Sunday, March 12, 2006

They Will not go Gentle into that Good Night.

If you are not one of those people on the Australian TV poll conducted in the US

See it here

Then you know, as I know, that the neo cons presently involved in running the ship of state on to the rocks are not going to go away easy. You know that they took the 2000 election through voter fraud. You know that they did the same thing in 2002 and in 2004 and they will be at it again this year.

You know that they were behind the 9/11 attack. You know that they are behind all of the fascist tactics that presently plague the former Land of the Free. You know that there is an international consortium of stone evil sonsofbitches who have it in mind to enslave the human race. They can say that we need our tinfoil hats and they can attempt to marginalize us and discredit us but the facts are there for anyone to see. If it is possible to see the facts then you know two things; the evidence is strong indeed and they don’t care if we know. They only have to control the rest of us through our fears and our appetites.

I’m going to go on record here and say that as long as I live and breathe I will never tire of pointing out what craven and vile scum these reptiles be. Sometimes it seems that the light is breaking and at other times it is hard to imagine how it could get so dark. I’m optimistic. I have to be. Humanity has weathered worse. If humanity does not awake however, these coming times will be a poster child for the worst.

One of the key things to remember is that these neo-cons and their agents have broken many laws. They have committed treason against their own country. They can ill afford to have the evidence of their behavior exposed and it will be exposed if they lose. This is not to say that things will be suddenly better if the democrats win. They have proven themselves to be spineless cowards. Further, if the influence of Zionism on American political life is not curtailed then you will learn what the Talmudians mean when they refer to you as insects and not human.

There is no greater threat to American freedom than Zionism. There is no more powerful enemy of your rights guaranteed under The Constitution than Zionism. Too many of you believe that as long as you have some small footprint of land to stand on that things will be okay. Too many of you think that the erosion of your rights is somehow connected to your safety. You do not see that the engineers of this horror show create the appearance of danger on one hand and then promise to protect you from it with the other. It is a game of bait and switch. It’s action, reaction and solution. They create a problem, they react against the problem they have created and then they solve the problem.

The problem is not one thing. It is not the war in Iraq and the coming assault on Syria and Iran, all of which are being pushed and manipulated by Zionist interests. It is not the economy in the toilet; the loss of good jobs, the Katrina response, the blowing of the New Orleans levies to drive the blacks out and the real estate deals that are going on now, the shakedowns, the NSA spying, the phony terror alerts, the phony Bin Laden videos, the whore media disinfo game. It’s all of them and a lot more you don’t know about. Your country is in the hands of criminals, worse than criminals because even The Mafia would do a better job and be more reasonable about it.

Far more people die from car wrecks each year than have died from terrorism in the last century and this one combined; quite possibly in all of recorded history. Terrorism is not a problem except as an excuse for the real terrorists to continue in their work. If you can’t see where you are headed then it is time for you to get out of the vehicle now.

If these swine are allowed to continue at their agenda you are looking at becoming an indentured serf to a permanent privileged overclass. As I have said before, you cannot fight them with guns and the media is unavailable to you. You have to strike. You have to sit down and stop. You have to refuse to cooperate or contribute at all. Someone has to stand up and rouse the populace to sit down because IT IS later than you think. College and high school students need to refuse to attend class. Teachers need to refuse to teach. This is the key location. Churches need to pray in public for salvation from public evil as an example of their faith and as evidence of their opposition.

I tend to repeat myself here, although I try to say it in different ways, because the same thing needs to be said over and over. If I were to break it down to one word it would be “Wake Up!” All over the country people are becoming increasingly aware of what is happening. You need to rise up en masse and demonstrate and you need to step away from the machine. The machine cannot operate without you. If you step away it will come to a halt. It is time for REVOLUTION! These men and women must be removed from the seats of power and they must be arrested and brought to trial. Neither Saddam Hussein nor Milosevic were as bad as these people are. They mean you no good. They mean to enslave you. They are criminals and they belong in jail or on the gallows.

It’s time to stop mincing words. It is time to stop appeasing and hoping and going along. It is time to stick bubblegum in the gears. It’s time to say, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” It’s time to get some balls. It’s time to realize that it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

A certain portion of this country are like ticks on the belly of a pig. They are in lockstep with their jackbooted leaders. Another portion of this country is so incredibly stupid that I could not begin to describe them. Another portion of this country is being buggered by a non-existent Jesus who is leading them through the Judas Gate. A majority portion of this country knows what is right and correct even if a lot of them are confused and afraid. It is a great tragedy that they cannot see how it is possible for their leaders to be as bad as I say they are. Open your fucking eyes!

You are being turned into a servant class. You are being closed out. All of the negative conditions in your environment are being engineered to keep you distracted from the real issue. None of us wants this to be the time where we have to stand up and be counted. We would all rather it happened in someone else’s movie in some other lifetime. But this is the time. This is the time to step away from the machine. This is the time to join with your family, your neighbors, your town, your state and with all of the as yet uncorrupted among you and take back your rights.

The stink rises to the Heavens and you cannot smell it? The lies are patently obvious and they laugh at you when they tell them and you cannot hear it? They are at war against all that makes your life worth living and you can’t see it? You can hold your nose and close your ears and eyes for only so long. Sooner or later your world will pass a point of no return. I am ashamed that so many of you support these evil ventures; further ashamed at the rampant cowardice on all sides. I am amazed that common criminals have found their way into the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court. Bush’s Supreme Court is his ‘get out of jail free’ card.

You mock and deride those who seek to protect and free you. You jeer at your liberators from behind the bars of your master’s prisons. You let it happen inch by inch and day by day and you applaud when others are tortured and murdered in your name. What kind of human being are you? I cannot understand your composition. I cannot understand that you do not see. One thing you can count on, “What goes around comes around.” Oh yes indeed.


Anonymous said...

Damn man, you rock! I can't believe the things I see but they are happening and they keep happening. Thanks for staying on message. I hope somebody hears you.

Anonymous said...

It's called 'taking the piss'. Please Mr. Bush, DON'T BOMB IRAN, that's 'Strailya.

And from "Earlier today, Bush flew to New Orleans. There was an awkward moment when he looked around and said 'Oh my god, what the hell happened here?'"

From the president down! You're all culpable

Anonymous said...

you rock is right! i wish i had your ability to share these things with people in my life but no one seems to care which horrifies me, no end. i can't believe what's going on!! you have the gift! i just wish more people saw the truth as a gift! it's threatening the lifestyles they NEED to maintain to be "happy" people so they push me and the truth aside. it's totally insane!! thank you thank you thank you!!

Anonymous said...

couldnt have said it better!!

Anonymous said...

Very ironic. I was just thinking the same thing!!

Do those in America who still support this administration, or those who instead choose to remain passive and ignorant of the damage that this administration is doing in the name of We The People, really think that this is not going to come back and bite us in the ass in a big way?

Unfortunately, it is not just this administration. Our whole system has become corrupt and infiltrated by very bad people who do not have the best interest of the world at heart. They are small minded, greedy, self righteous little pig fuckers who should be removed from humanity and their names stricken as if they never existed.

Even worse, is that they have America by the balls. They have totally removed the ability of most of the country to be able to take care of itself. Without this system that they have created there would be starvation, which would lead to anarchy.

Now instead of being able to support ourselves, we "Hunt and gather" at the grocery store. Just think about it. How many in America know how to survive as nature intended. How many would be at a total loss if this evil system is halted, or dismantled.

I am beginning to think that the only way for balance to be restored is for a cleansing of mankind. A new age. A great catastrophe, by nature, or man, that would wipe out the population, reducing it to a few thousand world wide.

This civilization that we now have will fade into history, then myth, then disappear altogether.

It appears to be the only way. To many people are to set in their way's to change, to do what has to be done.

Hopefully the next civilization will be able to hold on to the lessons the destruction of this civilization is teaching.

Of course, they always say, history is destined to repeat itself, so perhaps this is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

"or the gallows" Yes, that needs to be said. it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Anonymous said...

Let's make 'a big glass crater out of ... f--ken Middle America for all I care' Mr. Green Shirt
t on behalf of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Anonymous said...

Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I tell people at work what I read in the news and they do not believe me. I have shown them the news and they do not believe it but if they see it on Fox News suddenly it is true. I think some version of the Bodysnatchers is at work. Some of us are immune and some of us are not. This is a very good article.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Les! Slavery is indeed what this is all about. These GOPer's want to construct a world where you and I work for pennies a day and are charged for everything from the sun on our backs to the air that we breathe.

A few years ago, I did a small study about water resources on this planet and got something of a shock from what I'd discovered. Quietly, without any fanfare, legislation was moving though the layers of red tape in order to put something awful into place. Companies all over the world were trying to take possession of water rights in such a way that would take private ownership of water. What does this mean exactly? It means that, if for example, you have a well on your property that you've spent thousands on the installation of (or broken your back with the digging of), that you would be required to pay some company for every gallon that you draw from that well. It also means that if you were wandering through the wilderness and you dipped your hand into a stream to quench your thirst, that you would be guilty of theft! You would owe some bean-counter somewhere (maybe half a world away...where ever the highest bidder for the right's purchase was) the value of that handful of water.

This is just one piece of a puzzle that fits together in such a way as to have your life set up to continually "owe your soul to the company store". Those who find conformance to this lifestyle difficult will find themselves put into re-education camps designed to make you an example to the rest of the slaves that might feel that slight tickle of rebellion rising up within them. Doesn't it strike you as odd that the torture that has become part of the US government policy is being displayed so openly, so unashamedly? That's because the display is intentional. There's a wonderful/horrible line in that spectacular film "Heaven's Gate", right after the heroine suffers a brutal gang-rape. Kris Kristofferson, the hero (and her rescuer) says to her..."Don't you see, they did this because they knew that this is just the beginning. They did it because they knew that so much worse was coming, so much more was on it's way. Don't you see?..."

We're all being set up by history's most corrupt criminals, by history's greediest thieves. They completely control the mechanism by which society moves on and they've decided to blackmail all of us with it. "Stay in line or the 'terrorists' will attack your city like they attacked NYC"..."Do as we say or the 'anthrax terrorist' will take up his work again"..."Keep shopping or the "terrorists" will win (and you'll be forced to convert to the Muslim religion at the point of a sword!!!). You see, this "War on Terror" is actually a "War *of* Terror" and the terrorists are the heads of our governments (this is going on all over the world). We aren't being attacked from "outside", we're being attacked by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us! Why are they terrorizing us and filling our minds with repeated images of torture? Because they want us to take our proper place in society, as the slaves that will wait on them and their class.

We're already halfway there friends. They seek to build an economic cost into everything we need to live, everything that we derive any small pleasures from, anything they can convince us that we'll need for our futures. They will eventually price the internet out of reach of the average person, as such access to information is dangerous to them. All of this is rolling toward us at high speed, so fast that it will roll over us all before we realize what's happened. Count the days until the Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) as a way of focusing yourself. They will react strongly to it because it lies outside of "The Plan" and as such, will need to be erased. The "erasure" will incite a counter-reaction, which will in turn, incite a counter-counter-reaction, and before you know it, the world will be as dark as the darkest midnight.

What is the solution to this oncoming horror? It's actually primitive in its simplicity: We vastly outnumber them.

When a half a dozen soldiers are sent out on a mission of gathering 200 "potential terrorists" from a town, they require the cooperation of those citizens, sometimes extracted by the show of scary weapons combined with intimidating language and manner. A soldier can be disarmed by an individual who knows what he/she is doing. A soldier surrounded by more than a dozen citizens suddenly finds himself unable to move in such a way as to threaten and is quickly and non-violently disarmed. After this happens repeatedly, soldiers who have been ambivalent about the entire operation from the start begin to side with the people. "The People" who are the subject of the American constitution can regain control of their government simply by using their numbers wisely, reminding the military that they are there to protect "The People", not a corrupt regime.

Wake up people. Let's all go for a walk....shall we?

Anonymous said...

get Paul Revere on the phone. we might as well hang together as hang separately.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 9:53,

You are either delusional or a liar because t said no such thing. t said "From the president down! You're all culpable." Is this a habit of yours to put (false) words into other people's mouths?

What t said is the truth. Too bad you can't handle it! Makes you look truly pitiful.

Go to your grave denying it all if you like, that still won't alter the facts, reality. And I also feel that it won't alter your karma, whether you believe in karma or not.

Like it or not, if you're not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Les, thanks again. Yes, it bears repeating as often as is necessary.

Peace, comfort, and joy to you man! :)


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you mention the Talmud. Yes, they think that gentiles are not human. It is full of the most fascist and racist shit imaginable. No one can tell me that less than 3% of the population came into such power naturally. Anti-semetism has been their biggest weapon to blackmail the nations. The more I read about them and the more I see it is abundantly clear. The Jews have not been persecuted for no reason. They gave reason enough every time. If it makes me anti-semtic to tell the truth then fine. Knowing what I know now anti-semetism is self defense.

Anonymous said...

I admire your courage. I could not risk my ass in this way. Its interesting that the media does not report that the Alabama churches were burned by three American Zionists or that the punk who ratted out the school teacher in Colorado was also a pro Israel Jew. They don't even mention the real reason he did it although the kids are all talking about it. These people are way out of wack and nothing is done about it. The Muslims are right. The Iranian president is right.

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia at post-war election time, unlike in the United States, the majority of the population actually voted for and endorsed a war criminal, by good old fashioned hand-counted and thus verifiable election procedures. The CNNNN "poll" that you refer to is from a television comedy show, and the producers more than likely cherry-picked the whackiest responses. In stark contrast to the apathy and indifference of my compatriots, it would appear that the majority of Americans are not only against the war, but are sick of being immersed in lies to perpetuate it.

Visible said...


I don't usually reply in the threads. I prefer email for that sort of thing and I'm too busy to do more than read the comments and take what I can from them. Since I have several blogs and other writing projects and a full time music career I don't get a lot of layabout time and when I do it usually goes into other disciplines that keep me 'relatively' sane.

I live in an area quite similar to your own except that it is in Europe. I cannot live in the US because they would put me in jail. They have done so several times before and it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now.

I think you've misinterpreted my intent. I know you have misinterpreted my mindset. I've nothing against Christians. Christ is a hero of mine. I do have some feelings about draconian luddite fundamentalists of any stripe. That goes for Christians and Muslims and especially the Zionist plague because they do the most damage by far.

The centerpiece of my life is my spiritual pursuits. I don't care much about anything else, everything else is just something I do according to the talents given. The reason I have this 'rant blog' for the social political spectrum and a metaphysical blog for my spiritual work and a cultural blog for, well, culture is because these are three different worlds, even though there is but one reality there are many different shadows that alter the flow of the light.

My intention is not to preach to the choir. My intention is to reach people and make them think. If I come on strong here it is because this is the place where I do that. I operate differently in different spaces. You have given me examples of the very thing that I hope to speak out against here. If I fail to point up the good examples well I refer you to Christ's parable about the missing sheep or what the father said to the good brother who remained in his fathers house in the story of the Prodigal Son. One doesn't have to be concerned with the good sheep. One goes looking for the lost. I'm not suggesting that I am a shepherd. I'm just ringing a bell and hoping some of the sheep hear it.

I hope this clarifies my situation for you. I'm just a worker in the field. I'm only do what I can do as well as I know how to do it within the limits of my understanding. It may be that this is all for naught and it may be that I am not even effective at it. This is as far as I've gotten with as much as I know.

I'm assuming you are commenting on my mention of Jesus and that this particular Jesus does not exist. I am referring to those who use Jesus as a club and a scourge to make their personal points for their own agenda. That Jesus does not exist. That Jesus is a creation of corrupt minds that seek to enforce their personal will on others.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you had to explain yourself or even felt like you needed to. She's either new here or she can't read between the lines. It's perfectly clear to me who you were talking about. It sounds like a good place where she is but that website is pretty funny. I don't bet they are getting a lot of black action.

Anonymous said...

I think one faction calls for more attention in this regard: international high finance.

As much as I'm adverse to Zionism, Fascism, or any other radicalisms, neo-feudalism, or whatever you want to call it, is already quite well established. Unsound monetary systems unfairly favoring the rich are real, and have been for a long time. The Federal Reserve for example is, by all legal means, a criminal syndicate. I strongly encourage everyone to look into this matter, for example watch this or go and sift through "Money Links".

Anonymous said...

Uh Lumos? Why don't you go and check who the owners of those Federal Reserve banks are and get back to me. Take a good close look.

Anonymous said...


do you really think religion plays a part in that? I think if there's any worship going on, it's towards Mammon.

Anonymous said...

While attending a college lecture, in a hall filled with people, a question was asked about what direct message or what kind of demonstrations could people recommend that would send a strong message to the government.

The answers were the standard write your congressmen, support the demon-crat's and hold a candle vigil and other assorted meaningless gestures. And the people in the audience new it as the hall fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Now I'm a practical pacifist, so I raised my hand and suggested that we could do something easy and subtle that would send a message to the government as an opening shot across their bow. I recommended that we could get the word out across the country via E-mail, that during a particular week, ask people to (1), register to vote and at the same time (2) go to their town hall's and fill out a gun or rifle permit. All hell broke out!

"Violence never solves anything," "What, are you crazy!" "Put ourselves under suspicion of the FBI!"

I meant it as a strategy! a legal activity! Not a solution! The sudden request, if it were on a large scale, would be picked up by statistical data and sent to the federal government as a parallel anomaly. Just a simple act to spook the bureaucrats and intelligence community. No one having gotten a permit would have to actually buy a gun!

Where domed! The audience agreed to meet in small groups, more like self help groups, to think of ways they could send a message to their government. Month's later and I still haven't heard of any organized action planned. I really think they don't understand what their up against. Or maybe they do? I'm a military veteran. Fuck academia.

Anonymous said...

About the Federal Reserve. I believe that poster was pointing out that Jews own those banks. Of course this is the key button that sets them screaming Anti-Semetic!at the top of their lungs. It still happens to be true, just as when you say they control the media, and this is an observable fact, they go off as well. The Warburgs and Rothchilds assisted Hitler in his rise to power and the Zionists helped engineer what there actually was of the holocaust for their longer range plans. The Jews in America declared public war on Hitler too, well before anything was happening. This is the biggest con game of all time. Intelligent people should look at the facts, however unpleasant they may be and not be blackmailed and browbeaten to believe a lie that is used to advance an evil cause. In the same way that people who work with Bush are as evil as he is and the same way certain Muslims are as bad as they are there are Jews who top them all for bad behavior. Any fool can see what's going on if they look at it. Of course it has nothing to do with religion but it is still the Jews doing it.

All of what I've said qualifies as anti-semitic. All of what I have said is true. So like the other guy said Lumos, take a look at who owns those banks. It may be called the Federal Reserve but they are private banks and they print phoney money.

Anonymous said...

tiger eye said: "ask people to (1), register to vote and at the same time (2) go to their town hall's and fill out a gun or rifle permit."

Word up, that's a message alright! Too bad so few people have the balls to heed the call.


I'm well aware of what you said, and it's undoubtedly true that "anti-semitism", no matter how absurdly this misnomer is contemporarily employed, acts as an impenetrable shield. This is mostly because there's an acquired reflex in most people completetely superseding rationale. A deeply entrenched knee-jerk reaction, which has been established by educational systems and the media.

But here's the catch: Concentrating our resistance efforts not on zionism, but neofeudalism as such, detached of religious motives, we might be able to circumvent this highly effective defense mechanism!

And like I said, I doubt the financial elite is driven by religion, it's driven by greed, insatiable greed. No one in his right mind is "anti-greed", or is there?

Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened by the remarks here. I came to this page from a liberal website, and while I agree with many of the views concerning our president, and even generally concerning extremists of any stripe, I am appalled but not at all surprised at the level of Jew-bashing going on here. For example, "The Jews have not been persecuted for no reason. They gave reason enough every time." So there is a "reason" worthy of a genocide? Using that logic, I'd love to know what the reason justifying Cambodia or Rwanda was. I was shocked by this one as well: "These people [Jews] are way out of whack and nothing is done about it. The Muslims are right. The Iranian president is right." The poster actually has the gall to start this post with "I admire your courage. I could not risk my ass in this way." Really? I would be really worried if this blog originated in Iran, who's president apparently has it right. I'm sure the poster would end up getting persecuted in reality, not in the fantasy world of big, bad Jews swooping down in U.N. helicopters paid for by the myriad of Jews sitting atop the world bank. And of course nobody would ever know because the other Jews who run the media will simply choose not to report on it. I'd be interested to see where the research is that states how Jews somehow own the Federal Reserve Banks. It seems to me that there is no reliable evidence of this supposed Jewish dominance. Eustace Mullins and Gary Kah offer conflicting accounts and rely on several theories that are easily proven to be erroneous. The difference between those pushing the latest conspiracy theory and those pushing religion to the masses is minimal. They are both relying on the fact that people hunger for an answer; an explanation. God as the answer satiates many people, just as blaming all of our problems on one religious group does.

Visible said...

I thought I might say something here. I usually don't. Although I stand by the things I say personally and can well prove the truth of what I do say (or show cause for why I say it) I do not share the opinions of everyone who comments at this site. Often times the comments are not sincere but rather entered to chum the waters or to provoke people to respond in a certain way.

I feel a duty to allow people to say their piece. I'm not a part of the media that censures everything that doesn't fit in with the fascist game plan.

I've only ever banned one writer and that I have accomplished by moderating the comments.

I don't care how you came to arrive here, as if that has something to do with my site, try to separate the information in the blog from the opinions expressed by anonymous contributors.

What i will say for myself is that there are a lot of unanswered questions and that the truth is my goal. If someone can show me where I have erred in anything that I have said personally I will change my mind. That is the best I can do. I care not if I am changed by the truth. I do not care how unpleasant it may prove. I suspect that the truth, like all eternal virtues is a light possessed of a particular quality. I would stand in that light if I can and I do not care nor mind what country I must travel through in order to get there.

You will find that the sort of things you see occasionally showing up in my threads are showing up all over the place at this time. Recent events have shown some unfortunate things that have set certain groups in an unfortunate light. In some cases that may be a false light. In other cases it is an unfortunate truth. Time will tell what is what. I hope we as a people on this planet do not have to suffer to an even greater degree than we have in order that it be revealed.

Anonymous said...

latest anonymous poster:

Who owns the fed in your opinion?

Here's one for laughs, from the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

"Who Owns the Fed?

Banks that hold stock in the Fed are called member banks. All nationally chartered banks hold stock in the Federal Reserve. State-chartered banks may choose to be members, upon meeting certain standards. However, holding Fed stock is not like owning publicly traded stock. Fed stock cannot be sold or traded. Member banks receive a fixed, 6 percent dividend annually on their stock, and they do not control the Fed as a result of owning this stock. They do, however, elect six of the nine members of Reserve Banks’ boards of directors.

So who owns the Fed? Although it is set up like a private corporation and member banks hold its stock, the Fed owes its existence to an act of Congress and has a mandate to serve the public. So the most accurate answer may be that the Fed is "owned" by the citizens of the United States."

Well, at least they put "owned" in quotation marks. What a farce. So, because one sad day, December 23rd, 1913, when most members of congress had already gone on vacation, only 3 deluded congressmen signed the Federal Reserve Act, which Woodrow Wilson later commented as: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.", the Fed, despite being set up as a "private corporation", although paradoxically without publically available stock, is "owned" by the american people.

Well, if it's of any consolence, they do supposedly have "a mandate to serve the public". Yay! Just like the Neocons, lol.

We need to get rid of these parasites before it's too late.

"And yet, if there is hope, it lies -- it must lie -- in the proles, because only
there, in those swarming disregarded masses -- eighty-five percent of the
population -- can the force to destroy hierarchical society be generated. The
society watched over by Big Brother can not be overthrown from within, or by
partial revolutions: the revolution against it must come from without and must
be total. Unlike those we have called the High and the Middle, the proles -- if
only they can somehow become fully conscious of their own strength -- have no
need to conspire, no need to become members of secret revolutionary
brotherhoods. The proles need only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse
shaking off flies. For the proles are loyal to each other. They have stayed
human; they have not become hardened or dead inside; they have held on to the
basic instincts and emotions which the power elites and their bureaucratic
priests have to re-learn by conscious effort."

Anonymous said...

You can go right on ahead being deeply saddened. When your people start acting like human beings you will have the right to some sympathy. As it stands now you are causing most of the trouble in the world and more and more people are seeing it every day.

When does the security of Israel depend on gunning down children, which happens every day, and using them for target practice? If it were not an accepted and approved policy of Israel it wouldn't be happening. It's not happening in Iran. Iran and the rest of the Arab world are not targeting children. Don't tell me about the suicide bombers because that is the only weapon they have.

Israel has given up its right to exist by its behavior. There is no excuse for killing children just because they happen to be walking by and the excuse that they might be carrying bombs is belied by the fact that not one has ever done so yet.

Anonymous said...

lumos said: "Who owns the fed in your opinion?"

That is my point. I certainly don't claim to know, but if the Federal Reserve system (which I also dislike) is to be blamed on a vast Jewish conspiracy, then there had better be facts to back that up and not opinions. What I have seen in some preliminary research shows that there is no connection between the Fed and some Jewish conspiracy.

I'll now respond to this gem:"When does the security of Israel depend on gunning down children, which happens every day, and using them for target practice? If it were not an accepted and approved policy of Israel it wouldn't be happening. It's not happening in Iran. Iran and the rest of the Arab world are not targeting children. Don't tell me about the suicide bombers because that is the only weapon they have."

If you would like to go to this link which I found after about 10 seconds on google, you can do a search for "Israel" on this page and see firsthand the irony in your statement. I abhor many of Israel's policies, just as I abhor the terrorists'. We can argue ad nauseam about Israel's past and how things have happened over the years, but what is the point? We are where we are, and nothing anyone can say will change the past. What concerns me is the future of Israelis AND Palestinians, and the hope that this violence will soon end.

Anonymous said...

I have not got the time to give you a history lesson. I'll just say that misquoting people isn't a good form of argument. I said that the Arabs do not use Israeli children or any children for target practice the way the Israelis do. I also said I don't want to hear about the suicide bombers. You gave me the one as the example for the other. Maybe you are stupid. I am not. The Palestinians have a right to blow up Israelis at all times because the Israelis are occupying their land and treating them like niggers and murdering their children for sport. Why don't you use the internet for that?

Why don't you check out the owner of that web site you sent me. I can give you websites all day too. Like this one

I may not agree with all of it but there is a lot of truth in it. You can't prove who owns the Federal Reserve because of the way it is set up but you can tell who is using money to influence government policy such as the Zionist controlling America which you can see in their freedom to spy whenever they want. In the way they were able to engineer 911 and nothing is done and in the way they forced the Iraq war through false intel through AIPAC. Look at Baron Rothchilds words in that article.

And if you want some insight into the jews here is a radical website that points out more than you will ever want to know

They have to be stopped. I'm tired of talking to you. That crap about peace and all of us getting along is garbage until the troublemakers are exposed and dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm......"Lumos"= Apples?

Anonymous said...

the troublemakers ....

who let our governments get out of control
who wants more than their share of the worlds bounty
who blames 'them' for the troubles 'they' are in
who says i'm tired of talking to you - until the troublemakers are exposed and dealt with
will you talk to me now!


Anonymous said...




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