Monday, April 18, 2005

The Dirty Dogs and the Tasty Vomit.

Yes, I’ve been remiss in my contributions here but...reader pressure, combined with something to say, has prevailed upon me to be sitting here when I could be having my nails done for the upcoming steel cage dragon match. Of course, those of us who engage in this highly stylized form of combat really just think of ourselves as a particular version of the Indian Rain Dancer; in other words, we play with the weather in a different mythology than the one Rip Van Winkle got caught up in. People are asleep in both cases however.

A supporter of mine from The Best of The Fray forum sent me some links that he posted over there a couple of days ago and I find them to be most interesting. I’d already heard about these things but I hadn’t run into information as clearly delineated as these links give and so I’m going to share them with you.

Fraud in Action
Nasty, Nasty
A Mother lode of Reading
Just Coincidence and Misapprehension; Move along, nothing to see here

Well, I’ve given you a lot to think about and in the case of the third link, enough reading matter to provide you with a B.A. in something or other; or would that be B.S.?

Listen up; yes, ‘they’ have stolen every American election since 2000. It’s clear and evident. If you can’t see it, if you don’t want to see it, that’s not my problem, that’s your problem.

Yes, quite a few of the people in charge of your country are involved in ongoing sexual mayhem that beggars belief.

Yes, the web of interlinking corruption that is at work; one might say always has been- except not on this scale, is impressive; pity poor Eliot Spitzer of New York as he uncovers within the Berkshire Hathaway mess all sorts of ties to the 9/11 coverup.

And yes, Israel via Mossad is connected to the 9/11 attacks working in concert with forces in London and America. Just to mention this grants automatic anti-Semitic status. That’s the P.R. backlash for telling the truth. No one can read the last link I’ve given and walk away without questions. The more telling truth is that this is just one small piece of evidence- there are hundreds more.

It’s pointless for me to put all this information out here. It’s been put ‘out there’ by numerous sources and bloggers and individuals. The internet is flooded with it. I’m not saying that every piece of evidence is prima facie proof of deeper doings. There are all sorts of ludicrous speculations and outright misinformation designed to discredit the real information.

Al Qaeda is a fantasy constructed to represent a boogeyman for the administration to react against and to smear anyone they choose with a connection to it. On a number of occasions the Israeli’s have been caught behind the construction of phony Al Qaeda cells. That much is fact. It’s 99% certain that Bin Laden is long dead. However, keeping his fate unknown keeps his presence as boogeyman in front of you. Whatever Bin Laden may have been, he wasn’t a coward. He flatly denied any connection to 9/11.

The point of this exercise is not to indict the Israeli people as collective propagators of terror but rather to point out that ‘elements’ within Israeli intelligence are actively engaged in it. That’s clear. This is not to take a Muslim side against a Jewish side. Dark malevolence exists on both sides. This whole exercise is hopefully to provoke you to look deeper. Relative evil is not Jewish or Muslim or Christian or what have you. It’s specific to individuals working collectively for their own gain; both financial and political. Some of them are Israeli, American, English and other. Being as they have the power of the press, which they own, they can label all dissent as representative of tag lines they use to marginalize those who call attention to their chicanery. You can get a daily running commentary from worldwide press at

  • What Really Happened
  • I’m not in sync with the entirety of this sites presentations or philosophy. I’m ‘with’ no one against no one. I am ‘for’ full disclosure period.

    I realize that no disclaimer on my part is of any use in defense against those who will use any available smear to take the focus off of their efforts to enslave humanity and further their own ends. All I ask is that you think about the vast, vast weight of evidence that exists.

    Even in such small ways as putting ‘pissed off Barbie’ demagogue, Ann Coulter on the cover of Time in a flattering portrait of sanity and reason; neither of which she possesses, you can see the intentional agenda-driven forming of mass consciousness at work. This morally bankrupt shill for bad intentions and fascist enterprise has been caught out lying numerous times. Her shrill Macarthyesque rhetoric would be a cartoon in a reasonable age. This is tantamount to presenting Jim Jones as a representative of mainstream Christianity; hmmm, now that I think about it… In any case this fascist whore is being fashioned into a spokesperson for a rudderless public dumbed down to believe anything they are told.

    I’m not in any fear about these thugs because their power exists in one sphere only. My resource exists in all spheres simultaneously. I’m also not in fear about their ever being able to take over the whole world; that possibility doesn’t exist. The Earth is a sacred vessel. I’m just doing my part to point things out. Take it or leave it. Your destiny is woven out of your beliefs. You have the right to enslave yourself. You have the right to sample spun shit and be convinced it tastes like- in fact is- cotton candy.

    I’m not an enemy of Israel. I am not a follower of Islam. I’m here to say there are weeds planted among the flowers and they are screaming that they are not weeds. However, the gardener knows. It is about this gardener that I want to speak. Whenever lies become so pervasive that the truth is almost utterly obscured, nature and veiled angels get called in for a certain amount of police work. Subsequently, terrific upheaval is on the horizon. You can ignore it at your peril. You can’t say you weren’t told.

    It may be that nothing any of us can do will retard or change the dreadful transition needed to bring us collectively more on course with abiding reality. What you can do is take note of your surrounding and make the effort to put yourself outside the action when the crowd turns into a panicking mob. If you’ve never been in a panicking mob, let me say, it’s a real learning experience- if you survive the event. Of course, you can fall off a ladder and kill yourself while you are miles from any of it. That’s something else entirely. Wake the fuck up.

    Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫

    P.S. a major researcher into the 9/11 coverup is going to be on C-Span real soon. I think his name is Hamilton but I'm not sure. I saw the info in passing and didn't think to write it down. You should be able to find it through their schedule. If you get a chance, don't miss it.


    Anonymous said...

    You encompass a wide spectrum. It's interesting watching you dance.

    a 'friend'

    Anonymous said...

    Nail it down Visible. This isn't your usual, razor wire dervishing through the BS, but it's precise and damning. What a world we live in huh? And you know, if this is getting out, getting talked about then what else is there? We need a thunderstorm to wash the place clean. Did you hear about that potential volcanic eruption in Sumatra? It's like you've been saying all along.


    Anonymous said...

    Absolutely awesome. I just love the way you sculpt with words. I can feel the movement sometimes. Subtle, subtle and very nice. Oh, did I mention true as well?




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