Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Hour is Coming Round at Last as Surely it Must.

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I try not to focus on the punishment angle. I believe what scripture reveals about that; “Vengeance is mine”, sayeth the Lord”. I can’t help myself sometimes when I find myself wishing that a hard rain will fall upon the heads of these demons in human form. I don’t stay there. It’s very momentary and then it passes. It’s a kind of red haze that rims the eyes and dreams of fire. (I’m not a Christian but I am a friend of Christ; if that makes sense.)

The very worst of them are those who pose as the opposite of what they are; men like George Soros whose money went to fund the Iranian Green Revolution; Zionist occupied Georgia’s Rose Revolution and the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. It makes me think of all the color coded alerts that the Bush League administration used to come up with. George Soros likes to paint himself as a philanthropist. He’s had some sneaky little efforts that landed him on the perceptual end of good guy country. It’s amusing to see now how all those organizations he funded are in full support of Obama’s Murder Inc.

I’d like to slip inside George’s head (and I might) and turn up the volume on Love’s recording of “She Comes in Colors”

I hate to say that I don’t trust very many people and almost no organizations. I used to look at moveon.org and Code Pink the same way I looked at The Daily Kos; just power grabs of empty space to posture in. I don’t mean to be a cynic. I have powerful belief in some things that approach the level of ‘know’ instead of ‘believe’ but time and time again; I find that these organizations that rise up in opposition to the status quo are actually created by the status quo to give the impression of an opposition that doesn’t exist. I can say with certainty that not all the money or promise of personal power that could possibly be offered would cause me to change what I do... not one whit. You might say that’s easy words to say and hard words to live by but in this one regard I know myself very well. Some things are more important than money and personal power.

Why would anyone, given the opportunity to really make a difference, sell their asses like a street side hooker for temporary gain? Does it not occur to these people that these notes come due? There’s a temporal bank and a spiritual bank and you’re welcome to your choices. What forms a man like Soros who makes himself personally responsible for the deaths of people in countries far away, which are none of his fucking business? What kind of a vampire buys the souls of fools for money and then provokes them toward prison and execution?

Maybe I’ll be disappointed again but as far as I am concerned, Vladimir Putin, at the moment, is the greatest statesman alive. I think about Mr. Putin a great deal. I know he’s ex-KGB. I know various things about his life because I took the trouble to learn. Certain features about this man fascinated me. And I have some gift for Phrenology so there would be some curiosity in that regard but still, I will take him head and tails above the rest. I like Ahmanedijad also. He fares much better phrenologically. He is surely an honest man who loves his country. In this sense Putin and Ahmanedijad are quite similar. Putin loves Russia. He loves Russia more than himself. This could not be said about Obama, or Netanyahu, or Sarkozy, or Merkel or Gordon Brown. These creeps are in love with themselves and in a personal confrontational crisis they would all be cowards. Phrenology tells me this as well.

Putin’s a martial artist and I have studied in that area all my life. My interest in Phrenology came in tandem with this because when you’ve been sent to prison and other places for extended tours, you had better know a little something about Phrenology and body language. The mental institutions were the best. Then you really had to be on your game. But hey, the world is a mental institution and ...if you are sane, and I’m not saying you are, but if you are sane you had better watch your step. They know you hooked those glasses from the set of “They Live”.


brings me back to things I believe in strongly enough that they have become one of the few things I can actually say I know. I know there is a cosmic force for good and, regardless of appearances, it always triumphs... period. Go on with your vain fantasies of empires and fortunes, dancing boys and dancing girls; shimmering in a sea of permitted violation... the corner table at the high tower and the blood of your fellows on your hands. I will see you fall. I will watch you go.

George Soros, let me tell you personally that you are a soulless husk and your destiny is grim. You approach the gates George and the one who granted you this fortune will step aside as you go by; soon to see you in an entirely different context.

Let me say to everyone of you now strutting and parading across the stage while you play to the cheap seats; the population of which you have drastically increased, that your hour has come. You have been warned. There is a small window still open and if in your arrogant disregard you disdain this priceless mercy then there will be none after. You had better heed while you can. You had better fall to your knees and recognize the Lord of Light or you will be summarily handed over to his less benign aspect.

The time is shorter than you can imagine.

Let me tell you a little something about the ‘less benign aspect’. It’s you on steroids. It is exactly you, as you would have become, in your presumptions ...of becoming the dark lord who brooks no competition. All the time you served him all you really achieved was his determined hatred. Just as the non-existent anthropomorphic god of the fundamentally inclined has no real existence; being nothing more than a bigger expression of the uncharitable self... the same applies to the dark side. Think of the irony of being in your own merciless hands ...but raised beyond what you... mere mortal... aspired to. It is an easy road to enter and a lot of people go but as scripture also records, you will not leave until you have paid the last farthing.

So... even though I know too few of you have enough self-inquiry left to be slumming in my neighborhood, I’d like to take you back to the beginning of this piece and my mention of vengeance and notes come due. As hard as it is for me, I choose to err on the side of mercy and if you are in a position to heed, I suggest you be about that now. I am not imagining or fooling about what I am saying and you had better address this opportunity now because at some point known only to the Lord of Light, that window will close. Scripture also talks of wailing and lamentation; gnashing of teeth and I’m sure there’s a deal more to that. No man in flesh can accurately measure the blessings of Heaven or the torments of Hell. I don’t come out of this particular bag very often because, as I said, I’m not involved at the punishment end. I do have something to do with the process itself, so you would be wise indeed to hear what I am saying.

Everyone ought to put just that much more effort into their lives at this time. When the entire spectrum shifts, you will only have what you have invested- and some grace- to call on. It’s not a hard thing that’s being asked of you. Serve as you go. Reach intensely within and recognize that it’s always now and that is for one reason only... that at some point in the eternal ongoing moment you will see that your life is a limitless possibility toward a singular bright home. You are admired and rewarded most for what you do when no one is looking. My friends... there are no secret places.

I never wanted any part of this, even when I was very young; all I ever wanted was my walled garden and the privacy of my invisible friends. Everything else had already let me down long ago but I can no more wall out the suffering of my fellows than You... yes You, can avoid the certain and irreversible judgment that is coming your way. You’ve seen the cartoon of the deranged, bearded man holding up a placard that says. “Repent, the hour is at hand”? Believe it.

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Eugene said...

When will the levee break?

Hierosalyma Est Perdita Les!

Anonymous said...

Thought For The Day:
"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval." -- Mark Twain

And how comfortable are you now Mr. Soros?

Posted By: Deacon Blues

James Ledyard said...

We can only hope that there is some "equalizer" on the horizon...to fight back against these terribly evil men who run this dimension we call earth.

Rothchild, Rockfeller, Bush, Cheney and the NWO. They are so powerful..so very evil...down to their rotten core.

Each day I walk down the street, look towards the sky and pray for a visit from our brothers in the Pleiades.. hoping they will un-cloak and land a mother ship in Afghanistan... or maybe hover over Fox News in NYC.. that would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Oil news. http://en.rian.ru/world/20091020/156535406.html

Anonymous said...

Les I see you and I sometimes ponder some of the same things. Many years ago I had a Mahatma tell me that after this age after the shift the souls of the demons would be rounded up and sent to a planet so dark they could not see themselves. I believe this to be true not because a Mahatma told me but because it just sounds right.

I believe it is true as Jesus said, my father's house has many mansions. Some of them are probably not so good. How anyone could totally wreck a planet, torture the weak and feel they can get off scott free is beyond me. This is a demon planet but I am sure there are many which are worse. All we receive their just rewards.

This planet is definitely under the control of a rogue spirit/fallen angel or whatever you want to call it. This planet cannot be fixed in the present state. There must be a great cleansing regardless of how much turmoil that means for all of us concerned. It has to be, it has to be. There is no other way.

While we are here is good to try and do something to help out. You are doing that in the best way you know how. You are a very creative writer and a very good soul. You are doing a lot of good for a lot of people. Providing a forum for people of like mind to express their views is a kind of cathartic where all of us learn various things. It is good for people to see it is not they who have lost touch but the world around them.

I have also watched Putin very closely. To have gone for years in the KGB acting like a good communist without ever tipping his hand has to be one of the most amazing juggling acts of the century. How many people could have pulled this off? Not very many. He was actually placed in power by Yeltsin and Berezovsky one of the oligarchs and then he turned around and tried to jail them all once he seized power. It must have taken an inhuman amout of patience.

I don't think there is much doubt now if Russian oil, diamonds, gold, timber and minerals had stayed in the hands of the bankers the world would be much closer to U. N. control.

I wonder at some of the things Putin does myself like donating 10 billion to the IMF. I suppose it is just getting away from the dollar like most countries are trying to do now days.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Les, this is getting serious (or is it Sirius)

After reading this latest entry I can't get these lyrics out of my head...

"No reason to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

It seems, indeed, that the hour is getting late...

Jim G.

Anonymous said...

"Why would anyone, given the opportunity to really make a difference, sell their asses like a street side hooker for temporary gain?"

Because temporal gain is all they have. You said it yourself, "Geoge Soros, let me tell you personally that you are a soulless husk..." These people are clones and clones don't have a soul. The soul is a God given fragment of the Creator and while humans, just like animals, can be manufactured so to speak, a soul cannot. When they die they are made as if they never were. Clones don't have the emotions of a souled being and in a sense they can't help the way they are. A good percentage of political figures and captains of industry etc. are clones. (the original human was probably murdered) Many clones don't realize their predicament and go on performing in a diabolical fashion because that's the way they were programed.

Did you ever read Edgar Casey? He said one of the reasons for Atlantis's downfall was the sons of beliale (sp) "created" a less intelligent subspecies to do the menial work. The sons of the law of one objected,and did what they could to better the predicament of these creatures.

Maybe it's karma and we find ourselves in somewhat the reverse situation. The soulless ones are lording over us. Payback can be a bitch but if Casey was right we asked for it. Our ancient ancestors (hint us) set us up.

I also admire Vladimir Putin and Ahmanedijad. As you said the rest are creeps.


We have the reverse

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

I feel your solitude and dissapiontment in the human race. The blatant disregard shown by the thugs who think they control the lives of everyone on this planet makes you want a cleansing of this mockery very soon.

You are astute to the fact that Mr. Putin does indeed have the love of his country and his citizens at the forefront of what he does. He is a very good chess player, and I believe that he will be ready to checkmate any and all attempts to thwort any agrresive moves Israel and the US has in mind for Iran. It will be a very costly move, and maybe the last one Israel and the US does, for they have no idea what awaits them if they decide to attack Iran.

It will be the start of the end to the world as we know it. All the greed and corruption will be secondary, and Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and all their cronies in the Federal Reserve, and Mr Obama and his gangster cabinet members will find out what the creator has awaiting them!

I too feel the pain of humanity, and the suffering of all the injustice that has been put on mankind, but as you have stated, the hour is near. I don't know how the drama will play out. In one sense I feel this planet itself will take care of the collateral damage, but I also sense humans will push the reset button on life itself before that happens, and the ones who have made the inner peace with themslves will be treated to the next act that awaits humanity!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are waxing prolific, Les...
I need it now.. am coming to terms with so many toxic memories...
I just remember 50 years ago when I was five, pumping my legs against a clothesline pole to get orgasm... and my fundamentalist grandmother came out with a belt and started pummeling me..."Lay down you! You are a sinner!
How dare you blaspheme God!" And she whacked and whacked at my flesh with the belt. That was the beginning of my guilt. How could feeling so good feel so bad? That is the beginning of it, and the rest is the death in Gaza and Iraq.
Les, you came along at the right time, you are helping me to come to terms with this... no psychotherapist could, they never did... but you are. God Bless You.

salialioli said...

The only thing that worries me about this piece is the idea that “people” who have conducted themselves in diabolic ways are in fact able to repent, or indeed have a conscience or any concept of morality.

A personal experience with a psychopath has taught me, though I suppose it’s not for me to judge (I chose one as a business partner – how clever is that?!), that they are apparently physically incapable of such ideas. Strangled of oxygen at birth? Something died?

The explanation of a reptilian residue in the brain is a good one -- the lack of mammalian or spiritual capacity to empathise is evident. So evident that it is surely the only way these “people” continue in their twisted selfish approach to everything they do. They have no awareness of others. Others only exist in so far as they can be used to further certain personal objectives. As a sentient being I may feel remorse when I do wrong, I have this gift from “in/out there”, but these people do not have this part in them. It isn’t there.

It’s like asking a crocodile to kiss you.

I don’t criticise your piece at all, Mr Visible. I wish your analysis were so. You have the enviable gift of faith and knowledge. I have much further to go. However, I do believe that light will be shed on certain things – though others more important, god forbid, may be shielded. The part of the jigsaw I wish fervently and with all my soul to see the light of day is the murder and torture of children big and small – the core of absolute vileness and Absolute Evil that holds this wretched farce in place must surely, one day, be exposed?

Thanks for your oceans of wise words ...

Anonymous said...

i have to agree on putin and achmadinejad, it's interesting that both men are attacked by certain truth types as controlled also, but then they assert that everything is controlled, which i don't adhere to.

chavez also seems on the right side, or at least he has spent oil money on the poor, and is consequently loved by the people for it, as far as i can tell. the filth tried to execute him but only the love of the poor got him back. judge a man by his deeds.

again though, certain truth movement heavyweights insist he is merely part of the stage.

i think these people are good, and they are under no illusion whatsoever who did 911 and so many other atrocities. i think they share our conviction that we're in a fight for our lives and losing is not an option, for us or our kids and their kids.

Mouser said...

Amen Les!

Amen, amen, amen.

Glenn Dormer

Peter James said...

GOD will judge very very soon USA England and Israel for all the abominations they are doing in the world

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in wwwpeterjamesx.com

Israel, Judah, Britain and America

Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel - Their Fate

Donbo said...


You said:

"In this sense Putin and Ahmanedijad are quite similar. Putin loves Russia. He loves Russia more than himself. This could not be said about Obama, or Netanyahu, or Sarkozy, or Merkel or Gordon Brown. These creeps are in love with themselves and in a personal confrontational crisis they would all be cowards."

While I agree with the sentiment the basic premise is wrong. I would have thought that you knew this.

Generally people who genuinely love themselves - that is give themselves love - usually give out as much love to others and are loved back in return. Every religion has something along the lines of "Love your neighbour as yourself". The problem is that most people either ignore the bit about "as yourself" or misunderstand it. Loving yourself is the base on which everything else is built.

I am sure that both Putin and Ahmadinejad (not forgetting people like Chavez) are aware that "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" and I doubt that they would fall into that trap.

The big difference between people like these and the others that you mention are that they genuinely have the courage to love themselves and therefore everyone else. I doubt that their love stops at the border.

What the others love is nothing more than the image of themselves. They are probably wracked with doubt about themselves and about everything around them. They probably all have something to hide and are concerned about being exposed. What is more, those that control them know it. That is where their cowardice lies. That is their weakness.

If everyone had the courage to love themselves and be themselves the world would be a vastly different place.

Visible said...

Donbo; I was speaking about the love of the false self; I would have thought you would have known that. Perhaps I should dot every I and cross every T but then these entries would run a lot longer than I want them to.

One has the choice to key on semantics or to read between the lines.


as for Chavez, I like what he is doing to but I thought I'd leave him out this time so that a certain poster didn't jump on me (grin)

Mike said...

You are aware your writing style resembles the mindset of fanatic Christians/Muslims/etc. ?

Visible said...


There it is-

They're trying to say I have a dark side (grin).

Visible said...

Well, I'm not the only lyrical wordsmith around apparently. I should point out that I have other similarities that you haven't mentioned. One of them is my use of the English language. Coincidence? or something more sinister?

Another curious feature is that I possess two arms and two legs. I'm more than a little surprised that no one has brought that up, or the fact that my entire body is covered with skin.

I do have two extra invisible arms but since they can't 'usually' be seen it's probably pointless to mention.

Annsie said...

Thanks Les for spreading hope. I have 2 young children and another one on the way and I fear for them in the future.I would hate to think of them living in sure a hellish state...

Regarding the two leaders you picked, Have you seen them doing the same hand signals ..? I can't think of the name of it.. the devils horns or something...Are you sure they are not part of the game, like good cop bad cop type of thing...Sorry to say I trust no one in power. as the saying goes Power corrupts...absolute power......But Thanks again for your insights, I sure hope you are right...

Visible said...

I'd appreciate if the readers would let me know if the new commenting format is working better for you than the old system. If enough of you don't care for it I can change it back.

Paul A Drockton M.A. said...


Beautifully written prose, as usual, I don't think anyone can match your abilty to paint such vivid landscapes and complex thoughts with just a keyboard. Truly you have one of the greatest minds of our time.


chuckyman said...

Priceless link in your 12:26 post Les. I burst out laughing –I’m at work at the moment.

The image of you as a shifty uber-geek writing software for the agents of the all seeing eye - completely at odds with the welcome feeling and enlightenment I get here.

Many thanks for all your efforts here.


PS the new post format works fine for me

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for your amazing insights. Awhile back, I placed a link of smokingmirrors on Facebook and had to do a word verification-which is rare most of the time. Can you guess what the word was? "column dumped". That brought a strange smile across my face for it was a rather conscious choice by the censors. I did some reading on Wikipedia about Phrenology which mostly dispels the idea as a pseudoscience, however, at the bottom are some interesting links to external sites. I would like to learn more. Would you be so kind as to provide alternative sources?


A good source.


Mark in Züri

Visible said...

Thank you Paul;

Coming from arguably one of the most intelligent people on that planet that's high praise indeed. We've got a number of people who come here who are as good as anyone going, including myself, whom I am not allowed to see in the same degree of positive light as certain others see me. It's a constant surprise that people like my work the way they do (well, not everyone). All I'm ever aware of is the need for improvement.



If I don't have someone to root for I'll go mad. Even though they usually let me down I've got to find some good in someone near the top of the food chain. With Ahmanedijad I have no real doubts. To me he is someone picked by invisible forces for the job he does. Like all of us I believe he has his flaws but he really comes across as sincere to me and a man of the people.

Putin is a difficult read. Just to look at him you get the sense that he is a serious heavyweight and no one to fool with but what he is like at the core I could not say. Is he the sort of man who could be seduced by the ring of power? Quite possibly... but I watch what men do more than I do what they say. I am a firm believer that "by their works ye shall know them"

If I want to take the measure of someone I look at their footprints. I make allowances for human frailty because, there but for fortune goes I... however, the overall picture of someone's life is what it is.

There were times in my life when things looked dark indeed. At one point I was faced with a life in prison sentence and all the eels were coming around and telling me that it would go much better for me if I cooperated. I knew they were probably lying but the idea of years and years in a very dangerous prison weighed on my mind as you can imagine. I knew whatever was up that the divine was well aware of it. In the meantime, no one- not ever before- had beaten the same charges that were leveled against me.

I had no money and was barely able to house and feed myself in the sixteen months coming to trail, much less afford a lawyer but a number of miracles took place and I really wish they had video-taped the trial. I walked away from it. No one could believe it and some said I bought the jury... heh heh, I couldn't even buy a case of beer.
The point of this tedious little digression is that I wake up every day knowing that I'm not a rat and that's not the only time that trim circumstances were before me and the illusionary carrot dangled. There were several times with serious time and the crime was really about my opening my mouth or- putting it another way- poking a stick into the dragons cage; pretty much what I'm still doing only something stands between me and them now. I can't define it but I'm aware of it. It's hard not to be.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but none that I can't live with or feel like I'm making up for as fast as I can, or will one day when the chance comes and it will. That chance always comes to all of us/ I'd better post this and go to another dialogue box because this might be running long and wants to run some more still.

Visible said...

I feel like Putin has come up on similar things. Hell, we all come up on these things and that's where our character gets formed. We know inside from what we have done and whatever deals we've made what we are. The divine despises deals. He told me that in person.

When I look at a man or woman I always think about where they've been and how they arranged to be who they are standing in front of me.

Ahmanedijad strikes me as a humble man. That is one of the MOST important qualities any leader can have. He's also not afraid. He has the courage of his convictions. The other leaders I mentioned in the post have no convictions at all. Most of them should be convicted because most of them are criminals.

Putin is a man that embodies an archetype you can see it. You can see that he is highly intelligent and a realist. You cannot bullshit that man. he knows what's what and he's not afraid either. The fact that he is still- for all purposes- in charge of Russia says something about how those intimate with him feel about him. Anyone who stands up to Israel has already got high marks from me. I hope to meet Putin some day and something tells me I will.

Erdogan is another surprise. You have to know something about the history between those two countries to realize just how big a surprise he is.

I like what Chavez does. He's a little too 'hollywood' for my tastes but that's that Latin thing so he gets a pass on that.

Israel is in big trouble but they don't know it. They're not going to be around that much longer and some of them know it. That's why there's this big exodus to Hungary going on and the Hungarians don't like it one bit either.

There's some really, really interesting stuff going on behind the scenes that I don't talk about because I'm already on the edge of kooky as it is. All sorts of people email me and sometimes they tell me some very surprising things.

Unknown said...

Hi Les. You know, I'm still a relatively young person and I just started thinking about the wider world in a deeper way only about five years ago. I got my first computer only a year ago. I have learned much since then. Much of what I now think I know has come from your blogs and other sites on the internet. Fact-checking and researching the external conditions of the world(people, places, events) can go on endlessly. I don't have the time or energy for that. But you know what, here's the good thing. I don't believe I have too. I trust my instincts on these matters, the same way I discern wrongdoings, "sin", and evil from what is right and good when I am in face-to-face contact with these things. My instincts are telling me that Les Visible is speaking a lot of truth about the state of the wider world. If I may quote Issac Newton- "If I have seen further, it is upon the shoulders of giants." Yep. That pretty much sums up my experiences at this site. Thanks a bunch sir. Keep groovin' dog poet. pond owl

Visible said...

I'm a little chatty today, I don't know why. I'm also being hit with some serious energy that's not easy to process. I don't know what it means but it's pretty strong.

I'm sorry for my misspellings before. I should have proof read it; which reminds me. You readers ought to proof your work too. Sometimes I get these dynamite comments that would be a lot better without the errors. Sometimes I post them and then copy them, delete them, edit them and repost them but I already don't have much time for a lot of things I think I should be doing.

One of the things that really makes me feel good is hearing from the Hare Krishna people. I have always had a genuine love for them. They make me smile and I've met a number of them and they have proven to be some of the best people I ever met. I'm well aware of certain problems concerning ISKON but that happens to every organization. Since relentless chanting of Krishna's name is a fast track to the goal it does have some risk to it. My particular practice is fast track also and I know the kinds of things that come up as a result. It's definitely not for the timid.

The free Krishna feasts are fantastic and if you've never attended one you really should. Sometimes- usually- the food is off the charts.

Another thing that warms my heart is the level of intelligence here. Some of the brightest people I've ever run into show up here and educate and entertain the Hell out of me. It's funny how you and I are often thinking the same things. It's happened so much- as many of you know- that it is almost commonplace now.

You know I've said how I wouldn't be anywhere near as effective and capable were it not for you. You complete me. You bleed into me every bit as much as I do you. I harvest the data of your thoughts out of the atmosphere and you wind up reading your own minds here a lot of the time. You can see this is true which can lead one to believe that various other things, even more fantastic are also likely to be true. The power of combined thought is practically limitless and that is why I know that we and certain others who are about, are potentially having a very real impact on things. Though some things are ordained, a lot of it is not carved into stone.

I want to thank you all very much for making this possible. it feels really good to be a part of this.

I'm hoping this jittery thing calms down. I feel like I ought to get up and hop up and down (grin) or go back to bed and pull the covers over my head; if that makes any sense.

Visible said...

This is just a page at random. of a truly exhaustive text; possibly exhausting too (grin).

Phrenology is as accurate as the practitioner is and the practitioner must have the intuitive thing. It's the same for astrology and palmistry. In all of these 'real' sciences there are a lot of scammers and incompetents but there are always those who will blow you mind.

paolocaruso said...

Putin and Ahmadenijad are great men - REAL leaders who love their countries. This is why clowns and puppets like Obama, Bush and Sarkozy despise them.

I too know that people like Soros, Bolton, Albright, Kissenger etc. will get their due. I just want to be around to see it happen.

Visible said...


Thank you for that unequivocal comment. It says a great deal in short space. I suspect you will be around for it. You and me both.



the funniest part of the article is the way they keep using the name Visible as if it were a person. It cracked me up too. I suspect some number of people will make the humorous connection

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
Like you, I respect Mr. Putin's and Mr. Ahmadinajad's work. Mr. Chavez's work, also. They strike me as principled folk.
A blast from the past but I was always favorably impressed with Juan and Eva Peron.

John said...

Les, you are a fountain lately. I like your thoughts about the synergy between you and the readers. I feel it and see it every day, sometimes wondering how you manage to be so timely and relevant.

The Krishna food sounds wonderful. I wonder if they have a cookbook. It's a small challenge to come up with an interesting daily plan for eating, having recently given up on meat.

I remember over a year ago, discussing the sorry mess of the Anglo-American Empire with a friend. He asked what might be a better example of a 'free' country. In exasperation and half joking I replied, "Russia or Iran even." And, then I realized how true it was, not a joke at all, not funny.

Robert said...

Les... Valuable insights, as usual! Things are accelerating rapidly toward whatever is to come. Though such change induces some anxiety, I increasingly feel a sense of calm about it all! This is part of Universe healing itself and I am convinced that the aware will win through to the far side of chaos...

Thanks for all you do to speak Truth.

In Peace and Hope...

Anonymous said...

Visible said:
"I'd appreciate if the readers would let me know if the new commenting format is working better for you than the old system. If enough of you don't care for it I can change it back."

Well...seeing as how you asked... in my browser this format opens up a crappy little framed window which I can't maximize.Makes reading very difficult. I never had the problems with posting comments that many others complained about, so for me the old format was better.



William Wilson said...

Hi Les, should've added this.
Current events appear to be almost a bit Taoist-the more something disappears the more it comes into view. Or the more something seems to manifests in sharp relief, the more it really is going away.
Referring, first, to the liberties we in the US are Told we have, but are really being infringed on in a large way.
And, second, to the power and authority of the Soviet Union. In the 70s it seemed invincible, a decade later it no longer existed.

Anonymous said...

A short meatless round of scripture to test the system and then a Major address from the alpha love network, over and in. Chipster

The Doktor said...

I sit here as usual in amazement, your ability to write exactly what I 'feel' astounds. Thanx Les for doing what you do so eloquently, and shining brightly with the rest of us...

Anonymous said...

Les, while I agree that Soros is a piece of dog#$%t, there is a next level up. The highest level of evil in human form is the Rothschild consortium. They are behind every war, every financial bubble and collapse. The Soros' and Blair's of the world report directly to the Rothschild's. You never see the Rothschild's mentioned on all of those lists of the world's richest people, they do not want it known their fortune equals 500 Trillion, 20x the world's GNP. They did not acquire this wealth by being angel-like to mankind........

Visible said...

A reader at this blog and also a blogger named Rick sent me a letter today and I received it right after I had finished the three long posts I put up here. It's uncanny how he was speaking about and asking about the very things I was writing about without having seen them and even made stranger considering my mention of the telepathic bleed off that exists between us all. You can read what he has to say about it Here.

I want to mention something before it develops into more of a mystery than it already is. Several people have asked me why they don't see me at What Really Happened any more. Your guess is as good as mine. Michael and I have been in communication for several years and have enjoyed what I would call an affectionate relationship. He always replied to my emails promptly and sometimes we would talk about this or that.

Suddenly a few weeks ago he stopped publishing my work and my inquiries were met with total silence. There was no explanation. I tried to imagine what I might have done but I hadn't done anything different than what I was always doing. Not to even give an explanation after all that time of what appeared to be a friendly relationship is more than a little strange.

After I had written him several times with no reply I just shrugged and went on about my business. Maybe I'll find out and maybe I won't but I'm not going to think about it any more, nor put any negative connotations on it. He's free to post me or not and we'll leave it at that.

An odd event started right after this where Rense is now posting me regular.

I've had a few falling outs with websites that would publish my work. Paolo at Uruknet didn't care for my imminence about Iran (she was correct) and shut me off with no explanation.

Signs of the Times had a change in personnel that decided who got into their news site and I was gone just like that. I mentioned it to Laura and she was unaware of it. Immediately my article went up and then nothing more once again. I was told that it was the scatological tone on a particular essay (my shit hits the fan post) that kept that one off, giving me the impression that they were reading all of my posts but not just posting them. Personally I think it's a particular individual that has a personality clash with my work; certainly the visitors to SOTT seemed to appreciate my presence. But I don't think about that anymore either.

An editor at the People's Voice dot org took exception to my mentioning some practical magic and I told him that his perception was incorrect and he got very nasty and stayed that way. I'm pretty sure I could have gone to his boss and remained at the site but I don't operate that way. He seems to have considered himself my mentor and when I didn't engage in the role playing he was mightily offended

My exposure is not what it was but whatever it's supposed to be it will be and I'm not going to worry about it.

I hope that clears it up and I won't have to individually answer the letters (grin)

Carry on

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad, Putin, Erdogan, Chavez - definitely movers and shakers. Good on them.
My heart is more moved by the likes of; actions of; voices of- Evo Morales, Wangari Maathai, McKinney, Nader, Vandana Shiva, Bob Marley, Capt. Paul Watson, John Trudell, and countless others who understand we are 'one people - one destiny', and have also laid their lives on the line and fearlessly spoke the truth in defense of all beings and the planet, many martyrs.
Beyond 'national interests': our lifetimes have witnessed the phenomena of 'activities' like ELF, ALF, indigenous-survival campaigns, which are unique in known history.
These things move me more than all the religious organizations combined.
What is the end result of a lifetime(s) of giving all one's power away to something outside one's Self/Atman (especially historically-dubious or fantasized figures), and focusing on one's own attainment of 'enlightenment'? Seems to me it hasn't worked out so well, had much effect, after millenia of this, considering the present state of the planet and the non-human nations (not to mention "Stupid"). I just don't buy into the idea of Earth=demon-planet.
SM morphs into VO.


Anonymous said...
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faithful forever said...

"Vengence is mine," sayeth the Lord. Not justice...two different things:


Visible said...

Thank you!

that's funny because I know the quote but wrote the other instead. Some kind of Freudian thing. I'll fix it immediately.

WRH/GoldstoneReportEffect said...

And don't forget General Assembly Resolution 377.

"Resolves that if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in any case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making appropriate recommendations to Members for collective measures, including in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security."

If the US vetoes the Security Council, the General Assembly can vote to send the Goldstone Report to the Hague themselves.

Anonymous said...

That is really strange about Michael Rivero. I thought he really liked you and you were one of his favorite bloggers. You're right. It makes no sense at all for him not even to explain.

Alien possession?

Anonymous said...

I lost the link in Pravda.ru about the UFO stopping the Chernobyl blast effect or maybe they moved it. This one will have to do. I was in Pravda.ru however at one time.


Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad, Putin, Erdogan, Chavez are all part of the SQ. I hate to say things like this. I would hope someone would be fighting for light but hopes ground in dreams are still just dreams. You see, as these people may even think they are helping and changing the SQ and sharing the light, they use the SQ and even need it. Its the bad guy good guy game. Cant have one without the other. Problem, neither side is correct or whole. Ill say it like this, if you dont play by the rules, than you can have the ball? Same is true for the leaders you all seem to look up to? They still think they need the ball. Power is given over to idol worship and no one person is to be worshipped. You let others act for you and repeat what you want to hear. Hows that healthy or correct?
Ok down to earth, Putin cant be any different than the last boss? What in world would suggest an old regin would just "fade away?" It just changes its name. Ahmadinejad's government isnt his? Other powers fund it? Russia is the one ton gorllia in the room. Next why wont any of you look at China's involvement in all of these nations above and their leaders? So work that out and than look at the US?Britian?ZioBadBoys and their links to China? Oh full circle? You all get wrapped up in the little events and dont see the whole. Nations that create governments with WTO or World Bank money, buy US debt, or trade resources instead of helping thier own people first, are the SQ no matter how well they seem to speak or relate to the problem? As Les suggests, many groups that seem to be fighting for change are infact created to derail it. Nations work like this too. The US is just about as good as it gets to understand this. Open your eyes. If its not before you, if you didnt create it, if you dont need it, or its asking for you to repeat it, it the SQ and nothing more.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you would have better luck selling liquor and blankets to the indians but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Odd that "Arguably one of the most intelligent people on that planet," and (according to his own website) "One of a Handful in the world to score perfect scores on various, professionally administered, IQ Tests" is also at the very same time a real estate broker. Go figure.

Visible said...

You can find good people in 'almost' any profession

Anthony said...

Man, it's tough in these times of Obama. The sheeple just dig their heels in deeper when we try and wake them up.

It has taken me about 9 years to go from brainwashed college Marxist, to believer in the Republicans, to the full understanding of what is really happening.

This happened for me I believe because of learning of all this in the right order and with the proper open mind. I believe I am lucky to understand.

Recently I have been studying the Agenda 21, and the Codex Alimentarius, among other things.

Chiefly, I have paid careful attention to the Environmental Movement and its propaganda. Truly amazing to witness what they are about to accomplish with the consent of the idiots.

Along with the Global Warming Fraud, they are currently re wilding vast portions of Montana, where I live, in the guise of "permanently protecting the ecosystem". It is all right out of Agenda 21, this massive Wilderness push. They operate through front groups that collect money from idiots in the metro areas who want to feel good about themselves. Amazing how all of this unconstitutional globalist garbage gets implemented. They are calling it the "recreation and forest jobs bill". What a joke. I won't even be able to ride my mountain bike on the trails anymore with this bill. They want people OUT of wild areas. Period.

Anyways, I know this email is kind of vague and scatterbrained, I just wanted to let you know, I stumbled upon your page, and I know that you are right.

Communism was just invented to dupe the sheeple. They did it in the USSR, now they are going to do this on the world stage. There is going to be a goddamned Maoist revolution. You can hear it in plain English from Obama's Czars.

Obama is the greatest salesperson the elites have ever had. He is going to make the sheeple feel comfortable as the NWO is implemented. The cap and trade, the health care, and the Copenhagen treaty along with the cyber security act are all the linchpins. It's over, were done. Enjoy your RFID chip and the Global Slave Camp!

Anonymous said...

Les Visible it is interesting all the advice you get. If you acted on all of it you could eventually rename the site Les Visible's links to all the relevant sites. Maybe that is the point.

There is a certain competitiveness on the internet and jealousy does arise at times. They could well be envious they did not recognize the shit was about to hit the fan! I am sticking with this site.

Beware of the man who would deny you information for in his heart he views himself as your master.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news... From the "Daily Howl". http://jewishbreakingnews.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/former-aipac-staffer-tells-jerusalem-post-cia-fbi-paranoid-about-israels-mossad-and-jews/

nina said...

I realize you've had a lot of trouble with other comment formats, but this one is so minute it leaves no room to be comprehensive, one cannot see what they are saying in full.

About that link, very strange. It is sad and worse, illogical that so much money goes to paranoia rather than address our collapsing physical structures, rising sea levels and dwindling resources. Sad this is how people are coerced into putting food on the table and illogical because it has no redeeming features other than the production of paranoia feeding greater paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Comment: "in my browser this format opens up a crappy little framed window which I can't maximize"

I just discovered by accident that when the 'crappy little framed window' opens, I can do a Control-N for a new window, and the new window that opens is a normal (maximize-able) window.

Anonymous said...

"Several people have asked me why they don't see me at What Really Happened any more. Your guess is as good as mine."

Could it be because a 757 crashed into the Pentagon on 911 leaving a hole fourteen feet in diameter and no wreckage? I like Michael's site but there is something not quite right with someone who claims to believe such nonsense. Have you noticed four winds occasionally links to your site? Bellringer will post virtually anything, but don't email him with anything bordering on criticism. He and his wife claim to be Sirian and boy do those ETs get pissed off. It has been my experience, with the exception of you, bloggers can be strange cats. To each his own.

Your new comment format works better for me. The spell check works and I can copy and paste. One thing, when I have several things highlighted and I try to copy only one it transfers all of them. Also I have to go through word verification twice. No big deal, it is an improvement, especially spell chcekk.


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick
Heeheee, too true. Why sell what not yours anyway?
I failed to add that there is nothing wrong with the SQ. A needed force to hold and glue together what is, for the moment. Going along with it instead of you "being with it" is the problem? We will all mislead ourself till its all done with, but dont let others mislead you? Dont use others misunderstand as reason to act or disaprove. No one ideas needs to be links to another? If we so choose this, let the mistake be our own to work on and not look outward to others mistakes? Thats what leader are for and back to the warm blankets thier selling?

Anonymous said...

I think, I've spent about all my life trying to disregard those points to varying degrease. Now the clogs are dripping fast and who knows, maybe I'll be allowed to salvage some small non-item

AHA! do I hear a plea-bargain, there?

Shit, I mean, Oh yea! And there's more, way, way, more and

Oil spare you and your discerning readers the big fess up as I'm sure I'm not alone.

Well, sometimes I'm unsure, I'm sure we all are... aren't we?

Hello... hello? Operator?

The surgeon will see you presently, sir.



paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Here is a little curious tidbit. It seems Bernie Madoff has so far shared a prison cell with three people. One of them is JONATHAN POLLARD.


Cosa bolle in pentola qui????
(what's going on here??)

Anonymous said...

"Beware of the man who would deny you information for in his heart he views himself as your master."
Neet stuff!!! But beware of the man that cant deny (ever heart felt) info that youre not ready for too?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Time for a little logic 101 Lemat
Putin is set rule, turns on Kordakovsky placing him in prison, takes assets destined for Rothschild and sells them to state owned coporations.

Tells Yeltsin to go to the Dacha and shut up and he will not go to Siberia.

Begins to rebuild Russian army which is falling apart. Develops sunburn missile. (unstoppable) Now developing another missile with India.

Ushers Royal Dutch Shell away from Eastern oil fields, calls them polluters.

Continues talk of unipolar world, moves closer to China and mideast countries. Will no longer accept dollar.

That is as far as I want to take it because this is normally a site where you don't have to school people and point out the obvious. Suffice it to say without all this there would have already been a non unipolar world.

Wow turn up the air conditioner I am freezing to death.

Being as kind as possible I am going to say that virtually no view you have ever espoused really resonates with me.

Rick Garves said...

new comment format:
I fail to see the problem with this.
All you have to do is click on the maximize box at the top of the page between the minimize and close options and that expands it to full page.

Anonymous said...

Gol durn it Les, you've done it again...

About Putin (my hero!) and Ahmedinajad - it is strange how these two men are so popular in their own areas, unlike the other 'leaders' you mentioned. Putin especially is very popular among the Brits because he is seen as the only world leader capable of standing up to the US/UK/Israel axis of evil and their endless wars. From the comments in the online UK newspapers, most people seem to think Russia will jump in if Israel can get the US to launch a joint attack with them on Iran and a jolly good thing too!.


I was going to suggest that maybe Putin and Ahmedinajad are both receiving such intense positive thoughts from the people who support them (Ahmedinajad from the whole Arab world) that these thoughts somehow 'feed' their own inate integrity and makes them stronger. And there you are, saying something very similar:

"The power of combined thought is practically limitless, and that is why I know that we and certain others who are about are potentially having a very real impact on things."

Les, I mean this from the bottom of my heart - if it were not for your site and a couple of others I really think I'd give up the ghost, or go crazy from all the evil I see happening in the world. And from some of the other comments I've read here, I'm not alone in this either. What a terrible responsibility we've put on your shoulders, Les, that you keep us strong and sane and in communication with each other.

S. Cat

(Verification word: caterie - How's that for synchronicity!)

Anonymous said...

Les, every country is practically breaking down Mr. Putins door to do business in Russia. Italy is the latest. He seems to have the Midas touch.


Where do I sent my resume?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

At what point does it matter you resonate anything other the kind words and perhaps a mantra?

I wont fool you, Im wrong about the nature of all things. Dont fool your self. You make Putin into a God or an idea or worse, yourself. Please dont read into any of this.
You use events to make your mind feel a certian way, and thats it, nothing more. You like to group idea that seem related as to make seeing the world easier, not bad. You hate what isnt ordered or before your mind, thats wrong.
I would love to help you see the nature of this world but I cant see it either. I would love to show you that all nations, words, names and newslines are false but we use them to share ideas here. You want to know why and who and what. I say know YOU and stop turning the wheel for powers you dont understand?
Now that darn family Rothschild. You seem to think Putin has driven them out of town like old Saint Pat did to the snakes. Well keep dreaming. Money has but one name and Rothschild works as good as any. Russia is the other half of the pie for the bankers? Did you forget your history here. Who funded the Reds, Wallstreet. Now how did that change if they all have been using Rothschild money on both sides of the ocean the whole time? I sure cant put this in better terms cause Im a dumbass but please see the root is the same in all nations?
If you really think Russia or China or any nation is beyond the "UN NWO" stuff keep dreaming. I dont follow the rest and see a word gov ever happening because its really happing now and has for thousands of years. Youre just spilting hairs and saying you like coke and not pepsi, ya and?
Unipolar world you say. Thats really true, I say, and has all ways been. The powers that be love to create a polar split so people like us have to spend time debating what isnt? Nothing new. Stop feeding the machine and stop taking sides. If your in power, and you call yourself anythng other than love and light your a Rothschild goon. Thats my view and Im stickin with it sorry Putin.
If you let others acts and deeds come before yours, you worship others, or wish to be like them. If you want others to hear only what in your head, well look the the quote you posted earlier. If you see you are all and what happens within is also is happening without than in time you might get what Im saying here.
Peace man, I love your posts and Im thankful for your mind, please dont read me the wrong way!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

The following is a comment I tried to post to Les' second to last blog entry: Our Sacred Trust & the Greater Promise but it never appeared :( I'd thought I'd try again now since it still seems mostly relevant....

Hi all!
Wow Les-outstanding and thoroughly thought provoking. Yes snake and eagle, we are all each others teachers and students. And you sir are a beacon shining so brightly that often I feel blinded-in a good way ;) by the nature of your musings. As others have commented; the synchronicities are eerie and were I to try and convey the many ways they manifest in my own life it would be a novella.

Suffice it to say that I am so very grateful for all the LV blogs and the community of folks who come and share here-(stellar recently).
Thank you too to Dublin Mick for the Carolyn Baker info. now bookmarked for further perusal.

So on my way to work this morning with my precious kindergarten kids I heard this song for the first time and went looking for it on YT. The lyrics really spoke to me and I was thinking some of the posters might appreciate the sentiment too. Unfortunately what I found was imho a cheesy video to accompany the song-I guess from a popular sitcom but I don't have TV. I thought it might have been better presented to match the lyrics and could even use a few more stanzas indicting the state of the world besides wolves/sheep, prisons/slavery and children/soldiers, alas not...so I recommend just listening...


It is enough to make you go crazy if one forgets to seek the balance in all things and the over all guiding principle of love.

So on that note (pun intended) this next one always lifts me up whenever the apparent reality of insanity gets me down.

It is my heartfelt message in gratitude to all of you who visit and add your personal gifts of inquiry, observations, indignation, insight, vision and hope. I learn so much here and am continually impressed by the level of intelligence-often over my head in matters geopolitical, historical, religious etc.- exhibited from you people! Quite a steep learning curve!

This song especially goes to you Les for the way you inspire us all....


Keep on Dancing the Great Mystery...Namaste~xojo

So to all that I would add that I also found the link to The Visible Spy software hilarious and regarding the new comment format this is my experience....yes it will open in a smaller window and I am able to maximize it. However, if I click on a link, that page will open but there is no longer a back arrow to return to comments. So if I x out it takes me to the blog but I have to reopen comments and scroll back down to where I was. Also true if I c&p a link offered by a reader.
However I found that this is only if I came to the comments from the small link at the end of any new LV post. If I click on the title of such post the comments automatically follow (rather than opening that small window) and none of those issues crop up. I can go to links etc and use the back arrow. Does that make sense? Hope it helps....

Anonymous said...

Hi Dublin Mick:

I certainly do not mean you any disrespect but I did some research on Robert Ghost Wolf and I found websites that claim he is a fraud and that he is not even Native American. For example, one of the sites I found, http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ghostwolfmoreinfo21feb99.shtml, reads:

"Robert Ghostwolf aka Robert Franzone is a scammer posing as a "Native American." He has no card with the Native Nations and is actually of Italian descent. He poses as a "native American medicine man" for fun and profit$. He is a frequent guest on the Art Bell show, and like most of Art's guests he is a snake oil salesman. There are pages about him all over the net and many usenet articles written by real, card carrying nations people who have condemned his various new age "indian medicine man" $cams. And apparently he is also wanted in a couple of states for fraud."

I unfortunately learned the hard way that many people are not who they claim to be on the web. Of course, there is always the possibility that the websites I found discrediting Robert Ghost Wolf are not legitimate, but I suppose one has to use their own discretion.

-- Alexina

Anonymous said...

Les,get out of my head.I have been having a crazy man crush on Putin for a while now ever since W looked into his soul and liked what he saw there.

Anonymous said...
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Electro said...

Les - we're 'on the same page'.. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

I can probably get part of the letter to David Rockefeller on here. I think people have finally had enough.


An Open Letter to David Rockefeller
Dear David,

I sincerely hope this message finds you in a state of calm reflection. Please forgive the snake comment but you must admit you've been behaving in a perfectly serpentine manner.

Let's consider this a simple message from us to you that it's “Game Over”. Sure, there will be some residual after effects from the overwhelming momentum of your dark plans (not all yours we realize, but you represent them so well). Your skeletal system is still in place loaded with people in key positions attempting to put a stranglehold on the future at your directive.

In fact, it's somewhat amusing to imagine some of those on our distinguished guest list invited to attend this 9/11 event immediately scrambling to call their lawyers upon receipt of our certified letter. And what's even more amusing is the advice most of their lawyers probably forwarded on -"Hold your tongue lest you incriminate yourself." These are people who clearly don’t get it. They don’t concern us. Their days as public servant are nearly over.

They will be replaced with the fresh energetic loving dynamism of kind, intelligent souls who truly envision a bright future for the next generation. They will not impede the progress of the human spirit or the will of the mother who wants only the best for her child. Mothers and fathers have sacrificed their children far too long behind a long string of maniacal lies. Whether they were sacrificed in one of your falsely conjured wars or through your family’s allopathic medical model of slash, burn, and poison---an absurdly ineffective model, by the way, which has astoundingly found its way into nearly every village on earth. Even you must find it a bit bewildering how people have so easily traded the natural healing gifts that God so graciously bestowed for free in exchange for your costly and deleterious medical applications that have only served to weaken and deprive them.

chuckyman said...

I've been reading the blog comments from LeMat and Dublin Mick. They are all very interesting. As an independent viewer I can see merit in both viewpoints.

Personally I admire the Russian and Iranian people greatly. While I believe that they have fine leaders in Putin and Ahmadinejad they are merely the public representatives of their countries' leadership.

I believe that what LeMat says has a grain of truth insofar that we must be vigilant that we are not participating in a form of interactive kabuki theatre. I too have wondered about their sincerity. Was it not Lenin who said "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it". The Protocols of Zion are very specific in this.

My current belief stems from the fact that I have watched their actions for some time and I am also aware of the hard paths they have walked. They are not like the cowardly bloodless crooks that are found in leadership positions in "The West". They have seen the price in blood paid by their friends and colleagues in the KGB and Republican Guards respectively. I do not cloud my opinion of those organisations through the prism of western propaganda.

Putin has reined in the oligarchs - a term now widely used in modern America - and restored Russian pride in their country, their economy and armed forces. Ahmadinejad has been a figure of pride for many in the Muslim world. I have found his speeches full of tolerance and piety.

On a spiritual plane I have no informed opinion. I really don't know. I have taken some advice from LV on my personal quest and that is where it will firmly stay.


DoNotTakeTheJab said...

Yesterday (Wednesday 21/10-09) I had a young woman who received the N1H1 flu virus vaccine in her left shoulder on Saturday 17/10-09.
Yesterday she had a 6 cm diameter uticarial rash around the injection site.
There is something very toxic in the swine-flu vaccine and I strongly advise to wait to be the vaccine until further testing of plus/minus benefits have been carried out.
General Medical Doctor, Sweden

Visible said...

A new Origami is up-

God and Babylon says the Body Dreaming.

salialioli said...

Dublin Mick, thanks for following the swine flu jab thing so thoroughly. I'll post it on Let's roll forums (Phil Jayhan) with your permission?

Les, on the subject of Rivero, I think I've mentioned before ... I know a bit about the false prophets on 911 having been victim of their disinfo. Fud is correct on this: "Could it be because a 757 crashed into the Pentagon on 911 leaving a hole fourteen feet in diameter and no wreckage? I like Michael's site but there is something not quite right with someone who claims to believe such nonsense."

He has rubbished our mainstream media story. See our debunking page on www.amics21.com for some info.

This would explain a lot: don't trust him. Sorry. There have been a few such cases like this with great personal disappointments between people.

Greetings from a rainy place ..

John said...

Yuck, the new format is a minor annoyance. Keep using it if some get a benefit.

Dublin Mick: Markovnikov was a solid chemist to say the least. I don't know about all the intriguing details though. I won't be taking any vaccine any time soon, and none with mercury (thimerosol) or squalene.

JSP said...

Hi Les,

I'm sure you've heard about Layla Anwar and her blog Arab Woman Blues.

I like reading her blog because she focuses on the atrocities that the illegal US invaders are continuing to commit in Iraq as well as the mind boggling denial, depravity and psycopathy of the Amerikan sheeple.

If her words were bullets she would have already single handedly dispensed karmic justice on the wicked inhabitants of that evil, cowardly and morally bankrupt fading empire.

But that's not the point of this comment. I respect both of your opinions but you differ markedly when it comes to Iran. Let's just say she's not a fan of either the country or Ahmedinijad.

I tend to give her position on this a bit more weight because being an (exiled) Iraqi, she seems to have many informed contacts and obviously an intimate understanding of the region that we could never have.

In addition, she has proved to be consistently correct in rubbishing the persistent rumours over the last 3 years that Iran is about to be invaded.

For those who don't know, she maintains that the US & Iran are working together as occupiers of her country.

I'm still searching for truth in this area. My instincts, which are usually pretty good when it comes to people, tends to agree with you in that Ahmedinijad seems like a humble and reasonable man.

However, if Iran is doing in Iraq what Layla contends they are then their actions would obviously trump my impressions.

I'm assuming that your current position on Ahmedinijad was arrived at despite awareness of Anwar's posts so, I'm wondering what your opinions are on what she has to say about him and Iran's involvement in Iraq?

The following is her most recent of many posts on the subject:

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

comment verification was: cledli
but the c & l are so close together it looks like dedli. Probably just a coincidence.

As for the new commenting format, both have their pros & cons. I prefer this one a little better.

faithful forever said...

Just got to say the sword that Jesus refers to is not a physical weapon like most misconstrue it as because God is NEVER contradictory, see Ephesians 6:17 The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Amen.

Jesus is both the Lion and the Lamb hence the 'great and awful' day of the Lord. His wrath is reserved for the wicked while His followers will be blessed.

Thanks for letting me say my peace.

Anonymous said...

"It is a simplistic way of disagreeing with someone by implying they are not going within or do not know themselves."
Thanks man, this is true if you only see the words on the screen. I dont mean to disagree but add to your mind. I dont mean to hide behind words nor ask you to see it my way. I do worry(bad word) that you have created a world of words and ideas that arent yours? That all I was getting at.
Last, Im not sure I have the skill to write like you are Les but please understand that Putin and the ideas you tag on him are you, for real. Even if you did nothing but look to his actions he is still you? At no time is the "world" anything but you? Getting the idea?
Please dont be so mean about it, I can share a vision from the sweat logde, it looks a lot like the world and events before your eyes right now? We trick ourself into seeing this world and than get mad when its veil is removed?
You might not want to see "myths" and we shouldnt go there today, but reading stories about the future are just the same? In fact thinking to much about events that will never be is the work of you know who? Dont give in to these feelings. Just let it be? You will effect the whole with your heart more than your mouth?
Please I wish I was "devotee" but still have much to learn. Thanks for thinkin about me in that light, teeheee!!!
Oh, why have you suggested my way of disagreement is of question, and not the ideas I put forth? Whata got to say about China or the Bankersters? I have no problem talking about myself as so I have no problem talking about the outward states of mind I create, how about you?

Visible said...

Joe; I vaguely recall some of that information. I really don't get out much. I look at the S&MSM and a few alternative sites (getting fewer) and then some really obscure places.

What you tell me gives me the sensation of a disinformation. It is highly unlikely that the US and Iran are working together. That would truly surprise me. We'll have to agree to disagree on this. Iran's not Iraq anyway but.... bottom line I don't know very much. What I do know is that every time I track certain roads back they wind up in the same place. That has been my experience

Anonymous said...

"It is highly unlikely that the US and Iran are working together"
Are you sure about that?

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to look at that link on Ghost Wolf. I try and look at what people are saying not what people say about them. I am fully aware he was on the Art Bell show until they canned him. He has been dead since 1995 by the way, his family keeps that site going.

There are lots of people out there who say Les is a scam also. I think we know better than that as we look at what he is actually saying not what people say about him.

As with all things pick out what you can use and discard the rest.

Lemat lets just say we have some different views and move on. I don't view the catholic church as a bunch of misunderstood good old boys trying to do right, the vital or life force as something of the mind or espouse to your views on world politics. I will leave it there. Good luck on your path.

Visible said...

LeMat; I'm not Moses. I'm just some guy. I'm sure of only one thing, God is real and he;s got the power.

Dublin MIck;

This is the first time that I heard that lots of people think I'm a scam. You'd think they'd write and let me know. Nothing....

And I put "Les Visible" into Google and I can't find it there either. They're playing it close to their chests, I guess

Anonymous said...

I also strongly doubt that Iran and the US are working together. I just don't see bombing and killing very key people, as recently events show,part of working together. Iraq is divided between pro and anti Iran factions. It would be informative to know if she is Sunni or Shia?

In regards to the scam comment, Les is just getting to rich of this. Flying around in his private jet and charging huge fees for talks. Yep, looks like a scam to me.

If Les is a scam I am going to start going to church on Sundays.

Les, you have giving me so much and I have not given anything in return. The first blog I read was about your dog. I just got a call from the vet that our 16 year old dog has kidney failure and the first thing I though of was that blog. I want to be scammed more often.

Patrick (amicus for life)


Anonymous said...

Les, here is an interview with Wayne Madsen. I can vouch for this one without reservation. http://rt.com/Top_News/2009-10-21/israeli-spies-busy-us.html

Anonymous said...

There are deep welled forces being let out this week so Im sorry to over step and create waves in the pond but its to be.
Why would you want to be Moses? Im lost? No big deal, please dont let my naging be of any issue. Its rare you move so fast. Look to the reasons for quickness and haste? Soon things will come back to rest?

Thanks for your time and open nature. You have shared sooo much, I wish to list, with us that I would have never come to by myself.

Anonymous said...

Les lots is probably not the correct word I mention that because someone here stated a forum they were reading indicated that you were simply responding to your own site pretending to be grateful readers.

I think that is hardly the case.

Truth said...

You cannot disprove a false negative, but you can give evidence in support of a positive.

I had the priviledge to personally meet Les Visible and his wife a short while ago at their home near Basel.

Les Visible is totally genuine. He is fully consistent in person with his writings at these blogs.

Sincerely, Glenn Dormer

Anonymous said...

bholanath here - quick comment:
I like Layla Anwar. She's not afraid to tell it like it is, nor censor her emotional responses to the ongoing slaughter of innocents.
I sort of remember she is neither Shia nor Sunni, perhaps Christian? She rants about the Iranian Shia death squads seemingly havin the run of more and more territory in Iraq, apparently allowed by the Empire's forces. I may be of benefit to the Empire to let this happen, and much of what the "Shia militias" are doing (with apparent Iranian support) is heinous.
Sheesh! Who really knows what's goin on on the ground?


Boulderdash said...

On the WRH issue, I suspect that Mike Rivero tends to shy away from things esoteric/metaphysical. So as Smoking Mirrors blends more and more of the these elements into the essays, it seems that he just stays away.

FWIW, being a member there, I posted this article at WRH and it is up there now, but you'll have to toggle down to yesterday at 20:03. I will try to post a few more times in the next week and see if it will get put up there.

Jim G.

Visible said...

This is starting to look more and more like you scratch and I itch.

well. you'll need to go to page 659 in volume 6 of the manual for managing holy wars. Second paragraph, zoom in. "When Christians are having problems with Muslims that; yet someone else appears dressed as an Arab who is not an Arab and; well basically it says that the name of the game is camouflage. In cases like this it is to the advantage of the practitioner to step away from the buffet table and seek a quiet interlude where he might have a conversation with his author."

says it right there. I don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...

Three ideas to look at:

We are brothers and not "our brothers keepers"

Fact and fiction work as a team

What we leave out might just be what really is?

Ok on the Iran thing. Look at what is common to Iran and the US. They both watch TV made in Hollywood. In fact over half of the TV in Iran is created in the states? Both nations buy tons of stuff from China. Both nations have a "please vote for me" system? Now its a far cry that this means they "work together" but they do sleep with each other? When I was in Iraq, we built roads. As Iraq has no good resources for that, the US got the needed suppiles for Iran, really, by the truck loads!!! Now if you have the time look in to the blackmarket in Iraq and Afgainstan and youll see its roots in Iran. Again Im not suggesting a team here but Iran needs the US as much as the US is needing to lie about Iran now a days? Just feeding the mind.

Anonymous said...

Les, Methinks that India is not too impressed with NASA or Israel right about now.


Anonymous said...

It is all pretty unsettling and insane frankly. As a kid I used to wonder how Armageddon would look and how it would start. We are beginning to receive the answers.

Earthquakes check
Fires check
Famine check (GMO foods more to come)
Plague check (Flu Pandemic)
War check Plenty for everyone

I don't know what they are spraying up there but my garden plants looked rough this year, especially the tomatoes.

Visible said...

Hi Boulderdash;

Thank you but it's fine with me if Mike doesn't want me there. When something happens to me I look for the blessing in disguise. It is always there.

Anonymous said...

As things become muddled and mixed think about this? There is great reason things are come to strained ends this week? Look at the moon, and feel the path shes on? The harvest of fall is a gift only when we remember to say thanks? Otherwise its a tool for unrestful thought, a so needed shake to wake the mind?

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye. Buddha

Let your eye view what her(moon) love and glory views, all of us!

Anonymous said...

Les, I think the rest of the world needs to see this.


JSP said...

Enjoy this random bit of truth from Anwar's comments section (before she had to close them, presumably because of all the vitriol being spewed by Amerikans who couln't handle the truth of what she was saying...


Layla, your articles are so full of truths that, at times, it is hard for people in America who have been conditioned to "news sources" like CNN and FAUX to read and understand the truths in the articles.

Just finished reading "The Uncensored Manifesto Part IV" . The truths in that manifesto hit the reader like a fist to the face.

Writing that contains that much truth will never see the light of day in the American MSM; we are too occupied with the scores of last night's "Big Game" and being fed nauseous details about whether or not Paris is wearing undies or sordid details about the tragic death of a former stripper.

America is a nation of thieves, liars and murderers that hide behind their flag. We wax poetically about bringing democracy and freedom to the world, then go about slaughtering third world peoples like it was no more than harveting wheat.

And don't count on the so-called Democrats to do anything to stop this madness. Americans are under the delusion that we have two mainstream parties: The Republicans and the Democrats.

WRONG. There is one party, the War Party with two wings; the Dems and Republicans. And both are in servitude to the criminals in the White House and the Zionist Likud party of Israel.


Make no mistake about it; the current Middle East turmoil is a war against Muslims and Islam.
North Korea was only included in the original "Axis of Evil" so the true aim of the wars would be obscured. It's the Crusades all over again.

This Arab Holocaust will benefit Israel by giving that nation of thugs more land and water resources and the USA, by using 9/11 as an excuse to dismantle the Constitution and steal the oil resources of the Middle East.

To say we are a nation of hypocrites is an understatement. We are a nation of fat, indolent, stupid and pathetic war criminals only caring about our immediate needs.

Our motto should be: "I don't care how many Muslims we have to murder as long as gasoline stays below $2.00 a gallon."

America was built upon the death and suffering of others. Whether it was the Native Americans whose land we stole--all proper, of course, with the white man treaties--or the blacks who we stole from their homeland and used for slaves for 400 years.

The original colonies in New England were founded by religious extremists and the ones in the South by criminals. Criminals kicked out of their coutnry of origin and shipped to America to be rid of them.

These two groups of people met in Washington, DC and the government we have today is a reflection of that: Populated by thieves and religious fanatics who have no qualms about murdering people and stealing their wealth.

To wash away their guilt, they go to church on Sunday and pray louder than anyone else in church.

Since there seems to be no way to stop the current madness engulfing this nation, the only hope is that America, burdened by debt and nonstop wars, will collapse from within, much like the old USSR did after it tried to support both the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and meet the peoples needs back home.

Even though i live in America, i hope that some type of financial calamity hits this country and knocks it to its knees.

That way, Americans will be too occupied with living from hand to mouth--appropriate, since we have been responsible for forcing that way of life upon a majority of the world--to go running around the world sticking our noses--and guns--in other peoples business.

Take care and stay safe.

Greg Bacon

...wasn't that beautiful in a tragic sort of way?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dublin Mick,

Thanks for your response. I did not know Ghost Wolf had passed so long ago. I believe that information - what is being said or written - should be analyzed on its own merits rather than discounted based on one's thoughts about the messenger. However, I also believe that a person's, or corporation's, character can and does influence their words and motives. So, again, it comes down to what you feel is True for you, and what resonates within you as being Truth.

I enjoy reading your comments and appreciate all the information you put up regarding the flu and vaccine.

-- Alexina

JSP said...

More on Iran from Layla Anwar blog, Comment from last post/by Layth

1. Iran began the Iraq-war by Khomeini calling for Iraqis to topple the Iraqi government for being "un-Islamic". A number of border skirmishes took place, as well as an assasination attempt by the Iranian based "Dawa Party" on Iraqi officials such as Tariq Aziz at Al-Mustansiriya University...All these events and a few more were precedent to the Iraq official declaration of war. In-fact, ironically, one of those executed for fermenting the Iranian call to overthrow the government was Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr (whom we see now hailed in Iranian dominated Iraq as a martyr!).

2. Iran was offered a "cease-fire" by Iraq in 1982, but Khomeini refused stating that the comeplete change of the Baath government is his aim.

3. Iran has been caught red handed taking weapons and intel from the US via none other than Israel (so much for Big Satan and little Satan propaganda). These facts are all part of the Iran-Contra scandal which nearly caused an impeachment for the US President.

4. Since the "unholy revolution" of 1979, Iran has not fired one shot at Israel not has it worked for the liberation of Palestine...Yet, throughout the years Iran has falsly claimed it is an "Islamic" nation and that Israel is the enemy (yeah, tell that to the Iraqis who died with Israeli weapons!)

5. During the war of 1991, Iran agreed to house the Iraqi fighter jets so they would not be destroyed...However, as has become typical of the Iranian behaviour (must be part of the special Islam that Khomeni brought in from Paris), Iran kept the Iraqi planes and claimed that it was compensation for some of the war-damage Iraq had caused them!

6. During the war of 1991, Iran and the US called for the Shia in Iraq to rise and destroy the Baath regeim (sounds like dejavu of the Iran-Iraq war all over again!). So much for honoring the truce and ceas-fire accord Iran signed in 1988 with Iraq.

7. During the sanction years, Iran and the US were responsible for most of the car-bombs and assasination attempts that Al-Dawa and SCRI were conducting.

8. During the 2nd Palestinain Intifada in mid-late 90's, Iran announced that the Muslim world must show solidarity with Palestine, and, as a gesture of goodwill, Iran suggested that Muslim nations stop oil production completeley for a number of days (can't recall if it was 7 days or more). Lo and behold, Saddam (may God bless his soul) announced that Iraq would stop its oil production in support of Palestine, Iran, the snake in the grass that they are, declared that they would NOT stop production citing the excuse that "not enough nations had done so".

9. Iran, during the US attack on Afghanistan, declared that they would not interfere in the US war (neither for or against)...Howvere, as has become typical of the double speak, US and Iranian forces were caught jointly working together to capture the Afghan city of Heerat.

10. Iran, once again working in maximum lying mode, said they would not interere in the US was against Iraq...Hoever, all reports from the battle field by Iraqi soldiers spoke of Iranian backed groups crossing the border during the invasion and attacking Iraqi troops (especially in the South) while the Iraqi troops were poised to defend against only against the expected US enemy comming out of Kuwait/Saudi Arabia.

JSP said...

Layla's summary:

Need I go on? Need I talk about Iranian/US collaboration in Iraq? Need I talk about Sistani's fatwa forbidding resistance to the occupier and forcing all people to vote for the puppet government? Need I talk about the ex-pilots and officers that have been found murdered by Iranian death squads because they took part in the Iran-Iraq war?

You know why I am stating the above and not mentioning the US or UK or Israel? Because the evil trio is known to every Muslim kid on the street...They are the enemy, they want us dead, they want our resources...However, it is the devlish Iran which is the most danger to Muslims because it hides its evil behind walls of lies (Tuqya in the Shia belief) and makes appear it is one of the Muslims, while, in relaity, if Satan could be present in a state, then that state would be "Iran".

Visible said...


Now I get it.

I have an entirely different take on the matter. My historical perspective arrives in a different lens.

To tell the truth. I'm not political. I do not have the gene,

I'm a spiritual animal

I'm not into tangos and katas
but i do like to dance. possibly better than Bruce willis did in Blind Date,

Rebel 4E said...

"Ideology is a fool's game. Or it's a scoundrel's game. Because scoundrels use ideology to control fools. And nobody wants to be caught in that situation"




Anonymous said...

I found this on Educate Yourself a site I have always liked. It pretty much verifies what you say. I think I am going to have to move away from Mr. Ghost Wolf.

He certainly had some excellent writers and web designers working for him though.


Visible said...

Terrence McKenna is always welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Blind Date is one funny movie. I have had some bummer dates but none quite that bad at least from my perspective.

My favorite movie of all time though is Rasputin with Alan Rickman. I have that cd but only in Dutch. I have to watch on my computer.

chuckyman said...

factionisim breeds factionisim.

I have read her work for some time and I am ashamed. I feel as if I am a voyeur of her pain when I check in.

I have no idea what “group” she comes from. She is an intelligent and honest soul trying to deal with her brush with the living hell.

To call her writing objective is …………where do I start. Discuss gun legislation while being shot at – and you are unarmed. A little empathy maybe - rather than a literal translation


Findatroll said...

JSP you a yid?
A zionist?
A neocon?
A NWO shill?
A war-monger?
What the &#*& is ya?

Findatroll said...

JSP a.k.a. Joe Six Pack;

Do you agree 9/11 was an inside job carried out by the US secret service and Mossad?

Yes or f***ing no?

Duke said...

Peace be with you Les

"(I’m not a Christian but I am a friend of Christ; if that makes sense.)"

It does make sense.

" And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:they also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice;and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. "John 10:16

The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

"These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd tow'rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep."
The Tempest IV:1 148-158

Mouser said...

If you want to awake to a cold and concentrated cold water stream on your skin I recommend you go and look at the video:
The Fall of the Republic
which came out on youtube 21/10-09.
Forgiving the author's failure to come clean about the Mossad factor in the inside-job of 9/11 (perhaps because he is rumoured to be married to a jewess) the above video is much, much better and more focused and bullhorn-free compared to ALL of his previous work.

Visible said...

There is a most pertinent Petri Dish offering up today and one might want to employ a little ingenuity in understanding its purpose-

Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup.

John said...

Well, certain suppositions would lead to the conclusion that Iran is an Israeli puppet regime.!? I can do doublethink. I think.

Mick & Les: It was just the guy from the Web Bot Forum I think who had his panties in a knot that accused all of us who comment of BEING Les himself, or just a bunch of his friends. ;)

Visible said...


Even though I monitor the comments I must have missed that one. I don't have the time or inclination to sock puppet my work and I think most people know that.

The readers and commentators here are genuinely from afar. I do indeed post some of them myself because they can't manage to post them themselves given the interference I run into. So I do post their comments when sent to me in an email. A good portion of the posters here can be traced back to their locations and I am reposted on sites that bring me a lot of traffic and the traffic can be seen in several ways available right on the site. In fact, on Feedjit you can even see how many times I come in and out so that kills the argument as it also shows the people arriving from all over the world.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. Envious and contentious spirits will always be about but they are what they are and self identified in what they say and do.

Anonymous said...

"During the sanction years, Iran and the US were responsible for most of the car-bombs and assasination attempts that Al-Dawa and SCRI were conducting." TRUE
"Iran, during the US attack on Afghanistan, declared that they would not interfere in the US war (neither for or against)...Howvere, as has become typical of the double speak, US and Iranian forces were caught jointly working together to capture the Afghan city of Heerat." Wish that made news!!!
Have to agree on these points, as your others, and add. Many of us watched Iran support local leaders in Iraq with contraban. The Us turn a blind eye to this and ever help support border points for this trade? Thanks for you outline above!

JSP said...

Whenever Findatroll addresses me, instead of wasting my time dignifying his trolling with a new response, I'm just going to repost the following retort I made to him a couple of weeks ago on one of Les' other blogs - some people never learn:

Just look in the mirror, and you'll find a troll.

I've never used a rating system on any of Les' blogs but for you, I'll make an exception.

Grammar: F
Punctuation: F
Writing: F
Reading Comprehension: F
Ad Hominem: C
Projection: B+
Hypocrisy: A-
Lying: A
Trolling: A+
Baiting: A+

No doubt, you are definitely a master baiter.

I generally have a policy of not feeding the trolls yet this is the second time I've acknowledged your keyboard warrioring with a response. I promise you though, there will not be a third time.

For whatever reason, Les allows you to continue your nasty habit of chronic master baiting all over his comment sections but I will no longer be party to the desecration of one of the finest groups of blogs on the net.

Perhaps he enjoys watching you get bitch slapped as much as I've enjoyed dishing out the bitch slapping but I'm already bored with you so unless someone else wants to take over, it looks like you'll have to slither away and find some new subjects for your master baiting.

BTW, comparing me to Lukiftian was a low blow so I'll throw in a C+ for hurting my feelings on that particular point.

Happy Stroking, Troll.

Elevating willful ignorance to an art form since 1776.

Exhibit A: Findatroll

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and all,

With all the talk of repentence and/or forgiveness, but those born of the Luciferic/Fallen Angelic bloodline cannot be saved or redeemed from the curse. It's their heritage. The Nephilim's bloodline that rules behind the scenes of world government.

Many believe in foreign rulers and their greatness and I did too, for a while.. But all came to not as I learn more and more about who's on take or on the Illuminated Ones payroll... Like Ron Paul, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Palin, Mccain, Romney, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Clinton, Gordon Brown, Guiliani, Rahm Emanual, Warren Buffet, etc... Most of these were exposed by Eustice Mullins...

To me, it all goes back to the basics.. Freemasonic membership is a requirement to be a world ruler. Belonging to the right occultic bloodline is a requirement to rule. So most of these leaders are all playing the game so their team can come out on top in the end. As Les stated in the post/article, it's about controlled opposition. Pretend you are for the good of the people but behind the veil, you are apart of the Babylonian Snake Throne.

I have faith in my fellow man, but in the end, I trust myself and my god - Christ Jesus.

Some might dismiss what I'm saying, and that's OK too... Just don't be surprised during this time of Great Unveiling of who sides with who...

Money and power have the ability to corrupt. Also blackmail and/or the fear of losing your life have a certain influence over you as well. Which is why many folks do what they do. But in the end, the Reaper comes to collect the souls of those that signed on the dotted line...

Les said it perfectly --- " You have been warned. There is a small window still open and if in your arrogant disregard you disdain this priceless mercy then there will be none after. You had better heed while you can. You had better fall to your knees and recognize the Lord of Light or you will be summarily handed over to his less benign aspect."

God Bless to you all..

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

Good on you red pill that echoes much of my feelings on the matter. When you work for eons thwarting the growth of a planet you don't just wake up one day and say I love Jesus and all is forgiven. It doesn;t work that way. There is a law of karma.

I haven't much experience with blogging but last night I could not get any blog including this one. I kept getting an error code and looking on google many people were also. It is alright now however.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania milking cows.
He's an obstetrician. He delivers babies, not kills them.
Now Ron Paul may be a lot of things but some devil worshiping demon is not one of them.
He doesn't take junkets, didn't support Obama OR McCain, is truly anti-war, etc., etc., etc.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Being a Tom Joad fan, a few months ago I finally around to checking out Bruce Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" album. Some very interesting tunes can be found on this cd. But, the one that I enjoyed the most is the last one on the disk:


"Every cloud has a silver lining, every dog has his day
She said "Now don't say nothin'
If you don't have something nice to say."
The tough now they get going when the going gets tough."
But for you my best was never good enough.

"Now don't try for a home run baby
If you can get the job done with a hit."
Remember a quitter never wins
And a winner never quits.
The sun don't shine on a sleepin' dog's ass."
And all the rest of that stuff
But for you my best was never good enough

"If God gives you nothin' but lemons then you make some lemonade
The early bird catches the fuckin' worm, Rome wasn't built in a day
Now life's like a box of chocolates
You never know what you're going to get
Stupid is as stupid does" and all the rest of that shit
Come on pretty baby call my bluff
'Cause for you my best was never good enough

Well, I guess we've all heard that stuff before, so be the best that that you can be, to who? Yourself.

Posted by: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Curious question to Dublin Mick . . . you said --

"I don't view the catholic church as a bunch of misunderstood good old boys trying to do right, the vital or life force as something of the mind or espouse to your views on world politics."

One part of what you appear to be saying is, you don't view the vital or life force as something of the mind. How do you see vital or life force, and mind, being related???

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

"When you work for eons thwarting the growth of a planet you don't just wake up one day and say I love Jesus and all is forgiven. It doesn;t work that way. There is a law of karma"
Well how does it work? Now you have shared greatly and sure have seemed to understand "karma?" At what point do you think you cant brake the cicrle of your "karma?" You leave no room for change and worse the lord's love for you?
Step one is forgiving one's self for many thinkings. Dont hold on to past wrongs, as a reason for karma? You still have forever to grow and show.

Anonymous said...

Just curious

Dub was showing me a simple misunderstand about a responce I give to a poster awhile back. These to points arent to be put together. Dub was just using two things he seemed to think I was saying?

Anonymous said...

Am in this little grubby shack in Potenza, burning hundreds of votive candles.... and sending the energy Les' way.... it would be nice to take credit for his recent prolific writing, but no, that is Les' thing altogher. Les writes when he damn well pleases.
The LSD and the MDMA from Malta and Ibiza are done....I'm just trying to get a head back. No, from what I 'saw' nothing is going to happen Oct. 25... we just slowly gasp and wheeze torwards the inevitible whatever. (Oh LV, keep up tis amazing pace!) LV picked up lies in what I had to say so am loath for a meeting.... there's always next year. I get my psychic charge from Italy and I am cover later summer or fall. The acid showed me as things become more dire we will have to start truthing outselves more, it my not be the right time, yet.

Anonymous said...

Les, I came across this article and think the analysis is spot on.


I hope you stop itching soon cause I'm tired of scratcing! Have a good weekend.

Findatroll said...

I saw an interview >1½ hours long from 12 months ago with Eustice Mullins (great interview).

He never included Ron Paul as one of the evil-doers or bad guys.

On that point I believe GetReal is correct and RedPill is wrong.

But hey, JSP won't admit that 9/11 was an inside job by CIA and Mossad, so we have all kinds of poster information flowing here at smoking right now ;)

Anonymous said...

I see vital force or life force as the Christos. It is the energy that pervades every atom in the universe. It is life itself or what many like to call God. Without it there would be nothing. It is of the mind and yet not of the mind. The mind does not soley manufacture it by thoght alone.

My point was simple if you cut a flower it will begin to wilt. The life force or vital energy begins to leave it. This is not something the mind decides this is a law of nature, Christos, God.

Karma is a record of our good and bad recorded in our spirit. Would we learn if we were only held accountable for the good? It does not mean God doesn't love you. Now I am told that asking forgiveness and chanting help but the answer to this is way beyond my clearance.

I will take the consequences of errors I have made and there are many as long as in the end the killers of the planet take theirs. I don't have a problem with justice.

Ivan de Coward said...

A little quote from "The Alchemy of Finance" by Soros talking about himself.
"... It will come as no surprise to the reader when I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance - to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god ... My sense of reality was strong enough to make me realize that these expectations were excessive and I kept them hidden as a guilty secret. This was a source of considerable unhappiness through much of my adult life. As I made my way in the world, reality came close enough to my fantasy to allow me to admit my secret, at least to myself"

Too many fucking Jews thinking of themselves as gods. That's the world's foremost problem and has always been. I am sure Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Gusinsky in Yeltsin's days also saw themselves as gods or semi gods. But every once in while comes somebody like Hitler, Stalin, or Putin and reminds them they are nothing but shit. These bustards, after they get some money, go always acquiring all media outlets and always manage to paint those who oppose them like embodiment of evil. How many people know today that it was Stalin who saved Russia from the fucking Jewish scum first time around. It was him who killed, not just politically but physically, Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev and bunch of other top Jewish Bolshevik leaders. It is no accident, Stalin is the second most revered historical figure today in Russia leaving behind Peter The Great. But, unfortunately, he didn't finish the job. It was Putin who saved Russia second time around when bastard Yeltsin let the Jews rape Russia again. Putin didn't finis the job either. He is no Schwarzenegger, but I sure hope he'll be back.

And, Les, please send me your photograph with Putin after you meet the guy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita (18.66): “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.”

Findatroll said...

Hey lame drug troll -

Ya you anon 11:14.
Dog poets don't use hallucinogens or central stimulants.
So why don't you take your bogus PC besmudging attempt and hightail it back to somewhere that people won't spit on you when they meet you in person.

A.Mouser said...

Israel has deceived itself into believing it is not only the chosen people but that it and its citizens are demi-gods who are above the laws of God and the laws of humanity.

Israel really is lost now and it is dragging her big rich uncle Sam down to the pit of hades with her.

The world has seen enough zionist genocide of arabs under the false excuse of self defense.

Israel's time is now here to be judged by her peers.

The Goldstone report and the UN are going to find Israel guilty of wars crimes against white flag waiving palestinian civilians.

It will now have to stop its genocide and pay the penalty for murder of a people based on race.

Israel is caught red handed that is to say with blood on its hands.

The UN has the power to send in troops to Israel to stop further genocide = game over Israeli demi-gods.

Anonymous said...

"The Alchemy of Finance"

As my friend lobro says... "when you have usury, who needs alchemy?"

Anonymous said...

nature yearning few men learning,
but les's site keeps the flame burning,
each night each day
all aspects on display
when a man touch,he's led up the way
and up the way he is led
to recieve his soul bread
his heart doused in light and then connected to his head...peace

les I'm not sure you realize what a service you are providing here through this washed out decrepid so called civilization that we are sharing,this doorway you have made from your love and compassion is a tool in the great spirits tool box,an ever changing encompassing all,pathway to the light you have my total respect and honour I totally trust you and your guiding words,after each reading I am filled with an air of honesty and a renewed sense of duty,if you never wrote another word the love you have provided so far would surely last 1000 lifetimes...peace

Anonymous said...

Les, I wish I could write something helpful or uplifting...

all I can say is thanks for getting me "higher" than I was before I started reading your blogs. Thanks, man.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are riding a white horse and all you readers are riding right beside you.
The guitarist is Johnny Cash and the mouth-oganist is Robert Zimmerman.
All empires fall. Egypt, Roman, Brtish, American and some day the Rothschildean.
You are a profet riding the horse of truth opening the eyes and ears of everyone you touch.
This ability is coming from God - whatever you conceive him to be. All the profets that ever spoke are riding right along with you including Jesus.
This is a tremendous blessing for all who hear you. At the same time it is a curse to you personally because the powers of dark on earth and in the spiritual realm feel a papper cut every time another pair of eyes and ears opens. One papper cut will not kill evil but thousands of papper cuts all occuring in a short period of time all beeding out the beast. You Les Visible are a thorn in the devil's side that shows no sign of going away unless you give up.
But you shall not give up to the devil's attempts to stiffle you because the power of good, light and truth are more powerful than satan. The powers of good are going to protect and heal you if you let them.
Your Father in heaven will never abandon you, but you will walk through hotter fires than this before your ride is done.
Love, truth, peace.
We ride with you Sir!



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