Sunday, October 11, 2020

"This Month, Hypocrisy and Fear are the Athletes on the Front of the Wheaties Box."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I started out writing about rich celebrities promoting the mask agenda because THE PEOPLE PAYING THEM are insisting on it and then I went into how they talk on and on about immigrants and others that they have NO INTENTION of helping and that is hypocrisy. Then I was going on about what attention whores and whores in general they are (“argh Jim, yer smart as paint!”). Then I made myself very tired of even mentioning these people at all AND THEN, I erased it.

David Attenborough is someone I admire and he's done a lot of fine work. You really should see his latest videos on Planet Earth- he's done a lot more than that and I have been watching him for a couple of weeks now. He's about 93 years old and has spent his whole life traveling The Wild and documenting it. He's a member of the privileged elite in English society but I won't hold that against him. That said, I DON'T UNDERSTAND his connection to DAVOS. This includes all the people doing the things he feels we should stop doing. They ARE the predators and reavers. They ARE THE BAD GUYS in this Drama of Life.

ALL of these people are CONNECTED to each other. You got the untouchable fossil fuel oligarchs, who finance all the documentaries; the documentaries that extol all of the green energy tech BUT you won't see any of that unless THEY are controlling it. Here is a classic example of STUPIDITY; what are all those Yahoos in Kalifornia going to do when there is no juice at the charging stations for those electric cars? Do they not ALREADY have all these rolling blackouts? AND... where is the energy coming from or going to come from? People are stupid about tech and social protests for a cleaner life and Climate Change, the same way they are stupid about being cannon fodder in Banker Wars.

Be sure and look into Attenborough's other work. If you have a VPN and access torrents; something, of course, that I would NEVER do or recommend; they are there for you to observe- PURELY FOR RESEARCH! I would also NEVER recommend what I consider the most stable and user-friendly torrent software, which is free. I only mention it for research purposes, like the Kratom Tea that I, of course, would NEVER drink or recommend to others. For purely research purposes, I might mention the cheapest and most reliable vendor because I would hate to see those who might imbibe... get ripped off by those charging a great deal more.

Kats Botanicals

The go to vendor of Kratom Tea and other holistic botanicals

Physical pain is a given when you are aging and there are many non-addictive and efficacious compounds that have a definite salutary impact on the body. Meanwhile, there are MANY Ayurvedic compounds that are remarkable. I am cursorily aware of them but do not have the space to explore it all with you but I RECOMMEND that you do. It is amazing how much abuse the body can take and how quickly it can be restored if one is INFORMED.

I am NOT a Climate Change denier. My position is that Climate change comes in cycles, LIKE IT OR NOT! Extinction Events come whether we are even here or not. We are at the turning of the age and not only is the rather tame COVID being amplified and exaggerated and USED by those seeking to enslave and control us BUT... there are other pandemics that are not getting any press. There is a Pandemic of Unfocused Rage that is funneled at whatever targets those duping you have chosen. There is a Pandemic of Hysteria and Fear that is being provoked by those using a climate of alarm and uncertainty to terrify you. After all, Halloween is coming.

I do not expect everything to go down the tubes because of the billions being poured into the campaign of a candidate who is losing his mind and who would be replaced by a DANGEROUS puppet who will do whatever George Soros tells her to. It looks grim at the moment but I ASSURE you that a DRAMATIC natural catastrophe, will ABSOLUTELY capture the world's attention. Also, the USUAL BIG REVEAL will have its impact. The Hand of God is upon every detail of life, no matter how 'seemingly' insignificant.

Since the election of one of the greatest and singularly murderous clowns the country has EVER seen; George Segway Bush, there is no telling what may and may not happen. If the worst comes upon us, there is no question but that new channels of access will need to be opened for me to continue to do what I do but The Almighty is called The Almighty for a reason.

When I mention something again and again, it is something that I find important. Consider Phrenology and then study the face of this fellow. Depending on the degree of insight which you possess AND BY THAT I mean the deeper you can look into yourself, the deeper you can look into others, you can see this fellow is haunted and driven by forces that have a hold on him, and that has to do with things he did that he didn't know were being recorded. Phrenology, especially Gall's Phrenology has been rejected and called a pseudo-science by the practitioners of OTHER pseudo-sciences, which presently control the common understandings of how the mind works. These people are full of shit and HARMFUL. Now they justify every kind of abnormality by counseling you that it is not abnormal for you because it is your own truth.

I do not promote Phrenology as it is classically applied. I promote an Intuitive Phrenology that sees character WRITTEN IN THE FEATURES and there are many correspondences between their Phrenology and my Phrenology. However... as with palmistry, of the sort practiced by Cheiro, YOU NEED THE GENE. I studied Palmistry in great detail but I DID NOT HAVE THE GENE. All of us have THE GENE for one or more subjects, and the same applies to musical instruments. The trick is finding them out. There are abilities that You and I have the gene for and Self Inquiry WILL REVEAL them to you and everything else as well. I cannot STRESS this enough. Do yourself the biggest favor you can do for yourself and STUDY THYSELF.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Angels will reward the sincere and determined. I also recommend Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind”.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

I know that many of you ignore the links and no doubt you have your reasons BUT... for those who avail themselves, there is MUCH to be found. In ALL cases where other resources are hotlinked, it is because I have found those sources to be INVALUABLE.

Given the singular importance of this election and the obscene amounts of money that are being pumped into the candidacy of a man in severe mental deterioration, it SHOULD BE obvious that a dreadful coup is in the works. I BELIEVE that The Divine has a plan that is already in action. I do not know the details but I strongly suspect it includes Lady Nature. However, I DON'T KNOW. Anyone who consistently employs that statement as a mantra will find themselves the recipient of a PROFOUND realization.

Too many people are using Wack a Mole as a system of defense in life. It's like trying to stop a corroding and leaking dam and finding that you ONLY have ten fingers. The only sensible act of Free Will that you can engage in is to turn your will over to a higher authority. We've all been the heir of Bad Parenting. Even when your parents were loving and supportive, there was still so much that they did not know. HOWEVER, there is a parent who knows everything and is eager to assist you beyond what you can presently imagine. Even when you are gifted with a superior intellect and the right direction, it will ONLY take you so far. NO ONE has EVER run the course on their own. It doesn't work like that. Of course, people will argue about it. I don't argue. I listen.

The real problem with so many people is INCONSISTENCY. That is especially true in these times of convenience and pop-up, Shake 'n Bake systems of thought. There is NO EASY WAY. It takes everything you have and WILL NOT come to those who give less. The truly positive feature of this is that when you GIVE YOUR ALL, you get it all. It only takes you being completely focused for everything to come into focus. You just have to want it more than anything else. I have said this many times. That is because of how critically important it is.

Most people don't care enough to give their all. That is the stage they are at and it will take further consistent pummeling for them to be prepared to give their all. Trauma, Desperation, and Loss will take care of that. It does for everyone. The only mystery is how long it will take. There are people reading these very words, right now, whose eyes are glazing over. I know it's tough. Just about every day I come around here to remind you and myself. I'll close with the words of Madame Blavatsky and call your attention to the last sentence;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind,
but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe:
I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only,
and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore.
There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer;
there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through;
there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity;
for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

We'll see if the absence has an impact.

Pocketnet awaits if you want a daily dose of what I haven't been able to find anywhere else in such an amount.

les visible at pocketnet


Unknown said...

The phrenology of this guy:

Anonymous said...

Ole Senator Coons looks a lot like this guy, that I’m sure most of you will remember.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So, maybe if I do a mantra every night before I sleep?


Now back to reality. Or maybe not. I don't like it very much, and prefer it went away. Glad nothing lasts forever, 'cept Source. Loved the post. Yes, your little post on the Aquarian Age made it to the front page of Rumourmill News. 315 views as I post this.

Anonymous said...

Attenborough is a NWO nutjob.

brian boru said...

Hi Les, thanks as always for the work you do. I rarely miss your posts. They give hope in these times although I seem to fail miserably in making progress. I contacted that link you gave for Kratom tea but they don't ship to Europe. The sources in I found in Europe are quite expensive when tax and shipping are included. I will try it though as that is the only way to know if it is helpful.
Best regards.

Visible said...

well... anonymous, if you read the post more carefully you would see that I made reference to his Davos connection and went into detail about his being a member of the elite and them all being connected. His videos are remarkable and there is little of politics in them. Were it otherwise I wouldn't watch them at all. People need to get past seeing one side as the enemy and the other as their friend when that may not be true of EITHER.

EVERYONE is struggling to understanding and freedom, even when they don't know it. Eventually, every stream reaches the river and every river reaches the sea.

Thomas said...

I think that Attenborough has been too fascinated and enamoured with Lady Nature to pay any attention to corrupt back-room deals - my guess is that he has no real sense of evil, and therefore does not really recognize it or know about it. And that it is a trusting nature, and not any deviousness on his part, that has led him to believe in anthropogenic climate change.

He has made some spectacular nature films!

Anonymous said...

"..past seeing one side as the enemy and the other as their friend when that may not be true of EITHER"

I don't care much about the product when the author behind it is a genocidal lunatic:
But you're right, because of people like this, even the MSM journalists are in the 'rebellion' mode now.

Le Rocher said...

Hey Folks

Les, I started to send you a personal e-mail. then erased it -
went back and re-read this post - there was just nothing i could say - the simplicity of understanding your words - says it all.

Be Well, All.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I had noted an increase of ads concerning David Attenborough on TV. I had mixed emotions...

Here is a brilliant article by Miles Mathis which kind of sums-up Vis' observations. Written in 2013, it is interesting to see where we have 'evolved-to' since then:
The Real Matrix

Also, read this (Jan 2020) and think really deeply about what is going-on now:
Those Damn Liberals

If you are still wanting to delve-in to what is being done to massage your mind:
Social Justice Warriors

It does seem like the PTB is ramping-up for some serious 'event' pre/on/post election time. The MSM is promoting social conflict, big time. I sure hope all-God is cooking-up a happy ending. We shall see, shortly...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Any day the hammer is coming down, whether it will be the hammer on the heads of those seeking to bring down the hammer or the hammer in the hands of those seeking to hammer humanity, I do not know. Time will tell and we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Mercury goes retrograde today until November 3rd.


leesa said...

Hi All, David Attenborough is Managing Director & CEO of 'The Lott' (Australia's
biggest lotteries gambling enterprise) cushy, cushy funding racket...
How are all the smart cities gonna run with no electricity... Your voice
won't be able to activate your dead door latch to get inside
Hypocrisy at its best... Peoples imaginations just aren't activated yet!
Kind Regards,

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"A Golden Age is Coming for Those with Hearts that Love has made Golden."

Visible said...

There is a new extemporaneous transmission from The First Church of the Presence of God and you can find it at this location.



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