Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rove's Boyfriend in the (White) House!

Rove's Boyfriend

Well, just like the Lewinsky scandal this one heats up by the day. Of course it's always possible that this is George's boyfriend, or maybe he and Karl are sharing him, but it looks like Rove- who used to haunt Georgetown gay bars and later went on to participation in group endeavors at five star hotels.

Checks into the White House but doesn't check out... hmmmm. Doesn't check in but then later checks out... double hmmmm. Was a gay male escort who suddenly turned into a privileged journalist with unheard of cachet in this post 9/11 world... hmmmm. And the Secret Service doesn't know anything about it.... hmmm, hmmm, I'm humming a few bars.

Well, I fear this will come out. These people are hated with an intensity not seen since Nixon's Darth Vader days. I can just hear the fundies now. I can hear the fundies spining the news and making it alright somehow. This should really be fun. When will these people ever learn?

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Anonymous said...

I suppose you notice the press blackout. Lately I see where the guy slept over numerous times. When this one explodes there's going to be KY all over the place.


Anonymous said...

bloggers are going nuts all over about this but so far not many are saying what you are saying. it does seem obvious though.




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