Thursday, March 21, 2019

Let Us Become Living Examples of the Living Truth Within; Love is Supreme Among Powers.

(I am bowing to majority rule on the matter of writing on events in the manifest world and on putting links into the posts. I have received a flurry of emails in that regard so... thank you and... moving right along.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a reason why I have been almost always self employed and when I wasn't, I worked for friends and... that is because I will not allow someone to control what I think or what I say or the way I say it. Here is an example of that. Of course, I would not have gone into a bathroom with this person under the circumstances of being employed there.

I do not believe there were over a thousand signatures from parents with children in that school. This is all outside agitators. The vast majority of parents with kids in school are not pleased by what has been going on in schools. It is epidemic what is happening! There is a war going on. The objective is the human soul. The weapons are programming and mind control. Satanically influenced entertainers are hard at work aligning themselves with every excess available. Kids listen to what entertainers say. This is the point of the pornography of Rap, which is designed to plunge the culture into an infernal state and to rape and despoil innocence. The destruction of innocence is one of the primary drives of Satanism.

I'm starting to sound like someone's parent from a long time ago. However, a long time ago there was nothing remotely like there is now. Imagine something like this only a few years ago. Keep in mind that this is on a 'state supported channel'. Here is a conservative view of what these women got up to and mention is made about the Weimar Republic culture that was taking place in Berlin, prior to World War 2 and which directly impacted on Hitler's rise to power. You don't have to probe too deeply to see who was the force behind the decadence of those times. In your probing you will find apologia after apologia, denying what was factually true and THE SAME IS TRUE NOW, in 'the Crown principalities round the world' and in the US.

This PC infection is at its worst in Great Britain. Does 'Tavistock' ring a bell? They want to put the kid here. It's a center for gender identity development- WTF? Perhaps you will read the article about what happens at the Tavistock and Portman clinic? The thought police are now a reality. We are in the times of the tyranny of the insane. I suggest it is not far fetched to imagine that the guillotine could come back into fashion to deal with those who offend those who 'control' the media. Those in control of the media decide what gets promoted and diminished and what is to be understood as right and wrong.

It is important to keep in mind that the deranged lunatics who are in a state of extreme mental agitation and disorder over their demands upon the public, concerning the usage of terms and the legitimizing of certain behaviors, are not the primary problem we face due to this sexual fascism. It is those WHO REPORT ON THESE INDIVIDUALS AND IT IS THOSE THAT DECIDE WHO IS CORRECT AND WHO IS INCORRECT VIA THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDIA.

It is very clear what is happening in the world. The aggression of the conscienceless and depraved is obvious. The power and money behind their influence; their words and deeds is incredible. The objective can be nothing other that the total destruction of western culture. Controlling the police forces on the information highway is key. When you know you can be slandered and vilified, your license to speak, revoked for opening your mouth- and you have something to lose, it makes you think. I have nothing to lose and it is set up that way. Eliminating me results in a promotion and it's not in 'their hands' anyway. It's too bad more people do not realize that the power of the invisible hierarchy is far, far more powerful than temporal authority.

There is some kind of radiating, demonic transmission that is moving through the atmosphere. It beams out through the televisions and cellphones. Some of us are immune, apparently ...but it it all too clear that many are not. I watch the effects taking place all around but feel no similar inclinations for which I am inexpressibly grateful. There is NO QUESTION in my mind that there is a barrage of chaos and confusion infused, subliminal broadcasts, coming out of the invisible localities where those of us who are at all aware and capable find that, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

How much more graphic and obvious does it have to get?

This brings me to the point of this posting and providing a powerful weapon for our defense and our efforts for the salvation of our deluded associates, in the great public body. First let me state that there is ONLY ONE MIND. Regardless of appearances to the contrary, in this world of seemingly separated selves and temporary identities, coming and going and concealing the underlying unity of us all. What we hold to be true in our minds, radiates out from us and makes contact with others near and far. We've all had the experience of thinking of someone and then hearing from them shortly afterwards. Many of you have written me, more than once, to tell me you were just thinking of something that was written here, or that it had recently been much on your mind, or you had a dream and then found the particulars illustrated here. This has happened countless times in the production of these postings. This is due to there being, 'one mind' and there being a thought trampoline that vibrates upon the ether and communicates to us all, through the vast subconscious which all of us share.

Let us 'hold in our minds' the certainty that certain behaviors are not in the best interest of any of us. Let us transmit loving thoughts to all, as we proceed in life, while neutralizing the negative in thought, speech and actions that we encounter in our every day, whether directly, or indirectly through media and the internet. Let us speak clearly in our minds as to the wrongness of what we encounter whenever we encounter it and the rightness when we encounter that as well. Let us recognize just how seriously powerful each of us are when we are focused and have a right perspective of ourselves and each other. Let us be invisible warriors for what is true and beautiful in one another and let us celebrate that by elevating it in our thoughts and neutralizing the garbage when we encounter it. We are incredibly powerful when we rightly apply what is within us. Christ said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This speaks to the tremendous power of prayer and also to the force that can be expressed via our unified thought field.

The most concentrated effort of the Prince of Darkness is 'division and discord'. The reason for this is to counter what was just expressed in the previous paragraph. This division and discord is so as to set us against one another. Let us refuse that and embrace our common unity, which can go a long way beyond what we imagine, to heal the unfortunate circumstances of these times. We ARE stronger than the adversary. We have Love and Truth and all of the power of the angels behind us. This whole drama we observe taking place outside of us is manifested to test the strength of our faith. This war of appearances that is taking place, is... in reality, a war for the possession of our souls. It is all a 'magical war' of shifting and false impressions; of shadows made to seem larger than that which is casting them. What is more powerful? Shadows or the light? Duh.

If it was not apparent before it is very apparent now, what it is that is going on. We are in a position to have a remarkable impact on life as we move through it. Nothing is more powerful than Love correctly expressed. Unity is far stronger than disunity. Do not engage in argument whatsoever. If you are right there is no need for argument. You are a living statement of what is. What is not has no power against that.

Each of us is endowed with great powers, should we only choose to exercise them. It takes some subtlety and finesse, yet it can be done!!! I have suffered greatly in the process of coming to know what is true and I shall not depart from that again. Each of us, wherever we may be, must take it upon ourselves to radiate the light and power of Love wherever we go.

Do not be discouraged! Help is at hand and on the way. All that one needs to know is in The Gospel. It is also in the Bhagavad Gita and in the teachings of The Buddha. It has been said clearly, again and again. It is timeless truth! It is ageless wisdom! Live it!

Like an outdoor pump, it needs to be primed. When one presses up and down on the lever, it takes a time before the water runs and often the water runs murky but then it runs clear. Then you can take your hand off the lever and the water will continue to run. Get on the right side of destiny and become a force for good in everything you think and say and do. You will be amazed at the results. Do not be discouraged if the water does not run at first. Do not be discouraged if it does not run clear right away. Do not be influenced by defeat. It will not last. Each of us touches each other and they touch yet others and so the whole world can be touched without ever needing a organization, or a bullhorn, or an assembled audience or anything more than our being an instrument of the divine and I assure you, you will see remarkable results. I tell you this as a witness to it.

End Transmission.......

♫ He is There ♫


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We have no tv or cell phone. We don't have a lot of other mortal flotsam liabilities either. Makes life simpler, cheaper, way less stressful, and the list goes on.

I will however, say; I don't wanna play no more. And I don't, to the best of my ability. I go out only when I have no choice, and my discretionary time is about as virtual as it can get. I can't retire to a cave in some mountain hideout, but I'm as close to it as possible in this cesspit of the Bay Area. . .as I wait for what's a'comin'.

Me thinks there's two choices on the right side of history. Do good, or walk away. I'm guilty of both in action, though I must admit that I'm so fed up with this place; me think it might have been a good idea to have had this planet nuked by space aliens yesterday.

Hey! We'd still be somewhere. Just not here, so. . . Is that a bad thing?

Yes, I liked the post! There's only 2 posts in your archives that left me flat.

Voltman said...

Praise the Lord!
I found Jesus!

Ladies, gentlemen, undecided and undetermined,

Here he is (finally):

Jesus of Siberia!

JerseyCynic said...

Your melody your lyrics your voice your words.... timing is everything they say. Much needed SOUL FOOD for sure! I'll be playing it again, Les

YES! YES! YES! what LTPTB (lol grin grin) said. This post resonates like no other -- yet (until your next one - thank you!)

to act as a resonator; exhibit resonance.
Electronics . to reinforce oscillations because the natural frequency of the device is the same as the frequency of the source.
to amplify vocal sound by the sympathetic vibration of air in certain cavities and bony structures.
to produce a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion:

check out the ..... Examples from the Web for resonate..... section. what's up with that? your post confirms WHAT IS UP with that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,
There’s a mounting crescendo in the lucidity of your posts. The “wordsmithing” is masterful as always but the underlying messages just keep getting more and more compelling. You’ve got your foghorn blasting out “1+1=2” and it’s a joy to behold!!!


robert said...

Dear Visible,

Remarkable man, the clarity of mind allowing this free flow!

We notice the concomitant antibodies to truth who are attracted to the light, in order to attempt to cover it and spin it away!

We have Love and Truth and all of the power of the angels behind us. This whole drama we observe taking place outside of us is manifested to test the strength of our faith.

A powerful perspective to maintain! Our souls and mastery of spirit are such that we must have tests in order to advance further in faith! Let that thought marinate a bit!

We are in a position to have a remarkable impact on life as we move through it. Nothing is more powerful than Love correctly expressed. Unity is far stronger than disunity. Do not engage in argument whatsoever. If you are right there is no need for argument. You are a living statement of what is. What is not has no power against that.

Just the commitment to maintain internal calm and humble Self-respect despite ALL circumstances is the path of remarkable character! We need not stoop to warring in the mud with those who prefer the dirt to clean contact!

Simply staying present, maintaining contact with the One at all times, preserving whatever amount of inner joy we permit ourselves to glow quietly, defies all attempts to lower the mind down into the octaves of fear.

I have suffered greatly in the process of coming to know what is true and I shall not depart from that again.

As to why it seems to take very painful lessons to make them stick in our selfish minds, we may argue with the One when we have the grace and time.

It is sufficient to be true to what we discover to be our true Self, no matter what.
To the extent that we are in alignment with the Will and Spirit of the Loving One, we experience the inner joy which may accompany all experiences, when we walk in cooperative communion.

Like an outdoor pump, it needs to be primed.


Our responsibility in this choreographed production is to seed the flow, to commit the intention, to call in an "angel strike", to set the example we wish to amplify, to align our wills to the One's Will and watch the power of love in action.

Not our wills, not our limited personal efforts, not our limited personal imagination!

IOW, the lesson is how to Think Big, bigger than demons can imagine, bigger than the death cult discourages, bigger than our selfish minds can control, bigger than our heart's capacity to inhabit, yesterday!

Cannot be seeds forever, so we plant ourselves in the rich fecundity of the Creator's Garden, hoping for a harvest which will dry all tears and make it all worthwhile, in fact, beyond our capacity to measure worth!

A chorus of blessings on all who gather here on Earth to connect to the One in permanent relationship!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Pressure of the Urban Cauldron will Make you Crazy or... make You Run for the Hills.



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