Monday, October 12, 2009

9/11 and the Joker in the Dream Machine

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The people at the Discovery Channel’s 'Mythbusters' site have banned discussion about 9/11. DCFanMod, who has been at the site for almost ten months and is a ‘senior moderator’ says, “The subject is sensitive and painful for us all and is inappropriate for the Mythbusters forums”. I’m guessing this is another example of that old saw, “the truth hurts”. Why are all the disinfo S&MSM media sites so sensitive about the truth coming out, besides the pain it causes them, when they are informed about what they are trying to suppress? Maybe it’s the growing evidence of things like this or... slowly emerging curiosities of this nature. The onion’s getting peeled and from the look of what is at the center, it’s probably not going to make it into the stir-fry.

Unfortunately for the S&MSM, the amount of people paying attention to, or believing what they say, is decreasing by the day. Print media needs a bailout. Electronic media needs a bailout and the Ponzi-fishing contributions of Madoff, The Federal Reserve and the others will only go only so far in propping up a dead fish before the stink clears the room. Israelis at the center of the eye of the golem and the eye-shadow is running down the face of the late night hooker at the Empire Diner. It’s late in the day for reflection and regrets. At least the hooker is capable of them.

There are a number of time bombs ticking at the moment. The thing with time bombs, for most people, is that the noise is annoying. Well... that annoyance is going to turn into something else when the bomb goes off and you’ll have something more to trouble your beautiful ears about. The commercial real-estate bubble is soon to explode and that’s going to have a real ‘hip bone connected to the knee bone’ effect. This is going to be sharing in a tag team event that might best be illustrated in the man who got taken to emergency with a brain seizure and then had a heart attack on the gurney.

What do imperial regimes and capitalist systems do when they’re sinking into dung-tar, taffy pits of their own excesses? They go to war. What if you are already at war a couple of times over? You instigate another war of course. It’s like that Israeli motto, “Use force. If that doesn’t work, use more force”. Since Israel is in near total control of the U.S. and responsible for all of the wars in which the U.S. is presently engaged well... it’s time to line up some more American canon fodder to die for the greater good, even if the greater good is benefiting a small handful of people.

This is why the headlines are now howling like a drunk at the Mardi Gras (coming soon) about troop shortages in Afghanistan; Iran being behind everything, including flu pandemics which are still on the drawing board at Fort Detrick, truthers selling drugs outside of elementary schools and anything else that’s outrageous enough to get attention without having to be true. The truth hasn’t had much success getting in the way of even obvious lies for some time. Unfortunately for the lying sacks of cat scat at the S&MSM and their financiers at predatory nations, world conditions are going to make lie consumption a much more difficult feat. Sooner or later, the pressure of personal, shared reality becomes greater than the fear of challenging what you are experiencing.

Newsweek has got their sop to Joe Biden hanging in the top spot at almost as long as Michael Jackson’s death announcement. Joe is “an inconvenient truth teller” apparently. There are a lot of professional liars and unprincipled hacks in American politics but Joe Biden stands out even among them. The added qualities of his bombast and arrogance, coupled with his slavish obeisance to his Israeli masters make him almost unique in the anals (not a misspelling) of the system.

Every time I see something prominently displayed in the S&MSM that doesn’t have a clear reason for being trotted out for the indifferent attentions of those who went to the site for sports and celebrity gossip, I have to ask myself what it’s really about.

When I take into consideration this recent Nobel Prize award and the manufactured appearance of the president, juxtaposed with the times and conditions, I get some weird sensations. I get sensations that tell me Obama might want to avoid walking under ladders and breaking mirrors or even going outside because sometimes war alone is not enough. Sometimes you need a Wicker Man and there’s plenty of straw around for the purpose.

Day by day, the reality of 9/11 is dawning on wider and wider segments of the public. People texting while eating their Froot Loops, are catching on. People who bought the material dream are having immaterial experiences. They don’t like it but they’ve moved up a stage in that stages of grief sequencing which goes; first comes denial, then anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. I doubt that series is accurate overall. I don’t buy most of what academics have to say about anything but it serves as an example.

America- what it was presented to be- is dying. It is not going to accomplish what it was never intended to at the hands of those who held her down and did her on the pool table of a private club. She turns out to be one more failed dream that was bled dry by vampires. Yes, there are vampires and werewolves too. They’re just not running around in the classical sense. Perhaps in some cases they are.

Prediction is a mug’s game and generally the province of charlatans. It may be more profitable than futile but the profit does not come based on the accuracy of the prediction. Only a little research will prove that. However one can predict things in a general way. If there are enormous storm clouds in the sky you could venture that rain might be coming. If armchair, chicken hawks are waving rhetorical sabers, you might say that war is on the way. If a politician or a media pundits lips are moving you can surely predict they are lying. There are a number of conditions, both apparent and approaching, which would incline toward certain events to follow. Only a fool would discount them.

Another thing that is helpful in prediction is to examine the character of the people in charge on the temporal level. A study of the conditions of the middle class is always helpful. There are no revolutions or dramatic social changes without its involvement. When things have come to a particular pass there is no way to go but forward and forward does not suggest continuity and continuance of the same old same old. Forward is indicating increasing degrees of mayhem. Sometimes things have to run their course and this is one of those times.

Another thing that imperial regimes and capitalist systems engage in, when their actions have put them in the role of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, is staged events. That brings us back to 9/11 and the other bloody deeds they’ve gotten up to in recent years. The more intense conditions become, the more they are pressed to come up with something dramatic to justify all of the wrongs they have committed.

We’re looking at a whole lot of possibilities here and none of them good. There are a number of ways out of the difficulties of the moment but none of them are going to be considered because that requires sacrifice on the part of those who created the problems to begin with. The leopard is not going to change his spots.

I don’t think that what is going to happen is going to be exactly what these predators intend and I don’t think it’s going to be what many of us fear. I think it’s going to be a surprise on all accounts because those who think they are in control are not and those who feel they are powerless are not. Nothing is what it seems, even to those who are convinced that it is because they believe they are generating it.

In the interim, my advice it to keep your eyes open and your powder dry. I would suggest getting to know yourself better and giving less attention to the ringmasters and the circus acts. In the end you are going to be better placed depending on your knowledge and understanding of yourself. Seek deeper and leave good footprints.

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Anonymous said...

"..those who feel they are powerless are not."

We are strangers you and I, and yet you never fail me. How can this be? I hope that somewhere down the line I can repay you, in no matter how small a way.

Thanks, Les, for lifting me out of the depression caused by you-know-who winning the you-know-what!

S. Cat

Anonymous said...

"I would suggest getting to know yourself better and giving less attention to the ringmasters and the circus acts."
Yep, LeMat

Anonymous said...

I watched a Mythbusters program the other night that had James and Adam using a highly advanced NASA flight simulator. They simply wanted to see how hard it would be to fly a commercial jet, they both had no airtime experience whatsoever in the pilot's seat of an any aircraft.

James did terrible. He had trouble at getting the proper flight speed , was lost trying to find the right buttons and couldn't even find the switch for the landing gear. Even with the help of the tower guides , he ended up flying around lost - (Note; NASA programmed the flight simulator so that he was flying at night), and no information was given at how long it took him to finally find the runway , and he ended up crashing the jet into the ground. I didn't see how Adam faired, but my guess would be it was the same as Jamie.

William G.

Unknown said...

My problem with all the 911 research, is this: while so many smart individuals were looking into what's past, they should have been taking heed to what's coming! It seems to me that the culprits got away scot free, which also suggests to me that they've been preparing the REAL 911 ever since?! But this is just my opinion...

Unknown said...

Greetings Mr. Visible, As we know, the inner spirit is what creates and guides us in the things of this world. Visible Origami is definitely my favorite, but you do just as good a job explaining the external conditions of the world here at Smoking Mirrors. I have known for a good while now that the world was full of a lot of greed, selfishness,superficiality,and yes,for some,pure evil.I'm pretty confident I understood why the conditions of this world were the way they were before I found Smoking Mirrors.Nevertheless, you have opened my eyes and alerted me to some "truths" in the world that are taking place around me.You know, made me more aware of the workings of the various conditions of the "external" world around me.I try to keep myself aware of the big picture, but it is my humble opinion that one cannot become to frantic about the infinite, and yes, negative conditions of the external world.We must always come back to self and work on our own inner spirits because this is what's most important and this is where our true power lies.Keep doin' what you do here at these blogs for as long as you desire. I'm still reading.I'm lovin' it, and no I'm not eating at Mcdonalds! peace, pond owl

Anonymous said...

Yup. As far as predictions and codes go, the multiple future potentials can most certainly become obvious when you consider a few of the good and evil futures we have missed.
The PNAC darklords no doubt had expected to have installed another Shaw by now. The problem is the people of Iran are holding up the plans of the NWO takeover of the Middle-East. They may be surrounded, but they are still a major stumbling bloc of the Muslim breakdown.
And about Obama, what do the zionists have planned for him. Is he to be another Kennedy , and blame it on the Russians and Iranians? Nooo, too obvious. They are stuck with him. Not that it matters, men like Cheney and "Don't have to be a Jew." Biden are the one's taking orders from the masters.
Obama is what Bill Clinton called all presidents and PM's, and dictators, just another "virtual president". Obama may be the guy Nostradamus called "Mabus", number 3 he saw in his special black mirror - (maybe it was Mob-U.S. ?), but the Dukes of the NWO know they have become so predictable to a majority of true patriots that it is causing the arrogant agents of death to abort their pet fantasies.

We all have a great karmic reponsibilty.

William G.

Anonymous said...

The sooner people with functioning hearts and minds can exit Babylon II, the better. Pay less attention to politicians, media and pharma for starters. Pay more attention to Yahweh and His Laws.

Look at it this way, several thousand Zionists have been able to to wreak havvoc on the planet. Think of what several million of the righteous people (the sheep) would be able to do once they finally wake up from the slumber.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best. Regarding Afganistan, (and, Iran) one friend recently made reference to how backward, misogynistic and uncivilized Afganistan is. And another friend pointed my attention to an article on Iran re Twitter and how the Iranians are against free speech on that.
I used both times to interject responses based on the why and wherefor, meaning the flaws in the stories, why they ran, whats really going on, ect.
I guess if the MSM's goal is to establish a mood for the purposes of achieving the interests of TPTB then we could do worse than to work in our own circles to inculcate alternative interests, correct?

abe said...

Hoka Hey brother Les and fellow readers! Just some quick thoughts:

1. Why did myth-busters(enforcers?) just ban all discussion of 9/11?

2. When vitamins and supplements become as illegal and expensive as heroin, knowing how to germinate sprouts and make Essene Bread will be knowledge far more valuable than an MBA!

3. Buy silver! When the dollar tanks, gold will be far too expensive to even safely possess, let alone barter with.

Edo said...

Excellent Piece Les, I echo the sentiment of the first Anonymous poster.

Nayon said...

Thanks a lot for this refreshing lesson of reality.

EM activiy very strong over eastern Canada today, punch holes and stripes, smells like something's cooking.

psychegram said...

Hey V,

You know, today's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. Which my family celebrated yesterday on practical grounds but ... traditionally one lists what one is thankful for on this day. Well, I'm thankful I found you ... I forget where. It doesn't matter. What matters is I first read you when I did and got hooked immediately. The influence exerted on my life since has been immeasureable.

The Time Monks are saying the coming event will be primarily economic in character. Sometime around the 25th of this month ... collapse of the dollar, most likely, probably kicked off by some serious negative action in the derivatives markets and, of course, that commercial real estate bubble.

Things are coming apart at the seems everywhere. From what I can see most people are still ignorant of this, at least of the why of it and especially of the scale of what's coming, but lately it seems they're maintaining their ignorance with a grim determination that gets more difficult for them every day. But you know, how many 'conspiracy theorists' and 'patriots' are guilty of the same thing at another level? Sure, they've figured out Israel, the Illuminati, the Bloodlines but ... do they see the wider picture? The descending archetypes, the delicate and vastly overpowering interplay of influence between the planets and human events, the steady march of the Mayan calendar and the fractal dimensionality of time it describes more accurately than any modern system, the divinely ordered cosmic will whose plan is working itself out at every level here? And how many are just stocking up on food and ammo and getting ready for Armageddon? When they should be preparing their souls for apocalypse.

Not so much better myself. All too easy to get distracted ... get wrapped up in my own little life ... forget to tend to my own heart and soul. Been neglecting my meditation recently and there are reasons for that, but reading you, that's just the kick in the pants I need to get me back on track, a little. The hour is late and a lot of us are nodding off even though we know better; like those kids in Nightmare on Elm Street, we've gotta look out for one another, and when we see a brother or sister falling asleep, give 'em a friendly nudge.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why you aren't showing up at What Really Happened any more? That's where I usually pick you up and this is the third time in a row that I checked in here later on and found this to be the case.

Visible said...


You find me at Signs of the Times (grin)

Thanks for the good words. I hope I can improve. There's still a lot of refinement necessary. I'm going to be adding audio to all the blogs soon and once I'm south of here video comes next.

After that? Telepathic invasion of course.

Visible said...

Anon: 9:17

I have no idea. Suffice to say that inquiries about that had no results so I've moved on as of whenever that is.

Anonymous said...

HOME RUN Les...GRAND SLAM - right out of the park and through Larry Silversteins closed window! ;)

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Great words, "Seek deeper and leave good footprints".

As you say, things are not going to plan. Even the weather seems to be normalising.

We are definitely in 'cornered rodent' territory. Time for feet firmly on the ground and eyes wide open.

Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Les- Please allow the written word of your articles to still be on your blogs after the upgrade because some of us are still on cheap $10.00 a month dial-up service.Thankfully I can still listen to a short audio discourse like your radio show after a few minutes of download time. pond owl

Visible said...


That surely is not going to change.

Anonymous said...

" I echo S Cat's comment. We are strangers, I started reading your blogs regularly less than a year ago, but I've come to depend on them, both to reinforce what I've read, and to feel connected. Not having been or being able to go to a Teacher or Guru, I was fortunate to be led to various writings from different traditions, and the ones which appeal to me most, echo what you say. But the difference is the immediacy.

You write afresh on very relevant currently pressing issues, mundane and spiritual, every week, and I've listened to a couple of your broadcasts, and one can communicate with you, so you are more solid and real than a piece of writing or video-clip frozen in time. Write often!

So, here's another one to say "Thank you", especially for the uplifting of my spirit and a renewal of my faith in the ultimate "Rightness" of things, even if we cannot grasp it ordinarily. "Seek deeper and leave good footprints". The good footprints implies giving help to and showing compassion for all those who need it.

Wise, practical, and beautiful."


Rebel 4E said...

les vis...Telepathic Invasion...
Sounds like a plan....(o__O)


chuckyman said...

As much as I enjoy the Mythbusters I am well aware that they are just another TV series. I enjoy seeing a series where a bunch of reformed geeks (Jamie Hyneman will hate that) who attempt to use some grey matter in their day-to-day endeavours. The bottom line however is simple – they work in the media arena.

I also remember a brief internet flurry when they were told – in clear and unmistakable language by the "networks" – that they were NOT to cover the issue of RFID tags. This is a huge area of population control that is not being discussed. The population must not know the mechanisms of their control. Anyway, enough of the trivial stuff.

I am a Celt who has walked all of his days in the theories of science. In the last 3 years I have found enough enlightened souls online to free me from both the gravitational model and my jew tinted goggles.

I stumbled across this site about a year ago. It was this site the helped me open a sleepy third eye. I thank Les (and Dublin Mick) that I am a newly awakened soul. To the new arrivals from and the other “big” sites, hang around. You may not think the spiritual elements here are for you but they are.

Les, some of us here are new to this. Short of reading every post in the archive, any pointers?

Kevenj said...

"Sometimes you need a Wicker Man.."


Please,You are not suggesting 'Divide&Conquer' mon ami?


Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,


Louis Farrakhan gives his take on 9/11 and Rothschild and the Banksters:

If those of you who hate him can get past your anger, bitterness, or sheer stupidity, when he says "all of our lives are in danger right now", he is speaking truth...

When foreign troops and U.N. helicopters starting rounding Patriots up (white, black, brown, yellow, etc..) we will all need each other... Forget the petty BS, the bankers and illuminati Luciferians want to subject your wife, mom, grandmother, kids, etc into abject poverty and slavery bearing RFID chips...

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,


Louis Farrakhan on the CIA, Bush, Iraq, Mossad, Jimmy Carter, and charges of Anti-Semitism:

abe said...

Dear Les and all, a greating from the horse poet.

Farrakhan is right and his anger has always been justified- as has Ward Churchill's and Cynthia McKinney's.

The Lakota are very clear on this - the market economy will end (over centuries, but still). For a prophecy, look to Detroit. America's first third-world city, yes, but also the staging ground of our rebirth as a smaller, humbler, and self-sufficient nation. There is no other way with 30% official unemployment, unsellable houses, no national super market chains operating in the city limits, a shrinking urban footprint, and no alternative industries in sight. The people and politicians of Detroit are slowly realizing that there no longer is any market to revitalize. It has all been stolen out from underneath them. The time for an American rebirth is close at hand. Urban agriculture, local energy production, barter economies, land-trust real estate market alternatives, and a returning need for the guidance of the Natives are the future of the American landscape. It all begins in Detroit, with other hollowed out rust belt cities to follow. Eventually the chimeric beast that is judeo-christian-democratic-capitalism will perish in the land of his raping and the Red man will win at long last. It took 500 years to get here, and may take 500 to fully get out, but a sustainable, self-sufficient, reverent, and post-semitic America at peace with the world lies pregnant in the death of this one. This is the promise behind the fear.

Anonymous said...

Red Bull Drink has now been found to be a liver killer and almost instant death when mixed with alcohol. Taking out the useless eaters one drink at a time.

They must have been shamed into a worthwhile finding. People should know this because the bastards in New York State mandated people getting the vaccine or be fired at day care and hospitals.

The study by the Acute Respiratory Infections Group at the Cochrane Collaboration in Rome published in the BMJ now increases the risk of liability for any agency, state, location or person imposing vaccines since the vaccines have not been proven effective for stopping transmission of disease, have not been properly tested, do not comply with federal law, and risk disease, disability and death.

It doesn't hurt to have some semblance of good news once in awhile does it?

From what I hear in Europe according to the WHO Greece was slated to be the first country mandated to have the shots. How is that going? Anybody know?

They are building a giant data base out in Utah to house electronic data on American citizens. It seems they have been running out of electricity to run these contraptions lately they take so much energy and the data is useless anyway because to my knowledge they haven't found any "terrorists."

They building another one in Texas but congress is becoming skeptical of the high electricity bills to fund them. I am not surprised as anything the government gets mixed up in usually falls to hell anyway.

Back on a darker note.
I see in the U.K. donar organs are now riddled with cancer, hepatitus and madcow disease. Not good news for a country where 275,000 are going missing every year and now has the lowest standard of living in Europe. God save the quain. It would only make sense to have Tony Blair head of the whole circus. Nobody could say he wasn't a citizen anyway.

Now I see 14 Israeli art students had visas to the world trade center before all the fireworks and brought in a lot of packages. Quite a coincidence. Nothing to see here though.

As the Dog Poet says Aroooooooooooooooooooooo over and out

nobody said...

Not forgetting In amongst every urban legend ever, they never heard of dancing israelis, impossible cellphone calls, no plane at the pentagon, no nothin'. Perhaps it never happened?

Rev. John Moulton said...

Hi Les!

I think our piece (peace?) of president will be assassinated after things get a little bit worse and before his first term expires. Of course the patsy will be some white redneck dude from backwoods Mississippi or Arkansas in order to generate intense racial animosity.

I'll give 5/4 odds on this although I really don't care one way or the other (excepting bets). What's going down and will go down has already gone down as far as God is concerned. BTW, good links. You always seem to back up your assertions with hard facts. The S&MSM (good one) could take a clue.

Thank you so very much for your blogs; they help me make it through the week. Ragged Reverend signing off from snow covered mountains.

Anonymous said...

Abe, 5:37 AM
My sentiments exactly; native peoples will pick up our broken western countries and move on. Hopefully by then wtp will have realised that this is the way things should be.
No bets and don't hold your breath; it will take much turmoil and time.

Rebel 4E said...

Dublin Mick,
I was just enjoying my 3rd Vodka & Red Bull of the morning when I happened to read your last post...needless to say, I had one last gulp and have decided never to touch the stuff again (Red Bull that is)....(-__+)

les vis,
Have you written down your passwords and put them in a safe place..? lol!

Visible said...

There is a new Reflection in a Petri Dish up-

A Meaningful Stroll Down Memory Lane.

Visible said...

Uh duh...

It is impressed on my memory and the recovery failsafes are in place.

John said...

Patsy, fall guy, turns class/economic issue into Red Herring Racial Chowder.

SoldierofYah said...

Absolutely outstanding article Visible. Very very interesting about the 4 mossad agents in the WTC.

"I don’t think that what is going to happen is going to be exactly what these predators intend and I don’t think it’s going to be what many of us fear. I think it’s going to be a surprise on all accounts because those who think they are in control are not and those who feel they are powerless are not. Nothing is what it seems, even to those who are convinced that it is because they believe they are generating it."

I hope you are right.

Look forward to your next transmission.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone brought up Louis Farrakhan. I first listened to him back in the 80s, didn't have any problem with his philosophy then and still don't. I worked with a black guy back then and we used to talk about him. I remember saying the man is ok but doesn't know jack shit about economics. I had a BS in business administration and believed all the traditional shit they teach you in college. Yep, old Louis has come a long way, now when he speaks on business matters I agree with him. HMMM, I wonder???


abe said...

Tony @ 12:12 pm,
What's another 500 years when you've got food, family, and a long-view of history?

Hoka hey brother!

Anonymous said...

bholanath said -

Link to an important new, well-written article, by Peter Chamberlin whom I consider pretty brilliant and articulate.
Godmen And The Sheeple

Link to a very interesting article by John Judge, written in '85 but somehow I missed but which contains relevant information to the present, especially Zbigniew Brezhinski (Obongo guru), as well as MLK coverup and many other world events.
The Black Hole of Guyana
The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre


Anonymous said...

For the next racial provocation, look at right-wing hatemonger Rush Limbaugh's attempt to become an owner of the St. Louis Rams, a US National Football League team.

Blacks are generally outraged that he would even be considered for ownership, while many whites are furious that his right to own a franchise may be scuttled because of comments he made on his radio show.

The debate is very hot, with very little middle ground. It should be noted that the current Rams ownership hasn't put the franchise up for sale, but if they do... look out!

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
Wanted to interject a point here, from a person who used to think that separation was good because it was a way to fight the purposes of those who advocate equality while in reality shoving those they saw as their greatest enemy out of positions of power.
We truly are one, not because power seekers turn a natural impulse to their own ends, but because it's true. Since advocating equality has lost the cachet it had for those certain people because it no longer suits their purposes, I think times ahead call for unity among all those of good heart, regardless of what's gone before. It's my hope that sites like this are instrumental in bringing a positive future to pass.

salialioli said...

Buenas noches Mr Visible and companía!

Only to point up Dublin Mick and all who ask for bright news and for those looking for cracks of light .... here’s this on the monster bug scares: the Greek police, according to Spanish radio, is refusing to take this jab, so is the German army.... they join French nurses, Brit doctors and, maybe, a jittering slightly startled MSM presenter or two.


One of the Angels has appeared!

Who funnily enough says Keep Calm. There have always been Conspiracies. Throughout Time..

Sor Teresa Forcades is a Benedictine nun and a Harvard-educated Medical Doctor. She has done an interview, 8 Sept, shot in the extraordinary courtyard of the Monesterio de Montserrat, a sacred, some say magic, mountain in Catalunya ........ even bells to ring the message loud and clear to anyone who wants to listen up.

She says we have the right to refuse. She says we should be informed and to pass on this information. She explains in medical detail what these viruses consist of. She was asked to do this, to research the vaccine and its administration. (wow, it’s good to hear there is someone human up there!)

Santa Teresa has denounced the whole freakin shooting match. Spilled the beans. Gone, as she says, as a lamb among the wolves. Brave lady. There must be some of you who espeakaspanish when necessary and she’s quite a sensation.

a video link:

Here’s also a link to an English translation/synopsis of an interview with her short articles have appeared in several Spanish Barcelona MSM papers. El Periódico, El Mundo, El Público,.

We just have to expose them. Talk about it. Don’t forget the Old Tales: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. And we are the Mob. Chattering masses. get The Secrets OUT there!

It’s working! Thanks Mr Visible for being a generous and loving proser and poet and giving space to create something

End of Transmission from Mediterranean shores

Anonymous said...

Germany's Angela Merkel is set to address Xi Jinping Chinese Vice President at the Frankfort book fair. She has promised to speak with him about freedom of opinion not being a threat and all.

I am sure the Chinese will pass up the opportunity to ask how is Ernst Zundel doing anyway, isn;t he supposed to get out of the pen in six months? If they only had my sense of humor.

How about a big hypocrisy sammich?

Angela and Sarkozy are threatening to have Czech President Klaus removed because he won't sign off on the Lisbon Treaty. This provides a pretty good example of how the new democracy is going to work.

It is not that Klaus is overflowing with the love of freedom. The hang up is Germans who were forced marched on foot out of the country during the war will want to get their property back through the European court. They want a stipulation concerning this.

I am sure Angela will cave on this and back Klaus because if there is one ethnic group she has shown a tendency to screw it is the Germans.

If I were Klaus though being the only man holding up the European Union I would be a little concerned boarding the plane for the meeting in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

Earlier commentor is right about silver being a more tradeable medium than gold when the dollar finishes going bust. However gold is always nice too, at $2000/oz, and there _are_ "ways" to see it doesn't get stolen or confiscated. You what the frugal french peasants did... having buried gold put away in Denmark by his mistress certainly saved L-F Celine's life after the War, when the french zionuts were out to hang him.
Gold has just hit 1070 and silver 18. See Dan Norcini's 10/14 comments on and look at his dollar graph!

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Sex and the Single Mind.

salialioli said...

Link didn't come out at last pasting of A Nun speaks out on H1N1 pandemic:

Visible said...

I've been told that this format for comments will take care of all the problems people have been having leaving comments. I hope so.

caracal said...

Hi Les,
Note from Cairo - Last time we saw chemtrails in Egypt was shortly before the genocide in Gaza.

Since then sky's been blue as always. This morning covered with paralell chemtrails which turned into a toxic grey sludge.

Midday EVERYONE in our office felt a highly unpleasant low pulse "explosion" and low tone which penetrated right through our bodies. Felt like more of an electromagnetic reverberating pulsation than a sound although we all instinctively covered our ears. Very unpleasant. We were all speechless. Lasted about 30 seconds. (A colleague said he'd felt 2 others over the last 2 days). Guess what. Apparently sellout Egypt agreed to International (read Israeli/US) war games in Alexandria after Turkey refused. Alexandria is more than 200 KM from Cairo. So WTF was that??

So, now Im less puzzled about chemtrails. 2 obvious reasonsbecome clear: a) to cover up what is happening above the artificial clouds
b)conducting electromagnetic vibrations. Probably dusting us with a bit of live virus as well since were not dying fast enough for their liking.
Anyone have an idea about the EM weapon? Or could it have been a mini nuke in the desert??

kikz said...

well, i'll test it..
mirrors is the only place i hav a prob... :)

good sign... i already see the word verification :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Senor Salialioli

That is the kind of news I can appreciate. I spent a week once on the Mediterranean Sea, loved the place.

Ser o no Ser esta es la pregunta!

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo said...

L.V. I'm checking out these smoking mirror radio programs and they are great! Local radio is all sports and religion. Don't know WTF happened to AM radio. I will download some more thanks for sharing.

salialioli said...

dear lord lummy me, Caracal, you are likely sitting on the test site of the seriously horrid Megabomb Test Site that the Pentagon ingenuously claims it has no intention of using .. check this out:

Last time I pasted a link it was chopped, but you can go to information clearing house and find the article there. Here's a quote

"The 15-ton behemoth -- called the "massive ordnance penetrator," or MOP -- will be the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal and carry 5,300 pounds of explosives. The bomb is about 10 times more powerful than the weapon it is designed to replace, and is designed to break through bunkers shielded by 10,000 pounds of reinforced concrete."

Another quote on a different page from Ron Paul claims that a big bomb is going to be dropped and that it will be a big, big event.

Yes, right. You may indeed have felt a shock from 200 kms away in Cairo if this is the kind of stuff they are messing with.

Think of that beautiful country Persia. Being blown to smithereens, just to make money for banksters. There comes a point ... doesn't there?

You're welcome Dublin Mick, and greetings!

Anonymous said...

BY ALL MEANS see the new Atlantic Monthly article on flu vaccines!
Nov. 2009 issue, the article is online. A MUST READ.

Anonymous said...

Four nurses have sued the state of NY
to stop the mandatory jab (or lose your job!!) law.

tim said...

Human ears detect 20-20,000 hertz(hz-frequency range). Our bodies can feel 1hz-20hz. Ever been to a rock concert or a really loud car stereo? HARRP produces these frequency ranges; so do the toy trucks deployed in Pittsburgh for the G20 summit. Any trucks with paraboilc disks driving around? Large explosions also produce low-frequency pulses.

Anonymous said...

German Army rejects swine flu jabs and citizens protest.

Jane says they contain nano microchips so the WHO can track you.

This may go a long way towards breaking up the united nations.

Anonymous said...

I left out the link earlier. They just showed a young housewife on TV who was jerking and twitching and could hardly walk after a swine flu shot. Dr. Siegel assured all it was very unusual to get their shots.

CVC pharmacies will give 100,000 free shots in the U.S. to the unemployed. The caption is don't let the flu get you! We will soon see a reduction in unemployment no doubt. Six months to one year down the line when people are no doubt keeling over they will say oops we didn't know but we are not liable.,0,3612807.story

KennedyAssination said...

A very interesting article with related links occured at WRH a few days ago.
I've been mulling it around in my mind these past days and I would like to share it now.
The end of America began with the inception of the Rothschild controlled Federal reserve at the beginning of the 1900's.
We received an honest warning in Eisenhover's speach about the dangers of the military-industrial complex gradually taking control over everything.
The real de facto end of America occured with the assassination of John Franklin Kennedy.
Here's where it gets interesting.
Just prior to Kennedy's inside-job murder he and his government were cery actively involved in two specific areas.
They were the following:
1. A concerted attempt was being made over the 1½ years prior to the Dallas deed to have the "Zionist council of America" to register itself as a foreign government organisation. The reason was that the Zionist council was receiving millions of dollars in seed money from the Israeli government to lobby US elected officials to vote according to Israel beneficial laws in the US congress.
Registration of the Zionist congress would have made illegal the accepting of lobby money from the Zionist council by US memebers of government.
The Zionist council refused to register because they said it would severely thwart Zionism.
So the justice department, under Kennedy's direction was preparing to legally shut them down.
Then Kennedy was killed and Lyden Johnson became president and the proceedings against the corrupt Zionist lobbying ceased.
The Zionist council changed it name to AIPAC and have had a free hand since then to "buy" votes on any law passed which influenced Israel.
2. Kennedy was active right up until his death in trying to control the nuclear development in Dimona. He was openly upset that the "sons of bitches" in Israel "kept on lying" to him about their nuclear program. It was originally ONLY suposed to be for nuclear energy.
Fast forward to the present:
A) The entire house of representitives in Washington, including the president, are wholly "lobbied", that is to say, bought and paid for by the Israeli govenment through AIPAC and other Israeli lobby groupd like the ADL.
B) Israel has 200-500 nuclear warheads 'ready to go' even though they are not supposed to have ANY.
In summary, let us answer the question of qui bono concerning the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas.
The Cubans? The CIA? The mafia? Israel?
It is Israel who gained exponentiallly through the killing of president Kennedy.
They (Israel) now control the 'democratic' USA politically and economically, and they now have a nuclear bomb arsenal which they are planning to use to take over the whole world through threat of use (including the Samson option).
Fait accompli.
The Zionists in Israel, who were created and are a direct arm of Rothschild and the international banking cartel, are now poised to try to take over the world.
Qui bono?
History very strongly suggests it was the Israeli Zionists who killed John Kennedy.
His famous speach just prior to his assassination confirms he knew exactly what the Zionists were planning to do.
The truth set him free - literally and physically.
The America which was good and God fearing "died" that afternoon in Dallas.
A bit of all of us died along with him. Since we have turned a blind eye to what really happened we are now reaping our just desserts.
Rothschild and Zionist Israel are actively taking over the world and enslaving all earth's citizens as modern day serfs.
Not a joke.
This is the truth to the very best of my knowledge.

Mouser said...

Fitzgerald not Franklin

Anonymous said...

The problems are clear.

Can you offer any solutions?

Bitching and moaning doesn't help.

-- Tom in Estonia



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