Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Death by Hypocrisy and Demon Worship; the Israeli Way.

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Please forgive the use of bad language to punctuate bad behavior. There is no culture on Earth more evil and Satanic than that of Israel founded on the Nazi formula of Theodor Herzl and financed by the Satanic first family of arch-devils, Rothschild clan. The evil of the AshkeNAZI empire had its origin in the translation of the Ashkenazim into Khazar's. In the 9th century, King Bulan of Khazaria got hoodwinked by a filth peddling Talmudist. The Ashka-nimrods object to this linkage which is all the proof needed that it is so. If they say something is so, it is not and if they say something is not so, it is. This is a good rule of thumb to measure them by and it is always a spiritual affirmation to stick that thumb up your ass for emphasis and their version of an holy oil immersion process.

The evil done by this microscopic reptile, virus population, is by far greater than that of any people on Earth, no matter what you call them. For thousands of years, when they were called other names, they have been a predator clan unlike any ever seen before, they have done monstrous things to everyone else. The Bolshevik Revolution and following Leninist Stalinist regimes were entirely their construction and tens of millions died brutally, the victims of torture and a virulent atheism, which probably can't be called atheism because they do believe in the various devils for whom they perform terrible blood rituals of slaughter on their so-called holy days; more properly called Unholy Days.

Their latest vulgar and violent actions are against the Syrian people. They have already slaughtered millions in just about every middle eastern nation that is not one of their sodomite bottoms. It is said that the United States, Britain and France were behind the attacks on Syria, and what they don't say is, Israel is behind them, actually running the policies of these countries through 3 vehicles; one is the powers of the infernal realm, two is their control of international finance (they hate when you say this) and three is their control of the media, where they can announce that Syria is proven to have used chemical weapons, as if it were a fully confirmed truth, when it is a lie. Everything negative and fabricated about the Syrian government is vetted in Israel and whatever center of iniquity they are operating out of and then passed on to the demonic swine policy makers in the major western power centers, where they fellate and fluff their overlords in ceremonial rituals of negative affirmation of the ones whose interests they serve.

You are utter swine and not even cannibalistic man eating pigs can hold a candle to you. I have aptly named you crocodile swine in the past, which is an insult to both. Your catamite agents in London; the center of your banking brothels, the city center, the aristocracy and the craven, psychopathic politicians were the agency behind the Syrian false flag (look at their faces!). Your corrupt and infected press is like the most odious, genuflecting sycophant, bowing, backing up and naked behind, as it seeks to be hammered by it's evil pleasuring, fake human, demon at the sweet center axis. I feel really bad and that, is really gooood! Stir the shit. It's your thang; ain't no thang, orangutang!

Speaking of odious, how about that Holocaust Horseshit. If you are pushing this crapapola (interesting, my word processing, spelling software, offered to insert Rappaport for 'crapapola'. Heh heh. You know what I am doing? You know what it's called? It's called, “speaking truth to power”, that's what it's called. If you promote this hoax, you are also promoting murdering, blackmailing and enslaving other members of the human race; of which identification you are presently removing yourself from. You are either a willing conspirator, like Eli the Weasel, or you are deluded and should be in recovery or... you're lost. You've got the same level with me as someone texting in their car while driving and probably on the Oxycontin, I was supposed to get as well, I'm going to do my best to be nowhere around you and I am going to make it a part of my written endeavors to expose you.

There is only one reason a person would engage in such deceptions- MONEY... Gelt... L'Argent... of course, that goes with your native territory.

Your evil empire will fall. It will fall by your own hand but the devices of its destruction and the torments and time involved must for the poetry of it, be in other hands. I already see you fallen in my heart and mind. You are crumbling as I write these words. There is a flame at the tail of the paper tiger. You have assuredly lost the battle and for you, the devil really is in the details. As you can see, courageous souls are speaking out everywhere and Mr. Apocalypse is intensifying his anointing of more to do so and beating the bushes where you've hidden the truth so that they may see it. You cannot kill the truth. You can only occasionally kill the messenger. The truth in it's simultaneous ugliness and beauty is unkillable. The truth's most overpowering emotion, as an archetype, is a hatred and detestation of lies.

The day is dawning. The time is coming. The caravan is moving. The stagehands are dismantling one stage and erecting another. Every stage is a scaffold and there are more than one meaning for the word. The world is a unique and living creature. For all the horrors of the Kali Yuga there is an overlord whose vision exceeds the distance of sight that any mortal can view and his powers are limitless in his or her sphere. I think the most succinct way I can put it, with all available brevity, is... you're fucked.

I KNOW, for reasons left unsaid here, that you are aware of your fate and that you can feel the intensity of its author. The cold chill of inevitability is your constant companion. It is relentless. It ratchets up. It winds tighter and tighter and keener and keener. It is not unlike that experienced by the saints and seekers but... the outcome... the outcome is so very, very different. It will be like finding that your aged, Provolone sandwich has been turned to shit. This is both figurative and literal.

I don't pray for you. I know that I should. I have looked for reasons and am left with the consideration that I am too selfish. I convince myself that I do not have the time with everything else I do and I have to have times of respite, especially as time marches on me. Time marches on all of us. Perhaps I will find the time and inspiration to be less selfish. Sometimes I wonder at the strange alchemy of my life that has impressed on me that I could not survive if I did not have periods of respite. Madness would surely be attendant in any case.

This latest British-Syrian White Helmets bullshit is just another death rattle from the Death Rattlers. I suspect you are having more and more trouble breathing. That is because of the continuing increase of toxic lies and actions in your atmosphere. Lao Tzu is reputed to have said in one of his offerings, something like, 'in the end, the people will turn to each other and say, we did it all ourselves', implying that they did not really. You are going to be able to say the same thing, for different reasons and with a different outcome. So... hoist that Jolly Roger, let the winds of destiny fill your sails. They are hanging pirates in the morning and Johnny Depp will not be playing you. You get to be in your own movie.

Okay... we'll cut it short. There isn't anything more to say. Holay!

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Stan Del Carlo said...

25 grams of non-kosher pure crystalline Chinese Ketorolac Tromethamine for ACUTE moderate to severe pain will cost about $50.00 plus shipping.

Visible said...

Thank you! I will look into that.

Anonymous said...

a bunker buster Vis, TY

Praying for the dark hearts,
is like leaving them a trail of bullets in the woods,
and losing YOUR way...

Let Us Read


Visible said...

Yeah... there are all kinds of reasons. I'll probably find myself up the line and discover I was right in the first place, or where I went wrong; win win.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

As you read the alternative media, everything is going right. The entropy of what is, is increasing rapidly; and the era will end in a rather uncomfortable 'cleansing' for many of those who wished to be here to see it. I guess I'm one of those, since I've done everything I wanted to do; but I'm still here in my self-imposed prison which me thinks the Physical Realm is.

Well, I shall try to finish what time I have left as obnoxiously as possible and maybe dance to a song or two of BOC's Club Ninja as the nukes are incoming; depending how much stamina this somewhat shattered form still has.

NOSTRILS UP, FOR THE END IS NIGH! (What would I get for carrying that sign in public, me dost wonder.)

Ray B. said...

Vis, don't hold back; express your feelings! (grin)

There is an interesting thing that happens after Higher Self Cleans some baddie. After all the old pain has been cleared away (or forced to be felt-through), their HS is encouraged to 'take another look'. After the re-merging with their HS has taken place, the baddie turns goodie. (Goodie defined as trying to raise the consciousness of humanity. Baddie defined as trying to lower the consciousness of humanity or keep it held artificially low, as now.)

What occurs then, I hate to say, I enjoy: The new-goodie turns to his/her/it's lieutenants and starts some form of Truth-telling. This is to anywhere from a few to a few dozen 'next-downs'. Moans and groans occur almost immediately. I cannot track the details of what is going-on, but there are wails and gnashing-of-teeth. I am assuming that the new-goodie has the best interests of his/her/it's former-colleagues at heart; I just don't know how 'gentle' that awakening is...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


I fully comprehend what you said (you too Nostrildame) and am often in a focused awareness of that very thing. Life is getting VERY interesting. I posted to that guy that was ranting at me about EDTA (A subway system?). Routinely, the system always recognizes me, for inexplicable reasons, it posted me as anonymous. I stay away from conscious application of that sort of thing. Shady activity leads to darker planes but that made no sense. My friend called my attention to it. I love having other people around, they keep me honest and the kind of friends I have, make me want to be a better man. Onward and upward.

Doug Pearson said...

Now you're talkin' Viz, now you're talkin'!

Anonymous said...

Nice rebound, Visible. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "you take my breath away".

Unknown said...

Hi Les ... been a long time since I commented
Great rant ... am in total agreement ...
Hope you are well and can find some relief for whatever ails you


wiggins said...

"Jolly Roger"......Roger Waters. ;~)

Stan Del Carlo said...

Patients treated for pain are Not perceived as equal, because M.D.'s love their celebrity patients, who can pay for the golden script with virtual money.


Rest In Peace On Cloud 9


The fingers all point and say, shame on you, because there is no excuse, for being so naughty naughty naughty.

Anonymous said...

Israeli Prime Minister went on another fiery tirade against Iran, comparing the Islamic Republic with Hitler’s Germany, claiming both shared the goal to exterminate all Jews. Actually Jewish prophecies in the TORAH require that 6 million Jews must "vanish" before the state of Israel can be formed. "You shall return minus 6 million." Hitler didn't fulfill Torah prophecy. They are cheating their horned god. Ain't that anti-semitic? Confirmed by Rabbi Solomon Cohen on "Our Jewish Agenda": https://ourjewishagenda.weebly.com/the-shoah.html The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean — the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes.

Anonymous said...

Well said dear visdible; I felt the anger rumbling beneath the words and it felt good. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

As soon as I read the word Nazi, your credibility went.
Israel is evil but Nazi's were not.
They were victims of jewish media
Nazis wanted to stop the jewish Bolsheviks who killed millions of Christian Russians from bringing communism to Europe.
Churchill who was bought and paid for by jews did their bidding.

Visible said...

As soon as I saw the name unknown I knew a troll comment was on the way. Ironic?

Nandisha said...

Three years ago, I read "To Eliminate the Opiate" by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, and "The Messianic Idea in Judaism" by Gershom Scholem. Until reading these books, I had no idea of the profound dimensions of the problem we are facing. I have, since then, delved very deeply into all of this history and I have to say that I find it all to be quite disturbing.

Stan Del Carlo said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Adolph


Jewish said...

@Unknown, maybe that is why visible said from the very beginning "Please forgive the use of bad language to punctuate bad behavior." Who knows, doesn't make sense to me. We all know the word nazi is associated with strength and courage, and that "Nazis" were great people.

Visible said...

Unknown and Jewish are running a psyops against me. I had this pointed out to me by a reader but I was aware of it which accounted for my replies and non replies. Neither of you are welcome. Adios.

David Alan McBride said...

Pretty fuckin' pathetic psyop.

Anonymous said...

'...Israel is behind them, actually running the policies of these countries through 3 vehicles; one is the powers of the infernal realm, two is their control of international finance (they hate when you say this) and three is their control of the media...'

Don't forget they also control all religions, governments, commercial institutions, and the law society.

Collectively known as 'satan's worldly government', aka New World Order.

Visible said...

They DO NOT control my heart and mind! They do not!!! I HAVE GOT TO see some of you! Surely some of you have the time and desire! Let's get together and record some albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please my friends... while we have the time!!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Devil is what we Thought was Real, When we Forgot that God is all that was Real.

Anonymous said...

"All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy through the extravagance of her luxury.” 4Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. 5For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 6Give back to her as she has done to others; pay her back double for what she has done; mix her a double portion in her own cup. 7To the degree that she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, inflict on her that much torment and misery. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow and will never see mourning.’ 8Therefore her plagues will come in one day, death and misery and famine; and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” 9Then the kings of the earth who committed sexual immorality and lived in luxury with her will weep and wail at the sight of the smoke rising from the fire that consumes her. 10In fear of her torment, they will stand at a distance and cry out: “Woe, woe to the great city, the mighty city of Babylon! For in a single hour your judgment has come.” 11And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, because there is no one left to buy their cargo."— Revelations 3-11

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

There's Nothing here that Matters. It Matters not at All...

North Cascadian said...

Right on my friend, tell it like it is.



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