Monday, January 14, 2013

There's Smoke and then... there are Mirrors

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You see something on a given day and then you notice the tempers of the time are pretty controlled by a certain few, in far reaching environments, world wide. I am indifferent on this particular matter, unless it concerns basic human principals, which I am sure the majority of the readers hold sacrosanct.

There are a lot of things that I don't and woe betide me if I said otherwise. My purpose is not to anger those who are engaged in whatever their passion may be. I'm concerned for the people on the planet at this time and also other creatures and Mother Earth, or Lady Nature, as you prefer; you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore.

We are in the time of the random, out of nowhere, violence and most of it, is being intentionally triggered by a cabal of Satanist's, who want to railroad the world right into Hell. So much could be possible, if the most of us were not pleasure seeking adventurists, or dumb cattle. There are things on the horizon that almost no one can imagine but you could see the writing on the wall.

I know that some of you don't believe in a god but it is a fact that must exist, across the longboard of history. There are so many more inexplicable events in life that attest to this again and again. I'm not your research assistant, check it out. Whether you believe in something or nothing isn't what's going on here. Certain financial systems and almost all political and religious systems, as well as a certain heinous group of collectives, or singularities (wtf?); meaning things like this, because why should you be asking for donations for something that hasn't happened yet? Is this a spoof or the truff? You tell me.

Well, one thing I know is that I don't know and things never change and sometimes they do, maybe. In the meantime, the jury is out to lunch somewhere having ham and cheese, because the culture is in a pig toilet, flushing isn't necessary and wouldn't work anyway, cause “the vandals took the handles”.

Things aren't going all that well in Visibilandia, since Visible is so good at misreading the signals and not always knowing where he is at any given time ...but it should be stated that he's pretty good at dodging a bullet with the help of his invisible friends. Well, we're on the other side of all that at the moment, we hope; no comment on the details, because the details are murky, at least they are for all the people not present, murky for some who are, or were present and not murky for Visible because he was present. Suffice to say, things are not what they appear to be when one is not used to being where he thinks he is (grin).

I have never seen such a period of time, when the same incremental march of events just goes on and on from one abuse to another, with nothing much happening but one abuse after another. It's an endless procession of one hangnail following the last. It's like the universe is waiting on something to happen but it never does, except for one abuse following another. I've given up on trying to figure out what it all means. I suspect I'll find out ...but there seems to be no guarantee of that either.

The alternative press is howling at the moon, with the same theories and predictions that have not panned out yet. The economy has been on the edge of imminent collapse for years. Everyday we hear it is going to collapse tomorrow but it hasn't yet. The urban nightmare and the bankruptcy of those locations goes on and on. The crime gets worse and the ability to do anything about it decreases by the day and yet, somehow, inexplicably, things just march on. People haunt the malls like zombie shoppers with eyes more glazed than a Duncan donut. The commercials become more pandering and insipid. The stadiums fill with tens of thousands of people, who are, by unknown means, still able to afford to be there. They seem to be ordinary people, aren't ordinary people supposed to be hurting? It is mystifying.

Trucks and flatbeds go by, periodically, on the main street a hundred meters away. They keep announcing certain things but I can't make out what they are. It's a rare gray day here. The mountain is shrouded in mist. I'm sitting here at the computer, one can assume that I am writing a post. One cup of Earl Gray tea is replaced by the next. I've no intention of going outside today. I'm trying to get a handle on some of the things I have seen and which have happened to me. Nothing is what is appears to be. India is like nothing I imagined it would be. Reality here is not like reality anywhere else and there isn't much reality anywhere else and even less of it here. Things look one way but are most certainly another and there is no accurate way to determine just what that might be.

I keep hearing that this is a spiritual place and yet, I'm missing something. There is a perpetual disconnect between what I am being told and what I am seeing. It's like a relentless going through the motions, in pursuit of something that was either here awhile ago, or has yet to arrive. I know it's around but so is every other imaginable condition. There is the surface presentation, accompanied by all of the devious and inscrutable contradictions of The East. There's the perception of manners and polite formality with the, given who's seeing it, menace of quick and definite brutality, behind the patina of ageless traditions that mean one thing from one direction and portend all kinds of other possibilities from any of the other directions. In that sense it's like anywhere else. There's tension on the border with Pakistan but there's tension everywhere in these times. The powder kegs are smoking all over the world but there's a chance that the powder and the fuses are both wet and need to dry out. Now doubt they will.

Getting any kind of sleep here has been an ordeal. Recently I didn't sleep for 3 days. The end result was that just as I was drifting off on the last two nights, the night before this last one, I slipped into terrible nightmares and immediately came awake screaming, “Oh God! Oh God!” I am not prone to nightmare. At the very same time, someone very close to me, thousands of miles away, who is also not prone to nightmares, at the very same time as it was happening to me, had a horrible nightmare with the same players involved. What are the odds of that? It shook her to the core. Things have stabilized now and there has been no more of that. I changed locations and that seems to have made all the difference and now I am sleeping as well. Unfortunately, my location is now half the size of what it was but I'll take it, given the salutary effects that have accompanied the transition. Like they say in real estate, “location, location, location”. I hope this indicates a positive and enduring trend.

I thank my lucky stars and invisible friends that I have been granted a sustaining resiliency over the years, or I would have gone under a long time ago. I don't know where the strength and endurance comes from, anymore than I understand the need for such continuous testing. I'm not getting any answers but I forge ahead anyway. Recent events have made me exceedingly cautious and watchful. I realize that I am way too open and say too much. I take people into my confidence and am not discreet. I sure am now. I'm like a ten year old, playing in an adult world. This last ambush out of nowhere, cost me considerably, in several ways, not the least of which was financially but I've managed to offset that side of the equation. One thing for sure, no matter what happens, time marches on.

Something is going on in the cosmos that I can't see and I doubt if there are many others that can see it either but as we should all know by now, it moves in mysterious ways. I must confess to some amount of amusement over all of the new age predictions about what was coming for us last month. Even though I was as wrong as anyone, I wasn't making money off of it. I wonder what all of those people are saying to themselves now and especially what they are saying to all of the people they were saying it to? There's some kind of a causeway that runs through the mystical and the mundane. Perhaps it is called the ultimate ditch of reality that runs to that unknown and unnamed sea. that is somewhere over those infernal hills. that block our vision from everything that is really happened, or possibly from the lands beyond where nothing is happening ...but the vast silence that echos all around the worlds of eternal noise that contains the vast majority of us.

I'm guessing we've all got something to be grateful for, no matter how difficult it may be to see at times. They tell us that everything happens for the best. That too can be difficult to see because it often lies well beyond the plains upon which our difficulty plays out. For some of us that plain is vast indeed and for some of us, there seems to be no plain at all, just the rolling greens fields of the pastures of plenty. In any case, where ever you may find yourself in present or in future time, good luck to you all, (grin).

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the gardener said...

My brain is the equivalent of being tongue twisted reading your ... experiences. I don't know how to explain it but that is exactly how it is and has been here in literally bum f&ck Idaho... like the veil has gotten all surreal and twisty turny psychedelic and what it is that's going down-why it just keeps on keepin' on regardless of how it should just all STOP but hasn't and doesn't.

Everyone is still being sorted out by their selves. Spotlight is still going on round and round-high and low... have the time to show who and what you really are...again, and again, and again. Haven't proven our mettle or lack of yet evidently. Heap some more on... see if that's what it takes to kill, cheat, steal, hate, lie... you know, join the in crowd of the majority.

Can you take it like a souled human? Can ya boy? (girl?)

Can you take the 'flippins' on a dime? Where 'good' and 'bad' are just words?

I haven't had any nightmares-but involved dreams-in front of a jury yesterday morning-it was all sunny and bright. I was telling them 'I didn't know about most of it when it was happening-just found out more of!' all cheery and avid to convey.

Today it was this girl being in jail and the deputies laughing at her 'she says she DEMANDS a full cavity search-so we gave it to her!' hahahahaa 'THEN she says "I demand to be put in solitary so... we did!" hyuck hyuck... that girl turned into myself as I was checking out and the douche guard was literally picking my pockets for any possible concealed PENNIES and I'm like "my father is a masonic high priesthood holding mormon and he's passed on and he's going to get YEW!" Then the big black guy from 'Green Mile' interrupts and in his quiet voice asks me my father's name. And I tell him and he says 'he wasn't from around here was he' and I say 'no'.

Then my long gone blues playing bro in law is in this apartment with me and he's saying 'just turn it up full blast sisto!' and he turns the heater on full blast and my space is all warm and nice. I was so happy to see him again.

So the crowds on the other side are coming and going and wishing me well. The veil is all shimmering behind the grey walls of skies blocking out the Sun. Manipulated skies... making it double digit negative numbers.

Glad you are there-wish I were too. Keep your eyes on the roads and your hands upon the wheel.. *right-lol* love you,

the gardener

Anonymous said...

As always Vis, a relief to hear from you.

One thing i SAID TO MY GOOD Lady yesterday was this: How can the Western world contain itself right now amidst the unbelievably strong assault on their physces, their physical beings, their environments, their values, their freedoms, love, decency, air, water and souls?
I'm far from the madding crowd but I know if I lived in the US or Europe, I'd be about fist to bust a gut big time and go fully postal!

Anonymous said...

the language...

thought patterns, energy


how it all fits together <----

dig that N word, and the "J"

hey, respects neil

unless ye become as children

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Creator/Almighty, to serve him with one consent....
seriously, what part does Truth [Love] play in that scenario...

don't kill your little boy, Les

trust your gut


{the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual}


JerseyCynic said...

you speak my thoughts this morning, Visible.... and I'm home sweet home here - comfortable with all my stuff around me! -- how DO you do that. I feel like I could be in "India" somedays

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you Brother Les,

Don't worry mate you will recover soon. There will be many different twists as long as you are there. I am back in France after a lot of travelling. Interestingly having clear lucid dreams as soon as I came back. I feel the same way, like I am a child in an adults world. But I would not want to lose being a child for no amount of anything. Who wants to be a sane adult anyways there all mad according to me. India is in the grip of imitating the materialism of the west. Whatever spirituality was there has left. Until the money system collapses and people start seeing family, friends and God is important things will get worse. Thats why I left India in the first place. Pray that you recover and get what you went for.

Love and respect,


Anonymous said...

Being deeply spiritual I suppose it's only natural to want to rejoice in that limitless divinity that is the reason of all reason,,,
But alas,to completely rejoice it would need all of our brothers and sisters in the same frame of mind,,,
Many people are still mindless instead of mindfull,,,,
Including myself especially when it comes to x girlfriends who turned out not to be friends at all,,,,

Anyway tyrants turned up in Mali to kill poor people and steal their gold,subject those people to severe inhumanity...
The choir is needed,,,, painters poets basically everyone,,,,
The Mayans had said it was the end of the old world,,
I believe them,,,,
But for something new to come along,the people must fight ,,,embrace their humanity and speak it with every part of themselves,,,,,

Respects and deep deep peace mr visible and everyone else,,,


neil said...

I too love God,,,God works through us,how could we not read the words of visible and not see God,,,
Each of us would have to deny their humanity to not see that,,,,,
To me God is the acceptance of responsibility and the call to action,the embracement of total righteousness at the touch of the absolute,,the divine onwards through pure sacredness,which everything is,,,,
The tempered heart radiating the colors of true cause,,
The fully awakened,awakening the sensation that sits and guides the truth of all life into the love it was formed,,,

Absolute respect to all of you,,,,including x girlfriend

Anonymous said...

We should also remember the push for the zionist new world order is years behind,,,
My own opinion is its stuck,unable to manoeuvre,,,
Weighed down,,sinking in to history,,,as it is the main blockage of our evolution as a species,,
It is not needed on the planet,,,
Not any one of these aristocratic elite types are any better than any one else on this beautiful earth,,,
Look at the absurd nonsense they have imposed upon the planet,,,
Everything's out of balance,,,
The elite have no idea where or who they are,what they are doing here,,,they are like spoiled children who will do anything to get what they want,,

Anyway Mali,,,I will shout your cause,,you are my brothers and sisters.....

Anonymous said...

I feel so for you Les Visible.

I thought I had landed in Hell when I first arrived in India. I really did this it was Hell. I remember seeing human beings dressed in what looked like cobwebs. They were sitting around in a dusty looking square in Lucknow. Nearby there was a Temple which was said to be ancient and very holy, and it seemed to be nothing but a small room with a statue, possibly of Kali, and a few little candles and some fruit.

It was all stranger than strange and I was absolutely lost and shocked and bewildered.

You seem also to be profoundly shocked and horrified. For me it was like some kind of a death and I think it is for you too. Yet- I do not know why, but I love India and I know it will make you a lot more powerful and keenly tuned.

Perhaps it just forces you to pray. That is about all one can do in India - but it comes from deep down.

I send you my love anyway.

Anonymous said...

One can acquire wealth honestly by hard work and common sense. And all that is really required for survival is food, water and a warm place to hang out. These NWO elites do what they do for one reason and one reason only: they enjoy hurting people.

Anonymous said...

Spoken in devout song lines,
divining pathways of futured testaments accumulating deep into the frequency of all being,,,
permeating the divine residence of the true face of humanity,
massaging life upon the heavenly chords of true essence
Like magic footsteps through the doorway of existence
Only in inseparable love could we ever know their acts
Only in deep communion of humanity could we ever learn the totality of the limitless expression of pure truth emanating from the lips of lord KRSNA

I will take my seat in the mud and await your teachings,,,,

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A very apt description Kali yuga.

When I was locked up in jail I received a wonderful blessing.

It was the same blessing I took into the jail with me.

Waking up shouting for God, no matter the reason, is as honest and real a blessing as there is.

Clarity said...

Visible, good to hear from you. Today's SM seemed more like it usually does - perhaps an indication that your new location is, indeed, a better place for you.  Your last paragraph summed things up perfectly for me.  As soon as things seem settled, something comes along to upset them again.  At least you can know that you're not alone.

So much Sandy Hook bullshit, it's almost amazing that they are able to get away with it.  It goes to show, I guess, that it extends far beyond people not being aware.  We're well into complete denial of evidence that is right in front of their faces.
Not only did the United Way ask for donations before the shooting, one Facebook memorial page was created several days in advance.  And then there is a video tribute to the victims, also posted beforehand.  The video has been removed, but you can see that it was there from the cached copy.

Dutchsinse has it in his video here.

Neil, good to see you posting again.  :)

Much love,

Thomas said...

To write this, I must first level myself to the unholy lunatic... Meaning that any meaning you take from this will be on the level of resonance, or dissonance.


Or, I could say:

You are Absolute, You are Holy, You are The Divine, shimmering in its myriad forms and colours, dancing always, always laughing, trickster because it is beautiful, and because it is funny. Everything is sacred, and the blood will water the ground. Nothing is wrong, for Everything is wrought by the gentlest and most imaginative and most beautiful of All.

Now, the next thing to say is that BOTH are True, and BOTH are FALSE. Together, they are closer to True, but still FALSE, for The True Truth cannot be put into words. The Darkness is the Light is The Darkness is The Light, spinning spinning spinning. God is "THE ABSOLUTE", "THE WHOLE", "THE INFINITY", and It contains ALL PARTS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The pedophiles, the rapists, the torturers, the Big Bad Monsters ARE ALL "GOD". As are the Flowers, the Stars, the Beating Hearts, the songs, the sirens, the ducks all the dictionaries the dignitaries the royalists, the stupid, the wise, the sleeping, the awake, You Me Them, and Everything I have not mentioned, and never could because It would have to be the Eternal Song of the Universe from Beginning to End, All parts, Seen and Unseen, and everything in between that I cannot grasp or imagine.

God WILL NOT BE MOCKED, and GOD WILL NEVER BE CONTAINED, not in a fucking human word/mind-concept. God is so far above Our little meek understandings that It can only laugh, never be insulted. "come closer, my children" it beckons, oh Beautiful!

Personally, I AM DESIRE, I AM SURRENDER, I AM THE CRUELEST MOTHERFUCKER YOU EVER MET, AND I AM YOUR CARING SELF-SACRIFICING MOTHER. I am without form, without substance, without limit. My true nature cannot be described. Every attempt at containing It will show itself to have failed. But you can Lie to yourself for aeons, if that is your wish.

What is the tricksy part? What are the words? Do they ring in you? Do I piss you off? What are taboos, and are they good to break? Have we maybe really shielded ourselves of to some parts of reality/God? Wise or unwise?

No More Subtleness. Les, you are, at the same time, a whining little bitch, and a great enduring, incredibly inspiring spirit. You are One, but you do not realize your intrinsic Wholeness, and this is the root of your suffering. It is well, so, or not?. I love You, Truly, Both your darkness and your light, and were you only the one part, you would be fake. But, among a horde of clowns and masks, you are as close to Real as the Internet can put up. Big-Up!

Thomas said...

To give you a piece of my own flesh, I am self-destructive in the extreme. I have done things to myself that no sane creature would do, and that most insane creatures wouldn't do either. I have cherished the thought of dying so many times, laughing at the most gruesome scenarios I could imagine myself going through. I hate myself, with a vengeance. I am the most beautiful creature to ever have lived. I am the most humble, and the most arrogant. I am a fucking asshole, and a selfless saint. A sinner, A monster and a wisp of warm wind. A oasis of water in the desert, and the Burning fire of Hell. The grave, and the flower that will grow from the corpse. I am a worthless creature, who would give my life for an ant, and I am the Eater of Worlds, who would take Everything for my own pleasure. All, at the same time. I am No-thing, and I am GOD (just a little bit of both, mind, both are oceans, I'm just a drop in each, but only them, hihihi).

Luckily, I have been endowed, by The Most High Ever-Hiding One True Creator, my real "self" (no. there is no self but the "self" that is diluted and made One with the All), with the Free Will to Choose, which parts of "myself" I will feed and grow. I do not wish to be "evil", but I know that I could be, very easily (probably my conscience would try to stop me, but I could kill it off, first). No, even knowing that nothing is better or worse, I choose to be as "Good" as I can possibly manage, because this is My Own Selfish Choice. Come Hell or High Water, I aim for the Stars, And I aim to manifest as many of the qualities of the Fake Divine (the little over half-part that is The Light) that I can, simply because I CHOOSE TO. God has Given us Freedom, and with it the responsibility to Be What We Wish, or Don't, as we choose. Dream and Lie or Struggle and Fly, as you wish. The words are just anchors... Take your darkness into your hands, and ride it like the great dragon-beast it is. Do I make you afraid? And why do the angels start out by saying "be not afraid?"...

The thing is, we have all been decieved one way or another by the New-Age-CIA-created-Spirituality saying You are Good You are One You are Pure You create your Own Reality Your thoughts reflect in the World There is Only ONE GOD, many names...

What they are omitting is You are Evil You are Ugly You are One You are Selfish You are Cruel.

Don't you see that they split us up? We are meant to be whole, but sometimes honesty (to self) is the most difficult thing.

There is no separation, and hiding part of ourselves under the rug will not make it disappear, it will still be in our nightmares. Feel like I am offering you The Forbidden Fruit? In a world of Lies and injustice, is the law really what you want to trust? Wouldn't you rather have it right where you could see it, so it doesn't pop up in the most unexpected places? What does it mean to say "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"?

Give me Death, take my eyes, take my mind. Cut my tongue out with root, and break my bones in a thousand pieces. Bleed me dry and rape me for half of eternity, God, throw me about how you please. I will still be yours, forever and always. However you can use me for the freedom of All Beings, please, please, please. Use me as You Wish.

Ride On, Brothers And Sisters. The Will of The Divine cannot fail to be realized!. You are on the Right Track!
I wish you Beautiful Strong Dreams, Realizations of Truth and Good Laughs.

wiggins said...

Apparently the next calamity (end of World) meteorite prediction is for February we go again, batten down the hatches.

brokenbeat said...

Hi Vis,

Far be it for me to give you advice on your yatra, having only visited the land of perpetual enigma once, but I can reiterate what proved to be incredibly enriching for me.

Get out of the cities, even the towns. Get yourself into a village, perhaps near a town but far from a city. Ideally this is in an area with a rich spiritual tradition, but don't be suprised if the locals tend more towards religious ritual than spiritual practice such as meditation and such.

Visit the mahasamadhis (tombs) of saints and sages. After paying respects at their murti, sit and meditate where you won't be disturbed, but as close as possible to the tomb. The environment is conducive to deep, eventful experiences, particularly at the live samadhis where a strong heart-centered vibe prevails. You'll get a strong hit there and will be blissed-out for some time thereafter.

If this isn't possible where you are, travel. The train system is well developed thanks to the British.

I suggest Meherabad, south of Shirdi as a must. Meher Baba was an incredible avatar whose love-based messages are tonics for our times. "Don't worry, Be happy" was stripped out of context from one of his works. There is a great ashram there with fabulous food and you can visit his samadhi often if you stay for a spell.

Sai Baba's samadhi at Shirdi is a tourist madhouse, but as long as you're in the area... There's also a nunnery and samadhi of Upasani Maharaj in nearby Sakori that is worth visiting.

And Ganeshpuri, north of Mumbai is a very special place with Nityananda's and Muktananda's samadhis located there as well as a live samadhi of a lesser known devotee. There are several ashrams in the area where you can stay as well as hotels.

I should mention that trains don't run to Ganeshpuri (thankfully) so bus or other means of conveyance will be required. Should you have the time and inclination, a moderate diversion from the route from Shirdi to Ganeshpuri can take you to Nasik/Triumbekshwar, one of the four locations of the Kumba Mela and after visiting the caves on the cliffside, the live samadhi of Navritti Nath awaits in the village below.

There are countless other gems, but for me staying away from the maddening crowds made my Indian visit a wonderful, joyous experience. It helped that I traveled with veterans but minor frustrations and annoyances still surfaced regardless.

But then again, this might not be what your Indian pilgrimage is all about. Nonethless, I felt that I should share this with you and any others contemplating, or currently on, a yatra.

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

" can't tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore".

One never could, and still today, one can't be certain what operates another body!Speaking from my perspective, it's clear to me that many people are here, in position, like zeroes, they are place holders only. Designed for that sole purpose
while too, their bodies hurt just like the rest of us.

In other words, a daily approach as though one is being targeted and figuratively fired upon, has the amazing affect of creating emotional detachment ... the loosh leash! (grin) THAT is the ticket my friend..... which is not the same as not caring. Many err thinking it's only the negative emotions that feed the beast. Like the sex program, oh boy - number 1-er in the transient looshfest.

"There are things on the horizon that almost no one can imagine but you could see the writing on the wall." BRICK wall. And it's certianly understandable that many do not believe in God. I was almost there until I rejected that there is just one creator god status being. I could not attach humanity's state or the situations that go on in this world w/any god of divinity, so keeping that part it wasn't far fetched to deem, hence reject this realm as the hell of the aberrant demigod. A divine/holy creator would Never place his creatures in something that even resembles hell. Fire your imagination and all the answers to any questions that may arise from what I've said can come on in.

Fortunately it's temporary. Remember Les when you wrote the factoid not long ago that evil is temporary and self destructive?

I haven't seen the comment section, but this blog today is certainly going to rouse several to post up... I just did. Your view is correct, you are not alone.

You can say this part again: "things are not what they appear to be... (grin)."
I can't even effin wait to read the whole blog before I post this. Hopefully there are no typos or words left out... arghh (grin)


Doug Pearson said...

Yeah baby. This waiting for the shit to come down can really play with your mind and make you a little nutty. All we can do is what's right in life and see how it plays out ah reckon. Don't comply. Fuck their laws and rules. Just do what's right.

Anonymous said...

Some time ago these Visible blogs hinted that it might be prudent to watch for quintessential changes in their natures. It increasingly appears those changes have occurred. Richard Nixon said "I am not a Crook". History does not repeat itself, but Leann Rimes.

Robin Redbreast said...

The testing goes on and on - that's for sure, sometimes it feels unfair but then when we're through it its all worth it. Life would be pretty mundane without the journeys and growth. Some people just don't have that. I used to wish that I could be normal! Ha ha. Can't imagine the life of a drone drone drone.

I had the same lesson about being 'too' open (it's a hard one - a lesson that not everyone has our values). The consequences of which for the last 16 months have hugely impacted my life. I'm through that journey now with the wisdom that comes from such a (devastating) lesson. I now keep my cards close to my chest, I don't open my mouth as I used to- and I find myself observing much more, and mindful. As the moment passes I see there was actually no need to speak (as I used to) and I smile inside as it reveals themselves. Perhaps I liked the sound of my voice too much ( yes I am going on a bit here- I know!).

As you always say Visible, everything is going to plan (or words to the like) it's all good.

God bless and keep dodging those bullets- it keeps us agile!
LLPP xxxx

Anonymous said...

The rearrangement we experience in seeking the familiar always happens every time one relocates, this translates into the most powerful and memorable dreams we have. The unconscious is still reworking itself to make sense of the new environment having been disrupted from its familiar, nightmares and lucid dreams in this respect are unavoidable.
It finally came to me there were good things about these intense dreams which we can perceive as visits to the past and perceptions on that time that were not fully acknowledged then, possibly because we were blinded by self interest.

Love, nina

kf said...

One of your best yet! - Kathy

Smyrna said...

I'd be hanging out in Sri Lanka, Vis.
Got any contacts there?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that so many people thought that the minions of the mainstream and New Age media, who were responsible for blasting the trumpet for the last several decades about the precise arrival date of an "apocalypse" (12/21/12), were on the level with that claim to begin with. What, exactly, do they tell the truth about? Aye, there's the rub...

preacher said...

It's a pity I just read this now, but most of it is valid still...

Lunar Forecast for January 2013 New Moon ~ January 19th

"The vibrational messages encoded in the body of water, in the body of all waters upon the Earth, are being sung a lullaby of Love to replenish and reactivate us to our natural state of unity with the Divine. Listen to the call to harmonize in the song of healing, and share in with the Joy and Peace of your own voice.

Take this time to drink of the medicine of compassion, unconditional love, and empathy inherent within the human heart that is open to us now. Regenerate and empower yourself in preparation to return from out of the abysmal coma of inertia, because as each new day brings new light, we shall soon see another spectrum of the Infinite, demanding our action."

This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren

I suspected something was wrong after not hearing from you for many days, but decided not to mention it; in case it would influence the outcome negatively.
Glad to read you are all for the better now!

ChewyBees said...

If God is watching us all, and I hope some form of metaphysical wonder is, I like to think that what God enjoys the most is an interesting life.

The life of the mundane and repetitive, always keeping the same schedule, always observing the same things, always committing the same "sins", always worshiping and paying for forgiveness in the same manner at the same time to the same old tired hoary hymn is boring to annoyance. Always entering into the same old arbitrary know nothing conversations about what TV told you to believe is lame.

Never breaking the loop. In essence, the life of a robot.

You, Mr. Visible, are so entertaining to God that God can hardly stop tuning in. Perhaps that is why God likes to put little and big situations out there, like a tangle of knots that God gets a kick out of when you unravel them. You are a metamorphosis of living, and while your search may be for God, in reality God had found you long ago and adores your every action and reaction.

The mundane, worshipful and pious political masses I am sure impress some god, but I highly doubt it's the One referred to above. The god that wants to turn glorious, living spiritual masterpieces into facsimile Robot Chickens might just have a forked tongue, a tail and a pitchfork. Which makes it all the more evident that the governments of this world, in their never-ending quest to turn all into unthinking workers, are trusting in their own god, one they give full Trust to on their enslavement mammon money.

When we find ourselves trapped in our little habits, customs and schedules, it's time to mix things up a little, or a lot. Otherwise, we are no different than a useless subroutine on an outdated computer. Why would God want to pay attention to that?

Keep mixing it up for the Great Spirit, and keep us informed about it all, for we too are always entertained and caring.

Citizen Elle said...

“I'm concerned for the people on the planet at this time and also other creatures and Mother Earth, or Lady Nature” yep, you said it.
I love you, Visible - you are like so many of us, the child who inadvertently ended up with a ticket to the adult amusement ride (that’s often anything but amusing)… but, it sure is a ride. Wouldn’t have it any other way!
Chewybees is so right on! (Just love when you share here btw). It’s a rare human being that can observe, experience, endure & report like you, Vis. We’re blessed to know you & be here (there) with you for this journey. Duck & cover as you must and spread your wings as your wont to do.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... ( 2 glasses, sorry neil,,,)

best comments ever, perhaps absence makes the hearts grow fonder.
speaking of Henry Fonda... no, wrong digression, different movie....

as for god(s), big fleas have bigger fleas upon their backs to smite them, but there must be the biggest flea, no? but we must also live within our limitations (whilst looking at the "stars"), so as they say (said?) about India, as many gods as monks (and humble flunks). then theres the political organisation, educational factors. I live like a monk, not a solitary amoeba in a single pool of dark.

one thing I know (apart from that I would say something like "one thing I know") is that there is no going back from this awareness of, on this temporal plane, the "them" and their antics. I look for their trickery and self delusion.

as for heavean, it's in the lap of the god. in my lap, some mud, some water (I found the leak today, it's on again, hellalulah!), and sometimes creative handplays.

useful information? hell no, read the above comments. I can only self deprecate, laughing at the ridiculousness and the sublime and heartfelt budha(sic, sick?) laugh, all the way to the God bank. cashing in on truthfullness (minor caveats apply) and an official " I 'aint a member of the Illuminati" card.
I , we, are illuminated enough to see those shadows on the wall, and to see around those corners that have been purposefully built by those who would deceive. (yes, I am aware of the anti-itis and the anti-anti antidote).
and ghees, f*ck, that music that I now start to play, that I got sick of (the 70s pops) is bloody B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L, and God given, even though Illuminati driven (foreplayed at the Top 10, but a double edged sword "Give peace a chance", fuck, howabouta Revolution starting with some history reading).
its the use of the tools, and its the power of the person. that these things (our human buttons) are abused and degraded, it is true, but then, there is still the overall overarching deity, viewed by each through their own lenses, perhaps wiped clean by the communal waters (sounds like the jesuits had me years (ears) ago). still is!
make sense? Hell no (on second edit), but theres something good in the state of (waiting for it)... the Apocalyptic endmark.

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish-

Tubing down the River to Shylock City.

Visible said...

It seems I have had to write this Origami, hopefully it does not distress too many people grin)-

By Way of Attempted Explication.



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