Friday, June 28, 2019

That Remarkable Gift from the Invisible Masters of Compassion.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday evening, I was standing in the kitchen. It was late. I was likely there making a cup of tea. Most often when I am getting transmissions from the etheric telegraph; meaning that some entity, who is friendly toward me, is generating a percussive vibration upon the ether. Then a transliteration from their Devic language into my own takes place and I hear it internally, as if someone were conversing with me, which... as a matter of fact they are. Last night was different. It took the form of a dawning awareness. I can only describe it as a kind of experience infused environment, a template of both feeling and thought that descended and completely occupied my interior space. It was a revelation that changed my entire viewpoint on the world.

I saw that I had been wrong in my thinking in one critical area and it had been causing me a degree of stress that I wasn't even aware of but which became evident as it was pointed out to me, given that it had been accompanied by a narrator. I had been guilty, to a degree, of the very thing I had been warning others about. I had been deceiving myself about something; a most elementary something.

First... a small preface. I have mentioned several times, and even recently, that physicists had proven that the universe is composed of mind-stuff and that it is thought born. This had a major impact on me when I heard it and it is probably the reason I have mentioned it more than once. This is because... for me (and I cannot imagine why it is not the case for everyone) it is hard data. It is PROOF that God is Real, as if I needed any but... that's beside the point. We are also mind-stuff and we are also thought born. Initially we are the product of the one mind. Following that, we are a product of our own mind and this is where we go wrong and LIFE is all about our coming back to the original, pristine and perfect self that each of us intrinsically is.

The manifest ruler of our solar system is The Sun. All physical life is generated by The Sun. There would be no life here at all otherwise. Our bodies are composed of frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in material extension. Then there is a spiritual sun, which is the antecedent to all things.

I was told once by a representative of the author of all things; one indistinguishable from the author of all things that; “everything is under control, take the reins!” It was at a place called Lime Kiln Creek in Big Sur. This was before it became a state park. I have reflected many, many times on what I was told that day and had many an insight but... there is a critical and important distinction between an intellectual understanding; an intellectual awareness and... a visceral understanding/awareness. It makes ALL the difference!

Last night I experienced such a visceral awareness and I saw that everything was alright, always would be alright, no matter what the appearances might be. Of course, things are generally not alright for many because of the perspective taken and maintained.

I discovered that I had been subliminally harboring doubt about the future, doubt about the state the country was going to be in, Doubts about the political and social climate. Doubts about the directions being taken by humanity because of the direction they were being herded in, by deluded and avaricious souls, in the all consuming pursuit of self interest. I saw calamity on the horizon because of the sexual fascists, the morally bankrupt hedonists, racing after ephemeral pleasures, followed, inevitably by the biting aftertaste of pain. Last night I read this and then provided a comment. The last comment.

Yes... I had been seeing a lot of things that weren't there and... as a result, I was limiting the power of the ineffable in my own life. I was doubting the perfection of the divine scheme. I was not completely trusting the inviolable will of the everlasting and I was diminishing and reducing myself in the bargain; not always a bad thing (grin) but... rather let me say, I was diminishing the capacity of my own bliss and joy, confidence and security of heart and mind. No more. No mas.

Speaking of no mas, I saw portions of the Democratic Debate last night. The unintentional comedy was highly entertaining and I found that this awareness which came upon me later was already operating at a certain level. I found myself able to look directly into those who were speaking and see the tapestry of lies and false promises (impossible promises) they were weaving before the parrot choir. “Squawk! Squawk!”

Mountains may crash into the sea. It is a certainty that they will at some point. Wars and much more than rumors of war may/will come to pass. Brother will surely rise up in ignorant combat with brother, impassioned toward heartless cruelties, under the banner of ridiculous slogans and glorious assurances in the rightness of their violence, toward making the world a better place for those who are no longer here. The battlefields are gardens that are nourished by the dead and give a splendid meaning to the ghosts inside our head (to paraphrase myself from today's song).

I thought I had seen a bad moon rising and no doubt somewhere it will ...but it won't be here. Dave doesn't live here anymore and neither does visible. I now understand with a far greater clarity than I ever did before, these lines from scripture; “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I, like many before me, felt compelled to carry the world on my shoulders, somehow believing that if I did not go at it with a will then some critical part of what was desperately needed would not come to pass but... it has nothing to do with me and works to a finer and greater perfection than it might have if I continued to stick my oar in.

The world is made perfect the moment I cease to do anything beyond witnessing it taking place but... that's not it either. Therein lies the problem of the limitation of words. We are all called to a purpose, which so few of us discover and more often do not even care to look for. It is in discarding every particle of personal will that we come to experience the indwelling divine that makes us incandescent with divine, luminous wisdom. It is unveiled to us, that unspeakable brilliance that was shining everywhere but our personal darkness made us blind to its presence. Then everything is illuminated in its true nature. Everything speaks as itself and is no longer concealed beneath that false appearance, crafted by appetite and desire, misshapen to personal ends. It's nature corrupted until it finds itself again.

This is how we look to one another when we are camouflaged. When the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

I don't know why I allowed myself to be apprehensive of the future when tomorrow never comes. We bought into time and wound up with separate moments, when there is and only has ever been one moment. We aren't born and we never die. It only appears that way. Everything unreal is just more appearances changing into more appearances that hang upon the everlasting presence that they perpetually conceal.

A vast and measureless reach of being extends before us. Eternity beckons if we can only take our gaze away from the rotting road kill we are feasting upon. We are surrounded by ghost dancers, coming in and out of view. This timeless drama of gain and loss goes on and on,while we carry something priceless hidden within. I knew these things but I did not know them. There were moments when it was temporarily crystal to me. Then the separated intellectual postures would replace the visceral, until it peeked round the corner and winked at me again. I realize now that it is alive. It is resonating and speaking to me, vibrating off of the ether. This remarkable gift from the invisible masters of compassion.

I did so many things wrong in my life but the one thing I did right was to never stop looking for them. Eventually they/did will appear. It is a certainty. It just first needs to be established whether or not you are sincere and therein is the reason for all the testing and trial. What we often forget on the way, since it seems such a long way, is that eventually it ends; the testing and trial.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Sublime! Not to take away from your epiphany, Vis but something similar is happening to me. I realized I was praying about the events and trends and begging God to take them away as if they existed in all dimensions forever. This is not the case. I was the one partially responsible for the very things I was begging God to put an end to! Why? Because I allowed myself to be used as The Observer which then created it. Like Schrödinger‘s cat. Everything is just a blob of Light carrying potentiality going where God pleases and then He watches to see which of the students is gonna finally, one- understand the power they carry and, two- use it for good. After all, we are all creators having been created in His image?

Love and peace and joy unto you all.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Thank you for taking off your persona, your mask, before all, including us!

Yes... I had been seeing a lot of things that weren't there and... as a result, I was limiting the power of the ineffable in my own life. I was doubting the perfection of the divine scheme. I was not completely trusting the inviolable will of the everlasting and I was diminishing and reducing myself in the bargain; not always a bad thing (grin) but... rather let me say, I was diminishing the capacity of my own bliss and joy, confidence and security of heart and mind. No more. No mas.

It is not only angels who sing resoundingly with joy when someone finds themselves again, finds their true Self, finds that their most inner Self is really The ONE, The Ineffable, but all of us in mortal avatars also feel the joy, resonate deeply with the timeless moment and benefit from the rising awareness!

Wow does not convey it but wow!

"There's something happening here"
"What it is aint exactly clear..."

The shift, the cusp is coming fully into our perception, right on time.
The unintentional humor is a courtesy, a nudge nudge, wink wink from Mr Apocalypse, to all hearts yearning for the dawn.

Does not the absolute absurdity, the senseless spectacle of the dying of the darkness which we took too seriously all this time, play like a movie comedy?

Only when we do not take things and especially, the concerns of our mortal minds, too seriously, may we enjoy the Divine comedy playing everywhere!

What a gift of the ages, for all of us to BE HERE NOW!

Thank you all for coming to this party, the wedding party of the faithful, to which all are invited but not all feel welcome.

The latter is up to us, to be the calm party hosts, who sooth frayed spirits and ignore the chaos of childhood's end, while keeping the inner light shining all the way through to the new morning light!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Bingo. As if I didn’t know this but as you say getting IT intellectually is not the same as getting it.
I’m getting in degrees if that is how it works for me. I sometimes feel as though I have two minds.
One allowing me to see the truth and the other takes it back and dwells on personal dissatisfaction that I perceive , the unjust happenings or lack in my petty little world. I realize the struggle I am in and yet the struggle comes from my ego mind . When I am in the other place, I feel a sense of Peace and knowing. The struggle is one sided, ain’t that a kick. I’m making progress. Your words are inspirational as I have said many times before.

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada...

Christian, Muhammadan, Hindu-it doesn't matter. If he is simply speaking on behalf of God, he is a guru.
Lord Jesus Christ, for instance. He canvassed people, saying, "Just try to love God." Anyone-it doesn't matter who-be he Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, is a guru if he convinces people to love God. That is the test. The guru never says, "I am God," or "I will make you God." The real guru says, "I am a servant of God, and I will make you a servant of God also."

Anonymous said...

Visible, you pretty much described a breakthrough and I'm kinda certain that that is monumental on your level AND that we will reap the benefits (grin). I anxiously await reading your next wave of blogs. Thank you for your transparency and for your devotion to our Creator.

Great comments from Laura and Robert, thank you. Visible's readers are quite entertaining in themselves. We get to choose our friends (grin).

Enjoy all the fabulous energy and the immense wealth of love available to us at this moment. If you ain't getting it, keep asking.

Love to all, Anon

Unknown said...

Hello Visible. Hmmmm. Wondering if the summer solstice opened up for Some major positive energy. Suddenly the world is sublime, and I am enjoying every minute of it

GregS said...

Morning Les.

Nice post, a soothing read.

I will share with you what comes to mind, (if one is in the mood?).

One of the major revelations that occurred to me almost two decades ago, which created such a major shift it represented the swinging about of the helm and facing off with a whole new take on reality, and that was to realize, that we are fundamentally, first and foremost, soular systems.

Seems it may turn out, soul is mnemonic, and the soul is more a mnemonic assemblage.

That is all it is and that is all it can to. The soul is consists of what the Kybalions refer to as the ‘feminine’ charge, which in physics is qualified as a mnemonic charge across two points separated in time, thus tying it back into physics as a fundamental force of nature, and therefore is what is blowing across the universe giving rise to perception and the awareness of sentience itself.

The soul itself is a cumulative construct comprising of memory and is more a composite structure that consists of the sum of one's own past incarnations and is the substratum giving rise to what we call intelligence. An intelligent being is by default, an old soul.

It being then it is one's own soul that is developing and maturing on this planet.

Now continuing, as it does get more complex, because a soular system is not a one particle system, it is actually a two particle system, more akin to a magnetic dipole field.

So there are, we can say, two beings per one soular system! This is what drives us nuts and is at the heart of our longing and attraction to the opposite gender.

This is what the living ghod taught humanity in the beginning of time and was clearly understood within the old Hermetic traditions concerning the conjoined bi-gendered system of being, which was subsequently taken down for the assemblage of the Abrahamic reconstruct.

So coming to what this all means, we all here, everyone of us, have been here before.

Oh my ghod we are back here again!

A child prodigy is a good example of someone who is able to access their past life experiences and actuate the recollections from their previous incarnations. This was actually a core of esoteric study in ancient Egypt that was later closed and carefully taken down in the post rebellion period against Ghod. For example, the highly symbolic water christening was actually a full on drowning and resuscitation!

It was a gate experience, and an awakening of the self occurred as to the parameters of reality type stuff. But when one had this experience, they penetrated through the veil of light of the 'here and now', ie time-frame-present, the male force shaping the universe, and would have formed and access point to the draft of one's previous incarnations.

You regained access to the recollect of past life knowledge. To an agricultural peasant this equated to nothing of any particular relevance, but to a great learned scholar, as far as they were concerned, they were back up and running again!

Death didn’t bring that spirit to a halt. Ghod moved across time with his close family in this manner.

So what does all of this now mean to us?

Well for starters, what is the well source of all these voices we hear inside our heads?

No, it is not Ghod, nor alien nor extra-planetary beings, either nor angel/devil nor guide or any other agent that is external to one's soul. (We are the sole master of our own ship and some of us have come in from previous planets, so there is more going on than the recollection of just this time line.)

Boom, sorry to be so deflating, it is all the self.

One's own thoughts are all coming from the self and are all coming from what comprises of one's own mnemonic recollect. One could have been a great physicist, musician or advanced engineer or philosopher in a previous incarnation, so naturally this is what would be coming through as a intrinsic understanding streaming up from deep within that persons own soul.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for sharing your personal experience(s). It always helps to hear the higher experiences from another's viewpoint.

To me, there are two distinct 'movements' of all-God. First is the movement (of perception) from the infinite to the finite. This is something we will probably never 'recover', although we may get closer and closer. In that space, there is no Subject - Object to view or feel anything. Only Oneness. In earthly terms, we would just 'blank out' upon reaching that state, although we might feel different pre-entry or post-exit sensations.

The second, huge area is the illusion needed for various levels of experience. Level after level is split-off downwards in consciousness, much like a tree-root divides and sub-divides from the central trunk. Eventually, many levels down, we end-up on earth-plane. We believe we are real on each level down-to and including earth-plane, and 'experience' what can be experienced on each level.

Currently, there is a sort of awakening on the higher levels of illusion. When you are high-enough, you can view the levels rolling-downwards beneath you. You can see that they are illusion (to you). So, it is easy to disregard any 'unpleasantness' in the lower levels. After all, it is only illusion.

The awakening is that All the levels are illusion, below all-God. So, any one level - no matter how exalted or diminished - is fundamentally no more 'real' than any other level. So, either none of it matters or all of it matters.

The (mostly unseen) beings that make the choice - it is a choice - that none of it matters are the dispassionate, sometimes capricious entities who are often seen as 'playing' with humanity. After all, if none of it is real, why not have some fun? (Think early in the movie "Groundhog Day.") From a viewpoint down-here, we often call them Evil...

The (mostly unseen) beings that make the choice - it is a choice - that all of it matters are the gracious, sometimes helpful entities who are often seen as 'beneficial' to humanity. After all, if all of it is real, are we not fellow-parts of all-God? (Think late in the movie "Groundhog Day.") From a viewpoint down-here, we often call them Good...

The change that has been happening "up there" is that more and more of those high-enough beings are being convinced that the second point-of-view is more valid. This echoes-down through the levels, and produces quite a different scenario down on the illusion of earth-plane...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Hi Les,

Are you familiar with Owen Benjamin?

Kind Regards,


Visible said...

Never heard of him.

Unknown said...

I think you might like his work. Thank you for everything you do. <3

Dodgy One said...

That Remarkable Gift from the Invisible Masters of Compassion.

AND ♫ Walk Thru the Fire or Burn ♫

Incredible blessings and lessons therein, beautiful song for the awakening, number One on the Dodgy Charts.

riseandshine said...

To Unknown..Owen has done some great blogs and live chats...I like him, he seems like a lovely man. In this vid; 'The demonic scam that is Bob Dylan' his voice take and his distain for him always makes me laugh...Have a quick look Vis..its funny.

Visible said...

He has some... heh heh strong opinions.

jamesC said...

Another thumbs up for Owen Benjamin, the Big Bear. He's spitting some hard truths about the "men with small hats" and has paid the price. His daily live stream can be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Your arguments are sensible and tempting and your path is yours to walk, I'm glad you're happy. You've put a ton of time and effort, far more than myself, into trying to snap people from their trance and for that I'm truly grateful. I went a similar direction some 15 years ago after reading all of Castaneda's books but after a few years I reversed course entirely. It all started to feel, for lack of a better word, wrong...perhaps even satanic. I won't be so presumptuous as to suggest I know better than you, I'll only ask that you reassess the virtue of your position from time to time. Has this life, this brief bout of consciousness, been about achieving joy, bliss, pleasure etc...? To abide evil as some inevitable part of God's will? Is it better to relax, play and drift in a wicked tide than to assume the risk and suffer the pain of trying to resist it? I can't say for certain but, for me, I'll plant my feet and continue, in vain, to take fruitless swings at our phantom adversary in a fight that I know I cannot win.

Visible said...

Anonymous; For myself, I get direct confirmation more than once every single day. Why this happened for me I cannot say. I can say it took a very long time and perhaps the reason it finally did occur, is because I never gave up and because I had imprinted on my essential being the certainty that I never would. This is what I was told anyway.

Proving the truth of this to another is not something I give any concern to whatsoever. I have ONLY to convince myself, period. Even better to be convinced and both have taken place.

If what I have come to gives motivation to another... fine. If it does not... fine. I have the good fortune- in my mind anyway- to live in The Presence and to take all my direction and guidance from that. So far, so good and... getting better every day.

Anonymous said...

Ye olde beggar says....
You knocked this one out of the park, Mr. Visible.
It's one thing to intellectually discern there are no such things as 'space' and 'time', but it's got to be quite different to feel it viscerally, to really dig it.
Thank you Les. May we all get there.



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