Friday, June 5, 2015

These Things are True if we Are True.

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Ah... the strange ironies of weird thinking. Recently, one of the few who spin out around here, wrote to tell me that my name, Les Visible, is an anagram of: ”I bless evil.” He meant it as a negative and an indication that I am evil. I had to laugh because, immediately into my mind, came the following Biblical quote, “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” There are many more portions of scripture that say the same thing another way. This is not meant as a vindication of me because I had a policy for awhile to repay all commentary in kind, with the exception of avoiding any response to the positive. It's meant as a clarification of something that was intended one way but... on the level it was given and in reference to the authority called upon to affirm it, it turned out it works in reverse because-according to relevant spiritual texts, you are supposed to bless evil. No credit comes to me in that respect. I wasn't aware of that anagram being in my name.

I bring this up because all kinds of weird thinking is going on these days and it doesn't look like there is going to be some kind of renaissance of sanity, flowering in the air around us any time soon; here is just one example. The incredible evidence of double speaking weirdness shown here and the monsoon of raining irony created, due to who is behind this kind of nonsense, is seriously laughter inducing; one more convincing example of how it is that evil destroys itself.

So much of what we encounter these days is unintentionally funny; truly embarrassing to those who have moved past the ability to be embarrassed. There's funny and then there is ridiculous and then there is absurd. Here's one of the latter. The first thought that leapt into my mind was, “IF ONLY!” but... of course, this is just one more Zio-Lie, possibly brought about by Pam Geller herself, failing that, definitely produced by her handlers. When we think of evil, we think of evil men but women are no less capable, as Viktoria Neuland, Hilarious Clinton and others have proven. Then there is the clown of the group, Michelle Bachmann. Men and women create evil between them, if they are so disposed; if they are so inclined on the decline.

I know there are some that will be thinking, “Why does he talk about evil? Evil is an illusion. There is no evil. It is just a projection of the mind; of an evil mind... your mind. Visible.” (grin- outside the quote marks). Yet... every bona fide teacher who has stood the test of time over the centuries, of our so very brief recorded history, has spoken of evil and warned us to be on our guard. I doubt there is one among us that has not encountered, or been on the losing end of an evil action. There are those who like to work that moral relativism; 'everything is everything' thing and 'everything is okay all the time' and... there is some truth to that, in terms of resolution; in terms of how things work out... should you meet the criteria for it (what they hell is he talking about? What criteria? That's for me to know and for you to find out.)

I'm discussing this because I am noticing the not so slowly ♫slip sliding away♫ descent into a quagmire of lies piled on lies,,, resulting in? Resulting in an ever intensifying and ever more pervasive suffering, attended by the sad and terrifying deaths of many, at the hands of the few. Once again, the poor and put upon Israelis, felt it necessary to launch missiles at themselves; missiles which have yet to hit anything, so that they can use Palestinians for target practice and build up that false cred, where those whose lands they have stolen and who they have imprisoned in ghettos, can be labeled as what they themselves most completely exemplify. Of course, this explains why it was so critical for them to take control of the information industry... among other things, like the banks and currency presses, the entertainment and music business and the political theater of shameless whores.

The world, left to its own devices always falls into an entropic swamp of evil and things like this become commonplace. We don't get much in the way of details because the people reporting the details are behind the theft of charitable funds around the world. Surely you remember when Bush and Clinton showed up in Haiti and those crocodile tears ran down their faces as they did their Walrus and Carpenter act. Ain't showbiz wonderful? ♫We are the world. We are the people♫ Uh huh...

What hope is there for a public that refuses to learn and participates in the poisoning of their own being? It's less about what goes into the bodies of the public than it is about what goes into their minds and rules the affections of the heart. Once the mind is seduced, the body will go and do what it is told. How amazing is it that the more examples we are given that we are being deceived by those entrusted to protect our interests, the more fiercely we refuse to see it? Why is that? It is because all of our faith in what we so desperately want to be real would dissolve and we would be left bereft of our false hopes? That would, in fact, be the best thing that could happen to us. I've been there so, I think I would know. I say, 'think' because as we all 'know' here; I don't know (grin).

What can any one of us do about the gathering darkness, as it rides that iron hoofed skeleton horse with those eyes of fire, rearing and snorting and pawing the Earth? Into every declivity it makes, there rushes the black blood of those martyred by the pawing cuts. The darkness is coalescing into form. I can see the pale rider emerging into outline. I see the hypnotic swaying of his form in the saddle. I see the scepter that ignites the hunger for the most desirable object in the world (whatever that might be). I see it raised before the multitudes. I see them swaying to the music playing inside their heads, as Hell's Orchestra segues into the final movement of that unfinished symphony that can only be finished on location... as it were and... with everything that implies... as it were.

Where was I? Right. What can any one of us do? We checkmate the evil within. We call upon those angels that stand by, on call, waiting for our call and we ask them to assist us in our liberation from captivity. The example of our triumph will stand as the living proof of that possibility for everyone. If we attain, we create precedence. Precedence already exists in the timeless stories of those who have gone before us. They set the bar for our own achievements and left their undying example to guide our way. If others have done it we can do it too. We must learn to love ourselves and that becomes possible when we forgive ourselves because just as there are those who have accomplished greater things than we can yet imagine, there are those who have fallen further than we can imagine and who went on to rise again and to achieve beyond what we can still imagine so... what does that tell us? Uh huh.

Life goes on. We've all heard that and... what we hear less often is that life goes by and at some point life is gone. What occurred in the space of that passage? Some of you that are older are aware of how time compresses, as you arrive at different stages of existence. It speeds up. When you were young, a summer would seem to last forever and now?

This is less important than what we spent that time on. On occasion I mention 'the recording angel'. There is an angel that keeps track of everything we do and that will become very clear at a particular moment, which doesn't often happen on this plane and which doesn't mean it can't happen here but here there or wherever, it will happen and oh what a glorious wonder if it amounts to a good report, which by some higher magic has wiped away the shortcomings we endured on our way to victory.

There is something in us that is so much greater than what we are aware of and we have only to bring it forward into expression within us for it to take root and grow into an ever increasing presence of being; the true being of our eternal nature, expressed in the timeless moment, created by true being, which lives in that moment forever and always has done so. It is the coming state for any of us so disposed to arrive in that state. It is what the agents of the ineffable wants for us and it is what the ineffable wants for us. The ineffable lives inside us and seeks with a passion greater than we have ever known, or can know, that we might come to that place, that we might hear that knock and open that door unto the ineffable so that the ineffable might come in and flood our hearts with joy, so that we might be always one and never be parted again. These things are true. These things are true and we shall know and experience them if we are true.

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Anonymous said...

Well nothing is as it seems.... a man morphs into a woman and now Stephen Hawking
or one of his impersonators tells us that he will consider assisted suicide...
Less evil, less believable, less visible... or we were meant to be what we were not... you said it, Mr. Apocalypse is calling the tunes and apocalypse means 'revealing'... and 'revelation of the method.' Every bizarre day, more gets revealed.

Anonymous said...

I see that Google has lowered the bar here at their blogosphere yet again. First it was standard Captcha (type in the sequence of numbers and letters) if you wanted to comment, and now it's "pick out the food images", etc. Next it will be "put your index finger on your computer screen so we can read your fingerprint"...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"the hunger for the most desirable object in the world (whatever that might be)."

Ahhhhhhhh. My nostrildom for a nose hair coat and/or a perpetual nose petting machine.

Yeah, riiiiiiiiiight.

Anyway, if we plan our lives before we get here, it seems a number of us plan on 'playing the villain' and making the lives of the majority miserable during their sojourn here. I really wonder why anyone would do that. Is volunteering for that 'flunking life'? If so, why set yourself up for that? I'M SOOOOOO CONFUUUUUUUUSED! Do we live just for the experience to gain perspectives, since that's all we take with us?

Going on NDE memories from the Low Etheric.

I'm not so sure there's retribution for having been a parasitic psychopath all the time. Depends on your state of mind on transition, from what I recall. If you've gotten so addicted to being like that, there is a place where everyone is of that mindset, and you're likely to end up there then. A so called 'Hell' in my opinion. If you were an arsehole to the nth degree because you were on a mission and you detach from what you did with no further desire to continue on your formerly evil ways, I don't think there's majorly negative consequences. (Of course I could be wrong, but hey!)

After it's over, we judge ourselves (Been there, done that a couple of times). If we make peace with ourselves regardless of what we did, are there any consequences? If we don't, I suppose it's off to the recycling factory. Ultimately, what is it really that we face after we shuffle off this mortal coil for good?

In the end, everything ends up in the same place anyway. Everything ends up where it came from. It's just some aspects take longer to get there, but being there is no time; all is unified already, whilst still being separate, or not having yet been separated.

Ya know, I'm really having problems with the concept of so many wanting to experience this low density, overly compromised shite hole where we are just a mere fraction of ourselves and held in ignorance, and how they want to stay for a long, long time regardless of how uncomfortable it gets, or what it costs in so many ways. Then again, I'm here; though I will not fight to stay. If a tsunami is in the works, I may be at the beach with my 'tude finger extended, yelling at the incoming that if it doesn't kill me fast I will make slurping noises at it. (Virtual nose licks from a non-snake are NOT cool.)

Or at least go down the hill to meet it, since we are on kinda high ground. The place would be a mess anyway.

Man, you know how pissed I am that the so called 9.8 didn't happen last weeK? And the video got taken down before I had the chance to e-mail Frank a virtual nose lick.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

Howdy all,

Did anybody else catch this sort of strange comment by Bob Schieffer on the evening news?

"I got my money's worth on this trip to planet Earth."

Mr. Nah

Walker said...

I can see how You changing, growing month after month, year after year. Me to. It takes time... but only if we know how to use it. Than You.

Jenny said...

Vis- You really have a way of saying the most important facts. Being here is what it is- a very strange ride in a unusual vibrational plane. As we master our action and reactions to what comes up other folks watch and THAT is where the teaching comes in. I have learned by watching many others- it is becoming very clear to me what you say - "for purpose of demonstration"
Thank you -Jen

Eudoxia said...

Jennifer perfectly put, as we watch others we are also becoming astutely aware of our own reactionary state, this is the catch if catch can moments when we have to sit back on watch our own emotions and mental clap trap. Very, very revealing on what we need to work on ourselves.

@ Katy boring attire this evening, standard pj's and by sheer accident actually matching for a change, smoking jacket as per usual, gentle fire and fur kids are in bed.

@ Mr Nah not sure if I've got my monies worth but it sure as hell is giving me a run for it that's for sure! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water etc".................

Anonymous said...

The "Evil" anagram reminds me of a british comedian who endeavoured (without success) to play classical piano with an orchestra and a highly renowned conductor.

The conductor stopped the music, walked to the comedian pianist and stated with great indignation:
You:re playing ALL the wrong notes!!!

The comedian looked up from the piano in mock surprise and answered:
No! No! No! I'm playing all the right notes . . . . . though not necessarily in the right order . . . . .

Anonymous said...

could that criteria be love for the ineffable?


Brian Crossland said...

@ 8

Ray B. said...

Vis, you threw up a lot of grist for the mill. Thanks.

Vis: “Why does he talk about evil? Evil is an illusion. There is no evil. It is just a projection of the mind...”

I suspect that this 'split' comes about because of the intellect vs feelings aspects. The intellect can sit up on its 'high and mighty' perch and pronounce that - since everything comes from all-God - there can be no evil, by definition. And, it is right from that aspect. However, down on the in-your-face feeling level, anyone who enjoys inflicting pain is de facto seen as evil. Both are right within their sphere of influence, and both are wrong in detail...
Vis: “The world, left to its own devices always falls into an entropic swamp of evil...”

I see this as the result of a built-in bias around pleasure and pain. When something pleasurable happens and we experience the 'cool' emotions like love and joy, it is very easy to feel them through. We even enjoy feeling them through 'to the last drop'. Contrariwise, when something painful happens and we experience the 'yuck' emotions like anger, sadness and fear, it is hard to feel them through. We avoid them, simply because they feel so bad.

This 'bias' causes a build-up in held-pain. If you ever saw the TV version of the Highlander series (later-on in the series, after they got past the mandatory cutting-off of the head garbage and started focusing on what it would be like inside to be, say, eight hundred years old and counting), they brought-up the (quite true) concept of a 'dark quickening'. This occurred when an overwhelming influx of pain caused the individual to 'flip' from the pleasure side to the pain side - becoming a bad immortal rather than a good immortal. This occurs in real life, too - whether from a sharp influx or a steady accumulation of pain - and causes a person to intentionally seek to bring-on and administer pain. (It can be reversed, but prepare for a lot of 'yuck' to be felt-through.)

It is this real 'dark quickening' due to the pleasure/pain bias that is the 'background' to any society dropping-down more and more. This bias is why the Avatar has to come-in, every once in a while. I just wonder why the system was set-up in this way...
Vis: “We call upon those angels that stand by, on call, waiting for our call and we ask them to assist us in our liberation from captivity. The example of our triumph will stand as the living proof of that possibility for everyone.”

Well said! There are two aspects to this: First, the good guys 'standing by' are sometimes limited by their own 'dogma'. They tend not to interfere/step-in unless they are asked. (The bad guys are not bound by this 'dogma'.) So, it is in the bad guys' interest to convince the public that these 'higher orders' do not exist. Thus, not ask for any aid or assistance. Clever.

Second, there is the inclination within many religions (brought-on by baddies) to claim that only the founder of the religion can attain to any really-high state. Not for the masses. Thus, the average Jane/Joe does not 'call-out' for any assistance, with this 'goal' in mind. Check out what this does, within the good-guy 'dogma' above. Also clever.

(And a third aspect: I do hope that one person (better: many) 'breaks through' to exhibiting 'higher states' on our earth-plane. The baddies have got so much programming in-place that it is going to take much more than 'spoon-bending' to radically-alter most folks' mind-set around the reality of higher-Being. Bring it on...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray B,

Evil was mentioned numerous times by Jesus Christ, in reference to the ones that force us to run through the gauntlet, he referred to them as the pharisees, who are today's Zionists! Jesus specifically told us NOT to do what they do, yet it seems to me that is exactly what Christians are doing. Serving the Zionists does not make you the slave of Jesus Christ it makes you the slave of Satan. Christ does not enslave people he frees them! Remember, Satan is the grand deceiver. Jesus had to overcome temptations delivered to him by Satan, and one of those temptations was GREED! Doesn't Satan offer Christians access to all the money they want by signing a UCC -501c form, with the catch that they cannot say anything seditious about THEIR government? Tell me, how can one commit sedition on a corporation impersonating a government?

Evil is the opposite to Live. When you indulge in evil it is detrimental to your eternal soul, which is why all those in charge no longer have a soul. This is why Jesus said. '[f]or what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels and WILL THEN REPAY EVERY MAN ACCORDING TO HIS DEEDS' (Matthew 16:26-27).

I can't imagine anything fairer than that, it is called KARMA, which is why one should ALWAYS live by the GOLDEN RULE.

It seems to me that many people say there is no such thing as evil today, which directly conflicts with what Jesus told us. These same people are now saying that pedophilia is not a crime but rather a disorder. I wonder how they will feel when it is their tiny arse or vagina that is torn to shreds and bleeding?

A few years ago when I was being led to the court handcuffed I turned to the police officer accompanying me and asked him how his soul dealt with his job. He replied, 'oh that, I don't have one of those anymore, this job has seen to that!' If it is shortsighted to give up one's soul for wealth then would it not also to be fair to say that losing one's soul for a job is just as shortsighted?

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Darkness of the World and the Light of the Ineffable.

Thomas said...

Oh Vis!

Hope you are well. This posting seems to indicate it. I am well, as in happy through suffering. But I am strictly tested, praise God! There is no turning back now. I am being asked to learn to have complete trust in my own judgement. That is fucking scary, knowing where that has taken me before. If I leave this woman now, she will go down in flames, and I will not have any respect left for myself. But there is always That Consoling Presence saying "you are not separate from Me, My Child. Only your mind can make that error.". But I am so, so busy, from I get out of my sleep until I fall on the bed in the night, and have only stolen moments of prayer to offer to My Lord. She tells me I sleep with my eyes open, like a small child. Weirdness. I understand so little of what happens, and I don't know anything. It's freedom, and it's frightening. Mysterious and wonderful. I have gotten a better understanding of those invisible pressures you have talked about, sent from dark cellars and diseased minds. It helps me to visualize a golden spiky sphere around myself, and know that the spikes will cause all dark acts to boomerang back at the aggressors, and make them stumble and think again next time they try that shit. God Rules, and they are pawns of Gods Darkest Servant. End of story.

One thing I do know is that those Illuminati Shit Weasels will have to crawl over my dead body to get their will! NO FUCKING WAY, I SAY! The World, The Beautiful World is not theirs for the taking. Like you say, the empty-headed and perverted kings and queens are ridiculous and insane, but oh so much suffering they cause.

My Faith is unbroken, even strengthened from the toils and trials. I still believe (and am told) that The World will be made well, without too much trouble, except for those who have caused trouble.

Bless you, Visible, you Lion-Hearted Man! (and more, so much more, too)

Here's a young, contemporary poet/musician from your Homeland. Perhaps you will enjoy his music. I find some of the texts very sharp.

"we are nowhere and it's now":


be well.



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