Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Freak Circus Fashion Show for Dysfunctional Morons.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......


Greetings my friends, such as you are, such as you were and such as you will be. As bad as it is we have it good because we have each other. We have each other in the best sense; virtually ...so as not to get into that 'familiarity breeds contempt' thing. It's kind of like having our cake and not having to eat it too. I know we are prepared to like each other, even if we don't always accomplish that... moving right along. Nothing to see here.

Every now and then you do see something here; one voice gets raised in outrage against the vile murdering thugs that just do as they please because they own the banks and the currency printing presses. If the love of money is the root of all evil, then they are bewitched and entranced with such an armore (that's amore!) that no other passion may rival it. You will see more and more of this as Mr. Apocalypse revs his engines. The scat is out of the bag; no need to set it on fire on somebodies porch. It's in the air all around us. “I can feel it poisoning the air tonight.” Bottom line is they aren't that good at it and then they have to brag about their ability to do it. You can screw some of the people some of the time but you can't screw all of the people all of the time or else you are going to need a really big supporting cast. Ben Dover! Ben Dover to the white courtesy phone. I don't know how people get accustomed to being rogered all night and day. Can I have another, Sir!

You know what the bottom line is? One day you won't be here. Think about that folks. All your struggles and ambitions swim in deliquescent 'might have beens' for what no longer is. One of my little escapades in the long nights of reflection that come upon me... oh... every night... is to think about what it is like to be someone like Little Georgie Sorrows. Yeah... I lay there and I think about being George Soros and no matter how badly things might be going for me, my heart is filled with ebullient joy that I am not him. There seems to be no pesticide to cover this demon spawn, who freely frolic in the pastures of our discontent. He walks in worlds of color and behind him, as he passes, everything turns to a gray Detroit skyline; post Robo Cop or maybe it is Escape from New York but it's not New York. It will be though. First we trash Manhattan and then we trash Berlin.

You don't want to be around any of the major cities but I have said this before and no one pays any attention to me. If you study the moving dynamics of populations in transition you will see that the way the economic structure is arranged, people are being forced into the urban landscapes and in the mind of every entrepreneurial high roller it is all about their great escape on the back end. It doesn't happen. It's flypaper. It's the monkey with his hand in the vase after the mango or the avocado and... that is the end of the monkey. The mind is a monkey. To understand the mind you need only understand the monkey and once you do you no longer have one on your back.

We can't say everything here because words are not equal to the task. We would say these things if we could but better men than me have been stymied by that challenge and failed. Some things cannot be said. They can only be inferred. You could call it the cloud of unknowing that veils the reality behind the appearances that own us day and night. It's all because of that monkey. The monkey never sleeps.

Once most of America lived in rural environments. That is not the case anymore. People are being driven into compressed realities and as a result, what might have once been beautiful women have been rendered into tattooed bimbos with a Paris Hilton Tramp Stamp on their lower back. Nothing says that I am a biker slut more than a gnarly ink rendition on one of your shoulders. People are proud of tongue piercings and not shy about why they have them. It's not just reality TV, it is reality porn; desperate souls advertise themselves for any amount of mayhem just so that they can belong to someone. We are now in the ultimate submissive society. People want to be owned, used and recycled. It is not something you have to think about. It does itself. You just have to go along with it. You just have to move in formation. March!!!! March!!!

You can't really blame people for the routes they take. I don't know what it is that does it to them, or maybe I'm just saying that. I consider myself lucky beyond my capacity to express it that I am not taken in by it but so very many seem to be. I am sure I am wrong and that there are many intrepid souls who see directly into the heart of darkness and know it for what it is but how come everywhere I go I see the same scrambling after objects and each other?

Then again-

There was once a time when all human beings were Gods.
But they so abused their power that Brahma, the chief God, decided to take it away and hide it somewhere it could not be found.
But where? Brahma called a council of the Gods to help him decide.

“Let’s bury it deep in the earth,” said the Gods.
“No, that will not do because humans will dig into the earth and find it,” answered Brahma.
“Let’s sink it in the deepest ocean”.
“No, not there, for they will learn to dive into the ocean and will find it,” said Brahma.
“Let’s take it to the top of the highest mountain and hide it there.”

But once again Brahma replied, “No, that will not do either, because they will eventually climb every mountain.”

Giving up, the Gods replied, “We do not know where to hide it, because it seems that there is no place in existence that humans will not eventually reach.”

Brahma thought for a long time and then said...

“Here is what we will do. We will hide their divinity deep in the center of their own being, for humans will never think to look for it there.”

Self inquiry... it's what's for dinner, unless you are for dinner.

Cities are a wonder during that period when hustle and bustle were in the right time zone but now, the dog eat dog syndrome is afoot. The culture wars are coming into full bloom. This strange affair had close to a half a dozen links on just one ass media site. This is by turns, off the hook, ridiculous and pernicious. They are coming in from every angle they can think of. On and on it goes, ramping up the silliness to height never before seen. I couldn't watch this video for more than ten minutes or so as they kept guaranteeing proof of their claims and then providing the most speculative drivel; just listen to their voices. This is all part of some Satanic disinfo frenzy. It's coming in from all over and it's all designed to fold, spindle and mutilate. This new mechanism is in English in a country that doesn't speak English. It is a world wide celebration of tiny demographics against a much larger public.

The obvious transcendence of Satanism into every aspect of society is by now undeniable. Imagine what must be going on behind the scenes! The pressure on those who have submitted to their own self interest -and thereby become hijacked vehicles, must be really intense. Meanwhile, the light of the Avatar is leaking through the seams of the fraying darkness and the compromised literally do not know whether to shit or see the light. I'm trying to get a fix on the entire but it is so massive and extended. Whew! This is the single compelling reason why one needs to turn to self inquiry. Trying to grasp all the details of that which is not worth the trouble in the first place will only serve to frustrate you and even drive you mad. That seems to be the point of the thing anyway.

These are only 'some' of the things we see. The shameless, prancing exhibitionism of these allegedly smart and powerful people is a breathtaking sight. Of course their incandescent arrogance has diminished the value and relevance of the public to the status of dysfunctional morons and they actually believe that anything they say will be believed and everything they do will be understood in the manner in which they explain it. One has only to look at the pop-up celebrity of instant fashion victim, the newly minted Caitlyn Jenner, to see that some portion, some terribly disappointing numbers of the public may be at least that.

In big letters, the posting source proclaims that Bob Dylan admits that he sold his soul to the devil. Here is the headline; “Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil” In this slavishly pornographic homage to utter bullshit in the Google listing, there is one link that addresses the dumb ass sensationalism taking place here. It's that Fox News thing again; print a totally misleading lie as a headline and provide no evidence of the claim, believing that people need only to see the headline. Bob Dylan doesn't say at any point that he sold his soul to the devil. From what I heard he could just as well have been talking about god. Anyway, this has nothing to do with whether Dylan did or did not make a deal with the devil. For all I know he has. This is about the claim that he stated he did, which he didn't. This is less about causing a fall from grace for Dylan than it is about convincing a world filled with Nimrods that such a thing is possible and inspiring thousands to seek out a means to accomplish the same thing.

This piece has been more or less sitting here for two days while I searched for a way to say something larger and to do it more precisely and was unable to to achieve that. Maybe tomorrow we will find a greater clarity.

End Transmission.......

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Anaughty Mouser said...

A crisp, sober and accurate post.

There is a great video about the 6 million myth at the Truthseeker. Nothing new there but well and logically presented why it it a total lie - backed by the bankers who own Dylan's soul (if indeed he did sell it9.

How is Hawaii treating you Sir? Any sign of Fukushima fall out there? You ever see Mike WRH on your Island wandrings?

Peace and love to you Visible.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dylan has been doing Chrysler commercials; he is already rich and established in the Pantheon, why would he debase himself like that? Joni Mitchell recently called him a plagiarist and said everything about him is a deception. And it turns out that's true: "God knows I've paid some dues gettin' through." Well, not exactly. His dad was in the movie business and had Rockefeller connections, and he was signed by Vanderbilt John Hammond on the basis of some mediocre harmonica playing. He also wrote that promoting the next world war "can be very easily done." Clearly he is more interested in selling Chryslers than offering any dissent. It's been a great loss to me, coming to terms with some of these guys. Zappa is another one.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"You can't really blame people for the routes they take. I don't know what it is that does it to them, or maybe I'm just saying that."

People are programmed. Media, peers, parents. . . It's hard to escape. I'm under the impression those from majorly dysfunctional families aren't programmed so much, and are probably a bit more capable of thinking for themselves if they haven't been turned into something of a psychopath from the abuse.

I've always been a tad on the 'weird' side. Never was one to adjust to 'reality'. I tried to make reality adjust to me. Sometimes I actually succeed.

I remember my sperm donor and surrogate incubator (uh. . .step-mother) asking me why I couldn't be like everyone else. Gods, what a stupid question. Do I even have 10% of the problems of 'everyone else'? Then there's the fact I've held the majority and their stupid mortal flotsam games in contempt from a rather young age.

Anonymous said...

The one glaringly similar thread that exists between Bob Dylan and Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner, is the mind-control angle. Dave McGowan has pretty much proven that all celebs are mind-control victims. (At least on the music side of the equation; but as Visible noted, by "inference" - which is the key word there; things can be inferred but not accurately put into words because by nature, those things are beyond words - it can be confidently stated that the same thing happens on the actor/celeb side of the equation as well).

To me it's completely obvious that Bruce Jenner is an MK victim - as is the entire Kardashian clan. First he was a Super Athlete, a gold medal winner, an American media darling, the epitome of manliness, adorning the covers of Wheaties boxes and whatnot. And now, he's a transgendered chick-man named Caitlyn. Sure. That sort of thing happens every day in real life (if you're mind-controlled, anyway).

As McGowan has pointed out, and which can no doubt be inferred, nobody becomes famous in the music business unless they are mind-controlled. All of the people who rise to fame in that arena - and the shocking thing is, which can once again be inferred, everywhere else, as well - are part of that same group.

It's like a giant checkerboard, and every slot holds a space for a "celebrity", and up at the top, we have the MK controllers who handpick the mind-controlled robots to take every single square on the checkerboard.

Since the mainstream media is pushing LGBT rights with a passion at the moment, the Jenner transformation makes total sense. Flip the control switch, and Bruce becomes Caitlyn. These beings are programmed to carry out whatever tasks their handlers want them to carry out. It's the only thing that makes sense here.

So, of course, nobody wants to talk about that, not in the Lamestream Media, and not in the Alternative Media (which, at least in the case of the major Alt. Media sites, are owned by the same crowd that owns the Lamestream Media sites).

And nobody talks about it because that is the thread that binds the whole thing together, and both venues are all about the dissemination of disinformation.

So if people focus on Dylan's extremely ambiguous statements about whom it is that he works for (i.e., the devil), which as Visible pointed out, he didn't say - well, hey, then it's mission accomplished. The Holy Roller crowd says, "See, the music industry is Satanic!" (Which, of course, it is, but not in the way that they are thinking.)

It's all about misdirection, while driving the misinformed to the destination at which the controllers want them to arrive.

The ironic thing might be this - we are all mind-control victims. The more passionately we cling to a certain set of beliefs, the more ardently we prove it. Truth is way beyond whatever we mere mortals might grasp - or at least at this particular moment it is. And that's the key phrase, "at least at this particular moment". Our controllers want to keep it that way. And they are desperately trying to keep the god inside each and every one of us, bottled up deep inside our beings, and cloistered off from being rediscovered by ourselves, as Visible pointed out in this piece.

So it's all about misdirection for them, it's all about trying to keep us fitted with a special set of blinders. If the blinders come off, the jig is up, and they lose another farm animal (er, human).

Kazz said...

David Norris gives gays a good name. As I have said before one's sexual preference is a private concern and should stay that way. Just as long as children are not involved and adults act in accordance with their own free will it is a matter between them and the Divine. I note that David acknowledges that in other cultures he would be put to death for being gay, and I note that he lives in the Western world where homosexuality is being revered. See how the puppet masters keep nations working at the two ends of extreme? What they don't do is provide the middle path, where gays can live without fear, but not in your face in such a way as to promote such behaviour to those who are young and impressionable.

I may be a bikie chick but there are no tattoos here Vis, I know my body is the temple that houses my soul so I treat it with the reverence it deserves.

I get where you are coming from when you say you would not want to be George Sorrows. This is what I was talking about in my last post when I alluded to the fact that people would not serve evil if they knew what that path led to. People who want to be evil do so because they have a veil over their eyes which does not allow them to see their final destination, if they did no one would walk that path. It is for this reason I try to shed some light on the paths of such people, because it is they who are the ones who need to be saved, saved from their self!

I cannot emphasise enough to people who are working for the dark, you will have to endure everything you do to others, so choose your actions wisely. The reason we have authority is because the elite are not stupid enough to do the things they employ their minions to do, they know karma is real. One really needs to recognise the value of the eternal so they are not tempted by the physical plane. It is okay to meet one's needs but excessive indulgence leads to materialism, and indulgence in the material world leads to becoming spiritually void. If one travels this path long enough they lose their soul! It is for this reason we are imprisoned in the flesh and tested, to be sorted, so choose wisely :o).

Luv Kazz

edward said...

Wonderful column Mr. Visible. The two days of gestation did indeed impart the "something larger" and "precision" you felt had escaped your effort.

Anonymous said...

Buttons, when you wrote, "I'm under the impression those from majorly dysfunctional families aren't programmed so much, and are probably a bit more capable of thinking for themselves if they haven't been turned into something of a psychopath from the abuse" my jaw dropped open. That is so true.

Laura in AZ now

Katy said...

We've reached terminal velocity

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

OTTAWA — When he cut off his right arm with a “very sharp power tool,” a man who now calls himself One Hand Jason let everyone believe it was an accident...

A farm gives you so much to do you can't and don't follow all the smoke and mirrors... Still, this crap creeps through and the feelings of imminent... clarity are becoming overwhelming.

Eudoxia said...

As George Carlin said "it's all a big club and we ain't in it". We have so many brilliant musicians in this country and do they ever get promoted - nope because they ain't in the big club. It's only the trash that rises to fame in order to bedazzle the sleeping masses. Look what they did to Rodriguez. While Dylan was being blasted across the airwaves Rodriguesz got hurled into the trash heap of history where the tribe managed to keep him for 40 years.

Then we have the Angelina Jolly self mutilation promotion, I wonder how many stupid monkey minded women did the same thing. It's one onslaught after another but the facade is slipping and serious errors are being made by the club. The propaganda machine is being undermined by inconvenient truths and they don't like this at all. Now we have Francis saying he would baptise aliens nothing new there because Darth Vader said the same thing - Project Bluebeam running behind schedule?? Absurdity piled onto absurdity.

And the whole world wondered after the beast............................

Eudoxia said...

@ Kazz
Some people do chose to walk the dark path, soulless monsters like Soros, if he ever had a soul to begin with he gave it up by his own free will choice in order to gain wealth and privlege. I would put none of the elite order in the "if they knew" category because they know alright as for the rest then the maxim states "let he who is deceived be deceived" - food for the moon.............

missingarib said...

Vis, as the ancient chinese would say, a handful of yellow leaves to quiet a child.
A culture going through the spin cycle at the western liberal washarama.Misdirection the high art of the magician . The stock and trade of the great satan is as huxley proffered: “Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World
Without a doubt : "The obvious transcendence of Satanism into every aspect of society is by now undeniable."

“That is the hazard in curiosity, I thought: all the certainties fragment and dissolve. A man curious enough and persistent enough might find even the round and solid ball of earth to be not so. He might be less proud of his faculty of reasoning when it left him with nothing whereon to stand. But then again, was not the truth a more solid foundation than illusion?”
― Gary Jennings, The Journeyer

live long

Eudoxia said...

I think terminal insanity and the pace is quickening. I hear you about farm work, I'm on 11 acres and there is always something to do at least 4 hours a day is required just to maintain the house and immediate grounds around the house. At least being in nature clears the senses and keeps me in an upbeat mode of operation. Nothing beats your own home grown food.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging people to leave cities is not helpful ... for what is coming it doesn't matter where you live .. it's who you are.

Visible said...

Why would encouraging people to leave the cities not be helpful? Well, regardless. I made the same comment over at Facebook. I do not know what is coming. It seems that you do so I am at a disadvantage here. I agree that it is who you are but that could take all sorts of shapes of expression depending on what is encountered. It is well know that when whatever it is that does happen happens, the worst place to be is in the cities and that's not my opinion but also the result of statistical studies and all sorts of research that has been being published for some time. The cities are where it is going to get hot. That's common sense. I don't think anyone is going to pay much attention to my suggestion of finding somewhere at a remove. I think people will do what they want to do. It just happened to be a part of the posting today. Tomorrow it will be something else. I have to knock out those 1500 words a day somehow, even though I miss a day here and there.

Anonymous said...

They study your rage to better learn how to
Rattle your cage.

They Swallowed The Sun

Anonymous said...

Dylan's father, Abe Zimmerman, had an appliance store in Hibbing, Minnesota. He died in 1968, age 57. He was not even remotely in the proximity to being either a movie mogul or an automobile executive.

Dylan is the archetypal posterboy of self-invention and ambition.
The surprise is that he had a soul to deal.


alpholive said...

Just a couple of cents from here to there. Mind Control is a rogue term. Bring 'em young was how the corrupt kept there familiars in line. "How can you have any pudding if you don"t eat your meat?" Mind control is how to learn to like shit sandwiches. It is instillation of hubris in reinforcement of faked mundanity. Many just want their chance to show how insipid and groveling THEY can be. I agree with the maestro [Visible] that this is rank supper we fast on here but it helps to know the game plan being rolled out. The so called public education system is advanced mind control tech. It mass produces dumbed down because it "brings "em young". The critical thing to understand about it, is "reinforcement" of the lie by intransigent committees of dissemination, called "parties". The highest rewards accrue to the best fakirs. They just smile and keep up the shtick, how "cool" is that?

Anonymous said...

From Dave McGowan's "Laurel Canyon" series -

"The epicenter of the Cambridge folk scene was the legendary Club 47, opened in 1958 as a jazz and blues venue. A very young Joan Baez, whose reputedly CIA-connected father worked at nearby MIT, was the first folkie to take the stage, not long after the club opened. Dylan reportedly first performed there in 1961, taking the stage between the billed acts. The scene hit its peak in the summer of 1962, which was the Cambridge equivalent of the Haight’s Summer of Love.

"The Cambridge scene, and others in Greenwich Village and elsewhere, were necessary precursors to the Laurel Canyon scene. The canyon scene was essentially created by taking the music of that earlier scene, particularly the work of Dylan and Seeger, and mixing it with the instrumentation being utilized across the pond by a band known as the Beatles. It is entirely fitting then that, as with Laurel Canyon, the Cambridge scene came complete with its own resident psycho killer.

"In addition to the folk scene hitting its peak in the summer of 1962, something else newsworthy happened in Cambridge that summer: a lot of women started turning up dead – six of them in that first summer alone, and seven more over the next couple of years. And as Susan Kelly noted in The Boston Stranglers, one of those victims was killed right across the street from Club 47: 'Just across the street from [victim Beverly Samans’] apartment, a very young and not yet famous Joan Baez and an equally youthful and unknown Bob Dylan were playing to reverently hushed audiences at the Club 47.'

"Folkie Richard Farina, by the way, was the husband of Mimi Baez, Joan’s younger sister. Farina had attended Cornell University as an engineering major. Cornell also happened to be where Joan and Mimi’s dad, Albert Baez, conducted classified research. Albert Baez tended to move around a lot, popping up for varying periods of time at Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cornell, and MIT, all of which have been repeatedly identified as hotbeds of MK-ULTRA research.

"Albert Baez also traveled abroad, to France, Switzerland, and, in 1951, to Baghdad, Iraq, where he spent a year purportedly teaching physics and building a physics laboratory at the University of Baghdad. 1951 also happened to be the year that Mossadegh was duly elected in neighboring Iran and the CIA immediately began planning a coup to oust him, but I’m sure that that is just a coincidence.

"Anyway, Farina married Mimi when he was twenty-six and she was just seventeen. The two of them, along with Joan, became stars of the Cambridge folk music scene, which they were introduced to when their dad moved the family to Boston in 1958 when he went to work at MIT. Richard and Mimi’s marriage was a short one, alas, as Richard Farina was killed in a motorcycle accident in Carmel, California, on, of all days, April 30, 1966. On that very same day, in nearby San Francisco, Anton Szandor LaVey declared it to be the dawn of the Age of Satan."

Anonymous said...

re: Dylan and Chrysler commercials.

There is no shortage of U.S. celebrities, athletes, actors, musicians, entertainers and 'artists' who collect a fat check via commercial endorsements. It has only been in the past several years that 'artists' have been blatantly (rather than discreetly) selling themselves to the highest bidder in the domestic media. In the '80's and 90's it was the Japanese market that was throwing money their way to shill some product or another(cue the movie 'Lost in Translation'). Woody Allen is the exemplar of this, while maintaining a tightly guarded domestic con of 'artistic purity'. In the 2000's and 2010's an even bigger stream of money was on offer from China, so who could refuse?

Dylan is just riding the trend. What can be expected? Wherein lies the surprise? The money is too available and too easy scoop up. Nothing more than an ounce of willingness is required to have one's image bought off.

There was a relatively brief moment, round about 1965/66/67, when someone like Dylan(and some others) were perceived as a cultural/artistic/musical avatars of something other than their own ambition. But manipulation of perception is the essense of this material plane.

The most notable member of that '60s cohort who have not given in(thus far) are the Doors. Time will tell.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The perfect video for this post:


Visible said...

I have noted nothing of the kind but the way the currents work is that they swing to the western face of the north american seaboard first and then come around back toward the islands here and that is a lot of territory for the poisons to cover. I hear varieties of hysterical percolations from the hypertension crowd but I haven't seen anything and the fish are fine, such as I have encountered.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Politically Correct, Batshit March off of the Cliffs of Sanity.

Katy said...

@Eudoxia Jones~~~
Agreed, agreed, and yes.
Funny you mentioned 4 hours-someone asked me what i do all day and i said, the first four hours are all about just food, water, birds, bees, animals, and deadheading the flowers. Plus, as long as you have more than a couple acres, you can wear LITERALLY whatever you want. Dont know why but that is way cool.

Anonymous said...

Here is another one who sort of kicked off this 'BIID' thing by appearing on
the National Geographic Channel. Originally Clive Jennings-White, a Ph.D. chemistry
doctor out of UK, married with two children, he 'transgendered' to Chloe Jennings-White and married another female transgender, but that wasn't enough...
he wants to be disabled, even if it takes breaking his/her legs....

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Angelic and Satanic Subliminals Working on Maggie's Farm.

Eudoxia said...

Hey Kate tell me about it when it comes to attire - I often chop wood or mow in my pyjamas I just swap slippers for shoes - the animals and grass don't care what I'm wearing and neither do I -grin- I'm sitting here typing this in a pair of tiger stripe pj pants, blue bed socks, pink slippers, a green tank top with a velvet purple smoking jacket over the top. I'd look a real treat if someone drove up right now and I wouldn't bother getting dressed either.

Katy said...

(Funny how your last comment best reflects the title of this post)
While i cannot surpass the beautiful palatte you described as your latest outfit, i will say i never feel sexier than when i pull on my new pair of bogs and venture out in just the nightie i wore to bed. I think it is the vulnerability... Woodchucks, bees and lizards, oh my!

Christopher said...

It suddenly came to me:
the reason they are pushing the transgender issue is bc Michelle Obama is a man.
I am serious. It is not a female.

Once Joan Rivers said it, her vocal chords were cut. That was no accident.

Ever since then, Michelle Obama has kept a much lower profile. She/he has a very bad temper, I am told. Perhaps she is Obama's handler?? as many have suggested, ever since she appeared wearing a black widow's dress.

Now, I read this article from you that Bieber is a girl. Perhaps he/she is. Perhaps we have been lied to all along about even stupid things.

So, Michelle aka Michael wants to "come out and play" in pubic.

Of course. Let's make transgender OK. Then you can explain to the American public how Michelle Obama pretended to be a woman for decades, and faked having children, instead adopting those two children. These two children no longer resemble either so called parent. The Obama children are also no longer doing ads for clothing lines.

It has been my opinion for years that Obama is the son of light skinned Mr. Marshall of Chicago, not the dark black, round faced, pug nosed Obama from Kenya.

I also have believed that Obama is gay, bc I believe those who said so, and I have eyes and can see him.

It would not surprise me to find that he and his "wife" have wanted this to mainstream so that they can be honest and still remain worshiped.

So Bruce comes out as Caitlyn, in drag and people think it's brave. It's really a giant promotion for his new reality show. He intends to upstage his step daughters, and take over the limelight. One day, (out of curiosity), I watched the first episode of Kardashian TV show. The group of women treated Bruce like the ass that he is. So, now he gets his revenge. He can take over live TV and the spotlight, as some kind of bizarre science experiment.

Meanwhile, the public is primed to accept the most basic lies from the power elite. For Gosh sakes! NEVER BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES, FOLKS. THE NEXT SLIGHT OF HAND WILL BE THE NEXT SO CALLED "ELECTION".



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