Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The American Satanic Royalty, the Chicago Bathhouse Twins and the Promise of Salvation that Awaits.

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We are about to see all sorts of hidden things brought to the surface. For quite a length of time, the denizens of the deep and murky undergrowth, have been getting away with relentless character assassination. Their chief target has been President Donald Trump. I'm not here to defend 'The Donald'. There is no question that he is an overblown caricature of himself. There is also no question that he is a poster boy for material excess. The inside of his head, I think, looks like the Palace at Versailles. However, it is none of my business if he loves luxury, or if he is bombastic and just a tad self promotional (grin). All that concerns me is what he does for the country, as it has to do with the most important issues of the day. He is diligently working to shut down the alien sex-horror show, which is the rage on both coasts of this touch and go country. He wants to put an end to the democratic open borders free for all, which 'they' are promoting, to the end result of increasing the number of democratic voters in coming elections. This is the intention of the Pelosi-Schumer-Soros cabal but... it is much worse than just this on a deeper level.

The Chicago Bathhouse Twins did everything they could to promote the agendas of social justice warriors.

The linked video is proof that a film clip is worth ten thousand words or more; something I just came up with, since I am not referencing a picture. My internal abacus has determined that a video clip is capable of being worth ten times the thousand that a picture is allegedly worth because a video is an assortment of 'moving pictures' in a series. This is where screen captures, or pictures can come from.

President Trump is on the right side of certain seriously important issues and this is the REAL REASON that the American Satanic Royalty hate him so much. The main concerns of the American Satanic Royalty are the legitimizing of ever more and more perverse sexual behaviors, the transitioning of the culture toward Socialism and then to Communism and then to the enslavement and liquidation of the American public, along with the enforcement of atheistic protocols in government and the educational system. This includes the promotion of gender dysphoria in prepubescent children, the sexual exploitation of them and the ruin of innocence. They are relentlessly engaged in the calculated and psychopathic destruction of the family unit, which is the building block and cornerstone of of ANY successful culture that is not on a Petri Dish.

I had been asking myself for awhile, Why is not Trump going after these people at the cost for them of going after him? Then it came into my mind; he is... we just haven't seen it yet. I suspect that soon enough we are going to see some revealing and uncovering, the like of which we have not seen before. That link is a precursor indication of the shape of things to come (cue H.G. Wells). Both Hollywood and other rats nests and cesspits are in the cross-hairs and the present administration has been gathering intel on them for some time.

There is a problem with the fact that Trump 'appears' to be a captive of Zionist forces. A good indication of this, is his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I don't expect (these days) for ANY American president to be able to go toe to toe with the people who regulate the money flow and print the money, given their control of the Federal Reserve. Kennedy was killed when he tried to do something about it and he's not the only one 'they' came after. I don't pretend to know what is going on in the backrooms and corridors of power. It is a complex matter to say the least, however, sometimes the office makes the man and maybe Trump is working, at least some of the time, on the behalf of the American people.

For some reason, the renovation of the FBI building is supposed to cost 3.3 billion dollars. Trump has good reason to put his attention of this long corrupt organization. It is astounding how corrupt it is. Why is this building costing 3.3 billion to replace and 3.8 billion to renovate? It's not that the figure alarms me at all. We give many times that amount to Israel every year and they were behind the 9/11 attacks. Don't expect anything to make any sense when it comes to the contemporary dance of governmental and financial shit golems. I know little enough about the big picture and quite a bit more about the really big picture. I just know that Evil is presently engaged in a major putsch that it has been planning for a very long time.

Screaming pink social justice, commie journalist, Noah Berlatsky, writing as not a white man by any means, is like a legion of his fellows, all of the same stripe that add a false spin to everything they say. Not to justify the outcome, there is always more to the story than what those who control the media for the sole purpose of lying and shaping human thought. Berlatsky and his social justice buddies make up fake numbers out of thin air. They slant the tale any way they damn well want to, for the purpose of their biggest agenda which is a nation-wide race war. They figure it's all good as a means to an end, for the purpose of making their version of justice come true in a raging blood bath.

Already, others who share similar intentions, are determined to exonerate Jussie Smollet of what he clearly did. You can read elsewhere, if you are of a mind and find that 'they' are rearranging the hard and inarguable evidence through the usual public forums, to give the indication that Smollet is just one more victim of Whitey. This is really tedious stuff and I don't expect most of you to read the links but I do intend that I show just cause for my positions. Some do read and also appreciate that the links are there. So be it.

Last night I watched, “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”. It's a thoroughly enjoyable film, as are most of the examples of recent trends to make movies from graphic novels and comics. Some of the best writing is going on in these mediums. You'll notice toward the end, some odd mentions of 6 million being exterminated and other yadda yadda. Regardless, Luc Besson is one of the best in the business and I was highly entertained by the remarkable special effects and dreamy landscapes; wishing I could live in places like those and knowing I will, at some point, when I get to the upper astral plane. Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi had a profound effect on me, as has what I am reading every free moment from Swami Vivekanada. I am on fire with a zeal I have not felt in decades. Some wonderful force has brought about a marvelous and miraculous change in my life and I am consistently both thrilled and amazed at what is taking place! I wish similar for all of you and want to tell you with all the authority that I can muster that fantastic possibilities exist for any of us who are willing to do the due diligence. God is remarkably real and very willing to lead us all into green pastures if we are inclined to go.

Don't let the dreary landscapes of this bankrupt age steal from you what is yours to have, if you will only make the necessary effort. The power of prayer is incredible and too seldom used by those of us made cynical and lethargic about the enduring promise of the hidden side of life. Just because the collective mistakes, of so many deluded and self involved victims, of their own endless errors of judgment and behavior, has rendered this world into a chiaroscuro vale of chronic and pandemic depression, does not mean you have to join in. We are free beings who possess the inalienable right of improving our lot.

The first thing we have to do is to change our attitude and cease the redundant anticipation of negative outcome. It DOES NOT have to be like that!!! Positive change is possible in every moment. Don't waste your existence, scrambling and fighting for scraps from the tables of; your betters? There are none better or more loved than you and this is easily proven by being loving in all your encounters where er you go. The power of Love can transform your world entire. Let it grow and grow and overwhelm you. The author of Love will inscribe his poetry upon your heart and soul, if you will only hold still for it.

I am not being hyperbolic. If anything, I am understating the case. Never forget that the moment you realize you are wrong, you can become right. Nothing of what you've been has to follow you. There are invisible agencies waiting and anticipating the opportunity to provide you with everything you need to step out of the shadows and into the light. We are the crown of creation. When we carry ourselves as such and confer the vision of this upon everyone we meet, magic WILL happen. Let me echo those words from Amazing Grace, ♫I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see♫

Yes... I've read the so called 'real story' about the author and I have read other stories too. None of it has anything to do with the power of those lines, or the promise they hold for every sincere and determined soul.

Time and circumstance marches on. We do not know what tomorrow may hold but we do have the power to meet it all with the best part of ourselves. What awaits us has a great deal to do with how we engage it. Change is always there for anyone to avail themselves of. Do not let yourself be carried by forces and events exercised and materialized by others. Let your course be set by the hand of the master at the tiller and you will reach that sacred cloister in the secret grove. Surely you have heard that death and every other fearful specter has been defeated by a higher love? What has been done by another can be also accomplished by you and you have the guiding hand of the one who has gone before. This has been promised to you.That was the whole point of his coming. He was not and is not the only one. Anyone with the requisite Faith, Certitude and Determination can do the same.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another case of "I needed that." Thanks for the uplift!

Ray B. said...

Just a heads-up, for those who have the ears to hear:

Looks like Donald Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis (article is pre-election). Synopsizing:

"...both Trump's parents died at Long Island Jewish Medical Center."

"So let's return to Friedrich Drumpf, Donald's great-grandfather. Two of his sisters are listed as Elisabetha Freund and Syblia Schuster. Those are both Jewish surnames... So at least two of Trump's great-aunts married Jewish men. This reminds us that his daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man, Jared Kushner. We are told this is an anomaly, but it isn't."

"Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, which has a large Jewish population. He went to Kew-Forest School, ditto. ... Trump's father was on the Board of Trustees at Kew-Forest."

"Trump allegedly went to the Wharton School of Business, a famous spook academy."

"Ivana [Ivana Marie Trump, first wife of Donald Trump] is also Jewish. An early boyfriend was George Syrovatka. That is a Jewish name. Her first husband was Alfred Winklemeier. ... Winklemeier is a Jewish name. ... Ivana went to McGill University in Montreal, a spook academy we have run across many times. lists her father's name as both Knavs and Zelnícek. I'll give you a hint: drop the second 'e'. You get Zelnick. It is Yiddish for haberdasher. Clothier. It's Jewish, too."

"Both Trump and his father ran with top Jews in New York, including Samuel Lindenbaum and his father Abraham (Bunny), and Roy Cohn. These guys weren't just their attorneys; they were their enablers."


Combine the above with Trump's out-of-nowhere recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Throw in appointments such as hard-core, pro-Israel neocon Bolton and several former Goldman Sachs executives, and well...

The other big 'tell' on Trump is the emphasis on taking-down Iran. Israel (really, the Powers that set-up Israel) wants to be the sole hegemon of that region. Iran is seen by Israel as standing in the way of that happening. So, every possible 'dirty trick' is being perpetrated on Iran. I am no fan of theocracies, but this is over the top. (Do not be surprised if a well-placed False Flag soon has US Corp at war with Iran, with Israel cheering us on from the sidelines.)

The choice here is whether someone is an unwilling bootlicker/asskisser or a willing participant. Not pretty...

(For the record, politically I am an Independent. I look at both so-called Parties and just shake my head. So, the above observations are free from the influence of either Pox...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Voltman said...

Life is such a bowl of cherries since I put on my new rose-colored glasses and imagined Trump going into a phone booth, taking his suit off and emerging from the phone booth as SUPERTRUMP...!!!
(with the song "Dreamer" from Supertramp playing along)

"Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

I said, "Dreamer, you're nothing but a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

I said, "Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is"
You know, well you know you had it comin' to you
Now there's not a lot I can do"


Voltman said...

Les Visible:

"He (Trump) is diligently working to shut down the alien sex-horror show, which is the rage on both coasts of this touch and go country. He wants to put an end to the democratic open borders free for all, which 'they' are promoting, to the end result of increasing the number of democratic voters in coming elections."

If that is what Trump wants, he certainly is doing a poor job of doing what he wants! "The President" has been given virtually unlimited power to do anything he wants thanks to all these fascist bills and "laws" that they passed since 9-11...

Doesn't he have a pen and a telephone? Like Obummer?

The fact that the Shitstream Media (SM) and other retarded "liberals" and "democrats" are always on Trump's back is no reason to support the impotent goof. All he does is occasionally blurt out something that's obviously true even to a 12-year old nerd. These hypocritical and less than useless blatherers don't even attack Trump for the right reasons!! And there are plenty of good reasons! What a sick bunch of unacceptable monsters!

If you don't mind, I will let John Kaminsky finish this comment of mine, since he expresses my opinion so perfectly. I have bookmarked this last article from John Kaminsky in the section I labeled "Greatest of the Greats".

Ladies, gentlemen, undecided and undetermined,

Let me proudly introduce John Kaminsky:

"Thank you.

The American people have been reduced to quantifiable pawns in a corrupt electoral system. They can expect only cynical gimmicks and no actual beneficial services from the people who control this process, because the purpose of the process is to fleece those it controls.

As a result, the American republic has degenerated into a viciously obscene game show in which those who support the ruthless policies of its corrupt leaders will reap their modest share of kickback largesse and those who oppose these actions for their lack of truthfulness, honor and justice will be ruthlessly punished or eliminated."

To be continued...

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America


Voltman said...

John Kaminsky (continued)

"Every single would-be presidential candidate must embrace the false narrative established for the 9/11 debacle and the phony wars, invasions and false flag atrocities that have followed.

As with all candidates for every significant political office, candidates must be gutted by the real powers that be for their unquestioning loyalty to Israel and the Jewish traitors who control America's financial system. The fate of the Palestinians remains the same as the American Indian and has been sealed by the willing ignorance of the American electorate, which remains totally deceived by the fictional reality created by worldwide Jewish media.

They must act as if they didn't know the alien child invasion from south of the border was not an accident, but a stratagem devised by Jews to deliberately destabilize America's social services system, wreck the health of future generations and cause chaos in the small towns in which these Guatemalan escapees have been distributed.

Just think about bloodcurdling ignorance of the recent group of presidential candidates: Obama with his untraceable history, Hillary making jokes about foreign leaders she murdered, Jeb Bush thinking his brother did a good job, Newt Gingrich propelled by Sheldon Adelson's billions. Remember Ron Paul, the man Americans wanted to be president but the media didn’t, and gave us Obama instead?

None of them was capable of telling the truth about 9/11, because that is the truth that will blow America apart, and at this point, America needs to be blown apart, along with Israel, England, and all members of NATO.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear ordinary Americans try to justify their support for the military. Worldwide child abuse and the ritual killing of the innocent are the hallmarks of the American military as it assists the Jewish braintrust in social engineering that is deforming the species and plundering the planet."

For the rest of the story...

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America


Voltman said...


"Never forget that the moment you realize you are wrong, you can become right."

That's pretty funny somehow...<<>>

"We are the crown of creation."

Spoken like a true Leo...

"Surely you have heard that death and every other fearful specter has been defeated by a higher love?"

I've heard something like that a few times. I notice that lots of good people are defeated by this system designed to fleece them, and severely limit their ability to realize their potential. The insanity of the Greedy Bunch has led to ecocide, genocide, the death and suffering of countless animals and humans.

"I am not being hyperbolic. If anything, I am understating the case."

Hasta la pasta,

"A realist...or pessimist if you must"...
The Yang Gang

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A 'heads up' for an important movie that as many as possible should watch. COMBAT OBSCURA. It's not hollyweird. It's REAL, on what goes in Afghanistan. The fact this cinema exists should be made VIRAL! A documentary shot by a renegade Marine. A good kind of renegade. Ya know. . .like a Marine on the right side of history!

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

In Consideration of Time and Yugas, Devotion and Love.



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