Monday, May 13, 2019

The World is a Rumor Formed from the Daydreams of God.

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It is getting crazier and crazier out there and the degree to which people will lie and fabricate for MONEY is off the hook! Sometimes you read about something and bells go off in your head (my head). One bell is one thing but multiple bells are a whole other order of impact. This becomes especially true when you are reading it on a site that is notorious for lying and promoting liars; that exists, or so it seems, for no other purpose.

The very well financed agendas devoted to brainwashing and shaping the consciousness of the general public, so as to make them agreeable to all kinds of perversity, as if such things were as normal as normal once was, before Normal left the building. We are in the midst of a revolution, woven out of toxic atmospheres and attitudes and relentless pressure to conform to uncomfortable trends in which one is compelled to give fealty to lifestyles, whose objective is the destruction of society as we thought we knew it.

This revolution is a war against tradition, a war against personal freedom, a war against freedom of expression, a war against YOU. It is multi-tiered, seeking changes in every area of our lives and the protagonists of these negative changes, are all arrayed under the banner of personal freedom and freedom of expression unless... unless it is your personal freedom or freedom of expression. At the heart of it, is a drive toward chaos and divisiveness. It is to make us all frightened of each other and it is very well financed. It has corporate backing. It is gaining more and more political backing. It has the backing of famous entertainers of every kind, except, perhaps, comedians because there is nothing funny about it.

There is no question about the position taken by the news media on really questionable events that, under the radar are going on in nearly every American state.

I should point out that twice now, performers in this venue have been previously arrested for sexual abuse of those they are performing in front of. It is amazing and a revelation of how powerful is the darkness behind any number of similar things.

Professors in institutions of higher learning are terrified of what might happen if they say something that is proscribed, by the Jacobins that are to be found at every college and university. In the workplace, people at every level of the pecking order have to carefully watch what they say and do. In some cases, perhaps at the inception, some of the concerns raised about human behavior, that had long been tolerated, were reasonable and just, but it has all gone way past that by this time.

Here is a good discussion about some of what is going on these days.

It all amounts to intimidation. It is another mafia. It is a form of fascism that promotes itself as being against fascism. It is using double speak and all manner of obfuscation and duplicity. Blacks are being set against whites. Women are being set against men. Children are being set against their parents. Members of one political party are being set against the other with a far greater intensity than before. Religions are being attacked from all sides, by organized cabals that are well financed. This is no argument on behalf of religions. The level of hypocrisy is epic in some cases but a good analogy of outcome can be made with a game I once saw but the name of which I do not recall, where you would pull a block or a log out of a much larger structure and at some point, removing one little block or log causes the entire structure to tumble down.

Who is behind these movements that are appearing out of nowhere? Who is it that has weaponized sexual practices and social encounters of every kind? Who is it that is massing large groups of people at all kinds of events where violence breaks out? Who is setting the subject matter of films and TV shows? Who is promoting and disseminating music that demeans women and celebrates material excess and reduces humanity to the level of a beast and works to keep everything meaningful off the airwaves? Who is manifesting the dissension and rage that is everywhere to be seen, on mediums owned and operated by whom?

I've been studying the world around me for some time. I have been studying trends. I have especially been studying the movement of money, the use of money, the storage of money and who does and does not have money and most especially who controls the flow and printing of money. I have studied who owns the international banks. I have watched governments jump when the money tells them to. I have watched people with money, who print and control the flow of money, start wars for the sole purpose of personal profit. I have watched these people go in to third world nations and enslave the entire nation with debt, manufactured by money that they printed out of thin air.

I have observed the entire world being told outrageous lies about historical events that DID NOT HAPPEN. I have watched the world getting blackmailed via fabricated guilt, about events that did not happen and can be proven not to have happened. I have observed an attack on the most prosperous nation in the world and seen it blamed on Stone Age Arabs that had nothing to do with it. I have seen voluminous evidence of who was actually behind the attack and which is there for anyone to see and be convinced by and observed the world stupefied by desire and appetite and I have watched that world pursue the objects of their desire, down the road of existence, like horses with carrots extended in front of them and which they cannot catch up to.

I have watched the people in cars driving past me, or that I am driving past and... I am not exaggerating,,, at times it is every other person talking into a cellphone and sometimes texting on their phones, while it is resting on the steering wheel. enters my head that there is such a thing as Bluetooth and one does not need to have their phone in their hands at all and I wonder; what are they talking about? They didn't just get on the phone so that I could see them as they drove by, or as I drove by them... did they? I remember being in Germany and either driving by or walking by bus stops and there would be teenage girls thumbhumping their cellphones and every time I would drive by these stops, at all hours of the day, on any day that I would drive by if they would happen to be there, because sometimes they weren't, they would be doing this. Did this only happen when I was going by? Was it going on all the time, no matter where they were? Eventually they encounter something like this.

It's all headed toward a much darker version of this.

Nothing good can eventually come of all this. Do you like the way I segued away from all that talk about money and social justice Nazis and bankers and such? I do have a point and it has something to do with all of that and what is going on and has been going on, while people are hammering on, or talking into, their cellphones. It has something to do with the general focus of humanity being on objects of desire and opportunities for the exercise of appetites.

In a certain sense, I do not belong here. I see what I see but I do not understand it. I do understand it but... if that is true... then it is some scary stuff. Contemporary life seems to me to be a very dangerous affair. It is dangerous in the sense of the direction it seems to be determined to continue in and it seems dangerous in terms of where one might find themselves once they have departed from this 'temporary zone'. A large number of people do not concern themselves with what might greet them following their departure from here. It is a great concern of mine but that's me.

For a good stretch of time, I made a number of mistakes. Some of them, I have been told, I had no choice about and some of them were for the purpose of a learning experience. Regardless of that, it has all served to bring me here and I spend the larger portion of my day, every day, having a conversation with an invisible presence and having the same conversation with that presence inhabiting whomever I encounter or interact with in the manifest sense. This is the single presence I interact with. Most people might think me crazy and I most certainly am, but not in the way that they think I am. Most people have no interest in engaging themselves in similar pursuits and I am fine with that.

If you have stayed with me so far then perhaps you have some interest in the implications of what I engage in and I will just state, as clear as I might, what it all amounts to. A divine being truly does exist and probably the reason more people do not have a back and forth of this kind is because they don't engage in one. I assure you that if you persist in it, you will get a response. I did.

I am telling you about this because time is passing and soon enough, tomorrow even, next week, next month, next year, ten years hence, twenty... you will be passing too. One day, coming up, you... will no longer be here. That is certain. It is not certain that you will be rich, that you will meet the right someone, that you will be happy; none of these are certain but your passing is certain. Does it not make sense to make arrangements for yourself in that far country toward which you are bound? Do you not make an airline reservation prior to going to the airport? Do you not arrange for a rental car? Do you not make lodging reservations? Well?

The entire world you move through is composed of the body of God. The force alive in you, that animates you is borrowed from God. Everything in this world or any world is controlled by God. Would it not seem that making contact with that force is of supreme and singular importance? Perhaps you don't call this force God. Perhaps that term offends you. That does not change the verifiable truth of what I say. That does not change the physics of it. It is what it is as it is. It may be indefinable or incomprehensible but that does not change it. It is what it is as it is. You adapt to it, or you will be adapted. You can fight it and lose or you can embrace it and win. You can call it what you like but you had better come to terms with it. You had best meet it at the marrow.

All that talk about banks and bankers and crazy agendas and trends and people and situations of every stripe are there, as real as real may be in the sphere in which they exist. They imagine they are in control but they are the servants of the left hand of God and heir to all they are heir to for the purpose of demonstration. They have no power over those in the care of the one who is the source of all power. The world is the way it is for the purpose of demonstration and it will change from this to that to that, to that and on and on as each demonstration that is called for is brought into being and passed on from.

At the core of what I am referencing is a brimming infinity of bliss and joy indescribable and on all sides elsewhere is relentless suffering and attendant ills. Perhaps you are skating at the moment. There is still coin in the meter but...sooner or later a change will come. Alternatively changes will still come but they will be managed by an intelligence with your best interests at heart. I am absolutely convinced of this. I do not know much but... on this one account, I do know and having some small portion of this, I am driven with the desire to share the wealth. What awaits in this regard is magnificent and wonderful beyond describing and it is intended for anyone who wishes to partake. May you find it soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
Thank you for your new sharing, and thank you for making me laugh my head off. I find it completely hilarious that "It has the backing of famous entertainers of every kind, except, perhaps, comedians because there is nothing funny about it." The fact that there is nothing funny in this monkey business is to me the merriest thing of all! Thank you for giving us the last laugh on this grand deception business that thinks it already owns us. Ha-Ha!
Love you and prayers to all readers of this heavenly blog.

Anonymous said...

“At the time of creation, after the Supreme has been sleeping for some time, the first emanations from the breathing of Lord Maha-Vishnu are the personified Vedas who serve Him by waking Him from His mystic sleep." SB 10.87.12-13

"They begin to enthusiastically sing His glories, pastimes, and praises, just as a King is awoken in the morning by poets who recite his heroic deeds. This shows the eternal nature of the Vedic literature. They are not merely the writings of men, but they are spiritual vibrations that exist before and after the material creation, and which emanate from the Supreme Lord.”

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, from what I see; all I can say is I try to avoid the current affairs as much as possible. I only come out of my flat when I absolutely have to. No tv, only a landline phone available which I only use when I have no choice, no radio, alternative news sites only, unless they link me to an MSM new story that might actually be real. I feel nothing but contempt for this all, and am quite happy living in my internet world. Wish I never had to leave it, but hey. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

And as for what I want, I ain't gettin' it here. Omniscience would be nice, but the side of The Veil ain't too conducive for gettin' it, though it seems that Veil hath thinned a bit. Lately, if I've been having problems, solutions come in minutes if not seconds on a need to know basis.

And I can't wait for the day that Vasuki licks my nose, though I know I must.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the inspiring column. Appreciated.

Vis: "It is getting crazier and crazier out there... The very well financed agendas devoted to brainwashing and shaping the consciousness of the general public, so as to make them agreeable to all kinds of perversity, as if such things were as normal as normal once was, before Normal left the building."

I actually believe the ongoing ramp-up is in the interests of shutting-down telepathy:

In the psychology community, there is a well-known 'crisis' that occurs when one's own observations of one's family/society/world do not match-up with what one is told of same. The dissonance builds up, until one either blows-away from the source of the dissonance (leaves, either physically or going catatonic) or submits to it and internalizes it (brainwashing).

The reverse process works for healing of the above. To emerge from the 'internalization' (brainwashing), one has to re-recognize the dissonance and then push through it - to return to simple observations of the family/society/world. What really is. This is extremely painful (and is like pushing a boulder uphill), so most people do not have the stamina/stubbornness to work-through it 'in reverse'. (Not to mention loved ones or bosses telling you that you are wrong.)

Now, apply the above to telepathy. In a world with only slight dissonance, becoming (or re-becoming) telepathic would be relatively easy. Lies would be brushed-off. But in our massively 'falsified' world, becoming (or re-becoming) telepathic would be like being in a Category 5 hurricane: almost impossible to stand against. And this is assuming you have been forewarned and prepared about what is about to occur to you...

To strengthen this situation, the PTB have observably been ramping-up every conceivable 'discontinuity' between what is stated is happening and what is actually happening. This would raise the barrier against any telepathic breakthroughs. And if it did happen (stress, psychoactive drugs, kriya yoga, etc.), the unrelenting 'bombardment' of outer-posturing against inner-knowing would eventually shut-down the faculty. Good if you depend on deception; bad if you want to wake up...

At this point in the Exercise, only the strongest/stubbornest will win-through (plus Grace). Let us hope that all-God is listening to the cries of those batting-against the 'crisis' wall and will move in some way...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Tinder of Hell's Smorgasbord Flambe is Ignited by the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.

GregS said...

Geez, flat earth, you think so? If the earth was flat, why is there a dark side?



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