Monday, October 26, 2020

"A Huge Surprise is Coming on November 4th. There WILL BE, Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today... we are going to do something different and focus on the state of the times in the world in which we live. (That probably won't last long. It never does with me these days) I have been thinking about this whole Hunter Biden thing; what are the odds that Hunter would take his laptop to a repair shop, WITH SENSITIVE AND DAMNING EVIDENCE ON IT, and then LEAVE IT THERE?!?!?! He left it there!!! He left it there with hours and hours of video clips and compromising evidence that implicates his father. HOW... How did this happen??? It is now clear to me that this was done on purpose.

I do not know the details. I do know from the evidence of what is on the laptop that Hunter was ripe for blackmail a long time previously. No matter what the truth of the matter is, in terms of Temporal Influences, it is MR. APOCALYPSE who has been behind EVERYTHING that is happening. It is HE who is working in the minds of everyone on this World Stage of the Moment.

I've said it more than a few times here that Mr. Apocalypse appeared in my mind and told me what was going to happen in the critical years in the Event Horizon. He told me an Awakening was coming. He told me he was going to catch the predators feeding on humanity, and enslaving humanity, and killing humanity, as if they were experimental lab rats. HE said he was then going to EXPOSE them before the eyes of humanity AND IT IS HAPPENING! As the mind of humanity awakens and their eyes open, it is NO LONGER POSSIBLE to obfuscate what is REALLY HAPPENING.

How do I know when what someone tells me is true proves to be true? WHEN WHAT HE/SHE TELLS ME HAPPENS!!! One of my enduring protocols in life is to TRUST BUT VERIFY. I take NOTHING on Faith BUT... I am Faith-Filled because I tried and tested and risked my very life to prove if it was so, or not so. I will tell you a story that I don't think I have ever put into print before and I assure you there is a great deal more that has happened in my life that I HAVE NOT TOLD you, than what I have told you;

For years in my late teens and 20s, I had no fixed address. I didn't live anywhere and NOT BECAUSE I COULDN'T. Psychedelics transformed me with such force that I wasn't even on this planet for a long time. Once the Kundalini Rising occurred to me, I was surrounded by holographic images of Gods that appeared as regularly as The Sun came up. I didn't understand it and I still don't, but it happened. I suspect it was because I loved God more than anything else and that must be the biggest surprise, given the awful things that happened to me with such consistency in my life previously.

There are people who think if you take consciousness-altering substances that you are awash in illusion. That ONLY happens when what is in your mind to begin with is unreal BUT... my mind had been emptied out of EVERYTHING except what I couldn't evict. For a long time, I thought everyone else saw what I saw under these circumstances. This was not so. You see what is inside you. So... for years I carried a recorder with me. It is a wooden flute and the byword among those I would visit in places around the country was, “Remember the Flute!” It actually meant the opposite. Every now and again when I was on a mountainside, somewhere in Nature, I would toss the flute off the edge and watch it bounce and break all the way down. Then I would get another one at some point. The flute was a symbol of my transitory persona, in search of the eternal self behind it. I was constantly destroying the false self. I had no idea what I was doing but I was sincere.

I slept by the road in bitter cold. I hitchhiked in snowstorms with nothing but blue jeans, a jean shirt and a velvet vest, and a black cape and sneakers. I hitched across the country many times, visiting those I had made friends of and making new friends, and talking about God. Sure I was crazy, if being out of this world is crazy and searching for God is crazy. I didn't know at the time that the search was within. I didn't even know what the Kundalini experience was about until I saw a seated Buddha in an antique store window in Palm Springs and saw the hand mudra, which was mimicked by my own. I had little knowledge of Eastern thought, though I was well versed in Western thought, BUT... when the Kundalini experience occurred, I saw all the Western art on the walls of the house I was in, transform into Eastern art. After that, I became immersed in Eastern thought. It is where Western thought comes from, just as The Sun rises in the East. It was in the East where Jesus spent those missing 18 years.

This went on for years with me. The adventures were beyond my capacity to describe but... perhaps one day I will attempt to. I don't care about any autobiography. I'm not that important. Some number of us now approach a life-transforming epiphany when The Avatar arrives. That is who and what is important. I'm just a tool, BUT... I hope I am a useful tool.

I've been watching the Trump campaign stops, the crowds, and speakers, and I now expect a Republican landslide for the presidency and in Congress as well. The enthusiasm is unbelievable. I am truly astonished. I've NEVER been a Republican, but NOW... when I see what is happening on the other side and the corruption of the media, the nasty suppressions of Social Media, the ruthless avarice of corporations, the violence of the paid footsoldiers, and sundry, it is a no brainer who I support. I DO NOT want to see this country in the hands of the Communists.

Meanwhile... Obama walks around with a bullhorn and almost no one shows up. Biden makes the rare campaign stop and no one shows up. Kamala Harris bullhorns people lining up to vote (illegal I suspect). There is NO ENERGY there. I think that on November 4th there are going to be as many shocked and surprised Leftists as there was last time. There is also going to be some degree of chaos and violence. There is going to be election fraud on the largest scale ever, BUT... I think the response from the American public is going to be so great that even that won't matter. I am looking at a sea of humanity in Erie PA, waiting for the president. Biden has put a 'lid' on his campaign again and is appearing nowhere. Unheard of for a candidate 8 days away from the election!

We have NEVER seen what we are seeing now. Armies of disgruntled Democrats are stealing and vandalizing Trump signs everywhere. Crazed middle-aged women are spraying pepper gas in the faces of CHILDREN driving by in a car with their parents. Jews for Trump were assaulted in New York City. They OWN THAT TOWN! Unreal!!!

I will admit that I have been praying about this in recent weeks. Oddly... before I started it was looking very grim for this country. NOW... BY THE DAY it is getting better all the time. I suspect that there are many others praying as well. The other side does not pray. They do not believe. This will be the difference.

I AM NOT unaware of certain aspects of the president's policies. I've heard all the criticisms from 'the woke' on both sides. Yet... I watch him speak and I listen to the other side and it has all been made CRYSTAL CLEAR to me. I've been excoriated for being a Trump supporter though I have never claimed to be that. I am an AMERICAN SUPPORTER! I love this country! I really do and I don't want to see it go into the toilet and I don't want to see so many people suffer as I KNOW THEY WILL if these lunatics seize the reigns of power.

I go by what the master said, “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.” That is my guide. People can hide their thoughts and they can convolute their words and promise all sorts of things but THEY CANNOT HIDE WHAT THEY DO.

I know that the president can't say certain things about COVID, which he must know was manufactured to remove him. He has to parse his words. He has to be canny and clever and cunning. He has no choice. I look at who it is that loves someone and I look at who it is that hates them and it tells me a great deal and when I see the LENGTH to which the other side is going to usurp his agenda, it tells me a great deal. It speaks volumes. When I see celebrities, whose entire lives are a lie and a performance, and who are hypocrites awash in crocodile tears, I know something is up.

All of the policies of The left are directed to the destruction of this country. Of course, we have to move into a new way of living but we CANNOT abandon the old until the new is practical. Only a fool would do so. There is a reason that Americans have the cheapest energy in the world. It is one of the reasons we are an economic superpower. Materially I am poorer than even the usual member of the lower class, so it is not that side of the equation that I celebrate; however glad I am at the success and well-being of others. I'm not poor through misfortune but by choice. Still... I live like one who is prosperous because I want so little. My hungers are a small blue-white flame so... I live well on very little. Anyone who would look at my situation would be astonished at the appearance of it. To what do I attribute my good fortune? I have no VISIBLE MEANS OF SUPPORT! I also have the regular kindness of friends who wish me well. Windfalls appear out of the blue, EXACTLY when they are needed.

If you let God guide and rule your life, you will never go in want. If you let go of the love of material things, you will have all you could ever need. I pray such similar fortune comes upon you all!!!

End Transmission.......

I watched the last campaign speech and I am now watching the next one and he is giving a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPEECH off the cuff. How is that possible?

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, and I'm going nuts for it. Patience has never been a quality of mine.

10 Nostrils for this post.

dave1010 said...

Magnificent Mr. Visible. Perfect.

Todd Burgess said...

Do you suppose that prayer you posted helped? I am sure it is having a positive effect.

“Lord, Please AWAKEN Humanity. Appear in their minds in a profound and powerful way. Show them the CONSEQUENCES of their actions in these times and where they are headed. Show them this and then show them what could happen if they change the course they are on. Dear Lord... also expose those who seek to enslave and murder Humanity and those presently doing these very things. Reveal to them WHO the predators are. This would transform existence in a remarkable fashion and the enemies of Humanity would no longer be able to carry on as they have been. I pray believing, Lord. Thank You!!! Amen.”

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris drunk and vomitting in public

Yea, seems like the elites are being revealed as the psychotic insane people they truly are. I wonder what the next big exposure will be

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les,

Getting caught up in the Details; are we ?

Vindication of Prognostications. The Creatures from the Black Lagoon believe they got away with 911 and all the other dastardly deeds throughout this seasons historical reference.

Yes a great awakening is happening - At the very least everyone will know its coming when THEY release the next installment of 'How to Kill all Humans' Chapter 6 verse 3-.....

Les, we're all going to be tested 'Beyond our ability to bare the burden'
This little 'Live Exercise' is just the symptom of a much more insidious human preternatural thing called "Human Nature".

But never fear - God is Here - because HE wrote the story - right?
"Once Upon a Time - They All Lived Happily Ever After........
All the other stuff in between just don't matter does it?, because, nothing matters anyway and what if it did? right?

Be Well All -

Visible said...

Le Rocher; You have your perspective, I have mine. Someone it is that looks through your eyes and someone it is that looks through my eyes and that which looks through my eyes also speaks to me and tells me differently; quite differently.

We all have our perspectives but we must all remember that our destinies are woven out of them. As a result, I have no personal perspective and when it rears its head, I shut it down. It has no place in my life.

Bill Nye said...

Dog Poet,

It is early here, God bless you! I was awoken early to read your words. WWG1WGA! I do miss Erie very much so.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'grounded' column. Thanks!

Earth-plane factoids:
1) Looks like Donald Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis (written pre-election).
2) The Controllers have both sides covered. (Go down to Kamala Harris.)
3) Perceptive comment on the Jewish People themselves around Trump from over at The Saker.

Everything is so 'buttoned up' that the PTB believe there is no possibility of losing. They win, no matter the outcome of the elections. Pre-placing 'sympathetic' candidates on both sides has been an old tactic of the PTB.

I sure hope "Mr. Apocalypse" has been gearing-up for this 'game', because the home team is deeply behind. My preferred outcome is a mass-Awakening of humanity, so we can see the Real game going-on. We shall see...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

barbarossa58 said...

Oustañding !!

barbarossa58 said...

Oustañding !!

Visible said...

You've posted that before. I don't care even if it is true. It doesn't matter to me whether a person is Jewish or not (though I highly doubt that commentary- not that I care). What matters to me is how they behave, no matter what their genetic code or color is. As far as them having ANYTHING covered, they don't. ONLY... ONLY... ONLY God is in control, EVER... EVER... PERIOD... EXCLAMATION MARK!!!

I see these things pop up here and there where EVERY SINGLE PERSON is Illuminati, or Masonic, or Satanic Israeli owed, or something and I really could care less. I KNOW they are usually wrong and running an agenda.

I am NOT speaking to you with any rancor or emotion whatsoever, lest you be inclined to take it such. I am speaking ONLY to the subject, not you. I value your presence and I don't want another of those mistaken events or hurt feelings because that IS NOT MY INTENTION.

But I got to tell you. I MOSTLY don't believe that shit. I don't live in a world where the war of good and evil is endlessly taking place. God won a long long time ago. The power of light is supreme and the darkness runs at the mere approach of it. Just because there haven't been any real heroes around for a while doesn't mean they won't be coming, or even HERE NOW. I have more power and light in me than the entire kingdom of darkness all put together. WE ALL DO! Accessing and working it is the problem and for that, one must achieve purity. I'm working on it and it's working on me.

Sometimes the position changes a man. I see things in Donald J. Trump that I NEVER saw before. I not only believe God is using him, but I am also certain of it. Some of the things he said at his speeches yesterday in PA were amazing. It bears watching, at least one of them. What he said about God and correcting the educational system were striking.

I haven't drunk any Kool-Aid. I simply WATCH and pay attention. Once again, my response here in NO WAY reflects any conflict with you. I am merely adding my perspective.

Thomas said...

Watching the spectacle of the elections from Europe, it seems certain that Trump will win. The Biden campaign looks shambolic and unreliable, even at the surface level.

I think the Democrats would have had much better chances of winning if they had chosen Bernie Sanders, instead of the uncharismatic Joe Biden, as their candidate. I wonder if they would not have known that themselves.

I liked the post. That must have been a real adventure, criss-crossing across that huge mass of land with no physical safety net save friends and strangers! How strange God must be, to have created this world - yet how dear and simple, too. A wonder and a mystery!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Mr. Apocalypse is the Invisible Hand of God, Exposing Each of Us According to our Nature and our Intent."

Visible said...

Thomas; I had that very thought about Bernie Sanders as I was writing the most recent Petri Dish. You are correct. Check out the links in the latest post of Kamala Harris throwing up by the trailer and her drunken speech. Mr. Apocalypse is GOING TO TOWN on these people. Thank god, I don't want a country hostage to Antifa and the Communists. Anyone supporting that vicious nonsense is obviously unaware of where it leads. It seems that God is REALLY on the set these days. I can feel his presence beyond ANYTHING in my life previously!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended, kind, and restrained reply.

In light of that, I feel I need to make certain things clear, so I am not misunderstood. I am not against Jewish-ness (although that label is a conflation of racial, ethnic, religious, and political differences). My roommate at college for four years was Jewish ('modern' Jewish). A Ph.D. candidate when I was getting my Masters degree and I would go water-skiing on an 'assault raft' he owned. Much fun. He was Jewish, and had fought in the 1967 war. When I was digging out of early growing-up 'damages', one of my early counselors was a Jewish lady. (Another counselor was gay. Both were excellent counselors.) And, I have had many kindnesses from Jewish people down through the years - even letting me forward in a line (unbidden) when shopping, if I had a small purchase and they had a full cart. I have no problem with that general 'group'...

My main concern has to do with whether individuals (of any religion) worship a Universal God or a Tribal God. If the former, then everyone is a part of God and must be treated accordingly. If the latter, there is an in-group and an out-group, and the out-group can be treated much worse than the in-group (or even be regarded as sub-human). This is not unique to the Jewish religion; just note the Catholic vs Protestant wars and atrocities as one example. (It is a matter of consciousness level; lower is Tribal, higher is Universal - for each individual and each group.)

The key is whether the PTB (most probably majority-Jewish, in the West) hews to a Universal God or a Tribal God. If the former, the general populace is in good shape, regardless of external appearances. If the latter, we may be heading into a neo-feudal society - with nobles and serfs, by 'decree'. Not good.

My 'surfacing' of the crypto-Jewish connections of Trump and Harris comes within this context. If they - and the 'handlers' behind them - worship a Universal God, I have no general problem. People vary. If they - and the 'handlers' behind them - worship a Tribal God, the public needs to be warned. The public becomes 'at risk'.

And yes, I have posted links to those connections before. I may do it again, periodically. This side of things is generally 'suppressed' by the MSM, and needs to be public knowledge. It is just like the religious preference of our latest Supreme Court Justice needs to be public knowledge - in case her preferences stray too far from consensus law.

I hope this has made things more 'transparent'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray; I never for a moment thought that you would make judgments of that sort because, quite frankly, I wouldn't have said anything to you to begin with and that is why I added in qualifications in hope that no adversity or animosity would result. I too have a lifelong relationship with Jews and friendships that last to this day; not to mention, I lived in the Jewish Rockies for over 20 years, off and on. I agree as many others do and as many Jews that I know do that there is.... well, you've heard of The Lost Tribe? I refer to these in question as The Rogue Tribe.

It's funny. I was talking to the angel of God moments before I came in and saw your response about what the response might be and I was told, "Don't worry about it (not that I did). 'I' control everything in everyone. Why do you think you have almost zero conflict anymore? Since you have everyone's best interests at heart, everyone else, whether they are conscious of it or not, respond to you in that manner. Got it?" Heh heh.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

You are absolutely right, of course, Mr. Visible.

God is intervening in affairs in a way that has not happened since the Book of Acts.

There is a new REAL Christian Spirit that has been moving through America since the latter years of Obama, and the outstanding feature of it is that the major Spokesmen are so YOUNG, people like Dan Duval of Bride Ministeries- and his wife, Christian.

This IS something that is America-based - in the UK, believe me, the Anti-trump Media Blockade is even more complete, yet it is not even 'our' election.

Duval has made exactly the same prediction as you on air, is 100% pro Trump.

The aspect of Race being irrelevant, it is the IDEAS that count, is reflected by the fact that Dan is half Puerto Rican/half Haitian, and Christian is a black lady - and they are both very young.

This new spirit is marked by both youth AND a solid basis in Scripture which the established Churches (Anglican, Post Vatican 2 Catholic etc) abandoned long ago.

A parallel to Trump as God's Chosen but not (on the surface) most obvious choice (no white bearded Patriarch of Lineage He)  is The Book of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar- and it only occurs to me just now (I am not ADVERTISING for Bride Ministries, it's just that they are the ultimate examplar I can think of on  what is going on)  is the coincidence of the name Daniel.



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