Sunday, April 1, 2018

Transmissions from Easter Sunday, April Fool's Day- Gone but not Forgotten, Here.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Here comes Easter, on April Fool's Day. Now... That is interesting. Most people don't care about Easter much anymore. It has about the same relevance to them as April Fool's Day. Evil, like rust, never sleeps though and that is why you see these disturbing trends going on. As a prescient man once said, Edmund Burke, I believe... “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thank god for Easter! Whether you are onboard or not (I am). Eternal vigilance is the province of the ineffable. It is the ineffable that makes it possible for us to be vigilant and when the world is overcome with disorder, the ineffable sends us someone like Jesus Christ.

Most people wander about indifferently or obsessed with unimportant things. It's the job of the world to place these snares before us and it is the job of the ineffable to remove them. Of course, if you look deeper, it is the job of the ineffable to do both. The people, most of them, who run the alternative news gathering sites, for whatever the reason is, don't like talk about the ineffable. Either they are stone cold atheists or vain egotists, or both. It comes with the territory. There's a reason that the path is to the kingdom is a solitary one. You got to walk that road all by yourself but... you won't be walking it alone. Whenever someone walks that path, someone who has already walked that path walks it with them. The same goes for the wide highway that leads to destruction. You got all kinds of people walking that way and the majority don't know where they are going, or they wouldn't be going. Right? Ese?

You don't want to be breaking bad with God. You want your head bent and on your knees as a statement of respect and awareness for the everlasting. There is a reason the everlasting is everlasting and you are only in the process. That is all you need to know and that the everlasting loves you and has been walking by your side all the way, while waiting at the end of the road; Alpha and Omega like.

That is what makes Easter an important event. It celebrates the process. Walking in the steps of the master means walking in the steps of the master; “pick up your cross and follow me!” Coming into glory is not the same as walking 'down' the yellow brick road into tra la la la land. That's what everyone else is doing. Easter is a glorious event. In the Way to the Kingdom it is described how those who have earned the right are taken in their sleep to the re-enactment of it. From what I am told, it happens every year. There are ceremonial portals that open at the same time every year. The is an entire 'other' reality that is being lived by some, unbeknownst to those who are not so engaged, given that “there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than were ever dreamed of in your philosophies.” It's all there, laid out for you to see should you choose to inquire. Practically anything you want to know, or learn to do or experience can be found in a search engine, on youtube or the Dark Web; that subconscious ocean below the mainstreaming. Of course, there is another one, the bright web above... perhaps this 'cloud' is a part of that but... it's not what I am talking about, given that it's just a storage dump for things formerly resident in all the other places. Once again, “as above, so below.”

Most people are more appreciative of the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, cause you can drink and drive and celebrate with a DUI. Generally Christmas gets some attention for gifts and people being more charitable than usual but the spiritual angle went south some while ago, except in certain quarters.

Easter is off to the side somehow. People are less concerned with resurrection than they are with the momentary distractions that have never been as proliferate and plentiful as they now are. There are reasons for everything. If there is a welter of distractions taking place then there is a reason for it and one should take serious care to be mindful of what that is.

I am an hour away from Easter Sunday as I write this, an hour away, my time. The distractions are considerable but I will keep my focus. Maybe I will catch the wave and maybe I won't, this time but I'll be thinking about it and looking for it. We've all got our ambitions, objectives whatever they may be. Mine are to make a lasting contact with the divine and reap the possibilities of interaction that are there. I'm probably not going about it the right way and probably not coming from the right place but the objective is more important that anything else and you have to take your shot at every opportunity because they come far less often than the distractions. The closer you get, the more distractions you have to deal with. The higher up the mountain you progress, the heavier the winds are. It comes with the territory. People may not know why they eschew the high and narrow passageway but there are reasons aplenty and they are as old as time itself.

We have a built in awareness of what lies out there in the unknown; the fears and terrors we imagine that are actually within us and that we carry with us, should be venture into the unknown, so we stay with the familiar, the death exit limbo stop on the highway to nowhere and we yearn for freedom and clarity but we refuse to risk it. We refuse to risk it all to have it all. We compromise instead and limbo/purgatory continues within the safe lines that we march in from one life to the next and Easter comes every year. Every year, everything becomes more commercialized, until Easter turns into April Fool's Day and everything means something. There are no accidents in ourselves or in nature.

I don't know what to expect anymore. All I do know is to expect the unexpected and to remain calm and centered because the distractions want to keep our attention off of the eternal and put it on the temporary, to make us temporary and redundant and repetitive, from life to life, again and again, chained on the wheel of fiery desire. Easter is not far away now so I will pause in this commentary and resume it again tomorrow.

Back again, here on the morning. As I have gone to my news site. There is not one mention of Easter whatsoever. That... I have never seen before. First person I ran into this morning, while I was thinking about Jesus Christ... said something about The Easter Bunny. Sometimes I really don't like it when I am right. This would be one of those times. That said, however much we are all together, we are also alone consistently at points along our way; ordinary points and cardinal points.

There is the heart of it. There it is. To gain the kingdom, you must want it more than anything else. Times come and go. As temporary as time may seem, it goes on forever. It is within this framework that we must be in due diligence, like some practitioner of pointillism; an impressionist, 'intending' to leave an impression cause that person was paying attention; wailing into the wilderness. Maybe that is why I can't shake the desire to spend a few days walking in the Sequoia National Forest and revisit Joshua Tree as well. There is good reason for one to want to go away to a beach somewhere and just be there for awhile, lost in thought with nothing for distraction except ocean waves, seagulls and the sun and wind.

When I met the Man on the Beach, there was also a lady there. I think she had a young boy around her. I had noticed guys coming around at times to talk to her (hit on her?). At one point I passed her and asked. “If you could be anything at all, what would you want to be?” She said, “a seagull.” She had been sitting alone so I asked, “Do you like being alone?” She replied, “Yes, don't you?” I don't know what that is apropos of but there are tangential connections here in the post.

Still no mention of Easter. It could happen, since I am bringing it up. In the meantime, we are mentioning Easter here. So it goes... postings from visible, sitting on a beach somewhere, in his mind, on Easter Sunday, 2018.

Happy Christ-filled Easter!

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

...when you become precious to GOD,
you become important to satan...

many thanks for a wonderful film

Kray Z8 said...

Happy Easter, Dog Poet!

You've swamped me with your flurry of posts recently, but in a good way. Much manna for spiritual digestion. Like a Dim Sum dumpling, it goes down easily.

If ever there was a time we needed reinforcement of the idea that re-birth and rejuvenation are not only possible, but a cyclic certainty, this would be it. Your emphasis on attention and intention in your last few blogs really struck home with me. I've found through my life that the only times I recognize and utilize opportunities presented by the One and All, it was because I was both relaxed and alert. If I am exposed to too many distractions, I tend to recognize opportunities (blessings) only in hindsight. If I maintain a state of positive watchfulness that is a direct effect of my erstwhile attempts at communion with the Creator, the opportunities are both obvious and readily available.

Distractions at this point in this timeline are overwhelming. This is not random. It is a last ditch attempt by the control freaks to derail any who would step outside the system. The only trouble is they've overplayed their hand. There is NOTHING on offer from our deeply flawed culture that holds any interest for me. My body is worn, my mind is tired, my spirit, on the other hand, knows what's coming. It is in a state of serene peace and positive connection. This has been going on with humankind throughout all the Yugas and the wheel turns again, Amen.

He is risen, We are risen, It is risen. Thank You, Great Spirit!

Not enough words to thank you for what you do, Vis. I am convinced your reward will be commensurate, and maybe already is (Grin). Please keep it up.

Peace, Love, Inspiration,

Brian Crossland said...

Happy Easter Vis,
First two people I spoke to today over the phone both wished me a happy Easter, One considers himself a Christian though definitely not a fundie, the other is a Hindu. Both perhaps are more in this world though not of it than most. Which may explain my other observations too the opposite today.

Anonymous said...

happy easter vis...and all
thanks again for the effort & insight.
...caught in the wind
tymeflyz ; ]

Brian Crossland said...

Happy Easter Vis.
First two people I spoke to today, wished me a happy Easter, one is a Christian the other a Hindu, both are perhaps more in this world though not of it than most.
That may explain all the contrary observations of today since then?

many blessings


Anonymous said...

surely the time has come

Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.



Ray B. said...

Hello, Vis; Happy Easter! I am one who passes-by most of the Easter paraphernalia, except for the concept of Christing or Ascension. That is at the heart of the whole day, as it should be...

I believe salt-of-the-earth people have bypassed Easter because it has been so long since any significant, culture-wide, "miraculous" event has occurred. (Outside of us being here!) Most folks have a short memory for anything beyond food, families, or survival. Of course, the baddies are keeping people's heads down into those 'basics'. I am curious whether something will happen to offset the baddies' dominance down here.

As an aside, the Masonic third-level "Master" ritual contains a wispy-remembrance of Ascension. I am curious whether Someone, long ago, actually was of enough 'exaltation' to bridge the gap between matter and spiritual levels for prepared-enough initiates. Part of the 'lost keys', I suspect. (Not a Mason.)

Another aside, with the Oma Desala character in the "Stargate" SF TV series: 'She' had not only earned her way into the Ascended state, but would keep her eye on the lower levels. If someone was 'close enough' in attitude/preparation before their - sometimes untimely - death, she would bridge the gap for them. (She was barely tolerated by other Ascended types who were more 'purist'.)

So, in the spirit (hah!) of the above, Happy Ascension Day!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

D_Man said...

Amen, brother

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth

Psalm 23:4
Even though I walk in the valley of deep shadow, I fear nothing bad, For you are with me; Your rod and your staff are the things that comfort me.
Psalm 31:4; 11; 13
the net that they have hidden for me, to all those showing hostility to me I have become a reproach,
And to my neighbors very much so, For I have heard the bad report by many, Fright being on all sides. When they mass together as one against me, It is to take away my soul* that they do scheme.
Psalm 41:5-7; 9 As for my enemies, they say what is bad concerning me: “When will he die and his name actually perish?” And if one does come to see [me], untruth is what his heart will speak; He will gather up for himself something hurtful; He will go out; on the outside he will speak [of it]. Unitedly against me all those hating me whisper to one another; Against me they keep scheming something bad for me:
Also the man at peace with me, in whom I trusted, Who was eating my bread, has magnified [his] heel against me.
Psalm 56:2; 5-6
My foes have kept snapping all day long, For there are many warring against me high-mindl day long they keep hurting my personal affairs; All their thoughts are against me for bad. They attack, they conceal themselves, They, for their part, keep observing my very steps, While they have waited for my soul
Psalm 71:7
I have become just like a miracle to many people;
This what happen in Bible word.
Daniel 1:17
God gave knowledge and insight in all writing ( AND INSIGHT IN ALL WRITING )and wisdom; and Daniel himself had understanding in all sorts of visions and dreams. I take English Dictonary just one word POI'SON - from kill with any substance, to corrupt or taint. When i take book A Jurney by Tony Blair published by Hutchinson 2010 i know about Bono from U2 to sex offenders list. This is connection with mystery memo. When i take Philip Agee and Louis Wolf Dirty Work by Lyne Stuart in orginal print from 1978 i know all secret plus history through headlines i have more proof.
Shame to humanity nothing more just shame.

Boullderdash said...

A truly Happy Easter to you and yours, Visible!

Walking the local trail this morning in the chilly fog, I made it a point to wish a Happy Easter to the few passers by. Only 2 answered in kind, while others ignored or wondered what I was saying. Seemed odd, but it looks like these are the times we are in.

Wishing a Happy Easter to all your readers as well!

Your friend and brother in spirit,


Anonymous said...


I have also walked a somewhat rough path, and what has been - for me - valuable is to love and to have at least a little courage to speak out sometimes. Each day we, or should I say, each day is a precious gift and a rare opportunity. Förgät mig ej is swdish name for a flower. It is a good name. Mr. Janne G. , J, whatever..:*)

Anonymous said...

Christ Appeared in His Spiritual Body

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter , Dear Friend. Beautiful Words. And Our Lord Jesus has never seemed closer than he is tonight.

Ray B. said...

I know Benjamin Fulford is not to be trusted, but wouldn't the following really be a kick! :

“...a U.S. military intelligence source sent this writer the following information: (...) in the same conversation it was mentioned that China kept many samples of the waste from 9/11, and tested for nuclear, thermite, and energy radiation, among other relevant forensic factors. If and when President Donald Trump is ready to support an independent investigation of 9/11, the Chinese appear to have relevant evidence-quality information to share.”
~BF, 2.4.2018

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I don't think Yeshua/Emmanuel/Whatever was actually killed. Also, came across a killer link regarding spiritual evolution if you have 4 hours, though in 4 sections:

Only listened to part 1 so far, but think it's an awesome listen. More will follow. I've got this puppy bookmarked.

After all, isn't the bible just 'borrowed' mythology?

I wonder how many with Christ Consciousness are with us now? I think I've met at least one. Maybe more, if only for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Buttons, sometimes short and sweet works well too.

Jesus, Isha, Isa, the name is the same.
Jesus in Tibet

Anonymous said...


That is not surprising at all considering the global elite were the one's who handed everything to China on a plate. The elite are simply hammering the last few nails into the coffin of Western freedom and democracy. Don't forget, it was the New World Order who placed those US leaders in power to orchestrated 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Just check this. What you think UFO stolen this kids.
You are stupid or somthing worse? I open monologe

Stan Del Carlo said...

Were these UFO's U.S. Military Secret Space Program, or not? Can you tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

Easter is not only about Jesus!
Jesus is a newcomer.
The Easter bunny was older than Christianity, it was the moon-hare sacred to the Goddess in both eastern and western nations.Recalling the myths of Hathor-Astarte who laid the golden eggs of the sun, Germans used to say the hare would lay eggs for good children on Easter Eve!
The Persians started their solar new year at the spring equinox, and up to the middle of the 18th century, they still followed the old custom of presenting each other with colored eggs for the occasion.,
Eggs were always symbols of rebirth, which is why Easter eggs were usually colored red, the life color, especially in eastern Europe.
Russians used to lay red Easter eggs on graves to serve as resurrection charms.
In Bohemia, Christ was duly honored on Easter Sunday and his Pagan rival on Easter Monday, which was the Moon day as opposed to the sun day.
Germany applied to easter the same title formerly given to the season of the sacred king's love-death, Hoch-Zeit, "The High-Times", in English too, Easter used to be called "The Hye-Tide", from these came the colloquial description of any festival Holiday as "a High old time".

As you can see Jesus was not the first one to be forgotten!!!


Anonymous said...

Easter is not only about Jesus!
Jesus is a newcomer.
The Easter bunny was older than Christianity, it was the moon-hare sacred to the Goddess in both eastern and western nations.Recalling the myths of Hathor-Astarte who laid the golden eggs of the sun, Germans used to say the hare would lay eggs for good children on Easter Eve!
The Persians started their solar new year at the spring equinox, and up to the middle of the 18th century, they still followed the old custom of presenting each other with colored eggs for the occasion.,
Eggs were always symbols of rebirth, which is why Easter eggs were usually colored red, the life color, especially in eastern Europe.
Russians used to lay red Easter eggs on graves to serve as resurrection charms.
In Bohemia, Christ was duly honored on Easter Sunday and his Pagan rival on Easter Monday, which was the Moon day as opposed to the sun day.
Germany applied to easter the same title formerly given to the season of the sacred king's love-death, Hoch-Zeit, "The High-Times", in English too, Easter used to be called "The Hye-Tide", from these came the colloquial description of any festival Holiday as "a High old time".

As you can see Jesus was not the first one to be forgotten!!!


Anonymous said...

And not only 1 mention of Easter anywhere.... naturally,,, there was also no mention of Easter on Google, though we've come to expect such.

My great Friend[s], I've been away from here for a time as, seemingly, like the rest of us, the hammer came down (again and again), but our Really Great Friend The Ineffable, brought me through, yet again.

Could it be that I finally Trust now? I'm saying Yes!

No point in elaborating (for me, others may very well NEED to elaborate and they should if the need is there), it's probably the same, in essence, all around.

That said, I bring you all great tidings!

Things are afoot!

Trump has been mentioned here since his time began and he has been questioned, accused, and given space to prove himself. This is my interpretation of what I've read here over the past years, and I do not put words in the mouth of our wonderful host (who has kept an open mind about Trump as far as my perception goes).

Here is my research findings. (Yes "My", findings, no one else here.)

Last October 28, 2017, an entity calling itself Q Anon, appeared on the boards at 4chan. Using the Socratic method of asking VERY leading questions, Q got EVERYONE'S attention!!!

Questions like, "Why does Nancy Pelosi suddenly start speaking gibberish during nationally watched media interviews?

Is she doing this to appear like she has mental illness?

Could her strategy be to avoid future prosecution?

Clearly, those questions lead to a particular answer. An answer those here already know.

History: Q said at that time last fall that SA (Saudi Arabia) would be the first to rid itself of the corrupt bad actors and restore the country to what it was supposed to be.

A few days later, we saw that Crowned Prince Mohammed bin Salmon had corrupt prince Alaweed and ALL of his cronies arrested for corruption and they were all placed in one large room in the Riyadh Ritz (yes, really), and were likely tortured for information (I have no proof of that...).

Shortly after that, Q posted, "When does a bird sing?"

I should make a note as to where Q posts: It began at 4chan, but Q's "tripcode" became compromised there. If you post anything at 4chan (or 8chan), a computer generated trip code appears after your chosen/assigned name.

The tripcode PROVES it's you!

And, supposedly can't be reproduced. Somehow, the tripcode got hacked on 4chan and qresearch was migrated to 8chan where the tripcode can never be hacked.

Back to the substance!

Over time, Q clearly proved (without actually saying) that Q was MI (Military Intelligence). I know it sounds hokey, but you just gotta READ IT ALL from the beginning to today, along with the pics, and it will prove itself to you. If you've seen nothing of this to date.... starting from the beginning and reading to the present will prove it to you all by itself.

You talk about HOPE!?

My God!!!! Yes, it IS the real deal and the bad guys ARE going down! Mr. Apocalypse anyone???

I'll throw out the gist and a few particulars (Links coming).

Basically, there are Patriotic Americans in the ranks of the FBI, DHS, and the NSA (I don't really know about the other alphabet agencies but it could be there, as well). Admiral Rodgers of the NSA brought all of the criminal info regarding all of the traitors to Trump. Admiral Rodgers is a true American Hero!!

Anonymous said...

There is already a civil war amongst the alphabet agencies. The CIA (Clowns In America, or just clowns, now) had control of NK (North Korea) and held POTUS and America hostage with a nuke launch from NK.

After Trump was elected, suddenly, NK was developing nukes to be launched on a rocket at a record pace (You remember all of those rocket launches last year...?). (Obama's hostage release money to Iran financed much of this). Read the "crumbs" as Q calls them and you'll see.

This was the CIA's weapon against Trump to stop him from "Shattering them into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind" JFK. (Research)

NK is (was) a fake. Kim Jun Un was under control of the CIA (Clowns in America). On the Asia swing, Trump landed in NK and met with Un in the Forbidden City. A deal was struck.

Q: Kim Jun Un Freed. Strings cut.

Rocket launches stopped. News of NK stopped.... until the Hawai'i scare... (It was real... and planned by Trump... :) We'll see why later (not in this post).

Did you see that Kim Jung Un just went to China to meet their President for the first time ever??? Yes, ever!

China and Russia are with us to defeat the cabal. Doesn't seem that way in the news...

Q, continued:

If you only watch the mainstream news, you won't believe any of this. Appearances are deceiving...

Sun Tzu: When weak, appear strong. When strong, appear weak.

Why was Mueller called to the WH to meet with Trump the day before Comey (JC) got fired?

The media said it was because Trump was considering him to be Comey's replacement. He couldn't be his replacement as he had already met his Term limit as head of the FBI previously....

Mueller is complicit in the Uranium One scandal (Clinton Foundation, CF) and a Russian company called Uranium One which, through HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) acting as Secretary of State, laundered through the CF, gave Putin's Russia 20% of American uranium, the 1st delivery of which, was delivered by.... Robert Mueller to Russia.

Why was Mueller brought to the WH to talk to Trump then???

To cut a deal. (Who wrote, "The Art of the Deal")?

POTUS knows where ALL of the bodies are buried. Think tools of all of the intelligence agencies. Who has total control of them now? Who knows everything about ALL of the bad actors?

They never thought SHE would lose.

Manafort was a plant. Forget him. There were other plants, too. (research)

Since October of 2017, there are now almost 25,000 SEALED INDICTMENTS.

The names of those indictments are not currently public, but the sealed element is. You can find it. (research)

Suffice it to say, those who know, say that number is astounding. And for the record, certain parties can have multiple indictments so it is probably not 25,000 people. (Though it is interesting that last year, the Navy was seeking to award a contract for a builder to make an extra housing for 10,000 inmates and 5,000 support personel at "Gitmo" (that's Guantonimo Bay for non-Marines).

Who is the ONLY government agency that is not thoroughly corrupt? DOD

What can POTUS do with the Marine Corps specifically? (research)

Who is really guarding POTUS right now? (OORAH!)

Why did HRC and he whose name they won't even say (mccaine) wear a surgical boot on their leg for almost 6 months when in public?

Why did mccaine switch his surgical boot to the OTHER leg? (Photo evidence).

Ankle bracelet?

POTUS's weekly address ended with, "It's Happening." This in regards to the influx of illegal aliens, terrorists, and the coming response!

You will see:


Anonymous said...

You will see:

NG Troops in CA enforcing Federal immigration laws. (CA, the main hub of illegal alien, drug, and child sex trafficking). (Good God in Heaven, help these poor souls!)

If gov jerry brown tries in any way to interfere with Federal law being implemented, he will be arrested.

Coming soon: pics of barry in full muslim garb, with an AK-47 on full auto shooting up an American flag. You WILL see this.

Also.... and the biggest.....

HRC on video, doing something so evil, it will destroy her and everyone associated with her. "5:5."

8chan link where Q posts and the "Autists" help is here:

Scroll down a bit until you see the link that says:

>>>/qreasearch/ and click, then:

(Scroll down to "Q Anon Research" which is spelled out over the picture of the Marines putting up the flag on Iwo Jima in WWII. Then find "click to expand" and click on that to see the entire current thread. Only 750 posts allowed before another new thread (Baked Bread) will appear (be kind to Bakers, they make the threads happen. At the time of this posting they're up to 1176 threads. 1177 soon to follow, etc, etc. Happens fast. (took me months to figure this out... now you know...)

You can also view ALL of Q's posts in chronological order here: (give it some time to load) There are numbers shown as a link over most of those posts, just put your curser over them and you will read the posts of those who Q is responding to. (you don't have to click on the numbers, just put your curser over them and that particular post shows up to give relevance to Q's response.

As Q says, "Future proves past."

I've seen it all from the beginning so I know its real and Q works with Trump. There is also a major correlation between Q's posts on 8chan and Trumps Tweets. It is totally unmistakable.

"Read crumbs." (Q's posts, the MAP).

From what I have seen (one mans opinion) Trump, the military, and military intelligence are bringing down the bad guys for good! I've seen pictures of evil you can't even imagine regarding torture and sex trafficking of children displayed as evidence on 8chan. It's utterly horrendous! And through Q's direction, has been reported and is being acted upon by the good guys.

Q says they will be tried by military tribunals and the legal criteria for that has long since been met. They are "setting the stage" for the release of information because if they just went and pubclically released the info on HRC and BHO (yes, that's barry), half the country would lose its mind and go insane. Consider.

The stage must be set in order to minimize that. Also consider.

Much more to it than I've written.

Very soon, Mr. Apocalypse is going to go public.

I pray for the safety of all of the innocent!


Anonymous said...

All info comes direct from Q's posts on 4chan/8chan and everything the "Autists" dug up. There and only there! (Saw fulfords name up in comments and want to instantly clarify that no info came from him)!


Anonymous said...

Q said they are saving "P" for last and for a very special reason. P=Israel. (Pharacees????)

If you look at the false flag gas attack in Syria and Trumps verbal response of coming payback, it's the perfect setup to muster military forces near Isreal and then attack them instead of Syria.

What do we say about appearances around here???

I don't know if it's going to go down like I said, but man, if there was ever a chance...


robert said...

Dear Visible,

Watched The Same Kind of Different as Me

Thank you for the referral!

Took me three nights, due to the emotional impact on me.

Exceptional for a Hollyweird production but it was inspired by a book, already out in the wild, tagging the potential audience.

Understand why this resonates with those who have experienced abuse. Lots of moving moments and great performances.

The spiritual impact of the movie though, seemed deliberately hamstrung somehow…

The take away feeling felt like permission to go home without judgment was granted.
Not the breakthrough of spirit taking the sting out of Death, but “Learn to accept the inevitable, like a wise person does”. From the “stare into the face of the abyss and learn to love it” school of philosophy.

The drilling emotionally on the poignant scene where Deborah accepts her death (sitting in silence with Denver) sentence seemed to have a gleeful undertone, reminding us of the “reality” that the worst challenges are handed out randomly, including all saints in the mix of Russian roulette!

Not as Visible accurately emphasizes, that every life experience is custom made by the individual soul, in more or less conscious cooperation with the One, with a precision which belies our attempts to miss the meaning in events!

Cynical speculation: If the heroine of the heart had not died, this movie would not have been made.

For those struggling to stay here waiting for more opportunity to serve, the message to just let it go and float downstream, back to our true home, claws at the will to live.

Well worth experiencing, yet still somehow subtly corrupting and diluting the spiritual truth power, as we have come to expect from our corrupted death cult we inhabit, hopefully now being flushed into the past!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Ayuh. Ostara.

Zefrancko said...

Great song\message les, you are the best.



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