Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am Back for a Little While.

First let me thank those of you who sent me all the great emails. I'm a little rusty with this right now. I've been gone for over five months and haven't done anything along these lines during that time. I've been in a very rural location without internet or even any kind of useful internet cafe; I know that's hard to believe in this day and age but somehow I accomplished it. I did get to a cafe at one point but there were already so many emails to deliver at such a low download speed that it was hopeless.

I recorded 3 new albums which you can access by hitting the singer/songwriter link in the right sidebar of this page and then clicking "mp3 music" in the next right sidebar of the next page.

I'll be around for about 3 months this time and hopefully will have solved my internet problem in the interim... somehow. In many ways it was wonderful to be away and for the most part totally alone except for my invisible friends. No point in saying anything more at this time. I'll endeavor to answer your emails over the next few days and then have something new up at the varoius blogs by the beginning of the week. Once again, thank you, it really made my day to come back and find these letters. Much love all around.



Anonymous said...

Hello Visible, I thought we may have lost you to 'the other world'
Stay well.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you again. I have you bookmarked and check it every couple of weeks in the hopes...

Hope that all is as well as it can be, considering.

Anonymous said...

It's nonsense to associate Goebbels with lying or disinformation. I've carried out a close study of the Goebbels-controlled press in Germany in the 1930s with US magazines and newspapers in the same period. The latter published far more lies and unsubstantiated information.

billie said...

welcome back!



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