty cuts in for some. He lives on the coast of Florida however so there is a wake up call coming soon.

Frog said...

> Dammerung said...
> DumbGoyNot said...
> I found that all that was >required to disprove the Bible as >the "word of god" was to read it. >Most of it, especially the much of >the old testament, strikes me as >the mad ravings of Ialdabaoth.

Pick up a graduate level mathematics text book. Or physical chemistry. Or some such. If you don't have the background, it is gibberish.
The book is nevertheless, not ravings, just not accessible to you.
The Bible has to be studied, preferably with other resources, to make up for poor translation, context. If you read it as a novel with the preconception that it is fiction, that's all you will get. Likewise with many advanced science textbook.
As I grow older, read, think, look, I get more and more from my Bible. It is a manual on how to live right. And, how not to live right.
And yes, it is written from a human perspective(s). So there are inconsistencies much like you would get if you had several people write an account of some event. That's human nature. Still, you can see truths through it all.
And that's the important thing, truth that you can guide your life by.
My two cents.

Laws said...

hey, some of what you write is true, some is 100% subjective and error. Look up "zeteticism" from the Greek "seeker".
Oh and a BIG ps: man never went to the moon; WTC7 was never hit by any plane; Ashkenazis are descendants of Japheth NOT Shem; the earth is in fact planar; God is in fact NOT "mother nature" and Jesus split human history in half ~ what year is it? ~ regardless if you are a real Christian (not a zionist fool or papist etc) or athiest. The biggest watershed is the fact that true believers in the word of God are miniscule ie Genesis 1-3 are factual, god transmitted His word to only a few prophets during the time of 1000 years [Moses-John the revelator - approx 1080 years], pps: the sun is not 'billions of yrs old [impossible]. Oil is not squished fish but is always being produced etc. OBJECTIVITY replaces hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

Les when you speak of the Devic Realm I start thinkin about celtic druids of old. Keepers of the groves and what not. Im not so versed in the fields of enegry but do share space and ideas with a few fairies, I think. Here is an ok overview as I feel it many days?

You know JRR Tolkien's work was no allegory. He suggusted that in many letters to friends?
Just thinking?

Love Your Life

Mother Cathy said...

Dear Les,

Thank you for another great article. You are very gifted with the written word and with music too as well. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I really hope that the masses will open their eyes, wake up from their slumber before it is to late. Thanks to the internet and people like you the word is getting out but I only wish that it could spread like wild fire. The demons that are the powers that be are vile beyond description and the masses need to understand that this situation is very serious indeed.

On a happier note, I read that you and Susanne are taking a well deserved vacation to Amsterdam! That's great and something to really look forward to!(Big Smile)

As always,

M. Cathy

Visible said...

Damn Laws, it has got to be something to have all the answers. You a fan of Sorcha Faal?


Lesek; of course there is a third group and other groups as well but... they're not in line for an asskicking.


D.M. God incorporates many powers within his being. These are gifts freely given to those who come into his presence. Wise seekers want no part of them but there are some things, like a particular resonance that are highly desirable. This resonance exists in all creatures and if one acts from this resonance and puts aside their personal agendas and foolish longing for things that are disappearing in front of their eyes... one can speak, or act, think and ....certain other things ...and it will strike a sympathetic chord in all hearts.

Even when the heart is unaware of it... or fights it with intensity because of denial, which is a necessary item if you want to hold on to your version of things, which makes your self interest possible.It still slips in and strikes a sympathetic chord which operates like a depth charge further up the road.

Scripture does this to because, even with all the bullshit and bad representatives, there is an integrity in it.

My feeling is that any sane person should go to God and request these useful powers which are less likely to get one in trouble. They are your heritage after all.

I asked. I ask him all the time; not for these things but the action prompts him to give something and it always happens too. people just don't believe in it or themselves but... oh... when they learn.. when they have an event that makes it clear to them... whoa... how the mind is blown and how one turns away from nearly everything in their 'former' lives.

Scissortale said...

My dad, who was a child of the Great Depression/Dust Bowl, always told me that there really wasn't any less money - just a few people had it all.

The entire operation is built upon whatever they can make us believe, and these days that seems to be just about anything. With the technology now advanced beyond most folk's imagination, it's only a matter of time before they stage the grand fakery of all time and most will take the bait and willingly walk right into the awaiting arms of the new order.

Didn't they see the Nick Cage movie last year, which depicted the Gulf oil rig blowing up, just like the movie before Katrina? Now, ask yourself how many alien invasion movies you've seen and why the Catholic's Jesuit observatory spokesman made that "alien" comment last year.

It's all coming soon enough, and as I often like to say, "Beware the Double Cross".

Anonymous said...

"We'll fight em there so we don't have to fight em here" - Dumbya
They _are_ here, 9-11 summer 2010.
All those israelis and somalis pouring
over the texmex border...
wv: flatipan !

Anonymous said...

Boulderdash- Don't be embarrassed that you studied economics... only be ashamed if you used the degree to degrade others.

One of my best buddies passed the Bar in two states and never practiced law because he thought it was a racket... first you have to pass the test then they want you to cough-up doe-ray-me to pay for your 'license'. He thought it was all bull feces and instead dumpster dove and worked odd jobs out of school eventually landing as a guide (where all reprobates eventually end-up).

Peace to Les and all the rest! The gods are laughing very hard right now. I believe they must be finding our current human situation very funny... we must most resemble clowns the way we create problems then create more trying to solve the original problem. HeeHeeHeeHee.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been, wow?

"Oil is not squished fish but is always being produced" YES! Many russian scienist have thought this too?

"man never went to the moon" YES! I have no way to prove this, but many of old say the moon is a keeper of "worldly" bodies. Not sure this can be put in words, but the idea is we cant travel past the moon. You would leave this plane and be somewhere or someone else?

Logic can help us see certian things, by being a "seeker" of logic will mislead us, I say?

Off topic here but a great piece thats covered many ideas of the past few days

Love being a Fool

Anonymous said...

Whoa laws you mean I have to rearrange my world view at this late date? That wasn't very good you just lost your bonus.

This forum is the ultimate truth tester and you just failed!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The reticent volcano keeps
His never slumbering plan;
Confided are his projects pink
To no precarious man.
If Nature will not tell the tale
Jehovah told to her,
Can human nature not survive
Without a listener?
Admonished by her buckled lips
Let every babbler be.
The only secret people keep
Is Immortality.
-E. Dickinson

Anonymous said...

So ATS is a poor site for info but this piece was pretty cool, true or not?

"This message might be hard for some of you to believe, since the reality of your world seems so gloom and dim. Here's the news that I've retrieved from the global conscience of humanity!!

We are becoming free!! Take off your cuffs and the things that bind you through moral and legal obligations. The enemy is killing himself, fighting his own wars. Let him do it! Don't fight for his reasons. They are killing each other at a record clip.

Their wants and their greed, blindness and selfishness are finally clashing with the reality of the divine. They are coming to their cross roads. The final decision. To continue to be a slave, or to give your life in the walk towards your freedom.

It's happening right NOW! The religious people, the atheists and non believers alike are all coming to a cross road where their spirit is screaming for them to wake up and set them free.

I'm on that walk right now. My God this is the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. I remember who I am, I know it sounds crazy, I swear to you I know. I am from Atlantis, I have been here for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. And this morning I received, what i believe, is my final vision of what is actually happening in my life. I am a slave....

A slave to laws, responsibilities, education, greed, despair, negativity and heart brokenness. Victim of a system that demands my labor in return for it's mediocre nourishment. Working for energy and technology that is already free and available."

Love Your Life

Unknown said...

I believe the nagas have become very angry with humanity's total disregard for the environment. This feeling I have regarding their anger has grown very strong in the past month ever since the voilcano began spewing its toxic ingredients into the Gulf of Mexico. As always, I am amazed that so few people in my own circle are not aware of what is taking place. Everyone is still going about their business as if nothing much has happened.
Thank you, Les, for your words and thoughts once again.

Greg Bacon said...

Have you ever noticed that the USD bill is about the same shape, thickness and size as a piece of commercial toilet paper?

If you haven't already, you soon will.

Kevenj said...

Virginia Tech professor uncovered truth about lead in D.C. water

'For a while, the crusade(against the CDC) cost Edwards money as well. In 2004, he passed up a $100,000 EPA contract to consult on the issue, because he felt that he would be working for the wrong side. He put his family in debt by spending tens of thousands of dollars, mostly on fees for endless Freedom of Information Act requests to get data critical to his research.'

Washington Post

It is refreshing to note that there are some of us that cannot be bought out.Isn't this the same CDC that brought us the infamous "all clear" air analysis@ground zero days after 91? Then people ran to get hit up with swine flu per their suggestions?

Someone should put those people out of they're misery.

Burnie said...

Ha ha I just finished calling two senators and was hung up on twice, I was merely asking that they end the banging head on wall.

So I am one who is in a rage, and I really should follow Les's words but right now all I can say is I want revenge, I want to see these fucks punished. I am very aware of my darkside, you are looking at it somewhat. It is hard to keep tranquillo in the face of personal devastation exacerbated by the killing of my earth and the needless death in war, the pollution of our minds,to name just a few, while at the same time wanting to do anything but being able to do nothing. Changing myself at this point really seems impossible when every fiber of my being is consumed. Time for puppy pictures and a big fat spliff. Good post Les, unfortunately I am bereft of hope or any ability to crawl up to the light. Sorry to show how one man feels for real but I can't lie.

I pray for guidance to something I don't understand or necessarily feel comfortable believing in. Sometimes I think this is just a random occurance(a nightmare if it is) and a nightmare of hell if it isn't. You can say this is my fault for seeing it in darkness but what did I do to deserve this hell. What did I do as a child that someone punished me and destroyed that child hood plus that of three siblings. How does one deal with this. I'll post this knowing I sound like a fool..well I am no cherry. I am old and still angry. I would love to be like Yogananda, Ghandi, but alas I am not.

And on the lighter side of the news. that reference to you in the SOTC was in relation to something in Europe and maybe it wasn't a reference to you but I took it as that.hence my email the other night. was going to copy the sentence but cannot find it right off.

Good post Les, My eyes read it, my mind took it in its wisdom, but my spirit is raging.

Anonymous said...

for laws

on abiotic origin of oil
“Supporting Evidence, Briefly
· Oil being discovered at 30,000 feet, far below the 18,000 feet where organic matter is no longer found.
· Wells pumped dry later replenished.
· Volume of oil pumped thus far not accountable from organic material alone according to present models.
· In Situ production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth's upper mantle. (PhysicsWeb; Sept. 14, 2004)”

on having gone to the moon
“All of that data, the entire alleged record of the Moon landings, was on the 13,000+ reels that are said to be ‘missing.’ Also missing, according to NASA and its various subcontractors, are the original plans/blueprints for the lunar modules. And for the lunar rovers. And for the entire multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets…
We cannot, for example,
check the fuel consumption throughout the flights to determine what kind of magic trick NASA used to get the boys there and back with less than 1% of the required fuel.

And we will never, it would appear, see the original, first-generation video footage.”
“On Earth, it took many long years of trial and error, many failed test flights, many unfortunate accidents, and many, many trips back to the drawing board before we could safely and reliably launch men into low-Earth orbit.

But on the Moon? We nailed that shit the very first time.”

At that time no one had the means for humans to survive going past the Van Allen belt.

This is page 3 of Part 1

TheSparkle said...

Damn y'all. Laws got it wrong. The Earth is a dynamic toroidal energy field anchored by a singularity at the core--as are all things, even us.

Anonymous said...

On the lintel above the entrance door to his home at Kusnacht, Jung had carved the message Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit, that is, “Called or not called, the god will be present”

Jung was a pretty smart guy.

TheSparkle said...

I just found this guy on Youtube. He seems very genuine.

I really like the way he presents his thoughts. I am going to watch more of his lectures now.

the BCth said...

TheSparkle, 2:32 AM

Like a breath of fresh air, hmmm...


TheSparkle said...

Oh wow he gets really woo-woo in other videos.

bholanath said...

Reuters is reporting that Obomber, aka Prez BlackBush, is the biggest recipient of BP PAC $$$. Next is Sen. Mary Landrieu of LA.
Gosh, I'm so surprised.

bholanath said...

"There's another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away" - MSNBC

That ALTA shit could be right. I'm only half-way through it.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Laws. Experience reveals that evolutionary consciousness or ego, wanting to be transcendant tends to obscure simple obvious facts. And This self perception-that ultimate reality must evolve, and that the transcendant is achievable and measurable by a series of steps, stands in the way of actually being THAT. Why seek what one already is. Thus double minded man tends to hold to the sources of what he considers to be knowledge and repels semantic enigmatic and often humorous statements such as some of Laws'. Superego moves while ego "feels" moved on. That is the Divine reality of twofold oneness: No somethingness without nothingness. Oxymoronic irony is no offense. Rather, it is the seedbed of riddle and mystery that pricks the interest and ire needed to arouse native common sense. Ego wants to be the big kahuna messiah and savior and is thus not open to the radical provocation of the smartass out to moderate and cultivate transcendant oneness. Ralphie

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"When money gets tight it because the central banks caused it."

Right on Les. M3 has fallen almost ten percent in the last year. One concept you didn't mention was the velocity of money (GDP/money supply). This has also dropped significantly. In a viable economy money turns over at a rapid clip. Don't believe those GDP numbers coming out of Washington. They don't factor in real inflation and with tax receipts tanking how in the hell can GDP be rising?

"So what you get is products produced for the least amount of cost, out of the cheapest............."

Right again. I always use the example of a dust pan that I bought at an auction many years ago. It is probably eighty years old. Other than scratched paint it is just like new. I still use it. Probably twelve gage steel. It is made to last a lifetime.

On another note, check out your deodorant dispenser. You will find a half inch of soft deodorant in a four inch plastic tube. When Arm and Hammer first came out with deodorant they had a firm product that lasted a long time. It wasn't long before they replaced it with the soft crap that you use four times as fast. We are supposed to recycle, don't fill up the landfills. How about getting on these corporations who "produce products for the least amount of cost out of the cheapest materials........" Oh, I forgot, not in a Fascist country. Anyone who is paying attention could site a multitude of examples.

LESZEK, explain to us how a God of love could direct the "chosen" to go into a village and kill every man woman and child even the dogs cats and domestic animals. Are you saying if we study those bible passages somehow we will find a different interpretation? I've read the Bible twice, the god of the Old Testament had horns.


Anonymous said...

Les, I have been reading your writings for at least six months. I just wanted to tell you that I know you are a good soul as are most, if not all, the people who post comments here. I receive a sincere sense of peace whenever I visit.

This is not meant to convert anybody, and anyone of course is free to disagree, but I wanted to also share with you that I am a Traditional Catholic who attends the pre-Vatican II Mass at least twice a week. The only reason I mention this is to let you know that you are reaching people that may be surprising to you.

I've participated in many internet forums; political, Catholic, conspiracy related, etc. The thing that most strikes me as relevant to your blog and the comments from your readers is that we find ways to relate to each other even though we come from many different portals and paths. It is quite a contrast to every other site I visit in which participants who seemingly agree with each other on 95% of issues and share almost identical perspectives seem to be hell-bent on disagreeing with each other over the minutae.

God bless you and all your readers. This is a very special place.

I'm only anonymous because I am too lazy to open an account right now, but I probably will sometime in the future.

the BCth said...

The Solution, Schaeffer Cox Speaks on the Future of the Liberty Movement

Now THIS gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

burnie, nothing wrong with a good rant
maybe finding a creative outlet for that rant is what is needed,
you say you cant crawl up to the light.
well I would say
you are the light,the truth and all of them things,
all of us have been taught to block the light,that it exists somewhere else away from us not accessable by us here,but all of us are the light and we are here now.I dont know if this helps at all,I hope it does.

from a fellow brother


tim said...

The entire oil industry is lead by neo-conservative, bible-thumping lunatics. This leadership is about as intelligent as john hagee. israel serves 1 main purpose: the West's foothold on mid-east oil. The fundie crowd serves this major practical purpose with their insane support for zionism. Always remember that energy creats money, not the other way around. The Sparkle is spot on with the singularity comment. We don't need oil regardless if the abiotic theory is correct or not. The technology to replace oil exists and is being suppressed because the population would explode even more, which the elite hate. This will be revealed like every other veil..

James said...

The Unveiling continues... it seems Haliburton bought emergency response oil control company Boots & Coots on April 12th.
This is unreal.

Zoner said...

Ooh, let me try one!

So, countries are going "broke" due to "debts" that were mostly numbers on a screen but now we all have to make it real by our labor because debt is the modern slavery only we agree to it because that's just "how it's done" and really getting an "education" and "finding a job to support yourself and your family" is just another example of how we do what we naturally do (work and create)that has been co-opted by parasites attached to us to extract a "cut" because they say we need them and can't do it alone (we can but we're too asleep and scared and forgot what it was like when we did)which is the same thing with religion and even our relationship with the Mother (stay inside, wear sunscreen, watch Discovery but don't THINK of going in your own backyard or deep into nature where there are perfect examples everywhere of how it should all work if you know how to see - or maybe Chemlawn took care of that), books are great understanding is better but tuning your intuitive faculties and anti-BS meter and learning to trust them is best, and just because you answer to Dr or have a diploma doesn't mean you know shit and you're likely now unreachable because there is no way someone else can be allowed to express something contrary to what you "know" (think, feel, believe, have had drilled into your head by someone likely at great expense)because that would inflame that little prick Ego that will do ANYTHING to protect itself including maybe killing but ultimately it is all under control and we're going to have to discover one freaking way or another what it is to be responsible for ourselves and our brothers and sisters and for the care of our surrounding because that is what we are driven to do naturally (unless psychopathic)when we have no yoke and no fear and simply listen to the guidance that is always there but we seem to deny or don't believe it or trust ourselves enough and tubes ALWAYS sound better than solid-state and the Bible is a wonderful sleeping aid.

That was fun. How did I do?

Well stated and got me ringing like a bell, Les. The truth is taking on such a cool tone these days, at it is showing itself and sounding more frequently. Great commentary and insight, as always, from the peanut gallery. Let it all hang out, brothers and sisters. This is a rare place, indeed.

The commenter formerly known as "Z"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster of poems,


Sleep is supposed to be,
By souls of sanity,
The shutting of the eye.

Sleep is the station grand
Down which on either hand
The hosts of witness stand!

Morn is supposed to be,
By people of degree,
The breaking of the day.

Morning has not occurred!
That shall aurora be
East of eternity;

One with the banner gay,
One in the red array, --
That is the break of day.

E. Dickinson

Great Point!

Love Your Life

Zoner said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention an important deet/resonance - I get the feeling there is gonna be some ass kickin' to boot and that The Mother is either piling on or doing the jumping herself this time and that the pukes that get so hard over their toys and tools of destruction won't even get the "full release" they had hoped for.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you covered it all, wow!

"The fool who persists in his folly will become wise" – William Blake

Up for more reading?

We all can be "Disciples of the Mysterium!"

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Strum said...

Ah Les,
Great to see you back to your best.

seems like this full moon has been as powerful in your part of the world as it has been here.

The last paragraph says it all,
Seize the moment, critical mass is coming, we are winning!!!.
They are running scared, resorting to clumsy, desperate measures.

Les you are bloody inspiration, power on!


Anonymous said...

"Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that was my favorite joo Bob Dylan. He is on a very short list. Anyhow, great words of wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Coming at you from Florida I will keep typing as long as the power is on.

BP usied cheaper casings to save money.

Rising gas threatens North Sea rig

Yeah we are winning LOL They are on the run....along with everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22pm wrote -

Om Shri Nilakantha Baba Mahadev ki jai!


Anonymous said...

little people
in their homes
sat on chairs
some alone
reading books
for many hours
till late at night
in concrete towers
watching tv's
new episode's
of the same things
in different clothes
the mind wander
on its way
through its thoughts
that display
on a journey
through itself
life the liver
the feeling felt.


Anonymous said...
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bholanath said...

Played yesterday on Democracy Now, reminding me how cool this dude is, blowing off israhell and all. God, he wrote this in '74!

Winter In America - Gil Scott Heron

From the Indians who welcomed the pilgrims
And to the buffalo who once ruled the plains
Like the vultures circling beneath the dark clouds
Looking for the rain
Looking for the rain

Just like the cities staggered on the coastline
Living in a nation that just can't stand much more
Like the forest buried beneath the highway
Never had a chance to grow
Never had a chance to grow

And now it's winter
Winter in America
Yes and all of the healers have been killed
Or sent away, yeah
But the people know, the people know
It's winter
Winter in America
And ain't nobody fighting
'Cause nobody knows what to save
Save your soul, Lord knows
From Winter in America

The Constitution
A noble piece of paper
With free society
Struggled but it died in vain
And now Democracy is ragtime on the corner
Hoping for some rain
Looks like it's hoping
Hoping for some rain

And I see the robins
Perched in barren treetops
Watching last-ditch racists marching across the floor
But just like the peace sign that vanished in our dreams
Never had a chance to grow
Never had a chance to grow

And now it's winter
It's winter in America
And all of the healers have been killed
Or been betrayed
Yeah, but the people know, people know
It's winter, Lord knows
It's winter in America
And ain't nobody fighting
Cause nobody knows what to save
Save your souls
From Winter in America

And now it's winter
Winter in America
And all of the healers done been killed or sent away
Yeah, and the people know, people know
It's winter
Winter in America
And ain't nobody fighting
Cause nobody knows what to save
And ain't nobody fighting
Cause nobody knows, nobody knows
And ain't nobody fighting
Cause nobody knows what to save


Kevenj said...

Excellent Fud. M3 is DEFINITELY contracting @ an alarming rate and no one seems to notice but those of us trying to stay alive.Those reports of increased spending are due to the increased costs of food, oil, necessary living expenses including taxes.
ALTA reports alone,there are dozens of others that are saying 2010 will be a pivotal year.
Personally, I want to hang a Senator or two. That's all I want for Christmas.
Forgive me Les, I am not as strong as you.

TheSparkle said...

Dublin Mick, I think you might really like this, and Les and everyone as well. This is really a wonderful presentation and reading from a book that I should read.


Greata said...

Here in FLORIDA ground zero for the Correxit 9500 nitemare, I'm busy shopping for heavy duty rainwear and trying to warn those who will listen. Benzene is dissolving life into a hateful cancer mess. I can only see the proper punishment for such a shrewd and dispicable act is to require that the upper echlon of the BP take their own "medicine". I wonder if the Correxit 9500 is packaged in tablet form for greater convience and compliance in administering each dose?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Latest From Jim Kirwan:

"The Great Lie"

The dissolution of the natural world is being created one mega-disaster at a time.

The still unrecognized fact is that there are 49 other deep water platforms led by Atlantis; the world’s deepest Oil & Gas drilling platform which is located 150 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. It too is owned by BP. If there is an accident on Atlantis the resulting damage could be five times larger than what happened with Deep Water Horizon; and reports from a whistle-blower on the platform indicate that the situation with Atlantis has become critical. See the map.

In the chaotic aftermath of the blowout related to Deep Water Horizon, many are confused about the vast differences between what is happening and what is being said about these events.

The facts are that all people and governments, in any situation must look beyond whatever is said, to what is actually being done about any given problem. We must stop talking about “how much we care” and begin to show the world by the actions we take, to change the facts and end the nightmares. Deep Water Horizon’s colossal failures are only the spearpoint of the criminality behind this final push of the New World Order to end so much of nature’s natural-ways while they finish their continuing-murder of the human spirit.

“The spirit of life is almost non-existent in the perceptual reality we are now in. They’ve got religion, they’ve got civilization, they’ve got military and they’ve got education—they’ve got all the stuff but they don’t have the spirit to live.

The Great Lie is that this is civilization. It’s not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the Great Lie is that civilization is good for us.”

The United States has waged a five hundred year long genocidal war upon its own native population; under the duplicitous banner of Manifest Destiny. This was and still is colonialism in service to Imperialism. And many of the pillars that have been used to support this slaughter are still at work against the native people of North America and beyond.

Read The Complete Article At:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Hank said...

Hey Les

I finally had a few minutes to chime in, but as always, with me anyway, your thoughts and expressions inspsire so many different thoughts, I don't know where to start.

The state of the world is pretty much a given at this point, that is, it is what it is. It's memorial day weekend here in the good old US of American corporatocracy, and once again it's time to glorify war at the expense of those who exemplified the most noble of human qualities, and were used for the very worst.

I for one, cannot think of a quality that humans posess that bespeaks of our possibility as a race more than the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for our fellow man...or creature.

I cannot help but think of how different the world would be if all those who possessed this quality and joined the military, had been used for purposes equally as noble, instead of being used for political, idealogical or monetary goals.

I look at the world today and I see the fleas contend as mother earth begins to scratch. I see a desperate struggle for control of the Titanic. Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamies and so few are seeing the portents.

There is unrest all over the world because, just like rats on a ship that is going to sink, we feel something is fundamentally wrong, but unlike the rat, we don't have the sense to abandon ship. Actually, it wouldn't matter if we did, because there is nowhere to go.

Commercial and idealogical interests seem to have gone into a frantic scramble to gain control of this planet, and all the while I can't shake this feeling that something much larger is on the horizon.

I am seeing things in the media that are breaking into previously uncharted territory, and I find it gratifying and unsettling at the same time. The most blatant example I can think of is a series on Ancient Aliens, that proposes things, with no debunk or disclaimer, that if true would undermine all the underpinnings of modern human society. They propose that, not only have we been visited by aliens, but that we may actually be a product of their genetic engineering. That all of our religions may be the worship of technologically advanced extraterrestrials, and that all the UFO sightings may be a precursor for their return. Of course these are things that I and many other open minded people have considered for some time, but to present this to the general public is unprecedented.

Les, I don't know what all this has to do with what you said, but it's some of what your words brought to my strange mind. It must be strange, because that's the look I get when I bring these things up in general conversation, but I digress.

There is also strange things happening in the halls of power. This is an area where we actually see rats abandoning ship. So many lifelong politicians are retiring in unprecedented numbers, even when their re election would be assured. I have to wonder, what do they know that we don't. Is it a sudden realization of the futility of what they do, or is it a realization of the futility of what we all do.

The world is stiring, and humans everywhere are feeling it. Unlike Laws however, I don't have any real answers as to what or why. After reading his comment I was reminded once again though that the key to knowledge is 'I don't know', and that only ignorance is certain. I apologise if my ramblings make no sense, but it's the mind I am stuck with. So I will continue my search for truth and knowledge the best I can, and hope that we all find our peace.

Light Keeper said...

The spillcam shows black oil pouring out again this afternoon.

This is a prayer suggested by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who's research revealed that water physically responds to emotions. To speak it with sincerity is powerful and humbling:

"Now let’s give energy of love and gratitude to all the living creatures in Mexico Gulf by praying like this.

To whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae and all creatures in Gulf of Mexico

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Masaru Emoto
May, 9th 2010"

bholanath said...

From the Uttarakanda chapter of the Ramayana:

"Throughout all Ramachandra's realm a rod was never seen save in the hands of ascetics; the word 'difference' had ceased to exist except in relation to tune and measure in the dancers' troupes; and the word 'conquer' was heard only with reference to the mind (for the only victory known was self-conquest)."



Anonymous said...

I suppose
in the vastness
lifes illusions
leave us heartless
when the lie masters
everythings in chaos
in inner darkness
but the light travel
open minds
another angle
the lies a vandle
but truth untangle
a higher channel
another plane
heart spark
a vital flame
living seed
of sacred wind and holy rain
earth in pain
all her people
are in chains
its time to change
for all people to remain.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanguard said...

We are becoming and changing daily. That which is above is also below. What is the relationship between man and the earth?



Do "we" bring about "volcanoes" of oil in the depths of the secret ocean...plagues of DU/biophage upon the already deserted?

Does the earth, in general, react to the mental, physical and spiritual states of the individuals and peoples of the world, in general?

The earth brings us life. What do we bring to her?

We are poisoned, of dark minds. The elements are turned openly and secretly to destruction of man and woman. This shall not continue beyond a certain time and place, which is known.

* Transition *

How is it that those who, through ages, mastered darkness, can wreak such harm and destruction upon the children of men, and the children of God?

"It is given to them, for a little time..."

I say unto you, they shall unmake themselves in the fiery destruction they unleash, in realms not seen. This is the great and eternal death. And the realization is awful.

But know, and be in some small measure comforted. The soul force harvested from the innocent (the blood and the life) to power evil engines shall be transmuted. It is thus, and it must be, for that which cometh...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"...Browne appealed to the Judicial
Committee of the House of Lords who ruled he could not prevent the Associated Newspapers from printing allegations about his romantic life and alleged misuse of company funds...
This is the worm in that did all the safety cost cutting at BP leading to refinery explosions and now the worst ecocastrophe since the K-T extinction perhaps?

su said...


My 16 tear old son was in tears this morning about the devastation.
I told him about how water responds to intention and suggested that we pray to the water itself.
And here you suggest the same thing.
Let us all suspend our hatred and anger for the moment and let the intention for healing arise.
It is what is most needed at this moment.

Anonymous said...

hank I was a bit worried about you, glad your back,your words always valued.


Vanguard said...

in my dreams did i see, in strange, familiar places

a small gathering of friends

Then striding toward me, a stranger

tall, clean-shaven, wavy sandy-brown hair
somber countenance
steady hazel-eyed gaze

and suddenly i was on my back looking up at him and the smiling women to his side

i was no longer fully dreaming

no words

just a steady gaze

and the effect

then purple-corruscating swirling colors in his eyes

slight pressure

i could look away but didn't. what did he think he could do?

there, a slight frown of annoyance

he increased his efforts.

pinwheel violet colors for eyes.

then, there, of a sudden, rapid massive vibrations though my lower body, especially my abdomen and a huge THUMP

my sight turns orange white. fade.

And yet, I live.

Talk about "onslaughts". Never so direct. Who hates me so much now?

I have seen one face of great evil. I know you now. Having been locked in death's embrace by your will.

But know that it is not given to you to end me.

Great is the the Lord. What is my life, that I would not lay it down in His service? Thy will, O Lord, be done, in all things, in the heavens and upon the earth.

As the Lord God liveth, if ye attempt this again, it shall be done unto you and your ilk far worse than what you intend. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord of Hosts.

m_astera said...

Attention all Hugo Chavez supporters:

You really should read this interview with the head of Venezuela's largest labor union. The Emperor is now officially naked.

In English here:

Anonymous said...

Three scenarios for 2010-2012 by Dan Eden based on the Web Bot material

Light Keeper said...

A good message...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Ork navy has attacked the Aid Flotilla and killed 2(3?)confirmed and injured 30.

Turkisk government said to be furious, lets see how that pans out. The MV Mari Marmari was strafed and then boarded by ork commandos who the went about terrorizing the crew and passengers.




Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Holy S**t!!! Cage fighters, mushrooms and the end times!

Anonymous said...

This account of the events is much more detailed. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC

....whom are believed to have taken psychedelic mushrooms. The victim and the suspect, according to the testimony, became preoccupied with the idea that a tidal wave was coming, that the end of the world was upon them and that a struggle between God and the devil was taking place.

Anonymous said...

Up to 16 people have been killed when Israeli naval commandos boarded aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip, meeting resistance from pro-Palestinian activists, Israel's Channel 10 television said.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. It's on ol'son it's on!

Spain and Sweden recall ambassadors and the Khalif of Qatar has condemned the act as piracy even germany has condemned the attack and the shills are out like aphids in spring!

Kharma is workin' it's magic!




Anonymous said...

The on-line Daily Mail article is giving out the number of dead as 19and has a few interesting pictures, all showing armed Israelis up against unarmed civilians.
I was surprised to see the headline even reporting this attack in the Zio-Mail, but as this story has had such wide coverage on the Net not even the MSM can ignore it.
It was very heartening to read the 'Comments' by the normally Islamophobic DM readers - seems as though the tide really has turned.

Les, is your gmail still being blocked? If so, do you have another contact email?

Stay well.

S. Cat

TheSparkle said...

"The Terrorists" have attacked an unarmed multinational group of aid workers in international waters. How will the mainstream media handle this?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

the butcher of the middle east
israhell with no shame
blood dribbling from its lips
it just cant change
rothschilds banking paradise
the play thing of western elite's
commits international
political suicide
blew its brains out on tv
the demon that inhabits it
needs new blood everyday
now it stumble side to side
in extreme pain
their is nothing it can do
cant go back,just carry on
march to its own destruction
soon to be gone
if obama says nothing
and he knows he has to now
another million people
rise tommorrow with no doubt
people catching on
its slow but never stops
all with a part to play
to end the cycle of chaos.


Light Keeper said...

I sit stunned with grief and outrage at the Israeli terrorist attack on the peaceful, brave civilians who voyaged towards Gaza with humanitarian aide. Then express my call for condemnation in every way available to me at this moment.

With the oil volcano and now this vile act of murder, they have gone too far. Passed the limit. The tide has turned. I hear the voices rising up around the planet. The people united will never be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Weirdly, I had just finished Robert Fisk's tragic but masterful 1000 page narrative on the mideast, "The Great War for Civilisation" when I heard the news (oh boy) about the Israeli massacre of the freedom flotilla. US Liberty all over again. The usual ineffective outrage in europe and again, the silence from the arab dictatorships of the persian gulf. Howdy Doody of course will say and do nothing against his Masters.
One thing Fisk said stuck in the head--after the first genocidal war of 1991, the Saudis were buying "$46 million per day" in arms from the USSA while having given a TOTAL of $100 million the the Pals. Kuwait's response was the deport all Pals who had been in Kuwait. The arab dictatorships will do nothing now but offer hot air.
wv: TERRatt(ack)

Vanguard said...

Ah, yes, trot out a months old drug-induced murder and mayhem case, and suddenly, any discussion of oppressive times, God, or evil is suspect?

A tired old trick which is losing its efficacy. The people increasingly know truth when they hear it.

But, by all means, persist. Freedom of speech is a noble practice, by individuals and societies.

But then, you really don't want freedom of speech. You needed to attempt to undermine, subvert, spin, divert, disgust...darken the minds of those who wonder. You cannot help it...cannot resist the siren call to pervert.

You are enslaved, mind, body and soul, and sneak about seeking to bind others with the dark poison that drips from your serpent tongues (courtesy of your father, your god).

Those who have understanding see the truth in whatever form. You seek to keep not them, but the awakening, in a drugged haze. The very things you attempt to accuse bringers of truth and light of doing.

But that is your way, after all. Isn't it. A delicious, titillating game where you accuse others--especially the righteous--of the very things you force from the cover of infected shadows.

Whether you are a paid government shill, some occult or secret society practitioner, a bought and subverted religious org member,or just some self-motivated pawn of evil,you must spread your lies. You dwindling life depends upon it, of course. Because--and this rankles and enrages you to your sick core--you are a slave of evil and yet all about you walk the free. Positively Sisyphean.

Let me emphasize the point about you doing what you accuse the innocent of doing. You are the SAME as those who, of their own will, or because they foolishly opened themselves to "demonic" possession, wreak murder and mayhem of the vilest and most shocking proportions. To those who can see, YOU crouch---spiritually--naked and covered in others' blood, with ripped, cooked, partially eaten organs strewn all about you.

You have defiled the temples of God. And are cast out. You live in fear, if you are wise, or lust, if you are not.

I would say to you: cease to spread darkness and lies before your judgment arrives. But I know in my heart that you will instead draw out the full measure of the chosen wickedness you are able to wreak. You will go down to hell, and you will suffer as the victim who is alive even as he is violated and dismembered by the devils with whom he consorted.

The world is blanketed, saturated with lies, deceit, darkness...poisons of the mind and body and soul. A certain amount must ever be. But this time...too much.

The blood of the innocent cries out for vengeance. It will be answered. Woe be unto those who walk down those bloody paths snuffing minds and lives slowly or quickly. You cannot possibly comprehend in this sphere how utterly you...

At least for the suffering (think children whose limbs were hacked off and left alive so they could suffer the rest of their oppressed lives) or dead--even if their hearts were ripped from their chest before their still-living eye(s)--their suffering does still come to an end. There is merciful peace (and forgetting) [and renewal]. You might have a small measure, but only to have wickedness and resulting agony relived, forever, without going so insane that you don't know you are cursed and miserable--by your own hand! If you persist intensely enough, you will eventually be unmade. There is a reason the young in spirit fear death, because they sense that true death is terrifying.

If the one ultimate outcome in the one direction is possible, so the other. As has been said.

"Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

Anonymous said...

Great. Even G-d pisses on Howdy Doody, "Downpour Cancels Obama's Memorial Day Speech" (as more Howdy Doody drones
barbecue Pakis to celebrate Freedom Flotilla massacre).
wv: rookable ! (the amerikan sheeple)

Anonymous said...

Here´s something to ponder: after reading

Three scenarios for 2010-2012 by Dan Eden based on the Web Bot material

and the recent events in the Med. it occurred to me that Israel could possibly be the perfect country for the NWO to sacrifice for the role of the common enemy. The one to unite the world as they are singled out.

Check it out..

Here´s an excerpt from 1984, notice the enemies name "Goldstein". and is this not eerily like what we are all being subjected to right now on our telescreens?

...attempting to whip them into a frenzy of hatred and loathing for Emmanuel Goldstein and the current enemy superstate. Apparently, it is not uncommon for those caught up in the hate to physically assault the telescreen, as Julia does during the scene.

The film becomes more surreal as it progresses, with Goldstein's face morphing into a sheep as enemy soldiers advance on the viewers, before one such soldier charges at the screen, machine gun blazing. He morphs, finally, into the face of Big Brother at the end of the two minutes. At the end, the mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted viewers chant "BB" over and over again, ritualistically.

Within the book, the purpose of 'the hate' is said to satisfy the citizens subdued feelings of angst and hatred from leading such a censored lifestyle.

Something to think about, eh?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the radio show, man. It made me smile. I understand, hear ya loud and clear and know it´s true.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Aryoo ded or what? We sledge-festers are av'n a field day with the gollums. I'll bet you're conjuring up the mutha of all posts, eh?

My energetic thoughts are with you and yours;

love light & peace...Papa Visible.


enbee: If you need anything you have my email address. Cheers from a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

yep les that broadcast on sunday,showed a real human element.
real humility,I dont know what your doing at the moment but you are sorely needed,after all you are probably one of the wisest people on this beautiful earth.


Anonymous said...

Les, Mick,

Could someone please tell me how to find out if benzene is present in the rainwater? I've read the blogs about people seeing oil in the rain, and that's a clue, but where there is NO oil present, how can rain be checked for the precence of the Correxit 9500 (benzene)? Russia's science community thinks this is the important issue here. how can we make a scientific determination if the supernasty is in the rain?

Anonymous said...

bholanath zoner dublins veritas,I dont seem to be able to comment on your websites just wont allow me too

..peace to all..

Anonymous said...

well hes done it again
sat down to pretend
sitting in insanity
unwilling to defend
mouth wont open
nothing comes out
the people need to know
what is it about
obama whats the matter
devil caught your tongue
seems that is the case
you've done nothing
since you've come
what about your people
or it doesnt matter about them
I bet theirs not an ounce of truth
in the thoughts that you spend
just how you will spin this
excuse's all the way
your in the wrong spot in history
israhell is going away
there is nothing that can stop it
thats the way it is
I'm sure deep inside yourself
you just want to resist
but you are surrounded
and you dont know what to do
it must be hard selling
your people out
thats something I could not do.


Anonymous said...

Greta I don't know I suppose when you get a dry feeling in the throat, your eyes burn from time to time and a funny feeling in your chest that is when you know it is in the rain and atmosphere. Kind of like I am feeling now. I don't feel so good.

Last night the clouds looked a little reddish like the stuff they are spraying in the gulf when they floated by and almost full moon.

m_astera said...


Benzene is a component of crude oil. I understand it is also in the Corexit dispersant, but they have likely only used a few million gallons of that.

The big holes in the ocean floor pumping out billions of gallons of crude? That is releasing thousands of times more benzene than the dispersant. And it very likely will end up in the rain.

Citric acid and ascorbic acid and plenty of distilled water are supposed to help neutralize benzene and get it out of the body, so stocking up on lemons and limes and vitamin C might be a good idea. And water. No big hurry, but this one's going to affect us all.

Was reading today that the actual inside diameter of the well casing is 5 feet. The 21" stuff they've been telling us is the tool pusher tube. Five feet inside diameter. Tapping into the mother of all oil and gas deposits, possibly the largest one on Earth, potentially trillions of barrels, and the pressure is on the order of 50,000 psi.

Interesting that the present accepted theory for the extinction of the dinosaurs is a meteor impact in the Gulf just North of the Yucatan. Big crater there. What if it wasn't a meteor, because a meteor wasn't needed? Just something to blow off the oil and gas bubble?

There may be enough oil and gas under that present dome to poison all life in the sea over the period of a few years, even if it doesn't blow. Which would handily take care of three-fourths of the human population. The seas would recover eventually, maybe in less than a century. Those of us who breathe might have a harder time as the ocean plankton make most of our oxygen. I'm not fear-mongering here, just wanting to let people know that this leak is several orders of magnitude greater than the worst case scenario you have probably read or heard. Let's hope they are serious about drilling that relief well and that it is successful.

More in-depth data here:

For the conspiracy minded among us, rather interesting that the rig exploded and caught fire on April 20th, but didn't actually sink until April 22, Earth Day.

Who do we know that likes little jokes like that?

ganeshapuja said...


here's where i'm at: i don't have much hope that the gnowingkness you speak of, the superzeitgeist, isn't about ready to lovingly recycle us into compost, useful to more coherent life forms across the galaxy, scattered as stardust.

that Being said, i offer the following quote from Ramana Maharshi:

"Begin to see the truth. Begin to stand up tall. Become fearless. Become strong. Leave the world alone. It’ll take care of itself. There is a mysterious power that guides the world to its right destiny. It doesn't need any help from you. If you're meant to do certain work in the world, it will be done but you have nothing to do with that. It doesn't mean that you have to leave your job, or go sit in a cave, or give up your life. Wherever you are right now is where you're supposed to be. Just feel, "I am not the doer" and you're work will go on. Do not be attached to your work, Do not react to any situation or any condition. Be yourself. Focus your attention on consciousness, and your body will go on doing whatever it came here to do. Everything is preordained. Even when I raise my finger like this it is preordained. Do not be egotistical to believe that you have any power over everybody or anybody or that you are the doer. It's a privilege to have been born on this earth, and the reason you have been born is to find your real self. Go for it, do it, and become free."

you are carrying this spirit forward imho. well played brother.

Bearwalk7 said...

Yep that last radio show was a really good one again. They are all good though whether you're talking about the metaphysical or the sociopolitical (like they are really separate.) You consistently put forth the effort Les and so I feel the need to respond and say thanks. You're an excellent mountain sherpa. You can be the frontman but we have to carry our own packs.(grin) I have nothing else important or clever to contribute other than this;thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Mick, m_astera,

You guys are right about my take on this toxic mess, I am too naive about the dangers of the crude oil all by itself. My naivette aside, I still feel the need to point out to y'all that as a component of crude oil, benzene as a stand alone solvent has a flash point of 181'F where the crude's flash point is set at 141'F. Now my scientific qualifications are not top notch, but with EPA ruling against the correxit 9500, BP using it anyway, and Fla's own Charlie Christ calling for all loose tourists to hurry on down and eat some of our good Gulf fish.

Isn't arging that the correxit scum is also a benzene compound just like the crude a bit like saying that the Nazi stormtroopers are equal to anything Bernard Fife could whoop up? I meam after all they are similiar.

The crude is less dense than the ocean water it is in, and it is insoluable in that water without the presence of the corresit 9500.
Simple logic tells me that life holds much better odds in dealing with the crude alone without the sovent in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all,

Just wanted to write in with a quick update. I live in Barcelona, and just down the road in Sitges (about 30min south) the 2010 Bilderberger meeting is underway and will be until Sunday.
The good news in all of this is the sky!! I havn´t seen skies so blue and clean over Barcelona in years. We have been bombarded with chemtrails quite heavily lately. Yesterday it rained to the south of the city (over Sitges) and today not an airplane or cloud or chemtrail in sight. I don´t know if they have diverted air traffic or not but I´m not even seeing commercial flights. Townspeople are quite upset as well. In the neigborhood surrounding the Dolce resort all roads have been cut except for one, and everyone has to show documents to get into their own homes. No one is allowed guests in their homes until Monday unless it´s an emergency or family member, then they must show documents and pass a "test". There was a meeting held with the neighbors to let them know that they shouldn´t worry about all the military running around in the forest, the helicoptors overhead and the checkpoints. The nightcrowd is upset because the Atlantida disco has been shut down for the weekend as to not pollute their precious ears with any noise. Golf course, same thing except reserved only for them.

I hope this meeting isn´t an omen for Spain. After all, last year the meeting was held in Athens...looked what happened there.

Les, hope you come back soon!

Anonymous said...

que, mad rampaging gunmen...fade to black, and we back with business as usual.

Anonymous said...

The disaster in the Gulf, the murder of the flotilla people, and a hundred other agonies occur this moment and every moment on this here planet earth. The fact is, no big profound prophesy, we're all sentenced to death, 100% guaranteed.

Under the best of conditions here on earth, when the window opens a bit, it's always a good idea to spend quality time preparing for the 100% guaranteed inevitable death sentence we're all temporarily avoiding.
Hell, even George of the Jungle is a prophet. "Watch out for that treeeeee."

Every entity that is alive now will die. Every being that is ever gonna be born in the future is gonna die. And most likely, to quote another wise prophet, Wavy Gravy, "it's really gonna hurt, man."

Prophesy ain't hard at all.
Helen Keller was deaf, dumb and blind and she was spot on. As is anyone who predicts gloom and doom and disasters of every shape and form, natural and man made.
100% chance of birth, disease, aging and death. And in the meantime real bad people are gonna do real bad things all the time. Even them damn evil germs and bacteria are licking their evil whatever they have in the way of lips.
You're also gonna hurt yourself a bunch, be hurt with hearts broken, lying, cheating and stealing, etc. Suffering is on the schedule, oh yeah.

Here's my 100% guaranteed prophesy and it doesn't take a wise Hopi, an insightful eskimo or a smart swami to cipher it.

Hell, I'll just quote another prophet of renown, a conscious cowboy, Country Joe. A great wise prophet.
"Whoopeee we're all gonna die."

And just what are the chances of returning for more? About 99.9% or better?

There's a masochist born every second, and two to whip him, to whip him good.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Crude oil flows freely in tons of places on this earth. Is not toxic, its not great for most life forms but to say its a " planet killer" is plain silly. Many other life forms feed off it? What we see is death and a toxic mess, yes. Its even a man made event, so its much harder to put into the right mindframe, but stop flippin out over this please! The "man" wants you to cry and bitch at their handy work?
Like the above, there is about a 100 percent chance nature and the mother lived before and will live after this mess?

Love Your Life Fool

Erik said...

Hi Dublin Mick,

You got the Irish 'Gift of the Gab', but sometimes you combine it with a 'sick' sense of humor (grin).

Love your twist on 'Whoopee'.


Anonymous said...

israels mistake
driven by hate
american child of 19
their murderers take
israhell battered
the elite with no clue
on the way to their destruction
for selling lies as truth
if they laid down their weapons now
sat back and opened up
they could probably
make it easier
for themselves and who they love
but we know them
they have to have it their own way
a fatal mistake
they should be very afraid
the tide has turned
everything that they do
scattered to the four winds
by the forces of the truth
an unstoppable force
crush all in its path
come to wake man
in truth and true task


abe said...

Hey Les, been a while, no? Just had to let you know that the zionists over at the times are having a pretty lively discussion over what to do with our innards as we speak. Check it out below:

Vanguard said...

Well, "Anonymous", aside from a couple of others (out of dozens of commenters) briefly mentioning "prophets" it apparently fell to you in a self-appointed fashion to mention "prophesy" (a verb, by the way) three times, in a disparaging way, thereby making light of sacred matters.

Happy with yourself? Mission accomplished? Have you succeeded in darkening any minds, any who might wonder if God can and does speak to His children, today, in this modern era, especially when times are so fraught with peril?

Yes, death is a given. It is a lesson. It is not the end.

Moreover, life is most certainly not required to be filled with the current, increasing level of pain and suffering willfully inflicted by pseudo leviathans upon the masses, especially the innocent.

You know this, and yet you lie. You revel in darkness and horror. You bring despair, and hopelessness. Anguished passivity.

Divine retribution descends upon you who know the truth but spread lies to harm your brothers and sisters upon the earth.

You may think that all is lost for you because of your crimes--or worse, you may not realize what awaits you--but to trample upon sacred things is to break covenants, agreements in the great war of eternity. But then, your actions these days show the world what you think of rational, humane agreements.

But God is not some human, subject to manipulation and force. You have upped the stakes. In your hatred of God and all who love, worship and serve Him, you will exceed the bounds laid out for you, explained to you.

Your existence is divine, but your every thought and action longs for the infernal. You shall be granted your innermost desires, though not in the manner you believed.

Turn from your wicked ways. Look to your own deeds. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Here's a prophecy for you:

The dark and meaningless existence you would thrust upon thy brothers and sisters, is the hidden inward fortress you build for yourself to abide within at life's utter end.


"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

"And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him. When they heard that, they were cut to the heart, and took counsel to slay them. Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law...And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men...And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."

Anonymous said...

About those other missing dead and wounded...

Anonymous said...

Ahmet Dorga, an accounting professor, told the state-run Anatolia news agency that he had identified his son at a morgue and that he had been shot in the forehead. But he did not express sadness. "I feel my son has been blessed with heaven," he said. "I am hoping to be a father worthy of my son."

Hard to find the words for that..

reenie said...

usa is a failed state

Les we miss you

m_astera said...

Hi Greta-

I think we are just miscommunicating here. You wrote:

"how can rain be checked for the precence of the Correxit 9500 (benzene)? Russia's science community thinks this is the important issue here. how can we make a scientific determination if the supernasty is in the rain?"

So I figured you were concerned about the benzene in the correxit.

I don't know the chemical formula for that stuff, but as I posted over at Origami, if you pour motor oil into a sink full of water, the oil will float and you can get it off somehow. Sprinkle a handful of detergent on it and it mixes with the water; you will never get it out.

I do agree that using a dispersant is a very bad idea, especially a toxic dispersant when BP had plenty of access to non-toxic dispersants. So why did they choose a toxic one? Probably for a couple of reasons, one of which is that they (those who are pulling the strings) want this to be a killer, and they want to hide it as long as possible, hide the amount and hide the deadliness.

It's the apocalypse. Everyone gets to show their true colors, whether they planned on doing that or not. How else are we to be sorted out?

Mick, I enjoyed the first part of the link you sent, about the underground worlds etc, but I can do without the religious stuff. No matter what direction that takes, it's part of the Hierarchy, and I'm not.

Visible said...

I suppose a response is in order. I haven't posted one because explanations can run long and I don't want to go in that direction so, I'll just toss out a few details and given that I have decided to write something today, that should do the trick for the moment.

I'll be writing here at Smoking Mirrors and apologize that Origami has gotten little attention of late.

Most of you know that I have been dealing with a Kundalini event for over a month, or you may have thought it passed away. It doesn't seem to be doing that and everything I do in the ordinary passage of my days is amplified by it. This makes possible stupid acts on my part (grin) that can have an impact far greater than I might have expected, given that I can forget what I am dealing with if its in the background.

This resulted in the most 'off the planet experience' (metaphorically speaking, looking for a phrase that will give an appropriate image) I've ever had. That means it was off the charts as well as lasting the good part of four days; intertwining with ordinary life and containing epic incidents which all went by without drawing any attention which seems hard to believe now but... which certainly proves it was contained by supernatural powers. That's reassuring.

The end result was that I wasn't going to write anything more here or anywhere else and stop other presentations in other media as well. I haven't been by my email either, which explains my not responding to emails.

Now something very, very positive has happened and some of the things I was feeling after the event are no longer present so, I can go on again for awhile or, like nothing happened at all. I don't know.

During the event I was led to believe certain things which are truly incredible and were also the things I would most want to believe were true. The event ended in an instant and the whole of the reality that had surrounded me melted right away. This caused me to believe what I had seen and experienced was not true which left me with the deepest disappointment and sense of loss I have ever known.

Well... after a couple of days of this something else happened that changed all of that and reassured me about a lot of things. Nothing has presented me with strong irrefutable truth about anything but I understand that's how its supposed be at the moment and I just have to wait for what, I am told, will be.

This probably doesn't tell you much and I'm going to leave it at that. I'll get something up today about what you would expect me to comment on and we'll just go on as if nothing ever happened. I can say this. It appears that all of us are going to get whatever we have worked for from whatever we have believed in. This is fantastic good news for some of us. I'm in no doubt about this.

I'm not going to answer any questions and I might not be very good with emails. I feel great and I hope you do too. I'm also a little pressed for time because I am getting everything together here and have to head somewhere else. See you in a bit.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the wise get up
when royalty takes its place.


Anonymous said...

Well knee jerker, aka, "Vanguard," (is that a noun, a verb or an adjective?), despite your rather negative take (your choice) on what is essentially the tongue in cheek truth, I found it hard to read past your very first knee jerk.
"Prophesy is a verb."

Aw shucks, I hate to ruin your day, again, but prophesy is also a NOUN. (by the way)
As in.. my prophesy came true.

As in, my personal prophesy is all the sticky sweet misguided sentiment in the world will never protect you from the four 100% guarantees of this material plane.
And that's just for starters.
They all suck! Like it or not, but they're true.
I don't like it, even as you suggest I do, but hey, what's a boy gonna do?

"Divine retribution descends upon you who know the truth but spread lies to harm your brothers and sisters upon the earth."

That's just plain nonsense.

You say I know the truth.
How then is saying the truth spreading lies?
Everything I said was true.
You don't like it because it's mean and nasty truth as opposed to honey and sugar plum fairy truth but it's truth nonetheless.
Then you threaten me with your incoherent "divine retribution?"
Why do I sense (prophesize) you are the type who worships/envies a vengeful God?

"But then, you really don't want freedom of speech."

Were you looking in the mirror when you added that tripe?

Because you seem to be the one wishing to restrict my speech.. and why do I get the feeling you'd burn me at the stake if you could summon your God's will like some 'vanguard" you claim to be.

Name one lie I spread...

Gonna be born? Yep.
Gonna get diseases? Yep.
Gonna age? Yep.
Gonna die? Yep.
Gonna be hurt by others? Yep.
Gonna hurt yourself? Yep.

I never said there was no joy, no beauty, no compassion, no love.
Because there are all of these.

But neither did you say there were all of these... instead you chose make my point for me.
(i knew that)

You leaped to judgment and condemnation of me..

Not very vanguardish, do you think?

Anonymous said...

5.33 come on stop acting like a child with a new toy,you can feel the depth of emotion vangard writes with,something that is missing from your peice of writing,in actual fact your writing I felt was a bit arrogant,now your one of my brothers and when you come to les's site you as a brother should try and raise a brother in the light,not try and take the light from him.
have a sit down and a think and try and come up with something that others can draw inspiration from.


Vanguard said...

So, a time for revelations is it?

Whether intentional or not, you reveal yourself as one who has been following more than one of my posts. The "freedom of speech" comment was earlier, toward another--or the same--Anonymous, who would cast doubt that anyone who was concerned for the times, and also believed in a battle between good and evil, was prone toward horrific murders.

Since you cast down that gauntlet, I did pick it up and engage.

Yet again, when some well-meaning individuals shared various prophecies, you stepped in to say there is no prophecy, that any yokel could easily speak "truths", and by the way, the only truth worth knowing is that you're all going to die, again and again, in pain, a fitting end to a life of misery.

You certainly do have freedom of speech to spread such a demeaning and painful doctrine. And I have the freedom to denounce it. Of course you "set me up" for "knee jerk" reactions. We both know this. It's a deadly serious game, of course. The eternal battle between truth and lies, good and evil.

You lie in that you know the doctrine you spread is misleading. You should as much say a man is only his body. Of course he has a body. But that is not the the summation of his existence, nor is the body's end the end of him. Thus the most debilitating lies contain some or even most truth. But within wiggles the poisonous worm, while the gleaming golden apple is all that is seen, scented, felt and tasted (at first).

You insinuate and attribute "actions" based on mere words, no matter how emphatic. That is your modus operandi. You would shut me down, or at least any who might be curious about what I have to say, just as I am curious about what others have to say. The only burning people on stakes are those you burned in a past life, or would hope to burn in this life, for their beliefs (and I only speak of this since you went to this place of horror by bringing it up). Your tactic of shutting people down through use of horror will not work on me. I will look wherever you point, and see the truth of it, God willing. I will answer your most egregious allegations if the Spirit moves me.

Further, you say "material plane". We both know this plane is both heaven and hell, the pathway to God, or else the cycle of 10,000 lifetimes. If you want to keep some poor souls languishing in darkness, by what you teach to them, you take on responsibility for them.

I really am not interested in nuanced debates. Since you've been following some of what I've written, you know that I've been encouraging people to bring greater good into the world. The good Lord above knows how many powerful groups and individuals spread death and destruction, preferably under the cover of deceit and darkness.

When posters here speak from their hearts, there is respect for different paths and levels of understanding. However, the Spirit attests that you do not speak from the truth you know. Rather, you seek to subvert and it is quite obvious. You are welcome to speak the truth you know, but not the lies intended to harm and mislead others. There are far too many official venues for what you intend. It is not given to you to pollute all forums of good and truth and light.

Slink back to your cesspools of the mind, lest the light of truth burn you with divine fire.

Vanguard said...

My thanks, ..peace..

Your words and poetry are always inspiring, especially, recently:

the tide has turned
everything that they do
scattered to the four winds
by the forces of the truth
an unstoppable force
crush all in its path
come to wake man
in truth and true task

Anonymous said...

YOU approached, attacked, confronted me, not the other way around, moron.

A perfect example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

P.S. Don't worry. No one will confuse you for les.
Maybe if you practice in front of the mirror for a while...



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