Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slaloming down the Fecal Sidewalk Fantasies of San Francisco's Gender Neutral New World Disorder.

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We are seeing the physical reality of the social programs and cultural imperatives being forced upon the sane and balanced. People pissing and shitting in the streets are a direct definer of those philosophies being imprinted on the minds of the uninformed by the dangerously mentally ill. San Francisco is a testament to what they envision for the country at large. If you are not stepping in it and slaloming down the hills to the bay, they are piping it into the homes. I love the smell of irony burning in the morning. They are just getting warmed up!

The people engaging in sexual practices that are not hetero-normative are a very tiny number, yet the degree to which government and corporations are catering to their every whim is inexplicable. Ergo... prima facie (or is it hiding in plain sight?)... something more is going on than meets the eye. This same can be said of behaviors celebrated in films and television, as well as everything from articles, to books published over recent times and the ever escalating fixation on the perverse and criminally obtuse. Simple logic tells anyone seeking to understand, why all of what is happening is happening, has only to research whomever it is that owns the mediums that are connected to the promotion or support for whatever it is that we see exponentially increasing in the windshield of the moment.

Like some parody of 2001... at some point there will be gibbering mutants, cobbling together the shit from the sidewalks and fashioning it like clay into a stool sculpture deity. A flash of lightning bursts from a chasm in the streets and strikes the figure. The charge of force animates it and it lumbers down the avenue toward some dreadful awakening, as it gathers hordes of chanting sycophants who murmur into their clasped hands... “He is alive. He is awakened. He is coming”. Yikes!!! It is not so far fetched as you might imagine. Did you ever imagine to see the things you see today, even twenty years ago? Just like that shit golem, small ideologies, small trends, small glimmers of darkness from unlighted alleys, have expanded and grown into monstrous Godzilla like forms.

It's working out right before your eyes. It is startling! To quote Frank Zappa; “they said it couldn't happen here.” Take a long and penetrating, reflective look at the Idiocracy bound march of gyroscope broken, clueless and spoiled brats, the Lord of the Flies offspring of helicopter parents, who crashed into a national park and thinking they were in the Andes, because they played bad soccer and t-ball and took two semesters of Spanglish, proceeded to eat one another; well, there's that, sorted.

In this time though... where every possible outrage against Nature and where you can make anything up and let the headlines imprint on some still remaining empty bytes in the trepanned brain, well... we'll just put it in the history books and then we can hear about it later at Drag Queen Story Hour. I have to get that in now because next week it could be hate speech.

You know- somehow you can sense it- that bat shit crazy is heading into the exponential. You sense it but you don't see it every day and then you get a photo like this and it tells you all sorts of things you wish you did not have to hear about or see.

The crowded approach to the peak of Mount Everest
"Overcrowding on the approach to the peak of Mount Everest"
Click image for expanded view

Beware of articles written by doomsday preppers but... then again... sooner or later, the day you thought would never come, is an echoing devastation; the reverberating bad yesterday at Black Rock. I don't have to look very hard for anything that gets linked here. I bypass dozens of examples of the world gone round the bend; in presently isolated and sporadic events, incrementally moving toward business as usual. Dear God!!! The Boy Scouts have to admit Girl Scouts and they ALREADY have a Girl Scouts! Men pretending to be women are now ALLOWED to compete against women (that link is from a no truth zone) in sporting events that women cannot win... usually. As much as that might put a hole in, “we are all equal”, it isn't doing any of us any good. The juggernaut of the Equality Act is going to remake the world into one of Kafka's prisons, IF it is allowed to happen. So far Trump has done the right thing.

Yeah... you're right. That is more than enough links but... if we don't all pay attention we could well be forcefully, under the rule of law, compelled to kneel before the manifest presence of evil incarnate and kiss his ass, while professing enduring fealty. Maybe you didn't see the news media interview with the person in question? Seriously... construction workers are not going to laugh at this?

What defense do we have? Should everyone who reads this posting, agree to inflexibly resist, all forms of suborning, before the guile and fear tactics of the Prince of Darkness and his devoted legion; they being the one's who promote and celebrate wrongness in government, media, educational institutions, corporations, entertainment, corrupt religions and what have you... we- the ever free... filled with a life or death integrity, join with our comrades in the citadel of the mind and the sheer weight and focus of that quiet certitude, will drive the shadows into a disappearing mist before the sunlight of a truly powerful Love.

Together, in a brimming silence of unity, we can overcome all 'division' and 'discord', which are the intended fruits of the enemy of humanity. If we can be divided against ourselves and each other, through Fear and Confusion, we are vulnerable, otherwise... the positive alternatives are ALWAYS victorious over all else. ALWAYS! No power ANYWHERE can prevail over one who is reliant on the source of all power. It's physics... think about it. Do the math.

As I move through life, in the dream movie that is my life, in the near constant effort to remember-re-discover, who I am; which has occurred at certain moments, with a brilliant intensity that has rendered every other aspect of my existence irrelevant. Sure, I can get lost for a time here and there but it never lasts. I am ruined for other things (grin). I am often stunned, absolutely stunned that everyone does not get it, does not feel it; the utter incomprehensible, everlasting splendor and glory of the ineffable!!! Sometimes the Love of the almighty ambushes me and I am transformed, made near reeling drunk from an ethereal wine, brewed from grapes that are grown nowhere on this Earth ...but in some celestial region beyond all possibilities of thought and imagination. How can anything compare with this?

As I move through this life and see the various interactions between people in real time, on television and in films, often enough I find myself saying, “I wouldn't put up with that.” Immediately I realize, I don't have to and I don't. No one does. Whenever a situation occurs in this life where the other person seeks conflict, because that is what they are after; it's the attention that matters, not whether it is negative or positive ...and in times of material darkness, many people no longer know the difference.

They are angry and contentious but they don't know why. In a world of enduring conflict, where every man's heart and ambitions are set against the other, as the natural offspring of materialism, (somehow the word 'natural' seems a little problematic but... we must keep in mind that the offspring of Materialism, especially in its latter stages, is almost consistently unnatural, which explains EVERYTHING you are seeing these days.) where the striving of the false self for supremacy over every other false self is ♫just the way it is♫ you have to... if you care to... watch yourself all the time.

The pull of contention from others is always afoot. Once one has made peace with this (grin) one spots it and turns away. It takes a remarkable consistency of practice to get to the point where you are not sucked in to the fray or to care enough not to be. We live in a world of conflict where nearly everyone is arguing with themselves and looking for someone to include in the relationship. If you have truth resident within you, it does not matter if you say or do anything. It acts upon others. It is a cosmic vitriol and it begins to melt away the fabric of their delusions. Then... one of two things happens. They embrace the freedom of release or... they get pissed off and hold it even tighter. First thing... in the beginning, you have to let it happen to you; like you had a choice anyway, which you do not. Then the process flows through you like honey through a comb, rather than otherwise, painfully, like a consuming fire.

This experience, this irreversible epiphany, awaits everyone, at every moment but... it is pushed aside. It is kicked to the curb, this priceless legacy, that has no value for those whose eyes are blinded to its everlasting beauty. If you let this transition happen to you, you are transformed into a kind of Johnny Appleseed; scattering rosebuds as ye may; speaking of mixed metaphors, which we were not. You are set into a sequencing of irresistible and eternal change. It may get a little painful now and again but it will never hurt as bad as the life after life suffering in search of what does not exist in any external direction.

The guidons and cheerleaders have been given their sheet music and marching orders:

Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is setting them up and knocking them down. Just wait for what is coming. If even a small part of what I have been told comes to pass, it is going to be a spectacle like nothing we have seen before.

Things that some of us have known for a very long time are now being seen for what they are and the presence of them in the lives of those whose names still reverberate across the long stretch of recorded time is being acknowledged, as is their intrinsic value when it comes to seeing through the masquerade, beyond the reach of the voices of the carnival barkers, now rendered incoherent and transmuted into soft ocean waves of ambient sound.

In this world, the refugees from truth and all the damaged entities who are talking to themselves, are seeking the solace that only a high pitched screaming argument can give them. They live in a world where everyone else is to blame for their problems, which would melt away between one heartbeat and the next, if they would simply let go of the tattered coffin shrouds they have wrapped themselves in. It is a given that misery loves company. You can't win an argument with a crazy person. To argue to begin with is to miss the point; the glaring and inescapable truth that 'you don't know'! Ah how liberating it is!!!

Everything in life can be reduced to the simple perspective of “I don't know.” Or it can be extrapolated into ever more and more complex themes, that unravel away into nothing, when the light of truth is shined on them. If you don't know, then the ineffable does and you can be informed on anything at the time you need to know it. If you do know then the ineffable doesn't and trouble will come despite the weather, it changes before you get it together and leaves you up the creek of life, without a friend to help you paddle and... so on. You need that friend and that friend is standing closer than you are to yourself because nearly everyone is divided against themselves ...because that is the price for conforming to the insanity that surrounds you, in order to survive or... so we think but... it doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't have to be like that!!!

Yeah... this post has been the victim of too much purple prose but I never know what outfit the point is going to wear to demonstrate itself. Hopefully the important features have survived the ordeal. The chances are a little better (I hope) than they are for the DMV line on Everest.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So, tell me again why I shouldn't hold the world status quo in contempt? Great post, as always.

Visible said...

I'll tell you what I do. It's fairly new for me and a product of my being high on the presence, which has come in with a noticeable consistency since I put everything aside but that. I've even got a real life example from this afternoon. I was in the supermarket and as I was leaving, this family came away from the register I was at and they walked out ahead of me and I saw the older daughter who was gruesome in appearance; her body, her face and my first reaction was that which I suspect most people have and many far less kind even. Near immediately it came into my mind that God was hiding in that person as he does in everyone and it hit me in a very powerful way. I also realized that appearances could change in an instant because you never know when the divine is masquerading as a beggar or... most anything.

I know this was all a set-up job. My life is filled with them these days. All I have to do is think something and very quickly it sets off a reaction that alters whatever the automatic reactions were. I'm not trying to be all saint like cause personality flaws are still the occasional bane of my existence; not so much in life anymore but surely in my head. This experience today really hit me but... you're right about the lack of so many human qualities that, it seems to me, were once much more common than they are now. Now they are more often... just common.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And I only come out of my nose cave now when I absolutely have to. Work, credit union, shop. Living a virtual life in the 'WAITING ROOM'. (I think that was the title of a Night Gallery or Twilight Zone episode set out in the Old West where a group of people were playing poker, waiting for the time to meet their deaths in a time loop, with a new guy joining them who doesn't know what's in store for him yet.)

Anonymous said...

I admit I am a self indulgent yippie. I do not read Visible's text wall because I already agree with him 100% by default. I am better than you because of my spiritualism.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Let Slip the Dogs of Tofu and Thus does Cochise Make Cowboys of Us All.

Visible said...

No matter now cleverly they are phrased. This is a no conflict, no contention zone and if I don't know who you are well. I suppose you can figure that out. Appeals to any aspect of my personality are worthless because there isn't any me to speak of anyway. I don't have to explain that. It is what it is.

If anyone has a quarrel with me not posting their comments they can email me and explain themselves and once accomplished I will be glad to post the comment. You can't get more fair than that.



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