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The Gathering Darkness and its Inescapable Destiny.

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Here’s how it has to be and how it damn well better be. B.P. needs to be seized by The World Court or some body of influence and all of its assets commandeered. Its executives must be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. Its stockholders must be placed last in line for financial satisfaction of any claims they may have. The intentionally criminal behavior which caused this massive environmental disaster is only one of the reasons. Here is another and there are many more as well.

The government of the United States is in bed with these clowns and should also be judged accordingly. Obama was groomed and put into the White House by Zionist, Jewish money and they own him. Ergo, they are behind whatever policy he makes, including the attempt to put that psychopathic, Goldman Sachs whore, Kagan, on the Supreme Court. The beauty of her being shines in her countenance (rrrrraaaalllph!).

The means by which Zionist, Jewish money was able to engineer this and; the 9/11 attacks, the purchase and control of 96% of the world’s media and all of the major entertainment companies, as well as a great deal more, is due to their control of the money supply through the Central Banks, which issue currency and which they print at will. They then loan it out to whomever they please in order that others like them can acquire whatever they wish. They also do not loan out the money to anyone who does not serve their purposes. In this way they can have command of governments and armies and set the stage for financial crashes all around the world, as well as wars, plagues and famines.

All of this is backed up by hard data and can’t be argued against. It is critical to understand that they didn’t accomplish any of this through a possession of greater industry and intelligence. They did it by being able to print the money and by usury. These counterfeiters collect interest on ghost money printed out of thin air.

They also have insinuated themselves into every social movement and every civil rights organization, with the power of this counterfeit money and their representatives occupy all positions of power within these organizations and movements, which are then used to destroy the culture as well as the influence of Christianity and Islam.

They have used this money to make repressive laws that limit inquiry and free speech; as in the matter of their holocaust, which they were the principal architects of- also accomplished with this money- and relentlessly push to have these laws extant in every country on Earth. Their sponsoring of hate crime legislation is also a means by which they can protect themselves from the consequences of their bad behavior. Meanwhile members of their drive for world conquest commit so called anti-Semitic acts and hate crimes in order to legitimize the application of these laws. Unfortunately for them, these people keep getting caught at it, as was evidenced by the discovery that nearly all such crimes committed in France in recent times were committed by them.

They used the force of the idea of their holocaust (which they financed) to take possession of a land that had been populated by an indigenous people for thousands of years and drove them from their lands with guns and poison and any means at their disposal. Today, millions of these people live in horrible ghettos, where they are used for target practice by the Israeli military and where they are routinely beaten and killed by demonic settlers who were imported from locations around Europe for that very purpose. Prior to their arrival, this land was at peace and represented by members of several religions and differing cultures.

I could continue to list the crimes of these villains, long past the space restrictions of this essay. Together with other malevolent groups and individuals and with the assistance of those they have bought and paid for, they are behind most of the greater evils of our times, including organ theft, human trafficking, international drug dealing, the pornography and gambling empires as well as prostitution and assassinations across the globe. This is also supported by hard evidence. These are monsters.

Coming round full circle, it appears that they are also responsible for the disaster in The Gulf because they control the White House and the Congress and therefore must be behind the efforts to conceal what is happening, to control the possibility of judgments, to murk up the waters where blame is apportioned and to resist all sane attempts to actually put an end to the problem. None of this would be happening if there were any real concern for the damage taking place at so many levels in this moment.

They must also be behind the ever increasing, repressive laws and the thuggish behavior of law enforcement on the streets, in the airports, at the borders and wherever psychopaths in uniform ply their trade. Since they were the authors of the 9/11 attacks, it stands to reason that what has followed in the aftermath has been their work.

They control university admissions to all of the better schools in the United States and other places and they do this because they control the money supply, which allows them to endow these colleges and universities, which gives them control over the professors who teach there and the curriculum. They also control the curriculum at public schools and are the primary cause of the incremental dumbing down of the students, so that now a substantial portion of those graduating cannot read or write at an acceptable level; a barely functional level.

They promote the celebration of diverse sexual practices at grade levels where the students have no concept of sexuality in any understandable way. They nurture and protect deviance from the majority norm, while ordering the arrest of six year old boys who kiss a female classmate. They authorize the tazering of children who have been made dysfunctional by their corruption of the culture.

They encourage prepubescent, sexual behavior through advertising and other modalities, in order to increase the sexual desirability of children for the purpose of financial profit and as an allurement for the weak so that they might imprison them in their ‘for profit’ prison systems.

They encourage the proliferation of disease and bad health through bad diet which they feed with non-nutritional foodstuffs (Reagan said that catsup was a vegetable. As a vegetable himself, one would assume he knew) manufactured in their corporations and then reap major profits from their murderous allopathic medical concerns and pharmaceutical industries.

They outsourced the manufacturing of the United States in order to compress the job market so that they could gather more of the youth into the military and law enforcement professions, which becomes increasingly necessary because they foment crime and unrest around the world and they accomplish all of this because they control the money supply. They accomplish all of this because they can print counterfeit currency out of thin air.

The greater percentage of all local and international criminal behavior is due to the control of the money supply by criminal interests. This is how it is and there is no evidence to the contrary that can hold water. Anyone in search of the truth will find this to be so through no more than casual inquiry.

Even as they seek to tighten their grip on the conditions of life around the globe, it is slipping from their hands. The higher destiny that shapes our ends is now in the process of fulfilling their own. There is nothing they can do about this. Their day is coming to an end, as their activities are more and more exposed to the attention of an awakening world. Now is the time for those of you who are swept up in these dying plots to turn against your masters and to act contrary to their interests at every opportunity. Such courageous efforts will not go unnoticed and unrewarded when the time comes. I celebrate the destruction of evil at its own hands.
If you can't comment because of ongoing Zio-Nazi attacks send your comments to and I will put them up.

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Robert said...

Les... Dead on the money, as usual. Universe is moving to cleanse itself of evil... In Peace and Hope!

Anonymous said...

oil blob cleanup

kikz said...

mornin les,

"I celebrate the destruction of evil at its own hands"

i'll 2nd & 3rd that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A fantastic summation! I guess the next word to dominate the scene would be KARMA!


Anonymous said...

Les --

I've been following the posts lately with great interest and dismay. MP Hall, Blavatsky, the arch-criminal Albert Pike, Jordan Maxwell are all essential reading to understand the forces that have shaped our world.

Having read all these authors' work and many more, the truths they tell regarding the luciferian agenda are enlightening and, I stress, only touch at the tip of man's descent into darkness.

All of this bad behavior
was kicked into overdrive in 1500 bc when the world suffered a crushing cataclysm that wiped out what was a worldwide culture that was philosophically and morally sound.

Be that as it may, the resulting perversions of the last 3500 years have now come to full fruition and mankind is indeed at the crossroads.

What to do about it has troubled me my entire adult life and the call for the awakened to do something abut it is dire... While I'm not judgmental per se -- normal reactions like revolution, working in the system, arresting the criminals are all laughable.

The only sane solution is assassination. The luciferian Satanists cannot be dealt with in any other manner that would save humanity from grave associated collateral damage. Unfortunately the chances for this happening are about as great as asking them to fix the financial system that keeps them rich and the rest of us enslaved.


Anonymous said...

bholanath said...

Señor Les,
Clear, concise, and complete.
"All of this is backed up by hard data and can’t be argued against."
Thanks and praises once again. The approaching "destiny" is irrefutable and unavoidable.

Folks might want to check Gilad's latest. Though some might not agree with all he says, I quote the following:
"As things stand, the discrepancy between ‘what the Israeli claims to be’ and ‘what the Israeli happens to be for real’ has already grown into an unbridgeable abyss."
"The history of Western civilisation can be realised as a continuous battle between Athens and Jerusalem. Between the universal and the tribal. Between the ethical and the plunderer."


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when the Divine gets off of his hands. He's sitting on them for a reason. But those days are about to end.


Anonymous said...

This is No Drill!

European American

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Les, just brilliant. Tic tic tic

Steve B

Anonymous said...

Verification and Validation

BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill!

European American

Anonymous said...

In Andrew Harvey's book, The Hope - A Guide to Sacred Activism, Harvey writes about a conversation he had with a CEO of a major agri-business corporation. This took place in the 90s at a UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio. The CEO told Harvey that he knew the destruction his company was causing and the devastation it had on human lives and the enviroment. He knew it and he didn't care because he liked the perks of the "gold-plated" lifestyle, the private jets and large houses that go with it. The CEO told Harvey he would do what ever it took to keep it too -- bend the law, bribe governments, have people removed, whatever it took to get what he wanted. The CEO also said he knew that the dark forces he played with were playing with him. He understood it and was willing to pay the price in return for the destructive pleasure he was seeking today.

The CEO also shared with Harvey that what limits the so called seekers and activists he met was that they shy awy from the realization of the power of the dark. Their self righteousness in their belief for good make it very easy for people like him to control the world.

Good book. Highly recomment it.


Anonymous said...

I went to see David Icke last week in London, and as you say, the people are awakening big time. The crowd was thousands, all queueing up right around the building, but you know what..... not a single policeman anywhere to be seen, how wonderful is that???? there was an air of knowing all around, and so peaceful and friendly. I had the privelege of meeting Robert Green (Holly Grieg) that evening, he had been at the Icke event himself. What a humble man he is, the whole day was that good, I even bought the tee shirt. Just thought I would tell you that a whole lot of people in UK are wide eyed and aware.

Keep writing Les, you are such an inspiration.

Respect, and peace to you and everyone.

Mother Cathy said...

Dear Les, Sir,

I wish to thank you for today's article. This article is informative and exposes so much of what is going on in this sad world.
This situation in the gulf is horrible beyond belief. I live in one of the gulf states but as yet we haven't been affected.

Mother Earth is bleeding and many of her children of different species are dying. Many people along the gulf have been so affected by this terrible situation. So sad.....
Keep up the good work, the world needs people like you.

Blessings and Hare Krishna,

M. Cathy

God swill said...

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♥nd then !'ll get my pl♥st♪c supr♪se ♥nd ♪ w♪ll feel
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...m♥ke m♪ne a d☺☻ble cheese, ple♥se♫

Moshe said...

The Illuminati are working hard in the final steps of their project for a World Government. They created the USA as a tool for this purpose back in the 18th century, and now they are just getting rid of the American Empire to set a Global Empire. I just hope we can be lucky enough to see a better future for our sons.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I almost feel sorry for the illuminati. Most of them didn't realize they were in training to be little zios. I am waiting for all the good Jews to rise up and set this thing right. I know they are out there somewhere. They are just not the ones you see on television, newspapers, city councils, CEOs, think tanks, web forums, University administrations or other rungs of power, but I know they are there somewhere. I am just waiting for them to fix it.

Riding mopeds and building hospitals wearing pyramid hats, building hospitals looks like fun until you realize they are vaccinating the children with mercury, aluminum, pig DNA and assorted population reduction thrillers.

All they knew was they give you the dagger, tell you to shut up and do like they say, vote for their boys on the city council and various business contracts will come your way. Sometimes you just have to overlook wifi and cellphone towers built in the neighborhood.

Most of the chump goyim will never make it to the big initiations.

Anonymous said...

disintegrating daily
culture breaking down
corrupted politicians
take stolen pounds
rothschilds banksters
fill the air with hate
living demonstrations
of theives who robbed the plate
that over flowed with goodness
that was provided in abundance
for every living creature
for the whole circumference
but the banksters want it all
they think its theirs to take
by rape of innocent mind
and illusion that frustrate
well time comes to pass
all a crumble down
that beast they serve was death
but life bringers
are back around.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts Les and have found much truth in them. Does anyone wonder if seizing BP might not be to ultimate aim? Either for fedgov to take over oil (like healthcare, like GM), or for the UN/Globalist to sweep in because fedgov failed on purpose? They want the 20% of us left locked up in cities to serve them. Once this gets bad enough they can claim only the Holy UN can manage anything. It is so convoluted it is sometimes hard to tell what is the right choice. I feel the people need to do something about BP not another bureaucratic body. But what do I know, I am apparently but a Morlock.

Visible said...

Mike, you could well be right. I suppose what I was saying was some power, somewhere. It's all coming down anyway so maybe it doesn't matter. A lot of the time I am speaking metaphorically and allegorically with a taste of analogy when it applies.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to say this for a long time now to the one who speaks in rhymes and ends with ..peace..

thank you, i love you

Anonymous said...

The Jacksonian mistatements are pretty major. Jackson was fighting for land as the source of income and backing for paper money. Paper money was an inflationary policy well embraced in America, except in the finacial districts. Jackson would not even have heard of the Rothschilds, as only the Bank of Amsterdam and the Bank of England were contemporary national banks. And nobody, that is NOBODY, ever thought a jew would be involved with an English bank. They never were, never. This claim is the biggest fabrication of the whole article, and there are some major fabrications.

By the way, this article totally missed the role of the Second Bank of the US. It too is assigned to the Rothschilds, which makes no sense, even if all the rest was true. Madison, the fellow who lost the war, renewed the Second Bank. The Second Bank was chartered totally differently, than the first. It was actually the Bank of Phillidelphia with larger rights. No foreign stockholders permitted. Then the article skipped eighty years of American central banking history? Remember, Willam Jennings Bryant was cricified on a cross of gold, in the parlence of the day. This period is skipped because the US has private central banking, perhaps. Mostly, this was a time of wild swings of economic boom and bust because there was no central governmental control. Probably why this time was not considered.

The claim that the British Declared war on the United States in 1812 is pretty funny. The US did the declaring, and, Britain tried to talk us out of doing this by granting all the consessions the US demanded before any fighting started. The US was not sure if to declare war on Britain alone or on both Britain and France, but France opens its ports to trade, first. So, it was only able to declare war on England.

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Dub this is for you

I didnt put it together, my father did. He kinda worked off your outline. I asked him because he was a history and english teacher and well versed in this. Im trying to get him to see a new "view" of the past. Its not working. Anyway its still a good bit to look at:

Oh dear, so much misinformation. Some of it so clearly wrong you should wonder how it gets printed.

During the Civil War, Russia was potentially threatened with war from many sources; one was with England and France because of their support for the South (and for Turkey, the Crimean War was very recent in memory). The czar, Alexander I, the one who freed the serfs, asked for the US to habor his fleet in New York so it would not be icebound in St Petersburg if a conflict came.
It was a welcomed move for the US because it placed another strong fleet in case of trouble in US waters, though by then, most of the danger of Eurpean intervention into the American Civil war had passed. Some tensions existed over the commerce raiders England and France built for the South, but the US habored the Russians at the Russians' request.

Lincoln did not request the Russian fleet, he accepted the Russian request. This happened in 1863, not 1864. Here is a fun site to corraborate the event.
Of course, the fleet stayed through the winter, but was gone a full year before the assasination.

The Rothschilds are old boggy men of, especially, anti-semtic sources. There are no pre-1890 sources about the Rothschilds as boggy men until the Driefuss affair in France. Thereafter, whenever some political movement wants to wave the anti-semic flag, they bring in one of the very few powerful Jewish banking groups. The Rothschilds conspiracy theory has only one small degree more legitimacy than the Protocles of the Elders of Zion. Consider this, if there was one bit of truth, why didn't the Rothschilds simply win World War II and save all the Jews? Or better yet, why not end it earlier by winning the First World War. No, even early, the First National Bank was due to the War of 1812 and not Alexander Hamilton work February 25, 1791. The time sequence is so wrong. I know, the article saws to renew the charter by making the US lose the war. Funny, we did lose the war. We did. But the charter was not renewed in 1811.

Anonymous said...

hey "..peace..-man":
that was a good one!
write on!

Anonymous said...

thankyou people


Origen the heretic said...

" is due to their control of the money supply through the Central Banks, which issue currency and which they print at will. They then loan it out to whomever they please in order that others like them can acquire whatever they wish. They also do not loan out the money to anyone who does not serve their purposes." -- You mean like Wong Mart? Does anybody ever wonder how a backwoods retailer in Bentonville, AR became the largest corporation in the US and the 3rd largest in the world? I smell Gefilte.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Les --

Anonymous and The Fool have outed themselves with their imbecilic defense of the indefensible. The time has long past when Zionist mouthpieces can hide behind the false rhetoric of academia. No one here is interested in splitting imagined historical hairs. We know them by their deeds -- and no one gains the right to print money and put a sovereign nation like the U.S. with its multi-trillions of natural resources in debt except through war, assassination, usury and bald-faced lies at every turn.

You shills should start worrying more about your safety and less about lying your way through this final phase of degenerate history.


Visible said...

It is an interesting series of comments I must say and I am at a loss to comprehend the intent and/or payoff. Things like that might have some impact somewhere but not here where just about everybody has a more or less good grip on reality, inasmuch as we are allowed to see it.

The things happening to me at the moment are so mind blowing and quick shifting that I thank the one who made and guides me that I got my footwork down in advance.

My feeling is that everyone is being made to dance to some kind of music and that music has a power in it that is naturally revealing and no one has the ability to conceal without inadvertently revealing themselves. I can't think of any other answer to it.

I know I talk about The Apocalypse a lot. That is because, for reasons stated and unstated, I am convinced that we are in it and I am convinced that it is performing exactly according to its definition.

I know a lot of people think the Apocalypse only applies to powerful individuals and large institutions but the truth is that it applies to every living thing.

Anonymous said...


So true. Im just giving over the counterwieght? You need to see many sides of a beast to kill it. I fight with my father over this stuff all the time. Im not saying he is right, he is very wrong. If you want to change things you need to understand how other see it, silly?

The part I find neat to view is my fathers idea that "jews" could have won ww2? He doesnt see the diffence between zionist and jew?

You nailed it "false rhetoric of academia" How are you going to fix it?

No RJ the time hasnt come to be bullheaded and call a spade a spade. You need to chill out and work to help others understand and not judge others by their misunderstanding? We all are in a state of learning. Just casue you seem to know all you need to know doesnt mean shit dude. You will be shown youre false view in time, we all will?

The Fool

mike turner said...

Hi Les you have hit the nail on the head with this one the monetary system truly is the root of all evil corrupt and rotten to the core we should all throw out the money lenders from their temples Jacques Fresco who you have writen about before seems to have the answers but do enough of us ask the question if any readers hav not already done so please watch and encourage all your friends to watch just watch the movies with an open mind and they will open your heart

the BCth said...


This post helped to clarify in my mind how closely the situation really does parallel Sauron's defeat in the War of the Ring. When the center of evil falls, its dupes and underlings scatter. I begin to see how the picture Tolkien described truly applies to what we see in our world. Thank you.

Those were some brilliant rhymes. Your contributions always bring so much light here. Thank you.


chuckyman said...

Well folks, The Fool is really well named. We Micks would rename him – Amadan

Where do we start? Line by line or my favourite - follow the tune.

“And nobody, that is NOBODY, ever thought a jew would be involved with an English bank.”

The Rothschilds seized the bank of England in 1815. They had a series of messages runners second to none. They knew the result of the Battle of Waterloo before anyone else by this method. Leaking the news of a British defeat caused a huge financial panic and crash. They were then able to buy the Bank and anything else they wanted for pennies on the pound. Sound familiar?

Another tune then.

“The Rothschilds conspiracy theory has only one small degree more legitimacy than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (I tidied up the spelling)

The truth or falsehood of the Protocols lies in the results. Everything forecast has come to pass - 2 world wars and a third to come.

“why didn't the Rothschilds simply win World War II and save all the Jews?”

The Rothschilds are Sabbateans. Jews are the cannon fodder. Pump up their egos and set them off. The death of European Jews set up the scene for the biggie - the collective guilt trip and seizure of Palestine. They tried the same shit in 1918 but it didn’t work. A bit like Billy Ocean’s song European Queen - re-released as Caribbean Queen and it all worked out fine

First American bank, second American bank – blah, blah, blah.

Every time an American President tries to get rid of the vampires he ends up dead. The current version the (un)Federal Reserve came into being after a secretive meeting at jackal island – don’t tell me the bastards haven’t got a sense of humour.

JFK had not only put plans in place to issue treasury notes –real dollars! He had actually started printing them in preparation for their issue. Guess which Executive order was the first one that Johnston overruled after being sworn in?

Your card’s marked fool. We now know your colours.

Anonymous said...

Ok that was a bit over the top sorry RJ.

Look as long as Les feels Im helping Ill be pushing many ideas that people here dont want to hear.

Sometimes we need to change the script. Just as we change the past and view it in new light, we need to remember this process never ends.

I use Dub here not because he is wrong, but because he shows us all great stuff. Please look at the source of most of the his work and others helping us see. Most of it comes from just a handful of people Maxwell is one, and if you spent the time to read many histories you might find he is a big new deal in the line of storytellers. Good, but not the end? Which on of you will be the next teller?

Why would any of you wish to repeat his work? Well it seems to be what you want ot hear? Thats a pretty big point. You might want to hear all the other storytellers too?

If you want to help people or yourself, you need to challange yourself and read all the rest of the
"false rhetoric of academia" You cant just pass it off. It wont do any good to know what others dont. Its much more powerful to work within the status quo then fight it?

Les said it seems I say stuff like "thats well and good, but I know better." Not sure I can respond as its pretty true, but trying to be right and being right are soo far apart?

If you take in all that you can about history and not just want you want to know, you will get closer to being right, but just closer?

I play both sides of the debate here to help not be right? If you all dont find a place to workout these ideas, they mean nothing. If you arent forced to debate them, you have one idea what youre really saying?

Its not fun to push people to keep changing. Its not fun to read stuff that I dont agree with. If I stop, I dont change?

Les does talk about the Apocalypse a lot and should. Many talk about the reason its coming and Im not sure we really know. I can guess this. If you hold on to something too tight youre asking to have somethings affect you, that you might not want? If we all do this, it might be called an Apocalypse?

The Fool

Vanguard said...

Visible - Along with all the others, I thank you for such a clear overview of the evil we face.

What decent human, having encountered something unpleasant to outright dangerous wouldn't warn others?

To describe the face and behavior of evil is not negativism. Do not loving parents want their children to live, to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of adult life? In the wide world "out there"?

Should not loving humans warn their brothers and sisters of the pitfalls and traps that are increasingly laid out...close to our homes and our hearts?

Since youth, I accepted the perverted view of tolerance that I was induced to in the U.S. I say perverted, because I try now to practice true tolerance. But I see now the hidden lies and manipulations in what passes for "forced (in)tolerance". I'm casting off the bonds of the lies that ruin all good and decent things if well-meaning individuals except the whole package without discernment.

I accept that I've not yet personally suffered so much of the wrong that takes place—though I've certainly seen my share. But I grieve for my brothers and sisters, and the almost overwhelming evil that is brought to bear on people and groups, both far and wide. Not a day or night passes that I don't suffer anguish of mind, body and soul in these darkening times.

In the other site, one might more likely see the question posed: If one were to achieve "enlightenment", should that one return to the divine light and enjoy eternal joy/bliss? If one could struggle, to help mankind rise above their petty vices, would it be worthwhile? If it were not required of someone who'd suffered through and overcome (with great help) personal and cosmic challenges, who would choose to continue to face negativity? Could anyone blame someone who returned to heaven...and troubled themselves no more with the travails of the earth?

I think there comes a time when all must choose or not to seek to reduce the wrong/pain/evil/darkness in the world, of course without forcing such upon the undecided or young (in spirit), and accepting that it will never be completely eradicated. But currently, it's like sending new chicks, one after another, out of the chicken coop, into the waiting jaws of the fat foxes lazing about outside.

Where is the safe zone for our hearts and minds...ourselves, our family and and our friends?

And if there is none such, today...why?

A thought has tickled my mind of late: what if God and other positive spiritual forces see how bad it will get, with evil given free reign? As the evil ones realize nothing stops them, they become increasingly drunk with evil nectar. They will destroy us, them and everything if allowed.

Now the evil spiritual forces know there will be a reckoning. But hey, it's not their challenge. They are what they are. And they enjoy doing what they do. But their human dupes are in for a terrible realization.

And so, it could be, that pointing out the evil, proclaiming against it with all of our might, warning others, and FACING it, is what is required. I have come to reject the suggestions of those who think they should just go about their lives and wait for it all to be over (and I don't mean those who write and warn).

So we may certainly take comfort that all in the universe and this world is well in hand. But who can claim to know the mind of God? And can go on record as stating that God will make things right before it goes too far? It is possible that the world we know, humans, societies, ancient and modern culture, will be allowed to be destroyed, if men and women of good natures do not find within themselves and together the POWER to cast evil from their earthly thrones.

What father or mother would not face the claws and teeth of a pack of ravening wolves to pluck back their toddler from the midst?

Be willing to sacrifice to overcome evil. "Howbeit this kind goeth not out, but by fasting and prayer."

William said...

"I celebrate the destruction of evil at its own hands"

I am sure that the force causing this, that we are starting to sense,is being created (released?) and empowered by us. It is important to realise this by constantly focusing on perfect and divine justice and judgment for all. Including one's self especially, of course.

RJ, apply your solutions in a 'thoughtful' way and no doubt you will soon be having previously unimaginable success. Demand justice, be merciless in your demand. You are god, after all.


Kevenj said...

Fundamental ideology aside, it might be that they are gearing up for a retaliatory nuke attack on Israel.

Perfect setup for the end times global governance scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

"which are then used to destroy the culture as well as the influence of Christianity and Islam.”

In the Protocols of Zion, Christianity was clearly targeted for destruction. However even how smart they were, they did not expect the sister religion of Christianity –Islam - being the tough one that they have to battle with till the end.

“Prior to their arrival, this land was at peace and represented by members of several religions and differing cultures.”

They would never let this happen. To them, believing in God is the source of real peace, while they thirst for war and death. And seeing the three Abrahamic religions co-existing in harmony, pains their eyes and must be the first country to be wiped from the face of the earth.

“I celebrate the destruction of evil at its own hands.”

Let’s give thanks to The Divine who gives each individual on this earth, the CONSCIENCE – the inborn feeling of truth. We can lie to others, but we cannot lie to ourselves.

Your writings and insights Les, reminds me of the verses of the Quran –
“Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful.
He taught by means of the Pen;
taught man that which he knew not.” (96-3-5)

How lucky we are Les, that we are able to hold the thumb and the index finger and write our ideas down. The gorilla cannot. Hence Darwin was totally wrong.

Nur Ilahi

estebanfolsom said...

here's something


an old spiritual
me on acoustic
on mugshot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the usual critique on my penmanship Fool.

You are simply going to have to stop getting your history from seven eleven pamphlets.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

not quite - the Illuminati are the common man in the mirror. When TSHTF, who will sell you out? the Club of Rome or your next door neighbor? The boot on your neck is not the Iluminati - they are only the head - the sheep are the brawn. it is their blind obedience to their masters that comprises your slavery & has for thousands of years. They are not innocents. rather they transform into a symbiotic mob and attack - all who dare to rock the boat. God bless America - founded on the backs of 60 million slain native Americans. Like hecklers calling out Clinton on 911. Watch the audience reaction. 4 That's the real action here. this is the VAST majority.

in terms of the Illuminati - far from losing control, they are about the genocide the lot of sheep soon. And most deserve it. 4 example, lets talk about Christians in America. Here are people who would worship a god without complaint, even though he damn their own mother to hell. Their own offspring. their best friend. What does that say about them? what matters to them more than their own salvation? And why should God want such black hearted lying, apple polishing, sell outs as "worshipers"?
The NWO is the cancer that in an expression of the corruption of the common man. for this entire economy is an exploitation based system. top to bottom. Even in a garage sale, people feel proud if they can talk you down in price - is because exploitation and winning are now a virtue. And it will all be over soon enough - thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Les/Fool --

A recent houseguest who is gay got into a discussion with me about evil vis NWO atrocities like HAARP, Monsanto terminator seeds, the complicity of BP in the "accidental" oil spill in the gulf, the implosion of Building 7, global warming, the atrocities of the central bankers, the satanic practices of the luciferians of the NWO...

At each turn I had him Google the subject at hand and showed him the hard facts at every turn. With each new article his face dropped a little more. He was incredulous at first and by the end of the hour he was plaintively trying to end the assault on his assumed worldview.

How can anyone believe all this evil is real, he asked?

I asked him about the gay lifestyle and whether he ever hears any stories that are so disgusting he wished they weren't true, but knew they were.

Since he lives in Miami Beach, he has broad exposure to the degenerate lifestyle. He thought for a moment and said that last week he had been told about a new craze in masturbatory videos that involved beating off to women in high heels nailing small pets to the floor and then spiking them to death with their stiletto heels. The violence of the acts was bad enough -- but what really got to him was the fact that so many people enjoyed beating off to them.

I asked him if he believed the stories and he sadly shook his head yes...

I then asked him why he could process that info and not the info I was presenting to him and he had no answer except to say that I seemed a little too zealous in ripping his belief system to shreds and although what I had to say seemed based on facts -- it meant just about everything he believed in was wrong -- and that was too much for him to process, although masturbatory pet torture was something he could process without much difficulty.


kikz said...

deep horizon...
i'm overcome by my grief, not thinking clearly - and ignorant of the all the sciences involved...and their possible domino effect negative outcomes...

i hadn't considered the fault, nor even the extensive saltdomes used by SPR (strategic petro reserv) in louisiana for storage.

i just know we need to apply the world's best minds to getting this 'pit of abbadon' closed off, and prevent anything remotely resemblant from every happening again.

i hope ta god, that this event serves some higher purpose in awakening humanity to the importance of their environment.

as fast track catalyst for development/legislation/implementation of less environmentally dangerous alt energies.

kikz said...

les, i know it doesn't matter..
but this post is 'top' this mornin on WRH...

thanks, boulderdash....

Don Robertson said...

Looking through all this for the first time on "Smoking Mirrors" I must admit, I am even more horrified at the sure likelihood that there is no viable solution.

Perhaps the best analogy is that of a child just reaching personal awareness -and- whose father disappears one day into a hospital. And then -for a year and a half- this child being told, "Your father will come home someday," gets used to the idea that things WILL and CAN get better.

And then that child is abruptly told, "Your father died last night."

It is likely there is no solution allowing escape from this reality into which we have fallen now, -which is a reality that is rapidly and seemingly unbearably coming undone in a most untenable way.

We will not vote our way out of this unbearable reality.

No revolution will reduce the severity of this reality.

There are no natural events coming that will displace the severity of the despondency of this reality.

All anyone can do is hold on to their sense of a day-in-and-day-out existence, while learning to cope with this new reality -regardless the course they take, and regardless the continuance of an increasing despondency.

Life is good, -but it could be better, if we could stop allowing ourselves to believe there are solutions that will alleviate all the madness.

Anyone who is an optimist in this world, is a sucker. You make your own destiny -as best you can- or you are eaten-up by all the rest of the vicious cannibals.

Altruism and the social psyche are myths, kids. Make your own way -or perish the common dupe.

kikz said...

@ mike turner...

zeitgeist is a good place for some to start..

but i would advise supplementing your studies w/info from the scholar
D.M. Murdock/aka Acharya S

she has books for sale, but much info can be found on her website for free...i think the zeitgeist book is a free ebook...

Anonymous said...

As per Dublin Mick: "we could end up with a hole a quarter mile wide spewing oil..."

This, my friends, would be the definition of "Hellhole".

- NY Frankie

William Freeman said...

I think this sums it up quite nicely:
Pink Floyd
Album: Animals

You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need.
You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you're on the street,
You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed.
And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight,
You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking.

And after a while, you can work on points for style.
Like the club tie, and the firm handshake,
A certain look in the eye and an easy smile.
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
So that when they turn their backs on you,
You'll get the chance to put the knife in.

You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.
You know it's going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you
get older.
And in the end you'll pack up and fly down south,
Hide your head in the sand,
Just another sad old man,
All alone and dying of cancer.

And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
Dragged down by the stone.

I gotta admit that I'm a little bit confused.
Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used.
Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise.
If I don't stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this

Deaf, dumb, and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone's expendable and no-one has a real friend.
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
And everything's done under the sun,
And you believe at heart, everyone's a killer.

Who was born in a house full of pain.
Who was trained not to spit in the fan.
Who was told what to do by the man.
Who was broken by trained personnel.
Who was fitted with collar and chain.
Who was given a pat on the back.
Who was breaking away from the pack.
Who was only a stranger at home.
Who was ground down in the end.
Who was found dead on the phone.
Who was dragged down by the stone.


William Freeman

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don Robertson- Excellent post as it sparked an interesting thought...

What if this oil 'accident' was a 'purpose'?

I'm a little loose in the thinking/writing department today, but what I'm getting at is maybe this event was triggered to focus everybody's attention on the solution of one very large and tragic problem. Give mankind a common enemy and we will forget our minor differences to fight the larger, more immediate problem.

A younger me who was trying to make sense of the world once believed that the earth was a 'god egg'. Basically a giant egg that was slowly becoming polluted from the activities of all the cells going about their business inside (those would be us) At some point the interior of the egg would become so polluted that we'd all unite together to tackle the problem threatening to destroy everyone, and to do this the easiest, we'd be willing to surrender our individuality completely for the good of the group.

At some point we'd no longer be individual humans engaged in individual goals, but more like cells doing jobs that allowed the larger organism to survive successfully.

This may be the event that triggers such a response. Maybe it has been planned?

Regardless, before this summer is over, our lives will never again be the same. At least not for a couple of generations. It's about to be really interesting.

Thanks for all the great post folks... and thanks Don for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

There are many reasons to keep this well open. They could plug it in a few weeks were they willing to plug it for keeps.

350 million and 3 years just to drill the hole, and by plugging it you wreck the investment.

They expected to be able to get 500,000 barrels per day outta this hole, and still can if they "fix" it without stopping it. If it comes all the way uncapped, which is only a matter of X days, that is about the volumn one can expect.

This half million barrels a day was to offset the oil losses America could experience by Iran closing the Straights of Hormuz in a military campaign.

Gotta secure Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to ensure America gets all the oil; we put a wall of American troops and armor between Russia and China and the ME and Caspian oil riches.

This oil was a fundament for that goal. Failure to obtain the oil is failure for America and death for its people.

They will not be trying to plug it anytime soon, instead trying everything they can think of to salvage this hole and its flow, while the ocean dies.

Dont be fooled by the propaganda, this is the truth of the matter..

Visible said...


Actually exposure is good. Hopefully they an be around longer.

Not that I would know if there's any value in this but, if there is and it reaches one new person who gets something from it then that is a good thing.

Since I don't know why the owner partially blacklisted me, I'm not in a position to have an opinion and even if I did; that's the part that doesn't matter.

Mother Cathy said...

My husband and I live inland and we haven't been affected by the situation in the Gulf but it's possible that it will affect us in some way, maybe, maybe not. I do have relatives that live on the Gulf and should this oil spread West, yes they will be affected like those folks in Lousiana. It seems like the winds are pushing this oil East and it's a horrible situation. Many lives are so affected as well as the lives of so many species. So sad.....

Mother Cathy

vixen said...

Going back to 1975 and remembering a movie starring Robert Redford, Three days of the Condor, it was all about oil and that was a shocking revelation for that time period. One of the first layers or veils that had to be lifted. Maybe the top layer is all about oil, but it doesn’t stop there. The layers and veils are starting to fall away and soon all will know what is at the core of it all and it isn’t oil.

Speaking about Mystery Babylon and the good ole USA. How about those precious artifacts and magic icons along with esoteric knowledge recovered from the real Babylon back in 2003 under the pretext of securing WMD’s when Iraq was invaded. Whoever is in possession of those items could now be called the new whore.

European American said...

I sent this email out to some friends about a week ago. I thought I would share this with the friends here.

"is the End near? I don't believe so. However, if THEY can't turn the Oil off (very, very soon), each and everyone of our lives will be changing far more dramatically, than I ever thought possible.

Those of you who know me, know that I say what I feel, sometimes without censure, as seen at our website HERE.

Sometimes what I believe to be TRUE offends people. Not the fact that what I say might be true, but generally how it is said. I have been working on that delivery and even though my method is far tamer than it was in the past, it still has a "bite" to it. With that being said, I want to share an experience I had last month. I won't go into lengthy detail, but here's the gist of it.

Around the 20th of April I heard on the news that an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico had an explosion and a number of workers had died and that oil was leaking. When I heard that news I felt something painful deep inside. The experience was unlike anything I can remember. I've heard of oil spills (and other massive environmental, social and economic events) in the past and felt great angst for those innocent creatures about to meet their doom, but I was always able to get past it and move on. However, ever since I "felt" this news enter deep inside me I knew an Event had taken place that would have far greater influences (mostly negative) on this planet that I could ever imagine. As I mentioned at the start of this email to you, this is not the End of the World, as I experience it. But Planet Earth, this living organism that is so intimately a part of each and everyone of us has been deeply wounded. She is bleeding her essence into the outer world. It's a very sad commentary on just how far humans have gone in the direction of the complete and the total loss of their essence and, their ability to function consciously. I guess one could say, or at least I could say, this is Judgment Day (decipher that any way you choose).

Life will continue onward, but at the expense of a massive number of innocent creatures for possibly many generations to come.

This is no ordinary Event. And, the "Energy" from deep within this Planet, that has been, and is being released at this very moment, is no ordinary Energy. It not only must be stopped soon, it must be stopped intelligently.

Solving this massive dilemma must become the priority of every conscious human on Earth. How each of us intercedes is personal to each of us, but we all must take a proactive role in this process. For "the Healing" to truly work it can't be a quick fix. And, it will take immense Clarity, Purpose and Fortitude by all of us, individually and as a collective, to get through this, because this Event is a reflection of something in each and everyone of us."

Anonymous said...

On behalf of us folk who harm no one, who try hard to be decent, compassionate human beings, who work for a living and try to make ends meet, who love our children, family and friends--and who happen to love someone of the same gender--thanks for lumping us in with the trash.

We've been around forever and we will continue to be, regardless of your "majority norm."

Mother Cathy said...

European American,

Thank you for your post. I too have felt this way. Our Mother Earth is indeed bleeding and is wounded. She gives us everything and is very tolerant of the misuse of her and her rescources. Man has gone too far and will keep on going too far unless something drastic happens that will stop this rape of Mother Earth once and for all.

M. Cathy

Anonymous said...

The Final Page of the Illuminati Blueprint!

Sir Winston Churchill, who was an Illuminist, Druid, Freemason, and a member of the League of Just Men, once said the following words: “Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off and hurry about their business as if nothing had happened.” While Churchill was referring to the number one problem in the world today - apathy toward truth, he also alluded to the fact that truth is surrounded by so much darkness that people stumble over it and even hate it because it got in their way. How true it is that people who walk in darkness will stumble over truth, but people who walk in the light will not stumble over anything. The Illuminists depend upon apathy toward truth by the masses of people, because it allows them to continue with great measures of success as they go about to enslave the people of the world in a global dictatorship of an antichrist and totalitarian one-world government

BINGO!!! said...

"Gotta secure Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to ensure America gets all the oil; we put a wall of American troops and armor between Russia and China and the ME and Caspian oil riches."

Anaughty Mouser said...

Really great post Les.
Thank you.
P.S. What a clusterfuck British Petroleum has made of the Gulf of Mexico - and no solution in sight...

Anonymous said...

EA here is your answer... along came Jones
along came Kevin
What with a 'B' grade film actor as a president, a 'B' grade actor as a governor why not have a 'B' grade actor to come to the rescue of 'the greatest country in the world'.
A wonderful solution.
And you people scratch your head wondering why you are in so much trouble??

Visible said...

It's perfectly ok for you to feel as you do and to describe yourself as you do even when doing so says more about you than you know.

Deviation from the norm is a direct truth. it's only an insult if you take it that way and I understand when you are on the defensive as a lifestyle that is going to be the way it is.

I've nothing against gays and have been around them and socialized with them long before it was fashionable for people to fall all over themselves in an effort to be seen as compassionate and understanding because it was so hip.

My comment had nothing to do with gay people. It has to do with the gay agenda being worked by the Zionist entity to attack the basic unit of civilization and to tear down certain social constructs in order to foment chaos.

You're incidental to this.

I'm used to people lacking objective perspective because they got so much invested in their make believe fantasy life and constantly, like Dr Frankenstein, trying to bring Ozzie and Harriet back to life so they can live there.

The large majority of so called gay people aren't gay at all. They are submissives to the decline of the culture. If you know anything about history you can see this has been true many times.

They are also victims of hormonal imbalances caused by intake of too much of certain chemicals that proliferate in the mainline dietary slipstream.

Most of my gay friends and associates despise the ravenous organizations that make demands beyond the possible and which will never be satisfied with simple equality which, you already have and then some.

It's the self-described, "decent, compassionate human beings, who work for a living and try to make ends meet, who love our children, family and friends-" who are responsible for the fucked up state of the world today because all you want to do is maintain your little world, while monsters walk the Earth in your name- but not on your behalf.

It takes sick fucks from Hell to want to force marginal lifestyles on kindergarten children and to organize parties and dances at grades 7 and up for the purpose of recruitment and if you don't believe that's going on I think I can find a slide show from Boston that is pretty convincing.

I'm an outcast from society but I'm not whining about it. Your desire to fit in and be like everyone else is never going to work because you are not like everyone else. Even everybody else isn't like everybody else.

You ought to be happy about that but you're not. You want to be a part of the system so bad that you are willing to tolerate all sorts of violence and injustice if you can just have the illusion that you are part of something that is in its death throes.

Gay is not normal but, why would you want to be normal? That's the big question. Normal is a fixed railway to death.

I realize in these politically correct times that it is de riguer to swallow all kinds of nonsense and contribute to the force that motivates the swirling out of control.

I realize that speaking the truth is one of the most undesirable qualities a person can have but it's too late for me to do anything about it.

Try to step outside of your rigid personal box, which you demand the world should value when it doesn't value anything else either, then you might see that the term 'to deviate' does not have good or bad connotations. It's simply the truth and it relates to something that, as I said, doesn't really have anything to do with you.

iconoclast said...

Thanks again, well said; nice to hear the truth. I get sick of hearing how greater humanity is responsible for the sorry state of affairs on planet Earth when the destructive momentum is provided and driven by the well known heavy-handed twerps (really just a more virulent strain of bully).
That's not to excuse those who go along with the consensus reality as useful or useless idiots, they could be doing much more, at least in terms of non-participation - but that's for them to deal with.
Brzezinski (who I believe played a role as an alien in Fire in the Sky) is apparently concerned about the ongoing awakening; he may be smarter than he thinks. May he and his ilk be transported to another dimension where they can do battle to their hearts content - hopefully with a group that actually knows they're in a fight.

Anonymous said...

That was even better than your original post Les. You are so correct about chemicals and substances released into the food supply and waterways that cause chemical imbalance of hormones.

A case in point is bisphenol in plastic and now lining tin cans.

Here I find myself again thinking of what my father always told me. He said always tell the truth no matter what. I was only a few years old the first time I heard this. I thought it was kind of strange because I thought isn't that what everyone does? Why is he telling me this?

How wrong I was at the time but too small to realize it. Everyone has their version of the truth but some will not allow you to help pry the bars apart on their cage door.

Visible said...

Funny, that's just what my father told me, along with accusing me of lying at every turn and insisting I was even when proven wrong; not that he told the truth by a long shot. He was of the "Do as I say, not what I do" school.

I don't regret any of it now because I'm happy where it brought me. Sometimes having things pounded into your head before you can even comprehend what is being said can have a positive effect.

Anyway, I now know it was God doing it. From where I stand, God is responsible for everything in my life. My problem, as with everyone else, was accepting the truth of it. Now that I do, I realize that all that ever retarded my growth was my resistance to it. But he is responsible for the resistance too, which is one of the ways he makes you strong.

I've come to a point in the way I see things that would probably be considered insane- "If my thought streams could be seen" (grin).

The peculiar thing about what is considered insane is that it makes perfect sense to the mind it is occurring in. I'm not talking about ordinary insanity that I see at work every day in the wider world around me. I'm talking about the insanity that knows the difference.

vixen said...

“It's the self-described, "decent, compassionate human beings, who work for a living and try to make ends meet, who love our children, family and friends-" who are responsible for the fucked up state of the world today because all you want to do is maintain your little world, while monsters walk the Earth in your name- but not on your behalf.”

“Try to step outside of your rigid personal box, which you demand the world should value when it doesn't value anything else either”

Just like the wordsmith you are, you tell it just like it really is and do so in just the perfect manner. You say it without rancor or disgust and that makes me wonder why I have such intolerance to the sleeping masses. I can’t help but see that as a very real character defect on my part even as I blame them for the evils of this world. Either that, or there really is an abundance of filler people, soulless ones, spiritless humans, posers, background people, red dresses, organic portals and the like all here for their own purpose or to represent a deeper darker one. Still waiting to lift that veil.

European American said...

Yeah, DM, got to agree. Most accurate description of an imbalance in a system that I have ever read of VIS. The post was so penetratingly to the point that I had to read it four times. It was articulated from a level of such deep compassion for all of us that I thought "this is how truth needs to be expressed." I call it the "sweet" truth. No matter how crusty one's exterior is, sweet truth can penetrate and inspire; open the heart to such a degree that the mind surrenders...even if one is on the receiving end of the lightning bolt.

In regards to your Dad, Vis, what's that zen saying (paraphrasing) "Sometimes your roots have to reach the depths of Hell before your leaves can attain the lofty heights of Heaven."

I suspect we all had our "special" upbringing.

Anonymous said...

A buddy and I were just talking and we've either indulged too much in, ahem, higher thinking or we may have a nifty idea to rid the ocean of another one of its pollution problems, namely all the plastic bottles floating in big 'islands'.

How about a reality tv show where colleges, or whomever, competed to build the best watercraft out of the crap floating in the water, then sail the thing, or however they power it (non-polluting) back to someplace in california where they dispose of the boat in some better manner. Maybe burn them on the lawn of the state house?

Give the winner some prize money and the whole bloody lot the reality tv exposure so many seem to want, and clean the ocean at the same time?



Anonymous said...

I have read you here for a long time dog and it is evident to me you were the only one sane and most of the rest of them were crazy.

Sanity and insanity are relative terms anyhow and as they say truth is in the eye of the beholder.

My father only spanked me once that I can remember. He was trying to paint the house and I kept running by the ladder. It must have been five times he told me to stop it and then I ran into the ladder and spilled a gallon of paint on the front porch.

He came my way and I ran. He went about what he was doing until I thought it was all over and forgotten. But I made the mistake of coming in reach. He grabbed me and just about wore out his hand on me. That is the only time I remember but I definitely deserved it.

He did run a grocery store and I slipped around shooting him in the neck with a peashooter. He told me to stop but I kept on. Finally he grabbed a potato and threw it at me as I ran out the door but he missed and it splattered against the wall.

I probably did not absorb enough ass beatings.

Now my mother was different God bless her she realized I need Christianizing. When I got out of hand she would grab a switch off a plant by the back porch and chase me whacking me on the legs. I deserved that too.


Anonymous said...

Honestly my parents were virtual saints. That is comparatively speaking anyway. I can remember when fishing at my uncle's lake place in Georgia, my mother was would yell it is time to eat and I would respond, O.K. mom just a minute.

This guy married to my cousin would say if you ever told me just a minute I would kick your ass up one side of this lake to the other and you would be calling me sir. I always felt like he was just no fun.

Now my father when he owned a pool room would get into the jack daniels once in awhile and have the cash register looted.

Les he used to stake me at five dollar nine ball when I was 13 years old against some of the best in town and we came out way ahead. The grown ups around there referred to me as shark.

I once had to watch a grown man cry when he lost his rent money to a 13 year old.

Animadverto said...

"My comment had nothing to do with gay people. It has to do with the gay agenda being worked by the Zionist entity to attack the basic unit of civilization and to tear down certain social constructs in order to foment chaos."

Right there with you, Les. A little synchronicity going on here. I was thinking this very same thing last evening.

The rainbow coalition of progressive fabulous, under the failed presidency of Obama, is the set up for hard Christian Dominionist Fascism. Hum, it seems like this is "Cabaret" all over again. There isn't anyone, Fabulous, that I know, who doesn't love, the play/movie, Cabaret. But, tell them that they are part of the new movie set production, for 2010, and Fabulous just doesn't get it.

I realize that Fabulous has moved over to Lady Gaga. She got rid of all those hicks that eat at diners. PARTAY!!!!

I don't know anyone Fabulous, that owns a gun; but I know "of" a lot of hicks, that eat at diners, armed to the teeth.

I know a nice, retired, older couple that eats, breathes and dreams GOLF. Their entire social existence is center around this one sport obsession. It is, after all, what people, their age do, who have lived the American Dream. I also realize that a 5 iron is no match for a shot gun, AK47 or 45.

There was a time in my life that I too thought I was Fabulous. Then I woke up from the dream.

Regardless of the zine, the best kind of useful idiot is one that doesn't realize it is a useful idiot. The more Fabulous it is, the less likely it will ever wake up from the dream....

Did you ever wake up from a really bad dream?

Visible said...


I have indeed woken up from a bad dream. The good and the bad news, relatively speaking, is that it is impossible to go back to sleep again.



I grew up on military bases and so, the enlisted men's dayroom was an early haunt of mine and so pool and ping pong were passions but they never rivaled baseball.

I had to say, Sir or I caught a beating. If I didn't have a piece of bread in my hand when I was eating. I caught a beating. if I didn't have milk in my glass, I caught a beating. If an act of vandalism was reported in the base newspaper, I might catch a beating.

There were few things I did not catch a beating for and these might include; extension cords rose vines, slats of wood, fists, knee drops to the body or anything that was handy. If he was drunk, I might be jerked from the top bunk bed to the floor for not being outside to help bring in the groceries at 2:00 AM.

I could list events until the sun comes up tomorrow and as the oldest, I got the worst, because any infraction by others was laid at my door.

Some of the items used would leave large bleeding welts on my body that would leak through my clothes and I am still somewhat mystified that it never came to anyone's attention. In those days there wasn't much in the way of social agencies to prevent this sort of thing.

It's a tossup as to whether I got too much of this or not enough. Depending on the circumstances of the day an argument can be made in either direction.

Once I had left home, life took over the bullwhip. It wasn't until a few years ago that this has evened out and pretty much entirely disappeared. This is not to say I haven't had a great deal of fun on the way. I'll wager I've had more fun than most, with a capacity to completely lose myself in the moment. There were periods of remarkable experience... never sustained for too long but always getting better in a slow and imperceptible way.

Since I now have the voice in my head operating whenever I initiate the conversation and sometimes even if I don't, I've been told that all that is over now and long lost ships are coming into the harbor bearing such things as I cannot presently imagine. After a lifetime of the other it's not only impossible to comprehend such a thing but it also doesn't seem to mean anything to me.

I've been told that's going to change too because some parts of me are going to entirely disappear and as they do, they will be replaced by parts of me that have been kept out of my awareness. I'm being told a lot of things and they are of the order of fantastic.

The main point I'm taking away from this is that everything is going to be alright. I don't much think about the incredible things that are supposed to be arriving in the cosmic mail. I think that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I am coming to visit you on the other side dog when this is over with. Count on it.

We are not physical bodies having a spiritual experience but spirits having a human experience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, LV.
Just an fyi for the community.
Prayers? Love? Whatever will help.

Anonymous said...

What is it good for?
The one detail you left out in you article Les. These people are NOT working for themselves.

Anonymous said...

My father was very kind and very patient.

He suffered incredibly for the last 45 years of his life.
Jim Beam, Camels, bullet holes and assorted wounds were his karmic companions. Some of his karma, that is...

He fought the Waffen SS in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.
He said they were the best soldiers of them all.
They gave him two purple hearts.
Most of them weren't even Germans.

He stayed in Germany after the war, being called as a witness at Nuremberg, though he never was called to testify.
He did say what he saw at those trials was for the most part revenge and baloney.
His also said his buddies and him knew Patton was killed because he would not lie or abuse the German people as ordered.

He had 20/10 vision and could drive roofing nails and light matches with a rifle.
A simple farm boy from Pa. but because of those eyes, that shooting and being a wiry Audie Murphy type he was trained and deployed as a killer who sniped, hunted snipers and scouted in the cavalry recon.

Once, being a dumb kid like we all were, I asked him how many Germans he killed.
He said he stopped counting at forty.
Only later on, when I was a little older did I understand..

He had nightmares and sweats every night until the day he died.
He made it to seventy.
We were all amazed he lived that long.

We loved him very much.

Anonymous said...

Yes European Amercian, we have all had our "special" upbringing. I can relate to that.

M. Cathy

Anonymous said...

A Tune For The Day:

"The Fletcher Memorial Home" By Roger Waters & Pink Floyd:

Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
And build them a home, a little place of their own.
The Fletcher Memorial
Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings.

And they can appear to themselves every day
On closed circuit T.V.
To make sure they're still real.
It's the only connection they feel.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Reagan and Haig,
Mr. Begin and friend, Mrs. Thatcher, and Paisly,
"Hello Maggie!"
Mr. Brezhnev and party.
"Scusi dov'è il bar?"
The ghost of McCarthy,
The memories of Nixon.
"Who's the bald chap?"
And now, adding colour, a group of anonymous latin-
American meat packing glitterati.

Did they expect us to treat them with any respect?
They can polish their medals and sharpen their
Smiles and amuse themselves playing games for awhile.
Boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead.

Safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye
With their favorite toys
They'll be good girls and boys
In the Fletcher Memorial Home for colonial
Wasters of life and limb.

Is everyone in?
Are you having a nice time?
Now the final solution can be applied.

~Everything Is Now Different~But Nothing Has Changed~

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Zurdo said...

Just when you think things couldn't become more foul and disgusting I read things like this. Hedge Fund psychopaths with a vision of how humans are supposed to act within the corporate realm.

If an individual is inclined and wants to make 780 million a year and gut the pensions of the working class, please take note from the Grand Hyena.

Les, if you haven't seen this I'm sure you can come up with a piece on what Hedge Funds are and why they are an abomination to our system. I'm sure Americas best and brightest are willing to sell their soul to work for this guy and corporations with a similar environment.

Just a wildebeast on the plain looking for a place to graze.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Let the introduction I gave this piece on my blog be my comment here:

Dog Poet is on a tear this time. I love his work all the more because he says what must be said... again. He pulls no punches, and is, as ever, more than well worth the time spent reading him. If they are not already yours, ~ take his words, his concepts, think about them, hold them close. This is no stretch of the imagination for me, The Dog is merely expressing what is in my heart. Dog Poet has the uncanny knack of reaching into the souls and minds of us all and putting to words what causes so many of us to fumble from the mere magnitude of the task.

Now, enjoy. And thank you Dog. So very much.

Anonymous said...

The Dog is definitely in the house now, and he ain't going back outside til the place is God-like clean.

You better start making your rope-whip now, you're going to need it.

Speaking truth to power is about the hardest thing anyone can do.

Les Visible, you rock the conscious world.

Vulcan said...

The Rotschild family owns all national or central banks on the planet, except 7. They are said to own (and therefore be responsible for)50%s of all wealth on the Planet. Next it must be natural for them-want to own it all! What other ambitions could they have? If you exclude the theory that Earth is being attacked (by poisons and synhetic hormones in air, water, food, medicine, chem-trails- all "coincidentally " at the same time as their money are taken and private armies like Blackwater now X-e are more abundant than "regular" military all orchestrated by Rotschilds on behalf of an alien race working to kill all humans and take over the planet- if you exclude that you still have to deal with insane trillionaires who allready own 50%s and are trying for it all, mass-murder no hindrance; and so the cure is obvious and the target clear and easily defined: stop the FED-scam_machine and put those criminals (during 230 years) in one of those FEMA-KZ-cmps that are meant for you, complete with 3-person coffins. WAKE UP-STOP THE parasites -and find out if there are aliens behind it, altering the atmo-sphere to fit their needs with: CHEM-TRAILS.Rotschilds KNOW that, why not ask them?

Visible said...

Hi People;

In case you are having problems, Google has shut off my email and comments for the day and I haven't been able to troubleshoot it. I thought I'd let you know.

You can send your comments to and I will put them up. I've got plenty more emails where that came from.

Radio show is on for tonight

Dammerung said...

Raping the Earth this, raping the Earth that.

Let me tell you something.

The entire economic output of the world is structured on the availability of cheap oil. That's a fact. The internal combustion engine is inefficient and dirty, but it feeds the entire world. Without it, we'd probably see a billion people starve within a couple years.

Now I know you all think there's free energy or leyline magic or whatever, but if you think you're so enlightened and wise why don't you build an engine to tap it?

You all want to cry about the pillaging of the Earth but refuse to acknowledge the consequences for stopping. I don't like deep water drilling, but nor do I want the slow deaths of a billion or more people on my conscience. I don't know if oil is the blood of the Earth, but I do know it's the blood of full bellies and of civilization.

Visible said...

Uh Dammerung? Over here, yeah...

tsk tsk. I'm going to state something and you can find ample proof of it and I am sure other readers will be glad to clarify for you.

The energy industries SUPPRESS these things. They don't want hydrogen and other things replacing their product because their insatiable lust for power and money demands that they remain the sole producer of energy.

The technologies have been in place for some time. These energy companies have so much money and power that they control much of how the world economy functions and the governments that institute policy. You're getting a demonstration of that at this very moment.

They ruin people and when that isn't enough they slander, compromise and kill them.

I don't know what Teletubby universe you are living in but that is the primary and dominating reason why things remain as they are. Others can give you examples and chapter and verse. You could even find a boatload of precedence for what I am saying.

Dammerung said...

The internet, Les. Nothing can be supressed. If there was really such a working engine, somebody would have demonstrated it by now and no amount of regulation or murder could have kept it quiet. The thing does not exist. Maybe it is mechanically possible, but it hasn't been done.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, i'd like to talk about the present times a bit here. I know that to some it seems the apocalypse is approaching. Well, actually it is not so. Not yet. The human spirit is that it would like to be a part of something big and naturally would like to get rid of evil for good. It will certainly happen, not yet though. What is happening is, a major cleansing, but it is not God's will as the apocalypse is, but it is a human will manifesting here. God might permit it so it might seem to some that evil won and it would look like it for a short period of time. After that God will show his glory to the world. Look at this link -

Anonymous said...

dammerung said:
"let me tell you something"

well, is there by any chance a personal investment in your death-cult corporate fantasy world and your self-corroborating selectivity of information input? pretty glaring, obvious.
"raping this, raping that..."-language, must be so annoying?
just where are the "full bellies"? (in the mud-buscuit-lands? on the rez in S.Dakota?)
and, btw, which "civilization" are you speaking of?
enjoy the apocalypse - hey, everyone gets to show their true colors.

Visible said...

Dammerung, I say this with compassion and no rancor, you are an incredibly clueless and uniformed individual. I'm not even going to attempt to address this. my time is too valuable to waste where one is so attached to a perspective like this. Others will no doubt fill you in on actual events and machines and technologies that certainly exist.

I take it you are saying that hydrogen powered cars are not on the road and that there aren't service stations in California and elsewhere that provide fuel at this moment? Do you suggest that just this one technology (any idea how much hydrogen there is?) can not replace oil... much less a combination of all the others?

Do you research at all?


Anon 10:00

I am assuming from your syntax that this youtube links to a fundie, big hair propaganda site. I'll let it pass this time. I won' next time. i have no idea how dreadful and sycophantic it probably is and at what point they start asking for money but I'm opposed to this sort of thing. I don't promote Fox news here either, nor do I see a difference between them. It's true I haven't sen it because I am afraid to look but please do not post propaganda here if I am right. If I am wrong I am sorry. It's the way you present it that sets off my spidey sense and... what do you mean by, "Hello 'again'?

Anonymous said...


Simply google “hemp” and after much time exploring all the uses I’ll give you something else to look at in your idle time. I don’t expect to hear from you for awhile as there is so much info on it... Oh yeah, facts about hemp haven’t been suppressed, TPTB just made it illegal.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Yes, I agree with your comments about the oil companies and their greed. There is just no stopping them and their behavior is so dangerous, at the cost of the environment, people's lives and the lives of animals, birds, aquatics, etc. It just goes on and on. If this greedy madness of the oil barons isn't stopped at some point, everything from the planet earth down to the smallest creature will pay.
Over at "What Really Happened" I watched a link to a video called "Requiem For the Gulf". It's sad but nice. And that red looking oil looks so much like blood to me!

Thanks Les,

Mother Cathy

(So sorry, Les, I couldn't get this to work on the Google account.)

Visible said...

As you can see, people are having trouble posting their comments so do send them to me at

The reason Google is doing this is because the Zionists who run the show over there object to the exposure that this article provides for them. It's amazing how they step in every time this subject comes up.

There's always a work around though so use it.

TheSparkle said...

Les, anon's video was very interesting. It said that over 3000 people were 'converted' including 101 genuine voodoo priests (not the fake ones).

wv: enablepl

Visible said...

Well Sparkle... heh heh, I rest my case. There's a way that people of a certain programmed viewpoint present things and it always involves possessing information unavailable to the rest of us and somewhere in there is a lot of blow dried, big hair, gold watches, violated pubescents and enormous bank accounts

nad said...


Anonymous said...

but what if the oil rig was torpedoed by a North Korean Submarine?? (sorcha faal and others said this)

Why should BP directors and Company executives be held accountable?

Your condemnation is out of line at this time....

The real problem is a gov't that allows drilling where even a slim chance of catastrophy is not acceptable.

just imagine the problem if an under water earth crust movement ruptured many capped underwater well heads... in the gulf

then truly the native american indian prophecy whereby the last "sign" to happen before the "end of the age" "end times" "tribulation" "earth changes"


the seas will turn black.

is one 21 inch pipe spewing multi millions of barrels a day a fullfillment?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here remember their history books, about what the Italian people did to Benito Mussolini nd his mistress, when the mobs caught up with them?

They beat the shit out of Benito, and stuck him like a Holiday pig, then thetied piano wire around his ankles and hoisted him upside down by a lampost, so that the mobs could spit on him and use him as a Pinata.

I yearn for such simple solutions to today's corrupt little tyrants, all of them, every Goddam one.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for Insurrection.

We have the legal right, its in our Declaration of Independence, and why the Hell do you think our first Bill of Rights article was "Freedom of Speach" and the second was, "The Right to Keep and Bear Arm."

Give 'em Hell !

Maria said...

Well said !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Les,

I just got back from 3 days in Mustang Island, near Port Aransas.

I camped at the State Park. I asked the park staffers if they were worried about the gulf oil spill...'nope, too far away, not coming here.' I was kinda amazed....I don't know how many hundreds of miles that is from the spill site affecting Louisiana, but does Texas really think it can't come to our beaches via loop current, hurricanes, wind shift, etc.?

The beaches right now are swamped with the seaweed all the way from the Saragossa Sea....I even asked them, well doesn't it mean this seaweed made it past that part of the Gulf before the oil well blew up? What will happen next year when this seaweed comes all the way from the Atlantic? My husband says I ask too many details, and bore people with my questions. All I can say, is ignorance and hopeful thoughts are alive and well in Mustang Island. I just hope THEY are all right in their assurances and that those Texas beaches will stay pristine....there are oil globs on the beaches there, really tar blobs, but they have been there for years..I counted 9 offshore oil rigs visible to the naked eye from the shore...

One comment/shout out to Dublin Mick...I don't think it was an underground GAS explosion that took down Atlantis....more like a too far high tuning of the crystal which led to antimatter waves unfurling out, destroying everything in their path and breaking up Atlantis into a few islands and then those also breaking up later.....there were 2 or 3 cataclysms after the first one before all remnants went below the waves.....maybe Bimini is the top most portion of a mountain from Atlantis' time....I read William Hutton of the The Hutton to keep up with his research on Bimini for evidence of Atlantis. He's a 75+ year old geologist who has also closely studied the Edgar Cayce Readings for over 55 years...he is proving up Atlantis from a geologic research aspect, and it is fascinating...he has done test holes and found that the rock beneath the surface was once above the oceans X numbers of years ago....


Anonymous said...

Judaism is a racist, supremacist, despotic cabal masquerading as a religion.

The Jews for thousands of years have attempted to control all money systems of all nations of the world, they seek a complete monopoly of banking, their central banks operating internationally operating in unison usurp national governments. The Jews themselves openly brag that the national governments have no need or business in making loans from privately owned international central banks, and these loans consist of nothing but counterfeit illegal paper debt bonds. But by means of bribery and blackmail and murder and deception the nations of the world, all the peoples of the earth have been lured into a position where they are hopelessly deluged with an overwhelming sum of debt. Not only do they have to borrow more every year but they have to borrow the paper debt bonds to even pay the interest let alone the principal debt bond which can never be paid back.

What all the peoples of this earth have in common is an enemy, and that enemy is Jewry, the Jews seek to enslave all mankind forever.

Anonymous said...

Dammerung said...

"The internet, Les. Nothing can be supressed. If there was really such a working engine, somebody would have demonstrated it by now and no amount of regulation or murder could have kept it quiet. The thing does not exist. Maybe it is mechanically possible, but it hasn't been done."

You are incredibly ignorant. Why don't you joogle browns gas, orgone energy, scaler energy. There are utube videos showing vehicles operating with these systems. Japan was going to put out a vehicle that runs on water. Don't know what happened there but I have my suspicion (lack of financing)

Hydrogen is a abundant fuel but having a bomb in the car wouldn't be too cool in a bad accident. I once witnessed an accident where the engine and transmission was knocked completely out of a pickup. It came to rest two hundred feet from the vehicle. Also there is always the chance of mishaps at the refueling station. Although it is definitely viable I doubt hydrogen will become widespread.

On another note there is some rumbling on the net about mass evacuation of Florida, maybe parts of Louisiana and Georgia. The oil "leak" (I love that term) is spewing out benzene and other dangerous chemicals at a alarming rate. What I find significant is Cliff High's web bot thing has been talking about diaspora for quite some time. Also there was an article last week about guard units being activated. Never kept the links but most of you probably already know this.

Glad I don't live around there but my heart goes out for those who do, and all those beautiful creatures. Too bad there is no government in the land of the free.


Visible said...


Gasoline is highly combustible and blows up too and they have pretty much ironed that out, except for stupidity, accidents and corvair type manufacturing flaws. The same thing would happen with hydrogen.

They could have nuclear fuel cells in cars by now it they wanted to.

I didn't hear about the dangerous chemicals but I don't doubt it. Personally, my vibrations tell me this is a monster fuckup that is worst than any worst case scenario we are hearing about.

It's all coming down because the time is here and the ineffable has awakened from the dream of life and is becoming active in the mix. I would not want to be one of the bad guys. Meanwhile they are whistling zipidee do dah and don't notice that Mr. Bluebird is a ravenous pterodactyl.

If you've got any info on people being killed and suppressed over alternative energy please post it. could go and find it but I'm too busy right now. Of course we all know about Wilhelm Reich

Anonymous said...

First off Visible, these last two radio shows are a definite step up. You are in the groove and talking what I know to be true (in my small way) as a professor of comparative religions.

Next, imagine my surprise to see you listed at the top of Rense with '3' of your recent posts in a row and with your own Dog Poet section further down.

I remember an email exchange from shortly after Christmas when you were getting a pounding and you told me that, come midway in the year, everything would change. I suspect this is only the beginning as you have pointed out several times recently.

You have my very best wishes.


Anonymous said...

The reading is from St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians 5:8-19

Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that
is good and right and true), and try to learn what is pleasing to
the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but
instead expose them. For it is a shame even to speak of the things that
they do in secret; but when anything is exposed by the light it
becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it
is said, "Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ
shall give you light." Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise
men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are
evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the
Lord is. And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery; but
be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and
hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with
all your heart.


Anonymous said...

"I just got back from 3 days in Mustang Island, near Port Aransas.

I camped at the State Park. I asked the park staffers if they were worried about the gulf oil spill...'nope, too far away, not coming here.' I was kinda amazed....I don't know how many hundreds of miles that is from the spill site affecting Louisiana, but does Texas really think it can't come to our beaches via loop current, hurricanes, wind shift, etc.?"

Hello Zellie,

So you were recently near Port Aransas. My family lives nearby in Rockport. I'm surprised at the way those people are not worried about that horrid situation in the Gulf! They cannot possibly think that they will not be so affected, maybe eventually anyway. What about hurricanes, and tropical storms?? The rain itself will more than likely have dangerous chemicals in it. And besides that, those hurricanes can move across the Gulf toward the Texas coast so that's going toward the west. Texas has a 600 mile coast line and down there around Mustang Island, it is more west that's true. But still and all.....I just hope those folks are right in what they are thinking.

That apathy those folks on the coast have toward this situation, it's unreal. When I spoke to my mother about the gulf oil spill, she said, "oh that, I don't even watch the news about that so I don't know what is going on." (!!!). I will give her this though, she is 85 years and her health isn't good. Anyone else though, they should be very concerned about this situaion. I just hope something will be done to stop this flow before anymore damage is done. Oh and as far as your husband saying you ask to many questions? I have a feeling I could spend hours talking to you! Best wishes,

M. Cathy

Unknown said...

Hear, hear!!!

Anonymous said...
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EriktheRed said...


I update real news articles daily on the 1st page of my newest blog and respond to everyone who contributes. STAND TALL FOR UNIVERSAL TRUTH.


Neko Kinoshita said...


The only major flaws in the Corvair were the drivers.

(Sorry, I digress, but I used to own one. It was the most fun drive I ever had, power drift with only 95 horses, ahhh…)

Let’s see, first, hydrogen is probably the least dangerous fuel imaginable. It MIGHT burn, if you can get it to stick around, but it is headed for the stratosphere like gangbusters if it breaks free. No concentration, no explosion.

Second, Build your electrodes as concentric tubes closely matched, maintain the gap with rings or posts of dielectric material. Build a matrix of them and place in a tank. Fill tank with water. Connect electrodes to a generator that can produce high-frequency pulses of very high voltage. Adjust frequency and voltage until the water practically boils. You will produce more Hydrogen than you can burn in a car, and your generator will be using about 10 amps. All of this was done by a man named Stan Meyer. Look it up. Oh yeah, HE’S DEAD.

I did not understand how it was that I was led here. I am beginning to understand now. I could not stay in Missouri, too close to New Madrid, and the hills were built out of porous limestone. I knew I couldn’t stay in AZ, Phoenix will not survive without the three “A”s. Nebraska seemed OK, but I was west, and it was short grass prairie. That is not a good place to be unless you plan to be a nomad; also, way too close to Yellowstone.

Yes, I have been paying attention to Cliff and George. I am just under 1000 ft altitude, on the east side of the oldest mountains on the continent. Although I am not north of 40 degrees, I am around 35. The base of these foothills is granite. The situation may not be too much to my liking, but the divine seems to think this is where I am supposed to be.

Visible said...

Les the following article by Gordon Duff really clarifies just what is happening in the US. Gordon takes on everyone.

Cordon's Bio is on the article.

Keep up the great work

Ed Lubomirski

Anonymous said...

MS&M says:
"The records also indicate that since the April 20 explosion on the rig, federal regulators have granted at least 19 environmental waivers for gulf drilling projects and at least 17 drilling permits, most of which were for types of work like that on the Deepwater Horizon shortly before it exploded, pouring a ceaseless current of oil into the Gulf of Mexico."


Anonymous said...

Les and all

Love RJ's story about his gay friend. Love the father stories here too. It helps to talk about stuff.

I hope someday RJ and all of us come to see we all are like his gay friend. We all see and think about things in a certain light. If we hope and hold to these ideas too long we become mislead or worse?

I was bummin at a few friends houses this weekend and took in way too much TV. It was clear after just a few hours of watching, the real problem people face.

Info, ideas, and view points we look to and hope to find arent the truth. Its like walking in a store. If you think all you need can be found there, you miss out of sooooo much. The media, google, and very the "truthseeker" sites we all enjoy, are just stores for ideas. There are many more ideas yet to created and its time youll start making them.

A great many of the ideas you all pass off here, I saw on the histroy channel? And the worries you talk about, I saw in adds. All the views about our future, I saw the medai man sharing? What does that mean folks?

It means you where setup to think them?

Oh so to affect some change around here, The Fool is now:

Love your Life!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vixen said...

Must see regarding the gulf. I don’t believe in coincidence…….

Visible said...


Thanks for posting this video.....I don't believe in coincidence either. Oh my, how tragic......

M. Cathy

Anonymous said...

drowning turtles
poisoned sea
dolphins dying
fish diseased
sea birds crying
whales are too
bp lie
to me and you
government hide
covering trax
signing forms
for more attacks
on sacred earth
our sacred home
where we was born
and where we roam.


Anonymous said...


Paul was on the road to Damascus to arrest followers people of “The Way,” as the Jewish sect devoted to Jesus called their new belief. His intention was to return them to Jerusalem for trial and probable execution, but on his way there he was “blinded by the light” with a vision of Jesus. It took him three years to glean what this experience meant. From then on, he devoted his life to proclaiming what became the basis of Orthodox Christianity: Christ’s death was not a shameful event, but a sacrifice in which God redeemed the whole world. Like Herakles, Jesus was the Divine One risen from the dead, and his blood, as the blood of the Mythric bull, created a new life and power in those who believed in him.
Unlike the Gospels, Paul does not write about the life of Jesus, but finds meaning in his death, which may have been brought on by a soul conflicted about his role as persecutor to the early Jewish/Christians. Paul resolved this conflict with absolute confidence that each individual, whether Jew or Gentile, could experience God’s love and salvation through the mystical entity of the Christ.
Historical Jesus and Mystical Christ
The historical Jesus of Nazareth was superseded by a deeper interior experience of Christ, the Messiah of Humankind. As the one initiated into the Mythric mysteries claimed new power from his baptism by blood, followers of Jesus received the grace and power of the Love of God. As Herakles rose from the dead as a divine savior, Jesus gave himself to set humans free from an evil world, and in doing so became able to touch every human heart, providing the way to connect with the Father and “to be met by Him with a response of love.” Paul’s theology rested on his belief that the risen Christ fulfilled the implication present from the beginning of Judaism: the God of Israel was the one God for all mankind, and all mankind was destined to worship Him.


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick,
I can´t help but notice that you are very vocal on this sight and many others. Something like a chronic commenter, who is very adept at cutting and pasting. Nothing is wrong with that, it is a good thing to disseminate good information. It is not bad to be a very opinionated person, but I would advise you to be careful in thinking that you have all the answers because you read something somewhere on such and such site. For you to just dismiss a whole slew of writings (Paul´s) that are filled with wisdom because you read somewhere that the person that wrote them might not be legitimate is asenine. You say he was a fraud like you have first hand experience. I mean really, how can you put yourself in that position? I´m sure I could go back through these blogs and find a whole lot of things that you have quoted as truth, made by some less than credible individuals. Judgement immediately turns the tables against you. Pride is one of the hardest things to get rid of. To eliminate it requires the manifestation of its opposite, humility. And eventually, if you want to advance, you will have to eliminate pride. I see that you are quick to be the expert on all things, holding your sword of truth high. Well, brother, continue to hold up that sword of truth to the world..but remember, true power lies in humility and non-judgement. It lies in admitting that you don´t know everything.
BTW, Paul never claimed to know Jesus..and he appears to be a man who was living a life filled with Judgement, trained to be a Pharisee. He had a revelation. He repented.
But, I wasn´t there, so I don´t know.
Here´s some cut and paste for ya.
Paul's epistles are the oldest documents of the New Testament written at least twenty years before the Gospel of Mark, considered to be the first. The Gospels emerged from proto-Christian communities, compilations of oral stories collected from the generation who knew Jesus. They also are documents that chronicle the tension between Paul’s interpretation of Jesus as the Christ with the memories that members of the Church of Jerusalem had of Jesus of Nazareth, the living man they had known intimately as friend, teacher and brother.


vixen said...

The nightmare in the Gulf is not enough. Now comes the Winds of More and New Wars. My problem is not knowing which one or if all are the distraction or if they all are simply signs of times…

U.S., South Korea plan military exercises
Show of force intended to send message to North over warship sinking

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Anonymous said...

Petr-oleum “rock-öil” is not crucial just for motors and transportation. Most of the processes used in “developed” life-styles depend on it. It’s needed to run machinery, in mining, in manufacture, in the production of electric power, plastics, dyes, etc, in agriculture (fertilisers are petro-chemical-based). It infests modern life.

In western countries, it takes 10 calories of petro-chemicals (oil +oil derivatives) to produce 1 calorie of food from crops, when you count ploughing, planting, fertilising, watering, pesticide application, reaping, threshing, transportation, etc.
All done with machinery to free up time to be spent killing other peoples to take their resources, like oil, to prevent others from getting them, and to line the purses of the few.

A thorough change in the way we think, live, and behave is needed.

“Obama sheltered BP's Deepwater Horizon rig from regulatory requirement“
“Why is no one reporting that “Faisal the Fizzler” is tied to ..Leon Black and ..organized crime syndicates”

the red-herring-cum-straw-man of the place of birth pas-de-deux explained and spreading

TheSparkle said...

I had this thought yesterday, though I may not be the first. I was thinking about ionospheric heaters, such as HAARP. Information, such as it is, about the publically acknowledged facilities is widely known. I think a better, more grandiose and sinister way would be to hide a much larger array in 'plain sight'. A much scarier version of HAARP in which a regional or worldwide network of transmission towers hidden in plain sight energized in a coordinated fashion might already exist. And, if it doesn't I don't want any wise guys in TPTB to get any ideas.....

Have any of you seen any type of transmission towers? They are everywhere. I wonder if they can be (or already are) adapted for such a use as I have surmised.

TheSparkle said...

Oh yeah. I forgot. Clif High is apparently going to put out a new report, much sooner than he intended. It should be out this week, I believe. I the the pressing reason for advancing the date has to do with many predictive linguistic associations regarding the OIL VOLCANO in the Gulf.

TheSparkle said...

Holy shit. Look at this:!

UFO Spiral in the sky seen and heard across Western Canada

Anonymous said...

People mught find this interview of a Doctor in the UK who was threatened of being struck off the medical register because she prescribed vitamin B. The basis of her practice is that diet is the key to health. Sort out diet and most illnesses go away. Anywho, the interview highlights what most of the people here believe, the medical profession has been turned into a cash cow by big pharma.

V.W: tostan

Anonymous said...

I want to ask people to please go to the Facebook page "Make British Petroleum (BP)PAY for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill"....not because I am promoting the site, but because there is alot of traffic there with good info. and the site could really use some good opinions like the comments I see here. There are almost 5,000 people on the page now and it desperately needs some educated perspective on what is occurring. Thanks!

Zellie said...

Hi, Cathy,

All I can add is that the wind blew ferociously the 3 days I was smoke smells from burning of brush in Mexico, no signs of oil spill effects at one mentioned it but me in the group I was with. We did see 2 hard hats washed up on the beach with barnacles on them from oil workers on the rigs easily seen from shore. This is the first time, though, that I have seen so many oil rigs off shore. One other thing I noticed was no chem trails....Port Aransas was the first place I ever noticed chem trails, and how they took away the blue sky...after that I became sensitized to look up more, and I saw them all over Austin, and surrounding areas out into the hill country 45 miles West, 45 miles northeast over all the farmlands, all up the interstate to Dallas, heavily during Christmas holidays, and sometimes Austin is criss crossed so heavily it is like a white curtain comes down across us and blue sky is gone...for days...but I digress. The ramifications, or potential catastrophic ramifications from the gulf oil volcano has not 'percolated' down into people's consciousness' enough yet...mostly because without just a little effort, it was too easy to believe the lies 'spewing' forth AND the misplaced, once again, faith in the uncurious, unefforted media's lack of details that matter and translate to YOU and ME...which is really US and THEM...but they don't know it yet. Cocooned and ballooned off in their concrete walls and ac'd high rises, they can't connect the dots....If I were the governor of LA, I would have already put out the HAY MAYDAY so all farmers within 200 miles (or 2 states) could get involved and bring their loads down, and I'd get a certain contigent of donated boats (and bill BP) to get out into the gulf and start dumping the hay, hiring the workers, and I would't WAIT one more second to take things into my own hands....WHEN the states MOST IMPACTED initally by the spill start taking things into their own hands, THEN things will start to move...and improve....If that happens, then the states next on the list to be impacted SHOULD BE learning from all this fiasco and start putting their OWN plans into effect, not waiting on BP nor our government.....I remain hopeful, I have to, DIASPORA is a very painful, painful, painful Trail of Tears. Not everyone can bug out to the North 40, I for one, will not leave my elderly parents, inlaws, 8 siblings and several nieces and nephews, extended family, etc., and all of us leaving is not possible...of course UNTIL it becomes impossible to stay...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
European American said...

A few thoughts.

First one:

24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed: “Everything In It Is Dead” was a news report.

When will it stop?

How about 240 miles?
2400 miles?
24000 miles?

Second one:
For those who believe in Karma, and I am one of those, one might consider: why do such "heavy" environmental "disturbances" take place in that region?

I believe the manifestation of a local, regional environment event, e.g. a hurricane, is a reflection of the corresponding "collective" consciousness of that region. No accidents/coincidences here. If there is a destructive disturbance, I tend to believe that it reflects a similar destructive disturbance in the human collective.

THe Gulf, and Caribbean seem fertile ground for such activity. I wonder what goes on with humans in that region to attract, or create such an Entropic Force?

Lastly, do "they" even plan to stop the gusher? I am really beginning to have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

Just thinkin?

The word "Zionists" is used here tons. No big deal, but a little background might help?

"To understand the history of Zionism, and not the psudo-made-up versions, you need to investigate the history of Poland in the 1700s. That is, the time Poland was taken over by Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. Zionism is a 'liberal,' to use this term as it was then used, movement, born as much out of the nationalism Napoleon brought to all of Europe, as any other force. When the liberal/nationalist forces were crushed in 1848, Jews followed many of their fellow liberals to the United States, while many of the others founded Zionism as a Jewish Nationalism and began settleing in the middle-East.

Like all movement, Zionists sought funding to move totally impoverished peasents to a new homeland. Those who came to America were recruited by agents of shipping companies, mines and factories (shipping was cheap from Europe to America because the trade goods came from America to Europe, all these ships were filled with human ballast, making the trip profitable both ways). You can probably find a stronger link for British anti-Zionism in the loss of money to Jews choosing the Ottoman Empire over paying an Atlantic passage.

Those Jews who sought to restore their original homeland, solicited funding to pay for shipping that was not as cheap. The coming of the railroads in just a few decades provide an inexpensive alternative, so more people were able to pay their own way. Incidently, the Ottoman Empired loved Jewish immigrants and help make homes for them. Not until after World War I and the rise of the state of Turkey, did hostility to Zionism arise. This is what I tried to convey, but did not explain. The rise of anti-Zionism actually made Hitler's 'Final Solution' the only viable 'solution.'
Also, this is why you can find philanthopic money going to Zionists. Not larger reason.

The anti-Zionist plus restrictive US immigration policies on East Europeans left the Jews at the mercy of the anti-jewish forces in Germany, Austria/Hungary and Russia. Jews were regularly killed in the pograms of the time, and had their goods stolen, and were limited to ghettos. This was the primary force which began to make Zionism more militant.

Of course, the number of Zionist who actually made it to the middle-East pre1945 was only about 20,000 individuals. A very small group.
Zionism did help plant a number of communities, but most middle-Eastern Jews had lived there forever. Like the 100,000 in what is now Iraq. "were very vocal and many became famous authors, that is why we know so much about them."

So, with a different look, we see "Zionist" ideas or groups arent the source of the problems youll clam, they are just tools for it? The issue becaomes much larger in space and time then pointing the finger at a word?

Love your Life

Anonymous said...

If you would like to keep track of the light
here is a good start.
and while on things scientific?...
soon FEMA Camps are going to fill very quickly

Anonymous said...

invoke a peace
chant and aim
to the sky
across the plain
on a feather
in the wind
flow in peace
in the spring
through the night
till the dawn
spinning color
arrow form
pierce through storm
storm the cloud
where warmonger hide
and lie and shout
pierce with light
with living truth
flowing peace
through their roof
through their minds
for the abuse
of sacred earth
and disrespectful use.


eternal peace

Visible said...

Just thinking?

bullshit ...and a sad collection of lies; not what I would call a light lunch but hunger and acquired taste hit each of us differently. Bon Apetit.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking

Sounds like le/fool is going incognito.

Anonymous said...

Noticed this on Rixon's site. The Canadian government is paying internet trolls. Caught again!
Have to watch those Canadians I tell ya!

The next time you struggle to comprehend how someone could spend their time trolling the Internet in order to defend and downplay whatever government cover-up or abuse is in the news this week, consider the fact that they may be on a government payroll.

The Canadian government has been caught paying a media group to monitor online political discussion and respond to "misinformation," in order words to spread state-sanctioned propaganda, in the latest scandal to hit the Harper administration."

m_astera said...

Hi Les and all-

Always a pleasure to read here. What all of you have to offer gives me confidence in our future.

The childhood stories, god we've been through a bunch of crap from juvenile delinquents who somehow became our parents. I think you had it worse than me, Les. Same military bases and such, enlisted housing, in my case, a stepfather who resented my very existence. Some of my earliest memories are of being whipped with a belt or backfisted across the room with no clue why. I got lucky and he screwed himself up in a drunken auto wreck when I was around eleven, so no more ability to terrorize a child except with verbal abuse.

But anyway. We turned out OK, and I never beat my three kids. They got spankings as toddlers but that's about it.

The hydrogen fuel idea is an MSM alternative story. Yeah it burns fine and clean, but the only way to get it is generally to put more energy into getting it out of water than one gets back. Been looking at this for a long long year and though I have seen the idea posted earlier in the thread previously, the metal plates in water [with a square-wave generator] haven't seen it proved out. Hydrogen is also explosive as hell, a lot more than gasoline. Has to do with how quickly it combines with Oxygen. Ever seen a battery blow up when it's charging? All it takes is a spark. That's hydrogen. Gasoline is a whole lot safer.

There are a lot of better ideas which have proved out, but they have been suppressed. Probably hundreds.

Here are a couple that I think are worthwhile, if anyone reading wishes to follow up. In around 1865 there was an article in a magazine, Harper's I think, about the changing polarity as an iron conductor went through a horseshoe magnet.

In around 1902, Tesla patented an idea for a collector on a high pole. Probably what he followed up with in Colorado Springs and Long Island. 300 volts per meter voltage difference in Earth's atmosphere. The possibility of ionizing a column of air into a conducting plasma, that should be enough clues.

Hope someone will take this and run with it; right now I have enough on my plate trying to get folks to understand why having balanced minerals in the soil your food comes from is important.

Love you all


Anonymous said...

Homosexuality and the Occult

Paul A. Drockton – May 23, 2010

"I have long worked to expose the link between Homosexuality and the Occult. Born Kenneth Wilbur Anglemeyer, Ken Anger makes my job much easier. The Knights Templar, the forerunners of the Masons, Rosicrucians and Illuminati, were an all male religious order that actually permitted homosexual behavior among their members. They were also exposed for worshipping the "Goat's head" (Baphomet) and lovers of all things Plato (Lucifer). Through their alliance with Illuminati Jews, they have come to dominate the world's finances and its culture."

I honestly wonder why Rixon puts up with this guy. It seems once again the "occult" is associated with Lucifer. The occult is anything hidden as has been discussed here I don't know how many times. Just about all esoteric teachings have aspects that are hidden and have nothing to do with baphomet.

It is the way history is distorted. Next thing you know Plate will be said to have been riding with Billy the Kid. They seem to have a real bad contract on Plato for some reason.

This is not the first time I have heard something along the same lines such as gnostics are satanists.

What are we really saying here, if you are not a mormon you must be a satanist?

the BCth said...

@ TheSparkle, 11:01 PM:

I saw several commenters here posting links to the same video and its companion. I wasn't able to view it properly to judge for myself, but David Wilcock did look at them and is convinced that they are obvious CGI fakes.


Of general interest to people here will be the recently published video recordings from the February 21st ARC panel discussion with Alan Wilson, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Ralph Ellis, Daniel Tatman, and Michael Tsarion. I'm working on transcribing the videos and I hope to have that done soon. I'll post the transcript on my blog and give you guys a link to that then.


I know a lot of people are still sleeping deeper than ever, but at the same time, I'm seeing the awakening in progress around me with many individuals in my life.

It's interesting that Les would have made mention of a shift or tipping point, a change in the winds, around the middle of this year. I received a strong indication of the same thing myself back in December. I may go into more detail on that at some point, but right now my computer is just not cooperating... xD


Anonymous said...

I was blocked for a while and could not post this. I cleaned all the cookies out and now the tag is there.

I have doing a little thinking and I really hope I am wrong.

"Let's see if I have this straight now, BP drills hole into largest gas field ever known in Gulf of Mexico, pressure blows up rig, oil filling the gulf, all at the tail end of the New Madrid fault which is a rift valley separating two tectonic plates in the middle of the North American continent. BP whistle blowers say another well about six months ago had a severe reaction and was capped. Was it about the time of the Haitian quake? Wait, that was about six months ago. Let's see now Haiti lines up with Gulf and New Madrid. Mayans say this age will end with the largest earthquake ever. Apache Indian Grand father says when the sky turns red and the stars bleed it will be too late. Think it might have something to do with an angel pouring out a bowl and the sea turning red? Yeah I think I see a pattern here."

Burnie said...

Let me add my feeble amen brother.
To me this is personal.

the BCth said...

Regarding the "Group Conscious Game Changer"...

This new research note by Montalk, Reality Creation Redux. Highly recommend.

the BCth said...

Sorry about the copy-paste error on that ARC panel video link a few comments back. The correct link is here.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Musing on the Times as Lord Apocalypse Appears..>

Anonymous said...

now THAT'S the old Les I remember! Full of fire and brimstone - or piss and vinegar, whichever you prefer.

Nice, succinct and concise.

Go Git 'em Dude!


Anonymous said...

Hello Zellie,

Nice to read your comment! Speaking of chemtrails, they don't seem to be as bad as they used to be....they used to be just awful and your descriptions of them are perfect. I hated to see them and sometimes when the sun would shine, there would be an oily looking prism, or colors if you will. That is obviously not normal. I haven't seen that in quite some time but I do still see chemtrails, just not as bad as it used to be. I wonder if it's because people started really catching on? Who knows but they do exist and no telling what the powers that be are using them for.

You have some really good suggestions about the getting people involved with boats, hay, ect. But Alas! BP wants to control the situation....and what does that mean for the people? Not good that's for sure because it will keep getting worse. And what about BP spraying the gulf with highly toxic chemicals that is known to cause cancer? Nothing these people do make any sense. It's sad to say, but it's really a case of us against them, just like you stated. And the sheeple? They will go on and believe the lies of the government, media and BP. I understand what you are saying about not heading out North and leaving. My husband and I are staying here come what may. We are far enough away from the gulf that we are not directly impacted.

My fear is a hurricane coming ashore, or even a tropical storm, spreading oily rain inland and up the state of Texas. This is something that can affect a lot of people because I know that spent hurricanes can go as far as Ohio.

What a dreadful mess and so sad for many people and the wildlife. Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you have a nice large family. :)


Dennis said...

Once again you are dead on. I believe the biggest obstacle we face to exposing the truth are the "young adult" group who just refuse to admit what's going on. The self-proclaimed powers that be seem to target them the most through the media. I'm not sure if they know or they just don't care.

SummerRain said...

Evil is taking over the planet, but good does not come without a struggle between the two.

Visible said...

Hello Dennis,

You are right, I think the young adults are targeted more so than the older generation. My daughter and her husband are in their 30s and so much into their movies and blue ray TV with the wonderful surround sound speakers. They have no interest in what is going on, to the point that they don't watch the news or even keep up with what is going on. I have placed quotes from Les Visible and others on my refrig, put up pictures of support for Gaza and even have a 'Who Would Jesus Bomb' there too. They ignore it. I want them to be happy, they have two beautiful and happy children ages 7 and 2. But sometimes I despair for these children's future and the future of my daughter, her husband and my 28 year old son. I feel like screaming....WAKE UP PLEASE!!

Best wishes Dennis,

M. Cathy

Anonymous said...

Thank you, whoever you are, for allowing me at least one sane and intelligent voice for my teens to read. you continue to educate them, and to validate my own teaching to them :) with your blog. i have now two college age daughters ready and able to navigate this world, and theirs, without fear or confusion, and with no sense of victimization. -- again, thank you for utilizing the net in such a way that we have been able to share it...........laurel, christine, caeli, and my autistic 5 yr old, sunny rose


politicalspazz said...

Hello, Great Read. I think Bush made the catsup comment, but worth switching it to Reagan for the vegetable thing. Despite all the efforts made, more people are becoming conscious, which is the only thing that can stop the ogre.



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