Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gimmie that Ole 9/11, it's Good Enough for Me.

Tap... Tap... Tap... Is this thing on? Good morning people and thank you for joining me here today. I realize you all had somewhere else you could be and you’ll probably be there later. I’m a little shorthanded this morning. I’m usually shorthanded which is why I don’t like for my grasp to exceed my reach. In any case, I’ll be your narrator, dumb-waiter and masseur; I’ll only be doing Rolfing so keep that in mind. Help yourself to the buffet and feel free to take any of the colorful brochures that you’ll see placed about for your convenience. I hope your chairs are comfortable. I only had the designs within your mind to work with so you do bear some responsibility for your comfort. Everybody settled? Don’t hurry, take your time. I don’t want anyone to feel rushed, not now and not once we begin. Okay? Okay...

Before I have anything to say about anything I want to direct your attention to this link and ask you to please read the information entirely. This is important because everything I have to say is going to be connected to it. Read it carefully and follow the admonitions as they may present themselves. I’ll just step out and use the facilities so as not to be a distraction. Fifteen minutes should be more than adequate for even the slowest among us. If you want more coffee or tea or any of the other comestibles, help yourself. Let’s keep this informal and relaxed and I’ll be back with you shortly.

Well now, I feel about ten pounds lighter. We good to go? Any questions? No, I don’t have an opinion on the Patriots and Cowboys. Let’s try to stay on the matter at hand. I know I’m preaching to the choir but I’m hoping if we stay focused that some of this will leak out into the atmosphere. If anyone isn’t clear on what this concise presentation is indicating then I want you to go over it again. Feel free to run your finger across the screen and mouth the words. No one here is going to laugh at anyone if they’re... slow or... special.

The first thing I want to say is that I shouldn’t have to be saying anything and I know that most of you agree with me on that. From shortly after this event, if not on the actual day it took place, many of us knew that something didn’t compute. As time passed, so much of the following evidence also did not compute. It became such a no-brainer that it seemed the very sky above had been darkened as if some hundred year bat migration had blotted out the sun .

Everything that has happened in America and abroad in the last six years can be traced to this single event on 9-11-2001. Everything that has physically happened; everything that has happened in the judicial and legislative branches, everything that has happened at the airports, everything that has happened in the changed perceptions of the public mind... all of the deaths in the Middle East, Guantanamo, the secret prisons abroad, the torture, the death squads- including Blackwater and Israeli and British black-ops has been justified, sanctioned and carried out because of this event. Everything that happened, happened because of a lie.

You can see that, can’t you? Take the official explanation and place that in one hand and then take what you just read in the link I provided you with and put that in the other hand. Print it out if you have to or just imagine that you are holding it. Either way is fine for our purposes. I just want you to get into the feel of the thing.

Now, I’m going to come away from the lectern and step down into the space in front of you. I want you all to close your eyes and extend your hands forward. I’m going to make some magical gestures and... Presto! Open your eyes. Yes, where formerly you held the official explanation in the one hand it has now been replaced by a pile of shit. In the other hand you are holding a small gold coin. Put the gold coin in your pocket so you can find it later. That’s the truth and you’re going to need that. I want the rest of you to move in an orderly fashion to the facilities; I think it’s safe to go in there now. Please dispose of the shit the way you would ordinarily do and I’ll wait here. I’m sorry, yes, I’m sorry but the dramatic effect was necessary in order to IMPRESS on your mind what we are dealing with here.

The Shitmeister-Fascists in the Bush administration, with enormous help from London and Tel Aviv pulled a magic trick, far less convincing than mine and left you with nothing but a big pile of shit, which would have been unpleasant all by itself but which has also resulted in millions of tortured, imprisoned, dead and displaced people in sundry locations around the globe.

Someone is asking how I know it was these fine folk who were responsible for the event. That’s a good question. If they weren’t responsible then how come they are the principal liars in the affair? If they weren't responsible then how come they are the ones covering it up? If they weren’t responsible then how come they are the only ones who have benefited from it? I need to add that there are financial and corporate concerns who have made out like bandits from this but since they are the ones who control these principals it all speaks to the same cabal. Are you stoned or stupid? Maybe a little of both?

Okay, that’s uncalled for... and, if you are stoned and/or stupid this is just going to make you more uncomfortable than you already are. It could ruin your high. I notice out in the back that some of you still have a handful of shit. Well, as long as it doesn’t bother you. The sad part is that I know as soon as I turn my back some of you are going to take a taste, the same way the kid who picks his nose in class does so because he thinks no one is looking or else he doesn’t care. Some of you are going to finger-paint the walls with it cause you think you are graffiti artists. Some of you are going to feel magnanimous and want to share it with your friends and some of you are going to tie a yellow ribbon around it or color it red, white and blue and recite the Pledge of Allegiance; the Pledge of Allegiance to Shit.

People think that as long as you can do something and get away with it that that makes it alright; especially if it serves a higher purpose and, as we all know, shit is often connected to higher purposes, isn’t it? Some of you are going to get creative and fashion the shit into nooses that you can hang from trees and over doorways as if it were some kind of strange mistletoe. You’ll be members of the same previously named participants in this shitcapade because continuous distraction is all important to your desired ends. Race riots and a population made hostile to itself is a necessary condition in order to bring into being those circumstances for which Posse Comitatus and other former protections were folded, spindled and mutilated- or just done away with. None of these things are happening by accident.

I’m going to give you another ten minutes now to re-read the information in the link and to chat among yourselves while I go outside and have a smoke.

‘Kay, I’m back. We’re in the home-stretch of this lecture and I’d like to move into the future and make you mindful of a couple of things. First, I want to remind you that even when you are herded together behind concertina wire all is not lost. So you’re still in pretty good shape no matter how it looks. You are in far better shape than the Iraqis or the Palestinians who are quietly starving to death in Gaza. You can still do a whole lot to help yourselves if you can manage not to be further manipulated by the psychopaths who have led you down the garden path this far.

There’s an election coming up and just about all of the candidates are a floor below the level of a crack-whore paying for a fix in lieu of money. These candidates are cum-dumpsters for the sperm of the anti-Christ. I’m trying to be kind here and also because words fail me in adequately describing them. But you have a couple of three choices that are still human. These would be Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Whether you be Republican or Democrat or something else you should be able to find something close to what you are looking for. I would have liked to have added Bill Richardson to this mix but I’m not sure he isn’t a Clinton employee and I’m open to being enlightened by anyone who is of a mind to enlighten me.

The aforementioned Shitmeisters have it in mind to use Ron Paul’s popularity to split the vote in such a way as to ensure the success of their own client. You have to remember that this is something of a blind also because they could put either party in office but it serves their need to give you something different in appearance; to give you the impression that you succeeded at something.

The truth is that you could all just get together, since you should be good and fed up now and just put your candidate into office. You have that power. If you turn out in such numbers that shake the ground on which you stand, no amount of voter fraud will do much good. I would think that Ron Paul has the best chance of success since he appeals to a wider spectrum overall than the others but don’t let me influence you in this regard. Pick one of these men and don’t let go. The best thing that could happen is if two of them wound up running against each other. This is not impossible. You can make this happen. Am I a dreamer? Song follows minus Yoko.

You need a leader who can speak like this, you need to take your country back or it isn’t coming back. You have to resist the pernicious influence of lies and reclaim your mind. You need to find your backbone and wake up the way King Theoden did. You can’t wish in one hand and shit in the other. You got to get mad and not take it any more. If you can’t see what’s in front of you then you are going to walk off the cliff. It would be a crying shame for humanity to have come so far and come through so much only to find itself whimpering in the darkness because they didn’t let their little light shine and now it’s gone out or... something.

Okay, I think that’s about enough for now. I’d like to thank all of you for coming in here today. I know you’re all busy people and you have a life somewhere. Feel free to stop in any time, I’m always here. Mind how you go and don’t forget to take one of the Handi-wipes with you on your way out of the door.

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Unknown said...

You've done some incredible work at this blog. This time you have outdone yourself. You are on another planet now. Fantastic! Outstanding! Brilliant and all of the other words that apply.

Anonymous said...

That was great Les. You gonna team up with Al Gore and do "An Inconvenient Truth 2" and hit the lecture circuit?
Doubt you'll win the Nobel Prize on this one, unfortunately.
People've been carrying around shit in my world for six years & I became tired of cleaning them up and setting them aright; it goes beyond "stupid" to hypnosis or denial. Now I will only clean up shit for my 20 year old incontinent cat with a good excuse for it!

Visible said...

I don't follow you. I notice that you're angry but that hasn't got anything to do with me or your cat.

I'm trying to put what I said into the context of your response and I can't make the connection. Nothing seems to fit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Into the breech once again Les,bless you. The strength and clarity of your thought/writing inspires me to come up with something more than the half baked bon mots which are my usual m/o .Very exciting time now in the U.S.A. It`s Delusion meets Reality time. What a wonderful oppurtunity! One way or another(and we know there are many others),circumstances and shitheads have conspired to bring us to this point and none of us are absolved of responsibility in this matter. It`s "Howdy Neighbor!" time and this time we must mean it. A deep engagement with one another will happen.Boxcars and detention camps are an unnecessarily pallid scenario.....I`m thinking back to one of your recent posts about it feeling like Spring. Your comment coincided with the blooming of the Elephant Ears in our back yard. Wild parakeets overhead.And there is hope. Hope not based in delusion, elections....or some new "Plan". Limitless Power,seated in Beauty; that`s the trump. Sure,things will get even messier but it`s like a fever breaking. Thank you for building these powerful bridges Les.The Mount of fresh springs awaits. Hunter

Anonymous said...

Bill Richardson: Bilderberg Group member since 1999.

Anonymous said...

Who'd a thunk I'd ever be cheering over an essay with so much "shit" in it. heh heh

And I know some folks who'd even "bronze their shit", for posterity, you know. But a turd is a turd, is a turd, no matter how well polished or preserved.

In some (many?) cases, some folks have had their heads up their own or others asses for so long that they're comfortable with the smell of shit. Some even seem to crave it. It's as if they've developed a longing for it. Don't know any better? Possibly, maybe. In fact, if something, anything smells better than shit, they almost reflexively reject it. I'm not exaggerating, it happens all the time, regarding many appetites. e.g. music, food, entertainment, whatever... Pathetic really. sigh.

Just yesterday, there was an argument going on elsewhere over who done 9/11, and one person wrote: "You want me to believe that my government is evil? No! I can't accept that. I won't believe it!"

That person is petrified (a synonym for dead btw). They refuse to believe that their government would do such awful things. Their words also indicate that what they heard (inside job) is credible, but they refuse to acknowledge it because they're scared shitless.

Well, bully for them, I say. Because more moments of truth are coming for them (and for all of us), and you can only evade truth for so long. Eventually, one way or another, you are going to have to face it. Works that way for everyone, though everyone doesn't (yet) grok that. C'est dommage. C'est la vie.

btw, there's something uncanny going on here. I can't count the number of times that I've been focussing on something (not just thinking about it, and not just something general or widely popular either) and soon after, I come here only to find that you've written about that very thing. Weird. Are we on the same channel/wave length, or what? For e.g. the other day we three were discussing life and all, and the conversation got around to impatience, and we talked at length about it. I mean for a couple of hours. Then I pop in to see you'd written about the lawn mower and impatience. Holee! Then, yesterday we were listening to Peter Tosh singing/ranting about the "shitstem" (Babylon system), and again we talked at length about shit, how so many people just eat it up, all the time. Et voila, today here's your essay. Wtf?!

This doesn't happen all the time. But it does happen a lot. Enough times to warrant mentioning it.

Anyhow, tipping my hat to you again. Damn that lecture was time well spent. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Visible. Take a bow, I'm tossing you a bouquet of roses :)


Anonymous said...

We may have to get our hands a bit dirty to clean this mess up. These people aren't going to leave because we ask them nicely or vote against them. I don't have much experience with violence and I'm rather old, but they say that novelty keeps you young and I enjoy learning new things.

Anonymous said...

I think he is on the same wavelenth as many of us are,but,i'm just not sure what our numbers are.Are there truly millions of us out here who are puking because of the horrid smell of all of this shit that surrounds us?Or is it that the same few people are lurking around the same few sites that i lurk around?I do hope with much desperation that scenario#1 is correct.

Carmenisacat said...

Good luck.

But you know...the American people cannot get away with just blaming their leaders...well...maybe some can.

America is corrupt down to its very core and that is exactly why Americans are not going to change the way their country operates.

But not to worry.....I'm sure Allah is well aware of it all and has special plans that are now in full throttle.

Peace and thanks for the article. At least some non muslims are trying to "get the word out".

If only they knew more about what that word actually is.

Anonymous said...

You are right meg.
The power that operates this universe (Allah) has everything in hand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah folks, I wish you the best with all your "Allahs" and "Gods" and such. Have you ever known any of them that just didn't just pile the shit higher and deeper? It ain't them, it's us. We humans have got to sort it out.

Anonymous said...

If you are right the ancient Romans were correct when they told us 'homo sapien extinctus' which roughly translated means 'by by birdie'.

Anonymous said...

You know, it would be a remarkable exception to historical norms if 9/11 had actually been conducted by those who were officially blamed instead of being staged political theater. Bush/Cheney and the neocons are possibly the first group to be publicly caught red-handed during this perennial play is all (though many still refuse to acknowledge this). The crusty old farts didn't get hip to these newfangled interweb tubes quick enough, it seems.

A movie I saw recently, Zeitgeist, puts it all, and I mean all, into a perspective so crystal clear and obvious that I wasn't even left with questions- I just sat there thinking about the implications of what I'd seen. I'm looking into verifying some of the claims, and so far so good.

I might be late in seeing it, and I'd be surprised if the regulars around here hadn't seen it yet, but if not, I recommend it (it's 2 hours long, so make yourself comfortable). It begins by explaining Jesus, or rather the many Jesii throughout world history ("Jesii" being the plural of "Jesus," I guess) and pointing out, no, PROVING how the Bible is a "pagan" astrological guidebook, then moves on to the nuts-and-bolts of using religion as a tool of politics, and finally to how it all comes together (with international banking of course) to shape the world we are now living in, including covering 9/11 and presenting a few tidbits of Puzzling Evidence I'd seen nowhere else. I was impressed.

And really, the beauty of it all is that being such a wispy illusion, our culture can be fundamentally changed far more easily than I used to believe, but there's a catch... Having been on this well-paved, wrong-way road for so long, we've grown accustomed to its comforts and the limits imposed by the guardrails- not to mention it's shiny roadside attractions and gift shops and unperishable snacks spiced with excitotoxins- and giving them up will cause some distress, like quitting heroin after a lifelong addiction. Being high on heroin and being clean are easy; it's the quitting that's hard, the transition.

We will have to abandon this road eventually, so the distress is inevitable, but we can do it easy or we can do it hard (relatively speaking). "Easy" means we consciously leave this road to Hell, walk away from the mountain of manufactured debt we've been swindled into servicing, and strike out across an uncharted wilderness of possibility that to many will appear terrifying and dangerous, but that's only because of the lack of a well-defined trail to follow. Eventually, we will find ourselves stumbling across a "new" road, one pointing in the right direction, and if we take this high road human culture could very well become an enjoyable place to be, rather than the current fearful race to the bottom we seem to be running on this very, very low road.

The "hard" way is to just keep on doing things (or not doing them) they way we have been, and eventually Nature will do the job for us. That won't be pretty at all.

So the challenge, then, is voluntary sacrifice on a large scale, right now. Notice how "sacrifice" is no longer touted as good and patriotic, like it was throughout history and as recently as WWII? It's because the formula has changed.

Early on, Bush even claimed that going shopping was the new way to express our patriotism! Why is that? My own opinion is that personal sacrifice and voluntary reduction of all this consumption are now subversive acts.

Consciously changing the road we're on will require sacrifice; we won't be able to haul our SUV's and home theater surround sound systems and Malls full of offgassing plastic trinkets through the wilderness of transition toward the high road, and convincing so many people to simultaneously withdraw from this warm fuzzy Holistic Heroin culture will be a challenge to say the least, hence the need for some conscious self-sacrifice.

I could have "more" for myself, but I choose not to take it in the hope that a voluntary reduction of consumption for its own sake might help mitigate this inertia toward doom that seems so strong right now. This is entirely an issue of Consciousness, as are all of our problems.

To illustrate how this sudden-shift possibility is still viable, I point to the massive flocks of some species of birds who all simultaneoulsy change direction without an observable cue (and without bumping into each other).

Scientists have studied them extensively, trying to determine what the cue or stimulus that sets the change in motion might be, but have so far failed. There is no "leader" of the flock initiating the change, there is no call or sound associated with it, nothing! Thousands and thousands of birds all turn left, or right, or whatever, at the EXACT same time; that's all we know. One remaining possibility is that there really is such a thing as a "group mind" and if we can unlock the secret of that within humanity, or figure out how to spread a thought virally, we might be able to suddenly change direction in mid-flight and avoid the worst of the trouble ahead.

Either way, we're gonna have to sacrifice a bit. I pray we can find it within us as a species to do it the easy way, but I'm still practicing flint knapping and learning herbal medicine just in case.

-The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

"We live in illusion, the appearance of things. But there is a reality. We are that reality. When you understand this you will see that you are nothing and being nothing, you are everything. That is all."...Kalu Rinpoche

Posted by S.A. Homes

Visible said...

As usual, you nail it V.I. with that image of birds switching in mid-flight without collision.

Yes, Zeitgeist is a marvel. I devoted much of an earlier Smoking Mirror's piece to it. It's the best out there.

Anonymous said...

The Russian people know, why don't
the American people want to know?

This' very hard to understand.



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