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Herpes of the Mind, The Presence of God and no Stopovers in Wine and Cheeseville.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was talking to my friend today and somehow we got on to the subject of Grammar; probably because I am near the completion of my new book and I made a derogatory comment about 'dry academics', followed by this statement... “they are experts at things no one cares a wit about and are only able to talk about them with others of their kind who are also experts at things no one gives a wit about.” I did not use the word 'wit' but the word I did use... rhymes with it.

This put me in mind of all the experts who are out there in White Wine and Cheeseville. These are the people who know all the intricacies but none of the implications. I am an expert at nothing, except perhaps, screwing up. Having achieved this exalted position, I was forced to abdicate, due to my phobia about crowds and having lost interest or getting promoted; I forget which. That certainly affirms the loss of interest. No doubt there was some element of both.

While so many are captivated by building a legacy and jockeying for prominence, some of us are working in every way to be made free of such things, recognizing the painful confinements that attend them. To be known by the ineffable, is to me, the greatest accomplishment possible in this or any life. It is usually accompanied by being roundly diminished by the experts to whom the efforts of people like us are judged as nonsense. This is in line with the wisdom of man being as foolishness to God. This put me in the mind of a couple of lines of scripture; “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” and... “but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong,”

I was speaking with the ineffable a few years ago about my songs; musing on the lack of success I had attained in the production and recording of them. He answered me by asking, “Who did you write those songs for?” I replied, “for you Lord, mostly.” Then he said, “Well... I heard them.” There was a period of a minute or so when I pondered the meaning of this, followed by a warm glow of true satisfaction. When I say, as I have said a few times here that, “I consider myself one of the most fortunate of men.” I most definitely have my reasons for thinking this.

Now it is most likely true that there are some who think it a delusion that I have conversations with the divine and some who don't believe there is such a creature. It matters not at all to me what anyone might think in this regard. I have the lasting evidence of the truth of the matter and it is reaffirmed, more than once, on every single day. When it first began to occur as a regular event, rather than an occasional experience while I was in an altered state, I wondered about the verity of it. I engaged in several conversations concerning this and... more often than not, I was interrupted while thinking about it, by the divine, who then went on about my doubts before I had even voiced them. Over time, the nature and contents of the exchanges have proven to me, beyond all doubt, just who I was interacting with; not to mention, occasional commentary on events that had not yet occurred and which then took place precisely as I had been told. Then, there was the evidence of cardinal moments, prior to the inception of regular discourse, where powerful truths were demonstrated.

On Maui, I think it was in April (April having often been, 'the cruelest month' for me in past times) of 1984; about 15 minutes before I was to meet with an undercover policeman at a car, in the front of the Maui Mall, I was walking from the other side, where our car was parked and while in the middle of the mall, I realized that I had to take a leak. I went to the bathrooms and had to walk through a lime green corridor to get to the men's room. This is the same color one sees in various institutions everywhere and which I had previously seen in some of the places where I had been confined on other occasions. I was already feeling a nervous quality in the air. As I walked down the corridor, a voice came clearly into my head and I was told, “You are going to see walls with this very color shortly but do not be fearful or distressed, I will get you out of it.” Then I realized that I was going to be arrested. Did I turn and take off at a run to avoid the inevitable? I did not.

I did my business in the men's room and then walked to the undercover's car. As soon as I displayed the goods, the undercover said he had to go to the trunk where the money was. He got out and went round the car and very shortly, following the opening of the trunk, I heard the pounding of many feet upon the parking lot macadam. The other officers had been hiding in the True Value hardware store across the way behind us and the opening of the trunk was the signal for storm-trooping over.

I was charged with 3 Class A felonies. Each of them carried a twenty year mandatory sentence. Hawaii had the highest conviction rate in the nation at the time (probably still does). According to the police and everyone else I spoke with in the 18 months leading up to my trial, I didn't have a prayer. Well, the truth was I most certainly did have 'a prayer'.

I was locked up for 90 days before my friends on the mainland could bail me out. Bail on Maui is far more difficult to obtain than anywhere else in the country because people sometimes pull a runner, so you have to have some kind of equity-escrow to get out; property, a house etc. Eventually my friend, Howard, put up a portion of his land to secure my release. I was let out on The Fourth of July (grin). Of course, the cops, who continually harassed me through the time to my trial, had me arrested again by getting the bail-bondsman to demand yet more equity, which we got together rather quickly this time. In the time leading up to the trial, the (hanging) judge I was going in front of, retired (allegedly drunk by noon each day. I think his name was Hirito) . The experienced prosecutor was transferred and I wound up having my trial in a nice airy conference room, because my new judge did not yet have a courtroom; one of the ancient, yellow walled courtrooms, drenched in the anguished, astral tears of previous victims. The trial that followed was one of the most amazing and truly funny occasions that I think had EVER taken place in that locale.

On the evening of the day on which the verdict was announced, we were all (my lawyer and I and my supporters) in a nearby bar; I was getting 'plowed' in case the judgment went against me. However, I was in an inexplicable celebratory state... no real physical reason for it. No one had EVER been acquitted by reason of entrapment in the history of the state. We had only been in the bar for a little over an hour when we were informed that the jury had returned. That quickly was NOT a good sign. We went into the courtroom and took our seats. Behind us, quite close were 9 of the biggest cops in street clothes that I had ever seen. They were waiting to haul me away.

The judge came in... the jury was asked it they had reached a verdict... yes they had... the bailiff went and got a slip of paper from the foreman. I looked at the jury. They were looking at me, with no indication of anything. The judge directed the bailiff to read the decision. “On the first count... not guilty. On the second count... not guilty.” By now I knew what the third count would be and I was right. The courtroom was shocked! Nothing like this had ever happened before. I turned to my lawyer (a former mob lawyer from Detroit, who thought he could dry out in the islands- not hardly), Bruce Metz and I put my hands on his waist and lifted him straight into the air. He weighed at least a hundred and eighty pounds. He was in good shape (surprisingly) as well. Under no circumstances could I have ever done this with my usual strength. It just happened. I turned and looked at the cops. Their faces were a wonder to behold. Later, my lawyer (quite the Lothario) dated the cute bailiff and she told him that the jury said it had only taken them 15 minutes to acquit but they stayed longer so as not to embarrass the police.

The first vote was 9 for acquittal and 3 for guilty. The three for guilty were all little, elderly ladies. The foreman asked them how they were convinced of my guilt. They said they weren't convinced but they thought I probably was guilty. The foreman told them that wasn't good enough. They had to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. One of them laughed and said, “Oh wonderful, we didn't want him to go to jail anyway!” heh heh.

A couple of months later, my lawyer was riding down in the elevator at the county building, with the District Attorney, Cardoza. He turned to my lawyer and said, “You know Bruce, your client and his girlfriend were two of only three people who never cooperated with my office in my eight years as the prosecutor.” When I heard this, such a thrill went through me. I was never going to cooperate anyway, period because, NO WAY was I going to wake up with a rat jacket for the rest of my days. It was a beautiful thing.

For a good long time afterwards, every case like mine and even some that weren't, tried to use the same defense. It never worked again. I wish I had the time to tell you about what occurred in the courtroom. There was a constant progression of supernatural events. On several occasions the jury broke out into laughter and we had to wait some time for things to continue. On one occasion it took a good long time because, every time proceedings were about to recommence, someone from the jury would start snickering and then they would all start in laughing again. It was at that point that I somehow knew I was going to be okay. That event was triggered by the title of one on the songs from my first album, “Jews from Outer Space”, which was, “Herpes of the Mind”.

This was only one of a number of other times when similar results occurred; not in a courtroom but some other environment, when disaster, as well as life and death were on the menu. I've got far more proof positive than I require in order to know that the conversational back and forth between me and The Luminous One is real. People are welcome to all the power and wealth, position and fame they can acquire. I am completely satisfied with what I have gotten and which includes none of the things just mentioned. It is impossible for me to describe the impact that the Presence of God has had on me. It has been worth all the acrimony, slander, ignominy, pain and suffering, as well as dreadful confinements which it has cost to get here. It is worth whatever it might have cost... whatever.

This is all just by the way of also saying, the company of the ineffable is available to ANYONE who wants it 'more than anything else' and who will go the distance and it is far, so far beyond priceless that the true value of it can never be measured and it grants a level of enjoyment to every single thing and event, no matter how simple or pedestrian ...and that can be had NO OTHER WAY.

End Transmission.......

♫ God's not Dead ♫


Anonymous said...


Visible hits another one out of the park...

I've got far more proof positive than I require in order to know that the conversational back and forth between me and The Luminous One is real. People are welcome to all the power and wealth, position and fame they can acquire. I am completely satisfied with what I have gotten and which includes none of the things just mentioned. It is impossible for me to describe the impact that the Presence of God has had on me. It has been worth all the acrimony, slander, ignominy, pain and suffering, as well as dreadful confinements which it has cost to get here.

Dog Bless Les

Anonymous said...

I can see why little old ladies wouldn't want to send you to jail. You are delightful! Also, I don't find it unusual that supernatural occurrences happen around you. It reminds me of stories I have read about other fascinating characters who remain hidden from pedestrian (common) knowledge. Perhaps one simply needs to possess the discerning eyes and ears to pick up on the beauty of so-called "madness". Maybe little old ladies have that ability. "Youth is wasted on the young". (Smile)

Seymour Photonous said...

That you are an old soul, this I have no doubt, and a scholar from past life incarnate for sure. What concerns me that I puzzle over is more, are you reading over his shoulder?

Seems somehow you got Mr Apocalypse in your line of sight and it seems at times you outline his movements, but also seems you have not quite pre-seen the depth and magnitude of the revelation he brings with him and discloses.

It is not a revelation if already known.

Be prepared, for the incoming tide of the apocalypse will shift even you from your current position.

Monotheism is a Babylonian, (ie dialectic) construct and it took away far more than it gave! For starters, ghod was isolated from his partner, family, peers, and society, then projected out into the empty void of infinite space and his legacy demonized.

whoa... some of us are going to have to rotate our chairs 180 degree before we can start to move forward.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Seymour Photonous. While I agree the current ruling system of religious institutions are Babylonian, and I also agree their enslavement of humanity could not have occurred without the written word, Monotheism is not a construct of Man. There is only one Creator. The Creator's creation is an eternal energy that is beyond Man's ability to grasp. On this plane Creation manifests through photons (particles of light) that create abstract patterns of probabilities travelling in the form of waves. Photons never stay still, they always travel at the speed of light, creating a cosmic dance of creation and destruction to sustain the universe with a ceaseless flow of energy that goes through a multiplicity of patterns, dissolving into one another.
Creativity is a basic element of evolution, and evolution is an ongoing dance that has humanity evolving with the planet. Humanity get to choose whether they are part of the creative aspect or destructive aspect, so this world is a sorting station, just like the Bible says, 'the wheat is separated from the chaff'. Each choice has consequences. God is much more than dialect. Those of us who house the Holy Spirit are a testament to this. Nothing can isolate God from his partner, because even though Creation manifests as photons and lightwaves, God manifests within Man through spirit, and spirit is beyond Man's control.

'Thus the Pharisees rejected Christ because he taught that God is Love and all men are equal in the sight of God.'

"The advent of Christ was a national catastrophe for the Jewish people, especially for the leaders," Leon de Poncins writes. "Until then they alone had been the Sons of the Covenant; they had been its sole high priests and beneficiaries... "

He continues: "The irreducible antagonism with which Judaism has opposed Christianity for 2000 years is the key and mainspring of modern subversion...[The Jew] {worldly jew -my insert) championed reason against the mythical world of the spirit ...he was the doctor of unbelief; all those who were mentally in revolt came to him either secretly or in broad daylight..." (Judaism and the Vatican, pp.111-113.) ‘The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern "Cult-ure”’ (accessed 18th October 2018)

The difference between the original Jewish people and Christ's people is that the original Jewish people turned their back on God for gold, which is why they run all Man's institutions and banks. Christ's people chose God so God settled within their temple/body in the form of the Holy Spirit. This is why it is said that Christ comes out of the tribe of Judah, and is not part of the tribe of Judah (law society). Those who house the indwelling Christ are those who walk with God on this plane. The Babylonians, worldly Jews, were known as Anubis in ancient Egypt. Their system still endures today. The Holy Spirit is the only means of overcoming them. Anubis can only harm the dead, because God protects the living through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Those who do not house the Christ claim the Holy Spirit does not exist, and they are correct, because in them it does not, but that does not mean others have not done the hard yards necessary to connect with that which is Divine. Most people can't run 100 metres in 9.58 seconds, but one man has. Just as one must train their entire life to achieve such an enormous physical feat one must also train their entire life to achieve the enormous spiritual feat of connecting with the Holy Spirit. This occurs through a conscious expansion of one's heart as well as one's consciousness, and much remodelling of one's behaviour along the way, but as one who has travelled this path I highly recommend such a journey because it was totally worth it.

Jay said...

The Good Lord Has saved my bacon many times and when things have went wrong there always were circumstances (small mercies)that mitigated the difficulty...
Since I came to Christ, my eyes have been opened and I have never felt so self-assured...
God only Knows What I be without God.

Anonymous said...

This is Who and what the usurpers spurned for their sectarian God of lust, greed, power.
Will the real Bal Gopal (and golden calf) please stand up..

Seymour Photonous said...

Hi Anonymous
Chances are the entire construct of your thinking as a linguistic construct was already installed in your head by the time you were aged 21, most people really do very little thinking outside this construct which essentially is assembled inside their heads by vested interests and external agents. (We can't but help it, we are essentially linguistic organisms, ie a linguistic capture then feed back processors, so not many people actually construct new linguistic constructs).

Aren't evolution and creationism antithetical to each other?

What we do know is, there is a ghod, what we do not know is anything about him/her or them, their circumstances or even how they did it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post, laughing out loud at one point.
Beautiful and wise, gracious and sublime.

Thank you

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If something wasn't looking out for me, how could I have been whacked twice (Once on forearm, once on hand) by vertical door of industrial dishwasher without breaking anything? That mofo is HEAVY. Glasses and steam don't go too good together. I thought I'd secured the door. Obviously not. (No worries. Be as good as new in a week or so.) Me thinks anyone who thinks Source doesn't exist might as well be something like that chick on 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die', at best.

'Reality Creation' with help, of course; is also real, depending on where you're coming from. Nothing life changing, but finding a calculator or a boxcutter at a certain store you always go to just when you need one, and it's never been there before to your knowledge. Stuff like that.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the details on your life-progression. Obviously, someone 'up there' thinks you are worth the effort!

It is quite a zoo 'up there', on the way to all-God. There are quite a few levels just within SpaceTime. The further 'up' you go within SpaceTime, the more potentially-powerful the entity. Ironically, the further 'up' within SpaceTime the entity is, the less likely the entity is to actually use that power 'down here'. A combination of 'distance' (like us looking at a dog or an ant) and various bliss states (the entity is within their own 'personal heaven'). The 'sweet spot' for conversation seems to be a few levels 'up', where the entity is still engaged with what is happening 'down here'. (Think of somewhere between Elves and Tom Bombadil...)

Where it gets interesting is on or just-beyond the SpaceTime boundary. Those entities can look up and down the ages, and decide whether or not to 'tweak' certain circumstances. (I haven't a clue whether that results in a near-infinity of 'real' timelines, or an ultimate Single timeline.) That is where a person can be killed-off, a Being notices the effect of your absence on the timeline (think of Jimmy Stewart in "A wonderful Life"), a small 'tweak' occurs just before the person is killed, and that person's life continues. Wild...

Way-up (but still within being a single entity), there are beings whose thoughts seem to be our own. Enmeshed. Their dreams work-downward to be our 'realities'.

And it goes 'up' from there, on the way to the great singularity. Oh well, back to chopping wood and carrying water...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Seymour Photonous,

You know nothing about my thinking. I dropped all the baggage and reinstalled new and improved programs I designed long ago. I realised at a very young age most adults were full of crap, so I learned very early to think for myself, which is why I can see right through the vested interests of external agents.

Linguistic organisms that do nothing more than capture and feedback diatribe do not have an expanded enough consciousness to bring all their knowledge together in such a way that they can explain every aspect of what they have learned in one cohesive story, which is consistent with all the facts, and makes sense by not contradicting itself. I can. It’s easy, I just tell the truth. The trick is you can’t have an agenda, and just about everyone has an agenda. I guess that is my strength, I don’t. I don't care what the truth is, I just want to know it, and I do. Some people say you can’t know the truth, but they are the one’s who spread the lies. If you couldn’t know the truth no policeman would ever be able to solve a crime.

Words can only express and convey so much. One can read about riding a motor bike, but until one actually experiences the wind in their face and the rush that comes with the thrill of travelling at high speed, one does not really ‘know’ what it is like to ride a bike. Virtual reality might give you a rush, but it is still not the real deal. Holy books are just like any other book. One can read all about ascension, but until one has actually undergone that experience they don’t ‘know’ what it means to ascend. One can not ascend without being a co-creator, because to ascend one must be able to blaze their own trail part of the way, which requires the ability to be creative, so ascension and creation are part of the evolutionary process humans undergo during the expansion of their consciousness. God is consciousness, so as we evolve our consciousness expands and we ascend. As we devolve our consciousness contracts, and we descend. It is no coincidence that the word contract means, ’a written or spoken agreement’, 'to enter into a formal and legally binding agreement’, and ‘to decrease in size.’

Surely you are not suggesting your relationship with God is the only template for the other alleged 7 billion people on this planet? If that were the case you would be proposing that one who has walked with God their entire life has the exact same connection and experience with God as a prostitute or a politician? In defence of the former, at least they provided a service to the person they screwed when they took their money.

I believe you are projecting your perspectives onto me and limiting who I am based upon your own limited experience and circumstances. Don't feel bad, that is rather common behaviour when one is still operating within the limited bandwidth of 3rd dimensional consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hunt and Seymour Butts to the office please.

Visible said...

I've been getting really particular about the commentary I allow here but I'm also not a member of the moral or grammar police. General Foolishness and Major Convolution can march their battalions through here most of the time.

I did get an email from a reader asking me if some of the new identities commenting here were the same person. I don't know the answer to that and as long as a civil discourse (with some degree of latitude) is maintained, I don't care.

We sure do live in exciting times.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Fake News, False Lies and the Ever Fading Duplicities of Make Believe Fortune or The Everlasting Indwelling Love.

Seymour Photonous said...

ah nuts, not the principal’s office, again! lol

Seymour Photonous said...

Hi Mike, we sure do live in exciting times, and the most exciting time to be alive could actually be the apocalypse. The revelation will be the lifting of the veil from the eyes of humanity.

And what is the veil that will be lifted, why, what else is there if not the veil of deception that could quite possibly be concealing, amongst other things, that we are all godling?

Seems god has a tendency to reproduce and what they produce is godling. That would put it that we are godling by process of replication.

It could be that the revelation of the apocalypse could actually be like a breath of fresh air. How we have longed for it. How now we now need it more than ever.

It is becoming apparent more and more to me, that the entire Abrahamic construct et al and all its monotheistic derivations are not the light into the world, but following on after the rebellion (circa 2,400 BC) seems are more involved in pulling of the cover of darkness and confusion over the eyes of humanity.

One cannot entirely trust the construct of the Abrahamic and so by default, leading on it follows that the entire monotheistic structure of reasoning and logic may not be secure on a sound foundation.

Which has only left us high and dry and put us into a perpetual argument with each other, while all wanting to know where is god, what is god, why cannot we see god, whose side is he on, what happened to god and how did he do it? (Some of us even have heartfelt concern, are they okay?)

If god is real then the question is, what happened to him/her or they? If the system is indeed replication then we are looking for our mother and our father as a coupled subset we call god.
And surprisingly enough this could actually be the most remarkable story to learn about at end-time, of the whereabouts of god and what they have been up to for the last five thousand years.

What the hell just happened and how did we get into this mess?!

If it is Babylonian, i.e. dialectic in the nature of its construct, (and one could most certainly argue that it is from the ground up), then what is presented to us in this day and age as the thesis, could actually turn out rather to be an artificially constructed antithesis to the preceding thesis.

So one of the battles shaping up to be fought in the end-times between the forces of light and dark, is going to be who is the thesis and who is the antithesis? Because at the moment each is saying that they are the thesis and accuse the other of being the antithesis.

They say there was a war/rebellion and that god won, yet looking at how the victor by default always gets to write the historical events, we can say one thing for certain, seems the living (and local as opposed to cosmic off planetary) god actually somehow disappeared from our sight, our understanding and our intimacy.

By default, the thesis always comes first, and the antithesis always contains within it the relic of the thesis. (has to, otherwise it would not be able to function effectively as the antithesis.) And if we look at the timeline, we can see, polytheism came first and the antithesis, which followed, demonized the thesis and closed off its libraries and the abstracts of its thinking. Vast volumes of esoteric knowledge pertaining to metaphysic abstracts simply disappeared from the collective mind of humanity and the libraries burnt.


Anonymous said...

Seymour, it's called a "knowledge filter"

"The oldest artifacts go back about 2 billion years."

Anonymous said...


I 'know' God. I don't just 'believe' in God. God encourages me to be the best I can possibly be. God always hounds me when I do the wrong thing, until I make it right. God has comforted me in the darkest periods of my life and kept me going. God helps me to be patient and compassionate with others by being patient and compassionate with me. God is wonderful. When you walk with God life goes from being a very flat experience to one that can only be described as amazing.

The greatest argument for the existence of God is that you can't discuss something that is not in existence. If God does not exist then how is it we are talking about God? Things that don't exist are not heard or thought of, because they have not been brought into existence. Once a thought has been conceived and manifested within the physical world, it is in existence, irrespective of what others want to believe, so atheists lose their argument the moment they start arguing about the existence of God.

The real question is not whether God exists, but who or what is God, and that my friend you can only find out the same way as the rest of us, by taking the time to get to know God. For those of us who really are 'at one with God' it is not about being the victor. As a matter of fact the only way I could overcome Man's system was to walk away from it. Those who had to claim victory got caught, because it is one's ego that demands victory, not God. God's victory comes when one human being shows love and support to another, when love is victorious over hate, when truth ousts a lie, when righteousness prevails over evil, and most of all, when peace is chosen over being right.

Those who are at one with God operate at a higher consciousness. The thing is with Holy books, only those who really are connected to the Divine can understand that which they read, because they have been ordained by God with the Holy Spirit. Man's religious institutions and law temples are manned by those who have been chosen by man. These are those who chose Man and his institutions over God. The Bible actually tells you God is only interested in your temple/body, and not Man made constructs (Acts 7:48-52). Even so God turns all things to the good of God, because those people who man these institutions cannot harm those who house the Holy Spirit, as they are protected by God. I only know this because I Am one.

If you don't want to believe in God that is fine, after all, you can't choose whether or not to believe in God unless you have free will. God gave us that free will, which is another indication of who God is. Irrespective of what happens to me when I leave this world, or while I am in it, walking in this world with God has been an absolutely exhilarating experience. Just for the record I am not one of those timid sheep kind of believers, I am a living on the edge kind. As a child of God the best advice I can give is do not worry about what others believe, know, or think, concentrate on who you are and fix what is broken. All I know is that I am already in Heaven. Hallelujah!

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

My apologies Seymour, somehow I provided a link back to SM.

Here is what I meant to post -

I hope you enjoy it :o)

Seymour Photonous said...

Hi Anonymous, I did enjoy that song, thanks. (Haven’t heard it before.)

I couldn't get back earlier because I seem to have lost the comment button.

Don't get me wrong, oh, I do believe in ghod. The phenomenon of being given us is directly attributable to the actions of ghod, as a coupled subset as our parents.

That we have come about by some sort of process of creation (or data streaming from a priori condition), is currently getting a formidable push coming from all places the biological sciences!

It is like the biological scientists who are looking at the mechanical processes of the DNA at the atomic scale are becoming aware of the high precision, fine detail and astounding complexity of the sequence of unzipping and replicating itself, that to me, I like to compare it say to a modern weaving loom. Where you have as a starting point an surprisingly complex line of say sequential processes, and that process is then replicated in parallel along a line, to where we now have thousands of parts, and that each component on that line then all work together in a highly synchronized manner so as to produce a fabric of material several meters in width of indefinite length. This understanding leaves one's head swimming that no way known, naturally occurring haphazard random chance mutation could ever possibly happenstance upon such.

Please screw your bum to your chair and may you watch the whole clip, because it is highly informative and should enable you with a solid founding to defend your position of faith in creationism.

These same biological scientists are then adamantly convinced, the science is in, this is way too complex to have possibly come about by random happenstance, and that it is most evident that we have come about by some sort of process of creation that most likely, we can further reason, could only involve a replication from a priori.

We all seem to agree that there is a god and that have all come about by some sort of process of creation. Where our agreements diverge relative to each other is then which set of mythological tales available to us that we assemble as the construct of our theological model.

Me, personally, my take on things? hmmm... why, I reckon it is replication, as a woman would birth replicate, over say a watchmaker model of creation where the ghod does not replicate that which he himself is. (So it is true, we are in the image of ghod, form and function.)

There is a lot to be hallelujah for and give many thanks. To cheer for the free gift of life, where the perception of the phenomenon of egocentric being is a truly remarkable and most tremendous gift.

Cheers, ghod bless.



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