Monday, April 25, 2005

How Far is too Far?

Every year people probably say to themselves that it's going to get better, we'll have a new president, people will become sane but hey, that's not going to happen. You've got two crazy sides that aren't going to quit. Presently running the show are the luddite, reptile mind, contingent who want to legislate morality and maximize profit by maintaining the public in a state of suspense and fear, where, at each turn, Daddy Government is to be trusted to do the right thing.

Daddy Government doesn't actually give a shit about you. You're cannon fodder and treadmill runners. You're dumber than the man leading you and you get what you deserve. Most of you are obese spectacles of neglect who need to be understood, nurtured and helped through their 'issues'. As long as you don't have sex outside the lines you can turn into Jello Mountain and watch TV non stop; even have one put in your coffin when the forklift sets you down. It helps if you call out to Jesus; Jesus the bleeding cadaver from the cross who hates all evil doers and members of other religions and who is mighty, mighty strict about everything. This Jesus looks more like Rasputin to me but what do I know?

On the other side are a collection of smaller groups who may or may not be sane. They're generally not as nuts as the other guys. But where the other guys have a frozen moral compass stuck at 1646 AD, these guys have one that just spins and stops, well, wherever. If three successive election thefts hadn't delivered the White House and The Congress to the 'turtle on the fencepost' the specter of gay marriage would have. Gay marriage is a delusion that only comes up in the minds of the people who never took acid but collected issues of the Berkeley Barb. I don't know any self respecting gay who believes in it. It's for the lets dress up and pretend contingent that lives in a Brady Bunch loop. No civilization will tolerate it. Of course depravity awaits both groups because the sex force is real and will not be denied. Only the most subtle minds understand sublimation.

One group wants no freedom, under the guise of providing it and one group wants all freedom without understanding is isn't license. One group is content to be lead by fear and suspicion and gratefully gives their children to die in wars designed for corporate profiteering. The other group knows this is wrong, knows that the government was behind 9/11 and can often see clearly for moments at a time until they are seduced by a different version of the controlling mind that already controls the others.

The one group trusts the government; lying weasels that they are. They trust that they'll be okay if they are honest and go to church and don't screw around. Then they can feed like pigs and watch TV every free moment, like I said. God help them when they hit the hospitals where medicine is designed around allopathic precepts and the agendas of the medical supply and pharmaceutical industries; orchestrated by lawyers and insurance companies; where everything hurts and it just goes on and on and they won't let you die. Maybe you shouldn't have had that 3 liter take out Coke after the Super Burger platter. I'd recommend the Coke they sell South of the Border, that still has Cocaine in it.

The one side takes everything on faith and the other flirts with moral relativism. The one side wants their children to be drug free and fit enough to die in the governments service so that they can righteously mourn and feel proud of their proxy sacrifice. The other side often doesn't believe in God and they're right. the God that they don't believe in doesn't exist. Neither does the other one. God's not a projection of your image of him. It works the other way but that's apparently not working either. I don't guess that God is a barge of flesh groping through the Garden of Earthly Delights. Yeah, it's hard, all these full color brochures of things to enjoy and consume. It's why civilization always fails. Our personal development never matches our technical capacities. We just don't grow up.

How did you wind up here? How did you allow a craven moron and his controllers to lasso you into this shit? How is it that you don't see? Well, it won't happen tomorrow, I don't think and maybe not next week or next month but... strange times are coming. The wrong people have control of world events and you know what that means, that means the wrong, or most undesired things are going to happen.

Of course there is help to be had but you have to know where to look. Neither of these groups has a clue. And the unknown beckons. Personally I went sailing into the unknown like it was the lights of my home town on the horizon and I've got to tell you, it's a lot scarier here than it is there. Of course, you have to have the gene that allows you to see all sorts of apparitions and manifestations as normal. I suppose I was lucky in that the Hell I was escaping from was always worse than any temporary difficulty I found in the unknown.

The thing is, at this time, that the best thing is to retreat within; find a safe harbor, a quiet zone and let the shadows pass. Your elder friends have been through all of this before and they will assist you. So it goes, generations come and go and you, within your life have these periods of smooth sailing; you could forget all about what's on the approach. The wiser party makes preparation well in advance of circumstance. They're not fooled by liars and con artists. They're not hungry for personal increase. They know the sanest thing is to cut down on their own cravings. Hunger will do you in. It's good to be hungry for the right thing. You never know how long you'll have to wait but it's worth it in the end.

I had written something so much better and lost it at the flick of a finger. Of course I hadn't taken my usual precautions. Somehow it all seems like a metaphor for something. Our words and deeds, all that we have worked for can and does disappear just like that (fingers snapping). I always think about those suckers that go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas, home of the high rollers and the entertainment royalty. Home of lobbyists and scammers from the far corners of the world that has no corners. I think about everyone who went there with a dream, with hope high and got drunk and lost everything they had. Las Vegas is sort of like the American Dream. It's legal, it's hyped, it's real, or sort of. It's like Disneyland for adults complete with all the dark gangster nightmares that make life so exciting when you imagine you're walking on the wild side.

The only difference between the two groups is in how they interpret the scenery. Neither one of them are right. It's just the way it looks at the time. Of course, manipulating the scenery before you interpret it is an altogether different thing. You've got to ask yourself, "how far is too far?" How far can you push the thing before it turns on you and eats you? How radical do you want to get? The coming turn of the age is faced off against the luddites and the coming age will win but it won't be a bloodless battle. A new age is coming and it will rise up within all the old place settings. There isn't anything anyone can do to change this. You can't hold back the clock of circumstance. So like I said, when times of peril appear, find yourself a quiet location to wait out the storm. You'll be leaving eventually anyway, but all things in good time.


Anonymous said...

What is it with you? You just need a place to go wrong in so that people will think you're just like them? Brilliant piece of work, though a bit short for my tastes. Stop trying to be all things to all people. You are so much better than that. You latest at Origami is a work of art.




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